Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 22, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1896
Page 4
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• Gray CORNER. hiv On fall and winter underwear, he now cornered the largest lot of under wear ever brought to Logausport a hard times prices for cash. Thes goods are direct from the factories am of the best values in all lines £or ladies gents and children; go and investigat and it will not take you long to deck! where to buy your underwear. DAILY JOURNAL every day In the waek (excep by the Losaniport Jour• n»l Company. . B. WRIGHT ................ ...Preslden: HARDY ..... .......... vlce PrcBlden W. GRAVES .................... Secretary B. BOYER ..... ................. Treasurer i per Annum. rrloe per Month.. Official Paper of City and County. OB»tered as second-class malWmatter DM L«gansport Post Office. February », TUESDAY, SEPTEMBEft'R 22, 1S9G REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President. WILLIAM McKINLEY. JR., ol Ohio. For Vice-President. , fcAHRETT A. HOBART of New Jersey For Governor, •AMES A. MOUNT of Montgomery Co- For Lieutenant Governor. m 8 HAGGARD, of Tlppecanoe County For Secretary at State, r Aroae. AMBRICUS C. DAILEY o£ Boone County For Treasurer of State. T*ED J. SCHOLZ. of Vandcrburg County For Attorney General. D M GEETING, of Harrison Count. ' For State Statistical •. J. THOMPSON, of Shelby County. ' Tor Judge of the Appellata Court. First District. WOODFORD ROBINSON, of Gibson C». Second District. W E HENLEY, of Rush County. Third District I> W COMSTOCK of Wayne County. ' Fourth District. JAMES B. BLACK, of Marlon County. Fifth District. U Z WILEY, of Benton County. ' For Congress, GEORGE W. STEELE. For Joint Representative. T. WILSON, of Cass County. I*r RepreaontaOve-CHARLES B LONQ- .g-w^osecutor-CHARLEa E. HALE. KEES- r^ Coroner— DR. J. A. DOWNEY. A«e S «,or-JOSEPH BARR. . Commissioner, .First District— JOHN r. Third Dlstrlct-ABRA- HAM SHIDELER. COMPARE THEM "The Eepublican party is unreserv- «Hy for "sound money. It caused the «nactment of the law providing for the resumption of specie payments in 1879; .•Ince then every. dollar has been as good -as gold. * . "We are unalterably opposed to «Tery measure calculated to debase our currency 01- Impair the credit of <ror country. We are therefore opposed to tie free coinage of silver except by International agraement with the. leading commercial nations of the world, which we pledge ourselves to promote, and until then such gold standard must be preserved: "All our silver and paper currency must be maintained at parity with gold, and we favor all measures designed to maintain inviolably the obligations of the United States and all onr money, whether coin or paper, at the present standard, the standard of the most enlightened nations of the earth."' —Republican .platform. "We demand the free and unlimited .coinage of both gold hnd silver nt the present legal ratio of 1C to I, without waltiug for the aid or consent of any other nation. We demand that the •tandard sliver dollar shall be a full legal tender, equally with gold, for all debts, public and -private, and we favor s-uch legislation as will prevent the • demonetization of any kind of legal tender money by private contract,"— Democratic 'platform. "We demand free 'and unlimited coinage of silver and gold at the present legal ratio of 1C to 1."— Populist platform, 1892. "We hold to the use of both gold and •liver us the standard money of the country, and to the coinage of both gold a-nd'sllver, without discriminating against either metal ur cnarge for mintage, but tlifc dollar unit of coinage of both metals must be of equal intrln- •1C and exchangeable value or be adjusted through international agree• ment or by such safeguards of legislation as shall Insure the maintenance •of thfr parity of the two inetals and the equal power of every dollar at all times In the markets and In payment of debt, and we demand that all paper currency l be kept at par with and redeem- able in such coin. WE MUST IIS SIST UPON THIS POLICY AS- ES PECIALLY NECESSARY TOE TH: PROTECTION OF THE FARMER AND LABORING CLASSES, TH! FIRST AND MOST DEFENSELES VICTIMS OF UNSTABLE MONK AND A FLUCTUATING- CUR RENCY.—Democratic platform, 180 I'vo a letter I-am ymir sliv, dnby mini', bubrnrtne Hw swy.1 lie cm 't vote for Brynn. votn fur B yim; 1 liontli n IIi> luuu r)iMit'?r..t lies mi! t-il IntfiliMinli hi- lm r , h> K i w:, wii- iv 1m Is »t, baby mine. I inn Uie w-b latter m I lit- Pl»lt». I'm IITK '(' r e ; l )"n ili«t, '.hat, Unit, When IL c mes.tour lory, You'll new a cloud of K orj • , Alloiitln' i thu reuloii of my lint. M'KINLEY SURE. General Grosveuor has given o.ut a table of the probable result ol' the pros hlentlal election, at the request ot. cer tain members' of thc^ress in the East He said: "The six New England States, witl thirty-nine electoral votes, will go t McKinloy, so I head my table ns fol lows: New England, 39; New York, 30 Now Jersey, 10; Maryland, S; Dela ware, 3; Pennsylvania, 32; West Vir ginia, 0; O'hlo, 23; Iiidinua, 35; Illinois 24; Michigan, 14; Wisconsin, 12; Iowa 33; Minnesota, 0; South Dakota, 4;Ken tucky, 13; Oi;cgon, 4; Washington, 4 California, 0. Total, 27S. "Here is 'a total of 27S votes, or 5 more than sufficient to elect. I come to some Slates which are still in'doubt to-wit: Kansas, 10; Nebraska, S; Nortl Carolina, 11: North Dakota, 3; Wyom ing, 3. Total 3D. "O£ the remaining States—Louisiana S; Tennessee, 12; Missouri, IT; Texas 15; Virginia, 12; or a total of 04—ave one or more of them within the line of possibility. I might almost say rea sonablc probability. 'I concede to Bryan and Watson or Bryan and Sewall: Alabama, 11; Arkansas, S; 'Colorado, 4; Florida, 4 Georgia, 13; Idaho, 3; Mississippi, 0: Montana, 3; Nevada, 3; South Carolina; 0; Uta'h, 3. Total, 70. These are practically sure for the opposition, although there may be a possible dispute." GOOD AS GOLD. The Marlon Chronicle notes the return of Otto McFeeley from Mexico. It says: "As Otto was -buying his ticket at P.ureto Cortez for the States an old man asked for a ticket to New Orleans. He asked the agent the price, who replied, 'Thirty dollars in gold.' ' But I iavo no gold,' sold the old man. 'What" have you?' asked the agent. 'I 'havq United States 'bills.' 'Oh, that's all •ight,' said the agent, 'wo take them jhe same as gold.' "While in that country Otto ran across a Logansport bank bill which was circulating the same as treasury notes, and for which gold was given." The Pharos states that State Sena- ors Boord and Manwarring are supporting Bryan. Any one who knows Neddie Boord, the boy Senator, will jppreciate the richness of this. Freddie came to the capital city a very Innocent youth, but got to be a very naughty boy. He wasnot'renomlnated by his constituents nor was Manwar•Ing, and If It Is true that they have bolted it is a case of sulks in both cases. Bryan or free silver has nothing to do vith it. There are always a few such lases every campaign and tliey have no bearing. The Pharos quotes Bismarck in fa.v- ,r of the Republican ' platform, "Bimetallism, by International agreement," The Chicago platform Is "Free Coinage, independent of any other na- ion." Is the Pharos .back to the Dem-. ocratic plat-form of four years'ago, or s it just trying to fool some one? The sarcasm in the last portion of Bismarck's letter, "If the people .of the. United States should-flnd It compatible with their interests to take Independ- >nt action," is rich. Bimetflllists, those .who believe iu the use of bath metals, ought to be the trongest opponents of 1G to 1." Any houghtful man can see thalt that proposition is -ineffectual amd fraudulent, 'o nation ever attempted bimetallism it anything but the commercial bul- ion ratio. The, attempt on. any 'other iasls.means monometallism. Lot us stiniulaitc..the mining of coal iot of silver. Coal mokes the factory re and opens up legitimate commerce. t is proposed to create'a. value for liver by law, not by demand, but what he country needs Is a demand for oaJ. Light the factory fires. Give he locomotive greater action. ate American Industry. The farmer does not need more hay- va,gons, more carts, more grain, sacks, o make business better. He needs ft greater market Put every : idle man at •ork by .building up home industries md the farmer will have double the, emond'for his products. • •;'••' The constitution of the Uolted States ;uaramtees Itfe, liberty arid property. :he Chicago -platform threatens, all hree. .. •, ... ;..* ; v, '• ->.- IT IS NOT AT"AtL PROBABLE •THAT THE NE^T^OUSE'^WILL HAVE A MAJORITY FAVORABLE TO THE FREE COINAGE OF SILVER- AT A RATIO OF 10 ; TO 1. WHEN IT BECOMES A "DEMONSTRATED FACT THAT THERE IS NO DANGER OF THIS' COUNTRY ADOPTING THE SILVER' STANDARD IN CONDUCTING THJ3 BUSINESS OF THE COUNTRY, "PROSPERITY WILL COM.E AGAIN ; A'NI>. WITH LOWER TAXES ON' TI-III NECESSARIES OF'"LIFE," EVERY KIND OF BUSINESS' : WILL BOOM AGAIN.—Pharos editorial,' Maxell i'2, 1800. : -.' •'••''" •••'•' ; - ; "'!. Speaking of 10 to 1' It taKes a'- smart mam to got the best of hlsriieigh : bor by short weight or 'shoiit m'easure. When you aro figuring anrpasslig'ii 53-cont dollar on •your-niai'gMxw don't forget that your neigWbor-wm be : 'there.' No law c:m nmke a.iiatloi • It'tkkes •the owners oC both metals to 1 do thfif.' 1C 1C to 1.should be decreed •'• tlhcre :wonld- be no 1C to 1. : No--man--would coin gold at that rntlo,- when jit is worth' twice that in theopeiucmarlict'.'' 1C 'tlio stories of Bryan's 'belief itliiit. bo is inspired be true— and ''his -frequent' misquotations oC scripture cairy! o.ut •this idea— 'lie has been misnamed.; He •Is "The Schlatter oC the- Platte"i ani should lie recognized DyifUat-tllle.j The "crime oC '73" is t:o be corrected by the crime of '97. The • Po-poira I propose to rob Peter- to-pay Pa.u.1, ti GOT THE CORE Cleveland Has It Safe and Can Eat at Leisure. The Reds Drop Another to Captain Tebeau's Men--Cuppy Pitched. pick Jones's pocket to pay -Smith as they claim, was defrauded- .twenty three years ago. It is nonsense. •, : If silver is to lie coined-free..-ejvcrj -honest man will ndmit-that, .-thcjfn.il •tiling is to coin i't at its market price so that no one will bo greatly .benefited or cheated. Then vote against IGito. One oC the amusing .features, pf the campaign is Tbaehcr's announcement that lie is for gold. He has.Just jbeen .nominated for .Governor-by. Hie New York Democratic convention.,,, .... j Free Coinage nit -10 to,-il,means ^ilv.cr. monometallism with a. 53-cent tlolluri Th-ait is nil-there is to It. ,No gold! will be coined at that ratio, of. course.j and none will circulate. „ ..,. •• ••- ' Many shows are cancelling, dates «ind go-tag back ,to New York. There is one sh'ow that started from N,ew jSTork that will go out of business about No- vcjnber 3d.- ' - .- ,;; : vr[;.i Mr. Bryan has not yet "received" the Populist nomination and .oi^conrse •will lay it onto the mails. ju^eij November 'he will lay it onto the,ijiales too. . .. ....;.- ...-.-A- .,.•.-.: Leave.the money as. it Is. .The try Is in a State oC business debres: sion. It is never good policy., to ?wa.p icrses while cross-ing a .stream,'i . ., ^ ' ' i • •— rrr:.'.iir ;.-•):;; A railroad man mighlt,,a$. well j vote to double his hours of work for .the ne pay as to .vote for a :D3rcen| dQl- n,r. It is the same-thing. ...-•;: i> ., ........ i .. The indications arti that the comet with two .tails, will strike,..the. jeautli vith a dull, sickening -tb.ud atooiit .No- reinbor 3d.' . . -..-•> .•, ••>••-. Mr. Bryan, perhaps -does" not' realize hat Hue wind business. rhasi; already >een largely overworked th'is -yedr::!.' ,'; _ __: - - - i-i','..'.' I i'lAV Mrs. Bryan 1s not so'-mueln;i>Mftvi.- denee and lit 'is probable that.'iWfillleV ins been permitted : to travel' alone:- • .of the;-, plabt It Is the boy- or.aitor. , agwiLnst,the statesman -of the-nat;Ura- un unequal contest. " ''' Bryan lias hot yet likened : o W«U'street and yet. .its streets--a'r.e paved with gold. • The patriotism! of the Country.'-'is ailed upon. The Chicago • platform- ncaus ruin. ; ••'••'• i '•••"•-' The Pintle river Is six Inches: deep and that Is where-it hnsi- Bryan- . i.... It seems proper .that a free" coinage andldate should run on his ore—atory. What- nonsense it is ta:B(J fighting: u«h fallacies.as the free silver fiction. It is natural that Bryan's'addresses hoiild be filled witlii.Platte—itutres.. •'•<'.<. ,,-;' THE GRAND JUEY.r j -•.•.:,'-.The grand Jury returned:' Ictm'ents last-night, bufcuntU ead In .court /and placed; on '.the here will be no publicity, given books, them." totfth'e The Jury made Its annual trip <rarity Infirmary yesterday, •• Islt since the .present- manager -.'taas- been in charge. The county tori n>wfts: ound to be in erceUeirt'''Shap<,':v.the ouse.was clean; the. Inmate*; exp resseft 1 hemselves as well pleased with 1 heater intendent, and that eemed' to 'be. meeting wUB;snc( eSrJU ontrolllng the large population.! Every man who was once a boy (and 11' he's not a.man, he's a, boy yet) remembers his school days; when soni'o playmate would come onto the playground munching a rosy-ohcekcd ap: pie. Instantly he would be surrounded -'by 'his -mates und "Gimme a bite," "Gimme the core," and such entreaties would besiege -himu It usually ended iip in -a free—(it had almost been .said fight, but school" boys never fight) scramble -for the "core." There's something in t>hu National League base ball race that reminds one of the scramble for the "core." Baltimore has the apple and can munch-it contentedly, while her playmates 'scramble for the core. That core is how in possession of tlie ; Cleveland*;, and t.-hey are scampering away with it to a sivJe spot, where they can finish it at their leisure. Poor Cincinnati; poor Boston and the rest of the "In sight" 'fellows. A few short weeks ago and they all thought they stood some show to play for Temple Cup money, but there's.just two of them that have any chance to get a. bite of that apple—the follows who have 'had the pleasure oC eating .all the red off the outside, and the other -fellows, who will dine off the core. Cincinnati lost the last chance she had to finish in second place by dropping a 'game to the Clevel.ands yesterday. No amount of good playing will land them in the coveted position now. 'and the best they can do is to hold fast to third place, and they may have a hard struggle to oven that. Boston is by no means an impossible chance foi third position, though the chance is t long onei If the Bcancaters win al their games, and the Cincinnatis lose all of theirs,'then'"Besting" win again have a feast of brown bread and beans in third place. There's not,rnuch probability, and but a bare possibility. Following are the scores of the game) played yesterday: 1 'At' Cleveland—Cincinnati 1, Clcve land 4. " At Pittsburg—Louisville 1, Pittsburg 2; (second game) Louisville 0, Pittsburg 3. At Baltimore—Philadelphia G, Baltimore 10. \ ' ••..'' At Brooklyn—Boston 5, Brooklyn 3. At Washington—New York 8, Washington 4. • • STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs Won Lost-Per Ct. Baltimore SS Cleveland 78 Cincinnati 7G Boston 71- Chlcago ...: 71 Pittsburg 65 New York C2 Philadelphia CO Brooklyn 5G Washington ...K5 St. Louis , 38 Louisville 30 Highest of all in Leayening Strength.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE 37 45 ,"0 50 57 61 64 C5 69 71 '•88 89 .704 .034 .C03 .559 .555 .510 .402 .480 .448 .436 .302 .288 ANOTHER INSULT. The Richmond Excursion is His,' represented by the ! 'Pharos. The Panliandle excursion to Richmond. Saturday, which the Pharos mention's under the headlines "A Positive Disgrace" was not a disgrace in any- sense'of the word, and tifie'account of Jtjjn. the- Pharos is a gratuitous insult to the .Panhandle employes; 'The re : tttnj.tr'ip.'was marred by the action of four men who went with avowed purpose of "having a time." .They were badly. 'Intoxicated and created considerable disturbance by their loud talk 'or.free.silver, and their-boisterous conduct. These same men have talked for free, sllvex about the street corners and-apparently went along deliberate- y. to mar the pleasure of the occasion. TJue Pharos calls attention to the Panhandle-rules on this subject, and if it jeeures,.the discharge of the men no doubt point to them as men discharged !or:polltica.l reasons. A HANDY BOULDER. iaiises Johti Barry to;'Strike a Probably- Fatal Blow. i.Oscar Dicky, an unmarried man .who ,;esides with his mother on Toledo street,-:had an encounter with John Barry Saturday night, and is now lying at-;death's,dpor at .his liome as a result, vhile-the-.whereabouts of Barry is un- ^ownv.; About 12 o'clock . Saturday, night, Barry?: in company with some ilends, ,was standing on the Seventeenth street bridge, when Dickey, who has ;been-an-enemy to Barry for some timo,,eame, up, and -It Is.sald .provoked the fight.;- Barry, warned him and when )&d'id not heed the warning,.the form- ei ; «eized a rock and hurled It at Dick- •ey,.8trUsingihlm In the head and Inflict: ng a double fracture of. the skull. Bar- ry then went to David Hallam's saloon and aroused him and telephoned to Dr. Ballard and slace leaving rue saloon has not been seen. Dickey's condition is very, serious. He has laid in a-stupor since the fight and the physicians remove the clotted blood from his head every few hours. Dickey Is a well digger, and the trouble originated over his accusing Barry of losing a contract for him. Dickoy is a large man while Barry Is very small and no match for him. The case was not reported to the police until late Sunday afternoon and they are now making a search for Barry. H1S HONOR ON HIS EAR. Reproves a Policeman for Asking Irrelevent Questions. The police court was well filled when .Mayor McKec took liis sent to hear the results of Saturday night's street- gleaniugs. There were "vc who admitted that they had gone out to see a man and that they had seen him. Their names were Martin Patton, Samuel McClellan, Frank Burkctt, Frank Brice and '.Tames Sullivan. The first three were recommitted ro jail, A. C. Pat- tou was tiooked for loitering and Andy Ryan aud Charles Phillips were just plain "vags." They were discharged and then the case of assault and battery of Mike Howe, jr., against Geo E. Parish was colled. Officer I-Ioughton had been looking In the crowd of spectators for the plaintiff. The plaintiff was not to be founc and the officer leaning over the' rail said in a tone of almost parental solid tude: "Where is Mike Howe?" Thing! had been going- slowly and His Honoi was tired. With a glance that fixed the officer In his tracks, -he said. "How In the name of William Tell am I to know wJiere your cow is? I've warned you twice to keep that cow off the streets and here you come asking for your .cow In the police court! . Go Jook in the pound, and if you bring your blamed cow back here with you, I'll discharge you if you- do come from Limrlck!" Then His Honor sat down and allowed the-case to be appealed to the Circuit court. THE OEHOCRATIC MEETING. Sound Money Democratic fleeting at the Rink. The .special train bringing the P.eru Sound Money Democrats will leave Peru tomorrow evening at G o'clock. They will bring the Peru band with, them, and will arrive in this city a.bout G:30. They will be met at the train by a Logansport committee with the Logansport band and will be escorted down town and to the rink. It is likely that considerable of a parade will be made if the train gets In promptly. The committee asks that Sound Money Democrats as far as pos- ible make it a point to be nt the Wabash station at 0:15. This is the first Democratic meeting of the campaign a.nd it is prob.ible that there will be a large attendance. PAID A FINE. Seiners Settle for Violation of the Fish Law. TWO GOOD ONES. Political Heelings at Waverly and Lincoln. ,Two good meetings were held in suburban towns last night, and the gospel of sound money was proclaimed In forceful speeches at both. State Senator Boyd of Noblesville spoke at Waverly, and the school nouse' was packed to the d6ors. As the theater manager would say, the "S. R. O. card" was out, and there was no standing room at that Mr. Boyd was heard by not less, than two 'hundred people, and that with the closest attention. At Lincoln Qulncy A. Myers spoke to a large audience, and it was an enthusiastic one too. ELECTRIC BITTERS. Electric Slitters is a medicine for any season, but perhaps more generally needed when .the languid, exhausted feeltag prevails, when the liver Is torpid and sluggish and the need of a tonic and alterative Is felt, A prompt use of this medicine has often averted long.and perhaps fatal bilious fevers. No medicine will act more surely in counteracting and freeing, the system from the -malarial poison. Headache, Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness, yield to. Electric Bitters. 50c and $1.00 per bottle at B. F. Kees)ing's drug store. . . [CARTEI •ITTLE IlVER J PIU.S The ten Carroll county citizens who were caught last week, by the Deputy Fish Commissioner seining In the Wabash river below Georgetown, went before Justice WirJck at Burrows yesterday and pleaded guilty to having taken fish unlawfully, and each paid a fine of S5, to which was added some $7 costs each. Following are those who entered a plea of guilt: John E. Dixon, David Replogle, Frank E. Quinn, Albert N. Henry, Henry Honic, Henry Kronk, Enoch Noble, George Woldsuiith, William Grandstaff, William H. Albert. BUSINESS SLACK. Ferd Borges Makes a Voluntary Assignment. Fred. Borges, proprietor of the Eel River Livery stables, ;ma'de a. voluntary assignment yesterday ' afternoon for the benefit of his creditors, naming Gee Luce ns assignee. Mr. Luce says that the assets axe about J^SOO and the liabilities less than $1.000. The failure is attributed to the depression In business. It is probable'tbat arrangements will be made whereby Mr. Borges will continue the management of the'stables. . • . : •••• PERSONAL Mr. J. W. ADDIS and family jire visiting relatives at Attica, . '• Miss Ora Sala will re-enter Coates college at Terre Haute this week. Burt. Stewart left Sunday to enter Princeton college, Trenton, N. J. Harry Tousley left last night for Bloomington, Ind., to enter the Indiana University Law school. Will Bruggeman has returned from Lake Masinkuckee where he has been chief clerk at the Lake View hotel-for the past season. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Speed of Louis-, ville, Ky., visited Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Keesling while returning to their home after a sojpurn at Lake Maxinkuckee. A CORRECTION. A local in the Sunday Journal that children from homes vrliere dlp- itjheria. or scarlet fcver had appeared would be excluded from the schools until.the attending physician gave permission to re-enter. I wish to state that the only certificate of reiodmission that will be accepted.l>y the teachers Is that of the Secretary of the Board of Health. This is in acordance with the instructions of the Board of Health as incorporated in section 29 of the Rules of the Schools. A. H. DOUGLASS, Supt Schools. SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these Little Pills. They also relieve Distress &om Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty' Eating. . A pcr- ect remedy for .Dizziness, .Nausea, Drowsi-. ness, Bad Taste in the Mouth; Coatc'l Tongue Pain in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Regulate the Boweli. Purely Vegetable. •mall Pill. Small DOM. Small Prloe. REPUBLICAN MASS MEETING. On the occasion of the Republican Mass Meeting at Peru, Sept 24th, 1890, the Wabash Railroad company will sell excursion tickets at rate of fifty cents for the round, trip. Tickets will be good going Sept 24th and good rcturn- jng'not later'than.Sept'23th. / • •:: .. C. G.'NEWEHL. Agent. i .'Lost—Between Eleventh and. Thlr- teenth-.streetsxjn North, a pendant set with.brilliaiits; not of much value to anyone "except.'.the owner, as it is an heirloom. - Rcturn.and." get reward.— Sol. H. Colin, one door east of Murdock ; hotek,.. :.:... ..' :.:... •: -Merit in medicine means tlie power to cure. The great cares by "Hood's Sar> saparilJa prove ,1t» uneqnaled merit, r Only.nine more'days^untll the Columbia cigair-'526"guess : comei off. . •

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