The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 24, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AUKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMEEDITli VOL. XXVII—No. HO Blythertlle Courier, BlytheviUe DnHy News,' Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. RI.YTIlEVlKIiB, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JULY 2-1, iiWO SINGLE COPIES FIVEICENTS COUNT 1,778 DEAD IN ITALIAN QUAKE To Speak Here CO-OPJUGE Farmers of Three Counties in Meeting Here Adopt Campaign Program. . Cotton growers of Mississippi! Pemtscot and Dimklin counties, i gathered at the city hall Wedncs- : day afternoon, gave an almost un- ! anlmous pledge of support to a program of continuing the mc-mbcr- .•.liip Mgri-up campaign for the Mid- South Cotton Growers association • until tlie 10,000 bales needed for' the establishment of a branch of- flee in Blytlievllle has been obtained. Approximately 140 men, chiefly farmers who have already signed ; association contracts, filled every i corner of the city council room and ' over flowed into the hall. All but a few of them expressed themselves as willing to increase their own Girls Withdrawn from Competition as Trw: Sillers BEIT COTTON BILL EXPUIIEfl, Campbell Would Have U.S. Buy All Cot Ion Above II ',000,000 Bales Yearly Mussolini Danced With Her iGehlbacfils j[b'Tl||I[S PIT Still Ahead Pan'Htal commands brought three I local Rirls v.ho attempted to "oiil- 'ii" the boy record seekers down j from their roast In a big tree at, I Main and IHh streets lust night while Dick and John limns percli- j«J in a irce at 'MS Dougim avenue . [lasod the 125 hour mark aloft this .illcrnocm. Morris liailcy, their companion, i limbed down yesterday. . The yirls. Martha Ann Lynch. j lhc Democratic nomination -lor lAmiu Janu Bransuii and Virginia | Un | tcll slates senator, In an ad- 1 . Martin dismounted after only a frw | dl . eSs at t | 1( , coul . t }w »,., i ns , ,,1^1 hours in the air. i a it ac ked his opponent, Senator Joe j Virgil Wright, who climbed a j T Robinson, as a foe of adequate ' sycamore tree Monday morning was j f arm relM and 11 tool of tile elec- j is'.ill up this afternoon as was his tl . ic power Interests. About 160 i companion Charles Noll, who enter- 1 1)crs0 n.s attended the meeting. ed il-.r irce siting competition yes-; jj r . Campbell, a native of nan- dolph county but in recent years a practicing attorney lit Little Tmn v,'. .Campbell, candidate for! tcrday. Daniel lioone, who claims to have This is Judge John Sheffield of He!- l ton siting patiently in tice on candidate for the Democratic t-na, candidate for nomination for governor of Arkan- : North mornin Rock, was introduced by Prank C. nth street since Sunday | Douglas. decided to claim his share t |ial in 28 years of sas, who told an audience at Para- ' of publicity today and tell the boys pul)]lc rCTV | cc a i Washington, ten gouid yesterday thai he would un- to watch him. cork a "real political speech" a 1 . | the courthouse in BlytheviUe Pri- CHAHLOTTE. N. C. — Pity contracls and to help in signing day nighl. Sheffield is scheduled to ! poor tree! Two women, 393 pounds, arcended a big oak I up new contracts in order that the j speak in the circuit court room at 10,000 bale minimum may be reach- ' 8 p. m. tomorrow, lie will speak nt • years in the house or representa- '• lives and 18 years In the senate tnc ! Senator Robinson - lad failed to i defend the Interests of the peo- weiBhing together , Dl , ot Arkansas . aml particularly of . . , ed in lime to assure the opening of : Manila at 10 o'clock Friday morn- the branch not later than Septem- i ing and at Osceola at 2 o'clock in her 1. ' Hie afternoon. Talks In explanation of the co- ! operative marketing program and the service to be rendered by the branch office were given by C. G. Smith, local director of the Mid- South, and C. G. Henry, general manager, and A. G. Little, farmer and banker, made the principal plea for support of the movement. Thrwtfntd With Monoply Declaring that absolute control of n v r\ t i t r\ , •. the cotton trade Is gradually mov- : KacJl ° Defender ot Detroit ing into the hands of a very limited number of big concerns, Mr. Little declared that the anly protee- li r n yet devised for the growers is through an organization of their farmcrs O j the st atc. tree here yesterday and announced I bampbell declared that he had their intention of establishing a j prepared" a bill""for introduction at .vorld's record for heavyweight tree | t i 1( , r n - 5 t mMt lng of the senate af- | ter he takes office to guarantee a 20 Mtling. They were Mrs. Mattie Kisner. 34. weighing 213 pounds and Mrs. J. E. Bell. 40, weighing 180 pounds. • They said they would remain aloft two weeks if they held out and the tree could stand the burden. In Ait Race DEnllTOlII HOUSTON, Tex., July 24 (UP)- j LIT Cii'hlbiu'h of Detroit placed Ills ! plnne ;hc Little Rocket in Hous'ton !i«-ir 11 I A n i :il r>:0r, p. m. today, lead- |Million HomelCSS As KeSUlt , Ing th,. other plnnes in the Mtllc . H'.ck to Houston la]) i>f the All- I AinCTlrau til] 1 deiby. He made Ihe hop In three horns land 31 minutes, winning first money lor thi' lap, $500. : S:ub Qiilnby of \Jottne, III., WHS .-.i-ciiiiil anil .Mm Wedcll New Or' l'';m\ thud. of Disaster That Leveled Cities. HOMK, July 2-) (UP)-Govei-n- i mcnl official* anounced Uxlay | fir!!• !l:-:l of known dead In , day's earlhquiike has reached 1,' T!b. with 4.200 injured. S.P. — I-I ._ niuunsiiing provinces. U L I F ! ' r '"- fu " cxtenl ° r n I I I ; destruction began to Ix DLL I 'today. price of 20 cents per pound for middling cotton. He also promised to work for the direct, popular election of United Slates district judges, and for the operation ot i There may have been "the Deuce" Muscle Shoals by the government. [ to pay when Premier Benito Mus- Morality Charged With Racketeering. DETROIT, July 24 (UP)--Storles ' and rumors lhal "Gerald E. Buck,il was not cer- i icy, radio announcer and caustic . . , mrs ' cooperative ] critic'of Detroit's public servants in organizations would provide an ade- : his radio addresses, was a racketeer TO mg that arme quate defense against the growin ° iB C0t '°" nrm ' Mr ' o[ sorls , bobbed l/> the fore lhe ' ' that "it is either this malld that his killers be found and punished. Buckley was shot down in a hotel __ _ = __ lobby by three gunmen early yes-j with (he investigation'of'tlie g'aiif i surplus will guarantee a sufficient or nothing." "It is tip to the farmers to make (his plan work." Mr. Little said. asserting that it was the obligation' of every cotton grower to do : terdai ' arter ne had flnisned broad- | murder of Alfred J. Lingle. Tribune his sliare toward the support of a , casting the results of Detroit's re- 1 police reporter, recognized charg- movement the benefits of which j co " el(lction - Hc hud taken an ac ~ | es tcda y i'' 0 ! certain newspaper^ At the conclusion of his talk Mr. Little said that the growers themselves must be responsible for carrying on the organization, and moved that committees to carry on the membership campaign be named from each community. Giiaranlces 20 Cent Price : Outlining his farm relief proposal, I the principle of which he said he 1 would seek to have applied to ! wheat as well as to cotton, Mr. | Campbell said Miat records show that whenever the American cotton crop has not exceeded 11,QOO,W)0 bales tlie price has been satisfactory to the growers. "Under my bill," he said, "when •the December ginning report shows ov^r 11.000,000 bales the government will send to every county seat In .. . . - -. - the-cotton belt buyers who will buy Linule Murder Inquiry, i an cotton in e\ces s of j bales at a price of 20 cents per BE Chicago Newspaper men Summoned by Grand Jury in CHICAGO. July 24. (UP)—The j pound based on middling cotton. Cook county grand jury charged | "Taking off the market of this lice officers and other city officials as ivitneses. ive part in the campign. opposing ! men are racketeering and called Mayor Charles Bowles who was j ten newspaper officers and two po- recalled. Buckley's murder 1 is attributed by police to racketeers, presumably gamblers whom he had attacked . frequently over the radio. In the Louis Star reporter, in a series of recall campaign just passed he solini got home. But you can bet the Italian dictator had a good time when he fox-trotted with lovely dark-eyed Slgnorlna Carmen Boni, pictured above, at the I ] lienevi'iHo, Italy, July 24 (UP)— South Central Italy was crushed : today beneath the dust and debris ! of cities and towns in live' once I flourishing provinces. Ihe terrible IK made clear , today. ! One million persons were estimated to be homeless In the stricken regions. In the rums of these towns flattened by yesterday's earthquake, were believed to' lie the bodies ol • more thait 3,100 persons, victims : NEW YORK, July 2-1 (UP)-ri-- ' of wlmt ma S' I )roV8 to ^ Ita 'y' s ' cent purchase of minority Interest ' mcst WiH'mr disaster since the j In the common and preferred .stock i Messina tragedy of 1008. j of tlie St. Louis' Southwestern iCot- I or Komc ° r thcsc towns ll colt bc . ton licit) railroad by the Southern ' snld thnl nothing remains — no- i Pacific company was announced in I tlllll H. thnt is, but a comparatively | a statement, by Hale Holden, chair- ! (cw survivors wandering aimlessly i man of the executive committee of i and i» a daxe searching for lost j the latter road. ! families. . It. is understoori that the South- ! l^'o thirds ot (he population-of. I ern Pacific purchase amounts I: i Villanova Aldauese, two dnyi; ago Move to Acquire Lines Seen in Announcement; Needs ! . Commission Sanction. I National Fascist Ball in Rome. A noted Roman bcnuly, she the most envied girl In all Ifaly. 40 per cent of the voting stock of . , the St. Louis Southwestern, prob- llm ' ls | ably suITlclent to Insure control of Millionaire Hobo Dies; Will Go to Grave in Luxury CINCINNATI. O.. July 24. (U.P) —The hobo \s'or!d will be in mourning thirty days lor James Ends Howe, '•millionaire hobo." Jed Davis announced here today. "Of course we own no tlags t' lower but the boys will be sober and thoughtful in grief for a great guy." said Jelf, who was known as The racketeering made by Harry T. C. G. Smith the chairman, first dureed t|lefe was an al)iance ^ j asked for a show of those willing to cooperate in carrying on ttie movement. The Missouri repre- tween Bowles and the gamblers. Thomas C. Wilcox, police commissioner, was charges were Brundlge. St. called for a hearing to- aftehioon include Leland Reese, crime reporter for tlie Daily I articles. demand for tlie balance of the crop to maintain a price of 20 cents per pound." Cotton purchased In. this way by Hos'e. who had 5500.000 but dice 1 • •• ~ ' " of pneumonia Induced by starvation, had placed his estate in the hands of three trustees. The trustee must administer his estate .-for the good of the underprivileged worker. He left the method ol distribution to their discretion. sentation. about eighteen strong. the"citv"cmiiidl"Tnd"te"n whaf stem i editor gave a unanimous pledge of its co- ; ' he , citl coimci1 ami te " * hal steps ! ™-.-. operation, and then all but a very ne ls tnM . wuuox IKJIUI; cuimnis- ^^^—-• - ~* — •* i , .. slated to annear before News, Richard Finnegan, managlnR ! more for Arkansas than siaiea 10 appear oeiore • „„:?.. n .-..; onw^cnn h-,* rfmio fnr n™ of fe7v of the riS^lppl county ;"'• Councilman ing to apprehend the kill- I '" mcs ' Jimm - v ncilman Arthur Single- I c} f^ e . A , fr . om the Daily Illustrated Murphy, recently dis- the Times when he farmers indicated their reartiuesE to man said he would demand WU- help. Mr. Smith then put Mr. Lit- , cox 1 resignation. .tied he [ ship in a speakeasy, and Roscoe the government, Mr. Campbell ex- nlained. under the terms of his bill would be held in warehouses until short crops created a demand for it at a price of not less than 20 cents per pound plus a profit of one cent a pound for rach year it was necessary to holt! it. Tills bill, he asserted, would do Senator Robinson has done for the state in 28 years. Declaring Weekly Service .Between Cincinnati and New Orleans Is Planned. the property, but It Is anticipated i that- if the Interstate commerc; : commission gives Its approval to [the acquisition authortly will be I sought to purchase a majority In! tcrcst. i Tlie St. Louis Southwestern, will) j 1.700 miles o! tracking serving thr. i territory from St. Lou Li jouth.antt 'west Into Texas. VoiiltT glvV'lnV Southern Pacific direct "entry hit? Memphis and St. Louis As the Si. Louis Southwestern town of [t.OOO, have' vanished. Thai Is an estimate but the estimate Is born out by soldier reliel workers digging over the ruins uncovering (lie crushed bodies of hundreds and giving them hasty burials in common graves. Entire families asleep when the first violent shock" ground theli 1 homes to power were entombed together. . Dtad Awilt Bin-la) Soldiers' were bfliTging-Hfie tieacl' from the upper strata of dcbrig WASHINGTON, July 24. (UP) — Tl-.e interstate commerce commission today authorized the Missls- wus assigned lo the system (o b? ern Pacific will have to request Its reallocation by the commission. It Is understood that officials of the sippi Valley Barge Line company lo Illinois Central have already ex- establish a barge line on the Ohio I pressed their willingness to this Brand Mississippi rivers between Cm- raiiKcmcnl lo the Southern Pacific. CUTWIUM that federal district judges, under the present system of appointment by the president tie's motion and it without opposition. Will Keep Costs Down Mr. Henry explained that was carried ; Wilcox has announced he has an j "Duffle" Cornell, circulation man- land tenure for life, were often ar- affidavit from a man who claimed Buckley had persuaded him to go into tlie liquor business and Mr. Henry explained that no i ^ 0 j n i 0 n le , iiq um - business and community and no compress would : t i lcn |,ad siiaken him down for be. favored by the association, but. 54.000. He refused to divulge the I agcr of the Herald and Examiner. It was said il depended on what testimony is obtained this afternoon whether Col. R. K. McCor- ihick. publisher of the Tribune, and that it would insist that all cotton ; mim - s namc . stores that Buckley | tor of tlie News, would be called delivered to it be handle^ mjucn wns identified with a kidnaping later. gang here were denied by the attorney. way as to keep costs at a. mini- : mum. He said he was unable to prosecming state now whether^ cpmpresses^at . _ Hayti. .Firearm Expert Called in Baker Murder Case I Carolina State Senator Shot in Political Feud MONCKS CORNER. S. C.. July 24 lUPi— Slate Scnatro E. J. Uinnts. 63-year-old veteran member of the rogant and independent of the popular will, Mr. Campbell said he would 'seek enactment of an amendment to the federal constitution providing for the election of these judges by popular vote. Hits Joe T.'s Shoals Vote Mr. Campbell asserted that all the principal electric power companies of the country are allied in a gigantic power trust, and that Senator Robinson has been the servant of that trust. He said that he favored legislation to gain for . The funeral itself today will be in contrast to Howe's taste in life. His body is to be taken to the fashionable All Souls Unitarian church in Washington for the last rites. His relatives, the Howes and Eadf of St Louis, will provide him in burial the luxury he had scorned In life. clunati and New Orleans. It also authorized establishment In conjunction with the railroads j of through routes and jolnl rate- i lor class commodities between j lM>ints in central territory and | southern and southwestern terri- j lories. ! The barge line now is building at Cincinnati a river-rail terminal at a cost of 5100,000. The Intermc- n . , „ .. . , diate terminal facilities have yet raragould LouilCll AulllOl'- to be signed findings i on a technical charge pending out- Local Mill Still Leads in Anti-Accident Contest The nlythcvtllc plant of the Chicago Mill and Lumber corporation, which won first honors for the first three monihs of the year in an accident prevention contest! participated In by nine of the corporation's plants, ranked Ihlrd for Ihe second quarter of the year but holds first place for the full six the United States j raont i, s period, according to an an- way of cheap elec-, nounccmrnt received today by the trical power similar to those en-1 CQlirier ,vn v . s from the corpora- joyed now by the people of On-ju 011 . s Chicago office, tarlo. Canada, where the electrical w||h 0]1 | y tllrce lost tmle |n j, lr . generation and distribution system ! lps in six lno ,,ths. out of a total is publicly owned. He declared lot 552,530 man hours worked, the that the Arkansas Power and Light; local p]ant ls giv( , n a crcdlt rn ti ng to be acquired but pians are being j made lo provide necessary docks | The service on the river will be a I weekly one. I Operation of the Hue was oppos- I ed only by the Southern railway , where they had been pinned. Scores nf the victims were crushccl beyond , ... , „„ - , i recognition. Even the rapid work headed by the Illinois Central In | of S0 | dicrs however, could ' not the general railroad consolidation . k _ ):lcc willl t | le Discovery of plan announced by the I. C. C.. It- i ; c ^ics. Hundreds' of dead December of last year, the South- werc stl|1 nlva | tlnff buria!i i ni ,i m ,t on long rows ol stretchers. .... Ttye suburbs of Vlllauovo, particularly Villanova del Battlsia, . .suffered .even more complete devastation than the main.section of the town. The.t suburb actually. ev> Ists no more. It Ls gone. swiiliow&\ up or ground to bits in the jaws of the earthquake. In many respects the horror, of the scenes In Villanova do not cen- | ler around the burial ground.. They i reached their height in the long • i lines of grievously injured inhabi- I touts lying on home-made stretchers while they awaited motor trucks ! to take them to places of refuge j and medical attention. ! Every building lii Villauova Is in i ruins. Hoofs are crushed and walla j have fallen in. New Slir^ks Today BENEVENTO, Italy, July 24.. (UP izes Referendum $225,000 Project. on PARAGOULD, Ark.—Paraqould ! will vote Monday, September 22,; which contended "neither the pr?s- Showers Ending Drouth Too Light to Aid billion system. The referendum was ordered by the city council this week with tha vote of Mayor J. T. Craig in favor ol the proposal required to company was charging 14 cents per kilowatt hour for electric pouer toward: that bullets fired from Campbell's j conl(1 of Dennis' wounds. The sen- thp 10000 bales needed to insure |B un killed Miss Baker the middle- ; m or ^5 rlls |,cd to a hospital at i" the branch office will be held in nged Virginia real estate operator Charleston where surgeons said ' >'• the local communities and not will be held on a murder warrant there was little hope of recovery, turned over to the association un- . charging him with the pretty gov- I He was shot in the back three times tn the required number has been ernment c i er k's death. that did not cost the company of 036.10 points, as against 812.90 points for Helena, in second place, and much smaller credits for other I with a shot gun. til tne rclluueu nnmu^" () . . , »\»H1 it ollui e»""obtained In this way growers win I otherwise Investigators said to- | witnesses told authorities that be held free from any obligation ,j a y ;t ; s likely Campbell will join ! Thornley three limes emptied his unless the movement for the the growing list of suspects who i shot gun into the back of the sena- successtul. J. Mell Brooks have been arrested, questioned, and I tor. then fled down a street. He was •' " " ' ' I pursued, captured and held until , officers arrived. i Senator Dennis yesterday visited Gov. John G. Richards at Colum- ,,1 j more than 1 2-3 cents per kilowatt; •hour, and that other cbctric com-1 F0r lnc past , t)lrec num ths th.? panies were following a similar • plant nt waterproof, with no lost practice. time accidents, but with only 85.- The vote of Senator Robinson. 800 man hcllrs wor ked. achieved in favor of a proposal for a SO-. a crcclll of ] OOQ points, with Helena year lease of life government owned I 933.20 points, second, and Blythe of Blytheville, M. L. Siimner of; finally released. Osceola and Carl F. Bloker of Ca- Louis Endurance VJ^^CUIB «*'"-» ~ —-- - rulhevsvllle were named a committee to hold the contracts. Committees Named Following the meeting Chairman Smith conferred with members from various communities and lat- . endurance monoplane "Greater St. i er announced the following local; Louis." piloted by Forrest Obrine', committees for carrying on the nil( j Dale Jackson, continued to I campaign: _ _ .grind away the hours'above Lam-, plant at Muscle Shoals to a group. ville, 908.70 points, third, o! thirteen southern powo r com-1 panies, and the fact that Senator. D •. c 1 Robinson is a member ol a lawirOHCe OCCk nrm that represents three of these, t <r R ng .,, companies, was cited by Mr. »I I WO »OgUS Plane Starts 4th Dav ! Wa on omcial business"and return- Campbell as evidence that the scn- r lane jtari!» i in nay , ^ ^ f ]ast nlgh; omcers sal(| a ior-w*s representing his power CT ininq t,,u- ->t iriPi -n, n ST. LOUIS, July 24 (UP)-The ' IA1 (left 1 JJM lugiit. ^_'ill^.^;IO cnivi — —« = ' . I they believed Thornley. who was de- company clients rathe r than the i "town loafer." had been P«>Ple of Arkansas, by political enemies of [ The proposed lease, Mr. Camp„ to commit the crime. I** 11 charged, would have given ths The wounded man is married \ power companies a return of S162.- father of seven children, 40 and 8—C. J. Little. E. C. At- i Mnson, W. S. "Pete" Barnes ' p ftvlng mtle attention to a light' j , nractlcir.B attorney here Number Nlne-C. C. Langston, C. | raln whtch IM at davkla , the former | ls a practicing cy nen. E. Johnson. | holders of the refueling sustained ! _ n • Yarbro-Dr. D. C. McLean, W. j fl | ght rcccr d passed their 72nd ] ReenterS DUSinCSS hour in the air at 7:11 a. in., cen- ; tral standard time. a year at a cost to them H. Easley. Armorel-H. V. Mlcheson. - Oosnell—R. W. Crawford. P. H. Rasberry, Zeph O'Brien. Half Moon, Ekron, Lone Oak— (Continued on page three) municipal flying field today. I (n daug ' htcr s and four sons. He of only S2.000.WO a year. Three of ..!„„ , M. on(l ^ .„ „ u^ t I inrce aau B . . (he comp(m , es that would havc I shared In this profit, he said, were Ithe Arkansas Power and Light j company, the Louisiana Power ar.d Light company, and the Mississippi Authorltles were attempting to check up today on two checks, al leged to have been forged on thi A. and M. machine shop, whicl were cashed by two local stores. According to reports, the check were each cashed for $27.50. Offi cials • refused to divulge informa tlon concerning the checks but ar rests are expected soon. Science has determined that on an average it takes two hours for a i»rson to digest bread, LEACHVILLE. Ark.—M. E. Doom, lormer Leachville merchant, lia: returned here and is entering business in the building recently vacated by J. C. Gibbins on Main street. Power and Light company, all rep- Stales senate, I will serve only th people I am elected to represen . and will se.?k adoption of a la 1 . resented by Senator Robinson's l»w j making It a felony for any con firm. Ifcressman or senator lo accept fee "I will promise," he declared, from a corporation during h that If I am elected to the Uuiledlterm of office." Flcf Storm NAPLES. July 24. IUP>— A strong windstorm caused slight damage lo bath hoiifes to Dagnoli, a bathing ; vtsort near Naples today. to bo submitted i ihere were no casualties but to Ihe voters of Ihe city provides' i bathers, nervous from the earths for a S125.000 bond Issue to be used ' quake, lied in contusion, errone-. titial wave MEMPHIS, Tenn.. July 24. (UP —Scattering shower? in downtown | break a tie. lemphls which began falling > The ordinance lortly before noon today officially nded a drouth which began here lay 18 and which threatened '.a as n down payment on the plant! ously believing cllpse past d:y weather records, ranu distribution system. U Is cs- ' approaching. Tne rain, however, did little good j tirnated that Ifa; system complete ; o growing crops as il only laid stir-i will cast $225.000. of which il is j . H" k ace earth and dust The lempera- j contemplated S100.000 will be paidiJUry UlSDarS lire at 11 a. m. was 90 ; ui deferred payments out of earn-j From Practice of loover Confers Again j • ! Lrrri.E HOCK. July 21 cjpt— With G. 0. P. Leaders j Fnrra Hand Held for i «^«;, M - ^ h whi^^nu'ed WASHINGTON-. July M .OP- , Attacking Negro Woman If^er'tCth"- at^m President Hoover conferred today; |.. .-„ (...ii.!.! ,-imiit court re- with two Republican national com- ; John Roosevelt, negro farm hand. I llc lain luaiciai circmi miltee officers v, ho have acted as i faced a preliminary hearing before j its emissaries in the situation re-! Justice Ed Walker this afternoon ! volvlng about Claudlu c , on a statutory charge. Roosevelt U! JJ' H. Houston of the committee after ] alleged .to have attacked a negro ij 1 "----- ',.-.. ~ !a , mi , B ;,n t .. ! !-eir return from ° "••'••'' nvnr-I v.-oman on !ho WPov nlanKMn-i ithe 15th dislrlct. was louna guilty v c c " ngim. ,.. re secret over- I woman on the Wiley plantation. i <>« °' three charges of unpro- nb'rt trlu to N"w Vort: : Nelll Reed, deputy prosecutor, i <> °™ °' ree c J am s BurW. co,n:-el of the com- 1 represented the state and E. E. Al- ! »«tana I conte, ct a e last ht mittee and J N«:;. treasurer, i esander was counsel for the de- discuss thrir New York ' fendant. The trial is under way at missiorT but It was indicated they . >t>e county court room. had met or communicated with | Houston. j Youth Loses Nerve After Killing Girl .. motion for new trial will ! filed by McGehee, it was learned. 'What effect his disbarment will have on his race Is not known. It ; yill be impossible to have his name • removed from the ballots, It was 'said. WEATHER The biggest tc!e?rope in existence at present is (he IC-fi-mch reflector . at Ihe Mount Wilson Observatory.: A giant 200-inch reflector tele-1 BUTE, Mont., July 24. (UP)—Af- j scope, now under construction In ter shooting his 17-year-old sweet-1 ,„„ .-.oit-p....,„-,„„ Ihe Untied States, wili weigh 1600 heart betwen the eyes as a part A ™ANbAb-raitiy ">" tons and cost more than $12,500.- of a suicide pact today Roy Hen- se»led tonight and Friday, little 000 when completed. drlckson, 22. surrendered to the Change in temperature , ! sheriffs office. Hcndrickson said he | According to the official weather A new device for cleaning air ad- lost his nerve after killing Sylvia observer. Francis Carpenter, the milled lo automobile motors draws j Hill at a secluded spot near Colum- Irom Inside a car, \Uicrc it Is j bia Gardens where the couple had air practically irce (rom attended a dance last night. maximuuiu temperature .-for the past twenty tour hours was 95, and the minimum Ti dejreesi ,01 ralni

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