Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on May 8, 1910 · Page 20
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 20

Detroit, Michigan
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Sunday, May 8, 1910
Page 20
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20 H'GRAW'S TIGERS USE THE MACE Hard Hitting Enables Them to Beat Burroughs Nine by ( 4 to 2 Score. McGraw's Tigers defeated Burroughs Saturday afternoon by a score of 4 to 2. The Tigers secured 16 hits off of Biff John Carroll and Adams, while Manager Brazell displayed a Rood youngster in Meyers who had Burroughs at his mercy at all times, striking out 12 men and allowing but S scattered hits. First Baseman Rigley featured with the stick, getting 1 hits .out of as many times up. Joe and Jack Schafer also to"k a likine to the opposing pitchers' shoots. McGraw's Tigers will clash with the Myrtle club at Atkinson park. All McGraw players arc requested to be on grounds at 2 o'clock. Take Michigan car to Campbell and walk two Wocks north. The score: McGRAW TIGERS. BURROUGHS. AB It O A E Ali H l) A E l.indsay.2 I. 1 0 o o Hl.isk.s. 4 0 13 1 Albas.3.. 5 0 3 1 .Mnlicr,::. 4 0 I) 0 JSch'er.l. 4 -' 1 i ci.lsk.m. 4 too0 JosSc'r.c. 6 I-- 1 1 .Sau ls. 1.. 4 2 0 0 0 Kbe'dt.s. 5 3-11 JLisk.I.. 4 t o ; B'lell.m. 5 1 o o 0 jWgor.:! 4 14 0 1 Rlgley.l 4 4 6 0 1 .Tohn'n.r. 10 10 0 Ross'h.r. 4 12 0 0 Mason. r. 0 o 0 n Meyera.p. 3 1 l 3 o llercurc.i. ;i( i o .Vlams.p. 10700 Carroll. p. 3131 Totals 40 16 27 5 4 Totals 3;, s 27 7 o Innings 1 -" 3 4 s 7 s I) u McGraw Tigers., n l 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 i Burroughs f. ooOOOSo-3 Runs: Rrazoll Schafer, Kisloy. i liisk. Sarvis. lilts: Meyers S. off Adams 7. off Carroll s. Two-ba.-e hits: Schaeffr. Mereurc. Sacrifice hits: Meyers. 'H. Link. Stolen bases: Carmll 2. First base on balls: nurrouchs. First base on errors: McGraws 1. Kurroughs 2. .Struck -out: By Movers 12. by Carroll 2. by Adams i. Umpire: Fltzpatrick. Attendance: 500. VEHICS TRIM GOOD 1UCKS Hint Team Celebrates Home Opening by Defeating Detroit Squad. Flint, Mich., Mav 7. The Flint Vehles. nf the Southern Michigan league, mado their Initial appearance on the home lot today, and celebrated by defeating the ,"lood Lucks, new representing Schmidt iphroder of Detroit, by the score of 4 to 1. jFast fielding marked the work of the Ve-ihics, tho Intlckl appearing to bo the speod-ilest that has played in Flint in years. The 'feature of the game was the run from first 'to third by Milchelt on a sho-t hunt delivered by Potts. Tommy Urannick and Imteh "Welting will join the S. & S. club today. The score: FUST. GOOD LUCKS. AB H O A E AB H O A E iMitch'l.m 4 3 11 0 Came-n.2. 4 0 12 0 IPolts.s... 4 0 14 1 Vorn'le.3. 3 0 3 0 1 r.Bowser.l. 4 0 3 0 0 Dick'on.l. 4 10 0 1 l?ogsiv'l,r 4 1 o 0 0 Devoct.e. 4 12 2 0 t.Ynder'n.l 4 1 13 0 0 .lohn'n.m 3 13 10 Brown.:.. 2 2 4 1 0 Frutlg.I.. 4 1 It 1 1 'Stlin'rs.3. 3 0 2 4 0 (Jrtltnlel.s 4 1 0 i", 0 iMake'cc.c 3 0 3 1 0 Tallm'n.r 3 10 0 0 .Kuha'n.p 2 2 0 f. 0 llran's.p. 3 0 15 0 O'Con'l.p 1 0 0 0 0 , Totals.. .31 9 27 16 1 Totals. ..32 6 24 10 3 1 Runs Mitchell. Howser. Rrown. Makepeace 4; Johnson 1. Struck out Viy Ku-hagen 2. by O'Connell 1. by Itrandenberg 3. 'lrst base on bails-Off Brari'lonberg 4. off JMihagen 2. Hits off Kuhagen .i in 6 innings: off O'Connell 1 in 3 innings. Wild pitch Brandenberg. Two-base hits Grun-del. Rrown. stolen bases Mitchell 3. Anderson. Brown. i . SVI. A. 4'ubs 12, Trinccs 6. Michigan Alkali Cubs, of v van-lot to. opened its season by walloping the i'rtii-ress Manufacturing Co.. I-.' to 6. The Cubs clouted Oowd till over the lot, while Nichols held tho royal bunch safe at till times. A couple of weird heaves by Coan. caused by an injured hand, kept I'rlncess in the running for one inning, but after that it was very one-sided. For games with the Cubs address Glenn Coan. tio Vine street. Wyandotte, or call Cedar 3i:o. between S a. in. and 5 p. m. The score: M A. CUHS. I'UINCESS CO. AO H O A E Alt If O A K . Uolan.2.. ?. 1 1 2 0 Uradlcy.C 4 0 3 4 2 r'rg.l.-s. 3 2 2 2 o n'nlng.l. 4 110" ."R'rett.nt. 4 2 0 n o Johnson. 1 4 1 12 1 1 Jxmg.3-r. 42040 Kal'eh.3 3 o t 3 (. "rk.s.-l. 4 2 1 2 0 McKay. c. 4 2 5 1 o tCoan.c... 10 9 12 Kihoy.s. 3 0 ;; 3 -j Everett. 1 4 1 13 o o W' 4 11" o IN'hols.p. 3 0 0 4 o st.J'ns-.r. 4 110 0 3,o'gcr.r. 2 1 o o 0 ln.wd.p.. 1 2 0 2 0 f, llayes.3. 1 1 1 1 o '"" Totals 31 13 27 15 2 Totals 35 S 27 14 5 Innings 1 2 3 4 r. 6 7 S 9 R i M. A. C 3 3 3 0 0 1 ; o 0-12 ' Princess 3001200006 Two-base, hits: Seb.aumberg, Harrett. Towd. Three-base, hit: Long. Sacritice Ibit: Kilroy. Stolen bases: llann'.ng, PWendlandt. Dowd. Coan 2. Hayes, ltolan. Jlrst baso on balls: Off Dowd 7. oft Nichols 0. Hit by pitcher: By Nichols. Kaltenbach: by Dowd. Hayes. First baso .on errors: M. A. C. 3. Struck out: Hy 2'lchols 7. by Dowd 3. Passed balls: Mr- JKay 2. wild pitches: Nichols 2. U:ripires: UBarrett-Kaufmann. Liberty A. C. 5, 0. W. W. LIBERTY At C. 1). W. W. U O AB II O A E ai; A K 2 1 2 1 tBchafer.l 0 Hamlin. 2 1 0 1 2 0 11 2 1 iMeIow.2. 5 Burby.m 5 IPlan'er,3 5 Mrt'll.s e t Romen.l. 5 .Klll.c.... 5 tBuner'd.r 4 fWe'ert.p 3 0 1 Z.ra' 0 0 Martell. 1 5 0 Allen, m. 6 0 Kem'ld.3 0 0 Gould. 1. 2 0 Wilkle.e 0 0 Ko'ncr.p 1 0 1 0 2 1 3 (I 0 S 1 14 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 5 0 Totals 42 10 27 14 1 Totals. 33 27 13 4 Innings 1234567S9R Xlbcrty A. C 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 4 '-7 iX. W. W 2000 0 000 'I- 2 nits Off Newbert 5. Hohkaner 10. At bit .Against Newbert 33. Hohkaner 12. Two-:bose bits Melow, Hamlin. Stolen bases (Burly 2. Mitchell 3. Hill, Allen. First base, on balls Liberty 2. D. W. W. 2. Ud't on bases Liberty 4. P. W. W. S. Struck out Kewbert 14. Hohkaner 12. Umpire Hoir. T. B. I. to Flay the Emeralds. Saturday the Business Institute will cross bata with the Emerald tenm at tBottlevard and Warren. Alec Wilson, the Jheavy-hitting outfielder; "Doc" Millman lajid Harry Black have joined T. B. I. .nd will bo In the game. Manager of T. B. I. would like to hear from some good team for May lis and June 4. Thursday evening a very important meeting will be held at Hewlett's home. 69 Tillman. The following players report: Bayne. Merritt. Millman. McCall. Coulten. Jones, Black. Ciark. Wilson nnd Saunders. Easy One for "Ktllsons. Bdison and Central Heating Co. clashed on Edison grounds at Delray. The game was merely an exhibition contest, the regular schedule of the league does Jiot begin until next Saturday. Ward. Gibson and Schuitz starred at tho bat for the Edison team. Score by in-Jiinps: Innings ..1 2 3 4 r. 6 7 S 91! H E Kdison "014 2 2 :t 0 i t 11 3 Cent. Heat..o 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 S Batteries: Kdison. Harms. Lynch and Armstrong: Central Heating Co. Hack and Ingles. Krapp and Ertz. Euclid" Hay Doulilc-lleader Today. Euclids win today engage in their second double bill of the season, taking on IJanneel's Tigers for two games at Euclid park. Holbrook and Russell. All Kuclids report at grounds early, as the first game is scheduled to start at 1:30: Harmer and Snow will be tho battery in the first game, while Rowland and Mishafsky will be in tlte points in the second session. JarJt's Tigers Whip Emeralds. Jack's Tigers defeated the Kmerald club Jn a fast game by a score of S to 6. Score: Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 S 9 Jack's Tigers.. 3 0 0 1 0 2 1 1 S Emeralds 0 0 1 0 s 1 0 1 06 Battery for Tigers, Plpln. Simsich and Wbbr- i Top oiv tiiiueili, catcher; Webb, "iJHdsny. ecoiiU, Hoback, DOINGS OF THE AMATEURS Wfu'dlijils have Suwlay, May S, open, Mul wr.uiM Illtrt to hrar from any team liaviiir irroumls. Jat-k".s Tlsrs. Myrtles, Papk's AthU-tios. McCJray Tirs or A. 0. pftVnol. Thone J. Wortz, West MO -J. between 6 'and " p. m. I'tv.-i! GiKird Ni. CO is without a rzum'-- it uvxt Surulay. Any team with Kroumls dosli-inii ihis (iato phone Graiul ;tjl-V or writo O. H. Oavonporr, 92 1. ysainl-T streK. O. K.'s Danntiel's Tigers i-r I'tt'lroys prefcrrcti. I.'.iya! (.luai'il has Memorial day anJ Julv A opt-n aiul would iikft to hear from Mit'Coni, 1 'ontiac. Unyal Oak. Dexter, Flint or Monroo Orioles. Stormer A. C. Is without a pame for Sunday. Manager of Morrell Cubs call before 7 p. m. Thursday niyht. Main 5541-J. banners will play .St. Clair Sunday, on F?t. Ciaiv's prijunds. at 2 o'clock. All Ea.n- nrrs mrr-r lit I 'unli.i li fini i.iaKlwm. fov panics phone lliiteo and aslc for Kil. ..t i. Ben Hurs would like to book games with any l; or li-year-old uniror'iicd teams. Have May !?. open. For games call Ridge Cl.".:;-J. ana ask for August ritockel. AVostern Cubs would like tn hear from any 17 or 1-year-oM team for Sunday, May S. Thev alsn have eomc other datf! open tn teaii'm of this af?e. For Raines call Cedar F1-.I between 6 and 7:00 p. m. and ask for Ed. Jaek's Timers are otit to biok pamea for the season. Mi-Graw Timers, it. J.'s. AV'est--rn club, ivlrav cUh, l'apke's and Delray Athletics urii'prred. Vor pimcs address: Frank Pe.:k. Twenty-eighih street, or phone Walnut 11W-L and ask for manager. BellevuoB will play tho Mohawks Sunday afierno'm at Walkervillo. ISellevuca have a few open dates and wrmld Hkf to arrange cames with citv or slate teams. Address W. D. Lcvaseiir. Valkerville, Ont. Tlbertv Aihleties have op-n dats on Saturday aiul Sunday and would like to hear from F.m- citv or slate teams, Kuclids, St. Clair. Met .raw Timers, A. O. T.'s. O. K.'s and Western club preTerred. Write ,lohn haef-.T or call K. 1047-.T. I-iberty Athletics will hold a special meeting Friday night at Malak"s place. All players report. Wee-ahs defeated the Orioles by the score of i to . Tho faturo of the game was the piiehing of Term in and the all-arounl p!aing of tho winners. The Wee-ahs would like to arranno a game with nnv loam fir M-'iy S. Address J"sp!i Miescl. Haldwin avenue. T. M. C. t. Vincent's wishes came with any uniformed team In city. Address Manager. 3' Fourteenth avenue. Jack Holland, former pitcher of the V. S. s. Virginia baseball team, is requested to write Charles G. lionnker. 1S5 Thirty-first street. Niagaras are still without a game for Sunday and wouid like to hear from any uniformed teams. Niagaras have, their own grounds. For games address I. J. Tiurney, caro Fdisuii oc-mpany. or phone. W. C4lf-J. Sterdow Athletics will play the Crescents Sunday afternoon at tho Crescent field. Shortstop jinimio Wilkie and George- Han-naaran are requested to call West 1091-J or Deli 7CHI. 1. V. K. tiastbal! team win play a practice c:uu'- Saturday. May 7, ot 2 p. m., on th.- P. F. 11. grounds, rvar of the .leffer-tsnn avenue, car house. ,U jdayera report promptly. lielvideres have May S and SO open and w.juld like to arrange a game with any strong or i7-year-old team, Victors, St. Gregory's and Alamo preferred. Call Ed. Ilinli. 1;. HTO-n, between tJ and 7 p. ni. Stanwocls er.tss bats with ihe Cub A. C. Saturday afterno'ni at Eighteenth and the lloulovard. F-tlowing Stariwoids report without fail: Kupmcv, Woielke. Zielinskl. Davenport. Hovey. l'irson, Vivian, Timpf, Saihy, Kern and Heater. Jack's Tigers will play the Ftnerald club at Atkinson park this afternoon. All Tigers rep rt at I o'clock. Jack's Tigers would like t.- bo-tk games for the season. Address Frank Per-k. Twenty-eighth street, or ph-me Walnut. :34-D. Ask for manager. Gtirney's Giants will ludd a special nieet-irn; tonight ar "PS Thirty-first street. The f.-li..v.:ti); pi- as.-' report : Meelo. Faulm, I'riei.e. ("scar brothers. Roth, T. BabingLT. Carlton. NciilKTt. llroski. James. Thessiner, Hates. Andrezak and Capt. William Wilker. Arconauts will pkiy tho Morton Baking Co. this ai'lerno. n at ArtiJIi-ry and Fort. Tiv I'.dbiwing players please report not laser than ,.':30: Grant. Frenr, Herrick, Mhr, Oct '.vino, Fverson. Honian, llnnoy-bai;, Kielhojz, Karl, Van Haaren. Trent and X. Frear. Superiors of Windsor wish games with anv Detroit team for May 8. IB. 21. 22 and For gamns ad'Iress Bill Lafave, 17t. D'.ucal avenue, Windsor, or phone Windsor 4SI and ask f"r Charlie. WHERE Interior of the Immense New Bottling Plant of the M'GRAW TIGERS, ONE OF THE STRONG LOCAL INDEPENDENT TEAMS. ... , ultchcrj Miaicr, ieu; Anueraon, cbw.w,t... - ' ' , He lit, I'arcnt, pHcher. Loner ro-Brnze Bra.ell, center, cptalp; Franer, maxeot; Rigley first. Detroit Lodge No. 1128 plays the River Tiougo team Sunday at 2:30 o'clock. All M. 1. A. players meet -at tho bridge and ear lino in River Rouge at 1 o'clock sharp. C. A. Wonzel wishes to hear from a few more good ball players to try out for the team. Address or call at 14 Freston street. Murphv Tigers opened its season by defeating the Cedars by tho score of II) to 17., The features of the game were the pitching of Sparks and the home run hit of William Murphy. Any 12-ycar-old team in tho city wishing a game with Murphy's Tigers write or call William Murpny, 7 Mullett street. Trumtmlls will play the Boston A. C. this afternoon at at Clark park. The following players are requested to report: W. and It. Fagct. Drean. Anthony. Andrews Lane, Davis, Burgess. Mulligan, Fiette', Oppey. Genrlck, Cliamberlln, Hor-rigan, Jennings, Boville, Whitmore, Ashley and IJerger. Northwesterns will play the Woodhills this afternoon at Fort street and West End. Tho following are requested to 1 on grounds not later than 2 p. Job-bltt Shay, Essex, C. Dempsey. p. Denip-ey, Volk, Zimmer, Conlon. Roberts. Hatcher and Breckels. The Northwesterns will play the Crescents Sunday. Crescents plav the "Windsor team this afternoon at Wiglo park. Tha following players be at the foot of Woodward avenue not later than 1:30: Moynes, Rabideau. Rrower, Wilsher. Pankratz. Erwin, Harms, Finloy. Urandenburg, Tapert, Moore and Jagnau. Any player that cannot report should call Wilsher this morning. liberty A. C. is without a game for today and Sunday, and would like to hear from some strong city or state teams. Call Hidgo 1047-J. Following Uberty players nr.; to report at the club rooms not later than J:3o o'clock: Schafer. tiurley. Neu-bert, Melow. Pankratz. Fleming. Plansker. Fester. Frank. Hill. Konen. Kummevfelt and Grimm. Lubricators will Tlay the Ford Motor companVs teaem Saturday afternoon at Clark park. Following Lubricators will please report early: DeBconf. Lyons. V. Rarideau. D. Rarldeau. Langlois, Andry-siak. G-randmason. Ask in, Zlmnne, Slender nnd Tetlof. lubrlcators desire a gam-i with home fast oiit-of-lown team for Memorial day. Address Charles E. Kandt, Detroit Lubricator company. Hubbard Council. No. SM of National t'nivm. will play practice game at Garvey diamond. Following players report: Coombs, Gleason. Comiskey. Lynch, Frank.-, McNutt, Gear'. Rohan. Trftte, Davig. Mel'hee. M. Visger. Fill Visger. Wm Lix.di. Blunt. McNanamy. Kilcams, Ed Werner, li. Krugal, Cobb, :has. Miller.' Detroit Lodge No. 1128, M. B. A., will practice at Le May and Jefferson, Saturday at 2:30 o'clock. All players that liav'! suits report at grounds. Those that have not can get their suits at George Vlder's 20 Cutler street, at 1:30 o'clock Saturday. All players must be out to practice, as they will play River Rouge Sunday. Shamrock baseball club of Toledo would like to book games with any independent teams in Ohio Indiana or Michigan for Saturdav and Sunday. This club has been organized since 10"::. and is considered one of tho best nmd teams going out of Toledo. For dates- write George Hamper, iiO Langdon street, Toledo. O. Superiors have organized for tho season with the following line-up: Schwartz, Craves. Licht. Shippy. Otto. Lewerence, C'jbb, Gabler. Hebashet and Lempke. Superiors are open for games with city and state trains. Would like game for May at their grounds, with any of the following teamj: Papkes, McGraw Tigers, Crescents, Harvarda. A. O. T., Orioles, Stormers. Call Cedar 591 and ask for Herman. Owing to the Orioles canceling their game, for Sunday, May S. the Eastern A. C. are without a game and would like to hear from any team in city or state. Marine City. Pontlac. Ann Arbor, Carle-ton, St. Clair. Nonhvllle, Delray Club, Delray Athletics, East End A. C, O. K.'s and Durand club preferred. Eastern A. C. also have Memorial day open. Address E. B. Bass, care American Exchange National bank, or phono Main G037 or Field 751-R. Le Roys will play the Wolverine club Sunday afternoon at Herlin nnd Concord at '1 o'clock. The following players are requested to report at tho grounds Sunday morning at 10 o'clock and not later than 1 o'clock in the afternoon: Seftz. Burke. Grviuann. Woods. Ames. Kaps. Poch, Frue-bouf. York and Rutz. The Le Roys would like to hear from any city or state teams Durand club. St. Clair A. C. Pontiae. Rochester or any other team In the city or state. Call East S(S and ask for York, or write Gus Holzmann, DCS Can field ave- ALTES LAGER IS n x v.r.. m.nn-A II imokllrt aAf flll ? A I HUM. TDirUI Diamond A. C. wants a game for Sunday afternoon. Call Manager Ferris, Main 5SBS-J. ' Niagaras . will play the Monarch club Sunday at Niagara park, boulevard and E street. Following players are requested to report early: - Pflefer. Reslock, Hanna, Arendt. Dane. C. Miller. Milligan, H. Miller. Slegel, FrJschke. Mooney. Sail and F. Miller. Any teams, wishing games with Niagaras address I. J. Tlerney, care Edison Co., or phone W. 649-J. Crawford A. C. will cross bats with the Beavers Sunday at Belle Isle. Following C. A. C players aro requested to report not later than I o'clock: Millenbach. Oherstadt, J. and L. Spranger, Disch, De Hinriis, Klee, Krueger and Rippllnger., Waysides have Stmday open for any fast team with grounds. Phone Windsor 71S. Riverside Team, No. 303, will play the Karwackl Oakwoods at Farnsworth and nonuinfirfl Kuhdav afternoon. Riverside players meet at Soldiers' monument at 1:U p. in. Karwacki Oakwoods will play the Walk -erville club - Saturday in Walkervllle. All Karwackl Oakwoods report early. All strong teams wishing to book games with the M. B. A. 1128 can arrange same with Charles A. Wenzel, 14 Preston street. Diamond' A. C. wish games with any 15 or 16-ycar-old uniformed teams in ine cny. Call City 3230-X. Loyal Guards have Sunday open. Any strong team with grounds wishing this date phone Grand 2921-W at once. Royals would like to arrange a game for any Sunday in June. July and August with any la-year-um uiuiunncu tho city or state. Tho following teams aro iaitrn. onnkprB. Riverside In dependents, Omokos, Avons. Delawares, Le rtoys, L-amieiuD. auui too u. 714 Illinois street. Txtyal Guard,' No. 35, Is without a game for today. Any strung wu-m e'---phono Grand 2&1-W. at once. Players Dhono Davenport before 12 o'clock. Niagaras are without a game for Sunday and would llko to near irom any io vnr.iH tenmq. Manaeer would like E Miller, R. MUllgan and F. Keher to phone him before Friday evening. For games address I. J. Tierney, Edison company, or phone West 649-J. Delmars defeated the Orcbilra in a hard- fnimhl mo hV a. BCOrft Of 7 tO 6- The Delmars would like to hear from Comets fn regard to game for Sunday. Call Ridge 1S23-J after 6 o'clock and ask for Frank. Delmars claim a forfeit game from Eltons for non-appearance. TT.iriw a. n. would like to hear from any IS or 19-year-old teams In the city or state for Sunday games. Would like to hear from Romeo for the Fourth of July. They have Sunday open. Call Ridge o47 and ask for Roy, or address 67 Lewis ave nue. rmaiTAr win nlav the Ariels Sunday, at Belle Isle. The Quakers will hold an important meeting tonight, following zer, Ferris, Allen, Geyman, famyth, rv,o,rin Ktpmnin Gross and Ler- berg. Lerberg will start tho game for the Quakers. Monarch club will play- the Niagaras on tho latter's grounds this afternoon at 3 o'clock. The following players please report at 2:30: Jones. L. Dehtrie, E. Deh-trie, Amollsh. "Webber. Kempt, Prlmeau, Mainwood, Hecht Smith and Manager Vezlnaw. The Monarchs have few open dates for games. Call Cedar 323-J, and ask for Jones. Atvitira wish a pamc with any 17-year- old team for this Saturday. Athletics have a permit nnd would like to book games With the IOUOWing teams- tuiuiuu, Ar(i MnrpAii Huh Victors. Delawares, Riverside Independents. Phone West 1361 between 6 and 8 p. m. What promises to be one of the best games in the city today will be pulled off at Zoeller's park when the Western club and the A. O. T. team meet. The ball park is located at Fort street and West End avenue. Take the Fort street through car. which runs direct to tho park. Game called at 2:30 sharp. A few dates remain open in July and August, and the manager wishes to hear from state and city teams. For games address Manager. 1302 Fifteenth street, or phono Walnut 17-R., Detroit, Mich. Blue Ribbons open the season Sunday Sunday with a double-header; the first game with the Detroit News team, the second with the E-M-F. Following players will please report at club rooms at 8 a. m.: Dancv Cox. Best. Norman. Lawrence, Bell. Lawrence. George, Lawrence, Victor Tronibley, F. Tromoiey, nenson, uannon Flomherg, Fanning, Coleman, BettIson; Krause and Wr1ght. BOTTLED. Tivoll Brewing Cor Shamrocks defeated the Tersky A. C. by the score of 20 to 10. Athletic plays Melrose A. C. at the iat-ter'H grounds. Athletics defeated the Denver A. C, by score of 7 to 4. All Cadwell stars report at the club house at I o'clock today. Anv stromr team wishing a came for Sun day can be accommodated by calling UP walnut Hau-J. Gurncy's Giants will play the Liberty A. C. this afternoon, corner Thirty-first and Herbert streets. Manager Broskl requests the following to report: PriebiN Roth. Meelo, James, Oscar Brothers, An-drezak. Paulm. Carlton, Thessmer, Bates, T. Babinger, NewberL and Captain William Wilker. Dcnrcrs will play the Superior A. C. at Eighteenth and Boulevard this afternoon. The manager of the Superior A. C. Is re-(pjested to call Walnut 381-R between 7 and 8 n. in., regarding the grounds. Morlan A. C. will play the Alton A. C. today nt 2:30, at Eighteenth and Boulevard. Tho following players report at Manager Yerth's not later than 12 o'clock: Bolkc, Rehram. Kraft, Shield. Klaus, West, Glade, Smith, Hugo, Martin and Yerth. Melrose A. C. will play the strong Athletics Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, on the Russell Wrheel & Foundry grounds. All Melrose players report early. Following Superiors are requested to re-nort Schwartz. Cobh. Graves. Lempke. Shippy, Licht, Hebastret, Lowerenco, Otto and (Jamcr. superiors woumi hub u. smm; for Sunday. Call W. 7S0-J. Ttnrfcv nine defeated the Smith school by tlic score of f to 2. The feature of the gamo was the playing oi e. icuir ana vvm. Otto. Crescent Juniors want enmes with any 14 or 15-year-old teams In tlm city or Btate. call oak -a. or anurcss aimui Stevens, 11S5 lltvard. Dates open,. May 8, J 5 and 22. St. Clair A. C. had a practice game with tho Durand club, resulting in a tie In a poorly played game. They have met three times, each team being credited with a victory and one gamo a tie. Tho St. Clairs expect to meet this team later in the season and "hope to make It interesting for them, as they have strengthened with Krapp, formerly of the Delrays and Thl-bault, of the Spaldings, who will do most of the twirling. The St. Clairs would like to book gameH with teams such aa O. K.'s, Papkes, Euclids, Crescents and Spaldings. For games call Ridge. 1707-1. between 7 and 8 p. m. nnd ask for manager. Wayside A. C, of Windsor, defeated the Superiors In a close and exciting game by a Bcore of 8 to 4. The Waysides are In the lirdd this year and wapt to book games; with any city team. For games phone 713 and ask for Farrairri. Woodhills will play Jack's Tigers at Atkinson park this afternoon, at 2:30. The following Woodhill nlayers report at cor ner o Livemois and Michigan avenue at 1 o clock: C. Cook, r . uook, jowe, uunn, Mayhew, Wentz. Flnley. C. Speck. Schram, Roberts, Fairman, Adams, Ellerholtz nd Kick man. Tlgerettes play the Malverns today at 2 o'clock, at the new park, corner La May and Jefferson. TlEerettes will be greatly strengthened by the addition of Catcher Mylock, of Yetko's Tigers, and J-Mtcher Barlour. Following Tlgerettes be at grounds at l o clock: uenson. jeenan, Harrison. Lambert. Danz, Barlour. Mylock, Canto, Weinberg, Nig Mertz, Miles and Verman. All players phone Kidge oo-j. between 9 and 12 o'clock without fail. Sparta A. C. wishes games with any 16-year-old teams for Saturdays. Call Cedar t!39-L after o o'clock. Owanas will meet the Strellncer Mann facturlner comnanv team at Atkinson park this afternoon. Berber will work for the Owanas with Paget as his supporter, while Kerr and Walsh Is the Strellnger's selection. Tho following players are requested to report at 12:30: merger, uppcy, hpenane, Rooder, Miller, Prett, Mallock, Wehenkle, McCausland, Paget and u. miner, tormer-ly of the Westerns. Union bricklayers will hold a practice game this morning at Atkinson park at 0:30. Take warren avenue cars going weml. Liberty A. C. wilt play the Gurney Giants on tne latiers- grounns. ail members please report without fail. Cadillac Council, No. 19, of National Union, will play a practice game Sunday at Jefferson and Le May. at 2:30 ,p. m. AH players that wish to make the team report early. Dunla Doud la requested to be at the grounds without fail. Any uniformed teams wishing to dook games, can mos. Guy, Main 3478-L. Central club is without a game for this afternoon, and would like to hear from any team in the city, can cedar bJo-J. Western club and A. O. T.'s clash Sun day afternoon nt Fort nnd West End ave nues at xne rouowing a. u. j.. play ers are requested to report at grounds at 2 n. m.: Weitimr. Kellv. Cicdtte. Benncr. Rosenbush, Drysdale. Wilson, Smith, Ra- bldeau, Levenson, Licht and FitzpatricK- Morrell club will play the Royals Sunday 2:30 p. m. at Garvey's. All the Morrell? are earnestly requested to be on hand early. For games with the Morrell club write J. D. coiiins, im uranaon avenue. Wabash team of tho railroad league will play at Garvcy's today, weainer permuting, and all players are earnestly request, ed to bo on hand. Strellners nad Owanas will meet at At-Iflnson nark Sundav at 2 o'clock. The fol lowing players are requested to report at 1 p, m.: cnamoernn, .reierson, j-uiuikc. Bullock, Kerr, Mobley. Rooks. Y. M. C. will play Sunday. All members report at the club nouso at tj P. r defeated the CoODer A. C. by the score of 4 to 3. Would like to book jramcs with any 14 or 15-year-oia team. Call Ridge 1561-R. .Mnnlps wnuld like to hear from some 1S- ycar-old team for Sunday afternoon. Phone Yantics will line-up against the Labrosse A. C. Tne following puiytirB piuiiao import at -1:30 in front of Comiskey's: Comiskey, Dean, Jansen. Moore, CaJillI, May, Ryan, La Due, Leavy. St. Greerorvs nlay the strong Wuatekas Sundav afternoon at Holcomb and Jefferson avenues at 2 p. m. The following play er report early tor practice: nasco. se-bert Brodel, Mahur, Hardion, Clement, Freddie, Howard, Williams, DeBake. Oakdale A. C. will cross bats with the St. Gregorys at Holcomb and Jefferson this afternoon at 2 o'clock. All Oakdale C. report at 1:45. Would like to schedule game with any 17-year-old team for next Sunday. Address Ray English, a58 Vermont avenue, or call Wcst 1480 before 11:30 a. m. Hubbard Council of the National union will plav a practice game at Garvey's grounds Sunday morning at 8:30 Bharp. All players report early. Senators are billed to nlay the Milwau kee A. C. Sunday at the latter's grounds, Milwaukee ana tne isast Douievara. ai The following are requested to report: Bender, Marshall. Maurer. Moriarty. Haigh, Kent, Howatt, Stein, Lozzon, Wilkinson, SomervlHe. This Is the first of a hard series of games for this team,' their schedule for the remainder of the month including the Central club, Woodhills and Mob a ww , SALESROOMS Take Elevator Fifth 603-504505 Floor Broadway and Gratiot. CENTRAL ENJOYS SLUGGING BEE Blue and White Nine Massacres Eastern High on Clark Park Diamond. In a gamo that was marked by many errors on both sides. Central -walloped Eastern by a score of 23 to 5, yesterday morning at Clark park. It was hardly good practice for tho wearers of the Blue and White, Coach Stocking's men difficulty Jn securing runs whenever they wanted them. Walsh who started for the Centralltcs was in fine form, but sprained his ankle in running bases and was forced to retire. Twnmey was sent in for an inning, but It was an ordeal until it was over; Eastern scoring four times. Flynn, who finished the game, was weak In the atart, but finished strong. In tho ninth, after two men had hit safely ho struck out the next three in order. Corbett was consistent throughout, but poor fielding behind him accounts for the largo score. One other bright feature of the morning's fray was a catch of Twomey at short. The doulo play by Millman and Osborno was pulled off In speedy fashion. The score: EASTERN II. 3. CENTRA I H. S. AB HOAE AB HO AE Book'r.r 5 2 0 1 0 Kel'r.3 2 6 4 3 0 1 M'De't.l S 1 7 0 Mill'n,2. 6 2 3 11 Zfrga.3 ' 5 J 4 2 0 Walsh, p 2 0 0 1 1 Hen'n,m 5 3 0 0 1 Flynn.p. 4 2 0 0 1 iHegge.i 4 0 3 0 0 Snow.c. 5 2 12-0 0 Benn't.c 4 1 7 3 0 Bayne, 1. E ? 1 0 0 3 0 111 Pudr'h.m 3 2 10 0 Rox'gh,3 4 113 1 Tw'y.p-s 4 3 111 Corbett.p 3 1 0 4 0 Osborne, 1 4-16 10 Burke.r-s 5 2 0 0 0 Totals 33 10 23M4 7 Totals '44 21 27 4 5 Innings 123456789K E. H. S 0001400005 C, H. S 70102624 22 Pudrith out, hit by batted ball. Hits Off Walsh, 1 in 4; Twomey. 4 in 1; Flynn, 5 in 4. At bat Against Walsh, 13; Twomey, 6; Flynn, 17. Two-base hits Rox-borough, Millman, Twomey. Three-base hits Twomey, Osborne. Homo runs-Henderson, Snow. Sucrtfico hits. Pudrith, Twomey. Stolen bases Hegge, Gault, Rox-oorough, Keller 2, Bayne 3, Burke. First base on balls Twomey 1, Flynn 1, Corbett 2. Hit by pitcher Corbett 2. First base on errors Eastern 4, Central 7. hcit on bases Eastern S, Central 6. Struck out By Walsh 6, by Twomey 1, by Flynn 5, by Corbett 5. Double plays Osborne and Mill-man. Passed balls Bennett 4. Time 1:55. Umpires Hetts and Sullivan. GOOD GAME PROMISED 0. X.'s and HHPs Athletics to Meet at Schaffer's Today. O. K.'s will play Hill's Athletics at Sehaffer's grounds, out Michigan avenue Sunday. The Athletics always give a good account of themselves and the O. K.'s aro going very strong at the present. I). U. R. has promised to give first-class service to the grounds, and also to have cars ready to lake care of the people promptly after the game. The following O. K.'s are requested to report early: Stackpole, Potischke, Johnson Cohan. McConnell, Dulnn. Speck, Slammer, Schaub. Haughton, Aldrich, Kil-Han. Allen, Koenig and Ziessow. BANE IS MAKING MONEY Loss of Championship Does Not Affect Nelson's Drawing Power. The loss of the' lightweight championship to Wolgast on Washington's birthday does not seem to affect Battling Nelson In fact, ho says he is making more money now outside of the ring than when he held the title. This is the way the Dane talkB: "When a champion keeps on winning the public gets tired of him. I won so many battles after taking the championship from Joe Gans that the public got tired looking at me. The public, as a rule, has little use for a loser, but It figured after my defeat by Wolgast that I had made one of the gamest battles In tho history of the ring, and that 1 had always won or lost on the level. So It got interested In me again, and I am deluged with offers to appear on the stage. "Since the Wolgast -bout I have made $8,735 above my expenses, or. Including my expenses, about $1,200 a' week: In the same length of time Wolgast made $6,000, and had to pay his expenses out of tbat sum. Why, the week after the fight Wolgast did not work in fact, It- was two weeks before he succeeded In getting an engagement. I lost tho battle Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday evening: left for Chicago, arriving there Sunday morning. I started working' tbat afternoon and In the two weeks Wolgast was looking for an engagement I cleared up $2,400'. - .. "I am going to -fight Wolgast again, and honestly believe I will whip him. I was simply overworked when I met him in California in February. When I had him almost out in the twenty-second rouna I lacked the ginger to finish "him. He was at his very best, and Inasmuch as ho 's not a careful person regarding his habits. I do not believe he can 'ever be as good again as he was on the day he faced me. He will never again, have, the chance he had in the last ten rounds of that battle. Now, If Wolgast at hiar best coul not knock me out, or ' even knock me down, when I was at my worst; what chance has he got against me when ,we meet in September, when "I will be at my best' and he not as good as he was two months ago?" . Anybody desiring the services of an experienced player for this afternoon may secure one by catling Walnut 6300-T and asking for Will Kulsel. He has been trying out with the Akron club for the past five weeks, and is In excellent condition. Despite the fact that he was working against the three best outfielders in the league he made a remarkable showing, and Folh was so pleased that he placed him in the Western Pennsylvania league, with an option on him for 'next year. Ho has been notified to report the 16th. and he Is open to play with anybody tn the meantime-. Address care of .vwinj$ editor, Detroit -Free Presa of the fact that we are turning out up-to-date clothes at a saving of $10 on your Spring Suit, leaves no room for doubt That We Are Entitled to a Trial Order ! SUITS $ TOPCOATS TO MEASURE Equal to Other SPORT SHOPPERS TRIM COLLEGIANS Spaldings Show No Mercy in Burlesque Game With Sandwich Boys. Spaldings journeyed to Sandwich yesterday afternoon and cleaned up the college team of that lilacs by the score of 10 to 2. The frame was solt all the way for the Sport Shoppers, as Kennedy was wild and hit at will, while "Jeff" McNamara, who was on the mound for the Spaldings for five in-ninss, had things all his own way, al lowing but five hits, lie was taken out in the sixth to glvo Wendt a work-out. "Hclno" Lavens and "Ollie" Mocbs had a field day, "Heine" getting three singles and a triple In five times up. while "Ollie" connected for a pair or. two-sackers and a single In four trips to tho rubber. In the fielding line the real feature plav was C'onzctt's throw from deep center to the plate, thereby cutting oft a sure run. The score: SPALDINGS. ASSUMPTION. AB R O A E AB II O A i. Carev.l.. 4 12 0 0 Costello.3 4 0 1 2 0 ,Teak"le,2 2 0 3 3 1 Ke'dy.p. S 2 0 2 1 l.av's,s. 5- I 2 T, 0 McQ'n.c. 4 2 8 10 Moebs.r. 4 3 2 0 0 IHeanf.l 4 1 10 0 0 C'zett.lll. 4 0 1 2 0 Bell.r... 4 0 2 0 0 D'ricks.3 3 110 0 Kob' 4 12 10 1. ynch.3. 2 1110 Kiinon.2 ;i " j J Me'ltt.l. 3 n 9 0 0 M'key.l. 2 0 10 0 Wok.'c. 2 12 10 Kelly.s.. 3 0 12 1 Bush.e.. 2 12 10 McN'a.p. 3 0 0 1 0 Wcndt.p. 2 0 0 2 0 Totals 36 12 27 14 I Totals 31 6 27 11 3 Innings 1 2 3 4 5 ti 7 S a R Spaldings 2 0 2 0 3 1 2 0 0-10 College 02000000 0-2 Runs: Carey. Jeakle. Livens. Moebs 4. Conzctt, Dlericlcs. Merr'tt, 10; Bell, Hobl-net, 2. Hits: Oft McNamara 4. off U'endt 2. Two-base hits: Moebs 2. Kennedy. Three-base hits: Lavens. Iiush. Sacrifice lilts: .leakle 2. Stolen bases: Spaldings S, College 2. First baso on balls: Kennedy fl. Hit by pitcher: 'Conzctt, Carey. Mac-key. First baso on errors: Spaldings 2, Collese 3. Left on bases: Spaldings H, College li. Struck out: McNamara 2, Wcndt 2. Kennedy 6. Double plays: Fll-lion to Le Beauf; Jeakle to Merritt: Kelly, Pillion, Lo Beauf. Passed ball: McQuillan. Wild pitches: Kennedy 2. Time: 2:00. Umpires: Kruce and Tiernan. Attendance: 200. INJUMES 0CCUB SLIDING Baseball Flayers Are Frequently Hurt When Going Into a Base. New York. May 7. Two college baseball players have been badly Injured this spring while In the act of sliding- to base, one at Harvard and one at Tale. This sort of injury has been frequent on the diamond in recent years. A few years ago George Van Haltren, then of the Giants, broke his leg while sliding for second base on the old Pittsburg grounds. Lefty Davis broke his leg the same way on the same ground and Mike Donlin fractured a leg while making a slid on the Cincinnati grounds. Another player who broke a leg sliding was Otis Clymor. As a matter of fact the second cushion ha3 been prominent as a station at which accidents have occurred. There have been innumerable splkings at that position, most of them accidential, but a few intentional, and other accidents resulting in the incapacitating of a player for a considerable length of time. Year before last Larry Doyle was stepped on by John Hummel while the latter was trying to reach second base at the Polo grounds and Larry was out of it for the rest of the season. In a previous season Tim Donahue of the Chicago Nationals was severely spiked by John Warner while tho latter was making a slide. Harry Steinfeldt and Napoleon Lajoie had a collision at second base. Everybody thought for a moment that Steinfeldt had been killed, but he soon recovered. Lajoie, however, as a result of the accident developed water on the knee and was out of the game for a considerable length of time. Hal Chase has been spiked on the hand a couple of times sliding to second. Severer and In some cases fata! accidents on the ball field, however, have been more due to other causes, such as head-on collisions and players being struck by a pitched or batted ball. Already this season there has been a death from a pitcher being struck by a hatted ball. Also dangerous is a swiftly pitched ball, the narrow escape of Roger Bresnahan two years ago being a prominent case in point. A singular fatality was that the other day of a boy who' was hit on the head by a fly ball, death resulting a few hours later. Blue Ribbon baseball team will piay tho E-M-F team on diamond No. 5. Belle Isle park. Sunday morning. All Klue Ribbon players report early. L'ltcher Uettinson Is requested to be on hand. Milwaukee A. C. will open its new park this afternoon. The following players aro requested to report at the club-rooms not later than 1:30: Hertel. Connors, Christensen, Kief, Rose. Oiidobba, Rothwell, Orutze, Natus, Harvey and WInnen. Following Northwestern Reserves report for practice at 9 o'clock sharp at Eighteenth and the Boulevard: Meyers, Amnion, Murphy. Yeagcr. Morrison. Miller. Goldys. Krejci and Payne. THE vidence 18 Tailors9 $30 Values Open Evenings Till 8, Saturday Till 10 p. m. Hally's Comet is approaching the earth at. a very rapid rate. The Indian Motor Cycle travels the earth at a very rapid rate. We also sell the easy rid ing Excelsior Auto Cycle and the leading Bicycles A Good Guaranteed Bicycle for $20.00. METZGER 351 WOODWARD AVE COR. HIGH ST. phone 139 M .UX CITY OPEN EVENINGS. Manufacturing Enterprises WANTED Automobile, auto parts, iro and wood working factor! - preferred in Marine City, -K miles from Detrat. Excelled shipping facilities, by rail f boat. Hundreds of workme; available. A fully equippr machine shop for sale chea; Liberal financial assistant ready for a concern that men: business. Address inquiries t Drawer E. Marine City, Michigan. A REMARKABLE FEAT Tlte Merkel Team Finish Vlrt Aew lork Motorcycle Club's 350-Mile Endurance Rim. Out of a field of thirty-elghi jv.r-there were twenty survivor. an-! :- : wno made perfect scores in the ilr: : 1910 quarterly trials eynduH'M ay. : auspices of the New York Chib April 3. Tim event was run uf" fairly satisfactory weather rofliti-r.--. though many of the competitor.-; the VVaVSldfi hof.1ncn n linnl tcx .countered in the way of sandy q.i: tney had passed Peeksklll. F:m point on to Poughkeepsie, where :. ' for the home run was made. r were anything but ideal. Of the fourteen competitors .?: -perfectly, four were of the Mf-rko! : the only one which came throush w: having any of its members penalize-. Merkel aggregation was under tho : 1 ship of A. G. Chappie, who was or.--. riders on the team, together :.: McLaughlin. V. .1. Tuebner a:M Lyon. The Excelsior warn t . 'k place, and the Indian quartet t: :r f . In order was the N. S. U.. and ilfr li.-S. representatives. The ik'ht f.- ' place among tho teams was the rt, tt-reftting feature of the trial, as -J. Tire Co. has offered a $1") t-cr' the team making the oixgest nc-r- -score In the series -if four eveni-the season. The route was alone :i bank of the Hud.son ta Peushk-.;.. miles away, and the return was ma-! the same roads. Chocking sfati -n-established at Tarrytown. I'ooksk." Poufr'nkeepsie. and there wen 1 climbs, one on Aqueduct hit!, jus; of Tarrytown. and the other o:i t! .-l vftle road. nar Peekskill. Close One to Mtlford High Hi Milford. Mich., May 7. MilfoM ' school defeated Fenton this af!'r!i in one of the most exritin games Deer, on the local field, by a !nr.- ' 8 to 7. Shelters and Armrr.? ,f ' the battery for the home team. " Corrigan and Colo officiated for visitors. 1 1

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