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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 10

The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 10

Indianapolis, Indiana
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UIJilllTIU hU UJU Soiattered Reports Add More Victims to Toll. While Many Are Still Missing. The speaker realizes that he is facing rather desperate situation In the House and ho Ib taking no chances. Whllo no agreement wns reached -by the tariff conferees on coal: lumber. Dog Needs Cremoline Soap CltuiB the skin- of-''All dandrnfr, tavlng noft inn glossy kills ticks, Heel cure sroRie a hides, oil, Iron ore, tho cotton schedule or wood pulp und print paper, It was said.

tonight by tho conrcreos after adjournment for tho dny that the prospects "of. settling WASHINGTON, July Tho massive flgurehoad of the battle ihin meir mg quesiions lomorrow excellent. PROPERTY LOSS $1,000,000 Should tho conforenco complete Its work tomorrow 11 wouui no impORsimc 10 ro-nort It bofore TueMdav. nn tho House. cracked heelt.

toretv, tLnA galls and prevents, whlto halr. TlemoVes all foul odors and wards off ulUcasat. Our booklet on Dog; Pout- try. cntt1, -horios nnd hogs mailed freo. your dealer for 'It, 'or write Old hone, Prospect 84, E.

M. RIFE, State Manager 1024 E. Market which ngrnod to tho conference on the tariff bill and, therefore, under the rules, niusi receive nerore me cnaic, air Journed today until Tuesday. Heroin measures worn put Into opera tlon todav' In nn offnrt tn crimtinsn el If Indiana, which Is one of the Interesting relics of tho old navy, will bo. son to Iii-dtannpolls for permanent keeping, either In the Htnto Museum, the State Library, the Court Kouse or some I other publlo plnoo whero It will bo always on exhibition.

Itepresontatlve Korbly made application several days ago for this relic, and he has Just recolvod a favorable reply from the Navy Department. The figurehead Is of metaf and weighs about two tons. It Is molded In the shape of a bust of Cloorgo Washington and In an historic ornament. It will rank as one of tho Large Section, of Lone Star State Contains Many Signs of Devastation. MELILLA, Morocco, July 23.

All ofTI-I clnl statement Issued Mils evening concerning tho light between tlio Spaniards nnd tho Kabylo Irlbesmen, saya that bc-i foro dawn this morning the Moors opened a Koncrnl attack on tho Spanish 1 advance positions, concentrating their of-; furls against Sldl Musa and the garrison jnl Capo Moreno. Tho lighting was of tho most furious character, but a sortie by nix' compnnlcH of Spanish infantry and a llghl Held battery wits successful and tho enemy foil buck two kilometers. I Number Killed Not Known. In the lighting a Snnnlnh colonel and three other iitllcern were killed and llilr-j teen wounded. Tho number of casualties among the enlisted men is not known.

Newly debarked troops havo been hurrlud foronces ousting between tho Senate and House on tho tnrlff. bill and to carry out President Taft's program for a reduction oi (union on raw maiurinis. All oxcopt the actual conferees woro excluded from the chamber und It wa agreed that disausslous lending' up to PALAtE LIGHT OIL Pennsylvania's Premlnm. Product J3flBt for incubators hocftuoo cleanest. Keeps even temperature.

Makes no. sulphurous gas. Insured large hatch and vigorous chicks. Glvo un trial order lor a subject Sffrova1, TIOIA ii Hi-memem, 01 any or mo sunjecis familiarly termed Vnntlonnl Issuos" should be regnrdod na confidential. All nf the BEST POULTRY FENCE Biuio most relics.

This llgurehead went through tho Spanlsh-Ainorlcttii war and was' on the battle ship Indiana during the battle of Santiago. At that time the color of the nuyy was white nnd tho metal flgurohoad, bglng a very hrlght object, could be seon at long distances. Whon It was decided to follow the example of Great Britain and paint tho warships a slate color, the GALVESTON. July S3. Other than to add several hundred thousands tn "the monetary Inns, lonlnht's illflpnlchcn from the roimt sections of Louisiana and Texas ami from lumdrml miles of the Interior Illumine hut llllle the tale of the hurrlenne of Wednesday, which rivaled In Intensity the storm of 1800.

The number Hilled Is conservatively estimated at twenty-fivo; those more or less, seriously Injured uro twice as many, conferees said tonight that the fntltngs entertnlnod for each othor were more pleasant than they had been for many days. Whon Arthur B. Sholton, clerk of tho Finance Committee and William IC. Payne? clork of the Mouse Ways and Means Committee, wero excused from the to mo rroni. I At 4i30 o'clock this afternoon tho Moors i resumed the offense and tho firing nl that time was general.

The fighting during tho nfturnoon ro-' suited In a defeat for the Bnanlsh trnons. KEEPERS We nro distributing agents for Lewis Bee Ware Send for Free Catalogue. Best Small Chick' Feed In the State. Get oar prices New Phone 467. The M.

Scott Co. 1002 -East Wanhlngton St. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. uguroneun naa to go, as It rurnlshccl too conspicuous' a target for the enemy's guns. MRS.

MOLD t. LEWIS. Under a galling lire by tnc Moors iney were untihle to hold the ground thev had conference, it was understood that votes would he taken on nil of tho subjects Will Be. Loaned to state. gained and at.

In order to avoid disaster, retreated to their old positions. Theoretically the flinirnbnnA will hn and the property loss Is conservatively, SPANISH TROOPS IN MUTINY. loeneii 10 ino siate oi Indiana, ana tne title to It will remain In the government, but It is bellevod that It will stay In tho uusiuuy 01 me stum inrflv.r. ir win re- Also make a enco to turn stock and poultry. Catalogue mailed free of our many designs In poultry and stock fence.

(let Our Prices. SHI HER ft ANDERSON, INB. Box 10. Both phone. mnln for the city and state authorities at Indlnnapolls to decide where It can ho locatod to the boBt advantage.

Mrs. JIolllo E. Lewis, widow of the late W. T. Lewis, formorly Htntion master for the Traction Terminal Company, died yesterday at tho homu of a daughter.

Mrs. C. 0. Tyner, 2609 East Tenth street. She was 02 years old.

She was mnrrled to Mr. Lewis at Gal-Inten, In 196C. She Ib survived by seven children, Mrs. Tyner, Mrs. AI Mueller, Mrs.

Fred Johnson, Mrs. AI Ervln, John It. and Thomas E. Lewis of Indianapolis nnd Charles E. Lewis of Chlvngn.

Tho funeral will take place Monday afternoon with burial at Crown Hill. TRY A WANT IN THE STAR. IT WILL BRING RESULTS; estimated at $1,000,000. Belated reports may add to the list of casualties and the property damage, hut, except to Isolated points, all communication has been restored. Identified dead are: INFANT OF M.

CAl.kOWAT, Bay City. CAPT. MATTHISWKs swept from the schooner Ellen In the gulf. E. EnRlo Lake; formorly of Waterloo, la.

BATHU. Cameron Palish. I.n. TOM MUrtPHY, Cameron Parish, Ln. ireBiueiiL rail win noi do aoie 10 attend tho opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Aug.

10 to 21. Recently Senator Bevcl-ldae nnllnrt at the White in uispuie oeroro aajournmont xor mo day. An the question of -hides is giving the committee more trouble than any other of the schedules that have claimed tho attention of the President, It was discussed first. The discussion had not proceeded far before It was developed that tho differences between tho two Houses wore almost Irreconcilable unless boots and shoos nnd other leather goods should be greatly, rcducod If hides were to go on tho freo UbI. West Enters Protests, Senator Aldrich has reports from many Western senators protesting against the removal of the duty on hides or a reduction below 10 per cent ad valorem.

The onlv terms on which the Western senators would consent to consider the abolition of the duty involved the ro- Make Demonstration When About to Sail for Seat of Trouble. 11KNDAYE, Franco, July 23. Mall advices from Madrid tonight nay that tho demonstration aRolnHt tho war In Morocco continued Wednesday and Thui-sday. When KuK Alfonso Visited tlio barracks io say farewell to tlic soldlorn bound for Morocco, tho troops ami their made violent manifestations. Three cotnnanleii of ohassours mutlned Mouse and personally urged the President to go to Indianapolis for that luoiiy inu senuior receiveu a loiter from Frank W.

Carnenter. the President's secretary, nnnounclng that tho President would not be able to adjust his dates so as to attend. Mr. Carpentor wrote: debris, wnn carried seaward about fifteen and threatened tho oflleers who tried to DR. CT.OVrj, Richmond, Tox.

Following Is a tubulated report from ml ics. nhnul fnr rlehrlfl to catch Oil lucll the trouble, but tinally wore sur-vniuiHixt fitiil (1nm-Kifl nf their cartrldues. to be wan astounded to nee his cork the stricken district: UUrniB me noiuifr ai. inc- railway nw.nni nr iVin iintv nn conns. The president directs me to express his real regret at his Inability to accopt.

in tho event of his making a Westorn trip he does not contemplate starting on It before the middle of Sentembcr. Will Property io crowds louteit Jown wun me war; scuss on then turned upon me amount Injured. of reduct one me loniner iraue. mnm and tried to wreck tho cars. Troops wero! ordered up to aid tho police In realorlnn order.

During tlio manifestations women stand without serious Injury. On tjils sub- inn ii i-nriniv nr nnininnN wnrn pxnn ph you bo good enough to convey to tho officials who extended tho Invitation to the President his eordlal thanks for their courtesy?" anil cnudren wero irampiea unuer iool and many of them wero Injured. many of which appeared to somo of. tho conferees to bo Inconsistent. Soon It wns dcvoloped that tho conferees would havo TALKING to comer wun associates noi.

un in inference committee and their adjourn PARROTS Hand-raised. Tho kind tin ment wns token unm ju ciock lomor VnW. llnailnR with the current, and grabbed them. With these nn supports under bis arrnn wwnm back into Iho bay and wns carried by the tides Into Galveston Upper Ray. thirty miles from where the pier collapsed, and was picked up by a boat.

lie wns In the water thirty hours. The bodies of Cnpl, R. li. IHit.tlson nnd bis wife, scantily clad and Klrdert with life preservers, were found by Hsher boyn nl MorRan's Point. The corpses worn lashed and clasped lonethnr In the (angled sen weed. Helllson and bis wife wero amoiiK the party of ten who wero nwopt off a pier nonr Galveston by- the hurrlcnno Wednesday. Slnudtaneous with tho report, of tho recovery of tho bodies of the Bettlaons comes the thai Rrnost A., a dlnlngroom boy who was ono of the party man. 910,000 10.000 S.OOO 100,000 f.0,000 10.000 UO.ODO 100,001) 7 ft oo oll.Ofltl r.

ft, ono 10,000 30,000 10,000 Columbia lon City Bay City JIttehPORk Eatjlo Lake Wo I lib Mark hum Van Vleclt Angloton i.a Grange Omnlwii Wharton JUchmond PuIhcIoh Collcftc Tort Vol unco "I'll Campo Creole razor la Itock Inland "Wolmor PARROT and Cage' TALK After the duty hns been (Ixod on hides and leather goods little. dltHculty Is apprehended In reaching an ngreemont to put oil on tho free list nnd In compromising upon a duty of about Jfi cents a ton nn rnnt. a rate of $1.25 a thousand feet The novices auueu mat an meonngH called to -protest against tho war arc being suppressed, and that tho newspapers have been forbidden to publish false dispatches from tho front under penalty of confiscation. Public excitement, It Is said, is increasing. 'CALLS FOR 40,000 SOLDIERS.

Spanish Commander Says That Number Is Needed to Subdue Tribesmen. MADRID, 23. It Is reported that Gon. Marina, commander of the Spanish forces at Melllla, has Informed the goy' eminent that he will require 40,000" inen to insure a doelBlve defeat ovor 'the Moorish tribesmen. DANCER'S SCANTY FROCK OFFENDS NEW YORK COPS Gertrude Hoffman Gives Penal Code Severe Crimp and Must Answer Public Indecency Charge.

NEW YORK, July 23. Two Central of-tlco mon, Walden and Rathgeber, wont to II am me rate in 's Roof Garden tonight Just about tho time that Gertrude Hoffman quit frisking In tho Spring Song When Husband Hoffman, who leads We Invlte'you to como In and see them or write for prices nnd catalogue. on rough lumber with proportionate differentials and a rate of about S3 a ton on print paper. Iron ore Is expected to We also have pedljrreed white Persian kittens. give more irounio man uiiyui uiuwl' hu on mo pier, was roscueci anvo near iior-Kan's Point todav.

Booth bad been float- 7 M00 100,000 Rogers Bird Store 128 N. Delaware Indianapolis, Ind. In on driftwood for nenrly forty-elRht Tho news that the conferees bail excluded tho clerks of the committee nnd wero trying to roach decisions on 'the im- rmrtntit llnniH in rllsniltc was not lo'nc In Storm Covers 100 Miles. Hours. The Abornathv fninllv.

Ilvlnc near Kiirh W'HM Ward' Bird Store Island, has boon acrounted for, anil no mm Wife Hoffman's special orchestra, brought down his baton with a final jerk and the buss drum gnve a triumphant boom, Walden and Rnthgeber wont behind tho sennPH and "ninnhod" Gertrude. reaclilng tho hordes of lobbyists in iho corridor. From that moment everything PRESIDENT 'OF EARLHAM ikkuuoiuu ucatiis nave ut'tsri reported rrom tho oountry about Iho JVIntagordn 21 Market Si, Indianapolis FAVORS STATE CONFERENCE News of the Churches. ney sum mat miss tiorcman snipped too ngiuiy nrrnyeu ana mat section' ioau, Subdivision 7 nf the nennl code had suf The "Rev. JoBonh M.Artman of tho Groon HOOSIER KILLED IN STORrV) C.

H. Dally, Formerly of Irid'lnnapolls, One of Galveston Victim a. fered a crimp. Miss Hoffman slid into a was confusion. Tno representatives oi special Interests without success, every sort of artful dodge In their nnxlcty to team something of tho nature of the proceedings.

Several tlmos tho voices of tho conferees sounded through the walls at a high pitch that Indicated nnythlng but harmony. If there wns any friction, It. was smoothed over before the conforenco wns adjourned. All members enmc out of tho chnmhor smiling. Pro(.

Kelly Writes Governor Marshal That Ho Is Willing to Attend Educational Gntherlng. The of Governor Mar Street Congregational Chureh, Chicago, will preach tomorrow morning-at the First Congregational. Church. There will bo no evening service. C.

TI. Dally, who lost-fits llfo In the AT STUD FEE 810.09 TEDDY HOOKER THE UNDEFEATED Weight 13 lbs BOSTON TERRIER 1234SO Sired bj- Little Hooker, 13 he hy Bu HI run 's Punch, Dam', Bonnie, '14 llw. Write for stud enni. DAN SCUEIBLE, 9A So. 111.

St, bAuupilli hurricane which swpp( the Gulf of Mexico Hhall ii few duyH iiko Hint desired to hold eonfe'rence with thu houds of tho At Rock 1 aloud nine of the largest bulldlnga were either raxed or partially wrecked, tin damago beltiK estimated at 75,000, Klfty houses were blown down lit WolniRf, and the property toss will approximate $100,000. hart on suffered more thun from the storm of 1000. Tho streets urn blocked with debris, nnd nhortago of labor In delaying tho restoration of normal conditions. vAdvlces. show that damage wuh dono by- the Htorm throughout section In Texas extending on nn average 100 miles Into the interior.

In many count Urn Home reports Indlcato that very few hotiKe-holderH csnnned losses of at leant a minor sort, which in the aggregate total a large "While tlio property dost met ion nan been groat, tho Iohs of life and the proportion of injury Is almost InoxplU cably small. This Is attributed largely 'Id the fact that storm warning gnvd the Inhabitants an opportunity to prepare. Crops Suffer Henvily. Tho Tflev. Honry S.

Oekelor. naator of tho ot uaiveston, Wednesday iilghl. while nshlngyffom a pier, formerly lived Central Avenue Reformed Church. Is nrcaoh- llrroi'ent mliumtlnmil Institutions ol tho regular dress and wont to tho -west Forty-Seventh Street Police Station. Walden and Rathgeber had It onterod on tho blotter that Mlas Hoffman had Slven a dance that wns contrary to public econey.

Tho dancor confided to Lieut. Mc-Queenle that she was 24 years old and an actress. Geo we Cons kit no hustled Into tho Station Houso und went bail. He gave lfiOB Broadway as security for tho J500. Walden, who wns tho captnln on duty at police headquarters tonight, said that nntaodv nrdrod him to arrest Miss Hoff state this rail lias aroused Interest among Ing a cpurso or Hunaay ovenmr sormons on "Summer RoliKlon." His subjoet tomorrow ovonlnB will bo "Water for tho Thirsty." Insurgents Hold Meeting, Tho nnti-frne matorlnl "intnirBfints" of tho Hon He mot today.

Thoro woru only twonty-aovon momhorB prenont nnd nl-thuUKh flovorftl Rpeochon wero mnde, no rpRnlntlnnn of nrotost wore ndnntocl. At the First Bant 1st Church tomorrow tho the ixiIIoko presidents. In reply to Ooveruor Marshall's letter nulling a eonforuneo. President Hohert Kelly of Enrlhutil ColloBe yesterday soht a reply to tho nlTcet that ho would ho Ri-eatly Interested In sueh a oonferonee. In his letter President Kelly suld: "If i In mieli a ennferonco as Rov.

Benjamin Dlckhaut of the Collegiate Reform Church of Now York city, will preach morning and evening. 'I'ho cotton HOhedulo wns conHldorod nt tho forenoon aosslon of tile conforenco oommitteo todny. Whllo thlH nchoilulo waa man. He took one look nt the dance and beat it hack of tho stage. The corner stone of tho nfcw North Parle in nis parents resided at An-: dersgn Ills father Is a rotlred physician.1 1i Dally four years ago was employed hi tho circulation department of The Indianapolis Star.

At the lime of his death he wns employed by the Galveston Tribune. Tho dnv before his death Mr. Dally addressed a Jotter to U. J. Oonigan, clr-culntlon manager of The Star, In which he spoke of his work in Galventon nnd said he was making aaecess there.

Tho letter was rneolvod by Mr. f'orri-gan a few hours after the newspapers gave an account of Mr. Daily's death. STORM KILLS RARE BIRDS. Louisiana Game Commissioner Hears you propose I would not do so with any out-and-drliirt plans of procedure.

In my in 100, the severest portion BUYING LAND. ASKS AID Christian Church, Kenwood avenue anil Twonty-ntnth streot, will bo laid with- ap-pronrlato ceremonies Suntlny, Aug. 1. 190D, at 4 p. m.

Tho Rov. A. t. Orcutt will make tho principal addreos. ci me niow came miring oayiigni.

In manv nlacen crous have been nros rated, but tho hot sun following the Dr. Ilurlsloiic will nrrach In the Rohorts Judgment the feollnif uotweon tno state nnd nonstalo Institutions of higher loorn-Iiib Is very eordlal und It seems to mo that nothlriK hut sood eould come from such a eonforenee as you propose. If you see lit In extend formal Invitation for sueh a conference I shall lie pleased to respond." 1, Mint IHn llhROtU'C of T'l'CS- mirricane is uoing much lo remoro normal conditions In the fields and loss cml- School Board. Appeals to City Council In Purchasing Library Site. Mayor Rookwalter hns under advise Pnrlc Church tomorrow nltzht on "Tho Powor of Christian Hcntlmont." Tho themo of tlio ment a requoHt tho Board of School mom ntf aermon will oo -jjiro as a mcwaru- flhlp." Commissioners for finunclal aasiatance That Breeding Grounds Are Overflown, NI3W OltUSANS.

July 23. Tho lilent" Wllllain I-owo Ilryan of Indiana from tho City Council in nurchaslnsr a Thrt nnhorts Park mon's Blblo ulaau will not (iispoaoo or, mo wore pruc-tlcally In ngreoment to ndopt tho Sonnto IncrenHQR on morcorland cottons, hut to roduco a number of the Semite rates on lower grndofl. It. wns announced Hint the Increased rates of Internal revenue on tobacco, which wero adopted by tho Sonnto nt. tho lnstaneo of Sonator Eloverltlffo.

will be! neceptod. It wns reported yesterday thnti thoHo amenrlments would lie eliminated from the bill nnd Senator BeverldKo pro-1 tested with Rood result to President Tnft nnd Seeretnry or the Treasury SlacVeiiBh. The conferees today ncoepted a Sonnto amendment Imposing a duty of 45 per cent nrtvnlorom nn structural steel punahod for' use. Jn determining this rate tho House members had their flrnt roll enll of the conference, 'Phis method nf disposing of the question was regnrded as significant In view of, tho statement by Representative Payne that ho would nnt be governed merely by tho will of majority of tlio HopuhUcuu conferees of site for ono of tho branch Carnegie 11- meet In the' main auditorium tomorrow mnrnlnir at 10 o'clock. Herbert M.

Ailltln- Louisiana game commissioner received news tonight that about hlrds on the breed I ini iiroundH rnabi(ahud bv bit University, who 1b on his vacation In the Adirondack Mountains, will postpone tlio conference desired by Governor Marshall. Ur. nryan will not return to the untvor- nrnricK in tno sou mem part or lnaianap-olla, Tho site In view Is Kate N. Dean nronertv. Madison avenue and Pros Hnn will Mpealt on "Paul's Bermon on Mars Hill." Men invueu, commission on Pattledoor, Audubon and "WILLIAM MARTIN BOWLES, 80 years old, a veteran of the civil war, died In Bloomington, Friday.

was member of Company Sixty-sixth Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, under Capt. Felix C. Blvln nnd Col. Roger Martin. He waa, captured at Richmond, 1882.

He marched with Gen. Sherman to the sea. MRS. FRANCES BARNARD. 73.

years old, dlod at Lafayotto Friday. after a short lltnoHs. The following children eurvlve: Mrs. OB. B.

Smith, West Lufayotte; O. Barnard, Wnlter Lane and A. J. Sims. Lafnyntte, and Mrs.

Ellzabotli Hamilton, Seattle; wnsh. MRS. MELISSA 68 years old. wlfo of Joseph Jeweler arid civil war veteran of Qreensburg, Is dead as a result of a complication of diseases. A husband, two daughters and, a son survive.

MRS. JACOB GIOSON, 64-years old, of Prather, near Jeffersonville, Is She was a member of a' lending family. McDANIEL, 19 yearH old. died Friduy at of typhoid In the absence of JihIro U. Z.

Solon mates from this source are easy of exaggeration. Along the coast the storm extended from a point near New Orleans to Brownsville, with the center of soverity In the neighborhood of Hay City and Yeiasco. At Brownsville there was heavy wind, but small ilamaut. in the Interior tho damage zone farthest north In along the Galveston, llarrlsburg San Antonio Railway, with zig-zag dives at towns and Into rural districts to tho north of it. Former Spirit Repented, 1 "With tho 'plrlt born the morning of Sept.

0 nine yearn ago, when Galveston nwoko to ilnd Us shores littered with 8,000 dead and the city In rnlun, the twlco-threatened city begins the rebuilding of tho buildings rased. There will be no work of removliur the debris, as pect street. It is of mifllcient size to he suitable for a library with additional ground for a small park besides, Thu nronertv has been offered for $11,000. Hretoii islands, orr the Houtliwestorn coast of Louisiana, had been killed la tho storm. Many of the birds wero of rare varieties.

The islands were swimt and nvortlnu'ii lw nnodo. one 'of the editors' of tho Ameri Oovernnr Marshall said yesterday that ho had no dellnlto date In mind for the eonforenee. lie snld he would arrange It to suit the convenience of the different men who will ynnt to attend. can Farmer, will conduct tho men's Bible Tho request was put before tho mayor tho gulf waters. clans at tne uentrai uurmuan utiurch tomorrow mornlnff at 8:30 o'clock.

LARGE SUGAR MILL WRECKED. Thn Rev. John K. Frve of Arlznnn will MAY D0.DGE LICENSE NO. 13 yoHiorciuy mornms unaries w.

flioores, Iireldont, and Henry C. Blckols.of the Hchool Hoard. Tboy had already naked asHlstanco of the Honrd of Park Commls-Hlonora, but had heen told that tho board had no money available for that nurnoHe. occupy the pulpit of the First Presbyterian Church tomorrow morning. Thoro will ho npeclal music by the choir, preceded by nn' FOR AUTOMOBILE DRIVERS tno as Mr.

I'nyne voted with tlio ninjorliy in favor of the Senate Increnso, however, no, Issue was raised. orfiH.ii icuuui. i Mayor Bookwalter promised Mr. MooreH that lie would consider the question and see If nnanclnl nlu could he obtained The Rev. J.

W. J. Collins, pastor of iho East Tenth Street M. 13. Church, will preach GAY PAREE DANCER INJURED.

iho waters have scattered It along tho coast ono end of the Island to tho Board of Safety Already Has Many Pro; to.ts From Chauffeurs Aaalnst "Hoodoo" Tag. ifnrtv anollcallons alroudy have boon rrom the council. tomorrow mornins on -uoa-s imminence. ot net. His subject will bo "The Good revor.

Girl From Carnival Has Steel Splinter In BURGLARS IN STAFFORD HOME made to Joint 13. Wood, clerk of the Board Foot nnd Goes to, State Prison Institution Damaged $275,000 1 During Texas Hurricane. riUAZOIMA, July 23. Tho Inrgo sugar mill at the Ciom'eiis penal farm, located few miles from this town, was demolished in the storm. The loss Is One of the prisons was wrecked, but no one wan Injured.

The sloop Columbia, with four men aboard, blown out to sea, ban not been hoard from. NEWCASTLE BANKER DIES. Wa3 Auditor of Henry County for Two Terms. NMWCASTLn, July 23. Joshua BUILDINGS BEING VACATED TO' MAKE WAY FOR THEATER Graphic tale of their battle with tho waives are told by thono swept from the Tarpon llHhlng pier Into tho gulf, who wore clinging lo hits of wreckage along 'tho beach near Morgan's Point.

'RayG, Tcetshorn of Houston tells an Interesting story, 'it was shortly after mlilnlcht of Wednesday. Mr. Tec shorn tlu th of tho Qny Pureo CMrla, showing In thu Mooro Carnival, iv not Ransack Meridian Street Dwelling In Ab sence of Family. The residence of E. E.

"Stafford, at, 240B North Meridian street, was ransacked by Hamaruan. At the Meridian Street M. E. Church tomorrow morning Dr. 8tnnHeld will -preach on "Fundamontalo of Christian Faith." Improvements at the Edwin Kay M.

Church are In such a condition as to permit regular service tomorrow. Following Sunday school at o'clock, tho pastor, tho -Rev, li, Cllpplnffor, will speak at 10MG o'clock-en "Tho Blesslnss Af 'Public Worship." Tho Epworth League will moot at CMS o'clock. Tho pastor's subject at tho oveninff service nt 7M5 o'clock will be "The Young Pcoplo and the Church," of Puhllc Surety, for chaurtuur licenses, nlthnusli the now ordinance has not yet been sIriiimI li.v Mayor Bonkwnllor nnd Is Ihererore, not yet a law. The Adams Express Company, which employs many automobile delivery wasons, nolllled Mr. Wood that It would take tlio llrst twenty llcoutos thut aro Issued.

The most slronuous doslro of some ehailffeurs Is to obtain lleonso No. 1 and dodge tho thirteenth. huve united fnr the llrst burglars yesterday: -The family la nbaent declared, that the fliyn real alarm for the safejy of Hottlson'a Pier was felt. It was ten hours later that It gave way and mo party or ten cast no water. do tier turn nt.

diinuinR rturltif? tho next few ilnys. In faut. alio may not be nblo tn trip the light fantastic again during the cugaRi'inent of tier conYpiuty in In-dluuaimlla, for fihli hnn a long and ahurp Htoel spllntor in tho hall of liar rlffht foot. According to her sUttomont to phy-Hiulann ailsH Jonca wuh walklnK about tho now city ball yoflturdny nfturnoon when alio ateppwd on a atcol pOHt. A Hllver of atocd penetrntod hot alioo and before tho building nank we from home and the burglary-was discovered last evonlns by Norman Coulln, a relative who haa been visiting the homo occasionally during tho absence of tho Stnffords.

The amount of plunder secured by the burglara may bo extensive. aucordinH" to tho statement of Coulln. The house was rniiBacked thoroughly by the visitors, who Occupants of Boarding Houses at llllnola and New York Streets Move fop Wreckers. Vans.were busy all of yesterday remov- Ing household furnishings from the flat building -on tho southwest corner of Illinois and; New York streets, which is ''to po replaced by a new vaudeville' Iheater. Tho' structure, which haa stood on corner 'for more than twenty-live -yearn and for nt least ten years hos been turned over.

to. (ho keepers, of. boarding houses will he'vtorn down substituted a playhouse costing more thun Tho property belongs to Mra, S. Bnrkley, North Meridian street, who recently mado lease for nlhety-nlne llocnno and now Mr. Wood Is trying to Ilnd nut how he will decide.

Other uuto-tnnhlle owners havo declared that will not accept No. Ill and It Is possible tho ball or ner tool 111. Fturrv Pas ley of-tbo Citv. Dlnnon nary attempted to remove tlio ateol hint eviucnuy usea pieniy oi time unci iitrnen rl in worn and oheats Inside out. A seal- I.

Morris, fiS years old. vlco prcsldont. of the First National Hank of this city sluco lfiOr, died today at noon at his home on tfouth Fourteenth street. Mr. Morris laid boon in poor health -for the last twenty years, but a rugged constitution ami a strong will powor enabled him to stavo off death.

Mi. Morris wus a natlvo of llonry County and bad spent all of his llfo here. Judge Douglass Morris or Ilushvlllo and A. O. Morris and Mrs, Elizabeth Horltage of KnlghtHtowu aro brothers and sister.

In November, 18S2, Mr. Morris was elected auditor of llent-v C'mintv and vnn. fildn cloak and cape are known lo bo among that the uniucay uumoer win uui ur eluded among those Issued by tho hoard, Air Wnnil snld vestei'llaV llmt 16 OX- in Inlri. nn further steoa In out- wont to too rooi, iieciarou Air, 'i eiMsnorn. "The building went down easy In fact, fllmply crumbled beneath us and wo struck, the water ouh.v.

Everybody scrambled for himself. 1 think all of us started off -on some wreckage and the wind and tide carried us through the water, while the. high sea boat us and the rollers broke over' and beneath us. The first piece of wrockago I got on to crumbled and broke rid fished around and Dually gut on to a mattress, which soon became water soaked and sank. Then I scrambled about and finally crawled on to a piece of lumber about twelve feet long and I stuck to this until picked up.

Bettison, who owned tho plor, wan 'a pool follow and went about dellber-' ntely giving Instructions when thu storm camo up. With our life preservers on, wo wont' to the roof of tho pavilion to bo prepared for tho worst," llnlns bis plnn until Mayor nooltwnltor YOUNG AND PRETTY MUSIC TEACHER ADMITS FORGERY Girt Arrested for Drawing $30 From Bank at Muncle on Fajse MUNCIE, July 23. Miss llo Blodgott, a pretty 10-year-old tenoher this olty, was arrested this afternoon on a charge of forgery. The crime Is alleged to havo been committed July 1I. A oheck bearlmr the slKnature I missing articles, uouuu sain to ui-floers Trtmpo and Huckor, however, that Mllverwaro and Jewelry, such as tho family did not had been placed in a safety deposit vault.

DRIVER SERIOUSLY INJURED. SlgUllied 1US iniOIHlon WUU iubiuu iu lira license. Tho mayor has been Indisposed ailll.lnv lltirl llflH IlOt Vet eOUSidOl'Od ovnnuiff, nui luuuci urmiy iinncuaon that bu ordered the stiow Klrl taken to the City Honpltnl. FIND WOMAN PROSTRATE. police Called to Konnlnoton'Streot Send Mrs, Curtis to Hospital.

Whon physicians ''from the City DIh-ponnnrylnnswored call to tho homo of Mra. Clara Curtis, 1518 Konnlhgtoii streot, tho ordinance. In Iho event ho signs It llnued In this capacity for two tonus of tho Board or Haroty win negin immooiHin-H in fni'imdntn Its svstom of registration. iuur uu en vacn. A daughter.

Miss Blanche Morris, and Whn Imw hnnnraiiH nffentlvn at the end of two woeks after It has been signed by tho her mother survive. Mr. Morris was active In tho affairs of tho Republican John Carr, Transfer Man, Thrown From Wagon In Runaway. I John Carr, a trnnafer wagon driver, was seriously and perhaps fatally (njurod years on. tho property, uatrbuiming, which for.

so -years. has been homo of transients, formerly was occupied by persons who havo more prominent tin Indlanapqlls affairs, At the time it' was built, years ago, It wns In the henrt of gootU residence district, but, gradually -gavo way. Workmen will begin razing Mho structure noxt.woolc andvtho erection of now theater w(ll he pushed ns. rapidly ug. mayor.

of Charles Storbeok, with whom Miss inut ovnninir tbov found Mrs. Curlln lv ner npparenlly uncoiiBclous and deHorted, Ao- pitt'iy. tie wan u. ineinnur oi iat ITUHUV- terlaii Church and a Scottish Itllo Mason. BAR OUT "BLUE EYE" CORN, yosterday morning In front of 117 Spruce EJECTED FROM ONE CAR, IMPRISONED IN ANOTHER jjiougoi mauener uome unm ono month ago, drawn for $30 and presented to tho Delaware.

County National Bank of Mun-cio, lfl-rosponsiblo for'tho arrest. After a rigid examination Miss Blodgott confessed. to the not nnd was placed USES CORK LEGS AS PRESERVERS. Legless Man's Experience In Storm and Water Is Thrilling. GALVESTON, Tex; July 211.

Wllllnm Daviea of Groveton, a legless man, CoruUlK IO inu. miumiwino ui uuifiiiuui Mt'H. CurtlH foil In tho baelt yard and ber husband and auvorul uthem wlui woro with thorn run away, leaving her pmH-trato. Dr, l-judoy, In ohartfo of tho ambulance, roported iho matter to tho po- pnsHiniu. J-nu iimiiM.iui- imu Hiruuvure nave' already been completed and the.

lessees ex street when ho was, thrown from his wagon. Tho loam he was driving became frlghtenod and ran away. Curt was thrown to tho ground with such forco that It Is feared his skull was fractured. Ho waa taken to St. Vincent's Hospital; whore he romalned unconscious' several hours.

Physicians suy 1its recovery is doubtful. S0 years old, furnished tho most thrilling pect to lose-no time in erecting tno nej? TURKS CELEBRATE At tho City Hospital, whoro Mrs. CurtlB Excitable Passongor Has Series of Adventures That Finally Land Him In Jail. After being forcibly ejected from ono Interurban oar hiBt night at a point in tho country east of Irviugton, Hlulno Key-noldB of l.owlsvlllo, was picked up Tonnessca Millers Wnrn Indiana Dealers Aaalnst DIseaBe Producing Qorm, kVaNSVILUH, July 23. Grain denlc't'H af thla L'lty woro warned today by Nashville (Tenn.) millers itKiiinnt fnrlhor KhlpmontH of "liluo oyo" ooi'li from tills toiTllory, It bolni; nllocod that to thlH pconllar bllKbt In corn Is'dno dlHoiiKQ nf tho liunum sldn whloh 1ms been worrv- immn t-ounxr jau in oerauu or to await hearing in tho City Court tomorrow, morning, Miss Blodgett's par-enta aro dead and she has been making an effort to maintain herself by giving musical Instruction to a few pupils until recently, when she wont to Andoriftm, Sho returned to thlttlclty a short.

tlmo ago and was 'found by the police this after whb eavod ror, paysiouuis ooimvu mm mu-foi'B from un attack of acute hyfUorlu, She regalnod conHolousnoss, but her condition wuh Hucb-that alio could not talk. ANNIVERSARY OF FREEDOM experience of any of the storm victims no fur, recorded. Ho was at tho Tarpon Ashing pier, seven miles from Galveston In tho gulf, and wltbT others was thrown Into mo sea when tho big building was demolished by the hurricane. Before the building collapsed Davles discarded his two cork legs, nnd catching some of Iho Constitution Was Qrantod Yoar and STOCK BROKER. IS HONORED.

Former New Yorker Made Member of CAPT. W. H. H. SHEETS DEAD noon nrier uuigoiu soarcii, iuk 'I'onuoKHOu pnysiomnK ior somo uino.

Tho "blue oyo Is duo to a combination of warmth anil wetnoBs In tho last ripen Yosterday Was Declared "Throuohout Nation. CONSTANTINOPLE, July 28. Tho llrst Legion of Honor, PARIS, July 23. Among those who wero nuuio mombers of tho Legion of Honor nnnlvorsuiT of tho Kruiitlne of tlio Turkish oonatllutlon wan oolobratod throuchotit tho today were Solomon Dejouge, formerly a DEAFNESS catarrhal Inflammation af-' foots the ears and hearing It Is tho beginning of what will end In deafnenB 'and unfortunately for thono afflicted stock broker In Now York; M. Qatlne, secretary of the -state logatlon at Havana, und Daniel Levy, president of the Alll- oountry today as a national holiday." The capital Itsolf wna In a festive, mood and tlio deooratod stroetH were thronged with visitors.

Mitltrin MnlimQd rOVlBWOd lFk.finri trnn'n. by another car. lie bohavod In a disorderly innnnur In both cars, It Is obargud, but In tho second, Instead of being thrown off, ho wuh Imprisoned in the baggage ruom and held until tho ear readied the oily turmlnal, whoro ho was turned over to tlie police Reynolds ovldently drank to excess yoa-torday. Ho boarded a T. I.

E. car about 5 o'clock and hardly had thu Journey started than passeugors In tho car found occasion to complain of his notions. Ho resisted whon ho was' nrdorod from tho cur Just beyond Irviugton and was ojeotod by tho crow. He was loft lying at tho. side of tho Irucks.

An Inbound car upproaobod and tho motnrmun saw tho prostrate llguro. Ho sloppod nnd Reynolds was picked up, the crow having tho lin- nrnsHlnn that ho had fallen from, or been anco l' rnncaiHQ' oi wan ran. BOYS DIG, UP "MYSTERY." Unearth Man's Headv After Police-' Had Viewed and Burlod It. A gang o' Dya at Beochar streot'nnd Ringgold avenue persisted In unearthing a grawaome myatery loat night after tho police, flic era Murphy and Hull, went to tho pfacu and buried-It. Tho mystery In this cnse wuB tho head of a.

man, a negroi1 which the ofllcers believe went to-tho dumps at the from some niodlcnl college. A crowd surrounded Iho growsome object whon Desk Crane llrst received tho report. 'There's boon a foul murder hereabouts," the man who telephoned. YTtill nnd Murnhv wont nt ton nnrml tn I Former Indiana Veteran Expires at Home In Washington, WASHINGTON, July S3. (Special) Capt.

Wlllliun Honry Harrison Hhoots, an Indiana soldlor of considerable renown, dlod at 1:16 o'cloolt this aflornoon. With him whon ho passed away were bis wife, a son, Frnzlor. Randolph Sheets; his two slHtors and tho family physician. Capt. Sheets was 00 yoars of ago.

Ho was bom In IndlanapollB. Ho had a wide acquaintance hero, and was a prominent figure In patriotlo circles. Ho mndo nn excellent record In the civil war as a staff and ordnance ofllcor, hav-' Ing pnrtlolpalod In elglity pitched battles nnd ISO skirmishes, ADMITS PASSING BAD CHECK. hefoie the Hill of Llberly nnd subsequently tho ordinary remedies fall to relieve ing HtaKo, it is sain, producing a icrmon-lation wblob afreets, users of tho-corn products. Practically all of southern Indiana's corn Is shipped to Tennessee, BOY STABS BOY I FIGHT.

Noise Like Bull Fro a Is Resented and Struggle Results, LOGANHEJOUT, July 23, Ed Bits. 1C years old, was probably fatally stabbed tonight by George Palmor, 15, because ho whipped Palmer In list fight, Tho boys woro playing on tho South Hide nonr the old oreamery. Hits; resented Palmer's "making fun" of him by milking, a noise like a bull- frog v-and gave Palmar a thrashing. While Palmer wan Indiana College News. the trouble.

But If sufferers will send a two cent stamp to pay postage Prot-yjilnKer OhemlBts, Dayton, Ohio. mia ino. IUUHUI41IUH niunoi ul Hiiuonumeni to. be eroctod at that spot In. momory 'of the soldiers who foil them during the recent revolution.

An a measuro of olemonoy the Sultan has ordered the etisponslon o( fresh prosecutions of poi-flonn who wero connected with the lato reactionary but those alrondy under nrrest and fugitives will not honeflt by tho amnesty. INDIANA Prof. Ulyiwos O. Wenlliorly, hon.l nf ihn flnnurtment. of oconomlca nnt will Bend a free sample of Pretzlncer's Catarrh Balm, which will prove that snolnl sclenco ut Indiana UnlvorBlty, will ionium to the Bturient body nt the ronru- struck by, car.

Onco again Insldo a ear Reynolds again grow, disorderly. He was forced Into the bnggago room with lar aemi-wooltly date. Friday, on "Bookor Wnnhlnctnn and tho Noirro Problem." avery form of catarrh and catarrhal defnosB can be positively cured, Tho first application gives, roller. -Rend what grateful people who have used this tho place and after viewing tho specimen pronounced It another "medical, collego dllllcuity anu was nein iiiere. CORDIAL KILLS LITTLE BOY.

on the ground be is alleged to have stabbed Htz with a ponltnlfe, Indicting a "Sub" Motormnn Takon From Our by i 1 remedy say about It. "I tried so many doctors and Deteotlvas. Hubo Hunt of 1801! ginitli Bolnioul iivii One hundred alumni of Indlnna University realdltiB the olty. of CIiIciibo will hold tholr annuiil rounlun at Park Saturday. STEAM SHIP, MOVEMENTS, Arrived, Port.

CYMRIC MAOAI.IHT013 Adi-n i.a nTillllAINI. llnvro wound In tno rigiu lung, Tne injured boy Is In the hospital tn-a orltlcn) condition. Palmor Is In jail, many remedies with no honeflt. Hut I am pleased to tell you I have nuo, iv "uli" for Ilia louluimpolls Truollon nnfl 'Pnrmhml Cainnitnv. wnn husy ynHter UBod anything that could com pare with your -Balm, Your' Balm day nftornoon leurnlng ti run Hlrtiul.

cnr. Mo whb watohlng tno motormnn und wmi Niirni'lflud to ho Hununoncil frntn tlio Deaths of a Day. NOMINATIONS GIVEN SENATE. Tnft' Forwards List of Appolnteos for 8olonsr Consideration, WASHINGTON, July 2a. Tho President today sont the following nonilnatlops to tltb Senate: Knvoy' inxtraordlnary npil Minister Ploiil potontlary to China C'harlon rt.

Crono, IU. Assistant Director of the Thlrtflenth Deoen. nlal Census Wllllnm WlllouKhtiy, District of Columbia. Postmaster at Spokane. Wash.

P. Edrls. These nominations probably will he con-' firmed in exeoutlvo neBslon Monday, cured mo oi nead noisuB and deatness. mystery o-nu uurien in me numn. Twenty mlnutoa later they received second call.

Tlio boys had dug the head out again, and this time the ofllcors booh rod basket and took the Bkull to Central Police tSatton, whero thoy placed it In tho morgue, LABRADOR MINISTER TO, WED. Dr. W. T. Gronfoira EnoaQomont to Lake Forest (III.) Woman Announced.

TONDON, July 23, The. engagomont wns announced horo today of Dr. Wlllfred Thonmson Grenfoll, the well-known Uthrndor medical missionary, to Miss Anna O. MaeClunuhan of Lake Forest, 111. wand I can not praise It highly enouEh." Mixture Contains Opium and Bnby Falls Into Death Sleep, ANDERSON, July 2H.

Durbln, tho 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mtb. Ed Modlln of Crystal North Anderson, drnnk somo cordial thai contained opium at Ii u'olook this afternoon nnd died, late tills ovonlng from tho poison. Tho bottle lay on a table nnd tho child drank tho contents beforo Its not was observed. A physician was not cnllod until tho family found it Impossible to awaken tho child, and nlthough they workod until nearly midnight the child dlod.

IRA WIEESB of Jackson, wan killed In nn automobile accident at Hloux Falls, yosterduy. I'llEHIDBNT htNUOIiN Plymouth PANANOW1A 'rlt MCINTOAI.M Bristol TIIHMIBTOCHjEH Athens Hulled. Port. KOMNIOEN IiUIBH! Naillos KAIBHIIIN AUOUHTB VIOTOUIA Southampton MONTEZUMA Ant werp VIIIOINIAN Liverpool COI.UMniA Boston "I had hqy revor so had that 1 could lledown Tor wooljs at a tlmo, but ulnce.uslns the Balm, I havo not lost vtiHtlliulo liy Pntcotlvou Dtiisun nml Smith, In tho deteotlvca' olHco nt Contrnl Pollen Station chunk for ulgnoii hy tho niitno "John Hulls" wim nhown him. denied evor liavliiff noon thu check baforo, but after itndorgnlnir oloxo iiues-tlonluK lto ndmltti'd tlmt ho Imd wntton It nnd cimhod It.

Mo Ih olmrHod with puiis-liiff fraudulent ojyiclt. w. KRWTflN SHARP. 44 venl's old. nnnclal editor of tho Evening Bun, died i single night's James Fouls, New Madison, Ohio, li Now York yeBtorduy,.

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