Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on November 12, 1918 · Page 1
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 1

Detroit, Michigan
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Tuesday, November 12, 1918
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1 FINAL EDITION -JL- iG- DETBO.IT, MIOHIQAt DETEO.IT, MICHIGAN. T TTT T) it -2 "" oiAiiiiifl- ES. PRICE: TWO CEN EX-KAISER REPORTED INTERNED AND CROWN PRINCE MOfARNSiU TS ONE SCENE ALONG WOODWARD AVENUHEN VICTORY CFT ERR atfhm SHOT FIGHT IGHT HELGOLAND IS PLEDGED FOR FLEET DETROIT HEARS TAPS SOUNDED ON WAR'S END 'FOCH' ON ALL LIPS I ally terms IN VICTORY'SHOUR Iron Ring Tightened As World Waits to See Germany Win i.Vktory Over Self. ,WltON READS f Enemy Must Give Up CoId Taken Out of Belgium. Russia in It Compensation Plan. What Germany Must Do. .-,.ir-u,rrinnr. aetgmm, Luxemburg, Russia, Rumania at once Give up for occupation all countries on the west bank of the Rhine .. ww.v'm-, principal jinme "? 7n"F'i' territory within a radius ' r,7- ?""""r'-s aooul each city. Withdraw from all territory which Manned to Russia, Rumania or Turkey. Disarm army and navy, hand over most of navy and quantities of war supplies. Repatriate allied prisoners without reciprocation: return enslaved civilians. Give "reparation for damage done " Abandon Russian and Rumanian treaties. Return money, securities, precious metals taken as loot. Evacuate Black Sea ports, give up ships taken from Russia, forts and defenses barring way to the Cailcsiat (entrance to the Baltic). Sullltlil in nltl-J AI--I I- Release own ships to carry food, return all allud ships, and nolifv neutrals the sea is safe again. , THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. Washington, Nov. u. Signing of the armistice with Germany was proclaimed today by President Wilson, who announced its terms at a joint session of congress. The terms herald the end of the war, he-cause they take from Germany the power to renew it. Slrlnnrl nr Itc ,i,..j " "j.iuiuuf power, the military atiltfcracy, its masters umcn to exile, stands before the world's court of justice, bavins subscribed to terms of surrender which probably will bo recorded in history as the most drastic anil complete ever measured out to a defeated foe. preparations for final peace nc-Elat ?,1a , wl" enc-rosa American and Allied statesmen (luring the next lew week, while Marshal Koch ami the naval eommundcrs see terms of armistice, which ended Continued mriinr Three, Column Four. SEVENTY FIRE ALARMS RESPONDED TO MONDAY City Hall Busier Tell Ftml. Great Conflict is Concluded; Entire Municipality Rejoices in ueatn or rwaiserism. Just at ' the exact moment mat jjciroit each day for months has kept heart to heart with her boys across the sea bv sntinr1inT "TV,..,," f . i . um "& tium tne "5v. , nwtca ; were neara uy ine lank-s tn f ranee, the city formally sounded "Taps" for the greatest of all wars, Monday afternoon. Tbo hands of the city hall clock POUlted tO 4 O'clOCfc .IB Ttnoto Th odoro Goebol, of the Liberty band, stepped from tut, nr urous, spontaneous ' parade" which lunucu me Keystone feature of me citys celebration, raised his ",-! to ms iips and blew the refrain that sends waking soldiers to their beds and is tbo benediction of those who nr. 9,oinv ri.i away for their last, long sleep. All down the lino of tho parade which had been hdted at the city hall, buglers of each band sounded the linsorlne refrain at the earns time, and It may have been Just chance, or It may Have been a most auspicious omen, that It was exactly 4 o'clock, -taps time," as it Is known at tho city hall, when De- i; ll. rom the bugles. '".I"0 who ,elt lh Detroit had nowe'r.'or tStSf'f," '"".I lure peace celebration of Si Thursday, and mlsht meet the rial lontmucd on Pace Two. Column two. 'Let Joy Reisn. Enemv U Vonn,.:.i i c - - -----, . lauwu, jay Official Placards; "Maroons" Boom in i-onaon as King Announces Triumph a,uv. xl. -scenes ot wuaest entnusiasm were en . ""- v - c unacted in the chamber of deputies this afternoon when Premier riomoni. . i 7 -"av.v.aj iciu con ditions of trio rt - - " "-i man d.lllis- ticc. The whole chamber rose tQ ereet the oremier Avt,;u .a.. K-aux wvuicii-pi eaorntn-ated, cheered for several minutes- Prolonged cheering greeted the uuuumwcmeni toat Alsace Lorraine WOUld hp nfftmlaA t. - name of Marshal Focb, as the signer of the document, was lustily I'ofncare Greeitn Koch. President Poinrar. r-atvA shal Foch today and congratulated: him warmly on signing of the arm is-. T.Sa MMht.l 1 . 'hefo,win posted Snwiu In all parts of the city: nhSt If:. Vlct"3; ' here trlum- S"'r.y his ar,VnsnqUl'i!Soa . "u" ians emerge from her ordered reserve, Let us U.S. TAKES INITIAL PEACE PLAN STEPS CKy nrmcn rospondfsd to 70 alarms Mondny during (ho hours of the pacc cetebruLion. Th majority of tho blazes wero of Utile conse-ouenco. To prevent whob.'K.rle fjilse atnrtns in (lift hu.sinrsA district. nr-Wftn wnr? stationed iit. alt lioxf-s. -AlthoiiKh tho firf-mcn rnuUI not part In tin- from-nil rnjoiciii with tlio downtown r-rowd.i. they joined tho din u)ii. aiiswerintf cails, th. nppanitui! l-eUs and sirens ttleudlntf into the Krtiat noise fest. Wlnt. Ifrrr Atnindmint retlt'onm i nanus 01 rircii in iora. an pans or Aflchifran, acknowledge same before Notary of County, mail to Head quarters. Hotel Norton, Detroit. Adv. ..j-H WOMEN HORSEWHIP MAN WHO HIT GIRL Rockford Crowd Avenges Blacking ot Child's Eye. Special to The Free lYeas. Granri nfmlrtn li xrnn .. , .... ,t. .hennaed of havinir struck hla Hn.i.,a. ,JU"". , " me eye, idwtn Brooks, 46, of Itockford, was escorted to the puu.m wjuiuo in KocKrord. near here. BTondav. nr , and vest tmd horsewhipped by a dozen women while a crowd esli- lateil at ann. inctnriin,. .on ... and children, jeered and urged the Brooks, badly bruised, has consulted county officers. He declares J?iy ""empted to box his daughters cars when she was Impudent in her stepmother and that when the Bin threw up her hantl It dcilccted the blow to her eye When the ulri appeared for work at a tannery In Rockford Monday mert questioned her and when told she had been struck by her father Urooks was called to tho tannery and later escorted tn n. f.i.ti.. square. Four horsewhlna wer,: tin.ken across his back. ; iitcii gay ine jieace ileinonst rntlon which was In tlon. Overtime on War Conn-acts Eliminated; Building . Ban to Go. 'Special to Tbo. Free Press. Washlncton. Niw . n Th. ernment todaf took Initial steps in tue program lor the country af tor the peace treaty is signed. inese were pnases touched on in reports or chiefs - onrewaa" ov(!rtlmo and Sunday work Jh" war priorities cominlsslnn will g"in'ase of material available for cootfnued until tho ncnate ratifies - '7 isu amp noovcr warns drop" MWtaton that prices wilt TJV r"cl "dmlntatration will bo I here will he no slackening of the conservation program however. I .if i war ltiy and war trade (.Olllrol nr iv ra n.l : I ... continue, fnr tho fnit r,,t taken over. The railways win be . .if.iiit:u in uruer 10 insure that "reconstruction freight" will be hauled promptly through the pooling plan. cease .'it once. Censorship of news will be discontinued soon, aw welt as the Creel Thfl 'irnvornmBni'o ll-.. ec-linst war contracts will be ei'aa- uc ana win permit to a certain ex-ltr r,e5l,tf4t.ion, by the povernment mle r k turouBn n ..... mi ii .it men will not be thrown out of work. FREE PRESS FLASHES NEWS OF PEACE TO SLEEPING CITY .."aW!1S -2:.47. c,ock Monday morning when Frank J. Gar-ccau. Associated Press telegraph operator in The Detroit Free ress editorial department, received the greatest piece of news thai ever came oyer telegraph wires. The message contained only six words-'-Flasli-fc,. O. S.-Armistice Signed." Chici William McGraw. ol the fire department; Charles Clip-pert, of the fire commission; Acting Mayor Jacob Guthard ami I he "ctroit 1'rec Press reporter in Windsor, ihc Michigan Central, Wabash and. Fere Marquette railroads had the news from J he free Press inside of a few minutes and by 3:10 o'clock Detroit and vicinity had started to celebrate the greatest day in Tnnii , ' our frand.soldlcrs an. ""'i'rDie enters bv f 2?.iS?".J. !! The sublime vain. -v. l O ' . ot. pe- in ZZSSXS. -V'froeau received dressin-them as foflow'sT""'8' celvo r vmii iBVi"' pleasure to re-yfslt" 1 1 'hank you for the o?.o ffiJTSSuB G'efSlnac? MrIrni :L to e very r-.V-X rood problem In Germany. We cannot lot the nation aimer tamine. Wo must endura ourselves, and at th MmS keen ui military superiority " nn.1 1.,. wizen an locomotives and other means of transport. Terms nn.S".V7ilf,lM W" be ofilclally an. Sir's S thlfl afternoon in the cliam. mo 7,!m . J-'tniv you, eentie- ... .inni. oas uone wonderfully throueh four lone yeais." tjnV "N:iv"KBSAl. SERVICK. London, Nov. 11 News of tho ffiowVf.fha al-"'iiee was mad? l?,th,r peneral public In Lon- ',Lmj;00""-". Buns formerly JsCd 'to warn of air raids. niniS ... 7 ",ltJ, cneers ana the crowds wrre '"""8llaiely .filled by ntvillnno auiiors and l.v priniL lueeh, accompanied Connai?? ,ho D"k ( SOU Bckinsham palace and were enthusiastically cheered by the vast crowd, which sans the national anthem and "Itule Britannia " 1 tnrnn!? corse. addressing th "WltU .' , . . f"11 rejoice and thank 1 for victories Allied armies ha" sight." witnin inIarnnV!l,iMinlSt,er,l',0'd "OrEe said nine street: WU UOW lou are well entitled to mini.-. Aiiio? iVihl" 0.m"-fe with their K"v t'nSk ivi!SiVIc?.'.;.;?oy- 1 B" historic KS't.hc.r;,n.l?ttI" " to aceolM stsned. . sir Thomas White, actfn todw. mln""" oC Canada, said here "If those who conspired airainst "o Poaco of tho world, who have u...icnaui woes and calamities upon mankind, and under wnose direction brutalities of inconceivable barbarity have been perpetrated In .ubcrsion of tbS " ami ot numanlty. aro SS!ir?uent "t Pun'shment for their monstrous crimes. It will bo the (trcateat failure of retributive jus- said. OI -ory." he LAST ENI rrr t.' . L - vv asaingzon, jtv ovJi 1 . Following are theJkrmis- v,; (.cxjua tmyosea Oil German? uc ronA 1 gress today by President vv iison: Man KiMo AS AEROPLANE DROPS IN CITY T. R. ILL OF SCIATICA; TO HOSPITAL or Tn9 last 10 Colonel Theodore Roosevelt was re- New "iork. He has been confined to Mb bed for more than n week, hut the hospital nnd beins tinder trcat- mk.m- . b in: in ue iiuie to cet about tn a short lime. flrflf!flll Sltn.tlno' f'nnt nor TTf day evening. Holler Palace Rink" ITUUUWAKW AT FDIIEST. AdV. Wed. eve. Chrysanthemum carnival. i onrists enjoy otir larpe dintnn rooms. Rrst food. Near matter, 253 Woodward. Adv. THAT I'KACH STI'Fp Our Norway and Yellow Pine piene-turr is the real thins, straight and .rund. and offered on terms that are attractive, rtESTIUCK LfMBBR COMPANY. Adv. tAr? Au uw m. I. MILITARY CLAUSES ON WESTERN FRONT. IJtlP (G9flA Itions.hv an? n -V , . vv ait aiK iwuiB .aiwr . ine signature of bon of invaded countries rr'Beli; pium. i ranr. a inn., x ; - - s.ioawrirfUiidlUC, Luxemburg, so ordered as to hp- . :l.. . . , w.t,.tv.u tviLi.iii nays . . w. Ol 111- istice German troops which have not left the above-mentioned terrimrime mini. .U- . . . , Ill L11C period fixed will become prisoners of war. Occupation by Allied and TTniteH .Ra.c jointly will keep pace with ...uduuu m uiese areas. All mOVementc. nf .vnrll.nnn occupation will be regulated in accordance with a note annexed to the stated terms. j Three: Repatriation begin-1: uuig ar once ana to be completed within 14 days of all in- naDitants of the countries above mentioned, including hostages and persons under trial or convicted. Four: Surrender in good Condition f)V f!i man amlu i j H....i,a ji the following equipment: Five uiuusdiiu gunst i.ouu neavyi 2,500 field); 30.000 machine acropianes ngnters, bombers j -j-uui aitu night bombing machine). The above to be delivered in situ to t.A o-nA Trn:..j ' u..u VJ 111 States troops in accordance vviui uctans iaiQ down in the annexed note. Fiver Rvaennnnn 1.. ft - v..- u J. lid- man armies of countries on the left bank of thp Phin Tl,.,. countries on the left bank of the Rhine? chall KA j :.- tered by local authorities un- uci control 01 Allied and United Stat armie t Ann patipn. Occupation of these i-ci i noi ics wui De determined bv Allied and TTnitAd .Q.a.DB garrisons holding principal nmeeir,, & 1 1 Dl! o- v-i uojiug ui me jviiuic, tviay- enee rnM.. r-i ' wuiwu, .utugiic, together with bridgeheads at tucsc points in miles radius on the right bank and by iiiuuBMi on raKe 3, column I. Lieut Morrow Gives Life in Effort to Aid Peace Celebration; Many Accidents Mar Detroit's Victory Jubilation. .'Killed in action Lieutenant K. C. Morrow, nt Pinni,n.L Why ' should this Intelligence' not appear in the casualty list? ' i4'WS.:"-'-. - .'.True,' If Jaalh :Detr6itcthit-hu ieu. n was over .Detroit that made his last (tight. But Instead of defendlnc American wnmen .nH children from' the vicious rapacity of the Teuton nn vn.i '. cowed Into Submission, bo was per- """" aenai teals ror his fellow citizens to show them how his .w..i, , a,uu wouiu orive oir thf m.unVJdlns'. should the lone way. '"n At lllelit of Celebration. was paeslnit the city hall at 4 o clock Monday afternoon anil the joy-mad celebrators were c-H-lnjc vent to their wild enthusiasm and .foremost of tho plane.. sw?epln? FMi ttif naspole on the ow t'yfc bulldins. Woodward and AUams avenues. iJi,h,0ef.'",'"'! Planned noso down, riehted Uself and dropped to the Contlnoed on l'aice la. Column 3. ARMY DRAFT CALLSl Dl7VAlrr17Ti DV n i fhi lllilUlVDUDI Dnnfiil NAVY. CALLED BY "REDS" TO FIGHT ALLIES "Defend Our Nation," Rebels Urging Sailors as Vessels of Britain Are Reported Near. SOLF APPEALS TO PRESIDENT TO AID STRICKEN FOE PEOPLE Berlin Officially Says Hindenburg Is at General Headquarters and Not in Holland. J . . Br UNIVERSAL SERVICE. London, Nov. 12. William Hohenzollern ihw ueen miemea m a Uutch chateau, the Amsterdam correspondent of the Exchange Telecranh Co. un. Pv;n.a ai . . . - ...ww wcav.iissis, iuc kaisers youngest son, and 50 other persons accompanied the ex-emperor oh his flight r.oi. iiiimnn rna .nwwnr. n . . . ' - - . H Tresumrl ths ssnt;-.a -.."ll 1 . v - - pai lj, win ue miernea -. alOnawHth the sv.mnni.n, "f THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. London. Nnir 19 fl.OO . ,t-j a. m.). The former Ger man crown prince is re ported to nave, ftfcen shot, MeordintoKanr!irdr.: YANKEES SHELL FOE vcosrniTioHAi. rti. iuikndkh. Ce'ebrate our victory at The Pier's patriotic, dance Wed. night. Carnival and souvenirs. Adv. Roller Skat In A'tT" Bve. Tues. special ror beginners. Palace Gardens Rink, JotT. at Field. Adv. THE PIER TONIGHT Our popular Tues.. Thnrs., Hat. Old RtyU Dancing party, re noy Smith's wonderful orchestra. Adv. CTISTHAL COSrCKIvTco. ... ... ... rtn, ii u. Hiacunin (soprano), Tterton (baritone). Darnhola leeuist). seats at Grfnnell's. Adv. AT ARCADIA No. 6 Air Service A. P. of Detroit. AUV. HRTTEn FOOD FOU IKHS MO!TFT. S2 Ku- "lvr- wooaward 12 Roadway. 611 Woodward S Lafayette. 125 Gratiot lwol. 1601 Woodward. UEATA LITNCU CO Aa.. Edict Halts 300,000 Men Due for Camps in November. ioaa aftjr announcement of thf slgmnff or the armistice with Oer-ItlVrY W?.B cancellation of all army V ,nu "ecu oraereu to I n camps bofore Moveni- UrRent tclesrams, prepared three days ago at the direction of Provost Marshal oeneral C'rowder, were sent to all local draft boards dlrect-Ine that movement of 252.000 men under orders to entrain between to-afoiy Friday be stoppo immedl. KToinEriLm? readied most of the boards in lime, but a few men are known to have started for camp Bkcr said, however. thaV wherever Possible their Immediate ransc'il 0 w0"111 he ar- As required by the selective service art. local boards will continue their work of examining Physically a u classifying- for military service iJ,'.m"J"J"''t"'c'-:n 18 a"d who rei-istered September 1. b fn,,frSLC';ow."!r,', however, direct- .r . t. iiiBLuutniUf! immn. umi!iv ai work connected with the ii'hiS'fnZ? ( vho September forty-siith blrthdayil' "men Uwr ouice rtugusi. 1917, when the flrat callw were lasued undr the army draft law. 2.70O.OO0 men have been inducted into the array. Britain Hlop All nrrrnltlnR. cruftinff. ,w -i"o re- Sedan Front, Nov. ill Thouuanls of American heavy guns fired th illlrtlno. ohnt nt FhA n.e-nn actly ii o'clock this morning. lunneasi ot vemun American Infnnlrv ha(f. . o"clock this morning after artiilery nicuuimion in direction oe Ornes. German artlllerv roannnHo in.. ly, but machine trun resistant stubborn. Nevertheless Americana received order's to hold the positions reached at ll o'clock. Onttn Active on Untlre Front. On the entire American front, trom the Moselle to the reeion ot Sedan, there was artillery activity In ine morning, all batteries ore-paring for linal salvos. At many batteries artillerists ViT i . iormin a lnts line ..j v wi me nnai snoe. There were a few seconds of sl- ner.s clieered. American flags were raised by the soldiers over their dugouts and guns and at the various he;tdouar m, m. ine uejgiau rron- tler eaat of Trelon forest, east of ji.c.iiicB, jm ueen reacnea oy the ."imiiK iu tue war omce announcement today. Italian troops have entered Rocrol. less than two miles from the frontier. RY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. London, Nov. 11. The ad-miraltv has man wireless addressed from The ConinUtui srnrl cHu: w.u uuiiucia council on the cruiser Strass-burg," to "All ships, torpedo boats, destroyers and submarines in the North sea " TV,. y " ti w tnc terms of the armistice and declares: . "This WOlllrl .nt.;i u. J. i-. mi i 1111 UC struction of no all , W.IIUAU comrades! Defend our coun try against this unheard-of presumption." "Stroner Enp-lin fn.. reported off the Skaw. AH submarines in tn. Pai. . "i.i in-, except those on , outpuost duty, assemble immediately in Sass- ... iioi uur. Sassnitz is a watering place on the east coast of the Island of Ruegen, Prussia. London. Mnv 1 1 Pi c:t.- j Ti k"cuij, nas addressed a message to Secre- tary of State Lansino- mg that President Wilson in- f tervenc to mitigate "the fear- ' tul conditions" existing in Ger-.? many. nr. bolf says, according to a wireless dispatch, that he feels it hiS dutV tO draw Prnetanf 1,l:i son's attention to tho fact that enforcement of the conditions of tho armistice, esnpctoiii- b.i.j 'J ..IICHU.I -President Warns People 'transport, means starvation of mil. Boy, Must Do Policing iSS -iHwsn. .v. ii. wiiuam novy- u-creoniiiig mis danger. rd Taft. former President, toniirht Th nrocidant , . , . i - v f"""wii, yuiuuj out. nag pMf.. , hnnnmi. ! m Iae German people, and oi tne poncing which will fall on ie nouiacra 01 me unttea states. "The men in France will not return soon," he said. "We have two million men in Europe, and they will be kept there for some time to do police work, both in the country of our en.-mles and in Russia. "All boats tn which the men were food and supplies to both our Allies and our foes." t...... - " "Kai ii'-io untian troops cngagecT in bitter fighting with Germans at the beginning of the war, vvaa captured today by Canadian troops under General Hornc. according to Field Marshal Jiaig's announcement todav. U. S. TROOPS NEEDED ABROAD 2 YEARS TAFT ALWAYS THE TRUTH AND THE FACTS "csPWr bis always held a high renrd for the truth its reader, .ad .dveruier, appreciate the columns oi the Free Presi. Xi'ula"j!;;ei.".ve7h" once rao,e "'y " " phra we mmmmm &V0UR S"gpplN Each Morning From The Detroit Free Press. did not wish to impede Its peaceful development. t T?E ASSOCIATED rnjESS. Amsterdam. Nov. n. r, isatai.ti "ffi authority here that WHHam llolienrollern, former German em-' tri. i, J . .e. miemea m Holland n?.?i,aSjS!.s,,1:wl s.ays 11 learns the fn'l .'T?.era,SS.rm CmMr" Hladcnbnrfc Nat With von Hlndenburp;.' co'ntrarV lo"!?' kaiser In Holland, but at g-raml .. wnrmany. navlnir alisned himself with the new gov M.n.. "5 wireless from pa-rtrnen, toni?h"Q " 8""! ftuppreeht KIe. Lfee. ThS llag-ue. Nov. 11. Crown Prince Rupprecht. of Bavaria com raS".,,0,' th" .G;rma, northern a": my group, anc his staff, have n.. from Lleee. where the garrison h52 revolted, according; to the B.?! newspaper Souvelles Be's'i', ,hS?c" l Ue5"!' ,h newspaper naK3'ho-?s'tedb!n "P,3ed' Kins ot Saxony riepnrtl. Basel, Via London. Aov. li th. king of Saxony haV Wcij depoJ?;

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