The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on April 30, 1908 · Page 4
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 4

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Thursday, April 30, 1908
Page 4
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THE , INDIANAPOLIS STAR, THURSDAY, APRIL' 30, 1908. . INDIANA EVIDENCE News of Vital Interest to State Culled From Scores of Dispatches In Every City and, Hamlet Rush Best in News by Wire to Star That a Remedy Has Been Found for St Vitus' Dance, i Two Remarkable Cures ly the Tonic Treat' ment in Stullorn Cases TJiat Had Resisted Ordinary Medicines. Has Plan to Lessen Rush in Treasurer's Office. GUNNESS WILL IS OPENED Instrument Executed Day Before Fire Shows Woman Preparing for Tragedy. Supporters of Ex-Congressman Miers for Old Place Almost Ready to Give Up. Indiana Correspondents DAVIS SHOWS GREAT STRENGTH im HAD FEAR OF DEATH CONVENTION OPENS TODAY Davis Declares He Have Seven More Votes Than Are Necessary. BLOOMINGTON, Ind., April 29. Political prophets who arc attempting to lore- cast the action of the second District Democratic congressional convention, which meets here tomorrow, are showing a marked preference for Cyrus E. Davis of Bloorafieia for the winner. Even some of the friends of ex-Congressman Robert W. Miers of Blooming-ton, who has been induced 10 enter the race in the hope of being selected as the compromise candidate, are almost ready to give up hope, sueli strides has Davis made in the last few day?. The other candidates for the nomination are Alvin Padgett of Washington, Charles Wellman of Sullivan and Juur W. A. Cullop of Vincenm-s. Until a few days aco the Miers camp was confident. Mr. Miers only consented to make the race for the nomination after it had been pointed out to him that the contest between Padgett and Davis had reached a point of such bitterness that neither would permit the other's nomination and that there was a Ilrst-elass opportunity for .a compromise candidate 10 slip In. take the strength of either Davis or Padgett and sweep the convention. Such a picture was painted In vivid colors for Mr. llii-rs by his Eloomlngtou friends, who apparently wen: sincere In their assertions. Tliey looked upon Mr. Davis as the strongest candidate in the field, concedine: him a lead over Padgett, but they did not believe Davis could corral enough votes to nominate himself so long a9 Padgett remained in the race. Expected a Deadlock. And so. they pointed out, the convention would go Into a deadlock, with Davis and Padgett delegates standing hard and fast to their favorites, thus paving the way for a Miers stampede. At any time after the deadlock set In. Mr. Miers's friends told him. the mention of his name on the convention lloor would precipitate a rush for his baad wagon, with either Davis or Padgett or both in the lead. But the recent show of strength on the part of the Davis men has changed tills Bloomlngton optimism to a .state of serious doubt, and tonight Monroe County Democrats are almost ready to give up. Davis declares he will have sixty two delegates voting for him on the last Fallot of the convention the ballot that will nominate hint. Only fifty-dive votes are necessary to a choice. Davis prophesies the following votes by counties In his favor at the close: Greene 17 Lawrence 13 Knox 13 Martin 4 Owen . 4 Sullivan 11 Total 0: To these figures, which a short time ago would havo seemed ridiculous to tho Miers people, the friends of the Bloom lngton candidate arc not offering objec tions. Thoy do not profess to he able to keep any of the votes away from Davis; their hope tor Mr. Miers. the hope upon which tney induced him to enter the race, "was that Padgett would be strong enough to split the counties to which Davis was looiting lor delegates. The contest between Davis and Pad- Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Is a non-secret, non-alcoholic and most potent Invigorating, restorative tonic and strengthening nervine, especially adapted to woman's peculiar requirements by an experienced specialist in the treatment of her diseases. Nursing mothers will find "Fa Torite Prescription " especially val liable in sustaining their strength and promoting an abundant nourishment for the child. Expectant mothers too will find it a priceless boon to prepare the system for baby's coming and to render the ordeal comparatively easy and painless. Over-burdened women in all stations in life whose vigor has been undermined by exacting so rial duties, over - work, frequent bearing of children, will find "Fa vorite Prescription" the greatest strength giver ever employed. It can do no harm in any state or condition of the female.system. Delicate, nervous, weak women, who sufferirom frequent headaches, backache, dragging-down distress low down in the abdomen, or from painful or irregular monthly periods, gnawing or distressed sen- 'sation in stomach, dizzy or faint spells, see imaginary specks or spots floating before eyes, have disagreeable, pelvic catarrhal drain, ulceration, prolapsus, anteversion,' retroversion, or other displacements of womanly organs from weakness of parts, will, whether they experience many or only a few of the above symptoms, find relief and, generally, a permanent cure by using faithfully and fairly persistently JDr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. This world - famed specific for woman's weaknesses and peculiar ailments is a pure gtyceric extract of. the choicest, native, medicinal, E. J. With four days remaining for the pay- to get the necessary statements of their ment of taxes, the crowds which daily i :ix"s !' up. and for this purpose ,. ..,. .,. . . 1 he spends much of his time In the public gather at the oflice of the county trcas- i !)un0 , ,,. ,,,,, sln.n t tnis or urer continue to Increase and it Is ex- that complaint., uxplnlulrig to this man peeled many people whn wult until Men- 1 or to that woman what the proper pro-day, the last day fnr paying; will scarce- 1 cedure is and generally placing himself ly he able to get into the oflice at all. 1 at the service of these who appear to In these rush days. E. J. Rotuxun. the treasurer, is doing what Is In his power ; to make it easier for tho belated ones I gelt during the several months tho two candidates havo been canvassing the district has been one of the bitterest lights In the history of the district. Padgett's friends have declared time after time that Davis, twice a loser as the congressional nominee, could not he elected if lie were nominated, and Hie Miers people used the same argument for tho licnelit of the candidacy of their man. Judge Cullon and Mr. Wellman of Knox and Sullivan Counties, respectively, have I made little effort to line up delegates outside their own counties, and for this reason they hate not been considered to any extent in the ante-convention strength estimates. Tonight Hie Hotel Bowles Is swarming with delegates and visitors. All the candidates have established headquarters there. The Alvin Padgett supporters arrived at noon in a specinl train 400 strong, and headed by the Washington Band paraded tho university campus and principal streets. Each Padgett man wears a largo badge and plcturo of the Daviess County favorite. Tile seating capacity of the opera house will be taxed tomorrow. Mason J. Niblaek of Vincennes Is to be the permanent chairman of the convention, and Philander McITenry, tihairman of the Daviess County central committee, is to bo the temporary chairman. Al Martin of the Martin County Tribune is to bo the secretary. Linton. Sullivan and Washington have sent brass bands to the convention. Among the district notables present'are Gilbert Hcndreh. Senator William Sllnk-ard of Bloomlleld. Judge John C. Robinson of Spencer, Paul Poynter of Sullivan, Royal E. Purcell of Vincennes, S. B. Boyd of Washington and Georgo R. Griffin of Spencer. roots without a drop of alcohol in its make-up. All its ingredients are printed in plain English on its bottle-wrapper and attested under oath. Dr. Pierce thus invites the fullest investigation of his formula knowing that it will be found to contain only the best agents known to the most advanced medical science of all the different schools of practice for the cure of all -woman's peculiar weaknesses and ailments. 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Little sugar-coated granules easy to take as candy. ROBISON, COUNTY TREASURER, SHOWN WITHOUT need heir After this paying time he will establish a new system by which the rush of tho Indiana News, in Tabloid Form WASHINGTON Tin Hush S. Rspey a rontlrnifd of Kitting postmaster HICIIMOXO Flrp lit Kritnn. O ' tortav nrno- tlflltly rl.-stniy.nj Muiv, of Hen I! & .Mcplicnn, ik'.'ik'is til -iirnrt't'lH inn mcfitf, 'l'li" total loss is phicoil :it .s::,ihiii, Oish B'-ull, one of ihu chief losers, liven in Richmond. lUCIIMON'D Dispatches from Florida announce the death of Oliver White, formerly prominent In Inral huslm-p circles. He was in Florida for his health. Mr. i White was a gradual)) Amherst Colloids and K'-'0l0K. Karlhurn and authority on KOKOMO May 1 llni city or Knknmn pays off tho Inst 'lollar nf its Itnli.-ljtodncs In liiu iNiiiituitinn ot tor city iMiimtiiK nonus. thn sum lwlnir S1T..00H. Willi, thi. u-nltnnm city sehonl corporation is still in ik-tit tlie Jvononio olty corporation uiU owe nothing after May 1. TEM'.E HAUTE Hnmis W. Kidder. 'J. nnn of tho K'a'lli- bnsin.'SH men of 'IVitm Hunt''. Is deail artfi- n short Illness or pro'iini'mlu. Ho wan tho son or Wlllurd Ki'hlrr, am! huH brcn nssociatod for years ivttti his father In the mlllltiir business. He Ieave3 a widow and otic '-litM. BRAZII, A freiKht ear on tho Torre Haute, imllanapnlls .4 Eastern Traction line crashed Into a miners' car at Harmony while traveling at a speed of fifty miles an hour. .Molorman Nick Lyillnger of the local ear and Motorman Fred Morgan of the freight car wore seriously Injured. Tho local car was wrecked. JEWISH WOMEN IN SESSION; OBSERVE RECIPROCITY DAY Representatives of Local Councils of Indianapolis, Terre Haute and Attica at Lafayette. LAFAYETTE, Ind.. April 2:'. Repre sentatives of local councils of Jewish women from Indianapolis. Terro Haute. Attica mid Lafayette are holding what Is known as Reciprocity day meetings here tonight and will continue through tomorrow. Mrs. .Martin llnrbee of Chicago, vice president of the National Council of .Jewish Women, is the guest of honor. Mrs. Emma Eckhouso. president of the In dianapolis Council, is among the visitors. 1 lie tirst meeting was held in tin: auditorium of the V. jr. C. A. and was followed by it reception anil lunch. Mrs. Harhee. Rabid Nathan Krass and Mrs. Isaac Rlee delivered addresses. Musical numbers were furnished ly Miss Jessie Horn, Bernard Soliel and Mrs. Nathan Kras Raldii Mover Messing of Indlan- apolis. pronounced the benediction. Rabbi l'ouerlloht of Indianapolis was to have delivered an address, but found It Impossible to attend. Others on the program were Mrs. Levi Oppouholm of this citv. Mrs. Henry Cohen of Terre Haute ami Mrs. .Sarah Mossing Stern of Indianapolis. CITY JUDGE STAYS FINE; LEADS DRUNKARD TO ALTAR Liquor Victim, Hustlod Into Cab. Is Haled Before Priest, Where He Signs Total Abstinence Pledge. KOKOMO. Ind.. May 29. City Judpo R. M. Cooper lias adopted new tactics in the reformation of drunkards. When James Donnelley, habitual drunkard, was arraigned before him he refused to accept the usual plea of guilty. Donnelley has been paying fines for many months, and upon this occasion had become intoxicated for the second time within a few hours. Judge Cooper heard Donnelley's stntoment, ordered a ca.b, and the two men went to the home of Father Lordemonn. There Donnelley bowed to the crucifix and took the pledge for a year. NATIONAL DELEGATES CHOSEN Knights and Ladles of Security Hold Biennial Meeting at Terre Haute. TERRE HAUTE, Ind.. April 2?. The Knights and Ladies of Security held their biennial state convention here today and elected delegates to tho national convention to he held In Philadelphia in June. J. S. Critchlield of Princeton and O. A. Arterburn of Terre Haute were chosen as delegates to represent the state at Philadelphia. Jonathan Lovell of Indianapolis and John Roberts of Brazil were elected alternates. Tho contest for delegates promised to be spirited. Irat Critchlield and Arterburn received sufficient votes to elect on the first ballot. Other names proposed were those of John Roberts. Brazil; R. IT. Miller. South Bend, and R. L. Gnotl. Indianapolis. The convention closed with degree work, a banquet and a dance tonight. CREDITS DE PAUW PASSPORTS Good Students Alone Eligible to College Organizations Next Year. GREENCASTM3, Ind.. April 2!). To be prominent in college activities at Do Pauw next year one must be a good student, according to a decision which tho faculty announced this afternoon In regard to standing in college work. The plan provides a system of rules which calls for a candidate for any college office to be up in studentship. No student enn try for the De rattw Oleu Club, the De Pauw Dnlly or anv college organization without standing woll in his work. HAT IN CENTER. Photo by Star Staff Photographer. last few days will he lessened. This sy tern will call for the making of tax state ments m advance 01 tin; last lew week: so that a man's statement will be prepared, filed away and indexed under his name when he calls for it. The present system calls for tho making of statements after the taxpayer appears at tho oflice to pay his taxes, and this of necessity takes so much time that the office Is often badly crowded. NIGHT SESSIONS ARE HELD TO EXPEDITE HIMKLE TRIAL Aged Mother of Alleged Slayer of John R. McCNntock Says Son Was Stupid Pupil. RLOOMINGTOX, Ind., April 29. A session of court was hold tonipht in the c:iso of Harvey Hinltlo, -charged with the mur-i dor of Ills rival. John R. McClintock. Ses-; slims probably will be held during the ! fveninpr of every court day until the closo of the case. Patrolman L. C. Eaton nf 1 l'oplar Bluff. -Mo., who arrested Ktnlrl. last December, was the last witness placed Oil the Stand this evenine-. Mrs. Mary Ilinkle. the aged mother of HInltle, was the first witness for the defense. She said Harvey was very dull in : school and never got further than the seventh grade. She said her husband was the late Marlon Hlnkle. ex-auditor nf -uonrn fn,mlv ,..v,n '. -uonro tnilnty Who froze to death nine years ago by lying down in 'a fence corner anu going to sleep. Ex-Congressman Miers. one of the attorneys for Hlnkle. will be in tho trial tomorrow and consequently will be unable to attend the congressional convention. Attorneys say it may be necessary to hold court next week In order to finish the case. SPECTACULAR CLIMAX IN GOSHEN TEMPERANCE FIGHT Public Demonstration -With Stereoptlcon Views Held Liquor Men Active. GOSHEN. Ind.. April 29. The fight to drlvo fifteen of the seventeen saloons out of Goshen reached Its height tonight, when a public demonstration was held in court square with stm-opticon views. For il week the liquor men and the anti-saloon advocates have been waging vigorous warfare. Every church pulpit in town has been given over to an nttack on the whisky trafiic. Tho light will end wlicn the commissioners' court convenes Monday. Both sides are claiming victory. Tho contention of the saloons Is that if the Third Ward bucomes dry fifteen business rooms 'will ho empty, 100 men will bo thrown out of employment and taxation will be Increased In both the city and county. FUGITIVE GIVES HIMSELF UP. Tired of Evading Arrest, Convict Sur- renders at New Albany. NEW ALBANY, Ind., April 29. Tired, hungry and footsore Charles C. Ever-bach, an escaped convict from tho Nashville Penitentiary, appeared at the County Jail this morning and gave himself up to County Sheriff Claude Sittason, declaring ho wanted to return to prison. He said for two days ho had not tasted food. Everbach said that bis family lived at Charleston. W. Va. Ho Is an electrician. While working in Cincinnati, he said, lie became acquainted with a woman who caused him to IrVo beyond his means. He dnclared that when ho left Cincinnati to get rid of her sho followed him to Tennessee and becoming Involved In debt he embezzled some money, for which he was sentenced to tho penitentiary for three years. County Sheriff Sittason wired the Nashville prison authorities and received a reply that a guard will bo sent for the prisoner. CONVICT FILES CROSS BILL, Says Wife Conspired to "Railroad" Him to Prison, and Asks Divorce. ANDERSON, Ind., April 29. Oto Xan-forth, recently sentonced to the State Prison at Michigan City, through his attorney has filed an answer to his wife's application for divorce. The papers havo been removed from tho file in the clerk's otllce. At tho time Danforth was arresJBd and tried for being Implicated in the robbery of the John Boze saloon at Alexandria, he alleged that a conspiracy was being formed to get rid of him on his wife's account. In his cross-complaint he Is said to expose this conspiracy and aslts that the 'divorce be granted to him Instead of his wife. IMPEACHMENT TRIAL HALTS. South Bend Officials Refuse to Testify Against Mayor Fogarty. SOUTH BEND, Ind.. April lib-The impeachment trial of Mayor E. J. Fogarty has been delayed until May B, the plans nf the Council having been blocked by tho throwing down of the gauntlet by Chief of Police McWeeny anil President Codd of tho Board of Tubllc Safety to the. aldermen by refusing to obey an order to appear before that body and explain why South Etend had been such a wide-open city. The matter will coma up at committee meeOng of the Council Tuesday night. HOLDS STOCKHOLDERS LIABLE Suit for $25,972 Filed by Receiver of Company at Columbus, Ind. COU.TMBITS, Ind., April 29. Leon J. Cox, receiver for tho Indiana Lead and Zinc Company with Interests at Joplin, Mo., today filed suit against the stockholders for $25,972, due on assessments required to pay an indebtedness. D. W.' Hcngy, a farmer. Is sued for $10,000; J. H. Arnold, a Jewsler, for 56.4S4.66, and G. W. Harden for SMS0, and others Tor smaller amounts. Hcngy recently received a 510,000 judgment against tho company. LAPOHTE, Ind., April 29. That Mrs. Belle Gunness, who, with her three children, was burned to death In a fire which destroyed their home Tuesday morning, feared death at the hands of her rejected suitor, Ray Lamphero, was made known today when her will was opened. The fa strument was executed the day before her death. Monday Mrs. Gunness visited the office of M. E. Lellter, an attorney of this city, and In tears told him that she feared she did not have long to live. She told tho attorney, it Is alleged, that her life had been repeatedly threatened by Lamp-here, an ex-farm hand, who had persistently laid suit to her affections and w-hom she had spumed She said she desired to make disposition of her property. The will executed at that time provided that in ease of her death her estate, valued at 515.000. should go to her children, ag.'d respectively 5, 7 and U. and 1 the children were not living at the time of her demise the property should go to the Norwegian Orphans' Home in Chicago. The administrator appointed today by jiaige mentor oi tne circuit court will carry out the provision of the will. Lamphere Says He Saw Fire. Today Lamphere. who Is in Jail pending an Investigation of the crimes of murder and arson, was subjected to a sei-ere sweating. He admitted that he was In the city Monday. He said he came to the city with John Wheatbrook, the farmer at whose nlaee he was ar rested, but did not return home with him. He declares lie spent the night at the homo of Mrs. Elizabeth, a colored woman, with , whom he had been frlcndlv and who had paid his fine the first time he was arrested on the complaint, of annoying ner. Tamphere admits he passed the Gunness home on the morning of the fire and saw smoke-comlng from the house, but he says he feared to sound the alarm because he thought he might be accused of starting the fire. Coroner Completes Inquest. Coroner Mack completed his Inquest tonight. Five witnesses were examined, all being neighbors of Mrs. Gunness. They all testified as to what had happened after the tire had started. They could not give any information as to who started the fire. i The bodies of Mrs. Gunness and her children will lie taken to Chicago tomorrow for burial. A stepdaughter of Mrs. Gunness. who has been living In California for several years, is expected to arrive here In a day or two and it is thought she -will be able to throw some light on the mystery. C. G. CONN STARTS ON AUTO TRIP THROUGH WEST Horn Manufacturer Given Great Send-Off by Elkhart and Banqueted at South Bend. SOUTH BEND. Ind.. April 29. Ex- Congressman Charles G. Conn, candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomina tion, started today on an automobile tour Of the "West In an American SImnlev par Conn was tendered an ovation when he icit uKiiart. many stores being closed and thirty owners of autos escorting him to South Bend, where dinner was served at the Oliver Hotel to 127 members of the party. During the trio from Elkhart to South Bend Conn's band in a carryall car luraisnea music. The car is In charge of George Reims, chauffeur, and Arthur Wilson, machinist. In addition to extra tires the car equipment Includes an extra tank for twenty- two gallons of gasoline, which Is suffi cient for a run of 100 miles, and an extra tank for lubricants sufficient .to go 2.200 miles. Conn and Reims are hard drivers, and the test on the Mishawaka car on Its trip of from 1,500 to 2,000 miles -will be a severe one. LAWYER'S COUP WINS CHILD, Father Triumphs Over Girl's Stepfather In Face of Defeat. WABASH, Ind.. April 29. Sensational habeas corpus proceedings, in which a largo number of witnesses were brought hero from Sodus. and Benton Harbor, Mich., terminated today in a bewildering manner as a result of a coup by Warren Say're was attorney for Jonas Johnson TflHlrtf rt ll.iw.n Til T-l custody of whom he was trving to regain .fom her stepfather, Arthur Badger. Johnson asserted he never knew his wife ".ia uivurueu; mat sue nau secured cus uic uu-uhmui, ui uiui ai;e nau remarried, and that the child was kidnaped inu iiiumcr ai. sotius. ine motner re nnnll.i AtAA The defense introduced proof sufficient to defeat Johnson, when Savro sttddenlv HUH o'nntltlnn fnr- ,l.l- .1 ill ....... i. jjt.L,-... iui nil- .Lll'lJJlimi v.i ljil- Kill by her grandmother, Mrs. Brant, with the hiliiii n wiwui. me pennon was granted, whereupon the girl became legally tho .irtufciiuci ui iiL-i sianumoLiier, ana was re turned to Sodus. 0ZR0 REYNOLDS CONVICTED. Companion of Grovcr Blake, Matricide, Must Go to Prison. ANDERSON, Intl., April 29. After de liberating all night tho Jury In the trial of Ozro Reynolds returned a verdict at 7 o'clock this morning finding him guilty of receiving stolen goods, the penalty for which crime is two to fourteen years in prison. Tho evidence on which Reynolds was convicted was circumstantial, vet the jurors believed that Reynolds was In a measure responsible tor tnc crime committed by Grovcr Blake, who murdered his mother. Although Reynolds and Blake sat within six feet of each other throughout tho trial, there was no word or look of. recognition passed between them. Reynolds win serve part or nis term in jetterson-ville and at 30 years of age will be transferred to Michigan City. SWITCHMAN CRUSHED; DIES. Clover Leaf Employe Sustains Fatal In Juries Under Train. FRANKFORT, Ind., April 29. W. A. Bailey, 2S years old, a switchman on the Clover Leaf Railroad, died in Palmer Hos pital here today shortly after being crushed beneath a train. Ho fell from car, tho wheels mutilating one side of his body. Ho is .survived by a widow and two children. Positively enred by these Little Fills. They also relieve Distress from. Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect rem-edyfor Dizziness, Kansea, Drowsiness, Bod Taste In do Month,'' Coated Tongue, Pain In the Bide, TORPID LIVER. Thas regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. SMALL FILL SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE CARTER'S if STYLE IlVER I PILLS. CARTERS BRITTLE y IVER Brills. Genuine Must Bear Fac-Simile Signature REFUSE SUBSTITUTES. Rapid as has been the advance of medical science along many lines, it js only in recent years that a remedy has been discovered for one of the most dreadful of nervous diseases that afflict children St. Vitus' dance. ' This and other nervous disorders that cause the pale and wan faces and peevish, Irritable disposition of so many children can now be scientifically treated by a remedy which strikes at the root of the disease by renewing the impoverished blood and strengthening the -nerves. Words of commendation for this remedy come from all parts of the cMllzed world and In Indiana two cures have recently been reported which should convince every reader of the remarkable power of the tonic treatment In severe, nervous disorders. St. Vitus' Dance and Sciatica. Mrs. S. B. Richards of 221 Main street, Muncie. Ind., tells what a blessing Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have been to her. as follows: "When nine years of age I was suddenly afflicted with St. Vitus' dance. I think It was brought on by fright for I was in a runaway. I was sick for several weeks and had apparently recovered, but In my sixteenth year I had it a second time. I became so bad that I was as helpless as a baby. My mother had to help mo around and dress and feed me. I lost control of my tongue so that people could not understand me. Mothor used to put a mattress on the floor for I couldn't lie still In bed. I was so run down that I weighed about 110 pounds. "I had been sick for quite a while before I began to take Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, which were recommended . to my mother by a druggist. I felt so much better after taking the pills a few days that I kept right on with them until cured. WHY DONT YOU ASK your friend, THE GROCER (and smile), for that sample of INDIAN CORN FLAKES that makes everybody smile. You've no idea how much you'll like it. T1GE OF VOTING PLACES FOR PRIMARY ELECTION ON MAY 15 m MARION COUNTY To the voters of Marion County: Notice is hereby given that the primary elections for county and township offices on May 15, in Marlon County, will ba held in the several precincts at tie following voting places, towit: FIRST WARD. 1 2345 Station street. 2 3510 East Twenty-fifth street 3 2121 Rural street. 4 No. 2 Engine House. 5 1640 Roosevelt avenue. 6 1632 Yandes street. 7 Northeast corner Roosevelt and Columbia avenues. S 1222 Newman street. 9 1223 Tecumseh street 101410 North Dearborn street SECOND WARD. 1 "08 East Twenty-seventh street. 2 Twenty-second and Central avenue. 3 2H5 Bellefontaine street. 4 705 East Nineteenth street. 5 1S44 North New Jersey street. 6 160S College avenue. THIRD WARD. 1 Twenty-third street and Talbott avenue. Drug store. 2 Rear of 1901 North Pennsylvania street 3 McLean Place Stables. 4 Armory, Sixteenth street and College avenue. 5 Rear of 461 West Fifteenth street. '61222 Lafayette street. 7 Rear of 1015 North Senate avenuo. 8 128 West Eleventh street. FOURTH WARD. 1 51 West Thirty-fourth street 2 3006 North Illinois street. 3 2727 London avenue. 4 Raider street, between Eugene and Thirtieth. 5 Northwestern Republican Club. 6 919 Roach street. 7 222S Sherman avenue. 8 1308 North West street 9 1004 North West street FIFTH WARD. 1 Corner Indiana avenue tmd Blake street. 2 Indiana avenue and California street. i uorner Blake and North streets. 4 Corner Colton and Locke streets. 5 Corner Agnes and Michigan streets. 6 855 West New York street. 7 Corner Gclsendorft and Now York streets. SIXTH WARD. 1 621 North Illinois street. 2 505 Indiana avenue. 3 312 West Vermont street. 4 (24 North Capitol avenue. 5 Linden Hotel. 6 38 West Ohio street. 7 451 West Market street SEVENTH WARD. 1 719 North Noble-street. 2 626 Ogden street. 3 Fire Headquarters. 4 446 Massachusetts avenue. 5 329 North Liberty street. 6 421 North Davidson street. 7 602 East Market street. 8 324 East Market street. EIGHTH WARD. 1 612 East Eleventh street. 2 1216 North New Jersey street. 3 1408 North (Meridian street, rear. 4 -orth Ettst (Corner Illinois and Tenth streets. .V . 5 941 Ft. Wayne avenue. 6 94S Massachusetts avenue. NINTH WARD. 1 Northeast, corner Wnshlngton and Denny streets. 2 25 North Temple avenue. 3 535 North Temple avenue. 4 McKlnley Club. 5 1710 East Washington street. 6 Offlco of Institute. 7 302 Dorman street. 8 1014 East Washington street. TENTH WARD. 1 1523 East Washington street' 2 131S Bates street. 3 321 Trowbridge street. 4 1023 Nelson streets 5 Laurel street rear of 1402 Hoyt avenue I gained rapidly In flesh and have been well ever since until last spring when I had an attack of sciatica in my right leg. At times I could hardly walK and couldn't turn over in bed. I was under a doctor a care, but he didn't help me. He said that sciatica was one disease the doctors couldn't do much for. I again tried Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and three boxe cured me." Could Not Talk. i Miss Roxie Jones, whose address Is B. F. D. No. 2, St. Paul, Ind., says: "I suffered with St. Vitus' dance for. several months, being confined to bed for a part of the time. When I was first taken, my head commenced to Jerk and I could not control the muscles, of my body. I could not talk as my tongue seemed as though it. was thick. My parents had to feed me for three weeks. My nerves were so bad the least thing excited me and I had no control over myself at all. "The doctors did not seem to help me and my father gave me Dr. Williams Pink Pills. After taking them I noticed I was not so nervous and had better corir trol of myself. In a few weeks I was so that I could help myself and improved until entirely cured." The Best Nerve Food. That Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People have cured obstinate cases of St Vitus' dance, is the best evidence that they will cure all lesser nervous disorders, because the principle in the treatment of all nervous diseases is the same. Nervousnesses a question of nutrition. Food for the nerves is what is needed and the best nerve food in the world is Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. They are sold by all druggists, or will bo sent , postpaid, on receipt of price, 50 cents per box; six boxes for $2.50, by the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 6 1434 Lexington avenue. 7 Prospect Street Engine House. 8 Prospect and St. Peter streets. 9 1302 South Linden street. 101921 Shelby street ELEVENTH WARD. 1 203 South Noble street. 2 Engine House, Virginia avenue. 3 219 South New Jersey street 4 639 South Delaware street 5 417 East South street. 6 411 East McCarty street 7 814 Greer street. 8 Rear 875 Virginia avenue. 9 845 English avenue. TWELFTH WARD. 1 144 West Georgia strcot. 2 317 Kentucky avenue. 3 4.10 South Capitol avenue. 4 331 Merrill street 5 614 South Meridian street 6 915 South Illinois street: 7 925 South Missouri street THIRTEENTH WARD. 1 1111 South East street 2 1312 Wright street. 3 1532 South New Jersey street 4 705 East Iowa street. 5 2132 Singleton street. 6 15 Regent street. 7 1407 Charles street 8 1027 Maple street. 9 209 Kansas street. FOURTEENTH WARD. 1 549 Arbor avenue. 2 1036 River avenue. 3 620 Division street. 4 1123 Reisner street. 5 1629 Howard street. 6 1277 Kentucky avenue. FIFTEENTH WARD. 1 1828 Wilcox street 2 48 North Elder avenue. 3 1230 West Washington street CENTER TOWNSHIP. 1 No. 4 Schoolhouse. DECATUR TOWNSHIP. 1 Valley Mills Schoolhouse. ' 2 Burnett's Hall, West Newton. Ind. FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP. 1 Chllllng's shop, Acton, Ind. 2- Meyer'3 shop, Shclbyvllle gravel road, LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP. 1 Masonic Hull. Castleton. Ind. 2 Schlagel s shop, Lawrence, Ind. PERRY TOWNSHIP. 1 Schoolhouse, Southport, Ind. 2 Schoolhouse, University Heights. . PIKE TOWNSHIP, Hew, AS"sta. Odd Fellows Building. 2-Traders' Point, McCorkle's residence! WARREN TOWNSHIP. 1 Schoolhouse, Cumberland. Inas 2 Rear of Moore's Block, 132 South Au dubon road. 3 7 North Rittcr avenue. WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, 1 Town Hall. Broad Ripple. 2 Scott' schoolhouse No. 9. 3 WITS' "s Station, Forty-first Per ylvanla street. and vVayne townsmid li Groff'ff grocery. Tenth ano Tlbbs ave- llll'!. -820 North Sheffield avenue. -2124 West Walnut street. -725 North Warman avenue. -233 North Germnnla avenue. -2525 West Wnshlngton street. -1260 South Belmont avenue. -Clark's schoolhouse, Rockvlile road. Dated this 29th day of April, 1908. MARTIN M. HTJGG, JACOB P. DUNN, LEONARD M. OUIt.T.. Primary Election Commissioners o Mt-

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