The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on February 10, 1907 · Page 55
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 55

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 10, 1907
Page 55
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A1 '"iJ','.( fow Would you Jike to ive in lam Fi& Leaf OX M ... m 7As Curious, freakish, Sarthiy Paradise, in a Colorado Valley, Where affew&veWiU Entirely free from Clothes and Original Jin and Jpitefulness and ' fagging, or Jtny of the faults Which J$ae Qeen imputed to Woman Since the fall! F ALL the freak new religions thai tiro flourishing In the United Ktatos, perhaps the most freakish let the, Adam and Eve Hout of Denver, Col, Adam la a man formerly known as JnmCB Sharp, and Eve Ih hla wifeformerly known as Melissa Sharp. Tho fundamental tenets. of the new religion are that these two Interest lug people are Adam and Eve. returned to earth free from original sin 'nnd Just as good us the j'' were before tlio fall and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. They have n divine mission to load men and women buck to the Garden of Eden, which they -villi establish In the vicinity of Denver. The eentrnl figure In naturally Mm. Sharp, qr Mother Eve, aa sho is now called, a handsome 'young woman of magnetic personality. It will be recalled that Eve was uwmestlonuhly the most interesting figure In the biblical drama of the fall of man and bis expulsion from tho Garden of Eden. The role of man wus a passive and rather cowardly one. Eve listened to I the voice of thoN serpent and wns persuaded that it would be delightful' to. cat off the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge. Then, mistakenly, she persuaded Adam to share the fruit with her. believing that it would contribute to bin happiness. When they were both punished for their disobedience Adam hasely and weakly attempted to excuse himself by Baying: - "The woman tempted me and I did out," In a restored Eden ihe woman must be h stronger and nobler character than Adfim, and the Denver Mother Eve Is ho regarded by her followers. How would you lll;e to wander in tho Garden of Eden with a new Eve, entirely free from original sin, curiosity, splteful-noss or any other of the fnulta which have been Impjxtcd to woman since the fall? This la tho plcnsuro that awnlts those who join the new religion, and It Is attracting people In considerable numbers. Thoro Is no danger that tbts Evo will listen to the voice of the serpont, lie mny advance his most specious nnd delusive arguments, employ his most winning and seductive (latteries, but she will turn a deaf car to him. Mother Melissa Sharp Evo will Invito no man to a picnic of forbidden fruit. It must be admitted that- tho members of the now1 sect are a strange looking lot, and It'appear.'i that the majority of normal men will continue Jo prof or tho ordinary woman, with all her faults, Including her disposition to listen to the vnleo of tho serpent, Mother Jiandsoma Your correspondent called hi tlm present hondfjuartoi'H of the Adam and Eve soot, n large house on Marlon street. Mo waB met by a handsome woipan, with an on- thusiusllo nnd visionary smile upon her face, Instinctively hoVelt hlniHclf in tho 1 presence of Mother Eve. "Mother five, I presume?" the correspondent bcgnn; lifting his hat reverently. "Yes," she answered. "1 am Mothor Eve cuino back to earth again. Do you wish to enter, tho Garden of Eden?" "I should llko. to visit It very much," Hho led. the way Into a largo room full, of untidy looking people, among whom woro. n, tfMmbcr of children. A wlhi-oyod, tremendously whiskered man nut upon a throne and announced In a, (pud .voice that ho was Adam, sent to .tend men back Into . the Garden of Eden, .. The correspondent sidled Into tho most A i ami . r , . " ; distant corner of tho room, preferring to obtain enlightenment from Eve, who kindly accompanied him. "How do you know that you are Adam and Evo?" naked tho visitor. "Ono night when were wero living in Oklahoma nnd bnd boon attending a ro-vlvnl mooting, wo saw u star fall, nnd wo knew it was a sign, Thon wu heard u voice saying: 'You aro Adjim and you uro Eve. Honceorth you are freo from sin, and Kours Is tho gift of prophecy. Go forth and load tho children of men back to tho Garden of Edon.' ' "Is this tho Garden of Edon here?" . "Oh, lio," said Mothor. Evo, "This is only the gateway whore tho redoomcd.nro gathered together and Instructed before they are led Into tho garden, That Is In one of tho bnnutlful valleys of Colorado, Wo shall move as soon as Adam baa oom-plotod his preparations. Only a pig eaf "I shall dross only In a tig-loaf, as I did In the Garden of Eden, and my husband, Adam, will redeem tho world." , "A-hom," ventured tho correspondent, delicately. ."Would. u flg-loaf bo hecop-sary In u community entirely frco from nln? It was after tho fall that Adam and Eve found flg leaves desirable." "Well," said Mother live, with a touch of uneasiness, 'perhaps 1 shall .be nblo to do without a fig-leaf In tlmo, but wo do not wish to offend the sinful and un-regenoratu. Wo have boon sent Into tha world to bring peace and happiness and not to stir up strlfo. Whenever wo need It we receive a revelation telling us Just what wo ought to do. Wo shall know when the tlmo Is ripo to drop tig loaves. 1 have no doubt that when every man Is a truo membor of tho Garden of Eden tlg-lenveB will not bo reuulred." "How mnny peopto already belong to tho Garden of Eden?" Well, I think thoro arc.iiOO of us now. Many of them are children, because thoy aro mosl free from sin nnd thoroforo fit to outer tho garden after Adam has preached tho word to thorn for a short ttmoi Wo gather up orphans and children of parents who uro not able to care for thorn." "Have you any children of your own?" Inquired tho visitor. "Oh, yes,'' said Mother Evo, . smiling proudly and Indicating u boy of 12 with a bulging forehead and a solemn oxpres Islon. "That In little Abel. Ho Is tho tyWXba TZZZT'O JZDBS brightest flower In the Garden of Eden. Ho has preached hundrods of times and ho Is almost as powerful a prencljor as his father. He will bring many of the raco.of Eve Into tho promised land." "As you hayr a little Abel, am 1 to Infer thnt there In also a little Cain?" ventured tho correspondent. "Ah," said Mother Eve, "It makes us very sad to speak of Cain. Yes, we have a llltlo Cain. His namo at. first was Thomas, but when the light was revealed to us wo know that ho was Cain. Ho put our dear little Abel on tho stove and did a lot of other dreadful tblngsS Of course, Cain could not como Into tho Gar den -of Eden. We bad to leave him to wander in tho wicked world," "You don't moan to say you have do sorted vour child?" Cain Aejt Behind. "Wy,". wild Mothor Kvo, "that In hardly the way to put It. Culn would not como with uh. fro In working for a trrocor in Kantmn City and U curnlne; filthy lucrn," . "How will your community ho uupport-od n the Garden of Kdon?" "Every bcllover must glvo up nil thnt he inland follow Adam. Ho will cure for evm-ylmily. Wi! Hlitill ui-'fU vory llttlo lit tho fliirdcn t.f Ktlon. Wt? Hlinll unt huvo money or clntlutu or Iiiiuh!H or miy property. We Hluill hIcuji In thn Ili'ldH or under tenlH, and ovury man will take what he ucedH front hlfl neighbor. "Thoro will ho neither Hln nor t'.lckiieHB hi tho Clardnn, for It wan by aln that death onmo Into tho world. Adam will clounto men front their hIdh and loud them back to Iho fiarden. Thorn we Hlntll llvo forever. "We Hlinll llvo on Iho frullu and plant" of tho field In tho clnrdeu. Wo Hlinll not havo hordB of cattle, They wore tho onr-lloHt form of properly that man took to hlnmclf after the fall, nnd they were a Hlmt of ItlH nlnfttl condition. It in wicked to own cnttlo and to eat meat. Ho that oats the flush uf hie fellow crcivturoR In Hltroly bringing about hla own dcalriiotion." "Will you do any work In tho Garden of KdenV" "Certainly not. You know that tho flrnt punishment of Adam for lib, dlttohcdloneo wan thnt bo should earn hln broad Ip tho sweat of his brow. When my Adam ro-doems men from their alna thoy have no longnr any neod to .work. H would bo a sin to do no. Wo shall Just wuudor ltap- 1 1 ere Adam yelled out; "I am opening up thn third kingdom. .1 will redeem tlm world, These children here will help me." "A a amuii!" cried Mother Eve. "A a amen I" echoed all the others, ' "l'r, von fool nttllii Hum Hint nniin nf Ihn 'sisters and daughters of Eve will disturb your sinless and punceful life In the Gar den?" pursued the visitor. Of course not," sold Mothor Eve, In dignantly. "If you imagine that, you have failed to understand one of tho greatest truths of our religion. When woman Is redeemed by Adam she ceases to lead man Into emptatlon, which Is her great fault In an unregonerato stnto. Man Proves TWICE apparently Identified as Ccr-lonlo Leona, who had boon mlsHlug fur three days from Ills homo in Nowark, N. J,, and as many times removed from the Morgue' to the I.eona home, tho body of a mint Imulod out of Ihe rassnlc lllver still lies In Mulllu's undertaking establishment, In Nowark, awaiting Identlflcallon. Thnx body was supposed to bo that of I.eona'beuaUHO It had a scar on tho left side, just nvor the stomach. This sear was nbout three Inches long and extended straight across, After the second alleged Identification, and while the mombors of the family woro bemoaning the supposed fate of tholr relative and preparing for the funeral, a friend of the man who was believed to be deud ruahed Into tho house In a stato of great exeltlment and announced that ho bad just seen Toona sitting In a nearby saloon drinking beer, All bauds, Including the undertaker, rtrnhnd out of tho houso to the saloon and found there tho real Icona, sum enough. Auked why ho , had been away from homo, he said he had been having a pretty good time, Nonrly all tho unhnppln wloked-noiia In Iho world nro cnusod by thin fault of woman, aa you aro nwnro, When she In frno from It the Breatcat cause of sin will tin removed nnd that In why wo shntl all ho good In Iho rjnrdon of Eden. "Will womnn have no doHlro to wear, beaullflll clothes In the Oardcn of Eden?" "None whalevor," said Mother pve, ' with convlollnn. "That doslro wan part of hor punishment for her dlBohedlcnco. The woman was condemned to dOBlto finery In order that Hho might porpotually tempt the mini, and ho wna condomnod to labor la Iho nwoal of hla brow In order that Im might porpotimlly atrlvn In vain to witlsfy her longings. Wo nro the now Adam and Evo and wo aro sent to redeem our brothers nnd sisters from this slavery, Henceforth Evo will only desire to nppoar ns Iho Lord rnndo hor," Tho correspondent felt that ho had learned everything essential nbout tho new Harden of Hdim nnd ho went away. Aa he did so Mother I0vn colled out: "C'mnii and Join us when you aro puro in heart." fe Jsn't &ead "Now, look here," mild a representative : of tho keeper of the Morgue, "this may be.w tho roal Leona nil right, nnd I suppose It i Is; but you'vo made two mistaken already, and I don't waul to bo responsible for number. This time I want to be aura you'vo got tho right man." "Oh, that's nil right." exclaimed I.eona. "I can show you I'm the mnn," Ha then.j oxblbltcd a scar almost similar to that on the body. "I got that In Italy, and 1'nf glad I'm alive," ho added. Tho llrst "Identification" wnn made 'by Leona's nephew, who directed that the body he taken homo. A family council was held, and aftor long debate it warf decided tho body wns not thnt of Lcona, , nnd it was ordered taken back to thii-' Morgue, Hut the council had been dl- . vldod, and ono of tho participants who-did not ngroo with the majority gathered up a party of relatives nnu menus nnuj,,. ii-r. tit tn Ihn Alm-min. Thf V 1st tors, after ll'ti.v.M careful Inspection of the body, agreed, wus henna beyond a douht, and once mom Instructions wero given to tend tt honiQ.i ij Is LoonV dead or allvoT S' 'wffl -i 1 1 ;..u

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