Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on September 25, 1916 · Page 14
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 14

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1916
Page 14
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SEPTEMBER 25, 191fi'jSf 14 MONDAY, WIDEST RANGE IN BUILDING IN THIS WONDERFUL CITY ! EVERY TYPE OF MODERN STRUCTURE BEING ERECTED, CALLING FOR COMPLETE STOCKS j OF MATERIALS, AND CONTRACTORS WHO ARE BIG ENOUGH TO HANDLE WORK. D UILDING operations in Detroit - cover the widest range. In the downtown section imposing office nnd store buildings arc taking the place of landmarks which have served for years. Old residences on avenues which now have become business sec tions are 'giving way to stores with flats over them. Some of the factory buildings arc among the larg est in the world and all ot them arc modern in detail. Jn residential sections fine homes, duplexes and apartments are being erected. To carry on this work involves the production of an immense amount of finished material and the carrying of great stocks by the supply men. Also they employ " thousands of men and maintain transportation departments in which arc hundreds of motor trucks and thousands of horses. Detroit is gaining as Is on otftor city and this puts a heavy stress on the supply establishments and contractors, who have met It In splto of conditions which have prevailed during- the year, Lnt-firo Stock Are Necessary. The amount of money Invested In stocks would run Into fancy figures. The face brick men have had to be. on tho Job to secure their rria- tcriala from states to tho south, iho lumbermen have bad to keep at it to have material on hand, the concrete makers and dealers havo had to meet an unusual demand and tho iron men havo been about as hard pressed as any. Building Is not confined to Detroit. It extends fully 15 miles on any of tho main thoroughfares running from the" center of the city. While tho showing uf the city itself Is gratifying it would be wonderful if a of the operations of the citizens in nearby counties could be incuded in the total. Subdivisions havo been laid out on all Rides, and every one that is at all attractive is sold very quickly.. Some of ho lots are bought for speculation and others for homca, and on any of the roads PURE WATER IS EASY TO OBTAIN Egle Bros.' Filter is Simple in Construction and It Does the Work. Kilters made by Egle Bros. Manufacturing company at the plant. Bellevuc and Sylvester avenues, have been installed In many residences and business places of tho city and are affording a supply of pure drinking water Thea niters are very simple in construction and effective in their work, the fluid coming from them .standing very high in labratory tests. In fact they have displaced other methods in many places because of tho ease of Installation and their efficiency. These filters come in various sizes. Th0 one that is used in the household is sightly, takes very little room, the installation Is simple and it is reasonable in price. For restaurants, hotels and others who use great ttuantlties of water lor drinking and culinary purposes there are sixes which are ample to meet the demand upon thorn. City water generally contains substances which may be harmful to the human system :.nri thin f most simple wny of rendering the "J." onn Hvrin-proor. riie dmercncu in the color of tho water drawn from nn ordinary tap nnd through one f these niters is an argument which cannot be doubted foundatToSsof CONCRETE BLOCK Output of Zagelmeyer Cast Stone Co, Greatly Increased to Meet Demand. fauch is the demond for various kinds of building material that the manufacturers and supply houses have had to work hard to keep up witn orders this year. The increase i JMn-ies sold is enormous "u mere is not much sign of a let up. although what was considered the slack season is approaching. While the increase has ber-n felt on all sides there nre very tew establishments that can show the gain made by the Zagelmeyer Cast Stone company, with plant at Twelfth street and the Detroit Terminal line The business done so far this year is 125 per cent greater than in a like period last year. This company specializes In wet process concrete blocks, and these blocks do not need waterproofing. Another product is the Zoselmeyer granite venewed block, which is in great demand. MobI of thfi blocks are used in foundations, the which accompanies the installation and the everlasting Qualities ot tho concrete made by this process especially commending them to builders. -More homos are being erected on the concrete block foundations this year than ever in the past and the Xageimeyer company has kept abreast of the growth of the trade by added equipment. The best use of Fire Brick the use that means long service is not the growth of a night but the result of long study. I have had the-exeprience; I have the brands and the stocks. With my sales go guaranteed runnlnff from th city single story bUrifjalowH and two-story houses aru puttlne". I" an appearance. Th number of those runu Into the hundreds, perhaps it the l.OuO mark, and should bo credited to Detroit, as thena are to be the homes of pooplo whose business Interests or employment In here. North End Activity. Tho activities of some of th suburban towns have 'been pronounced. Highland Park Is the scene of much homo building also more enlargements to its mammoth automobile plant. Jn Ha ml ram ck many factory additions have been made and hundreds of small homes havo been built during the year. Grand River avenue is being developed and in a few months scores of liousos will be built oi the new subdivisions and even beyond Bedford. Royal Oak has been booming for two or three years and the builders . there have just about all they can attend to. for the accessibility has made that a great liomu center. Years ago thoro was a lot of activity In what was known as River Rouge real estate, but tlie demand did not come at the time. There was only a gradual growth, but the anticipations of the pioneers will be exceeded In a short time, for a new community Is to spring up on the west side of the city. River Roug-e activities will extend from Fort street north of Michigan avenue, and the outlook Is that in five years there will have been such a change In the section that nobody who has been away Will racoimlzn It. Trnn nnif are. mills. & tractor plant and other Industries have made that part of the city and county prominent. Rest Material and Work. The factory. ' office building. tnr or home builder of Detroit is fortunate because of the high standard of the building trades in this city. Contractors are numerous and not only do they do as good work as any, but tho materials which go Into local' structures are .the best uuuuiMioii:. Liu tiie increase in the price of the raw material in the lust (lve years and the advance In wages they do work on a narrow margin, their proportionate profit being less than In the days when Detroit was moving slowly. Building projects for the next two years run so high into tho millions that the figures are astounding. The work will continue through the winter and the spring will see the beginning or some of the most important operations. Meanwhile the supply men ore keeping up their stocks and ore9-ing months and years In adv;,ice and the contractors are lining up their forces to take care of the demands of the wonderful city. LARGEST SCHOOL FOR LETTERING AND CARD WRITING Unique Detroit Institution Insures Future for Students. Among practical educational Institutions from which the students matriculate with no uncertainty as to future existence, Detroit School of Lettering has won a high place for Itself. Education Is desirable In any field of endeavor. In many It fs a necessity. But, how many boys emerge from the colleges and other advanced schools and say to themselves, "What next?" Successful sign and show card writers earn from $25 to $100 a week, and having made 'a success of this art himself. Charles J. Strong set about devising ways and means to Impart his knowledge to others. Having worked out a plan to his own satisfaction he founded the Detroit School of Lettering in 1898, and every year since then the growth has heen steady. Larger quarters had to bo secured, so that the institution now Is at 82 to 8 Orlswold street, and L. S. Strong, who served his apprenticeship In a prominent engraving concern, is Its president and actively in charge of its service and supply departments, (.iiaries J. strong was original forceful and enthusiastic and ho had the kimck of making the scholar understand just what he meant a real teacher. As a matter of fact per cent of the students do not know tho --first prlncipl6a of sign writing whiin they begin, but they always Mucceed ir they finish the cu u rat-. There are five different courses at the school and thy embrace the complete lettering and fiign painting course, including show card and ticket writing; the show- card and ticket writing course; plain lettering course; advanced snow card and ticket writing course and the advanced course in sign painting and card writing. When one of the scholars has completed his course and tho official O. K. in tho shape of a recommendation la handed to him. he Is ready to mako his way Jn the vrorld. Not only that, but the school guarantees to place proficient students In positions paying from $18 to $46 per week or the start. Tho Detroit School of Lettering sticks by Its student until they, are successful. It fs economical Insurance against the future in a business that In genteel, always In demand and very profitable. The Marbleloid Company Marbleloid Fire-Proof Flooring Cork and "Trcdlitc" Tiling ISaln Oflce: Sew Tfork City ocal omeei Slzae Bank Bloa. Tel. Cadillac G858. Phone Cadillac 6701 Wet Process Concrete Block Last a STOP And think of the superiority of Wet Process Concrete Block as compared with dry-tamped block or brick. LOOK At any one of our many jobs in the city in which our Blocks are used. LISTEN To the expression of satisfaction each and every one of the builders who have used our WATERPROOF BUILDING BLOCKS Add3 Beauty. GRANITE FACE BRICK Must be seen to be appreciated. Zagelmeyer Cast Stone Co. Twelfth and Outer Belt Semet-Solvay Co. SOLVAY FUEL PRODUCTS Coke Foundry Egg Nut Pea Buckwheat Rice Breeze The Name Guarantees Sales Department Mara vJatm :Hffi j IB llfflFf HARRY BROTHERS MANUFACTURING CO. Formerly Voclkner & Harry Mfff. Co. METAL STAMPINGS AND DIES 382.292 Woodbrtdge Strict East suln S3 yt gggg ' K of Your H I PB VI HIGH SPEED BEAfflHGS.1 I" Bh nUCTDTC H H H B H H. contiuning up to 32 of lead. YOU can pay your rent into SB9 BH H9h.v HH8WHH your own pocket, regardless ' HH HH HBk. WW WW of whether or not you now HjH HH VWWk EH SH WE WILL BUILD FOR YOU on a lot you select to suit your taste, furnishing Plans and Speci- -fixations Free. On a small payment down and balance like rent. For further particulars phone or . call at our office. A, P. AGNEW CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 312 Hammond Bid?. Lifetime Hemlock 1964 Solvay Collieries Co. the Highest Quality Detroit, Michigan MfflHI i hi i hrfflHTTTI Coal Lump Egg Nut WHEN YOU LEHIGH VALLEY ANTHRACITE Wm. E. B r L Reading Truck Co. CONTRACTORS We , Operate i 250 Home Wagon, of Every De.cription Sublet Throughout Cily. W Driver Freight For: WabaA Railway Co.i Great Lake. Corporation. Excavating Steam Shovels Machinery Moving and Rigging Prompt Service Deep Springs Water Co. 674- Grand River Ave. PERFECTLY PURE DRINKING WATER From Our Springs at Northvilla, Mich. For Office and Factory our Demijohn Service is Cooi Call Grand For a Case of . ,,R 6 Bottles. "Ce No Other Charge. SOc OUR WATER SUPPLY IS UNLIMITED. PO PRINTING COMPANY Ibln 1592 u 148 WAYNE STREET Diamond State Fibre Co. HAED AMD rifJOKrSTjB PJJ3BE For Electrical Insulation and Mechanical Pnxriosea Slieeto, TnbBB, Washers, Discs and Special Shapes Fibre Receptacle for Offices A. W- DREW, Mr. Hodffeu Bide-. CADILLAC I486 LEONARD J. MOELLER BUILDER Seal Batata. Plre nnd Automobile XHSUBAITCE 304 WMtnoyBld-., 173 Gxlswold St., Phone Again 2206. 76 Washington Blvd. Unniffxasnlne;, Aaoreaslcff Etc. A Wetalwood Manufacturing Co. Hydraulic Machinery and Leib and Wight III . ?y - . BUY- YOU GET THE BEST nnniinv niq a , r-m. vmm amm.w fi'SI1fbnn rnvivin uEuvEni auiviw VwCSIlUUII 235 HOLDEN ROAD. North 739 mgniand ram Yard, Phone Main 6361 Commercial Envelopes TULLAR ENVELOPE COMPANY SB-IS ConercHd St. Weit UNION TRUCK CO.. Ltd. 12 to 24 Eitrhth St Wert 2818 2816 LARGEST OPKHATOR8 OF MOTOR TniJCKS I.N THE CITY Cylinder n.II II JllUJ Ant. But. Belle I.le Boat A EnSine Co. Heavy Steel Stampings -!RP, Dr,wiTB? and Forming . , T"" Work Solicited Michigan Metal Spinning Mfg. Co. 528 "TyBsssc s,ie"t American Boat Co. BUILDERS. OF "AMERICAN BEAUTY" CRAFT Foot Motor Boat Lane, Detroit equipment Street. DETROIT containing up to 32 of lead. No LEAD SWEAT on heat test. Can be furnished in Ingots and repoured without deterioration. BRASS and BRONZE Castings Detroit Bearing 75-8S Baltimore Ave., West. - ..m - j.. Uet. ler. K. K. Hemlock 1003 Panacea Spring Water PUREST WATER FOR THE TABIE RECOMMENDED FOR INDIGESTION AND KIDNEY TROUBLE Bottled and Sold by LOUIS J. MERIQUE Bottling Works at 228 Florian Avenue, Hamtramck, Midi. Phone North 691 8-J. Order by phone and get quick delivery. Depot for Mt. Clemens Summer Drinks. Carpenter Repairing kinds and Cement Work GaniBo Floors. Di-lv-,wnys nnd Call between S a. m. and 6 p. m. Give your address. C:herry 3663. Edward Pitts, ICI Orlswold. Japanning Plating or into n Hotel Silverware and Z-lffhtirur rutnre.. Hava u done by lOoblgan's oldest BARNEY NEHLS 248 BRUSH MAJH 650 A HUMAN TYPEWRITER. Operates Automati-cally. Supplants Three Typists. Come and see it llooven Automatic Typewriter w.?2!te' Trade Mark and Copyrights BARTHEL, FLANDERS & BARTHEL E ATES AND FOREIGN PATENTS 35 W. Congrea. St., 408-14 Buhl Block Cherry 41 IS. Detroit, Mich. LEWIS-HALL IRON WORKS Structural Steel 1TERKY AVEgORAMn TRUNK R. R. Ridge 84Z0. to Order. & Casting Co. Phone Market 6336?: TV y vvmy Bona! attention at tho school muuvru. jj-iii a Digger position. t-arn from $18 to $45 1 Per Week Go In btlMllOBS for vnurmilf TTntti; drf-dii of successful gtudents. outfit SatiHfartlon Ouaronteefl. Serial Detroit School of Lettering; Grtewoltl St., Detroit, MIcb; Established 1888- .vs Cements. Builders ' Supplies. Large Stock on Hand and .. We Can Deliver. H. H. Dickinson Co 1140 Fourteenth Ave. Phone Walnut 2365 Detroit's Exclusive Hatter 1207. Kresire Bntldlng Telephone Cad. 369 Detroit, xoich. SPINNING STAMPING DIEMAKING Goodnow-BIake Mf f 4thand Porter Main 4BIT1 V.

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