The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on November 10, 1912 · Page 12
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 12

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1912
Page 12
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3 CAPITAL SWEPT BY SOCIAL CHILL Noted Rabbi Will Speak in Indianapolis Nov. 26 Prices Speak For Themselves! You know that you can't find equal values at these prices anywhere else in town and the reason is that we buy for less than any of them. WE get big discounts and by the enormous business we do it costs us less to sell goods than it does all other stores. When you take into consideration that we buy for a chain of TWELVE great stores in the principal cities you can easily see WHY we can sell for less. Gash or credit is all the same at the People's Reigning Administration Leaders Feel Effect of Disposition to Speed Parting Guest. THE INDIAJOLP-OLIS SUNDAY STAE, NOVEMBER 10, 1912. SIZING UP MARSHALL'S PURSE Real Estate Men Lay Plans to Grab Xbout $7,00b of Hoos-ier's $12,000 Salary. BY A STAFF CORRESPONDENT. WASHINGTON, Nov- 9. Washington uociety, ivhloh is always with the winner, already is evincing a cooling ardor toward tho present occupants of the high places and Is warming up with pleasurable .anticipation to the incoming leaders of the nation and the society matrons who will come here in March to take their places in the most exalted social circles. The clean sweep that will accompany a change of administration means a complete revision of society's roster, in so far aa it pertains to officialdom, and the disposition of exclusive- social circles here into speed tho parting guest lh order to make a pleasant and profitable acquaints ance with the newcomers. , 1 The city, even with the Inauguration more than three, months in the future, Is In a topsy-turvey of excitement and an ticipation. .These village characteristics are cropping out along, many lines. The "Washington real estate men are sizing up the pocketbooks of men who have been elected to' large offices arid, by con- -ul tnc- vqHnna rtmiltflTiln fl.1lthorit.ieS. are trying to ascertain1 apout nuw muuu wcj couia stana respectively in umj . wtv u. rent. . ; . . ,., WAITING FOR MARSHALL,. If Governor and Mrs.. Marshall wish to avoid a lot of worry and' embarrassment, they will engage a, house in Washington before the real estate men. have a change to drive them to distraction; As Vice Pi-aairfont- fSnvortiftt . Marshall will '.re ceive a salary of ?12,000 a year. If he is careful he-can rehtr"a house for $7,000 (inn tifliloh wmil rl : him from $4,000' to '$5,000 to.ltem up. .the table and "throw" a dinner now ana men. Mrs. Kern, wife of Senator Kern, Will ha qiiis tn Plvft Mrs. Marshall some valu able pointers-in-.regard to rents in Wash ington. M,rs. -ern,- a year agu, boi b-ures on a number of residences that were I offered to let. She is a flrst-class busl-! ness woman and she got the best figures that could be had, but a brief and simple mathematical calculation convinced her that if the Kerns took a house, her husband, John,, would be rather short : of; p'ocket change all winter; so the deal was not made. However, it la understood that the Kerns, will come to Washington to reside this winter and society will be ; enriched by the presence of Mrs. Kern and daughter Julia. '. The Indiana colony at the capital also will have a better opportunity to make the acquaintance of Mrs. Shively,, who lias beeti in mourning most of -the . time .the Shivelys have lived here on account of the death of ' her mother, y Representative Boehne, who is more ' than well to do, is the onjy Indiana member of. the lower branch of -Congress, who rents a house in Washington. His residence, on fnlumMn Is noramodioua and con venient.- Mr. and Mrs. Cullop, Mr. and Mrc. TUvnn. Mr. and Mrs. Adair. Eeore tentative Ranch 'and Representative and Mrs. Barnnart lorm tno (center oi an jlh- lo-nn P-rnim n.t thfi ConTeSS Hall Hotel Hiraf ar-mia -tn strRfit frnm the House of Representatives office building and half a equare irom xne ehjilui giuuima. SEVERAL UNCHANGED. RATirRaentative Cox will reside, usual, at the Congressional apartment hm'.u tirVuVh oiwri fn.ppift tho Canitol -rounds. Owing to the illness and death of his little daughter his family has been broken up for two years, but It is probable that Mrs. Cox again will be with him this winter. Representative and Mrs. Cline have apartments at the Win-ton, also fronting the Capitol grounds, nrhiio Tinrf.HRTitatlve and Mrs. Crum- packer for years have resided at the Dewey, a quiet family hotel. Represen-0n,rQ Tfnritiv. a a-usual, will, live with his uncle. Col, Richard J. Bright, former Doi-n-psini- nt nrms of the Senate. Repre sentatives Gray and Morrison dwell with acquaintances in Washington. The election of a Democratic Senate will deprive .. Washington , of a ..popular host- and hostess, : Col. and Mrs. D. M. Ransdell of Indianapolis, ,,Col. Ransdell having been for many years sergeant at arms of that body. Yery few of the persons whose high nffirini rmsitions make them "headliners" In the society columns will be found in Washington six months hence. Presi-dent and Mrs. Taft, it-Is understood, will return to Cincinnati . to . live, and j the President will re-enter with enthusiasm Rabbi X Leonard Lovywho is to lec ture - Tuesday evening, Nov. 2lj, at the Temple under the auspices of the Indianapolis section of the Council of Jewish Women, Is the minister of " the leading ; reform Jewish congregation of western Pennsylvania. Within a few years ' he has transformed a small and comparatively unknown community into one of. the important congregations of America. ... Rabbi Levy is an Englishman py birth and haw lived in this country twen ty years. He 4s a. progressive in religion as well- as politics. He founded a . social settlement in Philadelphia, and for several, years maintained it at his own expense, ne .is-an active wonter in oe. half of international neace and the anti' "tuberculosis, movement has found in him a stanch supporter. In 1909 ho traveled1 through Europe on a lecture , tour ; and spoke in Scotland, Wales, England and Prance. In 1905 hjj WBI1L LU OtLpUU ill Lllli lULt!rtBL Ul IJl'U- moting peace ' between Russia and Japan, He is an author and speaks ten lan guages. His lecture here is to be non- sectarian and' his subject will be "Marching On." '. 12912 i BUYS THE GOLDEN Hot Blast Less Fuel No Clinkers More Heat These three. 'slogans wore accepted by us when wo began a worldwide search for a .stove that would help reduce the high cost; of living the result was tho Golden Hot Blast. This superb heater will excel any stove of equal price on tho market. Tho ring which encircles the firepot, and into which tho aie is introduced through a conveniently located damper, consists of two sections or chambers, upper and lower. The latter receives tho air, superheats and delivers it to upper section alter having traveled from rear to front of stove. Ring is. mounted air-tight, and air circulating through this section becomes intensely heated before entering upper or slotted section. This stove 1" now on sale rcuiauug inrougu 29.50 Our Famous into . the nractice of law. Carmi Thomp son, secretary to the President, already has . arranged to return to his home in Iro'nton, O.,: and -will divide his attention between 1 the law and his iron manufacturing interests. y The Cabinet1 is, for the mdst'part, a circle-of much longer -duration than four years' standing here, and a change of administration means such a severance of Cabinet ties as has not taken place for twenty years. -Many of its members have had -a residence in Washington for ten years in various capacities, while the sec retary of agriculture has held, hrs post for fifteen years consecutively. The re tirement or airoi mem, nowever.-is lore-told in the election results. MacVEAGHS TO STAY. As far as is known now. Cabinet, officers, , except one, tne oust all of the will Bhake from their . feet, figuratively speaking, and retire from Washington for good. The exception is Secretary of the Treasury MacVeagh, who intends, to remain a ,w inter resident of the national eamtal. havlntr built a Handsome . Home on Sixteenth street, "the avenue of the residents." less tnan two years aeo. Secretary. oi atate ana Mrs. K.nox came to wasmmrton m iyui. wnenmr. .nox entered the Cabinet of the late President McKinley. They then purchased the home on K street where they still;, reside, and thev have become thoroughly Identi fied with Washington society. They do not propose, however, to continue their residence here after . March 4. . On that day they will go to their estate at Valley Forge for the summer, and probably will make .Pittsourgn tneir winter nome. xni secretary of state is so well fixed finan cially that he is not obliged to resume tho nractice . of his nrofesslon. havlne made big fees before he entered public are. , The Secretary of. war and Mrs. stim- son, the very last additions to the Cabinet circle, will return to New York, where Mr. Stimson will resume the prac tice oi law under tne most iavorauie auspices. Attorney General and Mrs. Wicker-sham, also New ...Yorkers., will return to that city to live. Mr. Wickersham entered the Cabinet at Mr. Taft's inauguration in 1909. Since then he has' maintained an attractive Home, on Sixteenth street. Frank H. 1 Hitchcock, postmaster general, one of" the- orglnal members of President -Taft'S' Cabinet, is a 'bachelor and verv nonular socially. He came to Washington as a clerk in the Department of Agriculture and for many years was connected with the department of which he is now the chief. Almost from boyhood he1 has made-Washington his home, although his legal BEAUTIFUL SOLID OAK CHIFFONIER I r ij This is a very useful low-priced Chiffonier, made of. solid oak in rich golden finish. Has nv,e large drawers, spacious and roomy and all fitted with locks. This .Chiffonier. Is, without doubt the best bargain that has ever been offered ,in a piece of furniture of this, size, made in such a high grade manner. Make it your business to come In Monday and select one of these $0.50 values for only $3.98 Cash or Credit. f'.APJZJ .."'".o 1 V y. ?:,i",-s. ; ,-,,r I V ..'T.nJfe, V:-. ft'-' .'' " i v : ' ' BEAUTIFUL IMITATION CLUNY LACE COVER 37 c An extraordinary value In an Imitation cluny tablo cover. It Is .41!' Inches in diameter, and iu'a perfect imitation of fumd drawnwork. A modal value it7 Kitchen Queen nwTnwn . 1 Steel Range $2g.5o I UlllSiliS Mspcclal C Cfl Caslijor m. M Price 9Pay Credit No middleman's , profit here. For the low prieo of $29.50 you got. this beautiful bluo steol ratiga diroct from Uib factory. With proper o a r o a n d uhrko It will "last a lifetime." This groat bargain is poBSlblo only because of tho commanding buying power of our great chain of stores, prac tically consuming the Special !! crndtt vm factory's entire output. Superior Features of Our "Kitchen Queen" BiX fuU-fllZi'tt iKllOH With Illl'Of!- iii louft, nmUltitf U nnn!hii"y i . niid wnoil tlrolmx. WitrintilK tjiirpnt iHit'ftuit linltlntf oviMi. s('H, rniliUTliiK tin umrunw. Blvft yon VRt'y convniiluucn and' facility OASU OH X'HKOIT ln' Nil, nnitilsornoly nftiltohul ami tmil t nil l'uhv In liocp tiiciin. Cnnibt nation cual clnaui. nt lop run! lai-o roMorvutr .at. ulilo. Tlict Ixnty uf tlin hIovh h umiln nf fliusHt, bluo At riufi low Hp(icin.E jirif.o t.lit a ritns will This Elegant AH Gold Vernis Martin Bed fl 1 " """ JOTTlTl "win i TRULY THE STORE OF THE "PEOPLE" 133-135 W.WASHINGTON ST. ILiiSWi'toW Onn You ra- r Hlat 'tli I n tub Bargain, I'omai'Ki),!,)!. rioli. Hhowr VornlH Miu-tln, ii-lncl) Pont Bod. , When von want a Bad hUndisomn In .d8lK anrt liiKli Knidu In conHtr.uctlun, you will, llnd Biicdi' a led. at the Faoplo'M. iltrb is a r(3al botmty in an .li'iftn Bad Lbal, will Hiivm-lSG von. Xt la con-. Htnad.ort tliroiiisliout of tho bost cmal-Hy mutal, and IsiHldalKsd in Kold llnish VornlH Martin, -Noto thomaBatvo B-inoh iio.stH and the oxtremely, racorul llIHirH. Thlu, In,, indued, -one' of -tho most popular, designs that wo have and ono iiiat will. give aatinfactlon In nVnry way. Wo oxpoot quilo a huavy run on tills narlloular Mud una aro prnnitrcd to fill all ordura, A not of heavy ball-boarini; castoru with each bed. Tide Bed olaewbol'o woulil eost you $0.50. SimicIiiI price Monday Cnsh or Credit $3.98 residence ia in Boston. He has not confided his future plans to any one, but he is understood to have in sight a responsible and lucrative position In New York city. : ' Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. Meyer, who have been active leaders in society here, also will forsake Washington for their home in Massachusetts. Mr. Meyer snrved as ambassador in Rome and St. Petersburg before entering- President RnoRRvelt's - Cabinet as Tjostmaster tren eral. i-ie-nas occupied a large nouse on Scott Circle, , where the. turkey trot Is reported to have found its first "Washing- BUY A PIANO OR PLAYER PIANO OF TRIED AND PROVEN QUALITY .... The children and grandchildren of those who purchased STAI1R " Pianos nearly a half century ago are today buying STARR Pianos and Playe Pianos f or their homes. The -same -inspirations and ideals that - actuated the -builders of the first STARR Pianos are alive today in the STARR factories. . The STARR Piano then was as good as it was possible to' make "it . with the knowledge and facilities of that -day the STARR Piano of . . today retains, the best-attributes of the earlier instruments - with the rennements and improvements i which- have come with years of experience and resoaroh and the better facilities.' For nearly fifty years the STARR' Piano has been consistently .good. Its wonderful growth has been the result of the steadily in-. creasing demand it has created for itself by its unvarying , musical , excellenoe. Whenever a STARR Piano is purchased it means that "...the friends and relatives of' tho purchaser will be satisfied to purchase a piaijo of no . other make. ' Otir easy-payment plan assures convenience' and protection to , the -purchaser. ' - ; : : i Ui& Trade in your old piano for a new STARR player piano or piano. The Starr Piano Co. Manufacturers 138-140 North Pennsylvania Street ton indorsement at the fortnightly dances in the white and gold ballroom. Secretary of Interior and Mrs. Fisher have taken little part in society, having joined the Cabinet circle just a-yeuv ago, when Mr. ITisher succeeded former Secretary Ballinger, Secretary of Agriculture ' "Wilson, although seated, next to the end of the uaomei laoie, is ine rttumuH (nuiuuui ji point of service. He- took his oath of office on .March .4, .1897. He Is a widower. Wis only daugnter, wass ira wuhou, some years ago quit society for the concert stage. Secretary Wilson, having reached the age of honorable retirement, will undertake nd actlvo duties, but will spend, his time In the future visiting among his children; t Secretary oi' Commerce and Labor and lurs. JNagei ijrujjonr- lu riiiurn i oi. Ijouis, where they resided prior to Mr. Nagel's appointment In 190(1. Mr. Nagel will resume the practice of law. He is regarded as the Nestor of the Missouri llo- There also will bo a general exodus of assistant, secretaries of departments and other onicinis who nave cut a considerable swath in society during recent years. RALSTON PICKS SECRETARY. Governor-Elect Chooses B. B. Johnson, a Former Gold Democrat. LEBANON, Ind Nov. 9. Governor-elect Hamuel M. Ralston lias chosen TJ.. B. Johnson of Richmond for hts private secretary. Mr. Johnson is GO years old. He is a native of Ohio but has lived most of his life in Indiana, having at one time owned tUe Kokomo Tribune, and . also was elected treasurer of Howard Coun ty on tho Republican ticket. In 1801 he bought the Richmond Item, running it as an independent newspaper. In 18DG he became a gold Democrat, and in 1900 a reeu ai' Democrat, tie nas oeen active m Indiana Democratic politics since that time. He has a son, Frank Bates Johnsonian attorney, in Indianapolis, .-infiriP- minrii'flri til cuiiitraiunuurv il ters received by Mr, Rulaton is one from nr t Hrvsin niifl annlhcr from Robert J. Aifiv.' nresident of the University of Maine, and a formed fellow school teacher with Mr. Ralston. OPPOSES SUNDAY THEATERS, Safety Board Defines Position to Local Managers. Memliers of the board of public safoty, Sunerlntendcnt nf Pollco flylund unci City Attorney Walker yesterday eon forred with attorneys repre-Hentins loeal theaters, and tho board eleuily denned Its opposition to Sunday perl'ormanees. The conference wan the reault of an effort among local theater marmnera to open tho playhouses on - Hunilays, the rnovinft picture shows having figured lu the discussions among the theater men, t i-i n . niK.kpishanH and Martin Hubr represented the theater men at the conference, TAFT SUFFERS GOUT ATTACK. Game of Golf at Chevy Chase Gives President Lame Foot. WASHINGTON. ' Nov. 0. President Tuft prohahly will not bo able to play coif nsa-ln for several days. He played nine holed over the Chevy Chase links yesterday nnd this morning woke up to iinri iiutt he was suffering- iiKaiu- from a sliRlit attack o( tho gout. The attack la f i- in:-;n natnful than mo one t ie Presl dent suffered earlier 111 Hie autumn, but vas severe enough to make him Ifmp noticeably. It kept him in the Whlto House proper all afternoon, but he saw an unusual number of visitors during the -day. FAINTS WHEN HUSBAND IS ORDERED TO PRISON Woman Gives Testimony Which Brings Termination to Parole of Convict. "Please don't send me tmclc, judge; I'll do anything. If you'll give me a. chance," pleadod .Harvey Lawson, 12D Groeloy street, a convict on parole from tho State Prison at Michigan City, whoro Ho was sent three years ago to servo bno-to olgfit years for highway robbery, when, ho ap peared In Police' Court- yesterday, charged with assault and battery on his wire. While Lawson pleaded with .'fudge Col lins in vain his wlfo was taken from the room in a semi-insensible condition. She testified unwillingly before Judge Collins of being mistreated by her husband, knowing that she ' was sending him - back to prison, to servo four more years, and when she had completed , her , testimony she fainted. CHILDREN IN: COURT ROOM. Two small children, , Harvey Jr. and iifn,i m-. with . wonder and hesi tated between remaining with (.heir father and clinging to the. prostrate mother, j'awsoTi was convicted almost four years ago of being a party to a highway rob-v.!: , ...Hift. a4.r.n was stolen. "I 'helped to do the deed, and the other 1C110W yOU LOU l.iuinv, ......w... it f.-o niirl- T went to prison." He has been out on parole for seven, month: Judge Collins refused to' listen father ha,d been locked up. His children patted and kissed him through the bars, their eyes lillcd with wonder at tho strange surroundings. GREEK BENEFIT ARRANGED. Local Colony Seeks Fund to Aid Victims of War. Members of tho IndlanapoliH Greek colony, headed by C, Apcmtoi, proprietor of a cafe at 130 Jflast Ohio street, are perfecting plans for a boned t entertainment to be given in TomUnson Hall, Hun-day evening Nov. !M, the proceeds . to bo used In relief work among the homeless and suffering at the seat of tho war with Turkey. The program wilt consist of Vaudeville and special musical numbers, Mr. Apostol says that reports are being received among members of tho Greek colony of tortures being suffered by fel-- countrymen who aro at tho front and also of starvation and sickness among the women unci children who have been left at home. The fund will bo turned over to the American National Red Gross and j will bo at tho disposal of Crown Prince , unnsianuno, wno is commanding ma , Greek army. A nominal fee will lie charced and it. is exnected that several- hundred dollars will be realised through tho benefit performance. ! FARMER MOURNS HIS $2,600. Sues "Psycho-Success" Wife, Whose Magic Reached Pooketbook. NOHHI5SVILLB, Ind., Nov. 9. Alleging that hl8 wife had wheedled him Into giving her $2,fi00, which ho now repents, and that she now has left his, bed and board, Charles Noblo Trout, a wealthy farmer of Hamilton , County, has filed suit for divorce from Emma J. Trout, who, ho alleges, is a member of tho Psycho-Success Club and has taken a correspondence course on mystic formulas, harmonies, hypnotism, magic, etc. Tho complaint to his pleas because of-the brutal attack also states that Trout would frequently ho Is said to have made on his wlfo, Ho find bis wlfo mi her kiloea In the pantry, lias an ungovernable temper nnd, while at exactly a quarter of 1.1 o'clock, send-in a rage, ottacked Ills wlfo. The wife and ing a psychic message to New York. The children will lie without moans of support plaintiff asks an order nf court requiring when the father Is sent back to prison. his wlfo to refund the SZ.OdO and to grant The most touching scene was after the him an absolute decree of divorce. . Deposit Your Savings Before Nov. 15 All savings deposited between November 1 and November IS will draw interest from November 1. It will pay you to start Now 4 COMPOUND INTEREST ON SAVINGS AETNA TRUST AND SAVINGS CO. AETNA BUILDING 33-2B; North Pnny!vania Street Harmless Smoke Cures Catarrh A Simple, Safe, Reliable Way and It Cttti Nothing to Try. Thin preparation of herbs, leaves flowers and berries (containing no tobacco -or habit-forming drugs) la either smoked In an ordinary clean pipe or smoking tube, and by drawing the medicated smoke Into the mouth and Inhaling Into the lungs or sending It out through the nostrils in a porl'eetly natural way, the worst ease of Catarrh can bo oradl- ' cated,. t It is not im- pleusant to use, and at tho same Umo It is eiL-llicjly harmless, nnd can be used by man, woman or child. .lUBt as Catarrh is contracted by breathing cold or dust and germ-ladon air, just so this balmy antiseptic. Hrnoktnfi remedy uroea to all the affected parts of the air passages of the head, nose, throat and lungs. It can readily bo seen why tho ordinary treatments, such as sprays, ointments, salves, liquid ,or tablet medicines fall they do not and earnot reach all tho affected parts. . If you have catarrh of the nose, throat or lungs, choking, stopbod-up feeling, colds, catarrhal headaches; If you're given to hawking- and spitting, thls: simple but sciontlllo treatment should euro. you. An Illustrated book which--goes thoroughly Into the whole question of tho causo, cure and prevention of catarrh will upon, request, be sent you by uv. J. w. BlofJsor, 75'2 Walton street, Atlanta,-Ga. Tie will. also, mail van five dnvs' free treatment You will at once see that U ia a wonderful remedy, and as it only costs one dollar for the regular treatment, it is within tne reach or every one. it is not , necessary to send any money simply send your name and address and the booklet and free trial paokage will be rnallod to you immediately .-Advertisement. '-H--I------H TDBACCn ips! How to Have Red L The girl with rod Hps and pink cheeks may bo thankful, for both denote health-vigorous, forceful, magnetic health, and while it may be Impossible for some to attain owing to morbid states or health, yet a vast majority of seemingly healthy young women and men are almost color-lose, because of a laek of red blood corpuscles. When tho blood Is Improved and enriched with those rod corpuscles, tho weight increases and a beautiful tint appears, on the cheeks, while tho lips assumo a hprUthy rod dolor- Many physicians and fceautv doctors prescribe three -grain liypo-miolane tablets, which arc said to invariably Increase tho red blood corpuscles 'after a course of treatment lasting several months. Tho . norvaua system, and general health also Improve' rapidly, Tho beat physicians and apothecary shops supply ibis tablet In sealed packages. -Advertisement. TK? A FHESS.HEAO NOISES BPr Mlll pvcil,iimt luntiitff t'urt;. tllillliB othurx. WundorMllgr uuwful. ltiiiik r- Br. G, E. CCjUTANT, P, 0. Sla. E, 270 A, New Vork, N. V.

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