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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 16

Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 16

Detroit, Michigan
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Jj'KJfilfi ntJfiSS, FKIDAX, MAX' 23, 1 STAR ATHLETES "THAT LITTLE GAME" MUSKIES GIVEN nle" UDton. of Grand Raoids. and No Wonder He's Sore were played Thursday aften Harold Bailey, guards; and John Hocker, center. The presentation was made with a short talk by Coach Frank I Rand, the Idol of tho students of the school, on athletics. IN M. A. G. MEET THIS WEEK ENE Seven Schools Will Send Be; They Have to Contest fo Honors at East Lansing. Seven Player necelve Monoicram awav with the vontiftn xor worn on oon. Special to Th Frc- Prea. Muskocon. May 22. Al J. Samuels trimmed Gardner 62. having a high run of is a 13-strlng credited to his H. Samuels beat Epst. 75, the high runs being iini, respectively. Friday evening Frechart H. Samuels and Stein Knuffraan. cm Hoo beat rr? MOULt5NT THAT GET Vooa OOfKr? Talk rotted luck tHAT'3 THE WAY i'vC Geer nosed oot Aa. MERe TvE Got Af Eight straight ANO THAT CAaBUNtce IT uJlTrt An NINE HQA ST0AGT. though delayed longer this year than thov hnvA nrobablv over been be SAMUELS FAMILY STARS fore, the Muskegon high school bas- KetDRil Ji hi mi uuun presented to tho members of the local phnnl hnnkathftll team. These nlav- Snooker Matches Thursday Are "Won by the Brother. Two games the snooker handicap tournament at tho Recreation rs are Donald Valk, Lawrence Carl, Milton Curl, forwards; Harold Ack- erman, uan upion. oroinor. oi um- KALAMAZOO NORMAL IS MUCH RESPECTED if YEAH, So N6AIll WIEuu, 1 PotiTY Tte that (F Vooae Cc ill T006H SPuT MAt, jf Haw-haw! ne Voone Sin.tY-Fon.-rY Bite A ut-' 1 oh Boy' wh him Foa. VAlHAT PUIUY M6AH cuck: Till TW Cj Shears Will Quit Its Boll Team for a Day, to Aid it to Bring Home the Flag. Special to Tho Freo JVosf. East Lanslnir. With seven HchoolB' in ti fourth M. A. C. track and fleld meet, which i3 to be held at Kast Lansing- Saturday, all tlw I best athletes in southern Michigan colleges should bo slvon a chano to show their best. The meet went to jr. A. lar-year by a small score, the noslns out Kalamazoo Xor by 10 nd a fraction points This year the teachers from ttu- 5 'tSSorn, Btt of the ro send: ing; hack about as good a team -t. represented them last year. Thn" of the star performers in the 1IH'-r) meet will again compete in omor-2 row a matches. ShcarH Will Be There. Shears will he given a furloueh from the Kalamazoo hascball tean-h lone enough to appear in a truck suit on College field Saturdav. Jj-y sides being a hurler on the" Kaia- i WOLVERINES TRIM muzoo nine ho is also, a creditahlo sprinter on their cinder team and made Simmons travel considerably fast last year to best hint. jr, Griggs Is another man from West-orn Stale Normal who is considered e' a possible point winner by track critics. Me Dortorms gj. In the weights and hurdles, and did 0 nisi icai a nicer. in Ihn 2 quarter mile and half mile all coins' potitors need have a Wholesome fea: X. for AnniHvai'. Vnrw.i ii lete. BROWiESGET TO JOHNSON IN LATE INNINGS Walter Weakens After Hurl-jj ing Svs. Scoreless Rounds and St. Louis Wins. St. Louis, Miy 22. St- Louis made it two straight from Washington by batting waiter Johnson today, 5 to i Johnson held a four-run lead and jjuzh'd the locals until the seventh concentrated hitting with a base on balls and an error by ter nt-tied threo runs. score: WASIUNCTON. AB A Mcnoky iter. 3b. ..4 1 6 2 11 0 Judge. 5 -Kiev, rf Ohnrrity, lf.f Shanks. s.i.,4 Janvrin. Agnew. tDaviM 0 Mctnich, ......0 Johnson, i ST. LOU 13. AB 11 A Austin, ..3 1' 2 0 Geiloim. 4 2 4 0 Toiiin, ..2 1 3 0 Sister. .4 14 2 JticohsTii, m.3 1 4 Sloan. 4 0 (itirl'er, 0 2 Mayer, 2 0 4 IDfintnltc ..1 1 Hothoron. p.O 0 0 0 cuilt.t, i a SMmlth i 0 i Knob, 0 0 0 1 ifcevereiil ...1 0 0 0 Totals 30 27 9 1 font on third strikrv iKhth. in stvontli. sixth. seventh. 234iCTS0 0 0 (1 3 0 ft 0 it .) -i n. Jiu ubyon Kl rri iy-4. Twn-haw; Isii-t Siicrilko soil. Totiiii 1'. PoiiIiIp Tfitala 33 for Knoti It pl.iia Washington Oif Off Cilia 'J In By JoluuiMi J. Ita.SU ICoob I. ST. MARTS WINS FROM YPSI TEAM LONDON SUFFERS DEFEAT IN ONLY MINT ENCOUNTER Gilbert Unable to Hold Saginaw, While Shriver is Good AH Through Game. STANDINGS. I. I'Ct. 0 t.000 2 fi 0 1.000 4 2 1 3 2 .600 London 0 Thursday's Rrsultn. Saginaw 10, London 3. Friday's (iamefi. Flint nt Uandlton. Haule ut Urnntford. Hay City at Kitchener. Kaslnaw at London. Ixindon. May 22. Saginaw's Aces found the tall end London Tecumselis easy prey tliia afternoon winning by It; to 3 in the first game qf the series. aid the only yramo played in the league. Shriver, iifl-settling; down to work in the third inning, held the locals to five scattered hlta in all. while Gilbert was hammered to all corners of the lot. or total of 13 hits. SAGINAW. LONDON, AH II A Alt II A i nnKer. if 2i 2 2 0 tJun'liam. r.3 0 0 0 ...5 2 0 0 Maxwell, m.i 0 0 0 Pike. Morso. tu 5 WHnbPrn. J. 5 Coiimi'nd. r.S Mct'an'la. c.5 Wrtslit, If. .5 Uodsoii. Shriver, n. Clark, lb 4 2 13 ft 1 0 'J'r. ...1 0 I 1 12 1 Summn'f. 0 1 2 3 0 Vermllly, r.1 0 1 1 Orofliok. 2b. 3 0 0 5 Carlsby. 3b. .4 litlhcrt, Sairli; Itmi.t-b'TK lodsll -I'lkf. In 3. Mil; My Slu-iv, KiiKfttaw 1. London 10. iilbi-n 7. Double on basr.s-SJKliii DETROIT CLUB FILES PAPERS Vt -IV 1 1 ii Hiix- Intj Jinil riyinnnstic cluh. whicli has liled articles of association vviih the secretary of st.ite. is the iirsi organization of that kind to he thu. formed since the new law tile athletic board of control," eomonly called the state box injj commission, became effoe-tlve. However, boxing bouts will not be until the commission Is organized and has Issued licenses to clubs of this kind. ESKIMO TEACHERS WIN Northern faculty nosed out the Central high teachers in a dose game nt Herman Klefer Held Thursday afternoon. 5 to 3. Krye was the heavy hitter for the Eskimo out tit while Craig jdayed the best gamo for Central. Kn-inono. formerly of Albion college pitched an airtight game for the winners. Score: Inning 1 2 2 4 a fi 7 ii Xorthrrn 4 0 0 0 I 0-5 7 i.Vr.tral 0 0 1 0 2 0 03 ii Emmons and Krye: Craig and Burroughs. ('till to Central Alumni Piny or. nifh" I tendril' Kddie Mover, Kflbr, Xitrk Ilayne, JIux I'at- tcrson. morion ives and Bavn. are retiuestcd to plion Horace iMciiinson Northway II Mi as sm bk possible regarding game at Uois liianc -May nil for Ty" rentier. "Ty" Krentler is requested to call Iturnler nt Lincoln T2 reirardinir th game between the A. K. K. All-Stars and Frank Smith's Traffic Cops, at Northwestern Held, Diamond No. i at Sunday morning. xupuns JOj tuuiij sstC) ouiok ttioaj Jit.m i PtnOAi put spuno.ti Worth a Fortune about it. Let us show you that can iiiRtantlv L- Mi- Foot Hospital Cadillac 1044 AGGIE BALL TEAM FOR SECOND TIME Lungren's Boys Take Farmers Into Camp, 5 to Rain Halts Game in Eighth. Special to Tho Free Prds. Lansing, May 22. Michigan add ed another victory to her list here today when she trimmed M. A. for the second tirno this season, 5 to 2, in a ball game called after the eighth on account of ralri. Lundgren elected to use Sche id ler in the box because Glenn nursing a sore arm and Parks Is being saved for the gamo with Iowa Saturday. Scheldler was plenty The features of the game wer two one-hand stabs of liners rroemke retired Andrews in the second with one of these plays near the first base line and Schneider put out Karpus in tho eighth by aycunng ms arive to ierc atter long run. bcore M. A. C. MICHIGAN. AB A All A fanyder. 4 Carr. an i 1 Johnston, c.4 1 Hainmcs, 1.3 4 W.And'a. 3..1 0 Doscher, 1 Schneider. 1.3 1 H.Aiitlr'a. r.2 0 Donnelly, p. 3 1 rrnnzen ...1 0 1 6 jnoae. 2 0 Cooper. 1 6 1 Koner'an. lf.3 1 7 0 Carrett, b. .4 1 2 0 Karpus, 3 0 1 0 Huber, 4 0 3 1 Frocinkp. 1..4 1 13 0 1 2 KchetiJIer, p. 2 1 10 5 24 6 ToUla. -batted for Anore eighth. Innlngn- 1 2 3 0 0 0 0 Michigan Run.i Johnston. Sehneldor t-ooper, iroBinke, banBctiham 3. Er-rora Hfuninea 2, Andrews, W. Andrews, Andrews 4.. Karpus. Frormke 2 Stolen baaon 1. Knode, 2" Dou-hle playa Michigan 1. Sacrifice hits Knode, Scheldler 2. Buan on halls Off Donnelly 1, off Sehelder none. Struck out By Connolly 6. by bulmidler 6. IN TOWN FIREMEN 1 and close game at Clark park, between firemen of the first and second battalions the downtown boys won. largely on the pood pitching of Dnccy, who held tho westsiders to six hits, and struck out is men. Carroll also was in form, and fanned 14 batters Penny Sullivan won the box of cigars for making the first homerun. Summary lniInKs 1 234567 S9 Ft First Bait 0 100021 004 81 Second I) 1 0 I) 1 0 0 0 2 3 Batteries: Daceq and Sullivan; Carroll ana F. Gordon. ED. MAUSER I The Homer of Better Clothes OFFERS Suits Coats IN STYLES THAT WILL HAVE YOUR APPROVAL AND AT PRICES THAT WILL EQUALLY PLEASE YOU COME and SEE ED.HAUSER 38 Michigan Ave. i IN CONNECTION WITH RAY T. GARVEY 4 CO AUTO REPAIRING Automobile Repairing and Service of Every Nature No Job Too Small No Job Too Large Quick Efficient and Satisfying Work on All Makee of Car. THE AUTO SHOP FRED U. PFEIFLE. ftoD. and U(r. 759 Cas Ave. Glendale 41971 m-m LJl Joe Apparently a once momlntmc Uk- nre In baseball has passed In the departure of Harry Coveleskle from Utile Rock. The Southern league club has decided that the lefthander will not do and he is now adrift on the baseball sea. He probably is through, unless he cares to play a hit longer in some of the Uttler leagues. Covelealtio deserved a longer career. He was one of the hardest workers, wherever he was, and one of the most faithful players, in the game. Ho never was on a champion club, in the majors, but ho pitched tho Cubs to a pennant by beating New York. Merely mentioned to beat out the boys who soon will dust off the old story of the final week-of 90S. All the Missourlans arc not born In that Talco Postmaster General Burelson. Ho says he will tender his resignation if it appears proven that thore is a general sentiment against his continuance In office. He waits now to see what Mr. Wilson thinks. Mr. Burleson is a close approach to the Irishman or tho frayed edge atory who, after being thrown out of barroom three times, decided that he was not wanted there. Vincent Reynolds again is a bona-fide tennis amateur, having agreed to give up his job with a sporting goods house, probably to accept a better one. He Is a. professional until Saturday, and an amateur as soon as he takes his last pay check. An amateur in he usually laughable A. A. U. rulings is a gent who Is star, and who is needed in tournaments, and who. therefore always can be forgiven. The A. A. U. nowadays has exeiilslve rights on the Scutch verdict. Judging by the progress the attorneys are making at Ml. Clemens, we boned one by likening the Ford-Tribune suit to vs. Jarn-dyce, in possible length of continuance. Mr. Stevenson has only reached Vallandlgham. of the flu's, and has still tu work back to Aaron Burr and Benedict Arnold, in his few kind words alien Air. Ford. Jarndyo vs. Jarndyce apparently was just a warm-up. This bout isn't attracting Ihe attention expected. The press work is good, as shown by one side's charge of "slimy conduct," and the other's of "yellow methods." But Toledo is taking the play away. Some of these gents who are bidding for votes are funny. Connecticut's governor, for Instance, has vetoed a bill that provides for eight rounds boxing bouts, because ho fears prize fighting. And right along, without a boxing law. they are yoinw 10 and 2o sessions, in the same state. unconsciousness, governor Is con- erned. Congress having passed the equal rights I. ills, a lot of gents of the married persuasion are now wondering what the ladles have been awarded that they did not already possess. It looks like the ladies DETROIT STARS AT WYANDOTTE Unbeaten Colored Team Will Help to Open New Ball Park There on Memorial Day Morning. Teddy Blount's Detroit Stars have been secured by Booking Manager "Wish" Kgan to play the opening gnmo at Corrlgan field, Wyandotte's new ball park, opposing the Wyandotte team In a morning game Memorial day. In booking this attraction Kgan has secured the best possible opposition in the semi-pro field of Michigan and a team that to date lias not lost a single game. He consid ers It a "ten strike and one thai should be well received by the down ver fans. The colored team boasts some star performers in the baseball world most of whom would be holding down big league Jobs today but for their color. Among them are Men-dez and of the famous Cuban Stars; Donaldson, Wickwaro. Hill ana wesiey, wno were wan me American (limits of Chicago. In 1 onaldson. Wick ware and Johnson the team boasts a great trio of pitchers who will he troublesome customers for the Dottes. However, Ma tinge Joe Yeager says he will put a team la the field that will be able to hold its own with any of them and expects to use Kelly, former member of the famous J2U.G00 battery, ah his hurler to start the season. Additional Sporting News Will Be Found on Page 19 Jacksoiv 0 something put ove Because if they now are only men's equals, the men are those who have advanced in the standing of tho league. Flrat row the scats that will sell for $10 lowest price for the Toledo bout, will be 232- feet from the ring. That's a little farther than the usual distance between Cobb and the home plate, when Ty is In the field. Boosters for universal peace may find something to think about In the certainty that these seats and those farther back will be eaten Boston again today, with liolanu and Kuth the probable pitchers. It was a lengthy game, there being hut four spots in which not moro than three men batted. When tho Tigers beat Jones, it is something of a surprise- Saniuol auumeu to do wonting under a strain in this game. It was the biggest winning streak of the year for the Tigers, three, in a row now being the record. Bobby Jones suffered a terrific oomoarument. He was hit almost everywhere excepting on his mitt. Until tho sixth inning there was not a hit that wasn't an extra baser, and that was a single that was such only because ilrst was not covered on a grounder. i-iove started the game by fanning Hooper and Barry. He was three and nothing with the latter before he sent him to the bench. One thing you can say about a Detroit a tut Boston ball game. It'd a battle. The debating society was in session on frequent occasions. Shorten didn't get a bue hit when ho batted for Voting, but he managed to, score a run. each hitting him home, after Cobb advanced him to second. Wally Schang relieved Sam Jones in the ninth bat. and lilted a tall toul lly to Bush. Love missed a shut-out on two plays Jones's failure to grab Mc-innis's grounder, which started the second inning, and bis own Dad throw in the seventh. The pitcher was niH at fault on that. Ha should not liavu been coached to throw to second. Most featu ret'ul inn ing was the sixth, whore, with two out, Mclnnis. Vitt and Scott all hit safely, inline the bases. Love then put on all speed, ar-d fanned Walters on three pitched balls, all hit at. Cobb made a great play on Gainer in the opener, with Strunk on second. The Georgian went to the scoreboard. He couJdnt' hack up for it, so leaped into the air, and pulled it down within a yard of tho barrier. Saved a run, maybe two. "Doc" Lawler, trainer for the Red parted company with that combination after the game, owing to some differences between himself and Manager Harrow as to methods of handling tiie players-He formerly was with St. Louis. Ainsmith didn't do so badly, with two hits, 0110 of which became a. run and onu of which drovo in a run. He had little pegging to do. Before the game Donie Hush was presenu-d a Howard watcn, with diamond setting in the case, and bream chain to go with it. Tho gift was iron; personal friends and admirers. DETROITER IS MATCH WINNER BeaU Ashtabula Pin Spiller by 119 Maples in Home and Home Games Charles Snyder, of this city, won his home -a ud-home bowling match from Al M.irrlson, of Ashtabula. O-. 119 pins and took down, a nice fidebet wnicn ningea on tne re- suit. Last Sunday evening1 Snyder gained a 10-pin advantage over the ohioan In 10 games rolled on the Recreation alleys. Wednesday evening, in tho return competition at Ashtabula. Marrison won by a single pin, rolling 2.0M to 2.0-5O In the 10 games. the Ashtabula pin spill ing follow 170 2 IS ICS 226 215 213 2232050 173 ICi 231 U24 1ST 211 200 1S6 2fr5t Sunday afternoon nt 3:30. a good game will be seen at Northwestern Held on diamond No. 1 when the Wont Knd cluh meets North way Motor the first round of tho T). U. A. Manager Logan will call a practice at Atkinson park at 6:30 l-'riday evening, and at 8 o'clock an important meeting will be held at the at to Kochs bowling' alleys. I-oUowing players are requested to present: Henderson. Kutncy 1-ottniger. Smith. Monk. Hender-snot, Kemp, Schulz, Welch. Calda Ivernlte. Turner, Vitt, Green. Jiang and Logan. Wilson Malcos baseball club have a permit for nello Isle for Saturday afternoon and would like to hook a game with any strong uniform-fl team. Por games cnll Walnut 26itf and ask for Wilson, time rlori Any and catcher with outfit wish- Ing join fast club please call above number before Saturday. Defeat Cleary Collegians in Easy Fashion in Seven-Inning Affair Thursday Afternoon; Score 9 to 1. Ypsilanti. May 22. Cleary college took a bad beating from St. Mary's college here today, being unr.l.l,-; to hit. Strouski's delivery effectively, thereby losing 9 to 1. the being called at Uiu end of the seventh account of rain. The 1 'dies con lie cted lor three sale; in the iirsi inning. but eniy nnoe when, with thj loaded, a pass forced in a run the next two men wflrw easy At cut: run was scored each inning, with ii, exception of the sixth, whtMi not a man reached Iirsi. A great Mop by Klimus cut off a runner tii. plate and stopped threatened rally in the third. Bl A tin spoon costs less titan! a silver spoon. is th, aight victory for 1 hi; pole: In St. M.i AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. 0 0 0 (1 1 2 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 1-4 11 3 -Williams and ilulu Hall and 9 Tt II 39 3 03 6 3 TJlclioubn Good Feet are IMiiriKS 1 2 3 4 5 0 0 0 10 9 0 0 0 Eiaiif-rs Ha! and Kruck iun. ftain he-Ahurt. "Bundle" cigarettes cost less than Helmar 100 pure Turkish the Mildest and Best tobacco for cigarettes. If you don't like Helmar return the package and get your money back. We are anxious to have you spend your money for your money's worth that's why we call your attention to Helmar. Why suffer day after day with tired, wornotit, burning feci? You can increase your ctfjciciicy one hundred per cent by IfecpiiiK your feet in trim. There's noth- difficult ie comfort tainetl through the RID DELL. FEATHERWEIGHT FOOT SUPPORT. Built to nt individual cases. Let us examine your feet and tell you frankly without charge whether there's trouble or not. Morning with J. L. Hudson for employe. ROSS Registered Chirooodist Woodward Arcade, 3rd Fl. tum II I Mil Mill III III MM II I

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