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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 8

Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 8

Detroit, Michigan
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mm mMlNIOWNEWE Bring Us Your Xmaslisi THi COUNTESS Portrait with Autograph is OF WARWICK'S given as Frontispiece in COURT'S GRIER FOR THIRTY-FOUR YEARS THE of useful Xmas Gifts, you can find a most pleasing article for In theae 'unlimited selections little or as much money as you desire to pay. Giii.ii Sectional Bookcases rm. MAet nnnniar and annroved Sectional 2 AMAGA-k OF 1 ZINE 1 CLEVERNESS 4J 1 ZU li AIo a Complete Novel, "THE OUTSIDER." many short stories, and a most Important essay by ARTHUR SYMONS. on Puul Verlnlne. -The. Portrait Alone is Well Worth the PrU-e of the Magazine. Established 1864. Bookcase known today, and it costs up more than the unknown and unproved kinds. The factory which manufactures this Sectional Bookcase 1b backed by unlimited capital therefore the best of everything is in its construction. GOLDEN OAK, WEATHERED OAK, FLEMISH OAK AND IMITATION MAHOGANY. Bookcase for books (9'2: inches high)-p each section Bookcases for books (10'A inches high) each section Bookcases for books (13J4 inches high) each section ..3.50 Top sections 2" Base sections 1-t SEE OUR LINE OF DESKS AND CHAIRS AND LIBRARY TABLES. 1 i I I The Merchants9 Bank of Canada JAMES P. McKWAX. i I Leather Goods CARD CASES POCKET-BOOKS WRITING PORTFOLIOS Head Office, Paid up Capital Reserve Fund DESK PADS AND DESK SETS. style backs in Holiday Boxes of CHESS l-poundr 2 pounds, WALLETS PASS CASES CARRIAGE BAGS PLAYING CARDS New CRIBBAGE BOARDS SCISSORS IN SETO SCRAP BOOKS POSTAL ALBUMS DIARIES CALENDAR PADS MANICURE SETS SMOKERS' SETS POSTAL SCALES DRAWING SETS ADDRESS BOOKS THEATER REGISTERS SHOPPING LISTS MY TRIP ABROAD TOILET SETS COPPER 8TEIN8 105 branches in Ontario, Quebec and the Northwest. Interest to November 30th last has been added to the savings bank accounts, and will be entered in the pass books on presentation. G. V. J. Greenhill, Manager Windsor Branch. TRIPLICATE MIRRORS IN ALL SIZES. WATERMAN'S IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN, $2.50 up. Good Fountain Pen, sold nib, $1.00. ENGRAVING and EMBOSSING at Special Prices. 100 ENGRAVED CARDS, Cambric finish; Script Type and Plate, only $1.00. HOLIDAY STATIONERY, all styles, 20c to $4.00. 107-109 WOODWARD, AVE. Coal Gifts Are Warm Gifts. 1 It was a question ot uui sufficient notice trial. The model school examinations at the Dousiil! Avenue school. Windsor, wi' be concluded Monday. There, are twenty-four candidates -writing. Walter Jackson, a dray man of. Windsor was assessed $6.50 yesterday M'istrato "Bartlet for the fheft of coal from the yards- of the Grand Trunk railway. Williani Charon, aged .18 years, A'md Friday night at the home of his; tatter Sharon, Langlois avenue, Windsor, after a short illness of pneumonia. It has been found impossible to complete the repairs to AH saints church. Windsor, in time iur me st-i-vices today, and the school room will be used. Prison-! and asylums of Ontario are overcrowded. Dr. Gilmour, superintendent of the Central prison, irwtimHnn. Is filler! with and. until some of the pris oners are reiciu. will have to confine those sentenced' to terms in the prison at Toronto. Anniversary services'' will be held today at St. Andrew's. Presbyterian church, Windsor. In the morning-. Rev. Alfred H. Barr, paster of the Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian' church, Detroit, will conduct, the services, in the evening the services will be conducted by Rev. Dr. John Brittan Clark, of the Westminster Presbyter ian church, Detroit. Rev. James Livingstone, of the Wellington street church of London, Ont. will occupy the pulpit of the Central E. church at both the morning anu evening services today. Rev. Mi-Livingstone was pastor of the Central M. E. when it was known as the Windsor Avenue Methodist church, and has many friends in Windsor whj will be pleased to hear him preach again. prince of Wales Lodge. Sons of England. Windsor, has elected the 1'oJ? lowing officers: President. Cbarle3 Merrill: past president. A. 'Selby vice president, W. G. Walker; chaplain, Cook; financial, secretary, A. Skellington; recording secretary, Yv. T. Carter: inside guard. Wm. Clegg; outside guard. John Plimmer, and delegate to grand lodge convention. A. W. Skellington. The town council of Leamington is sent a petition to Hon. A. B. Ayles-worth. Dostma.uer-general, asking the government to grant a subsidy vear to a mail steamer to make dailv trips between Leamington and Pelce island. It is said the islanders have been cut off from communication wiia the mainland for the last vear. owing to the fact that no vessel take the run without a government bonus. At a meeting of the North Essex license commissioners at Windsor yes-tcrdav tin- following transfers-'were granted: Jlelo-he hotel. McGregor, from Felix Melodic to Eugene Joly: Lagoon Park hotel. Sandwich, from Gil Graham to John Marcon, and Wade Hill hotel Sandwich West, from jj. Ouittard to Alexander Lafram- bois. The hoard will meet Decemoer 26 to consider the application of the 'transfer of the license held bv Frank jikc iree. to iuusea iu-zon. of Maidstone. TARSNEY PROMOTES THEM Corporation Counsel's Attaches All Move Up a Peg. a result of the death of Chief As-' Corporation Counsel MeGrath and the consequent appointment of P. j. M. llally to succeed him, a general moving in- of the attaches of toe corporation counsel's fore? was announced lv Tarsney yesterday. J. Walter J. WALTER DOHAXY. Lawyer Promoted by Corporation Counsel Tarsney, with increased Pay. Dohanv takes Hally's former position and will have charge of damage suits against the citv, his salary being increased from $1,800 to Denton Outness succeeds Dohany, though he. gets no increase of pay. Bernard F. Weadock, who has been chief cleru, becomes an assistant corporation counsel, his pay being increased from Ul3.TO C. UIX-S iESS. He Mores up a Peg In Office the Corporation Counsel. $1,200 to 51,800. William E. Tarsney, son of the corporation counsel. Is raised from messenger to chief clerk at $1,200, and George Seymour becomes messenger at $4S0. BAPTISTS NUMBER 4,600,000 Dr. Meeser Counted Them While at General Convention. "We are just hegiiining to realize how many of us there, are," said Rev. Dr Spenser B. Meeser, of the Wood ward Avenue Baptist church, who returned Friday from a meeting of the executive board of the general -BaiJ-tlt convention of America. "There are, all told in the United States, Baptists." The meeting of the committee, held in Louisville, was for the purpose of deciding upon a place otmeet-ing for the next- general.coaveption Judges Come and Go, But "Jimmie" Mc-Ewan, of Sandwieh, Still Shouts "God Save the King." James P. MeEwan enjoys the distinction being the oldest official, in point service. -in the Essex county courts. For thirty-four years "Jimmie" has acted as court crier at Sandwich, and he bids fair to open and close the sessions for many years to come. A court at Sandwich would not appear natural if "Jimmie McEwan" did not stand up in-his place and open the proceedings. He recites some lines in opening the court, but even the regular attendant has never been able to catch the meaning of any of the fittje speech, except the time at which the court will reopen and the closing words of "God save the kins." During his incumbency of the office Mr. McEwan has acted as court crier for all the prominent judges of Ontario, and he is known to all the lawyers and a great majority of the people who attend the sessions as jurors or witnesses. His duties are to call the names of the jurymen and see to it that every man in the jury box subscribes to the oath. The crier is very particular, and if a juror does not take hold of the Bible in the proper way he is officially called down by "Jimmfe." He also the names of the witnesses in the cases and when the court is running smoothly "Jimmie" sits back in his chair and sometimes sleeps away the hours when a tedious case is under consideration. He is the son of the late Sheriff MAY DIVIDE OFFICE North Essex Likely to Get Its Own License Inspector. PAUL MORAND IS MENTIONED In That Case Gaspard Pacaud, Persona Non Grata to French Canadians, Probably Will Retain Windsor End of the Position Salary Hay Be Split. It is rumored that a change is contemplated In the office of license inspector in Windsor. At the present time Gaspard Pacaud is Inspector for both Windsor and North Essex, and it is intimated that the office is to be divided, with the appointment of? an inspector for North Essex. Paul Morand, of Tecumseh, is favored for the North Essex position, if the government decides to make two separate offices. He is a stanch Conservative, and is highly respected among the French Canadians of the county. A certain element in the Conservative party has been asking for the removal of Gaspard Pacaud from office since the party came in power last January, but Hon. J. O. Reaume, who has the say in these matters, did not take very kindly to the proposition, in consequence Inspector Pacaud was left undisturbed, even in the face of a petition to Dr. Keaume asking for the inspector's dismissal. This petition was signed principally by French Canadians. It is believed that the French Canadians will be satisfied, if Paul Morand or some other Conservative, is appointed license' inspector for North Essex, where they are more interested. Just what will be done regarding the salarv question is not known. If the government splits the salary now paid to Inspector Pacaud the half will not be sufficient for the Inspector in the city to live on. and he will have to take up some side line in order to make both ends meet. The change, if made, will probably go into effect prior to the granting of the licenses for the fiscal year, beginning May 1, 1906. The Inspector would have to receive his appointment several months prior to this date 'n order to give him time to visit all the hotels in the riding. He 'has to report on ail hotels before' the applications for licenses will be granted. plan to Save Canadian Game. Hon. O. Reaume, minister of pub lie works, makes the statement that the province of Quebec is ready to cooperate with Ontario in passing game laws. The laws of Quebec allow the hunters great freedom, and, in consequence, deer, moose and other large game are slaughtered every fall. Tlw Ontario laws limit the amount of game to be taken by eatfh individual hunter, and Quebec in all probability will pus a similar law. PLACES TO GO IN WINDSOR. The Merchants' Sank of Canada. The Merchants' Bank, of Canada with headjuarters at Montreal, was established in 1864. It is one of the soundest financial institutions in the whole of America, with a paid up capital of $6,000,000 and a reserve fund of $3,400,000. There are 106 branches of the bank in Quebec and the northwest. G. Greenhill is manager of the fine branch at Windsor. Ahby, the Windsor Jeweler. The richest of Canadian and English jewelry may be seen at the store or Ashby, the Windsor jeweler, 2S Ouellette avenue. Pure white diamonds and all precious stones In rings, stick pins, pendants, cuff links, may be seen. Diamonds enter Canada free. Copeiand' Fine Book Stock, G. B. Copeiand, the well known Windsor book merchant, has a rare stock of good things for Christmas, Including novelties, stationery, pens, calendars, and all the newest and best books. D. Learoyd, Marriage Licenses. A. D. Laroyd of Windsor, is the official' issuer of marriage licenses for that city. He -is located at No. 27 Sandwich street east. is no restriction as to residence. B. T. Beanne's Old Tailorye. No finer stock of. imported Scotch and Eingltsh tweeds and worsteds can be found than at "Old Tailorye" of E. T. Beaune. 87 Sandwich street west. The finest goods can be secured and made up here at much- less than the cost in -Detroit. DSd you ever stop to think how much happiness and warmth you coutp give by the gift of a ton op two o1Coai7 Fop a number of years we have made a specialty of delivering these XMAS OOAL presents, and If you will give us an ordep we can assure you that It will receive evepy attention. Me are making a special pun on GO ALTON FORKED LUMP at ton, and COAITON CREENED MOT at these Goals ape excellent for range, gpate op stove. Our Ho. 2 CHESTNUT, Just a little smaller than No. 1, per ton. Yards in every part of the city. Montreal $6,000,000 3,400,000 Ja DELIGHT- to young or old. We have selections of Cameras Kodaks From $1.00 to $60.00. ALBUMS AND DEVELOPING OUTFITS Everything you need to develop and finish, Or we can Develop and Finish for you. Wood Burning Outfits And WOODENWARE DETROIT PHOTO SUPPLY CO. 31 Grand River Ave. CANADIAN MARRIAGE LICENSES A. D. LEAROYD OFFICIAL ISSUER, WINDSOR Straight tip the hill and turn to the left to No. 27 Sandwich Street Bast. No restriction as to, residence. McEwan, of Sandwich, and was a deputy sheriff for his father when a mere lad. He lias been present at all the hangings which have taken place in the old courtyard for the past forty years and has a great fund of stories of times around the old jail in the days when Callahan and sonic other prisoners murdered Jailor Leech and made their escape. 'Jimmie" is very proud of his long service in the courts, but he has held another position which gives him even more pleasure. For sixteen years he has been tyler of Windsor lodge, A. F. A. and in that time has missed but three meetings of the lodge. His election each year is taken for granted and never has he been opposed for the position. Recently he has added the vocation of an auctioneer to his other duties and yesterday he made his initial appearance on the Windsor market. CALLS DEPOSITORS' MEETING Mayor Wigle Would Protect Their Interests in York County Loan Co. Mayor Wigle is attempting to prctect the interests of Windsor and county people who have money deposited with the York County Loan of Toronto. Owing to the many stories afloat regarding the. financial standing of the company, Mayor deemed it expedient to call a meeting of Windsor stockholders for next Wednesday evening. "I am told," said the mayor yesterday, Windsor and Essex, county residents have upwards of in the company. It is altogether probable that, at the meeting Wednesday night one of the stockholders will be to Toronto with credentials to appear for all the depositors in the citv county. "I notice that Hamilton. London. Woodstock ami other stockholders an-taking similar steps, and if they send delerates to the meeting they will rer-resent sufiicient stock to have a say in the future management or the con- cern. It requires united action to get good results and, if this line of attack Is carried out, the investors save their money'." The outcome of a Of dent Phillips, of the company, to amalgamate the company with the tjoniin-ion Permanent Loan of Toronto. The attorney-general of Ontario announced that the provincial government will invosiigat" affairs ur the company at once A commission will be appointed in examine fie bonk to ascertain if any or the Hinds have been diverted from the right enamels; ONE KILLED; SEVERAL HURT Explosion of Dynamite Occurred at Rosslaiid Mine. Rossland, B. C. December 16. By an explosion of dynamite this afternoon in the thawing house of the War Eagle and the Center Star mince. John S. Ingram, who was in charge of the thawer, was killed, several miners were seriously injured by the shock, and many persons were cut by flying glass from broken windows. A sui-station of the electric light plant was wrecked, and Rossiand is in d.irkuess tonight. The shock was felt throughout Rossland. and the earlier reports said there had been heavy loss of life, the belief being that the powder magazine at the mines, containing about two tons of high explosives, had exploded. The magazine is about 20 feet distant from the thawing house, and escaped. CANADA GETS AFTER COMBINE Toronto Merchants Up Against "New-Fangled" Scheme. Toronto, December 16. Crown Attorney Curry attacked another alleged combine this morning when Detective Verney laid an information against Robert E. Somerville. of the Central Agency. 01 'Wellington street west. The Central Agency. said to represent several large cotton thread firms in the states and Oreat Britain, and according to crown this organization is the closest of all operating in Canada and tiie 1'nited States. There is hut one thread factory in this country. Dr. Beanie Nesbitt's factory in Stratford, and it is stated that when a merchants deals outside- the Central Agenty. his thread supplies lire cut off. The charge against Somerville is conspiracy and when Detective Verney Called today he took a search warrant with him. As a result the Central Agency, books will be In the hands of the prosecution when the case comes up. High Court Opens Monday. Justice Brltton' will preside at the non-jury sittings of the high court, which opens at Sandwich tomorrow. The case of most local interest on the docket is that of Leech vs. the Nelson estate. W. P. Leech, a Chicago publisher, is attempting to set aside the will of the late Alexander B. Nelson, a Windsor hardware merchant. Leech is a nephew of the deceased and claims a share in the estate. The remainder of the docket is: Moss vs. C. P. R. Telegraph Drulard vs Welsh- Henry vs. Canadian Typo-graph Eureka Planter Co. v. Dougherty; Shafer vs. Wheeler; Sniith vs. Campbell et and Merchants" Bank vs. Sterling Co. Presents (or Olaisonville. Toronto, December 16. A pleasant little ceremony took place today at the parliament buildings when the staff of the public works department presented a gold watch and chain to Harrv C. Maisonville. secretary to Hon. Dr. Reaume. and formerly a Detroit newspaperman, in honor of his recent marriage. The presentation was made by A. W. Campbell, deputy minister of public works, who delivered an appropriate speech. The ladies of the department sent the bride a handsome silver service. Border Brevities. Charles Holton, of Detroit, will es-tab'ish a factory in Windsor for the manufacture of novelty goods. In the action instituted by the property" owners of Glengarry avenue against the city of Windsor, it was not an error in the pleadings whlca- i i I i I CIGAR CASES HAND BAGS MEMORANDUMS two, three and six. BRIDGE SETS 4-pounds, $1.75, SEALING WAX SETS HANDY BOXES HOLLY SEALS GOLD PENS DESK CLOCKS MILITARY BRUSHES BRUSH AND COMB 8ETS TeL M. 5247. Maccabees, in Port Huron, and la came to Detroit, entering the of Walker the billboard vertising firm, and worked for concern about five years. He was Alabama on a business trip in interests, of his firm when sir'-ck-Funeral arrangements have not been made. Tiie body is being broug to Detroit for burial. Palled- Place Blame. Jurors Coroner Toepel's court, who Inquired into the death of farmer struck by a-" -dotte-car at Ford November 28. an open verdict yesterday, to fix the responsibility throuja lack of. evidence. Brown Coal Co. I THE RICHEST Of Canadian English Jewelry is to be seen in our store, such as pure white Diamonds and alt precious stones, mounted in Rings. Stick Pendants, Cuff Links, Etc. DIAMONDS enter Canada duty free. Take advantage of this. The United States has a duty. ASHBY The WINDSOR JEWELER 28 Ouellette Ave. Ye Old Tailorye E. F. Beaune Importer of Scotch and English Tweeds and Worsteds, 27 SANDWICH STREET WEST WINDSOR WOODWARD AVE. 'PHONE M. 2029. GAS and ELECTRIC LAMP Make appropriate Qhristmas presents, which arc appreciated in any home. We carry many exclusive designs and different finishes, triinmed with delicate tinted shades, which 'spread a soft glowing light around the room, pleasing to the eye and in perfect harmony with the furnishings. Our prices are 25 per cent loiver than Woodward and range from $1.50 to S25.00. WE CORDIALLY INVITE YOUR INSPECTION rown OFFICE: 294 JO. and also to arrange a program. This gathering takesjilace some time in May, but the prfc bas been lett to a special committee, whose decision will depend largely upon the action of the conventioa. and ithe northern former will be held In but Place of gathering of the latter body has not been determined. "We will try to selecfc a clty nient both for and. southern' representatives," said- Dr. Meeser. L-n It Pleases Children. The Queen Quality Shoe -jStore, accordance with their usual custom, will give a present with each purchase, in their children's department until Christmas. Detroit Gas and Electric Fixture 68 Grand River Ave. Gopeiand's XMAS LEADERS 9IBLES, PRAYER BOOKS, HYMNS, JUVENILE BOOKS, CALENDARS. See our $1.00 Fountain Pens. G. E. Copeiand Sandwich Windsor. EDWARD A. ELY IS DEAD Detroit Advertiser Dies in a Mobile Hospital. Edward A. Ely, of Detroit, prominently identified wltK lhe 'advertising business Jn Michigan. for a number of years, died at Mobile. Friday night, of pneumonia, ollowingv days 'Illness. A brother, Herbert C. Ely, also 0 Detroit, was at Ms bedside "When he died, The deceased: of i fhe -firm Blv, Boynton ElyrJSe was TRY FREE PRESS LINERS.

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