Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on October 24, 1909 · Page 47
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 47

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 24, 1909
Page 47
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- 11 THE DETROIT FREE PRESS: SUNDAY. OCTOBER 24, 1909, m ARCHrrEGT' WEWS ESTATE SJLTI BOARD WANTS A HOME and lawyer jmcussea at jonthly Meeting Held at Mt. Clemen?. r . -ar.t matters came be-i: es-iate board at the . i at the Park hotel at ' Wednesday evening, af-i'.:.c and dinner. ;!atan. chairman of the .'. - .:n:nittee. reported In i mployrnent by the .-.vyor to look after its :..!!owing out the sug- Hannan made at :t:tr. ' :.- of the board said j bo extravagance' at that while the to keep track of natters in the council which affect its in-vver could not be had ' work wanted for a ..- within the present . t.r.ard. Others think there hadn't been to catch the return likely that the mat-vt been discussed more it was laid on the : ubtedly will come up .:) It a strong feeling the employment of a ' . .-ntattve. ' -diey's suggestion that scur-ed who could In -. :s legal duties, take up :v' secretary, also, will . more fully than on -titter of importance was :..n that it !s time the quartets somewhere . w:!-:ro meetings can be .cher members of the each other any time !sy. This, too, will come :--xt meeting. fjfiv called the board's o a proposed ordinance the employment' of -..-Ineers to take care of!ng plants private t, ?;.'-. excluded. This was k a joke by most of the REAL ESTATE MEN PLAY IN FAST GAftfE, ON FAIRVIEW HELD; MANY SPECTACULAR FEATURES WITNESSED It proved two-Mn.Tt men uie vi ov uw u " reach. believe, and that some are older, as sore muscles will show. The hall zame was a great 'sup- Inularlv for Clarence S. cess particularly ior wajwiw i oases' ana who Vaughn, who gets a new hat,-the- lt wag too late. V. I A.m ran tin a SPOm 'OX 11 '. T I rrr. n Q7Q a i, iit: i o -- nobody seemed to know exactly who was "for him and who agin him. It was hard to tell who was running bases- and who playing them until MAKES BIG ADDITION TO RiffilCE PROPERTT EXTENSIVE CONSTRUCTION WORK IN ; PROGRESS BACK OF BIG FORD PLANT ON WOODWARD AVE. V aU&IlIl. HUW a. " ' v cause his team ran up, a score or 11 to 5 for Max Broockhs aggregation. -i nn ne.un wua line into. BBOOCK'8. PoMllon. VAUOHM'S, . .. ...r C... i.... Sroock Lincoln tVorxner Bader .. (Vise . . Epstean tirindle; Bessenger Vauehn Faterson Kelly . Harmon . XlKchon . . . . Leach Duchanne llchl exactly ...8. B..-. .n. F V ...nil ntKnl.' IrnrtWTe n.V. . Knt(nr nril,, WHS KOme mini itiw uni,iiB , body said there wasn't any. The game was remarkable for l,(nn, Hna woe (h SnlpTldid HIUM Llllllgil. Wii ' . . relay work of Wise-Epstean-Broock-Wormer aggregation. Helly hit one down so near the president of the real estate board that ne almost caught lt; Wise tossed It to Ep- .' CnB,ann ,a n,AnIl Rmnplf BICRlli UJJBlCal, .U u, uvv., - - to Wormer. There's assistance for you. isui saa as it may seem r.ciij bv that time had run to second. "Leach made a home run. Some- was ivo , l n n av nv third And Xlguiivu " ml ' (" Leach was snonsiop. nsc"u active and earnest. He touched Leach out three times, thinking he was trying to steal third meantime some other runners ran around. All this happened last Wednesday afternoon out on a Falrvlew field. At 4 o'clock the special car came to pick up the real estate men to take them on to Mt. Clemens for dinner at the Park hotel, and the game had to be called with the finish of the fifth Inning. Just the same, it was a good game and the errors were due only to lack of practice, because most of the board members haven t handled ball or bat since the board game a There were some-who were Just a little timid about playing with a real baseball, so they got out In the field and caught files, using an Indoor baseball, which was big "nouSh for one to see and dodge and not hard enough to hurt. Franklin H. Walker Buys South-j west Cprner of .Jos. Campau ; - and Jefferson. j Franklin'; 'Bt" Walker has pur-1 chased the southwest corner of Jef- 1 ferson and Jos Campau avenues, consisting of 100 feet frontage on i the former-aiid 200. feet on the lat-1 tor thoroughfare. ", The property adjoins Mr. Walk-! er's residence t S5.0 Jefferson, im-1 mediately oft the east. The pur-; chase was made from the Cutler es- ! tate, terms private. i It was said about town that Mr. i Walker had heard that a business ; establishment of some sort was to be built on the lot. next to his home ; and that he hastened to buy up be- ! fore his place could be Injured : thereby. Mr. Walker said yesterday that the rumor it not true. He said, he made . the purchase so that he'i could make ah additlon on his home. : Rrick walls are now belne built, around the side and rear of the lot and the grounds improved. rrAA It ob .A nrnnosterous that it would die a natural death. The matter oi street openings necessary In the city, came up and t. i ill..!.. ,t.n n mn.a ,tlvo ntllTI will be adopted to keep track of all me propuaea uHOII1"&a 114 terests of the real estate men. The next meeting of the board will be held In Detroit nd lt will j L.U.. W. nn ImnAHtfTlt HlialnABJl QUUUieiSd MO a." session. The summer outings have been a great success and all have been largely attended. Monthly trips have been made to some pleasant resort for the sake of an afternoon off, a good dinner and some rubbing of elbows among themselves, during the summer and the real estate men now feel that they can tackle the winter meetings and take some important matters of business. Lots $ 1 40 to $ 1 90 Nc interest or taxes. $1.00 per week payments. No bargains in the city like these only 25 left. See them Sunday. On the ground all day. O'KEEFE & METZEN 25 CLELAND BLDQ., 29 and 31 STATE STREET. Sub. Office, Opp. Palmer Park. SELL LOT FOR SITE OF PRINTER'S BUILDING Hutton & Nail Sell Business Location and Some East End Lots. Hutton & Nail have sold for the Parker estate to the Speaker Hlnes Printing company a 50x80 foot lot on the south side of Larned street, between Bates and Randolph streets, on which the purchasers will erect Immediately a modern printing establishment. Hutton & Nail also have sold In the Hutton, Tigchon & Nail subdivision, Greater East Detroit, a lot S0xl22 feet, on th west side of Lycaste avenue, between Jefferson and Edlle avenues, for $460; - lot 30x122 feet, on the east side of Hlllger avenue, between Jefferson and Edlle avenues, for $450, on which the purchaser Is erecting a modern home. Also for . Edward Brown the cottage and lot, 63 Alice avenue, for U.500; for James and Edwin B. Nail, a two-rtory house, 64 Wellington avenue, for $2,800. Will Build , Stores. Paul C. Renaud has purchased the northwest corner of Cass and Adams avenues, directly In the rear of the Renaud Bros. Belmont hotel, and he will erect stores there. The lot Is 96 feet on Cass and 90 on Adams. Replacing Shacks With Good Houses Paying Investment Two or three suggestions come to one after reading the report of Professor ' James -H. Tufts, of the department of pjiilosophy, of the University of Chicago, on "Housing ' In Illinois Cities," at the fourteenth annual convention of the Illinois Conference of Charities and Correction, held In Peoria a few days ago, says Construction News. Attention has been called frequently to the evil 'Influence of ramshackle building's upon Individuals and upon a community, and such details as may have been left out In the editorials are very carefully and authentically 'set forth In Professor Tufts's paper. Professor' Tufts and his -assistants surveyed Alton, East ' St Louis, Joliet, Peoria, Qutncyy and Spring-field, and In each city found certain deplorable conditions. In some Instances no one particularly Is to blame, while In others It Is easy to locate tie cause. As to the suggestions lt Is well known that a certain type of Investor looks to low-priced houses and cheap tenements as the most profitable source of Income from real estate Investments. Old and dilapidated buildings, affording no modern conveniences and with no force or means upon the part of the tenant to compel a landlord to keep his property In good shape, arid the often close-relationship between the landlord and the public officials prevent .the enforcement of law3 providing healthful surroundings. Why would It not be a good Idea for people who are seeking good investments to build cheap homes? They would LJUO W lHU INC When the big Ford Motor company's building was, being put up on Woodward avenue. In Highland park many were the remarks of wonder at the extent of the structure, but the' operations now going on can not be Been so well. Back of the ' new re-lnforced concrete building on the avenue, the main manufacturing section Is now going up. When this Is completed the place will be a busy hive of workmen. Every effort has been made to construot these buildings In the w StKuCTURJc-S OK COirtPAlM. best way possible. The Kahn system of re-lnforced concrete, whioh S roved so successful in the main ullding, has been adopted for the construction of the remainder of the plant. This insures greatest passible strength, fire proofness and permanency. ' ' , , The manufacturing section Is built of the most approved sawtooth type of design whioh will flood the factory with clear, strong, north light and shut out the glare of the sun. This section extends the full- length or the building 865 feet and Is 136 feet in width. Roofs and side walls are all built certainly not coat very much money If the present ram-shackle structures are any evidence of the things from which people draw an Income; these houses can be provided with a certain simple, ordinary type of conveniences which would Improve the conditions of living and would bring an Investor a . good return. The other suggestion Is that if some such step as this Is not taken, the state will be compelled to destroy what some people may consider valuable property, and there Is no doubt ttiat the state oould compel the destruction of property under these conditions absolutely wiping out any money value which these ramshackle buildings : may possess. All of the cities referred to are Industrial centers, and are growing rap-Idly. In these cities they manufacture staple articles of commerce. The demand for their products Is not based on fads, but on constant and steady use, and it would not be, it Is believed, a difficult matter for some enterprising young man or young men to take the matter up, not only In the cities mentioned, but in Chicago and other big cities. They could devise homes which built in rows of 26 or 6a would soon be enormous revenus producers. This can be made to apply to a thousand cities in this country. F0EESTEY WORK PAYS WELL In point of variety and scope the forest work done on the Blltmore estate, In North Carolina, Is remarkable. The forests, which oov-er 130,000 acres, are made profitable by the production of various forms of material. Four million feet of lumber. 6,000 cords of tannic acid wood and fuel, a thousand cords of tan bark, and several hundred cords of pulp wood are cut every year. At the same time the forest through wise management is. bettered and Is steadily Increasing In value. Workmen employed along the bonndarles of the forest do duty as Are guards. Thus Are protection Is secured at least throughout all tne accessible parts of the tract. In connection with all lumbering operations permanent logging roads are built. These minimize the present cost of transportation, and greatly reduce the cost of marketing future crops. Thus the extension of the roads' Is steadily adding to the Investment value of the forest. Moreover, they serve also as a network of Are lines. Forest planting, Is practiced where fire will not threaten fts success. The experimental work In silviculture which Is' done at . Blltmore is certain to make important additions to the science and practice of forestry. the Kahn system of re-inforced concrete. . t ... At the front of the main building a large power house is also being built at this time. The officials of the Ford Motor company have expressed themselves as being highly pleased with their new plant and are anxiously awaiting the completion of. the manufacturing building. Those who are Interested in fine factory construction 6hould make lt a point to visit this plant of the Ford Motor company. Albert Kahn is the architect for the entire plant and the construction work was conducted In the main building by the B. M. Zadeck company, of Chicago, and in the manufacturing section by the A. J. Smith Construction company, of Detroit. BIG LOTS SOLD FOR FINE HOMES George G. Epstean Sells to Wllber Brotherton ' and Others on Boston Boulevard. George G. Epstean has sold for the Park Hill Realty Co., three fine pieces of vacant property on Boston boulevard on two of which handsome homes will be built and gardens laid out. Wilbur Brotherton purchased a 190x165 foot lot at the southwest corner of Boston boulevard and Brush street on which he will build soon. Sarah Wise and Octa E. Wise Case bousrht a lot 96x175 feet on the iwfen John R. and Brush streets, ami havt plans prepared for building. Frederick H. Holt purchased a lot 70x166 feet on the south side of Boston boulevard, between John R. and Brush streets, adjoining Ms present home, so that he now has a frontage of 146 feet. FRANK NAVIH BUYS HOME Baseball Fays for Longfello-w Avenue Property. After a clean-up of the world's series business Frank Navln, baseball magnate, has purchased the property at 24 Longfellow avenue. Including a fine house and a 100-foot frontage, from C. D. Bennett. The deal was made through Judson Bradway. The price is safd to have been in the neighborhood of $18,-000. STEEL PULLEYS AT COST We are selling to the user our stock of Steel Pulleys t roe-third off list price. This is more than 25 per cent cheaper than you can buy of dealers. Bushings to fit any size shaft. There is no better Steel Pulley made. MACHINERY After two days' sale we have left 1 60-lnch squaring shear, cuts -lnch metal; 2 punch presses, 1 small 6-inch throat, 1 heavy 12-lnch throat, 1 alligator shear, 1 circular shear, 1 bulldoaer, 1 20-lnch shaper; all in first-class condition and practically new. Will sell at low prices. Corner Warren and Bellevue Avenues. Write us or Phone Ridge 2589. FACTORY PLANT FOR SALE. DETROIT STEEL PULLEY CO. fii iiiwhwns ynM Before Buying Lots Near Palmer Consider the Following Facte: Prospect Park For- " m.. : - - f. .2 irk Sub Facing West Side Hamilton Boulevard, Corner Louise Ave. and Extending In Our Competitors' Price HAMILTON BOULEVARD EAST SIDE rner Lots 29x100 . . . $450 Each side Lots 30x100 . . . $400 Each On Ail Other Streets 11 lr st Lot from Hamilton . th Lot f rom Hamilton . th Lot from Hamilton . tb Lot from Hamilton . st Lot from Hamilton . $425 Each $365 Each $340 Each $355 Each $380 Each Our Selling Price HAMILTON BOULEVARD WEST SIDE Corner Lots 34x100 . . . $350 Each Inside lts 30x100 . . $350 Each On All Other Streets 1st Lot from Hamilton 6th Lot from Hamilton 11th Lot f rom Hamilton 16th Lot from Hamilton 21st Lot from Hamilton No . . $225 Each . . $215 Each . $205 Each . $195 Each $185 Each Interest At All 10 Off for All Gash; 10 Premium on Etxra Payments. North to Palmer Park Saving to You on Buying Our Lots $100 PER LOT $ 50 PER LOT $200 PER LOT $150 PER LOT $135 PER LOT $160 PER LOT $195 PER LOT YOU ALSO SAVE FROM 4 TO 6 YEARS INTEREST : o Interest for 3 Years JUST COMPARE THESE PRICES SALESMEN ON THE PROPERTY ALL DAY SUNDAY. SUBDIVISION OFFICE CORNER HAMILTON BOULEVARD AND LOUISE AVENUE. to Reach Our Money Saving Subdivision Take rfoocf ward Avenue Car to Corner Louise Avenue and pajk West to Hamilton i MOORE ESSENG 205 Telegraph Bldg. Open Every Evening Phone Main 407 1 ER&

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