Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on November 9, 1918 · Page 10
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 10

Detroit, Michigan
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Saturday, November 9, 1918
Page 10
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10 FOOD CROPS ARE BOUNTIFUL October Weather Adds 30,- 000,000 Bushels to Corn Production. Potatoes Exceed Average; Other Crops Are Greater Than Last Year. Washington, Nov. 8. October weather conditions resulted la an Increase of. 30,000,000 bushels iu the country's crop of corn. The department ol agriculture's November crop report today places the preliminary estimate of production at 2,749,198.000 bushels. W ith a wheat crop ot a, bout 919,- . 000,000 bushcla. some 100,000,000 bushcla more than tho average of the last Ave years, and largo crops of rye, buckwheat, rloa. fieatin, potatoes, onions and cabbage, the country's food crops this year have been bountiful. Tobncco Crop Record Yield. The crop of tobacco is a record one .by 70,000,000 pounds .being 1,-266,656,000 pounds this year. 1 Preliminary estimates of production of other crops follow: -3uck-Ikheat 18,370,000 bushels, potatoes '. 290,101,000 bushels, sweet potatoes 88,114,000 bushels, tobacco l,2fi6,C86,-000 pounds, flaxseed 14,646,000 bUBh-le, pears 10,342,000 bushels, Apples 187,360,000 bushels, sugar beets 6,149,000 tons, kaflrs 61,182,-000 bushels cranberries 374,000 barrels, onions 13,638,000 bushels, cabbage 565,000 tons, sorghum syrup 29,576,000 gallons, cloverseed 1,248,-000 bushels, peanuts 52,617,000 bushels. A summary of the report says: 'Tho almost Ideal weather of ; October In the main agricultural areas of the country has resulted In an increase or ..the Indicated corn crop by about 30,000.000 bushels, with a quality of 85.6 compared with 76.21 last year and 82.8 average. The results In the southwest and tlio r west aro not up to expectations. "White the absolute number of bush els Is only 87 per cent that of last year, tha food value, because or the higher quality, la a much larger proportion. The absolute production is uiiiy & i rut i ion at one per cent Below tho flve year average. The stock of last year's corn rBmnlnlnc on farms is 118,400.000 bushcla or more than three times the - 34,448.000 bushels of old corn on hand, a year Ago, and In excess of the usual. "Buckwheat was damaged by early froBt lowering: the good earlier prospocts of yield by about 6 per . vum, uut leaving- inia crop BCIU 0 per cent in excess of last year and ; SO per cent above the average. Fotato Crop Above Average. "Potato yields now reached confirm the earlier estimates. The summer droughts resulted In small size and reduced yields in the main producing areas. The crop now estimated Is 11 per cent below the enormous crop of last year, but S per cent above the Ave year average being In size the fourth crop of record. "Sweet potato production exceedB by a slight margin oven hut year's bis; crop and Is about 40 per cent above the live year average. ine rico crop is about lo per -cent greater than last year, beans : almost 20 per cent more, onions 9 : per cent more, cabbage 18 per cent xnore and the commercial crop'.' of . apples 11 per cont more. Sugar beets are almost. 10 per cent ' more and cane for sugar about 25 per cent more. Sorghum syrup, relatively ineignltlcavt. Is 12 per cent OFFICERS OF THREE RAILROADS ARE NAMED Personnel of tho corporate nrcan izatlon of tho Detroit & Toledo Chore Une railroad is announced as follows: President, "W. I. Ross. Toledo; vice-president, Howard O. .Kolley, Montreal; assistant to pres. idem, A. L. Ungewltter, Toledo necrctarv ami irnAmirAr U at -rnn.,,. kins. Detroit; auditor and assistant treasurer. Hryan Thomas. Toledo; general solicitor and attorn eve, Hums. Toledo. Corporate organization of the Toledo. St. Louis & western Kallrnad Co.. comprises: President and re ceiver, w. i ttoss; assistant t. president and receiver. 'Prunnm A. t Ungewltter; secretary and agent for receiver, James Stuart Mnckle. Now York; transfer agent. James Williams, New York; auditor nu aHaiHinni secretary, Bryan Thomas. Toledo; general solicitor and attorneys. Brown. Cicddes, Schmettau & Williams. Toledo. The Toledo Terminal Railroad company's corporate organization Is as follows: President. W. L. Boss; vice-president. C. S. Slkes. Detroit; assistant to president, treasurer, A Ij. Ungewltter; auditor and secretary. Bryan Thomas; general solicitor, Charles A. Schmettau. Toledo. PROFESSOR C. H. BURGESS PLANS POULTRY EXHIBIT Professor C. H. Burgess, professor of poultry husbandry at tho Michigan Agricultural college has issucn a call to all poultry breeders in Detroit and neighboring titles for a meeting Friday evening, November 15, at 8 o'clock at the Board of Commerce to discuss plans for the annual poultry exhibit. T Ills' year's show will be conducted aion entirely different lines than hern..-, fore. Professor Burgess la responsible lor the new ideas on which tho local exhibit Is based. Poultry exhibits in the prist have usually been, nothing more than competition for sll-.ver cups, blue ribbons, etc., ainoni; the largo breeders of fancy stock From these exhibits the average backyard poultry breeder derlvi-d little or no practical knowledge that would help htrn to become it . "better breeder. Under Professor UurgeRs'B new id art everv pouli r -. breed er regard of t h'e jizt ..'i ouallty of his llm-'k will be b.-n.--filed. In al! probability, the local h-iv. will be held sometime in .hinuurv find will continue about 10 day. CANADA COUNCIL PUTS SPUDS ON FREE LIST utiawa, ont., Nov. a. isy an or der in council passed yesterday Canada tnkf-s advantagoi if reciprocal provisions of Ihe Tfnftnd Statr:, tariff and ft laces potatoes on tho free list. This action is of particular interest to the maritime prov- Jarge ties for export. ('filf-iiKo Active .Stork. CI. bid. Itoniii Fltberle.o. 21 .-arbl1ft t;i Cudnhy 127 PnnmiHttc Tool.. M CI. bid. Paper ttoard 2211 Spars-llnehuok ..m Stftvarl-Warm-r. 79 Kwlft & Co 123 I'litmond Match.l 12 swift inter,.,... 40 . 72'4 Wilson 89 , tc POLLY AND HER HOW Xb BfeJ7lklJ l5 Cte T-oBLfeM) DETROIT SECURITIES. Listed Stocks. High Lkiw C1oa Kid Aalt n .... 17 Armn W r.p:ul . Do prercrred Am TA A Tr com. .214 212 343 Do preferred Bower Roller near ... ... Chnrcronl Iron com. ... , 1114 213 8S 97 ..: If A 14 ki 'i 'k" 6 2 m ' 7y. 80 81 Do preferred .... 61 CltUts Service com. ... Do prolfrred .... 7Hj coanutia u & z,...iw iw iw Columbia Sueur.... 10 10 10 1QU CommvnwcKltli com re Do nrererroa Cont Motnr pom... Sd .7 8 22$ uci ftTiimiTy i.o D.H Eillium Co 112 112 112 Dm Valvn & Fit Font Mot of Can. .2M 210 210 Hull T,itmp Co Itollan.l-St T. Hue. 10VI Iron Silver Mining. Mca Cruilc Rubber. Mich Stamp com... Mich SiiKor com... Jlhinoaora Sur mm ' Do preferren .... Motor Pro'lucts .... Pack aril Mot com.. Do preforrflri .... Palue-Detrolt .... pBrke-DnvIn Prudden Wheel .... Reo Motor Co y- h fvt -Cwrtrt ' ' Nwwj'pMlr Strata. Crral Brltria RScbti Itmrd. R.iUt.rnl In U. 3. Offic. J.I ! ... -. 14 144 T, 's s4 3 IS 12 It '. S5" 40 11 11B 32 .... 29 2554 27i ; J01 1S 154 1S 1G 20'A 2-1 244 21 24 roiien-i.,illon Co 19 Wjv I'urtUnd Cem 3 si nDl iod Trout Coaapanles. I.urt S1o Ei.l Aik AmnrlCftn I .nan Trunt Co. 159 ... 1! Amor-lean Stow 168 ... 1C0 Dstrol: BavItiKa 2t54 JT9 ... Dttna Saving's 232 ... ;s! rcaprai ii FIrot nnd Old Detroit Nat I Flrot Slate Highland Tark State Merchants National Nafl Bunk of Coramnrcc. Peninsular State , People State United Barlnga tank Wayne County and Homo. 11 III! ... 182 IIS 151 Iil2 ISO 107 230 13S ... IBO 11 ... 132 225 ... 226 2T1 2T0 ... 210 350 ... 350 37S 310 400 260 387 ... 1M ... ISO 96 87 .... D6 9. !-2 pi" 100 :i at 9114 Pa. .... S5 51 95i 94 .... 109 Ki AS 95 R2 RS Kl 71 :a 91 57 9 !'S BPVi 91 107 105 (C.t 100 9S Union Trust Co.. Bonds. Consumers Power 6a. 1930. Det & Flint En, 1S21 , Ret & 14 St Cloir 5, 1920. .Dot, M & T SL (a, 1993.... Det & N W 4Hn. 1B21 Dot A Ponttao Ily Es, 1923, Do 4Uj8. 1926 , Dot ft Pt H S L Bn. 9B0., Dot Itallll-HV T.m -1091 pat, R, It ft L o 6s, iBO.! P A A H, 1924... Dat. Tiiat a a a. t r- imc Dot Unltoa Ry 4a, 1932.! JO. OD, 1233... Do lata and ref 5a, 1340... Eaat Mich Bdlson 'aiC lVst. uut con h. Dot City Ona c m Sn. I5tj-2a '.7 1J0 prior linn 6s. 1923 w: Dot & Suburb Unn s. 193s.. Mioh State Tel 6r, 1524 Tol, Fro, ft-Nor 6. 1420 63 U ny-Prod (htt Corp 6s, 1930! 101 Dut Buck;-Salt Co. 6a, 1632.. Vlllago Homes Co. a.... U. S. Liberty 3Wa 99 a Do fiacond 4b 07 '9 V. 6. lUirty 4?4b r ' qr'oo Do third 44a iSx-dlvIdend. Salea of Local Securities, BETWEEN SHSSIONS. Am Lt A- Tr com- Paigu-Uetro r? Bt -'-'i 50 m 10 ni u -o ... ' 15 nt 2H Cities yerv pM IB nt 1JJ4 Continental com 2"0 at ft;, KM hi -,i2 100 at ;oo nt '"0 nt Sa at... i at... 40 at... 23 at... 100 at... 10 ut... 100 at... 100 at... 100 at... ri'Inrmun Steel 10 12 .Mli'h Sue-ar com 1U 10 A. M. TO 11 A. Am Lt ft Tr com. 16 at Michigan Surar- 1C0 at P.Uf;o-Drtrolt tlnonlal com- f Jiitrott Edison 10 t 112 Ford of Canada at 211 0 at... 50 at... Reo Cur- BETWEEN SESSION'S. Am Lt ft Tr com Mex Cnnle Iluli- 100 at Mich Siicarcom- 15 at 243 Charcoal Iron com 50 at 7 Charcoal Iron ptd Oiahulln- 10& at 100 r,r ut.. Continental coin XA at 100 at S im nt.; M t fi. 50 ,lt.. 100 at 71i w at., 1W t 1 T'rudden at 7 1M ;tt. 1M "t "4 Jt.-n Car- 1- at 7- so at.. K at 7- f,il nt -.' fit. K nt 100 at 7--, l" ml. -5 at T"i ino at., 209 at s tfy at V.ti. ft Jont-.i com i-V (it X t 17 ut. . 1'i'Pl of '.-iii:!n -..1 nt a: mi' . 1.0 (,;.. -: it ... .211. .VI ;,t.. s at id cits- lionda, Jl.wi at. 5: 1:30 P. M. TO 2:30 3. JH. 1 Inm I'M PalRo-rvtroit 10 bt 10 at I'ruilden Wli-ifl 100 at I'hiinlila .-iisur lv ni 10, " Eiliaon .VIl-h Swear mm 2 1 J ale, M6' (diares. Jt,o tioti-ij -Nrw Orlrun Cnttni .Mnrkrt, -.v Orleans. Nov. S. Tito cotton mar-w;i.s in tho position of milting on tlio nmo of the nrmlMlce conference tmlay IfJ' ria- lay vnliifF mifffrrd nomnviiHi from lin "f lontt vOU'jn. token nn yr.-tu n ;irn-v ore tiulglns thnt tlirt On h.'il I int Lilcf ilnwn li i -ic m.-irio'i finked Kir the iliiy h; k w-l I'lik of 2i to u points. Ir"inb.!r, 22:it; January, 27.7.r.c; March. ZI.ZAc; May. 27.15c; July. WX:: Spoi quirt and unchanged; miJ'll!fV. So.Sflc. f.Ivrrpool Cotton Miarkrt. J.fvprj'-"'!. Nov. B. Spot, quid KOOd middling. 2Zrl: ini.t. llinit, K.7?d; low middling, 21. 7M; nood opllnnry. 20.2M; ordinary, 15.C0d; mles. i-nlfi. Including 1,700 American; n-i-tl;tt.-, 7.000 balen, including M,800 Amr-ic-iin. J-'utureo clonal fTrcgulHr and un-?-(ird; NovmlH-r. 20.ti.Til: December. lO.&i.1!!-Jui.iiary, KMM; Ftbrunry. IB.'.iM; Marrli. i". New York Poultry. NfW Torlt. NOV. ft Men nnnllrv nov chlckroH. 29o; fowls. 2ftQ32e; old roomers. 22c: turkerH. SZltZlc. nrMort ln-f.inilr I:, PALS A Liquid O ..M...-I..I MARINE SOUTHWEST GALE DELAYS SHIPPING Carriers Load Storage Grain in Duluth. riving ritpblly for storage grain at the head of Lake Superior and 10 steamers were loading in Duluth today. More capacity will be ready at that port Saturday and loading will be heavy the. rest ot the month. More tonnage for near by loading could be handled but offerings will be more liberal during the next few days and chartering will be active. Two steamers that will take about 6&0.000 bushels of wheat were named for early loading In Chicago, and a steamer of about 330,000 bushels capacity was placed in Duluth.' The United Grain Forwarders are not chartering very far ahead and most of tht boats are close by when they are placed. Small carriers are taking all the grain for prompt delivery and boats of that class have trouble getting cargoes. A oO-mlln an hour nouthwest gale and rain storm delayed loading of ore at Duluth today. The wind was blowing 48 miles an hour from the southeast at the Koo and boats were waiting for weather. A number of Lake Superior traders were late. Colder weather In oredicted at the head of the laken. There ia no change in the ore freight situation and wild cargoeB are scarce. The Iake Erie porta received 6,-!)f)2,227 tons or ore in October making receipts to November 1, 43.590.-r66 tons compared with 41,044.689 tons for the similar period last Henson. HEAD OF LAKES COAL DOCK WORKERS STRIKE Special to The Frut Pre as. Duluth. N"ov. S. About 2.300 coal dock workers at the head of tho lakes struck today. The men are dissatisfied with awards mado by war labor boards in Washington, granting an ' Iricrea'sejof 10 per cent In wages, effective October 1. The unions had promised not to strike and every man as an individual notified tho superintendent he would quit. Some say they had ln- from unitiltfl to Strike. Tito strikers demand five months back pay and a wage increase. They orltiinally awked for an eight-hour ! (lav Wltn 1U HOliro itu.)-. Liiia ' .... ..,...) i,. Mw. hnnrri ! iillowlilir imtlce of "the award the men wr granted bonus of ? a nay. mia gave common laborers $5.Cii a day The fi-deral employment service has tR'fti notified of tho situation ;i ud a director Is expected to arrive soon. LUMBER-LADEN BARGE BREAKS; CREW IS SAFE Alpfiia. M lch., Nov. S. A n old-time carfcrry. loaded with lumber. In mw if the steamer Matthew Wilson, broke in two during a heavy storm ofT North Point this noon. Several members of the crew narrowly escaped drowning. The men were picked up by the steamer So-nora. Special to Tha Free Prow. Vulcan SlnUa nt Ijoagliton Dock. Houghton, Mich.. Nov. S.The steamer Vulcan, of tho Atlas line, Duluth. sank at Van Ordcn s coal dock here today while discharging tioal. The Vulcan went aground on filnt Abbaye last Thursday and was released by the tug Alabama after lightering pait of her cargo. In pulling her of! the rocks, the Alabama tore a hole in the steamers botfin under her No. 3 water ballast tiink. When the coal was elam-nu-d .mi this morning the water ni-.rsnnro blew open the manhole In tht tank and the steamer sank Im-me'diaielv. A wrecking outfit from Puiiith is on the way to raise her. AmerU-n Itepnlm Dnmaffrd How. Sp.-iiitl to Tim Free Vri-ns. ! steamer America of the Great Lakes Transportation Co., L.ta or wtn.uii, is in the foundation company a ary- dock receiving repairs to her bow, ! whtrh was damaged by her collision i with the steamer W. It. Linn No-'- vemher 1. It i estimated thnt it in. iy ;i k three week to mane the , uTcs.-Jiiry repairs. ! Two Shi pa luivo for Cont. i Special to Tie Free Tress. f',.iiiin-wnnH. nnt. Nov. 8. The strainer Palpoonge and barge Thun-dnr nay have been cut in two in the drydock hero and leave today for the ocean. The four parts will be towed to tidewater. MARINE NOTES, ."ait. William J. Crenhy, grand president of Hi Brand lodge of the !ntrnniionl Sli'iiriin stern association, lit mnklns a brier il nt Vila home tn Detroit. .VHii tho lljjliter llleiitir, the tu(t Con-iiiniliitn I new en Ira l. river i;: ilir wuy fntm Port Huron t" Montreal. I'licro (lie vt;S!Mta aro reported to hvo i.-cti wild. I'nnmn1- rinpnnmrRt nt miirlnfl and fih- ; rri"R linn put a crow of flnhcrrmn t work - Htclilntr whitcflBh In Detroit river for th I n.ih'Ttf.i npnwnlnff station on ltol nitinc K'lwaM !,. Woortrtiff, Itr"tt. miprin-i-n.t.'iit of tho Kl-vcnth ll;;lnliour- di-itri-l. uu'ioiiiict'ii Uic W. 11. I. Win wreck ya.i buoy :nu cntutdlshcd Novemtiur S In I-nJtfi Ilurnn to mark tho location of tho wreck of tin' stcamor W. Tl h-'nn. idtuated north hv en: oiic-holf rant five and tlireo-eighth intlcd from Fort Gratiot lighthouse. With a lighter and part of a wrecking outtii, (ho iw; Marlon K. Trotter of the Trotter Towing A Wrecking Co., Am-hentthurg, Ont., wnt to Tort Huron Friday to astttst In ratline tho nteamor W. K. Ulnn of (he Plttnliurgh Stoamihtp com-jmny. A-hicli wns stink In collision with the Canadian ntoamer America Monday morn. In sr. Juki atiovo Iiko Huron 'Ightshlp. VESSBL PASSAGES. Detroit. Detroit, Nov. o.l,'p: Prlngle. Eddy, 7:30 p. m. Thursrfav Begulua, C. Schnal-der. 9:30; W. r. Crawtord, 9:40; Brel-tung, 9M6; Argo, 10:30; W. K. Kltigor- FjfcEJE 4PBESS, s Diet's in Order These Days. AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Burial services for the late Philip Hawley, who died In Boston of Spanish Influenza, October 2, wltl be held in Detroit Saturday morning at 10 :30 o'ejock from the undor taking parlors of William R. Ham ilton & Co., (09 Cass avenue. Mr. Haw ley jvae one of th best known dealers in the automotive industry, and for tha past two years had been the Boston dealer for the J. C. Wilson company, manufacturers of the wnson tructc. who are at tho plant of the Saxon Motor Car corporation in Detroit are George H. lirownlew und J. S. Ingram, of the Rloga Automobile com- pnj, i-nuaoeipma, ana J. v. Baldwin, of Lob Angeles. Mr. Baldwin has been in Detroit for some time owing to tho illness of Mrs. Baldwin. The October issue of the Dixie Highway, official nrean nf tho i-rogt road route to tho sunny southland. ib uevoiou 10 Jimmi, j-ia,, ana la most complete In text matter and illustrations. The "Winter Capital o Motnrdom" will be the mecca o thousands of war-tired people who will tour south. The publication yields full credit to Carl a. Fisher, the Indianapolis manufacturer and speedway promoter, for making permanent many -of the attractions of Miami. Assets of tho Smith Motor Truck corporation, of Chicago, will be sold at auction, November 15. ThIb corporation was one of the earliest to take up the work of changing Ford passenger cars into trucks. The Coon-McGraw Sales company, of Pittsburgh, are the newly appointed distributors of Holley manifolds in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey and the District of Columbia, tour carloads of manifolds have already been shipped from the Holley Carburetor company plant in Detroit. Dodge Brothers have been commissioned to start immediately the manufacture of the latest type of six-ton tanks Cor the United states government. G. O. Baldwin, service manager of tho Saxon Motor Car corporation, has just returned to Detroit from a week's trip through tho central Ohio district, visiting Saxon dealers. Emmet L. Page has been promoted by the Oakland Motor Car company, of Pontlac, to superintendent of plant five. Mr. Pago Joined tho Oak ald, 10:30; H. rt. Jonen. 10:36; Ogemaw, i 11; Coralla. ll:S; Huron. 11:40; Nyo, 1 j a. m. Friday; Kinney. 1:10: Pentecoiit ! MHchnlt, Cetus, 2; I.ewlaton, 2:0S; A. W. ! Osborno.2:30: J. J. Turner, 2:20; Phlpps, 1 3: Sarnolitu, 3:30; Filbert. 5:10: Crort. ; 6:60; K. U. Morrln, McLean, 6:30; Ol-eoti, :40; )Joton, 7:40; Buckley, Jupt-tor. 8:10; McDougBll. S:4B; Cadillac. SMS; SrlcsBon, 11; Joseph Wood, l p. m. ; Calumet. 1:40: B. F. JVnos, 2:10: Stada-cona. 2:60; Underwood, 4:30. Down: Moll. 7:30 p. m. Thursday; Langoll. 10:30: A. Mitchell. 12:20 a. m. Friday; Cornell, 236; Newbold. 4; Carl P. UrMLiy, B:E5; W. A. nelno. 11:45; ltol.ert, .Ir., Itockr-fnllor, 12::t0 p. in.; Amnaon, t; Klnplre City, Pathfinder, Joe 8. Morrow, ;iq; Chicago. 1:30; C. M. Warner, IMlton. 1:40; Carmla Thomp-on. 2: H. Fulton, w. I. Brown. Samuel Mather. Sagamore, 2:45; Amberg, 3:30; Dataware. Pont lac, r.ladatonr, 3:S6; Wolf tsteel), Durnton, 4:50: J. P. Relna, 5:30; B. L. Smith, C. A. Black. 8; Cepheua, 6:30. Wrlluml Canal. ,fFSFl Co,bornB' Nov. . up: l-cnnlngton, 1,1? u .m- Snrnotttf, 1 p. m.-, Maltnn. 6:20; Jmpfrlr.!, fi; ts Forrest, 7:30. Down: Kalkaska. 3 pm. Thursday: Keynor, ltt. m. Friday; McLouth, 2:30; Oenoa. 3; Clarenco 1-1 x. consort. 6:40; Mar-Ian W 6:30; Duadurn. 6; Stewart W., S p. m. Straits of Miiitkluac. Mackinaw City. Mich., Nov. I. Up: W. W. Brown, tm p. m. Thuraday; D. O. Mill, :40; Manchester, 12:30 a. m. Friday; Ellwoad. Niagara, 3:40; barge. Wsasi'u. SlrtU"" 1,,onwr" -"torne". Down: Largo oteacnor. north chanool. . m- Thureday; Jamea Wilson. 7:30: McCullough, 3; Campbell, a. m. Frf-c,uvj Kotcher, S:S0: Slierwln, 10:10; Campbell, 10:30; o. e. Parka, 3 p. m. Morgan, 4:20; Morosta, 5: Bunaen. Returned to shelter; Slrtos, Pioneer. Cornelius, and London. iVir.d west, atrcng; weather cloudy. Satdt Ste. Marie. Sault 6W. Marie, Mtcli., Nnv. 3. Up: Lewis W. Hill. Kennedy, 7 p. m. Thursday; Elphlcko. E: Phi 1 pi Mlnch, 8:3C; Cone-maugh, 0; Belgium, 10; Wiptn, 10:30; Hor-hert F. Black, midnight: Stonton. Norway, .Maricopa, 12:30 a. m. Friday; Hurltmt W. .Smith. 1:80; Trimble. 3; ltonlozlc. c-ao- Jnmea C. Wallace, 6; Murphy, 7:30; MeCul- wun, a, nrauniiBiii, n:ju; aison, :a0; Con-us, ilraxll. 10:30: Andrewa, I'rlncoton. ii ; running, 11:30; Iirower, nonn; Harriet Walters. 5. " ' " ' y' ; Down: Christie, Quien City, (l;30 o. m. Thursday; Samlan, Win. A. ltogei-,1. Harvard. 7:30; John J. Barium, 8:30; Gieh-orchy, I'alne, 8; Stein brrnner. 9:30: Clem- fon. 10; frhoomnakr, 1:30 a. m. Friday; fi:3i-: ntp, I'rvarjue Is!-, in; .Snwyo lumn, i ii:ioi-K. i p, rr. ; Mtnniinli:. 2: Jnn-.ei J. Hid, Fmncis i itotiiims. :i; Dnwaon John A. MoiiHldBOn. 4; Ball, S; .Michigan, t. VKSBEI. MOVEMENTS. Lake Mlrlilgnn, Souih Chicago, 111., Nov. 8. Arrived: J. T.. Huirhlnaon, Tolwfio, coal; Tho Harvester. Suporlor; Ishpamlng, Two Harbors: Peraous. Ashland, ore. Cloareo: J. T. Hutchinson. Buffalo; The Harvester, Jeh-peming, Duluth, light. Chicago, HI., Nov. i. Arrived: Moras Taylor, Iluffalo, coal; Marlon, Ludlngton, Bait. Cleared: Marion, J.udtngton; Moieo Taylor, Duluth. Iighr. MMwxurfiee, Win., Nov. a. Arrlvr-: T. I Whrkwire, B, ,N. Saitnderp, Jr. Cleared: .Meirosta. Buffalo. KRi-anaba, MJn.. Nov. 5. Cleared- Ins-Jey, Krie: email Mather, Milwaukee. Lako Erie. Fluff ato, M. Y-, Nov. S. Arrived: S. M. Clement, Kcanabn, ore; 3mlili Thompsun, Port Colborne, light: Duluth, supnrlor, (Train; W. I.. Smith. Marrjuefie; S. I. cie-nwnt, Kncnniitin. ore. tlnrei: Fmlth rhrfmoon. K.ttuniT Venua, linluth,, lv.iI: Clem-nt. liuluth. light- Cleveland, O., -Nov. S. Arrived: .Muriel V... Montrtal, light: B. Langell. Duluth. lumber: Martin Mullen, Calcite, stone; B. T. Berry. B. A. Uhrlff, Superior, ore. Cleared: Muriel W Quebec, coal: E. A. Unrig. Cuylir Adams, Duluth: M. A. McGregor. Outle: QlenlsU. Toledo; B. Berry. Chicago, light. Conneaut, O.. Nov. . Arrived: R. H. Richardson, Calclto, limestone; Widlar. Buffalo, light ; Ford, Farroll. Sonoma, Duluth. ore. Cleared: Conneaut, Alpena, coal; ShirUB, Butnngton, Maunaloa. Lake Superior, light. Ashtftbu!a, O.. Nov. ft. Arrived: Sir William Kalrbalrn. W. .P. Ft! tier t. Du-luth: B. Y. Townsend, Superior; Francis Widlar, Aahland, ore: Callspell, Toledo, light. CTIeared; Sir William Falrbalrn. yf,.J- FH,'0rt-tE- y- Townsend, Francis Widlar, Duluth. light; Callspell, Point, Levis, coal. i Erie, Pa,, Nov. 5. Arrived: Orinoco,1 S'ATUBD AT, NOVEMBER 9, 1918 land company in 1911. when he resigned from the Welch Motor Car company us inspector, and was pro- i mo tod by the Oakland company in 1 turn to chief inspector, and then to manager of the parts department. . . j C. W. Whltston, general sates manager of the Panhard Motor Truck company, of Grand Haven, Mich., has returned to tho factory after a successful trip to dealers, and distributors. j The priorities division has issued n ruling on the parts situation and has formally authorized the making of repair parts for passenger cars now In service, and for the purchase of theso parts and their use by dealers. Pledges had been signed by the allied Industries such as ball bearing, electrical, etc., to sell their product only to Industries on the ferenee list of the War Industries board, and that lint did not Include passenger car makers. A hearing was held with the assistant priority commissioner, Rhodes S. Baker, with manufacturers, dealers, parts and accessory dealers in attendance, and the presentments then mado brought expressions of entire sympathy front tho commissioner, who recognized tho necessity for supplying parts for the 5.000.000 passenger cars now In use-, recognizing the hardships entailed for suppliers aiid dealers by the pledges required of all allied industries. Manufacturers will now apply to the automotive products section of the War Industries board for permission to obtain material for repair parts. Albert Gough has been given charge of the service department of the Liberty Motor Car company. Start of manufacture of Eagles nt the ship plant of Henry Ford at Kearney, N. J., is expected to start November 16. Work of completing the plant Is progressing rapidly. s Doucrlas C. Malley, who was connected with the Scrlpps-Booth corporation, and the Studcbakcr corporation, has joined the Motor Transport corps In which he has a cnininlBsion as llrst lieutenant. He Is .stationed at Camp Holablrd,, Baltimore, Md. Max Stornberg of the Green Dragon company, Chicago, is in Detroit appointing distributors for the Green Dragon Spark llug. He also htiM the state of Michigan yet to appoint representatives for this now plug, and will leave for Grand Rapids, Saginaw and upper Michigan within the next few days. Montezuma, Port Arthur, pulpwood; Mal-ton, Viking, Montreal, light; M. A. Brad ley, iacanatia, ore. utcareu: Aiauon, Montreal, coal; M. A. Bradley, J. H. Rend. Suporlor, light. Falrport, O., Nov. 8.- Arrived- Carl D. Bradley. Calclte. stone. Cleared: Col-llngwood, Toledo; Carl D. Bradley. Calotte, light. Siinduxky. O.. Nov. S. Cleared: La Bdle. Tolodo, coal. Lorain, O.. Nov. 8. Arrived: W. C. Franz, Agncw, IJuffato; Hartnell, Cleve-land; HnMiarfl, Toledo, light. CleHred: Hartnell. Marquette, coal; Ell wood, Duluth; Martha, Toledo, light. Luke Superltir. Fort William, Ont., Nov. 5. Arrived: W. D. Rees. Stanton. West mount, Harriet B.. Belgium, Homo Smith. Cleared: Ucqutn, Montreal, tlax; H uremic, I a, package freight; Inndlng grain, Athabasca, Iake- Duluth-Suporlor. Nov. 8. Arrived : Parks Foster. O. Q. Barnum. William B. Schiller. Sweden. N. F. Lnooold. Jamos Laughlln, F. 11. Goodyear. Pargny, rj. ti. unrry, ji. n. witKinson. a. it. ftobblnn, F- Baker, Vega. Upson, J. T. Kopp. Clearail: Rnnown, Sop tune. Thomas Lynch. E. K. Slick. C. W. Kotch-r. Ii. W. Oglebay. H. M. Manna. Jr.. Joseph Sollwood. Thomac Barium, A, Tl. Wolvln. Oonatttulion, W. B. Davock. John Dunn, Jr., Q. A. Shaw, A. B. Up-Hon. S. F. B. Morse, W. L. King, D. M. I'htlbin, Parks Foster. Lyman C. Smith. Edenborn, II. C. Frlck. Running Races PIMLICO. First race, all ages. 6 furlonga Trteh Lady II., won; George Clark, second: Court I lallant. third. Fair and Square and I Sfiuaro. Capital City, Jack Dawuon, Rum-! mer Sigh. Coucelles, Coddle, Tarascon. 1 flf. Scbnatlan. Baby Girl, Clarissa, Drill Master and P. O. King also ran. ' Second race, 2-yoar-ola, mile Cronnd-: swell, won: San tor. second: Duchnas Lace, third. Antoinette, Clean Cone, Swenplet, Triumphant. Umbala and Coramlu alno ron. Third race, 3-year-oldn, 2 miles, Bteente-chaae Belle of the fieft. won; Decisive, second; Elyaian, third. Impartiality. Royal Arch, Bughouse and Cherry Stone alno ran. Fourth race, all agen. B furlonga Fl&ga. won; Jock &:ot. pocc-nd: Btdae, third. Motor Cop. Boniface, Luculllto, Panaman, Holllater. Nepporhan. Crank. High Coat. Leocharos and Dr. Johnston also ran. Fifth race, 2-yeo.r-oldn and up, 4 furlonga Arrnh fo On. won; Lillian Show, nnc.-ond; Suhnhdar, third. Star Spangled. Faddy. Fairy Prince, Jule. CJultudo. Oonone and Wheat Cakes also ran. Sixth nice. 2-yenr-olda and up, IU inliex A fried n A rrow. won : Woodtrop, second ; Seventh race, 3-year-old.-) and up. 1 l-lfi inliea Herenost, won: Aircian, second; 1'olroma. third. Cobalt Las. BdJle Henry, King John. Poacher. Silk Bird, Whoppoor- wiu, Tuornnioom, rvmoty simplex, isouaat, DoUna, Galley Head aiid Statim aso ran. PIMLICO ENTRIES. First race, furlongs, maiden 2-year- moBuieaa none, jiu; uncie jonn, ii': Bagnamn, 110; Doleful. 110; Veto, 110; Candle Light. 110; Doleful, 110; Hohnkus. 110; Tom Fool. 110; Donnallght, 107; Poilu, 107: War Cry, 110; Ilemo. 110; Vigllanto, 109; Mother-in -Law. 107; W. Ward. 110. Second rac, mllo, 3-year-old and up- war.l, the Pimllco Remount Bmcdlng purae -Valalsi, 112; Don Jose, ICS; Trial by Jury, i.. -.iToy t-BEif, iiv: t-runen. iuj: I'eern Om. 110; Lion. 102: Captain Kay, J fjreolt Legend. T10. Ttilrcl rarf-. ;;reert Spring Valley ateaple-cl-ft-n. hnndicv. 2Vi miles, 4-year-olds and upward Trumpeter, US; W. F. Knebel-kanip, Flelger, 133; Smlllifloid. 1J5: Mdiroie, 134; Turkoy King, 120; Ilobert Oliver, 135; nihlfr, 140; Anttaoptlc. 130: KiiiRt'on Pier. 135: rrnctltloner, 12S: Tllt- FfHirili race, mile. 2-yenr-oIrtj. Walden niK-ie-rrnniilaie. lyj; Mnd Hntter. 122; War Pennant, 127; Thunderstorm, 117; SJilk- Fifth race. 1 1- miles, -year-olds' and Unv.'ard. Southern hnn.1l.. a.. . 124; Corn Tassel, IIS: Red Sox, 104; Sail l'iKS' 1M: ' r''Errant, 100; ' Matlnse Ido. 107; Franklin. Hfi; Mlnto if., 109. nnwVt r?tS ? 1-,5Dm". -year-olds and upward, ctaimlng-flunny Land, 105; Mose. Ift.; Bolster, 106: Maud Bacon, 110: Hon" pfiJ?"1?; m: "y'py Valle" t Flame 102; Kafranor. 106; Bravado. 105 Uizy Imu. 105; Kilmer. 118; Valsnar' 105-Sandman IT., 123: Broom Peddler, 100 Seventh rac, it milea. Olenmoro handf-SJiP ,3,''!r-ol", Rhrt upward-FIlttergold, r2Jr,w?e0. "U Thornbloom, l 0 Gamecock, 109; The Dean. 94; Saiidnuut II., 10); Woodtrap, 113; Polroma, 1M. Weather dor; track fast. DETROIT UNIVERSITY COACH MADE AN "Jimmie' Dufiy Cels His Commission at Pelham Bay, and Expects Soon to Be Do-ing Sea Duty University of Detroit, honored re cently through one of former football coaches, Harry Costello, is in tho war again, with a more re cent mentor, "Jimmie" Duffy. Costello, a lieutenant In the nrmy, as already told, has been awarded the British war cross for services near Archangel. Duffy went Into the navy last Rival Teams on Edge for Great Conference Battle on Which Eyes Focus Continued Prom Page Nine. in acquatlcs. That Hawaiian duke With the seven-lnlntetl mimit noit'd disport himself In any one of the street herg without touching the bottom. This afternoon Statrc field was a great lake and the billows play- itiny iroiiciseu ana itinmcu an along the breakwater. There was A slftn at a let-no this evening, but Chicago Is noted for these sprees of rain, each succeeding downpour a littlo more severe than the rest. No matter how tho skies clear It would bu well for the tralnors to have a staff of helpers handy to scrape the mud out of the athletes optics, ears and other or gans in tneir countenances susceptible to absorbing slime. Might Favor Michigan. Conditions might work to .Michigan's advantage Inasmuch as Voat declares emphatically that ha ha, in addition to tha oest kicker in years in ritcketee. the surest catch of punts tho Wolverlnus ever had 'n Knode. Contrary to this Cpellng, Stags is weeping because the clouds sC-leted this time to spill tlieir contents. Ho attributes his defout ut the hands of Purdue, a week ago to fumbling, and when the day was ideal for football. Therefore he sees In the leaking skW:.s a tragedy for him. If the Maroons have no more success In holding onto the leather tomorrow than they had in the clash with the Hollermakers, Yost can bo depended upon to Instruct Steketee to do a lot of booting. Yost doesn't care how he wins, tho enemy's fum-Jiles or superior playing of his eleven. JuBt to long as that 2 to 0 beating, which hurt more than any defeat the Mu.Izd and Blue ever suffered, ia avenged. Compared in weights, thcro is little to choose between the elevens. Chicago has the ad vantage In ;h.? backfleld. where Yost's men aru lighter than the n veragi econdry men, but the different: in Mieht-iran's favor Is more than made tin on the lino. With the certain wet Iieid m prospect tins can be nothlntr but advantageous to the Wolvorlncit. No matter which way the critics are wont to view the contusi the success of Michigan depends upon her green quarter. It is a fact that lOBt trusts inipjicitiy in ina aolllT; of his luf.rted pilot to show tin Wolverines the way to victory. Ov hero they can't h-iHve that tin Michigan coach, famed for hia Judg ment, couia tn in it 01 leaving t ne dftstlny of IiIh team tc a hoy who never has as much ;i.t taken part In a scrimmage, yet that is juHt what Vest is going to do. Xot tn Lineup. When Michigan oppnaetl Case In the only garni; of Michigan' season thus far Knode was not In tho line up, and before ho could get the uencnts of practice against the second team, tin: re censed to he one. Mitchell's airirreiratlon folded un like an umbrella and disappeared. None who knows tho capabilities of Yost questions his judgment In selecting Knode for tho work, however: It reoulrfis Htttfi time, fur itm tvoivcrine u-ncier to size up material, and his chn ce nf the season's neil- lege sensation at shortstop Is defi nite, iviiuer jvnouea praises will in sung fur and wide by nightfall Hat' urday, or Yost will admit that he judged too hastily. Uncertainties attendi-nir tho. mn. test have designed to create rathor mint uKiraci interest, vvnilo there won l tie weparatc and distinct iiiiwcriug sections, due to tno inab 1 jv 01 inn aliments at Ann Arbor to leave their barracks, and in upttrt of the fnt that the war has dampened the ardor of mo many things, one of the greatest throngH that ever shoe-horned Itself into the Blndlurn on the mldwiiv is prouicien. Will llfm Through, Tonlg : MIHIIV Old Mlrblirun men as could l .;tek.;,l iiho the University club took a solemn oftih that they would see i'osi and hia avengers through with the ta&k nearly ut hand. Blocks of stats totaling 3,000 in number -were delivered Into tho hands of the Alumni annotation ot V;n,vcrw,tv .ot Mlcbtffftn Here and they promiBo to dispose of every solitary one. Jt't pRces-sary to be a graduate from Ann A fb or to purchase a ticket, the pasteboards having been obtained for the imrposrt of Supplying any man who wishes to hout for the Maize and Iflue eleven. T)iea seats aro located Jn the center of the east Hisuid which bo-fore broko out of the conference-usually were occupied by the Maroon adherents. No ron son Is given for the change, but. that matters not. In honor of the occasion the auction ff the InMosurc provided for the Michigan supporting raft has been drnpird or will be whti the skiea "top leaking, with yellow and gold. Tho fiiiine color sciiomo is worked out on the goal posts which the Wolverines are expected to gaze on oftonar than the Maroon from a front vle-w. Yost was the lion of the hour at the mass meeting, some of tho fellows faking their first scrutiny of the maker of football champions since they agreed to disagree. "Hurry-up" promised them all. singly and collectively, thnt. ho would make the occasion one for them to remember all their lives. Talk of Town. Camp Orant and Camp Taylor, two of the best service teams in the I country, offer a conflicting attraction at the dubs park, etllt the By Cliff Sterrett. ENSIGN IN NAVY spring, being sent first to Cleveland naval station, and transferred successively to Great Lakes and lo Pelham liay, where he now is. A letter just received from him gives tno news mat no nag coinpioteu his work, has received his commis sion as ensign, and expects to go to sea shortly. The Jefferson- avenue institution secured Duffy after Doble left, to go to Annapolis. lie previously had had Eastern high, und before that had been assistant coach ut Col irate, his alma mator. He was nuar terback for that college for two years, but suffered a broken col-larbono and other Injuries that put him out as an active player. Duffy developed for University or Detroit one of the greatest elevens In the school's history. He has a host of friends here, being popular personally, as won as an instructor. topic of discussion In football circles Is the game that re-cements athletic relations between the Maize and Blue of Michigan and the Maroons or umcago. it is beiievcu mat tins game, too. will bi In c-ool hands. A list of oiltulsls was submitted to Michigan's 111 rector or atnieitcs, 1 nil u. car tel me. today and he expressed ploas- uro with the chuiccs made. Birch, I'.nrlhani, will roferee, Qulgley, national lea true umpire und director of athletics at tho University of Illinois, will umpire. Robinson, In diana, is ciii(iuien to nuncio tne There is nothing to stop the teams tomorrow, umees ine eanu caves in or th aaine news service that called on: the war Thursday an nuuncss the world is at rn end. FOUR PREP GAMES ON FOOTBALL CARD HERE ON SATURDAY Continued From Page Nine. nifnts that may not be remedied by game timo which will keep him out. In tho event that this happens. Krtca likely will start the game ut thii pilot position. Northern's contest with Eastern is second to the Ponilae-CtMitral clash so fnr as Interest Is concerned. The Eskimos upset the dope last seanon when, after several losses, they defeated Raster n, a team which but a few weeks before had held tho champion Coll eleven to a tie. Redskin Seek Itevengr. For that ouo incident the Indians seek revenge. It wns the first occasion on which the Orange and Black and Northern had played and to lose didn't set right with tho populace of the Mack avenue establishment. Coach Percy Drew ended the preparation for the Northern game with a ahort signal practice Friday night. Proof that the Und and Blue Is not so strong as Northwestern Is nffordnd by comparative crores of the Coli-Cass contest and the Northern -Cups game. The Kh-kimos defeated the Technical boys. CO to 0, while Northwestern registered n. fl to 0 win. Windsor and Western meet In the big game on tho west sldo of the city. The eleven from the Border City collegiate institution will encounter tb Cowboy aggregation at L'lnrk park. Western Turn Weak. University high Is one of the tfnma which look the Windsor measure this Reason, winning 7 to 0 several weeks ago. ftut that Is no evidence of how tho Border athletes will show jignlnnt tlje Westerners, for the Detroit school Is exceptionally weak. Northeastern will play UnlverHlty high. It should be an even gam, and will be played at D. U. y. field. Tho Falcon errldders acrlmmaired Central neveral timen during the wock ana gnineti rcguiariy tnrougu the strong Pluo and tvhito line, which Is fair proof that their eleven hns improved a whole lot Hlnce Cass Tech drubbed It some Saturdays ago. SANDWICH ELEVEN TO PLAY AT YPSI Game With Teachers on (or Saturday, After Ban Has Caused Its Calling Off on Three Different Dates YpHilnntl, Mich., Nov. 8. The gVnne between Ypsl Normal and Aumimptlon college, of Sandwich. out., postponed three times becau: of the ban, will he played here .-;itiirdny. Three of Conch Hell's men who weru out last Saturday aro bade. Coach Bell ia depending on his veteran backfleld to run away with King fieorgo's lads and from this way thuy ripped up the rewervo sg.ii ad this week, the boys across the Petrolt river don't appear to hn vo a chance. Ypsl will use as many rcservo men a possible as tho following Saturday the pedagogues meet the Aggies a. A. T. C, elovon. Smith ln Pilot I'ennsy. Philadelphia. Nov. 8. Only light work wits given the Pennsylvania varsity iimra today in preparation for lh gatiu: tomorrow with (i -ffiyt-tte. Smith will act as pilot in the absence nt "Bunny" lerch, who luis not appeared for practice for a week. It is iiittily tlmL Peters, the lanky ;nd. will ho giveh a trial nt "booting" in the fray with the Kastonians. Iiidliinn In Fighting Trim. Hloomlngton, Ind.. Nov, 8. 13 very member of the Indiana eleven is In righting trim for Port Harrison hero tomorrow. The spirit of the team In pract If e tonight, was I he best this nrnson. not withstanding that four voteronw left thia week for an oillcers' camp. fireat Lnkm Una New Lineup. Great Lakes, 111., Nov. S. -Twenty-seven members of tho Great Ijfiken football sntnd departed tonight tor South Bend, where they play Notr(. name university tomorrow. A new lineup with Driscoll :t quarter, Bachman at center; Eick-lund at tacklij, and Hyde at halfback, will face the university. ' HINDENBURGUNE HAS A PROTOTYPE IN GASS SCHOOL'S Northwestern Gets Through It at WUI, and Wins Game hy Score of 51 to 0. Gaining almost at will through the weak Cass Tech line, and running tho Green and White flanks frequently, Korthwcstern's champion eleven rolled up 61 points against the lower Grand River Institution At Goldberg field Friday afternoon, while their opponents failed tm score Persistency In hurdling tho Tech players by Northwestern backfleld players caused tho Red arid Gray many yards In penalties or the count might have been greater. Bovlll started ' his regular lineup with a now man, Clark, at end. This player has licen shifted from position to position throughout the season and at Inst has apparently found the right Job. The Red . and Grav backfleld ran smoothly and like a well-oiled clock, hammering the Cass defense with a powerful attack. Day and Marlon were tho luminaries of the contest. The latter boy belongs in the back-Held, where 1 has lately been shifted by the Northwestern tutor ns was displayed "by his work Friday, su-oring three touchdowns. NORTIIWESTRRN. Clark 1. E... Perkins L. T... Mogeo L. Q... W. Springsteen C It. Krlts It. O... A. Springsteen ...R. T... Walters R. EL. , Sweeney Q. II... Dav U. K. . Marlon R. It.. Shiclda F. B... Score by quarters CASS TECH. Schlover Oresort ten, Baruth Wilson Btarck Ponrtman Klvltky Ltghtbndy Butler Meiers Dust Northwestern 19 13 7 Cans Tech 0 0 0 00 Touchdowns Day 8. Marlon 3. Shields T, Sweeney 3. Goals from touchdown Shiolds 3 in 7. Satfet tea George. Referee Remington, l.'mplre Law ton. Head llnes-man Burroughs. Time of quarters 12, i:. 12, 15. Substitutions Rhanahan for Sweeney. Chapln for Day, Woudlock for Marlon. Stenrod for Perkins, Humphreys for Shields, Johnion tor Krltz. C;isa Palmer tor IJaruth. A. Lake Tor Schlovor. HOGANlUSfBOXER FOR COMING WEEK Elks Open With Him, and He Also Will Appear at Shows Given by Loyal Moose and D. A. C. Organizations. Detroit lodge of Elks, when it secured Elmer Hogan of Flint for one of the fen lure numbers of its show of next Monday evening, November 11, In a feature number to precede the Schubert and Block re- rn engagement, made the up-state lad the busiest boxer in captivity tho present moment. He haa threo enKagements In five nights next weelc. llogau. after his great showing against Barrlcau, at the Cass avenua arena, was promised another engagement at the second following show. The flu ban operated to make Monday's affair the next show, but the date ia the one that Hogan had been assured. do, to keep faith, as well as to aid In makinir the re opening attractive, he was sent for, any way. Meantime, unaware of this promise and the intention of the I-; Iks, the U. A. C. and Loyal Mooso both had signed Hogan, the llrst named for Tuesday, and the latter for Friday. All had announced him before any possible Inixup became apparent, mtd by inuttiat agreement it wns decided lo have him kuM all o tho engagements. PREPARING FOR CITY TOURNEY Entry Blanks Are Ready for Bowling Event, and the Lists Will Be Closed November 29 at Midnight. Detroit Bowling annar.tatinn Is rrady for tho final drive of the city Lotiniamcnt to be held at the Wooi-ward Howling alley h November 30 to December 11. IS n try tilaiika are printed and will be found at the different howling alleys throughout tho city. A largo entry from tho several shop leagues la looked for thin year. With the many war workers leagues now howling In Detroit this tournament is bound to put tli "pep" in the game this year. .Entries Jlose November 20 at midnight. Bowlera desiring Information should get In touch with Secretary James Shlllady at th Woodward alleys. MARLEYS MEET SAINTS East Detroit will battle West Detroit in the curtain raiser of the pay ton-Herald gnmo at Navin field, Sunday, when tho Marley footballers from tho emit side, cltish with the St. Oerards of Cowboyland. Its a foregone conclusion that It will be a groat game. For on reason, Ihe scoreless tin the two elevens fought to several weeks ago, lf offered. Coach Al Larson, of the Marleys, has been driving his hoys all week for the K-'mo and says liu will send a team licalnat the Saints that will t h row il scare Into the in nl first sight. Cnnrrl -' rows-Country Run. Philadelphia, Nov. 8. Tho crosscountry run between Pennsylvania and Penn State, at State college, tomorrow, has been cancelled. Major Urifflth. of tho S. A, T. C, refuses to allow-the Red and Blue runners to leave college for tho timo necessary for the scheduled event. St. Gerard Reserves will practice Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning at 9:30 oVInck. All players report. St. (ierard Uesertes want games with f'.'-poMtu! teams. Call fvd. at Cedar 2St.-.I afUr 6 o'clock. The Recreation af 5meA - Shaw ffssf mmd Hf fear CM Tomrrw mnd Tm-Jmy You Are Invited

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