The Courier News from ,  on March 3, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from , · Page 2

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Thursday, March 3, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TW0 / (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Fi»te Of State Democratic for public donations la'a-diiid, to* buy a new rug tor his office.' When • the 1930 campaign came along, pavcy publicly made peace with llic national administration, ljut was not made a delcgate-nt- | large to .the national convention, a significant omission. C. I. O. Opposes Him * In the fall of 1937, however. Davty's handling of the National Guard during the "Little Steel Strike" brought down oiv his head the uuriylng haired of Itic Q. I. p. Party Hangs In Balance Iht ay \viius THORNTON Sqrvlc? S1»ff Cort.eipoHt|«nl P.. March % - A Stale • Senate, •InvestJEatlliE com- )ixltt<.'*, 1 probing avouml In Die acl- Qii of Ohio's tixe-surgeou ,h»s. concluded thai Hie principal thing .to bo trimmed re- cejitly' ( W8(> tlw tflNPaycr, and thai the b organization _ is be(np left ou^ OH (Ijc end ot a very "long limb. Oov. I Martin 3 Davey fuses a A»?, 9. Pcinocratie ineni- . bers .ot the -House, kconlj conscious "o(.(lio oilect, of t!ia investigation on Democriilic prospects, .refused. to vote continuance of the Invest!^ gallon. But during' two and. a UaH months, tlia a«nnte committee ; up. faiiU that led it to cou olude r ,,over the cmptiati; denials of the governor.: 1. That the slate Departmei.t of Liquor Control (5 "w shot .through 7,1th, Iprgery. corruntion graft,' false reports, faked s((\tis- tte, pretended ''buys' and iwiisul- nunlstratlon, 1 ns to be hopolesa ol cure." ' 2; .That .the Highway Department exhibits an "almost gleeful which swore :i great, oalh lhal Davey must be defeated. The C. 1 .O. took the view that Davey's calling out of the tioo|>s and .using them to hold mill gates open despite mass picketing was virtually strike-breaking. Tlomjh lie stated at the lime that lie believed Hie affair liud ended liis political career, Davcy is now espcclcj lo nui for the nom- inntion for his ihii.l term :il. the Aug. 9 primaries. (lie frict, that impeachment urpcpccllngs are uenin beins spuken of In llic Ohio Legislature, and llmt a recall pelHion linn bewi filed (HwuRli not very actively eir- citluted).- U«vcy is ft lighter who thrives on nttack ;nu! l:> a I. hi 1 ; on the dcfeufivc. How well ho rides the waves of (Jin present altackr, will have a (liEtlncl bearing on the peniocrulic future in Olilo in IOHB and even in 1940, The Editor's Letter Box On Strident Auto H<m>» appreciated very niuch your 4-H Club News Notes The Ywbro club r 'rues- good editorial yesterday in re- day morning will} «z «|ub members sard to the abuse of the a.«lo and 1 leader prcsam. The president, horn. Of course thai useful g«il- Mildred Rlchsrdspn, presided over lias nil nlflce to perform, but here in Ulythevlllti It is often a terrible miisiince, when some <j( llic gnyer .set rides and races up ami down Miilii Street i(|U»H'kl»s lite meeting. Olotta f rench, capUlu. led (he group in singing the "Plowing song," "America," and "Old McDonald." A Bible reading was given by Wllma Turn.agc a«4 a s loud as possible a,ml keeping ( i )GCin »'as read by Calvin Holllngs- It up for block after' block. It may be a lot of fun foj 1 the young folks who do tills, but it is ter- rijiu on older with frazzled wortli. in (ho business session club cap- lain reports were given by the following: tjonny Stiles. coliw; Cecil Johnson, pig; jane, stiles, gardening r >'Kl fanning; Horsetta French, lemo'nstrations foe \Jnt inonlli were jlvcn by th« county and home ilero- gmlration agcnt». Cellm Grear, Virginia Cook, Virginia Wadlcy, Robbie Bevlll and lH Parinn served chocolate candy. Scout News 3oys Girls newer Mews _ W. E. Poll;, brolhcr of Dr. J. T, Mia> Alls Gailiiigloif was elected Polk, ot Fayettevllle, Ark., spent, president of tlic Girl scout Leader's the welt end jn Keiscr. Mr. ii(i(l Mrs, L. L. Gates attend- association at tin organisation meet* r( Hie group Wednesday night cA a family reunion of the Gates at llhr homo of Miss A!ly:c Nel iin'ilv Sunday Jn Forrest Cit} 1 . | son, oilier officers elected were Miss II. p. Wray of Cumdcii. N, J., i! Charles Jone.-,. vice president, mid spending the week here as guest ol J. H. Westcrlield. The Kntrc Nous Bridge club was entertained at llic home of Mrs. \V, M. Taylor Wednesday afternoon Miss Mildred Moare, secretary treasurer. This iiEKceliilion. which int'-Hs tlie Wcilncffllii.v |:rccc.:liii5 tlie first MOII- dayo( eKl< nionlh. is competed ol with Mrs, Maurice Little as host- j leaders of din Scout troop-; and cts. Miss Annette Kirby awl Mrs. | their licii.tnnunts. mid it has THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 1938 .At the Hospitals :•. Ucrlha Busby, of Osccoki, been iidniitlcd to the Blythe- vllle hospital for treatment. Mrs. C. U. Sanders, of Caruth- crsvillc, lias been admitted to the Memphis Baptist hospital, Tubitjin Sudbury uncler- tonsllectoniy at llic Hus- Miss svcnt ;i band-Wall clinic; Tuesday. J. M. Williimis is a patient at liie Memphis Methodist hospital. 0. G, Smith was returned home today from Hie Memphis B»iHLst : liospltal in a Holt ambulance. He recently underwent a major operation there. Read The Courier News want ada. QUAKER OATS tor Anil occasionally :jomc nice car. _. n, parked for u lioUled drink and *lhUig; norothy Parrish, „„_ llio oi:;rnlQr ll»(k It uccciicury to l'«nnore Mulllns. room improve mid Eilwma Daniels, coding. M. U. LiU'sen. were llio o»ly (juesls ' Us chief objccVivr Ilia pkuiniiig f.~r • prefcjil. Mrs. Edwin Bruce won!''"" high score niit) Mrs. Lurscn liicli .,-.. tliw horit (n jiftvugcly a.s It Is huiu'jnlY posslUn. The poor |ie- ™\ baskelball ttostrlnn is expected lo Jump sideways at Hie alarm, ... . tally, it chows ruUiiT popr °" t ' ii of ll »° county \w$ lo b.6 llel<| tiotwoen the winners of t|\e lomniimentfi ol |Uo noj-lh and ssuih breeding on the part of llic guWy they ' evil. V ' Maloali, ftssl,5|g|il- coimty should try to •'S* 311 '- I 3 ' S. 1-RiUvlp, county . li| )°"l '!'« play toumwm.e.nt will say which . lo be held March a?, find Revival Begins Sunday mrtlca and remedy Mils Ami wlite l am writing , .... ,„... I van across a verse in an old 1lso tol(l ^>°^ tllQ **Ny Which will sera') book ivMcli lilf Hi ineUy "" " el(l m A l lfi1 ' \vcll on another- evil, through' h 'IciiioiiBlratlon in poultry \y^s I wlilcli our hospital* and under- Sivcu iiy Mss QQle^iiian and jlr. Iliikeis gel a lot of business. I will ^_*\ ll .tflf save a demonstraUoji in l" " "Do \Vc Need n Revival in fttn- cn'ca, mid If so, Whnt Kind?" will Le. the subject ot tlie Rev, c. L?s Randall,',! sermon Sim'riiiy morn- lug when lie opcijs n tiro or three , , ,, . .. weeks revival ot the Second linp- \vasts of UID taxpayers' money,"!.,. , , . ... fl , , , with an "army" of useless oHldals s ° nt 11-00 ° • ockl riding- about the state, and with "millions thrown ftway" on I he vjurchase of. road muterinls. 3. -.That the apathy of federal offlcisvls in ths fnco of this waste of money, that was. part federal giants should cause a U. S. Senale inquiry- , 4._,; J Tliat tlie Pw-ohnting Ocpart- menU "is run plainly in defiance of thq Jftw," . 5.". That the state paid $1.05 for coal ;whicl> Ohio cilte. 1 ) were buy^ liig-ut 18, cents, arid that, in general, it was nfcessary lo pay ott tjia DflMjy political machine or Us henchmen % before sales could be marts/ to 'the state. Patty Fortunes at Stake .To. all these and u multitude of other-, acc.usatio.ns, . Pave**, has }•>- suect. an almost complete tlepli\li claiming 'polliioal.persecutiwi. Angry,. 'Democratic stole legislator 1 ; opposed further investigation wit a the charse,lhat "Tlio Republlcn-is have'chosen Ohio aa a pivotal sin. 1 .!! to ^ tear Democratic ofllcehoider? apart with lha hope that they can get. irito the White In 13W. TJiei-Cemocratlc Parly in; Ohio is at stake ..." , It. may well be. For (he present investigation is only the climax ot a long series of events that have kept Davoy in hot/water during most of Ms two terms as governor. His- relationship wit tlio national Democratic administration, never cordial, has several limes Heen severely strained. Now it is expected that it may bo near the final breaking point. Long in Politics Davey has been, a real stormbiid in Ohio politics orer since the day back: in 1914 when ho delorminei to run for mayor of his native oily of Kent, He had taken over and developed as a partner the Irec: surgery business started by his fn- 'ther. He had mado consldei-abic monej. Politics, under the spell of Wooilrow Wilson relonn era, drew him strongly. He served three terms as mayor. Then he wenl to Washington, serving nine years iu- the Houa... Mostly, Davey devoted himself tp getting himself solid with Individual constituents, keeping an elaborate filing system on the voters-with whom he came in contact. -In;l928 he won the nomination lors'the governorshii), but, went down In the Hoover landslide. It •was, in 1934. thai, he went hi on the: Roosevelt wave. , Needed a , New 8145 ' But within a year lie was en tangled in j a bitter batllc with the administration. Relief Administrator^ Hopkins charged that firms wanting to sell goods to tlie Ohio- Relief Association -had first to "EheU out" lo Davey campaign committees Hopkins sent in a federal- administrator. Davey defied Hopkins and. threatened him with arrest for ciiminal libel, impeach- mer4 rumblings were heard at lhat time, bul the v-hole; afiaiv blew oven i Denied an appropriation lor oi- fice ;.equ'p.ment during a row- with the State Senate, Davoy appeiled The Rov. Mr. Rnndoll who is he dUtriet missionary for North- cast Ark'aiiBaB with licadqunrlrrs in Jonesuoro will lio remembered ier« in connection with a nicet- 113 at the First Baptist church several years ugo when he led he singing. He will be assisted n this meeting by P. A. Stockton, of Benton, n well known singer and leader in children's and young people's work. A delegation from all Die Dn|>- ist churches of Mississippi conn- y Is expected for the first week: of the meeting. Sunday night, U:u Rev. Mr. Randall will use for his subject-, 'Do Christian people Have it iu Power to Bring About a Spiritual Awakening?" and Mom day night ho will answer verse for Jccal situation preUy well: chest— Yo'liol ami n bottlo of rum! Drink and the Devil have done their l>estr~ Yo ho! ami a bcltle ot rum! "The road-house bar and tlic 'indy friend'— Yo hoi and a • bottle of mm! M eighty miles (hoy i took the/ bend— Yo ho] and a bottle of rum! "A swerve Unit, mocked their drun» ken 'wllli^— A crash and a shriok througli the dai'kncss thrills- Joy riding is the pace that kills! Yo lio.i'and a bottle of mm." OLD TIMER, Basket Dinner Feature 01 Singing Convention A basket dinner u-iii to (be principal feiUurc. of the meeting of the Mississippi county Kinging -, convention , Sunday at Sandy Ba- question "Does God, Send Storms, yon i,t, Rc'lioboUt. Clmpcl live miles Floods, - Dioulha, Depressions and . - - • . Earthquakes, If'So,' What, for?" A .clean !>pron rtraped ovei;, ,ii. chair In'-frolit of n butcher shop is I'spd 16 advertise 'Trash sausnBU todny," in t r ,-. ' t --. west of Osceola on Highway 40. The nil day iilTnir will begin immediatoly uflcr Sunday nchool. and un,tijvitatioiu,to.bring n> bas- Tim Cornell met 'I'n day (or (ts regular monthly , meeting. with the president, Jaines Niersthehnor.. presiding, 'there \\trp 13 present. Oroiip slicing \v«s led, by Robbie Bevlll, song oaplalli. «f, ter which tlui following oli|b cap-. talne mntlo reports: j. \v. Powell, cottcn; frwnan Doris, pig; cejba Qreati gwdeiitng and canning; Moqdy, clotliing; oievetati.d, poultry; and Robbie Bevill, room iminovoinei\t, Qraerj' Ledbutlor, local lender. told abcAit llio trophy csse lhat ho is buUdAUg (or tlie club members to iiso for iiielr. -I-R club trcphies, an.d J. M. Cleveland told, about plans foVj'l-H Oh|b aotlvidcs iu wl^lch the Clcsnell club will -parUcipHte. The The Keiscr P. T. A. study gvoup held its third mecllne Friday, l-W- 35, at the Home Rcohomics build- > Mis. \V ,B. I'igg was In charge \ Uirougli the of UK? study on '"Ilic Family and ; «IJKI .sclioa! activities the Emotional Patterns." Pint ol the program, waa lak?n from tlic P. T. A. magazine. There v/erc eleven members present-. , -There will b» an executive meet- W. C. Ilig^inson, Mr>. Jess Ifjrner, ine nl the schol the following week. MIJ;, \v. M. '(iiyior ed Ihu fointli Monday Bridge club st her home on Monday afternoon. Mrs. Fred Crockett led Ihe second lesson ii\ the study book. "The Rsdiaiit faith". Tlic Rev. James T. Randall led a talk on "The Influence ot Paul Even Prison." has the stuff it takes!" says 300-Mile Speedway's 1937 Wnner, WILBUR SHAW, famed as a Great American Car Designer! « You'll get a fticndly lift ftom iliis waim, taMy breakfast! It's rich in food energy, rich in flavor, yet costs only '^ ceat per serving! Evwypne, young and old, needs a daily supply of the precious Vitamin B, so rich in Quaker Oats, to combat nervousness, constipation and poor appetite!,..Order cither 2>4 tninute KOR KENT Modern 'j roojn apartment. No«).v Decorated, Unfurnished, Corner MjUn an<( 2n^. Also business build- in^ nent. to Kroger store. Slinon, Phone 761 , a-cl trc:ps '.vhlrii will \ M- l»e mcetiii" lust night, ot- weok was dismissed air! plans were Miss Cirlluglori, Mis? Jones, Mis> Msare. Misi l.-^na M;ie Oliver. Mrs. NEW SPRING YARNS AND FASHIONS ; By B«rn;il FREE INSTRUCTIONS Mrs. l,esjic ,U09 C kct niltj remain tended.'bv Mr. Smith lodiiy. aH"day WHS cx- iind- Mrs. ivrter ForRawThroat ,Gargle With The antiseptic f That Wiiife Standard ;laboratoryTestsby9.3toi ' drs- auil m. •y-"";?"F:""S t r°- v '-?'\ u * 1 '™M(Qld<xi fij-^oyw. H s 9 3 limes mote acti, ~? MBC&ra f* 1 —•— oihtr popular. B ~ g^B-^M^XSSTi Rxlard Ubo relie/la 3 wars: (II kllli ill s or cold tanu-of aniaM .2| BOOIIIM - n 'Iry. raw ttroatl pi Incrtsscs nu il»lural. tiwlthhll fluids! »Start \ouati r ... mill ZcnUe as <Ur«;cd, outrun fax ftttltt - jGLENCOE" BARBER SHOP Gkoe« HOW BWff. Hand or. Bfctfak Manicuring RED TOP HEADLIN thrilling true f fory ol tourog« an< htrolim pitted oeotn.l danger omi i.alh. .^>\^v You've never even dreamed of such a STOREFUL of GLORIOUS COTTON FROCKS Exoiling ;is ;t fliiwcr ganleii. Ilioro are sn eii. Ilioro are sn muiiv miv iwiiits'^COMF SKI.' THR.Mt ' 4 ° K STY1 'T-ANi) EVERY' DRESS *AN Lxw hiui-usual miitena's! Made vcmarkablv well' Sfvled fur now am! alhsummt'r! AND WHAT VARIETY .', SIXES M TO 52. . "Poor Minnie-SHE MISSES ALL THE BARGAINS!" Everybody knows Minnie, She slaves in a big,; gloomy old-fashioned kitchen. Doesn't even own an electrical refrigerator. • No wonder she misses all the bargains. 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