The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1934 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 9
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HLV'fHBVlLLlp_.. (AUK.) COUK1EK NBWS PAGE F1VB- livc CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 1-NKORMATION ily rate )>cr line for consecu- Ml It ad los, including It. c. A., urf heirs closed ual at tosl for CASH at Hubhird Hardwhio Co. livtcl-a iFire avcnigo wofits lo a line) One lime per line Tuo limes per lino per day . Ttiree times per llii" l»r day . Wx times IMS- line I* 1 ' da y • Month rate por H»' Minimum cliEvee MX; I0c . 0«c . 0«c o;x C!ii.*ific<l Advertising copy by iwrsoju residUis out- »:ilir. of Ilic t-'Hy « list be accompanied by wish. Rates may be tiiEily computed frc-n above lable. No responsibility will be taken ;or more than oni> incorrect, insertion of any classified ad. Advertising ordeicd lor irrcgu- iar insertions take the one lime jate. LOOK WE GOT 'EM! PRICED RIGHT '33 CHEVROLET F OK 11 OK SEDAN. Looks Like New. G.OOl) Miles ................ S4V5 'M CIU:VKOI.I:T COACH. Looks and Kims (load ____ $195 "JI1 FOIl I) TUIXYJI SKUAS'. '30 FOKI) FOKUOK HLUAN. liargain S '13 DUHANT SEDAN. A Real Buy S 15 TKL'C'K BARGAINS '32 l-'ORI) l<:. TON TIUKJK. CloMil Call. Ilnal Wheels . ¥» 7Z CltEVROI,ET II'. TON TRUCK. $335 '3C CRKVUOLET !!'• TON TllUCK § 95 '2S. 1 i'ORD 1'ANKL TRUCK. DeLuvc S Do '30 FORD riCKUr. Closed Cab -. Jia; We Have JMai >• Olliers To Choose From. PHILLIPS MOTOR ... COMPANY .! 200 -fe. Main Slrcct L '""' Phone 810-«fl " ' " Bivlhcvillf, Artanras BUSINESS DJHECTOKY LXPEKT Typewriter and Adding; iMaehine Kepuirir.g. L'. S. lilanx cnship, 11U t. Koic. Call IU5-J. 21C k2-2: Plows slur.Jtned _. Farm Imjilc inenfs liougiil and sold by Join Wade at Tom Howard Maclhn shop. ^-ck-2-2- AUTOMOTIVK RADIOS WAMEll 1'OUI.TKY I1K11IKST FIUCi:S I'All) Cash Feel Store 112 E-ist Main 10pk2-ll 'jcsh cfjs daily, rlirci-t from lien- ncry. rickard's Grocery, 1041 )hkliasuwUu. (ip k'i-K TOR KENT Can't Sell AH the Coal So We Just Sell the SAHARA $8.00 ACTON I'ru-ul l.<nv,r II,,,,, Any Oil,,,' iH K h ({,, u | 0 (V,| ^* * W *^ E. C. R« iHWHa»^K&4fz&3££ra3WEttiK«eii: OUKHOARDLNCllOUSti iiv Ahcnt l| 1'wo homes, 1115 Wulniil and 111) [learn. All modern conveniences. :{easonau)e rent. Thomas Land Co. 25-cl:-27 ISeaudfully furnished bedroom, mm preferred. 518 W. Main. Call ML). 24-ck-31 NICELY Furnished bedroom, phone 303. 310 W. Walnil .street. k2-J •uriNISHKD hcd'-oom, 1017 W. Walnut Mrs. Ed Hardln aftci 1 i> \ M. . Me ktl JTEAM HEATED T5EDROOM, 514 W. Mnln. Phone !>8. 2c k'2-2 I>'0!{ I.KASK [•"or Ixasc—10 acres cut over land. Two year lease. Will build house r i miles -uesl of Klytheville. C'on- way & lioueliins. 15c kit WANTKT) \Ve pay more to- ;>ccans, fins, hides, brass, copper, radiators, aluminum, lead, latteries. Phone 170, Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main. 23c I; 1-03 ANNOUNCEMENTS Mrs. L. ^1. Burnelle armuunces ii|ierjnt r nf short hand, typewriting and bookkeeping t-lnsscs. Spe- lial J'rices. Call S'il-W. lc k COAL &. WOOD I'HONE 10J BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Btaek But We Treat \ou While" Be k2-U SEEDS & 1'LANTS Stoncvilie NO. 4 COTTON SEED price 51.15 hundred. Hue P. Bluest ur Clarence McLXnnoU at Bly- ilicvillu Gin. 5c k'Z-a Fi,ok becd with us now for Marel: delivery. Tlicy are sure to be hijhcr.,Hnbbrird lk'.\v. Co. c k2-b *•' f •_, ; BEAN'S. FIELD PEAS. Test- T-Tid'J'seed.rvSnBcia! - prices, Ear Kntcher. Call -635-J 22c K2-20 RE A I, ESTATE 40 acres near Holland, Mu. All IT Cnl. 'i houses and burn. IF sole iiuiik, price S16SO. S500 cash, bal 1-2-3-4 yrs. I'ossession now. •If) acres mile of Blj Iheviilc, on gravel road. Good resilience will clrc. lights, bnrn and ten. house S3MO. lone time payments. Posses sicn now. THOJIAS L Aulo fjlass All Kinds Irstallcd The Ark-Mo LunllKr Co. IDc k2-ll) C.ll :W8-Ked':i i'l4<.c-118 K. Main I''or Auto Painting Body a in! yrii'Jer Service 29c fci-va I.AKGKST STOCK USED PARTS Bt-twccn .Memphis and St. Ixjiib Alw Aulo Gla;.'.—Pliniii; f,e JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. LOW PRICKS on winter car needs, healers, alcohol. OPA glycerine. Model T lops ec Mdc curtains. 31.03 up. WOLF ARTAK, }'M E. Main. • 23c kl-23 Call I'.s When )n ,\crd of <iuaranIrrtl .1\11cli/irdisc 'Jirri.-r»atlcriei-Kc|-lac€irient Parts AnnwAiu-: co. Alllr.nuMivc- Dcpl. lc 1:2-1 CAKI'HNTKK.S 1!. J. I'cllrsrin —C(,0 N. 21st St. Larpcnlcr Work of All Kinds lie 1:2-11 RATTEHIES N'c\v Ford Latteries ICcnlal - HccharKing - Itcpairing 777 TIliE <t BAITERY STATION 2Rc kl-2t> . Cliilrt's gold rimmed glasses in D r. Wert case. Reward, call Redman at 1016. 25-ck-20 FOR SALK CO. BAHGAIN •111 acres near ntilland, Mo. CJood land, good improvements, Rood luad, good tcnns, cheap price. Possession given if bold this ueck. E. M. TEKKV, Bljlheville, Phonr G17 or 316 2ic k2Y FOR SALK 17 1-4 acres between the Cotlon Belt nnd J. L. C. cc E. Railroads jn^t west ot the Federal Compress. Will sell all or any part. Select, what you want and v.'ritc me for price. R. N. WARK, Jit. Tallnlah, Louisiana FOR SALU—10 acr-^s, all in nilll \.ilicr. One mile south of Gos Mil. Roland Green 6c kt ?jjf- YOU GUYS M«3E TH" MISTAKE O^P-' •M ASKIWG TW" MA3.OR ABOUT TH .03R % OF THW CAPTAIN SI-WDYGATF- KM HE LOT / VVE WALKED /I TV\ r.vr^T " \ OUT CM \\lfvA 'if'TOOK PLACE > mr-cl TMr- l l IM<- c.o J J VVKUN Ht; p 1^ OTHER •. foOh£> t^lfc LUNG SO/r ^T/VI .-Ttrs I T>KV ,\> 1 s CAN STRETCH TH' STORY OVER A U WoSS£ ( HE STATI-OP TERRITORY f OMCE H'S GETS SHORT T-wH To "^^.LNa) "EiREfZE UPON A STORY,H& NURSES ONTH 1 / A&oun 17 ALONG, <SUAi,t)UALLY LETTING OUT /(^"BELLOWS ]^. "IM^^Kj lORE CANVAS UNTIL^NALLY, HE GETSV—, P INTO TULLSAlL-TrAEN.IN AWEtK OR HE COMES OVER Trf HOR\7ON TO TH' PAKT \OU WAbiT TO WEAK P i ^,-=.-^\ ' • —' CALLS ON AN ACT or- BO YEARS U6TER VsHOWS THE MA.5OR • M iii llt-..( an.) l.ouesl in A ,Ii (Only 3-;.) oi Any a! ,)„, , u ,, A , h (V . |K ^^COMPANY i-:v ooi Jiy Humlin SO YOU A/ NOPE- l-!AVEK'T SEEN -(l HAVEN'T, x FOOZY? /SEEN 1 |fv\. f v^-, y v. -^"> 5'A-X- >**::'C.'J /^^^ TALL RIGHT -VJE'LL BE V Mn\ii^' ALONG.' BOOTS AM) HKU A£>M-$ ^u; -:^ F%^\ r* ^«i^;;;py\ ^Bj^^MIM^^fcm 1 S'OU 50 , \00 WASH TUURS * &Xikt MOV-TCW \W MUVE'. NO MORI W|« ^® A NICK TIMF, I'OK KVK»YI!()i)V! Ity Crime '] wo million liircls could he produced in six years from one pair of house wrens, if all eggs hatched nnd all offspring bred ami produced normally. TAV FOR SAl.i; T have for sale at my barn '•'. mile .-••oiilh (if Hurdfllr 50 tons hay at SIO j)er [on. c. W. Hamey. Bly- Itieviilc. 23-ck-2-25 f;OO!) USED car in food runniiut condition. Real bargain. O. D. Grimes. Varbro rond. 21-pk-27 MUST be sold at oncc--Mnall dry pocils store in well established local ion. Cheap for Cash. "XYZ" Courier imvs. 22-ck-20 roRDSON Tractor cnnijipcd with •disc tiii'ilosr nlovf. Paul Byrnni. 17fi k2-24 GOOD COAI, IS THE CHEAPEST COAL 1^^^ Tficrn Is no c o a I, *^*' IVccl of the Allegheny Mount nin.'i, as tiipli In heal niitl ;is Ion in ash ns tlic CUPREMEV "^ Super-Heat ••< "Vfti^ That te - a 1)olrt *• *~ statement, but il is elhical, hceausc it's Irue. We have aulhorilali\e analysis on file on all coal and can rrove Ihis claim. SITREMK Snpei-Ilcat is llic only cnal nf ils kind anil sold only by Ihis company. A,! fiv.l Medium Ton 5 A Uich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's 1'ricc Superior Coal & .Mining C<>. M4 W. Walnut - Phone 7IM TURN DM ue LIGHT?? ! ^>CR6AM9'. PftMIC' QU£ER,'PURPVE L1SHTS' TO AND FRO. THINGS WHI2ZIMQ THRU THE AIR, AMD TERR1FV1KO VOICES COM1N& FROM ^HE WALLG AND CEILING . i . . V.'OMEIi Vftinr flND ARE ^R^MPLtD. AS OTHERS RUSH FOttTHE DOOR. ;;^'v'.K| \W7ASH AMD EftSY MRUE A DESPERATE /AvL^* V^/it-fFMOr 'TO C,A\IC TUP1P i^DT.7 (SUDDENLY, THE "SPOOKS" i*<iET BUSY IM EARNEST. ^^issssE~rzz: SALESMAN SAM THUEK CHKKHS CUT .SHOUT! l OQH'T . , 'OU ^l&HT wisn f.e. p. u\ i_uc.K.,Tooi. .. -^^,.V. // r tT'o OG: oouout COLLEcTtM' FEI OUMo. KlTT-/, B UlC/\ ftLL SCR.TS OF H£ -iTftrOs OUT M^^ , :!-l . -, i rwi FKECKLKti AXDliis' SCBt.WE'LL L VOU CICWl-l, WE WANT I'KOTi-X.'TIOX 1'i.US! Bj- Ulosser V3'J STEPPED P '3--T Hi -:•„•£ f/.lDDLE O? A !-iO;^,= Ty'.T I HAO ' HIDDEN \iV.C1S SOV.E LSA-.'SS !M ; ~TH£ YARD...ALL V.'c DiD '.';i5 To , PULLTV!= RGPE.TIG-l-cM Tr-'= _ '[ WOOSE AND JERK YCli LP ^> : TIIE^S on T^AT pu-LHV.' A , I'LL !J2V£3 V'ALK 'SCbSlC IW YOUH YA3D OM f/V P'EW...ILL 3= KiVJSEv IF 1 Do! UCv; TELL .',^.... WW5 >iU 30VS SEEK A PARROT Rj'j.M'-i.'S AWJfJ! ,,... i.V \jiEK= LO«-;UG FOB? j so«ic T ,.v.- ; .c S! DM7His ?>: V 1 Tl'OUS'JT "jtO W=r>c J WOULD BF. Af5 EASY AS \; -HYNS T'J &TE.AL. \ T:»»L6|JY-V"WS WITH , \\ MY NEV; IKlVeMTiX-J , MAV.'-Hoi='-~

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