Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on September 2, 1918 · Page 10
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 10

Detroit, Michigan
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Monday, September 2, 1918
Page 10
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1 CURTAIN FALLS ON BASEBALL IN DETROIT MONDAY Doable Header With White Sox Starting at 1 :4S Ends Pastime Until After War. OUR STAR ATHLETES MAY NEVER RETURN Mutt Play Bjgger Game Now Than That One of the Pennant Hunt. T BY HARRY BULLION. Curtains will be drawn cm the great national game of baseball for tne period of war, perhaps longer, at Navln field Monday afternoon. Somewhere, sometime the ath-iletes, who, have helped to make thousands happy by their dash and vim, or caused them civic sorrow, shortly will be engaged in a busi- nes far more Important than the winning of a pennant. Uncle Sam's war department de erees that baseball is not an essential occupation and will, if the prln-cipals themselres are unable to. , find them Jobs that are designed ly , so majce ror the successful prose cution or Europe's bloody carnival. .; : - Bxempt, temporarily, aro tho par-tloipantB in tho Impending world's :. iterleB; ror the others there is no recourse. Secretary Baker nn, Oen-;ii eral Crowder have spoken, and on V : their decision the life of baseball, .. professionally, goes out. After Mon-;.i0oay s samen, the first of which Is --scheduled to commonce at 1:46, white Sox and Tigers, nctors In the . climax production at Nnvin field, i.r.wlll have no altenmtlve but :; chance their clothing- for some of ;.- their country's or enter biI judged . essential labor. Contracts ISzplre. Contracts expire on the morrow and tho athletes will wend their separate- ways, to play again If .. pnyaidal fitness will permit them ;.; ttfter the war or sink from their ;- . lofty place in ilin spotlight to ob--Ilvlon. It's war's toll that must be Si; exacted ; one of the sacrifices that 57 all of us must make. Baseball won't die even though 'the 'government obliterates it for .-the best Interests of victory, mere-;:' ly recline In slumber until the -awakening comes. When that will be only the fates can ordain; none can forecast the end of the struggle :r.that grips civilization. Few believed that baseball would :,be injured by the war other than through the loss of patronage, due !'-to the induction of America's man-r, -hood Into the army. But the blow ::eufTcred Is greater than oven the -V most. Seotlcal would have flared to Jiiajrard a prediction: swallowed up vr.j,'t;fln . the ' rushing" current of requlro-ffilfi.:- I'Tnents tho country must meet. swvw.,i:fr. 1 One-purpose can be served by the jjasfr .conditions that exist now, and will iV obtain throughout the siriigglo to fefsvJiV.-5.peBtore pence and put the reptile 3 that Germany calis Its emperor where he can crente no morn trnu-.:-ble.' It is an accepted fact that v. DaBOD&n requires cleaning out, nni 7 war will offer opportunity. Some X-ed Sot Worry. - Not All those associated with the pastime stand accused, yet Individuals, or groups of them might lie eliminated for the Kootl of the snort. No names need to be mentioned. nor the situations that Involve t liin "died: time will remedy the de-' fer.ts. :. '.i -'It Is sufficient to remark that tie : government deemed it wisdom to check it now, and the . government's will must bo obeyed. Careers are certain to bo ruined by the edict brilliant performers now probably ..never returning, cut on in the bloom . of their greatest earning period. But so have lives been sacrificed to the cause. Thoso who are spared will have everything to be thankful for. Baseball can be revived, but lives once lost can't be recovered. . "With this feeling the fjus of De. trolt can pay their last respects i-the great national pastime and the Tigers Monday afternoon. Feu- of the athletes expect to be back, although all of Them hope In return to the post they leave on t he bp-. pointed day. I,lke the rest expected to play a part In tin- affairs of tin-future policy of government throughout tho world practically. they are destined to b.i j-sts T .fate: to go whither they arc pri!. Become Small 1'nttn. - Man bltr In their chosen fields "f endeavor make no nourish In this i business of wnr. wlins.: gigantic - size staggers belief, (obb, ripealier. Mathewson and other.-.- of equal I prestige in basebn M's h:tit of fame j are mere unit., small, yet needed f In tho greater came of nuTcy that j unites all nations against the bio...) ; 'drenched Kaiser. This farewell niade by the Timers will be marked hy the appearance ! of "Wild Hill" I tonovan o:i t he mound In one of Hie games, li is ' BUI'S request and Jennings's sug- j gestion. Though ojd in year.-' as ' athletes of the diamond s.". tho roM ; ; right arm that did much to brins ! throe pennants to Detroit and errlnelv brought down the hitters of their time still is slnewv ; and supple. Whether Donovan will last the I . Vame out. or what plans bevond the j hurling of Bill into the breach Jennings has in mind ror the "blow : off," are not known. Hut if hae ball must be ushered out it Is tit ting and proper that Donovan ha a hand in it. EASTERN MENTOR TO OPEN GRIDPRACTICE TUESDAY FtTtt Day Will Be Spent Organizing Campaign and Celling Line on Candidates Entirely A'en Dackfield Musi Be Built by Drew T ough Season Ahead. Coach " I'erry Irew of Kastern High school will open his gridiron drive for prep football supremacy this fall, Tuesday, when the Detroit .sChoolB open their doora. The Indians' mentor will taKc up th first day scnool nperse l.t net tab on his candidates and urbanize his campaign. J'ractioe will begin Wednesday. Draw's reason for Inaugurating the practice season to early in tlie uncertain condition of his, entire ' team, due to enlisting and Rradu-AtlnfiT- Whn the doors of the Alack Avenue bricfc were closed lan June it was generally the belief that It -would he a soft year for Hasten). Had not two of hJs veteran har;k-fleld men enlisted thinss would have been a (rood deal that way, but their- Joinlns the service h3 thus e a ii Bed a new turn of affalrs.- . The Orange nnd ni.-;ek fut-e ths -toughest list of cop test r an Eastern ' betrrnatLtlnri ' has tackled aineo tha days fttthjnnui SaataroCentrat How Major League Teams Performed During Last Week; New York. Sept. 1. The week's rocord In each tongue of frames played. . wen iwid lest, with runs. hits, errors, men loft on base and rune floored by opponents, Including Ramas of Saturday. August 31. Is as followa: NATtONAJj LEAQUB. Clubs.. G YV I. 11 It K LI OR Chicago 8 4 I 2 SJ IS 48 88 New York...? 5 3 Si 67 S 47 1J Pittsburgh .4 1 3 10 9 12 21 19 Clnctnnatl ..8 4 4 40 87 10 S6 28 Brooklyn ...7 3 4 18 48 10 31 73 rhlladol'a ..6 4 2 27 83 12 43 33 Boston 0 3 3 23 GO 8 64 31 BU Lrfu!n..'..4 1 3 6 23 6 17 8 AMERICAN LEAGUE. ciuba. t; Boston 7 Cleveland ...7 Wnnhington 0 Now York... 7 St. Louht....5 Chtcngo UI3TKU1T Phlladel'a ..8 w i. n ii n t.n or 4 3 Z9 48 It 40 11 2 4 14 41 12 37 3 6 16 60 13 57 COBB AND SISLER END ST. LOO YEAR IN PITCHING DUEL Batting Stars Work Finish of Last Major League Game City WUi See Until War's End. TIGERS TAKE OPENER BUT LOSE OTHER ONE Dauss Is Victor, 7-5, in Free Hitting Fray, While Cunningham Takes a Loser's End. Special to The Free Press. St. Louis, Mo.. Sept. 1. Ty Cobb and Georgo Sisler appeared as pitching rivals in tho announced hoadMner of the American league finale hero this afternoon. Tho famous outfielder, and first baseman did not appear until the waning Innings of the second gnme and gave the fans an ucxiiwtGd thrill. GcorsR Dauss beat thn Brmvna In the opener. 7-5, "inlitnt?" Dave Davenport. Unfiy Leiflehi and Joe Hennett. Wayno Wright and (icorjfu Cunningham appeared an th pltHi-era In the second. Tha Browns won this same, G-2, slvlnff them two of the three-game ncrles. funnlnp-hain pItL-hnd six Innlna and permitted five rung. In the two rounds that Coltb twirled, be allowed three hits and one run. Klaler hurled only one UniitiK and hlanltcd the Tie.-rs, permitting one hit. Detroit was first to arore. tallying a run In the third. Vitt had expired when Velio got n. life on bftiler'H error nf John's throw. Thun Dau.s put a HiiiKlr in riBht. sending: Yelle to third. Bwoh 1'anned, out n pa.a to Jones and Uolih's sin-file to left scored Yelle. With the bases tilled- Severeld made, a great catch of V. ach's foul apafrist the grnndstand. .Hade Some .Hare Here. This total was raised in three runs In the fourth, rirlcjra opened With a shiKlo. Harper'a acrilli-e was fumbled by Davenport, while Jones made a wide throw of Vitfs bunt, t'risga scoring. Harp.-r camped on third on Yelle's grounder lo Austin, but scored when Austin tossed out Dauss. Two runs tallied in the fifth were the tlrM -arned markem of tho Bfime. Voach Mingled to right a-ul when Demmitt threw tbe hall to opened with a singl". but was cut Austin's relay. Uiiggs's single to left scored both runners. The Browns sol four hits, but only one run In the llfth. 'Jcdeim opend with a single, but was cut down Irving to steal-. After Aus-Lln fnnned. Severe Id. Nnnn maker, batting for 1'avenport. and Tnbin singled, produolng a run. Iiemmitt's second double and Sinitb'F single gave the Hrowns run number t wo in the sixth. ;ct (lne Off Left). With I.eifield twirling In the seventh, the Tigers counted a run Jones opened with a single and Cobb followed with a double, scoring Jones. Cobii tried for a triple but was cut down. Singles bv Austin and Sevoreid and Tobln's" nat-ri-fiee fly to Cobb gave t he It row n." their third run in the seventh, lie.n-nett. the third -St. Iouls pitclur used, eonlributfd a run to t bo Detroit total fn the. eighth. Harper opened with a single. ri was flaL-- ged. try ib to steal. Vitt walked and scored on I 'auss's triple to : right. A walli, single and a double I gave the Hrowtis two runs in the ninth. The Timers nts,. i;ot off in honi in the second game when tw.. runs were tallied In the third. Vitt got a life when Cledeon fumbled Oscar's roller. After Spencer fouled out. Cunningham put a triplt- in rfgh:. scurinir 'itt. With Hush iron.- .lot.esi i singie.t !.. right and Cnntiingham ! co.unted. J Si. I-fiuis buni'bed p:ir.:-is and hi!.-; i with Tiger 'Trors and scon-d four ! runs itt the fnurtlt. I'einmiit open-; rd wilii n. fnix ami Smith fiingleil. 'in i ledoon's s.ii't Itice. ' 'unnitiglinto j made a wide throw tn tirst find ' 1 '-ii niit t allied. Wlieii Spencer ; missed Harper's return. Smith ai-; Jio pfored and Cedon went to third. , After Austin tapped to VJit. Xwnii-! maker st rolled ntid with Oedeon ; put on a double steal. Nitnamnkr : went to third on Wright's single i and scored on Tobiu's sacrifice in to eacb. llh l.iedenn n seer.nd hi ; ixi lift h. i.'ohb Inst , usi in's ii v in the sun and it fell for a don". ble. iM'enuK l ol'li wi-ni to tin- mound in Seventh, when Sisl-r's double Smith's single prudtn ed a run. tli. illnu f"i I ion and 1 I; iki'.'.'i when I I lie Kaste leiieiluifi is nil- noun- ed. Central Hlii is I lie one bin earliest booked. while the annua: flashes with Western and Northwestern appear on the. list also. Sandwlrhed In are games with many of the state's first rate elevens. Knough has been contracted for to iteen any hnalthv hlph school grid nfffrrcsatlon luistlinc from the time school openn till the end of the reason. Drew must mold an entirely nw backfield nnd luis for the nucleus only two men who have had any experience; at, all at lufrglnt,- the leather ' uThesa are Cunninarhdni iUchsrtW whojwico in b. n3L whUi WHERE THE CUBS WILL MEET RED SOX'S PRINCIPAL RESISTANCE CARL MAYS. Ti" iJo " f ' f b "BABE" OLDFIELD-HOREY Barney Lowers Two-Mile Rec ord, While Fred Captures Feature Event on Program. llirked OI1 each sVen or tlinir earu arouud the smooth bed of the track. in gaiaxy ot curt track and .spoed-way kings ended their vlli to rm trolt. at the State Fair grounds, in biazo of glory. Spectacular lime nno lirnlfnn r.... ord, and frills that kept the larg- motor speed event at the North oodwurd exposition grounds marked the farewell, and those who came for excitement were hilarious when they departed. It wouldn't have been an ollleliil day hail not Uaruev Oldficld hutted In with a shattered record, so dm master driver left, something to lo remembered when he sped nt breakneck spot-d twlco around the oval in 1 minute, -tfl 3-5 seconds. To prove that U wasn't a mistake. Harney got behind the wheel In his i.ase Special and clipped off three miles in 1-5, a whirring sound as he passed the stand on encb .""iv'nclntr the crowd that Old Held was mad about something. There is no telling what Uarnev woul-1 have accomplished in tho Una! event of the afternoon, 15 miles, for a nurso of it r.itn !. t, had tin nbh; substitute to move th throng in l"red Horov. wh,. n-innnri around the course in 1-1:0!) 4.5. Ideal M-eather and track conditions made possible the time The summary: Event X.t. 1, rue miieHDn wmn (tt;iv.-, PawMmi Hrj-t. Alley ritrlHfotO nul iSi(i tiilnl. Doyle Hf .r-nivr-Sji. el;d four! time. fi:0l .1-... K-u N.. 2, tlir mloH Piivio.-i rir-; ' L'-foen M-i dixl; limtf. T,:I0 L'-5. One-mile miu.-li rce Lumpkin (Jumlio Uona) tlrnt, I leinlrrsoii 1KU11 Hub.t s-t nail: titno. ::c 4-L. Kvont ::. two miles, trial for trni-Ii roonrd Itarney nMttot.l im.. s;.e,i;in time, ihii T;,r,. Mil" 1 line t rlalf I lorev 1 Ki.i t ). :.;,o Hay l.mikln, ;5I. Kvoiit Nil. i. tH-c mllcs-H-iyd iPackanl. nrct. Alh-n illudfon) wonil, K;iper(i IMoroen third. I'.ilihttrh t.MiiKH'ellr fourth lime. 1:19. Kvont Nri. ," thrcn niticfl OkMoM Special) llrst. U1iIh'.im tliin live til No. 7, H111 1 Kliii wtcon Allv tlnii!. 15 mll-'P llnrey iFlnt). i.-nj (i .w --flal( e.-,Mi.. ttlyi itVK ! ilitfl. Diitvstin iHii'luni fourth: ti hplierfun, I Hla-li an,! Y'Hii . Indians Disband, Players Scatter to Their Homes ?pt. 1. The t'leveliiml Up in I he Amoriear, disbanded tonight, and st-iittered for their All of them have obtained esseii-i ia 1 em ployment tinder the worl; -ci-;iir!it ruliiiu- whieh beearne ef-feethe foj- iirofesinnal bust-bal! today. The team was s.-heduled to Sin-i.sii ilf-- s-;isi!i In St. I,nuls tt morrow, inn aei-onliiia I o .1 antes ' luinn. ptesideni if th 'dub, tb. il:iyeis preferred to disbtmd at ots.-,. and start useful work on Tueshi instead of runuiut; a i liance of viola t inpr 'ieiieral t "rowder's ord err. TBig League AMERICAN LEAGUE. STAMUXI.. W 1, l'.-t. i:onei. ;i ..v.; imtcii. ... uncijitid.. ;3 r.i st. ims.. Wijslilii ton 71 .i.Q I'Otrolt Xeu VorSi. .' VI .tSS AtidcHc.o,. SnndayV l)t rob 7-2. S'. I..v Irwliuid '-bleat w'H.iiiitiKtoii X W ftemilts. MotTila n Jit In irei; iit Ne.' Y.j.. NATIONAL LEAGUE. STA.N'DIXf.. W I. Pet. Chlrnan. ... H a .iKt F'rooklvn,. Sew Vrk. TOM .671 Phillies. .. Cincinnati. W .Kl Hostnn.'..., PltlKtiurxh. S( 03 -Mft St. Ijids. Sunday's Rennll. t'liiriij.'rt t, PltUsliUtKll tl. r.'ItiL-lnnali P-10. St. UuU J-i. No others scheduled. MeiKiny f Oames, fhlcARo At PlttalturKh. St. Loula at Cincinnati. OTM1 af BE Brooklyn at Philadelphia COMBINE AGAIN 0J&S 1 PJ STARS AT FAIR iyJaFr H. JOE BUSH. In a short series like the annual fall classic, the team that wins does so largely because of its superior pitching. The clash that opens Wednesday bids fair to bca burden on the pitchers. At this time it is difficult to "dope" the rival pitchers except on the records of their respective leagues. j Third Again May Furnish "Hero;" j Michigan Has a Chance To Do It 1 BY JOE S. Michigan has Its special interest in this world series, because of the presence on tho Cubs of three regulars who are graduates of t lie Southern Michigan association, one lad a native nn, and on the Red Pox of two who have been Detroit residents and baseball representatives, one long, one briefly. Klllefer. Merkle and Denl. of course, are the National leaguers. The first named brackets with Ague v and Jones of Boston; tn that each has been member of a team that was In the classic, without playing a game in the series. Mer-' kle Is goini? tnlo his fifth net. hut with Hrooklyn. In 191fi, played the bag In but on game. Ileal is one nse lads who got tn because uli wns foreed to use him, and not dnned In advance. hieame Iifs t a scrips star. Jean Dubttc. ex-Tiger, gets a full rh a re, without having started a game, though he pitched a few Innings. Coffey, who may or may not play, is the ot her Detroit grndu- A now and sndder side of this series confronts us. With Dunne in. V.i Chart let- will write another poem. In its more reeent games, the Hos-club, which retired Corhran to put Coffey on the far sack, has brought baelt the player first named. Hot h came front tli" Western league. Coehran In isi; was one of the big hitters of the nil nor cir-eiti;. with .301, and was Us boss base stealer, snaring T.r. wncks. Oof-fi7 himself hit .,,ss. and stole bases. In his game here, however, i 'offey proved that he 1 not. ami never will be, a major league sphere smasher. With Detroit and Boston Jointly he has batted ISfi. 'me thing that argues in favor "f Coehrnn Is that be Is a third baseman by trade, while f'offev usually has worked on the near side vf the diamond lie was taken from Detroit by Harrow not for third base work, but to relieve Shean. whose legs were hot her in:; hi in. With Ho; t 'u hs swinging in a 1 1 t of l"fl-h:ind plt'-hlng, however. Cot-fey would seem to be (tie chob-e. Mut narrow probably will prefer t h'- 'ii!rJJjj nst ve strength that the man more fxperienced in the position should give. It isn't worth while to worry nhotit the hatting possibilities of either. Coffey's average ha.s been mentioned. A pinch hitter re- i places Coehran with much regular- '"- j Pinch hitters have their uses Del Gainer's doitble In 191R won ! the series' r'-eord game II tu-j niritgs, J-j. IZiiili vs. Smith. I ' This (bird base spot, hy the wav, ! i j wiiere a to of world series his-' tory is made. The first "hen-,' iJeorcu Kobe In HiO'.. held this pn-i fitiott. Deal forced in when Smith j was hurt, not only played a bril- limit defensive game for the Braves i but had a great deal to do with the winning, offensively, of two of j tlie four games In which they swept the series. Home Itun Raker gained ! fame for his work against the ! '.Jin nis in two sot s. Zimmerman, a J third sarker. but a baserunner nt i Hie moment, furnished the big chat-i ter or hist fall. I Me.Mtillin was the surprise of the ! I!'!" elassie by reason of his very I stnuly, and at times tinusiinllv clev er uork at third. Hi had been on the corner In less than one -third nf his team's champtonhip games, aci- being the regular third bas-i r. Misberg did praet i.-aiiy all tlf t he league season shorts topping-. Weaver playing- hut lo games there. Club Miss Detroit III.. D. Y. C. Whip-P6--Will, X. B. A. Miss. Minneapolis. H. B. A...;. .3:00:47 MUsD.Uoa tt.fca, sVb.3MM.07 JACKSON. ' ' H Buck was on third in 107 contents, and McMullin in 52. Rowland was ready for a shift. If MeMuUln slipped in the large encounters, hut the Swede never got In. save as a pinch hitter. Melnle 7.1m lost' hero possibilities heenuse ho wouldn't st id; to third. When he left the luck base, luck left him. Merkle. the most time tried vorlii F--i lunun- ui inose wno win represent the National league - -there ai six former members ( champion clubs, not counting Michel I, who lie ped to boss t he record .setrliig Hravesgets in on this dope indirectly. He alwavs has Played the initial In the big leagues, but broke in at Tecumseh. in lfifJij. as a third baser. His removal to the nearer corner. In 1007, was due to .lack rfomerlott's sale. Merkb-has the build, and could hit. - He was sold that fail, to replace Kred Tenney. Kililfer was In the league with Merkle in 1P07. playing a few games with Kalamazoo and .lack son. Tin; l aw 1'aw lad was on the liur. Phillies with PasUert, but was crippled late In the fall, and could not play. Deal did not come into the South Michigan until after the other two Continued on t'nfre Klven. GALERINI MEETS THOMAS DRAAK ON WEDNESDAY Italian and Belgian Wrestlers Lock Arms to Determine Right to Oppose Demetral or Olin. While Italy nnd Belgium -ir. lighting side by side with t.ieir Ai lies against the Prussia ns in Kit-rope natives of tliose .'ouutries are scheduled to fly at eaeli oth.r's ;hront at the Avuttue thenter vVe-1-nesday night. Josepo (.'a ter in i and Tlumas I 'rank, lliiliati and Ilelglan respei--i ! veiy, will occupy the center of the stiige after t he regular ;ior-fnrmance concludes on the nlglit. in ((Ue.nion. If the management 'lad searched for two larger men It is doubtful whether It would have discovered a pair with more displacement than Calerlni and Draak. Together, they weigh close to !7;i pounds, nnd fears are expressed for the persons who happen to l-;nder the stage when tne giants fire in action. The pi-iideroiisnes.j o: : :ie Hthleti-s docs not interfere will: their agility, liowver. as both ha -demons! rated In I his city ptc-viously. Iiraak has been beaten by Deine tral here, but i.'alcrini drew" with u fall.': the tlrst time hi encountered the CIrePk and in -a second in (.'tint,' evened (lops with Hilly. On ilm; "doj-e" it would appear that she Italian ban at least a slight margin over ( lie Belgian. Like t.'alerini. iiraak has compered In all of the International tournaments In New York, end while neither has e'ome away wit ii t ho highest honors 1 1ta t could be obtained, both convinced the ultimate winner i hat It is laurel a u e-re ciirni'd. Kirns 1. IttMdun in. Inning 1 1' .1 t G fi 7 S ! It II K ft 3 2 n n o i j.-, li-Mritif o o .1 ft i i i(i it and Ailiunn; Itn.v nnd SECOND HEAT, GOLD CUP RACE. Course 30 Miles 5 Miles to Lap Starting Gun 3 P. M- 1st 2nd Lap Lap 6:25 6:17 5:50 25:47 6:59 22:30 5 48 5.22 3rd L-ap 6:08 5:48 6:58 6:08 Start 3:00.23 3:00.17 RUTH. CUB SOUTHPAWS TAKE A WORKOUT FOR WEDNESDAY Neither Vaughn Nor Tyler Is Scored On, and Pirates Are Held to Four Safeties. Chicago. Sept. I. Vauirbn Hmt for a workout in lb-on i!if home lot. dlvid- Tyler wen final game Inc the time and holding t lie Pi- Ues to four hits and no runs. Hill atld CotllSloclf u-orn I ui 1 1. i.l f-nr,i.. and the new i-hamplotts won I to W ire: ptrrs!tri;:H. Alt II I'lll'-Anti. All Hi). I rf....3 ii I H"H'--ii,r. s .1 l 5 Ahum. I j I'llsklTt. (Ii.. s t t M.'1-ldf. lt.. il Pick. -.!..... ; o I- bench, if , ... i ii i 'iitthvv'h. c;iti!iitw. : Alntlwits. . PK-ir.' Sehmtdt. . Mill, i .Smith . "ek. p. ft i ft o Tylir. Totnls.. .31 ( 24 ! Totals.. Hattml for 11111 In .:Ik!uU. Innlnc-' 1 1 ,1 r, 7 ; . PPtsbitrKli w ft n ft i ' ii ),., i;hti;n(-o 0 u 0 0 u , tnns--ll(.l)o( her. Alalia. Pi.-lt. ciil- I Krnn--.l:umn S. limtm-l'. IlnUncliT. Ptc'v l.'cal:. Two-h.isc liit- Uelli.clKi-. T.r Irast. ldtn-.'..'uti.)i.ov. Leal. S!.,;.-n Ua.-.-- -Plwk, Siaitliwonti 2. .S;uiiti,e hit-KHllfP:. holihte piny Ilnlloidier i Merhi... j.-rt "it lumefi pit Lsoiiruli :.. U'di-.iKo "1. l-'ir-t lias.? .111 error--i'tttplUi,;t 3, CJii.auo 1 Hia., mi l.;iJJ. Off Viini?liii I; Mill :.. t .irr VuukIki 1 In 4. Tvi'.r ,1 In :.: Ill) j in tn 1. at- It, VaiiKhn 1: Wbinliij Tyror I, illd I. (iiteliuuiti -HI. t'lnelritiltl, S'-t. i. t !t. biHJlS ) tile Heels ..Iter to k.i Into tlilr.l 's St to t'hleilKd. liotii llle-t I S. Itniiims. . "t. III.H 'Inriniiati Atii:iti.AN' i.i:,ti:i 1:. nnhinton r.; .-v rl ::. W;ishinn ton. S.'pt. I. Wnslitn :on and Xfw Vori. m'i hci.; fin- i last 1 iuif: t hits .s. -a. m 1 n totbiy. t local i--am winuini "' 10 I.av niiidi; four hits tn ua many Minos IliJilllfZS 2 3 4 ( Ifwlaud H. Chin 0 0 2 1 . M.-tj-iilb' 1'Vitfl !.'-- nil Tliejiiit.i i:id Standards, Win Shipyard Flap-, Beating Subs Si- Vork. Sep! I. The Sland-St a (en Isla nl art) haschall le.-mi elinched the .h!py.ird p.-unant to-day, when Ud I'.nlbnr-h'fs Suhma-rino ball totsetK from St-w;irk failed to put in an nrI'(::i ranre at Alaska pnfk. Stat nil Island. Aflcr Marty Wnlnh, hrothiir of ihe fainoun Md Walsh, pitched three halls over tlio pint'-. Jimmy Johnston, the former National league umpire, pave (he tri'PK- Hi tlc Standards II to n. The Standard nam finished the season with a reeord of :il won and l' Iltnlto Club Itulllri In Ninth. Intiinvs Klein i:iri!l-i It.-itterlr.-j ,) '.'7.lsehk- nmi Off ('ztsi'hk. "."rlsrhke I.'!. -I 2 .1 4 .. I II fi .. Klepj. gj Speed Tot. Elap. Miles F'test Pts. Time Per hr. Lap Ser. 34:56 52.0 54.6 10 55:26 32.4 53.6 7 56:33 1:8 48.4 OO.U THE BOX SCORES. KIKST (iAME. ST. LOUIS. AH H O A Toblu. If.. ..4 2 U 1 Johns. 3b... .4 0 l t Staler, lb.. ..3 l tl 0 iJeiiindtt. r-4 ! 2 t) Smith, m....4 1 3 0 Gedcon. 2b,.4 1 2 AUHttn. us... 3 I i A Kevereld, c.-4 3 2 t Dnronp't. p.l 0 0 0 Nu mutter .1 1 0 ft i.eificia. p...o ooo tJohnann ...I 0 0 0 Bennett, p.,1 0 0 3 It. -tones. 3b. 4 l l i.'ebb. cf S 4 3 Veach. If.... 5 1 1 'JriSBB, lb... 5 3 9 Harper, rf..4 1 4 Vitt. 'lb 2 0 3 Yell-, e 4 3 Djiien. p.. ..4 2 0 Totals... ,3S 13 tl 13 Totals 3fl II Hotted for Davenport tn fifth. fHiiited for LeltteM in seventh. inidnga t 234B(17Sn Detroit 0 0 12 2 0)1 7 . I)iim 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 2-5 Huns It. jonea. Cobb, Vcach, Cii". lrwr. Vitt. relle-T; Demmitt. Ainttln 2. p"vcrettl 2-5. Krrortt Httah I : Jotina, Sla-lor. Davunport-S. Twu-l.;in hits Ctititi. robin, lieitindtt 2. Tlirec-baso bit Uaiiaa. Stolon bit sett Cobb, CirlgRj-. Bnorltlco lill Ht. RHi-rltU-o tlyToMn. Double plnys -t.c..on tuid Steler; Auatln. .odeon ;m.l Sislirr; Ditus-i. Hush and Uriels. l-ft on UiNes-Dntroit 7, St. Loul T. Klrst Oil or-lois Dt-trolt 3. Si. loulo I. Haus on halls Of! Dauw J; Da von 110 rt 1; Hennelt 1. i I lot Off pavotiiurt 7 In 5; Henttett 3 In 2: '.el!bM 3 Iti Htnick out Hy Dauss 2; D.-ncnjtort I. wild pit lies Dint. Hen-ii':tl. I.t.ilns pltetwr Davptttmrt. .srcoND DliTflOIT.- ST. I.OCIS. All II O A AM 11 1) A Hush. RS, ... I 0 4 S Tobln. ir....3 040 lt.Jones. 3b. 4 1 0 1 -Inltns. 3-1.. .3 1 I 1 Cobb, m-p.,.4 2 0 0 Sister, l-p...4 17 0 nch. If.. ..4 1 3 ft Dr-miniti. r 2 0 1 ft HrtiERS, lb.. .4 0 10 0 Smith. m...,4 2 2 0 iiitrper, rr.. 1 2 0 tiedean. 2b.. 4 3 2 4 Vitt. 2b 4 0 13 AUbiIii. 2 S S Srwnoer. c.i 0 4 3 X'mAtcir. - a a 1 t Cun'ham. p. 3 1 0 4 Wrlirht, p.. .4 10 0 Jon niton, an.O 0 0 0 Totals. ...83 24 IB Totals.. 9 27 Innings. . rtrolt . . . St. Louts ..I 2 3 4 8 6 7 5 B ...0 0 2 0 0 A 0 02 ...VOO4 1010 "41 Huns 31sler, DemmUt. Smith. Hetleon 2. Niinamnlcer ; Vitt. Cunnlnuhnm 2. Er-rovs-tirlKgs, Vitt. Spcncur. Cunningliiim-l; John. Cledeon 2. Tv-o-baae lilt Hli-!.-r. Three-twu-e liKCuntilnKbiiiii. Stolen bs-N --lii'dcon. Nunnniiiker. -Sjicrttloo hit Jahnw. Sncrlfli:e tty Tohln. iMuhle playn-Nunr.-ui;ik-r and Austin; Cedcon ami SiIit ft -nt S. :n. Umis 6. l-tint on .;i-i'iiio Detroit 2. llnne on balls tiff iiniii'iKiiiini i: n riKnt I. Ulln-ljfT i"i iilMKlinni 6 in 6; t'ubb 3 In 2: WrlRlit 5 In SlPler l In 1. Struck out (.-unuliuth; l. WiutiltiR pib bcr WriRlU. I.astiiK jilt-ur trunnlnliani. CHICAGO GIANTS BEAT OUT CUBANS IN NINTH INNING Scored Tie on Them in First Half, but They Come Right Back and Get Needed Tally. In tin; ilrst. iuilf of thi! ninth In-ninc of tin Kami; hetwrn til -'u-Imn ,St;ir.4 mul t lir- CiiiciRO GItLitts. ,-it Xiivln Hold. Suinlny. Torrlenlo. Cuba's act;, suiiiHhil ;i trtpio lo center nnd st.orml on Dnnoss muff of an c;isy pop-up. tltrttiK the count. .. lo tt. Hut (libit I'oi'tftr's heavy nr-tillcry -nm rtKht hat:k In the last, part if t hf frntiif, 11 luise on lialls. it fiiicrifii'i-i hit iitula lly of t ho fiuni' nut lire winning the iMititv.-ii for Ik-Cllfr;ii;o iithlt.-tOH. It ivufi n i;ri-at Riiuu! in wati'lt, full or brilliant ftHritnu nnd timely liiitinfi. Kxtt-fi luirtfl clouts were nu-innirni-t nnil intni at opportune times. Torrh.'iiie. who did little in Saturday's iaiue. rami; through uitli thrr- 'N'iui blow.J. sluivvlu nut his littllnt; ability i :m Kreat I'.-tWi who 1'ii.utTtit for tiiA proved tho lnii lion Kureat 1011 1 ho winuini: iini)lny;nL' uontlerl'iil t'kill I'illi.-.Viu (il.WT 1 the lathy. Srnr.:: i"t ' !t.N iT. IIS. Alt 11 O A Alt II l:;ir1-.-r. 1 1. 1 1 1 -2 l'orniii.l;t. n i :i ' 11 H;iro, ir-....i ..1 1 1 i Tsirrle'e. m.4 . I.", ft lv,tr... ll w"t!l. p. 3 1 0 1 .In n-k out ti 11 drtli I: .liim-o MAXWELLS WILL ON LABOR DAY League Leaders Have Chance to Clinch Pennant by Winning Last Game of Season. Maxwells will elourt their season In t he 1 let roit semi-pro hn hp hall association on Ijiibor lny when they y,i' tri Itiver IlniiKCt for u panii! on which their pennant, depend!. If they wallop the liniitjtu hoy.t tho i -an will lie t heirs and ;i ieeonl eliane in represent, the t'ity nf the Straitf in tli.r inter-cliy cUuinpioti-jshipM will no with It. It Is likely that Okrie will work for tho il'iwiwiver tetiin in thlrt a!l-itiiportant t-citterti with Mason work-inii for chanipiotiM. There i$ a Ki'iiil deal or natural rivalry between l lie two afcreKutloim n ml, hp it in the final l.-nRiie Kunio of tin oa.'t'Mi for llrMiKti a hit? t;rowd in xpe.:ted l ho on hand. Maxwells won hoLIi nf the other panies and l Im Ton f iiny rrowd Is out for vetiBu now. Ono o i iter ki tne in uefierluled in wliieh t he Imperials are enrded in play ihf I'acltnrils, hut it Ir not certain 1 lia I ! lie I mp.i will he nidi-to put a team in t lie liidd. .7e.Ni-laiir. t liv former I 'i 1 1 slut h liurler. will work Tor the I nif if a t Rain '.nil le mi t hered for t ins eon test. The daj 's sciicittile. follows: A1 JMver . Itotine. .Mux well. Vs. Iliver i:otifp. t. m. ltinplrs. Car-roll inn! l.iftmcmnn. scorer. Dickinson. At Packard Pnj-k Imperials vs I'ae.kards. limplroK, Hclss and N'el-man. Scorer, Ilasselor. Por Foolbnll and nnke(hall. Annapolis, Mil.. Sfipl. 1. Football ano nasKciimit ,-ire tho favortf) athletics anions the midshipman as yhowii hy the ewstomary declaration of Intentions taken ot the. ovnr not) members of tho fourth claaa here 1 liefie two hrnnchCB ttri favored hy yi more man hair the clas. Baseball 0 favof t0 bo flteadUy awUninff In MISS DETROIT III. WINS THE SECOND AFTER BAD START Has Gold Cup Nearly in Itt Grasp, Only Needing to Fin ish Third Monday. WHIP-PO-WILL BEATS "MINNIE" FOR SECOND Driver Wood Burned in Time Trials, Which Are Postponed Until This Morning. BY K. W. HALL. Miss Detroit III., by winning. tin second heat of tho series Sunday practically made it certain that thi 1S19 Gold Cup rofiatta wiil be hoW in Detroit. There wan some doubt about he ability to turn the trick after sh liuti traversed the first two round! or tho raco. during which she en countered engine trouble, bul Mechanician Smith got her goin on the next ono nnd she rapidlj overhauled the other two boat! ahead and won hands down, travel lng the 30 miles In 3-1:33 actual running time or at the rate of ol miles an hour. IIqm Point Lend.. Tills kIvos the Detroit Yacht club entry 10 points on tho coveted trophy and all she must do In the flnaj heat Monday Is to finish third ot belter to win on points. Should nil lilt ish fourth, which is unlikoly, liarrini; breakdowns, Sho would tie If either the Whln-Po-Wftl or Miss Minneapolis Is tlm. and than win for consistency or performance based on tho tuinl ttmo tor tho 30 tnilos of tho race. There will he a pretty brush Monday for second plaof with the .Minnie" unci "W'hlp" siarilnK the Una! he;it ev points with seven apiece. 1 Tho raco Sunday had several mora thrills than the. one of Friday, when tho City of .Straits hoat won without beinir headed after the ilrst half of tho Initial round. Title time both the .Miss Detroit i. and Whtp-Po'-Will Kot a lead st the start and, in addition. Hie new defender was not iiinniiiK at hci best. -Miss Lietrolt II. was over the lino seven seconds after the gun and the Whip-l'o'-WiU 10 second later, with the .Miss Detroit III. stx seconds alter the eastern eraft. Miss Minneapolis would have obtained the start, ns she was poised almost on the line, when she stalled nor engine just as the pun fired and It reiiulred 47 seconds for her to get Koine- As It turned out, this was within 20 seeonds of the margin' whu-h tho Whip-ru'-Will finally h.'jii her out for second place. I'lftty It nee For Lead. The Whip-l'o'-Wlll ran hcauti-tully for the tlrst lap and two-thirds of the Hceund ami then broku her steering lino on the turn Into the stretch past the grandstand and was stalled for some 15 minutes before her crew connected tho re-irae.tory line. I'revloufi to this iho Miss Detroit II. and the "Whin." Meanwhile Miss Detroit 111. ic"t bfth run ii hit well, made n great, rare ot It tor first place, tho biKger' bout Ketilnc th edfie on t ho stt night a ways mid tli Detroit h:. di oplatie K-'inw ahead on tini turns. ninniiiK nt'ier niaklnf; a poor Ilrst lap In aetiinl rutin lng time and started te overtake tho two. .She p;issfd the Miss Detroit II., which broke it wrist pin. that went ih rough her pisu.n. on the upper end of n,.- liftli lap. and was out nf it altogether. The Minneapolis had engine trouble on the second run around also and lost iilmur seven minutes gutting started again the Whtp-I'o'-WiU getting t'lieU in the running about, four m i times after she passed the Judg'-s-staiwl to score for her third itp. Minnie kopt the lead for second Place for one tan and then started -vrong Wth h-r engine, and the hlp-rv. fj took the runner-up tiorth on the II ft la lap nnd had about a mile lead at the finish. Time 'I'rlnls I'nMponed. The mile time trials were p.i;.t -poned heeause- t lie driver nf Mis Detroit III. met with nri accident being badly burned when tho boat bit a wave and leaped clear of tho water, throwing him again tl Die exhaust pipes when she came, down Sh- had completed ono lap in f.5 seconds, or at the rare of fiS. msleit " hour when this .cctirred and tho post p moment, was made W'hln-l'.i'.U'lIl i.r.,1 P.t ..... Japs and also made a best lap in the sum,, time us the Miss Detroit HI. She averaged around fi.t miles an hour. These boats were the nnlv two In readiness to (ry the record runs Sunday. The program for the itnnl day of the regatta. Labor Day. will be mile time trials at lo a. m.; last .Id-mile boat of gold cup rari; at 3 p, i and Ihe ilnal heal, of the express cruiser race at I p. m. In ill; latter event the i:.-tty t. and Aoe-lus are tied on points, each havlntr won n first .-iritl u.-nn,i Ani .i...?. should put up a great race for tho honors, their- previous two heats ...iit nci-ii very cioso. .MtHcrs Dent Elgin Knny. Innlnirx I KlKln i:iub C ...I ! 1 ) 5 I 1 ! Milter S. ! 'J 4 3 .1 0 0 0 I) -n HattTi.'.-- Menin. ArniMrenir and Schneider: fttlpfen imtl MiiuKny. HttM-Off Mev-(rs II; AruiMirnia; ,1; Pltlpppii fi. iianca on bnil:. -Off Mcjt;i 1; Plilppcn 1. St rifle o"t lly Meyerv rr: Aramtrnnff U 1'tilPlton fl. Fall Opening (All Department,) Saturday, Aug. 31st Sunday, Sept. 1st Labor Day, Sept. 2nd The Recreation Cat Smokt Shave Rett, and Play Ytitr C tab -Tomorrow ond To-day v xoif Are invite ik 131 U 1 o ,ii 4 1 1

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