Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on February 25, 1906 · Page 11
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 11

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 25, 1906
Page 11
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THREE MORE WINN Jockey Was in the IUcney in Every Race at Ho! Springs on Saturday Results at At! of Running Tracks. '5.-' S'i':-:t:a-. --k . Ibru;iry "4. -Th f;i-t; .- c .-n ,,' Maklnuti tMay whj :ipUir'd , i; .... i ,.-,( ;,fr:' ; .losr finish. Hd mi-' it'5 n-ich i win by .-.f Th rain f Kin . rf-,,.-, ..(U-.. i run MTMit'hfs in ih- .".' ip ;nt't .nlv ih it" lirtrsf. wont to th jv.- ,..-i,ci Hoi-man na-Hls hi;wn vll !:. '..:! "f ill" past WM(. by , . i. , ".i.-n.'rs. s-'-n.1 Htid two -. ;v. i .II-. wins Undtk and v b.k- 'f'.n-" viinir. iii insqucin-. --'IUHkrl J hat Of tltr op"II- - ,ay S'lMN-t. t:-i":-: r.i-". " fnrlonc- -MafaMM. lft!r.i v.nfi. cn; Myn- .Inhnsoii. lr"i i ;i-w.i.-v-j i. - ... -- HiI ; I.U.-llllUS. (01 T-.p'.ii.-.iii. ' '. third. Titn, 1:17 M--.:-.!:a N'-.i-v... .lor- (iihfini. W. fl. Wil-J-ar- r;.!' S"-AMrt .-. ftirionaK Jdlia, 11- W;: --.r" n '. -..-ti; Miinir's Daughter, r. M.-i . I'le'i: n i. .-.n, si-ond: Mr-chant. :i .,':.-)-!' V . n ' third. Tint. :ir, l-.V Uhi.'i 'if:k--. M' ' i-.'-nry. Miss KingsMt ftr1 '7'r;;ni van. Tf"--! r;i -'. " " ;ni.! yards R-d t.raf. r; liu-fr.",. :' unn: Jack Yountj. 101 j.-;,;.-. , :., ; ,...-.-.nI: i.'uttor. 109 (Scn-.. ! . I1: !. Tim. J : 17 ;-"- Only -"v::-! f(l. .. . ftj-iiiKs -Miss l-Vrrip. ft" r'lhlK-. ". wn'i; 1. Sam-1 son. IP (M-i.a-jjrh::r'. 1. ."-.n'l: Kruil. m ". t.i ;. Thi:l. Tim. Kny ?. arv. I f?:? nr. Injsky. '.'oltafl;''. l?ittr " -'.-in-!. M'-rh-M. Animosity. Ka litter V. 1 H " !:f- li : ;i. r, ; f ; irl-M5-- I "IIS. T"i ffiar-ic ;.. :.. u..ii. I-Jsrlipmfnl. riir ha i :.. ,-.,....nd: xr. Mfi'ariliy. ..:!.. :. in , ihii-fl. Tiinr, 1:17. : :i ra-. 1 1 - :k mi - Sa n 7'i-i ny H'C ' " d ' k " I ! :'. u f.n : 1 .s;h 100 i Sco-' U f. 1. ".onfl: TUfhr Royal. 10 "H i. 1! I-. thir.l. Tim". 1 :Tf. MaU : K'a'.- Zit: iui'l Tristan Shandy ran. kmh iRor.vns. r . fin-io'iss -Ti'ipl" Silvrr. 1M '! i"r.'i.-i. 7 t' t. wnn: Mo n" brake, 103 1 ;.t 1, .-i-jiitl : Tom Matikin. 10S ( i.-;""i. 7 I. ihini: tint", J:ll. Thank?. T'fUll. Mrry HcIN-, ln-1 s'-' .f'i. Ha 'ya5i. .ioim H. Kirby, :.v l:y. N'oru'fiil 0ik al.-o ran. r,i rao. 4 -j furlonjts - Snlvisa. 10? i!t. K to :.. won; Hud Hill. 101 M;i.-r-. i: to 1. second; Bla.:Ic Matr. M0 '..' r,.bhtnsi. to I. third: tim1. :.V '-r. i2f Havy, Our Own. Haieshcd, Olad T-r-n;. R!a"kb:im a!:-o ran. 1 !rd ra". furlongs Th Oirc. HS , ; Pf. 4'nnVy. P.'. (Noomrt, - -rt , Kf.-rmH; InviiK-iblr. iro iDif:Rins. 1 - ' third: tini". 1:14 iity Adelaide. 'kpr. -(t'li Danr-, llortrnsin and v --tr also ran. "Tin r'-.. Host on 'lub handi''ap, I 1-lH -p.jinis H-.rn. ' IS i IVrritiM. ovm, -:. hr.ji:i!l;i. MH iT. Smithi, R to 1. Idv NaAartT. 10.". i.SfW"!!). 7 to 2, -5; !i:n". 1:17. St. Val'-ntin". Monaco Wait. I.i::!' H.-ut and onsuelo II. also ra'". miles t'ashir. ST (Moro-if I. : AnrutnasttM". 10 Y. n.T..- r t.. :.. o.-onI; Paul. Wt il. Smith. i !. tliinl: linw, :i:o7.. Nonos, Colonist, f:.:n:, Lady Pmiso, Mk-kory Corners, 1 1 ... All Scarl'i and Brooklyn also vurr. mile and 0 yards lilennrn-w.-: i::: i dcllt. 4 to won: Nine :m . Anderson i. "' 1. secomi; The ECficnt. "-.. 'W. Haves). 6 to I. third: time 1:44 !-.". V. Ici.rti". dK(voocl. Xorlh Wind. Old liiit. A! wood ami l.ou Woods also ran. s. vn:h raip. mil; and '.JO yunls Hittrr R-.wti. Mi'i'Hamli. :t lo 1. won: Keomon irl. ;o4 iHr-dflli. ti to 1. s"'oud: Iniboilfn, 'l, .l.-msi, ji to 1, third: tlino. 1:14 'jtib. M.'WIIIiams. f.tpn..:-a. Trnnybtirn. John liandoipii. Vornn Konso. ! rank i;r,-., Mint Iyaf. lcoration. Arabo, t'roinio and Marvin Ncal alo ran. ASCOT. ra-e furloiiffs WhoH . l:v ili-iokfi-t. S to 1, won: lr. Holiis. 10" uMoriaritv. 7 to 1. srromi; Azora. -Hornri." 40 to l. Hitrd. 'lUmr. ):ltl-4. Ha. l.ino or liifr. Kirmfcrt. !.i!.:U"tt, Lady Kinsr. Aluta ilardia. Mill-vtii; and Capitanaso ran. soml rare. Brooks courso Brigand. V iMi'OaiiIcIi, 9 to IP. won: Xwdful. Kiit i. -0 to 1. spi-ond: Bill Curtis. fr. iBpckrr). 1? to J. third. Time. :0S. vmrant. HondwinU. Iloclw. Jlnglor and Tat!nham ran. Third ra-.T. futurity ctourso Mascdo. !n? I'Millfri. 4 io 1. wnn: lXn Domo. in?, t Preston. ". to 1. spcoiuI: Iaccnc. P0 'Swaint. 7 to '.: ttnrd. Time, 1 :(!. A. Muskoday. Th" Gadfly. Hester W-. lUnir If. rmaa ran. Fourth. th Santa Parbara stakes, 4 1-2 furlongs Horacp K.. lis (DtiRani. evrn. won: Nat U Son. 110 fBookorv, 12 to 1. rond; Allrlon. 112 (McUanW, 3 lo - Third. Time. :54. B1u Bottle Tony Kauri. Tom Ciilroy. Lady Allece, Hay f-'can and Hoot Mon ran. Piftb raric. 1 1-lfi mlls. h.-indlcap Ch!k H-drirk. W fBookT). to 2. wn , "a bin, !o M illr 7 ro 1. si'ond ; ly-d Badg-. fNn. 20 io 1. third. Tim, 1:47 1-4. Mirita and Dewey ran. Aixth race. 1 mil Th Hvustabout, ERS FBI RADTKEIOWEN IS 14 Ma'"kson. fo 1. waji; Ttubinon. i Pi"sion i. 1 to t. sefoiKl: Lavannps. 1 f (MiH"r, : to 1. third. Time 1:40 Blissful. T5-d Tape ha'tas. M.Kr. Kou-prnck and Holly WfitlmtT ran. t rrv park. I'.r:;; ra-:e nv miles Miss Xaniiif 1... ;i t I'arr I ! I. won; Kei-!, ?t Inwe, li ,n 0, 5". mid: Mildred 1 00 iV. All"ti. t:. I, third: lime HUi" Mint. Vivian and K.-oii'.mSst also ran. Srvund rare, sipp!chase sh"rr .'ours -vitrf Raitii". lAphibaldi. to 1. won; !iito Kin:. 1 "S. M'-Iiini. ll' in t. sf'- ! nnd: t.ielits r,iit. ir.7 (TVml.frioni, 7 t 1. : third: rime :::lii. Parnassus. P'r. Nowliti. : ?w"-: .lane Kvand"r and t'rfolin also ran. . "usr is wild Sfhuot master ffll. i Third ra-", handirrip. six furlnnss-Rob-: in Ho...j. lir. m Morris). o I. wnn; Kar-i ut 107 ijr l-an-fn). 7 to 1. sp'jond; Qui tin ! Brail v. io:. iRomaneili). S to i. third; ttfiie !l:i:. ' rtri"y Tl. Devout. Husted. l.'i-y i Yonns. Capitano, Pitkin a.nd Paltndal' also ! rati. Kourth nv, rhf Respss handicap, mi" :ir,ri nii.Kt:eenth mile?- Dohar. 112 tTr".- l.ri. . to 1. won; flarnish. 12T. momaneli). I I to 1 sfi'f.nd : St. Tammany. 10.". " It. .nwo. i-". to I. third, time 1:4S 1-.V Alma Dntfui-. Or"nadn. B"iiotio, Sailor K.y. Huzza h Mild Sanction a Is", mn. Kifth rare our- and one-half miles--Hie Roxv 1-12 (B. Smith). 8 to r.. won: Safety 1 icht 102 ilV, Allen).' to I, se.-nnd: Sis l,ee. tlfefffinani. fo I. third ;' time "::if ?.-?. Rossmond. i.:harawind. Berry JIiiKhes. Kilerii.-. The Trlfler. Bisque and Ixn M. also ran. Sixth ra-". six and nri"-lialf fnrloiics--Suzanne Roi-amore .0.1 R. love, S to won- Bnishton. 07 pendpreat i. 1;". to 1. sei-rtiid: 1'oreicner. 102 -W. Allent. II tn ".. ilnrl: time. . 1:2? I-"'. Ted" .tim, Mint Sauce Mar.-o and Wfiodshade al.n inn. Seventh raue. seven fnrloims-Florl'el. 10 (F. Perrett). 1 to fi. won; lnvoy. 10tl t Finnecani, -0 to 2. second: Auditor, lOfi t Hefftrnant. ? to .". third; time. i:iS. I'reo-booter. Arthur t 'mntnpr. Baron Kshcr, Pathos and field Coin also ran. OAKI.AVD. ! Kirst ra ". 4'? furlongs Qn"eti Tileen. IT ; (ili.-e). 7 to i. won; John ,1 Mohr, hd !(-oairue). ion tn 1. serond; Mndou. '7 .... ' -t tKI-rf- nni less' Iass. St. I-ucias, Mrs. Matthews and Koro als' ran. 'Second race. 7 furlongs Jarrletierere d'Or. (Robinson). ." lo 1. won: Prestano. ?9 fSul-Hvanh 1"' to 1. second; Swift Qucn. lft'j iKettic). 13 to;., third; tinip, l:"2. Du lit;. Artillery Star. Chief Bush, J .-ion. r'oxy Grandua, Kokus Bill. Xo Remarks. Man-Pepper and South Side aifo "an. Third race. 7 furlontfs Shady I. ad. OS fRice). I' to won; Tarn O'Sham-r. O'Tlark). S to I, second: H.ivnnin, V. (Sandy). 10 to 1. third: time 1:29-14. V"l-lowstone. The Roprobate. Ralph Yonnu. Laura P. M. and Florence Fonso also ran. Ronrih race. l',s miles, the Sandrhifiham handicap Xealon. 10" tSch:ide. to 1. n. .lake Sanders. 110 iKnupp). ? tn 5, s-mid; Charlatan. 10-4 iHice. IS t-,i third: time. 1:."6. Idy Goodrich and I'M Sheridan als ran. Fifth race. 1 1-15 miles Modicum. 1 12 I'Otis). ,"i to 2, wort: The- lAdy Rohe;la, 107 Rlc". 2 to I, second: Major Tennv. til fSherwood). S to 1. third: time, 1:M. Bonar. Mr. Farnum. Lone Woir and r.ansford .hnnes- also ran. Sixth race. 7 furkmsrs Tocolnw. 110 (Knapp. even, won; Forerunner. 107 RicO. 6 to I "Pcond: Theo. Case (Bn:::-e!). io I third: time, 1:20. Kalhert. Head Dance "and Kliel That-her also ran. Turf Kn tries on fnfirc Ton. SUE PARMER FOR $30,000, IIRI-MW CAMCH STHKICT CAR VKYAV AT VASHVII.I.K. Xaslillllo. Tonn., Kohrtltuy L't. As the result of ti difficulty which happened on an electric cat- late Friday ninlit. V. O. Parmer, the well known turf limn, and secrelarv or the Miprhland Park Jockey club, has been sued for Sii.OOO and $."..(KK1 respect Icelv, iv an electric car conductor and motorm'ati. The suits were brought about 'because Mr. Partner Race the two men a. sound thrashing with a walking chii because of insultins remarks matle to him yhile en route to- his narewp, Kdcnwald. ' ; To Oppose l.alonla. Cincinnati. Ohio. February I4. The '.otn-mercial-Tribune tomorrow will say that the Oalla-Adler-Tilles syndicate ha-s purchased 1W acres of Olon - Park, fourteen miles up the river, on the Kentucky side, and will construct a race, course to be run in opposition to the Latonia Jockey club. It is expected the new track will be ready for racins on Memorial day. nempliin Claim tlatr. Memphis, Ten.i., February 24. At a. nifetins: of the hoard of directors of the New Memphis .lorkey club today. It was decided to lay a claim to the dates for the sprit. K meeting from April tt to May 3, Inclusive, subject to the approval of the Western .lorkey club, making- the usual twenty-one racing days xnwe. Wll I ING i TO ;iYr. 0II KRl'SSO virjst i rv. WITH HOI. sais Di'Vriiorrr.H mist now bk nr.'KOM-;i with. JInr Oh Witli I nl Kroc " Broken Hoxerx. Now V"ik, l-VLruiry i't.- 1 Sp-'.-i:( 1. 1 .'fliilndcipiiia ,l:n'k" OT-irir't, who. on his ih-fen I of Molt lit zsi inmoti.s. rhtinis ih.- lien vyw.dht cltaiiipionliip iill t'-flay ik'cl-'ivd hi-'i rr;ilinsy w tig hi Tonmiy Bnrti.. lit enqucror of Mr-v i u Mail. The ib-Hsi w d"fe;i.t. of J J a fi l;iU- him out vt tli-" fro'il i t' lionvUs, uvoonJinK in O'Hrifti . . it.J i tie Qiiakoi" stands re:idy i frivo 1 .sirns i-han-'c io wiili iiiin ii.r iln-' liMf j-'iven up ly .loft'i'ics. 0'I?iien will he reuly n tft-Uo iUirtip; on affr M.iy l. when ms tlivotrieal 'tiffag-f-nionts en. I. IJ.- would like io have the iinitlv coniv ..ff between -,;.iL dfii" Hti. July 4. llfj'o is what ffWrU-u hud to say on rhf. niartcr today: '"I'.-imnty Furrii? has proved iiis riptht. In tishl fur tho hoiivywrilit lille. nnd" an 1 f jti ;ilw;tys ronrly t'i i vo ;i ny wm-Tliy tighter a c1i;uijo'. will !Mk- hiiii on. The eisy mannf-r in wliit.-h ho defeated Hart shows thai he has to ho cniinti'd n f?ool ii in it. "1 ha vp- received an offe- from .In mop t'offrorn tn flht before his Sin (-'r.-in-cisco club on .Inly 1. nnd if th:it stiils liurns I jsuesp wo'll have i; nut there If Burns wnnts an e.trliot date h- c;in name it any titn.- afi'-r yny I. "I am also Io Jiijin T-ntimy Ryan for the ininVIloweifrln fluttupion-ship title nnd will do tfS pounds ;il ;: o'clock for him."' BRUSSO FOUGHT TO WIN savs in-: w-s'T riir-,ni; to MKK IT S-l,K,TtTI,.n. I.os Ahr.I". fill., rviininry ::ififii.i Tfiiuny Mlirns. iv!il:..nt i, mark nS ,i:n !" .hn- !if h'ii tht-nncli :i. Jn-i-fiiii'i !i2h: Willi Mltrvin ll-irl. iis iiti-ui! n !.vl;iy n.-i-eiiliiit; Hi-- t--iMuT:tliil;it.iii his frit nils. "My lisht may 1101 iiav hrr-n s'i-(ii-n-lar." sahl Burns, "hut I lVMillod t. tvln :unl fMlirlit thr w:iy I kli'-w 1 .-..nihl turn th..1. trick. Hart ilidn't hurt nic nm-n, ;ntfj j think ! am "ntith'd to the nr-xt. orai-k at ,Ia k ri'ftrin or ;iny nthr of ihn !i,-a.yy-veiijhtiJ." Hart nurp". his Iwtlrr.'d fa.-r an, l was a yery s-rr ili,li iftual. Ho has no oxcus. "-t lllllt .Hunts fdlisn.1 to Kl unci III' J llrl (Ifhr. Th.- Hart narty will nrohahly Ifii vi; tonmnow for San l-'rai'i-isi-o and lh.'capt. A shan of tlir ( rfdil f..-i- Itin-ns's vi.-tnry is flilf- to .lark CTwin'") Sllllhan. I: wn Jack who mapped out tho i!an of jalih'tiff atul ''ith.r ihir.r-lnt: away or running ititf. a i-lim-h to !.-.or-n lljirt. froir. Ltf-ttiiiff hw nil.-drivcr riRht!" to tvnrkins. Tito plan w iiki-.l t- porfrriiiin. and Murtis's sliiftin-:is had tfw WtK ft'ilow looking lik,. awliuard sc-hoolbny half of tlx- thiK-. HANDBALL RACE CLOSE C.VHIII, & M'GOI ill! HAVB SI.HiHT I. RAD. STANDI.VC!. Won. Lost. Tahill an, Mctioiteli :i l-llckev and t'ralg s : (Yosslev and Moynilian i; .McDace and McCoff I 6 Murphy and McKnight - e Fr. t'hawke and Crc'onnor :: 7 llobau and Warren n pi Three teams are making a pretty race for iirs; place in the handball toiirtiiuiienl of the V. -M. C. ol' St. A'iticent's. wilh fahill and Mriioiish having a shade the better of it so far. The Y. M. t". boys have ahead) received a challenge from a team at th, .M. A. and will accept al. the close of the present tournament, providing satisfactory arrangements can be made. Jesuits: SIWDA V. First. Second ('.thill and Mi-Cough ;i 'l Orossley and .Moynihal'i li Fr. t'iiawke and O'Connor L'l 2! Iloban tin. I Warren I? Hickey' and- Craig L'l Murphy and McKnighl.... .... : 3 Crossley and Moynilian ....... L'l 21 McDacc. and Mcioff IK i.l MOXUAV. Crossley and Moynilian CI 21 Fr. Chavvke and O'Connor tl ? Cflhill and Mci lough I" 2 lllckey' and Cn.ig 21 Hi Murphv and McKnigbl 21 12 McDacc and MuCinft IT 2- llobau and AVarrcn S b Crossley and Moynilian 21 : FlilPAY. 1 Cahill and McCoilgh 21 21 McKnigbl and Murphy II II II, .ban and. Warren :'. It M. t.a. e and Motion 21 2 Hickey and Craig 21 i'T. Chaw&e attd O'Connor 11 D A C WILL ENTER NATIONAL TOURNEY If LulAL UtlBALL ItAMo WILL mY Tiolrnlt Atlllloir -1 1 I l.nskoihull I li-jini will Inko purl in Hto A. A. clia llipionsliips. lo lif lo-l'l Ky:m-, yinii. III., on M.irHi I.".. Li ami li. i' ;.-oImi,io that JlMtntKlT ''I-'" M-f'-"1' Inow lias in niinil ran bo o;i iln-oiiRii. J If. is anxious to somtro the :o-j ciponilioii of tulK-i- lofal organizations. ; ;i ltd is iiskiitR iln-lr :tkl it' it '" I m ouiv tho ftitnls tliat will I"- iifoop-iMirv i" flol'r.iy fxppnss of H"- 1 ' 1 c livo should it tnko ipart. Tlio ,-hanipi-ins litnv no cltlli.:ii!iy " isjooiii-r. sanifs Willi ir-uns t'rnttl ml-' lilt tin- siaio. lull Hto KHanii'i-i-s that : i, is n sstii-y to pay Ihoso oppon- If-ills loavo no iiiarsin pf"IU rot - homo li'-asiii'y. 'th in" I' '"il : nvos. ottlsirlo ..f I In- "V i i;i in. it is laluiosi impossildo to soourv inatolios. : nio-i of ilir- i.-ains spi-niiMgly li.-ltipr iooposod io lakinc pail in ttunrs that i ..Irian almost .-.lain .L iV.,:. !-"-i loss mat.-lios urn he bookotl witn llo'so DATES ARE CHANGED for mii KKtiAiTA :iii:ctbd BY COI VI'HV CI.IH. BVESTS WH4. Ill', STAR.TKU ON I, AltOK WAV. , vhrht. ilDroi'. f !,.., Arc AaonnniTll. sbil'L has honn inaile. in llir nrigittal rla'ios of til" "iti'iry club for tho competitive, cup ,-oinpetiiions this year. The orisrinul (laics wee Wednesday, -riiursday and HMtiinlnv. September .-, tl and s. Instead the mcs will he hold lite same week hMiining Mm-ilav ami contiiHiins nil W i-ilncsiiay . Tho chant-.' was in onior not to iiitcifcrc with tin- pi"' r i';- troil Vacht club, wlii. b yui-pcsi-s liold-inc iis annnal sweopst;.--;c races tlic lallor pari of Hi.- samp hm. Tlio followiii!,- omn-i'S have heon elpcted to represent th -i'ih lor the ( iinlii.lli'il on raise " l:arl I. GOING SOUTH AS TRAINER OF THE TIGES. Al. DAY. DETROIT CMJB'S SEAVEysT ATTACHE l.wal toams. thoiv is si."it.insl.v "0 1 l'";(sil.'.. plan liy wl.ioll t !. SIM lo j StWi tlitit will ho ..i:o..-ssary to puy r.-nlroad fan-s ami lioloi mils ol si-vcn inou oai. ho r.iisi'd. Ma'or'p soiiouio ip lo liohi n soncs of nial-.-i.os in tho P. A. .'. uilwts.iilii., phiyin' about h. (Itizoti of iho liosi. local toatns. Ky oiia.i';;ins t 1 1 n-nts admission to lliosn oontosis. it is Jiov.-ti I hot Mir nr'orssa.ry suui t itn ho j-aisi-d. it is up In t!i- loonl nt.'i nasfrs to co-opoi".to wilh tl.r rltantfiiotl-i If l. A. .'. is to mako tho trip. The jrnnios would bo cood prnotion lor all. d" tlir toanis. and it wnnlrl soon. Hint othor organizations Piiotlli.l ho wilting lo do" l his niiioli to rnablo Jiotrnit to hayo ropros"!itatioit in tho, nationat oliaiiipinnsliips. On W'oilnrsday ovoiiinti' tho I). A. C. will play Ypsilanti yt tlio Woodward ayontio tlonr. llnth of oacli organization will ho srvn in tictinii. CUT OUT MICHIGAN b.vr HKConns iiauk nv siHi.vr- Mil ARTHI'R K. 'Diri'-FY. ISTKRf.'OM.KIilATK ASSVN AWA-TKl'K. ATIII.ETKS liKT BUSY. A pproprin (ion M.ifle to American Olympie innie Conimlttcc, Now York, February 24. The thirty-first, annua! convention of the Intercollegiate .Association of Amateur Athletes of America, was held here today, uoliinihia, Cornell. Harvard, Haver-ford. Pennsylvania. Princeton, Swurth-tnore. Yale and other colleges wero represented. William tl. Graves, ct Harvard, tided us ch.-iirnii.n. Michigan and Kilmers nol. having been represented at the annual meeting fot- the past, two years by three, starters, were declared lo hiive forfeited their membership in tite association. The sunt of $rXI was appropriated Cont iniieil on I'iirc 15 I'art 1. BETTERED RECORDS MICHKIAX TRACK TEA" SKBN IS PHKLIJIIXARY MEET. .i i; it jtni'p ami tjistavce KVESTS BEST KXHIBITIOSS. Champion Coo Did Not Compete in Shot-rot. Ann Arbor. Mich., February :4. (Special.) Tonight a preliminary meet a sort of a practice game for the new material was held in Waterman gymnasium. The ret. I star. Wesley V. Cop. a world's champion, did not participate and Johnny ciarrels took first in the shot put. Another man of whom much is expected is Hunt:.-In dashes. Ho. slightly injured his foot in practice litis afternoon and Keerie Fitjs-patrick advised him lo keep out ot the running tonight. In tho try ma Ovitz tied Bowman, but in their run off the latter won and then Bowman, was beaten by o about, three inches in the final. No startling time was made in cithet the dash or the hurdle race. in tiie naif mile, the best running performance was made. apt. Injey paced Waldeek for four laps, Jt M -Klnnev won out from the. opposite side of the track in 2:03 2-5. This means hat Ramev will have a good team ,ate in his class. In the mile run Ttowe the great distance runner paced i.. (l-o distance. Dull ,e .Dime .'"'"" ' time . allowing mu.- .unit,... " .- 1" ittmp. Pmen clearing me un, .IOIOK. , Aon.e WOT1T OVPr it at 5 feet' 1.1 im;hes. The Michigan indoor record was lied m mis even, uum- "'Ih'nrpiit-CiBrrels. 12 feet" 1 inch: Curtis. :lfi feet II inches; Graham. 34 feet llVi '"lil'iyard dash-Hull first. Bowman second. Barlow third, Bristol fourth; time, 14-., SP4tVvflrd hurdle llulhert first. Malconison seeoitd. Post, third. Cotton fourth; time, ,1 4-a Seconals. ... ,.tO-vard run-Pelienk first. Livingston second Hristol third; time. .M seconds SSti-vard rini-McKinney first Waldcck second. Uichardsou third: ttmr, !:0.-S. Polo vault -Bishop. Hunt and Bead all tied at 10 feet H inches. Mile run-Dull first. Catllcart second. West third; time, 4:48 1-5. High Jump Pinch. 6 feet; Adams, o feel 11 Inches. YALE MAY "LOSE CAPTAIN MORSE OCT OF COlihUdB FROM TIMOR. OP' BOXE. New Haven, Conn., February 21 Samuel Flncilay Brown Morse, Talc's football captain, lias been compelled to -.,.. eolleire heCUUSC Of ail tllnCSS Which may have been caused by a football in jure He Went. IO nis nuno; vlll'e. Mass.. three weeks ago, suffered an operation on hfs "injured log and then was sent to Canada, where he nas been for more titan a fortnight. Ilia hi jury Is called ostis, a tumor forming 'on the bone, and a long and painful Illness may result. .: ... iirUnn and namesake of' the inventor of lite telegraph. He has played halt back at Yale tor two SHERIFF STOPS PRIZE FIGHT LAIXCSRllUi "SPORTS TRY IS YAIX -TO ICT OX A MILL. Owosso. Mich., February 2l.-rSpec!al.)-a ot,. dn-ht was stonned ill Laincsburg last night. Herbert Payne. 'of Ionia, and A ' Whitman, or l-aingshtirg. were in that '..',, tHrtrr nuH" for wtlil. WHS adVCl- tised as' a sparring match at the Hotel Grand, but wnat was reauy io nave uc u tight to a flnish. when Deputy Sheriff .lako Wav Informed the crowd that gathered thai the"sciap'nuu:t not come olT. Prosecuting ... TI..A..1-.. I..,.. V,eri .n.'nrme,! Ihllt a fight was due. nnd he put the sherin on the track. 'I"he -sheriff In turn informed Ills deputy to be oil hand and prevent, the maicu. ,i- .... . .-v. - time to prcveul Hie match. Deputy sdierlfi Sfiiuiernoii r,,L ,,,,,n..n ........ and he gave the fellows to understand in unmistakable tern.s that tlierc must be .t..I.. I.. tUn 1'f.lillnn. Uiiii The- sports hocded lli H'lvlv.e and went over into Clinum cOUmj. nail it mne ui.iiaiu, , ..i ..I. rtrrl.f L.tViAit rlmv WerR Ullflll.-ini mm n. rf deputy who hud been put ii(-xt. Still un- . .. - .--f I lt1i tvt- r intVnn nmltltV burg and woro about to bpgin the mill. acene. Then the lleriuintr wan given t:j tor geca. MletilKun Score.", in JSgrr-Pt ITnhfiiarv- M VUltnr: tt Villi". I.H.'I'. - nations art inoat pntlmsiastie over the l.. l-.n.imirn(r.l ottrfiCA lif A mprfpiin motor boats on thf Nile. The boats, niiic havp bi?on otnir ny ii-u;fni.. it v.. .iw-jh, Mir-h.. ar swift little launches, .which run i.i. u " cnaafl n'f tan Ulii-irnftr-i; against tb weAjii and seventeen with R TWENTY-TWO TIGERS WILL GO SOUTH Situation Cleared by Sale of Seven of the Younger Players Siever Signs, But His Team- All or the deals that the Detroit club expects to make this spring were completed yesterday, and as a, result Manager Armour is now prepared to figure clearly on his spring training plans. ACtet- ali ot the blue pencilling is done, the list shows that there will be about twenty-two Tigers In camp at Augusta on March 5, when the training season will open. Of these, jlilj))ia.hly fifteen or sixteen will cm-bark at Detroit, on Saturday next. The others, for their own convenience, will go to the training camp from their homes, thereby saving them much travel and some money. Jlve players were sold during the day. Watkins. of tlio Indianapolis club, dropping into town to complete the deal for players whom it was decided some days ago that lie should have. Tie takes to the Hoosier village JSddie Clcotte arid From, right-hand pitchers; Christman. a. left-hand t wirier; Perry, the Grand Rapids outfielder, and Beaver, the Ottumwa. outfielder. Of these men. Cicotte. a local boy, is the only one whom Detroit fans have seen in action. Karlier in the week Pitcher Disch had been sold to St. Paul, while Thomas was released lo Minneapolis about ten days ago. Slever Will Sonth. Kddie Siever will lie a Tiger, having signed his contract yesterday, at which lime lie got notice to report tor the. southern trip. This leaves hut a few hold-outs. One of the more notable cases of this sort is that of Charlie Schmidt, the catcher, who was a teammate of Siever's at Minneapolis last year. 'Schmidt runs a restaurant at Coal Hill, Ark., and says he prefers to stay there rather than to sign the contract that was sent to him. The instrument names a liberal figure for a youngster who has yet to show, but Schmidt, who apparently has been unwisely advised. Is holding out for several 'hundred dollars more titan offered. He will be allowed to hold out as long as he likes. He is not counted on for Augusta. If lie does fail to report he will miss the chance of his life, for a young catcher who can make s"od is sure of a permanent berth with the local club. Three of the intielders arc unsigned, these being Lindsay. Sehaefer and O'Leary. The last named two are not worried about a bit. as they are al Hot Splines getting into .condition, and are not doing that sort of ithing for fun. Thev have been notified to report here on Saturday, and at that time it is probable that the difficulty between players and club will be straightened out. Lindsav is understood to be suffering from the same trouble, as Schmidt. Undoubtedly, however, he will report. as his contract is a good on The club lias Kubanks and Wahoo Sam to nco on first hase, if necessary, and aiso has n line on two other men of more experience than Lindsttf. one of whom probably can be secured. Lew Drill Is Undecided. Whether or not Lew Drill will be here is said to be something undecided UnL. Keen tendered his extract and the, elub has received no not ce 1 nat anj i e Jo - s not satisfactory. Letters received here however, says that Drill is pondering deeply on whether or not he would better retire from baseball. The law tirm of which he is a member has !"... ' .... ellont and Drill is now needed in St. Paul all the vear round. i uau i. l''JU"'" him Were he a. member of the St. Paul emu "r: "fa".- " nlav ball and to attend to his end of the busings. -" . . i frnm homo for soron months straight". But the rail Is strong . . i.- ami it i pvnpntprl t hat in me .si"111 -- Lew will decide to have one more smn- ,-. . t-.iii ,,.11 1 ihn Muh TVftjiil1 hnvo Willi Uliii 1 "i, but three men on the catching staff Tiid onlv one ni inev fint- iu uu. wu.i- 1. fho Tim ii . rnrsni i in Florida and has been notified to re- . f)..1nn nf Tlni'llfR(PP. Ifi til ho Sivpi? a thorough trial, as will V . . tf il.- 1 li eOiiCT fit trt hi'nlf to Ausiista the Rochester twtrler. who is holding OUt beCatlSO Ills cunuaii t cau for more tlian W. Donovan or G. Mul-lin get. Eubanks has deary's berth ticket now and it isn't certain that the club will rustle round to find an - r .tin Rochester lad even Ej i;. Ho nnd Schmidt can both h held to" the club or dis posed of, as it sees fU. They are out of organized ball as long as Detroit sees fit to keep them out. With these conditions existing, tho training parly at Augusta frames up as follows: Pitchers Donovan. Mtillin. Killtan, Donahue. Slever. Wiggs. iMcCaffcitv and Eubanks. Catchers Warner. Doran and Payne, with Drill expected to report. Inlield Lindsay, Sehaefer. O'Leaty. Coughlin and Lowe. Outfield Crawford. Mclntyre, Barrett, Jones and Cobb. This list numbers Just twenty-two. 'Barrett may decide not to go. though' he has not yet notified the club that he will not make the trip. Barrett and Drill are the men who are regarded as possible stay-at-homes, while Cicary and Schmidt are men not .counted on who may report. Of the men named, wiggs will go to Augusta from New Orleans, Doran from Ormond, Fla.. Warner from New York direct, Crawford from Omaha and Cobb from Royston, Ga. Schmidt was notified to go direct from his home in Arkansas. All of the others will come here. Morgan, the infielder not named, will not join the team until June. The Pop-Corn. LMfln Speaks. Not. wishing to slight anybody connected with the Tigers or Bennett park while in the way of mentioning names, we are constrained to ptlblish a letter received yesterday from Ernest P. Wheelan, the best popcorn man in the American league, who seems unduly worried by the oleo scandal now agitating those who have, time to tear themselves away from the sporting pages. Mr. Wheelan, in his letter, says: "1 wish to answer a. Ojiiestion concerning the butter that was used on the popcorn at Bennett park last year. I call to your mind that in my speech I said that this popcorn was buttered with Elgin creamery butter, and also that It was sold at the White Front butter store, f claim that I am an expert on butter, and tho White Front Butter Co. could not pull the wool over my eyes and sell me bad butter. All the butter hat came to me wag tested before I use1 it. I wish to say that T would not sell anything that I would not: use myself. "T will be af Bennett park this year and the popcorn house Is open to all lo inspect. T will give JoflO to any chnritahle institution that the public will name if any one will prove I do not use the best creamery butter. I am a man of business and principle and would not abuse tiie confidence of the public. I hope the ball fans will be satisfied with this statement and will not blame me for what has been given out since the ball park closed. If what is said is true I will advertise another butter firm this season and will try to please you all." Tin be Kissincer Sore on Ban. Adrian. Mich.. February 24. iSpccia!.)-Cltarles Kissinger, former Detroit pitcher, arrived home from Ohio points, where he has been working for the UiHe Shore, and announced he had heard nothing of his transfer bv New York to Buffalo. He says he was surprised at his sale last fall and now considers it a fake and believes he Is freo to go wherever he w.ints to. He l. sore on Han Johnson and the American 'ensue, anvway. declaring that minor leag-iiers are tint treated fairly. He prefers to play with the National league. "Hilly" I'liylc Reinstated. v- n.!.une Vehritarv 24. The di rectors of the Southern 'League Base-hail association held their spring meet- w A Pbvle. who was Ul iici; iw'j- -. --. expelled from the league on complaint of the .Mempnts ciuo in ."' .o. iiwniup dero"atorv remarks about Charles :,. .i.A , ..ii cor of rpmnbls. ...ainv. t,,,- .........o-. - - made application tor reinstatement In a letter in wnicn no jijufiusiai-u w ton language attributed to him. On motion of Mr. Coleman, of the Memphis club. Pliyle was reinstated by a vote of 6 to 2. President Kavanaugh stated that Pliyle is now the property ot t.te Memphis elub. provided he was on their reserve list in 1903. ELMOKIi: COVHSiTlSi IX GREAT DEMAXD. .... -i' I. :uwl Porrv A t- wood. of Watipim. Wis., have sent in four orders, for Klmore Touring Cars to the Detroit agency and request immediate delivery. M. A. 1'oung. the sales manager for tin; Detroit branch. knows wnero to s" . "i .... ,,i-.- tow little difficulty lir demonstrating the good dualities of fhis'Two-t-veie ar. ..r. jum.. However, does "not claim any credit: his reply is simply "The iSlmores soil, themselves."

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