Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on April 17, 1904 · Page 26
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 26

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 17, 1904
Page 26
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THE PEOPLE'S PAGES POPULAR A YD BFFBCTITB. COKSUCTED BY EVERYBODY. RATES FOB FREE) PRESS LINERS tt not less than two Unas coder proper clast-l-catlon. 1 Cent a Word if Prepaid er g Cents a Line if Charged. MARRIAGE LICENSES. Frtink Kllmek, 23; Martha Doerlng, 22. John Barcak, 21; Annie Chodzlnska, IS. Frederick W. Petzke, 23; Caroline Bes-lack, 28. . , . Casimir Plglowskl, 24. Dungirk. N. Y.; Pclagla Milowzewska. 17. Detroit. Harry M. Patterson. 22. Detroit; Delia Dubay. 24, St. Clair Heights. Myron W. Clark, 23, Detroit; Lulu F. Wedcer, 22. Muskegon. William Klrsch. 30; Hattle Rochstro-. 20 Noah R. Buck. S3; Helen Leonard 25. Kdwartl Perry. 21: Mary Dunn. 18. Michael Ryan. 37: Millie V Prear, 30. Leo J. Barron, 21, River Rouge; Lil M. Lamain, 20. same. DIED. CONLON-At Salt Lake City, April 1 10. John Jr.. only son of Tilr. and Mrs John Conlon. 339 Trumbull avenue. Notice or funeral hereafter. MEYERS Mrs. Fred Meyers. Jr.. nee An-na Mirt.. beloved wife of Fred Meyers Jr.. and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Mertz, died April 16. 1904. at her res -dencc 447 Joseph Campau avenue, funeral Tuesday afternoon from her par ents' res. deuce, iki joaej.ii .- nuo. MILLER-Aprll 16, 1904, at residence, 943 Wabash avenue. Margaret, beloved wire of John Miller. Funeral from residence Tuesday at S:30 a. m. and to St. Leo a church at S o'clock. MURPHY April 35. 1904, at family residence. 560 Seventeenth st Thomas 1.. beloved son or John and thes late. Julia Murphy, seed M years. Funeral from residence. Monday at 8:30, and St. 1 in-e-.-nt's church at 9 o'clock. iRICHARDSON Preston, beloved son of Thomas and Elisabeth Brown Richardson, aged 1? months. Funeral Monday at 2 p. m.. from residence, 1113 Trumbull avenue. WARD Died at her residence. 137 St. Au-i,ln ave.. April 16. Sarah I. Ward. Funeral services from residence Monday afternoon at 2:30 p. m.; interment at Wooiimere. FEXKBAI. DIRECTORS. William A. Snyder & Co.. Funeral Directors and Embalmers. 2S8 Grand River avenue. Phone Grand Ua6. t'HIRCH AXTlTlJfCKlTE.VrS. Flr't Congregational church. Woodward and Forest aves.-Nehemiah Boyton, D D . nd Percy H. Bpler, ministers .10:30 a. m.. morning worship and preaching, ine Spiritual Mastery of a Mean Man: l:io. 6umluv school and Bible classes, business men's class, young men's clusse; 6:30, l. 1 S C E ' 7 evening worship and preaching, "The New Testament in the Christian Church"-tliinl m th?,,.s"!"' 'Sunday Evening Half Hours With New Books." Westminster Presbyterian church Wood- n.p..nnc:n.tnr K.v. John Bnt- tan Clark. Morning service at 10:30 o'clock: service av. i.o.,, tJi.,,i Xnoweth."'. . Musical selections: Prclud- of Av .ar.; ..""";,.l,."K the W .8 U:V.,'',:--nnar'tets. "Qui Tors ul rtti',M".i. ,.--. - - Tniiio " Farmer, and "O, Cus- tanee. WOODWARD AVE. BAPTIST CHURCH, cor. Winder Spenser B. Mceser. D. D., minister:-; 10:30 morning topic: "The tail to Service." In. the evening the minister will preach on "Tho Bible in the Home, .. . .u- rn..-ti. fl., ill., cet-mnn series on "The Home." Music by quartet and chorus. t'nlversallst. Church of Our Father. Grand Circus park-Lee S. McCollester. I). D. 10-::0 "The Evolution of Christian Civilisation-" ;:: "Enrlv New Kilfland Patriot-Ism," Illustrated with views of early New Kngland and of the first battle of the revolution. I'nitarlan church, corner Woodward ave. and Edmund Place iteed Stuart, minister. Service at 10:2" a. m.. "The Literal Reign of the Bible." Sunday school at noon. L'nlty club Friday, S p. m. Christian Science. Second Church of Christ. Scientist, cor-n" Wooihvard and Hendrle aves. Sunday, 10-30- subject, "Probation After Death.' Sundav 'school at ll:4T. Testimonial meeting Wednesday evening at 7:4u. First Chnn-h of Christ. Scientist. Alexan drine ave west, near u ooawaru luoriiiiis. 10:?.o: subject. "Probation After Death." evpnlne meeting at 7:45. Read- Sng room.' 1314 Majestic building, open from iu to il. Church of the Nctt Thoaeht. Miami Hall, 96 Miami ave. Mrs. Margaret La Grange, pastor. Services at 10:30 a m.: subject. "The First Manifestation of Man." Lyceum at 12:15; debate by senior class, "Japan and Russ'a." Lecture at 7:45 p. in.; subject. "What Is the New Thought?" All welcome. SPIRITUALISTIC MEETINGS. Occult Temple. 132 Michigan avenue. Dr. Burrows' subject: "The Greatest Thing Ever Known." Spirit messages through Deacons Lewis. Hales. Lamero and pastor. Messages for all. Wednesday developing clrole and mental phenomena. Next Sunday Dr Spinney's subject. "The Ministry of Angels." All welcome. MRS. NBI.LJB MBTOAIjF will lecture this evening at Prismatic hall, 140 First St.; subject: "The Present Asltatlon for Revised Christianity." followed with test, assisted by Mrs. Pengelly: eaored musical selections by .the wonderful Bebout trio. MP.S I.AL'RA CRAWFORD will address the First Church of tho Soul, at 46 Grand River ave., this evening, followed with tests by Mrs. Line; services 7:45: social event every Monday evening at 333 Michigan ave. Mrs. Rose Ferris, test medium. 454 Grand Jliver ave.. will lecture and give readings at 333 Michigan tonight for Spiritual Workers" Society. Social Thursday evening. Grand River Avenue, 55 Mrs. Penna Trill lecture and give spirit communications, names, descriptions, etc.. proving tho Immortality of the soul. 8 p. m. PRINTING. A. W. Brookes, commercial and Society printing:. Latest In invitations, programs and ribbon badges. 69 Monroe avenue. MEETINGS. Special convocation Monroe Chapter" No. I, R. A. M., Thursday afternoon, April II, beginning at 3 o'clock. Royal Arch degree win be conferred. A large attendance Is requested. Visiting companions welcome. OLIN KNOTT, Sec'y. Friendship Lodge. No. 417. F. & A. M. Special communication Friday evening, April 23. Third degree. Visitors cordially Invited. LAMB, Seo'y. Kilwinning lodge. No. 297, F. & A. M. Bpeclal communication Monday evening, Anril 18, at 7:30. M. M. degree. C. U. DOBSON, Sec'y. Special communication Detroit Lodge No. e,.F. & A. M.-, Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. F. C. degree. visitors welcome. W. T. FUSON. Seo'y. UNION LODGE OF S. O. NO. S. F. and A. M. ; epeclal communication Monday, April 18, 4 p. m. sharp: M. M. degree; lunch 6:30; visitors welcome. PENINSULAR CHAPTER NCX 16, It A. M.; special convocation Wednesday, April la; R. A. desree; viiltsm wtcojas. TWEETISGS. Masonic. Oriental lodee, NO. 240, F. & A. M.-Scc-ond degree Tuesday evAPP. Scc'y. I.UiecellancotiK. Myrtle lodee, No. 4. K. of P.-Regular meet Ins Tuesday. April 19, S p. m., at 32 Michigan ave.; visitors welcome, ill isan GEORGE F. HUMPHRIES, IC. of R. & S. W. J. GRANT. C. C. " I. O. O F. Western Lodge All members are requested to attend Thursday. April 21. Work initiatory and third. Island View lodge will bo present. Visitors welcome. R-ICHAKD LINDSAY. Sec. Palestine chapter. No. 80 O. E. S. Special meeting for work, Monday evening, April IS, 7:20 sharp, ii Miami ave., to bo followed by reception to members. L. JEAN CLARKE, Sec'y. Sampson Chapter, O. 13. 8., will hold a special meeting foi work at Duffy's hall Thursday evening, April 21. ELEANOR M. MONROE, Sec'y. WANTED HELP MALE. A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A. Calm has the same old honorable way of furnishing positions; we have been established since 18S7; wb need chefs, second cooks, fry cooks, porters, panwashets, yardmen, housemen, coachmen, waiters, farm hands, barbers and others University Employment Agency, 2S Lafayette. A.A.A.A.A.A.A.AA.A. - Chefs. seconds, frys, porters, choremen, yardmen, storeroom man, 100 farm hands, married couples for farms and for hotels, be.I-boy. kitchen men, etc. Home Employment Co.. 13 Hodges bldg. AJL-HELP-iLA. We Have a Posltioiior You New positions. Ne.w management. New ideas. Best of pay. Watch our ads. Positions o trust. Any kind of .any city. Open evenings. 132 Shelby St., opposite P. O. A.A.A. Capable manager for 6 or S people malting summer tour eastern Canada. For particulars call or write GCNN, 13 Clcland bldg. K A. BECKER has a unique way of getting good paying positions any kind In anv citv: -high grade a specialty. BECK-Eli. 4S State. A. A. A. Laborers tor railroad; transportation free. Call Sunday before S:3U to 9:30 a. ni. MRS. ROTH, 73 Woodward. A. A. BECKER Is beadqurters for boat hands to got positions from manager and steward' down. 4S State. Open evenings. A.A. Experienced m(n for Fox lathe for brass work. BECKER, 48 Slate. A. A . Experienced coachman. BECKER, 48 State. Open evenings. A. O. U. W. members will learn something to their advantage by sending name.-age and address to box T, No. 1, Free Press. AGENT wanted in every town to solicit advertising; steany employment, io per week. Inclose stamp. Address at once, E. C. ROL'SE. Milan, Mich. AMPT-S BLACK-KING POLISHING OUT-FIT ENOUUH POLISH FOR 100 SHINES, A GOOD DAUKER AND POLISHING CLOTH, COMPLETE 10 CENTS. SMALLER BOXES 6 CENTS AT ALL SHOE DEALERS. AX ALL-AROUND baker; also bread-maker and second hands. NATIONAL, 132 Shelby st. Opposite post-office. ANY PERSON to distribute our samples: $13 weekly; steady. "Bmpire," 8523 Grand Boulevard, Chicago. AN experienced retail grocery man wanted for soliciting orders, etc. Address Box L. No. 53, Free Press. ARE YOU capablo of earning a good salary or extra money; as salesman, without intcrfcrring with your present occupation? Write us . today for a way to do it. Press-Novelty Co., Station E, Buffalo, N. i ARK YOU LOOKING for better position? Want capable men only; can place you anywhere. Ht.'EBNER-DODGE, Jaccard bldg., St. Louis. BARBERS Wanted, men to learn barber trade; eight weeks required; tools free; diplomas given; great demand for graduates; particulars free. Detroit Barber College 48 Woodward ave. BARBER Wanted, good whlto barber, Sll and half over $18; steady place to right man; no bums. ED WEST, Hudson, Mich. BARBER Good, steady young barber; steady Job. W. J. HYNE, corner Bow-en and Kerchcval. BARBER wanted to rent one-chair shop; furnished complete; $2 per week. 77 Meldrum ave. BARBER Wanted, first-class man. $13 a week. II. MCELROY, Belding. Mich. BOOKKEEPERS, stenographers, become expert In law and forms 'or $3; promotion sure. Write. Spalding Ijaw Co., Box 104 Merchants Sta., St. Louis. BOY Blight boy, 16, with wheel, for commercial agency; chance for advancement. Apply 8 to 9 Monday, 505 Wavne Co. Savings Bank Bldg. BOY Strong boy, 16. with good wheel and recommend: good salary. FIELD & CO.. 343 Woodward. BOY Wanted, a good sized errand boy at The Baker Studio. 39 Monroe ave. BOY wanted with wheel. NATIONAL,, 132 Shelby. Opposite postoffice. BOYS with some machine shop experience. Puritan Machine Co.. Puritan bldg. BOY Wanted, boy to exercise horsc3. Inquire 35 Noble st BOY Elevator boy -wanted at Harper hospital. BUGGY WASHER. Star Livery, 738 Eighth st. BUTCHER Active young man with good references; must have knowledge of meats, but need not be an expert meat-cutter. Address box A, No. 45, Free Press. CABINETMAKERS and machine hands, wanted: steady job. 17-19 Jones st. CANVASSERS Wanted, experienced house to house canvassers for line of household necessities on instalments; good proposition to hustlers: territory. Grand Rapids and surrounding towns. Address HEN-DERSHOT. 30 S. Division St.. Grand Rapids, Mich. CANVASSERS Experienced house-to-house canvassers for our art novelties, those speaking German and Polish preferred; fine inducements to right parties. 515 Chamber of Commerce. Carpenters and Finishers Wanted by J. L, SCHEIBLB, Contractor. 142 Helen ave. CARPENTERS wanted to learn roof framing without figures; taught by a practical mechanic. Address Steel Square Institute, box 361, Cincinnati, Ohio. CARPENTERS. H. Warren ave. west. HOCKMTJTHv 945 CARRIAGE WOODWORKER wanted at once. Enterprise Carriage Co., 204 St. Aubin ave. CHEFS and second cooks, pastry cooks, checkers, farm hands, married couples for farms; waiters, and many others. NATIONAL, 132 Shelby st. Opposite, postoffice. CIGAR SALESMAN wanted; experience unnecessary; good pay. Emanuel Co., Station J. New York city. CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS are held In several places in each state. Full Information and Questions used by the government free. Columbian Correspondence College. Washington. P. C. COACHMAN Wanted, reliable man, single preferred, familiar with general work about place. Address box Y, No. 37, Free Press? COACHMAN that Is experienced, sober and reliable.; ood size. Domestic Employment Co., 243 Woodward. . DRUG CLERK-State experience, references nd ealary expected. Address be? mxiomil mmm BROKERAGE C0, w .vTUnHBLP-MAI,E. WANTED HELP MALE. W An -.-- . COMPOSITOR Job compositor wanted. CLARKK & WUUilAi, i-o- a.ui..i. DAY AND NIGHT SCHOOL Bookkeeping, shorthand, tcacn lyirewiiuuB, i-""""": ship English, telegraphy, mechanical drawing and engineering, elocution. Attend a high grade school. MILES COL- ijktil. is uiiaiiti DETECTIVES Every locality, good salary, experience unnecessary. International Detective Agency, Milwaukee, Wis. "i0 IT MOW 9t If dissatisfied with your present position, enroll with us; we are exclusive position brokers for the leading business houses In Michigan; our books are open to all applicants', showing tlV number of positions wo fill. CROWN POSITION BROKERS. 71S Chamber of Commerce; 'phone Main 5799. DRAFTSMAN Experienced architectural draftsman wanted immediately. FIELD. HINCHMAN & SMITH. 710 Washington Arcade. DRAMATIC PEOPLE, at once, In all lines of repertoire; must have good wardrobo and do specialties. Address Ingersoll and Haggarty. Flint, Mich. ERN a better salary ana position; study electricity, mechanical engineering, telee-rapnv, tit home, by correspondence. Thousands successful. Thomas A. Edison indorses institute: book. "Can I Become an Electrical Fngineer?" mailed free, tleo- trleal .Engineer institute, .. EARN $50 to $100 monthly corresponding for newspapers; $5 column for work In spare time; no canvassing; send for par-" tlculars. Northern Press Syndicate. Lock- port, N. 1 ELECTROTYPER Finisher for book work. Sanders Engraving uo., ai. ELEVATOR BOY to run electric elevator. Apply Immediately. Hotel Campus. ENGINEER and washer wanted for steam laundry in Detroit. Box L. No. 44, Free Press. EXPERIENCED traveling salesmen with clean record to fill vacancy May 1; large established Cleveland house; high commission contract with $25 weekly advance while traveling. Merle, Smith & Co., 90 to 96 Prospect St., Cleveland, Ohio. ' FARMER Experienced German farmer and wife, without children, to work on farm near Detroit. Address box T, No. 31. Free Press. FIRST-CLASS union painter and paper-hanger wanted on year's contract; must be an all-around man; bring reference. MYERS, 1,179 Antoine, ccr. bn,iuu FIRST-CLASS WASHER, at the Michigan Laundry, 104 Randolph st. FLTOrTvALKER Wanted, Immediately, a competent, experienced floorwalker; must have best of references: none other need apply. SIEGEL'S, 140 Woodward. GARDENER wanted. Apply, giving ref erences, box -. .-o. k, rn riJ. GENTLEMAN, about 30, active, energetic man wanted; one who wishes to advance and capable of taking charge of good position in the future; payment made every week. Address box W, No. 43, Free Press. GREATEST 25-cent seller, $1 hour; sample 10 cents. Washburn Pub. Co., New York City. . H -VRNESSMAKER wanted; Bteady job for good man; must be good cutter. Address Dresselhouse & Davidter, Man chester, iiicn HUSTLERS wanted everywhere to tack signs, distribute circular, samples, etc.; no canvassing: good pay. Sun Advertis ing liureau, ciutiisu HUSTLERWanted, a hustler for sick and accident insurance work. CHAS. E. HUFF, district agent( 102 Whitney bldg. MACHINIST First-class machinist and lathe hands wanted. Address Welch Motor Car Co., Pontlac, Mich., stating wages, experience, etc. MACHINIST All-round first-class machinist, with references. Apply Pennsylvania Salt Mfg. Co., Wyandotte, Mien. MACHINISTS Two machine men and one drill pressman; quick. NATIONAL. 132 Shelby St. Opposite post-office. MACHINIST Wanted. good machinist. DETROIT MODBL MAVill a c " wmo. MANAGER wanted, every county, for renting famous "Skilllard Game" to public places, and make collections; strictly1 lawful everywhere; replaces forbidden slot machines: played with nickels or pennies; electric bell rings each time it scores; sample game furnished agents free; fine side lino to work evenings In small towns; "Skilllard Game" never sold, always our property; agents make $75 to $300 weekly; twenty thousand rented first month; secure appointment quick. Morgan Safe Co., Dept. 27, Chicago. 111. ' MAN Wanted, man in each state, Michigan. Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, who visits regularly and has established trade with clothing dealers, to carry well-known brand of overalls as side line; must be able to furnish bond; no attention will be paid to answers which do not give full particulars and references; liberal commission paid. Address P. O. box 136. Burlington, Vt. MAN wanted to invest $2,500 In good paying business in Detroit; also act as manager; absolute security; good salary; splendid opening for the right man; personal interview necessary; apply by writing, giving business experience and references. Address 40 Bank of Toronto Chambers, London, Ontario. MANAGERS Office managers wanted everywhere, $20 weekly salary and expenses guaranteed; no canvassing or investment required. National Distributing Co., 2343 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. MAN to work In store and office; take orders for wire and iron work, learn the business, correspond and help generally; give age, experience, reference, salary expected; must be bright and active. Address Postoffice box 66. MAN Wanted, practical man with from $2,000 to $5,000, capable of taking entire charge of the manufacturing end of an established business manufacturing worklngmen'B clothing. Address box V, No. 36, Free Presa MAN Wanted, competent man, over 80 years of age, to assist In conducting brewery agency In state; must understand bookkeeping. Address box T, No. 36, Free Press. MAN First class man to cell stock in a good Detroit company: excellent Inducements as to commission and permanent employment. Address box W, No. 21, Freo Press. MAN to visit retail trade for mercantile house, salary S24 weekly, expenses advanced, previous experience unnecessary. NATIONAL, Caxton, Chicago. MAN to travel; 6ome experience as salesman; references; 9 to 11 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m. Monday. A. MARSHALL, Hotel Normandie. MAN Wanted, steady man to take care of horses and do chores, ten miles from Detroit. Address box X, No. 47, Free Pres. MAN under 35, fair education, to prepare for government position; begin $800 salary; future good. Box 1. Cedar Rapids, la. MAN for outside position: age between 20 and 40 years; good reference required. Address box X, No. 13, Free Press. MANDOLIN, guitar, banjo and cello player wanted every Wednesday evening at Stroh's hall, 428 St. Anbln ave. MAN to handle distributers; permanent position. NATIONAL 132 Shelby st. Opposite postoffice. MAN AND WIPE for farm: good pay; fare paid. NATIONAL 132, Shelby. Opposite postoffice. MAN Young man who understands automobile thoroughly; no other. 48 Woodward. MAN wanted accustomed to running matcher. JOHN BIGGOTT St SON, Windsor, Ont. MAN to care for furnace and one horse. Apply Monday, references, 1220 Woodward ave. MAN Wanted, good make-up man. Truth, Elkhart, Ind. MEN WANTED 500 honest, sober men, wanted at once, as gutdes, etc., for World's Fair. Wages J7S.00 per month, board and room. Free far to St. Louis. Wa are official employers. Applications must be accompanied by LC6 and reference. Allen Employment Company. F. O. box 28, Branch M. s., KW York Ctta . . IT " ' . w-. (KMiT.R. V90.iMM.mUMJ I I H A MEN WANTED Reliable men everywhere whose time is not fully occupied, to take orders for our goods from manufacturers and country dealers; no experience necessary; liberal commission. Fairfax Refining Co., Cleveland, O. MEN OR WOMEN Steady work; a good Income at home in the mail order business; straight, legitimate; no experience necessary; no stock required; write for particulars. Mutual Mall Order Co., 404 Kast bldg., Boston. Mass. MEN Wanted, men to learn barber trade; special offer for April Includes scholarship, board and tools; best opportunity over given; short time completes. Catalogue freo. Moler Barber College, Chicago, 111. ' MEN wanted everywhere; good pay; to distribute circulars, adv. matter, tack signs, etc.; no canvassing. Address National Advertising Co.. 100 Oakland Bank Building, Chicago, III. MEN, learn to earn $10 per day salary; nothing to sell, no canvassing; taught at vour own home by mall. Address GLENN & MATHEWS, room 10 Williams block, Buffalo, N. Y. MEN wanted everywhere, willing to distribute samples, tack signs, etc., at $3.00 dally. Permanent; no canvassing. Continental Distributing Service, Chicago. ' MEN of good appearance wanted to so-.' licit for art novelties. A. A. BLANK, 12 Montcalm east. Phone Main 3718. MEN" Wanted, one or two men who understand tho care of trotting horses. E. BRAUK. Jackson, Mich. MEN wanted with horse and wagon to peddle bread on commission. Call 215 La Salle ave. MINING STOCK SALESMEN Men of good address to sell gold mining stock on commission; none but hustlers need apply. 515 Chamber of Commerce. MOLDER wanted, capablo of making boilers and radiators; also a machinist who understands malting Iron radiator patterns. The Dclphos Foundry Co., Del-phos, O. ' NEW department store requires a complete staff; applicants must have ability above the average; state plainly position sought. Incompetents need not address The Beid-enliopt Co., Dept. J, 76 5th ave., New York. Wated, good man to sell stork; can use bank antt otner reierence; iiikh Biauc report at once: good commission. Address box A, No. 52. Free Press. ONE STOVE-IRON pattern fitter and one pattern flier wanted immediately; first-class workman and good habits. Address box W, No. 56, Free Press. PAINTERS Two first-class painters wanted at once. Boulevard Dairy, corner Howard and Twenty-Ilfth sts. PAINTERS, paperhangcrs and calclmlners wanted. Apply at The James Roach Co., 2S3 Woodward ave. PA1NTMRS Wanted, first class painters and pa-perhangers. Apply 20 Adams w. PAPURHANGKR and a painter wanted; steady work to right man. Inquire BARBER BItOri., 503 Elm St., Ann Arbor, Mich. SOLICITORS Wanted, two good solicitors; good positions for the right kind of men. Apply Monday a. in., City Circulation Dept., Free Press. PA PERH ANGERS Good all-around men; open shop; best wages. The Economy Wall Paper Co., 536 Michigan ave. PIANO SALESMAN wanted; one who has had experience in outside work In city. Address .box x. No. 41'. r ree t-ress. PHARMACIST Wanted, registered pharmacist; good position and salary for rlKht man. Address box Y, No. 33, Free Press.' PORTER wanted at once. 2.11-233 Michigan. REGISTERED or assistant pharmacist wanted at once. Address box W,. No. 55, Free Press. ROOMERS wanted in mile circle; modern; near 3-cent line. Address box A, No. 11, Free Press. Salesmen Wanted RARE OPENING for a bright, hustling, energetic, honest man, preferably between 20 and 40 years old, to sell real estate and iearn thoroughly the real estate business with a PERMANENT and RELIABLE REAL ESTATE FIRM of over 20 years' standing; a steady, good Income to a wideawake hustler is assured. Call from 10 to 12 a. m., 2 to 6 p. ro., at 1 Mc Graw bldg. REAL ESTATE SALESMEN John Sexton & Co., Importers of teas and coffees and wholesale grocers, 16 to 22 State St., Chicago, want experienced, honest, energetic, high-grade men to sell farmers and other largo buyers. WTe are the largest grocery houso In America engaged in this business and the originators of honest and modern methods of conducting It. We handle the finest goods and guarantee quality and quantity of every article; no capital required; exclusive territory given, in which established trade Insures fine income. Wo are Farmers' Headquarters in Chicago. SALESMEN High-class traveling or local salesmen can earn at least $60 weekly with new side line adapted to any class of business, city or village; can make $250 daily; proof of statement, sample case (weight 10 ounces) freo by return mail. Address A. S. Manager, P. O. box 330, New York. SALESMAN Experienced salesman, to fill vacancy; exceptionally good position with old established house; hustlers who command large salaries only need apply; $50 weekly advanced; staple line to general merchants. Address box 41, Minneapolis, Minn. SALESMEN on commission earning hundreds of dollars selling our fireproof paint to merchants; one minute test with pocket sample secures order from most skeptical. Salamander Paint Co., 203 Franklin ave., St. Louis. SALESMEN, traveling, why not add $25 per week to your regular Income, carrying our pocket side line; sells quick to country merchants; samples free. MCALLISTER & CO., Star bldg., Chicago. SALESMEN make big money selling staple article; bought by merchants everywhere; excellent side line; pocket sample; write Immediately. E. W. Merck Co. 900 Collins St.. St. Louis. Mo. SALESMEN Wanted, several cnergetlo salesmen to call upon the retail merchant with a brand new proposition; experience not necessary. Address P. O. box 062, Faribault, Minn. SALESMEN $18 cash weekly sure; experience unnecessary; handsome outfit free; prepaid: exclusive quick selling novelties. Write Union Nurseries (es-tab. 1843), Rochester, N. Y. SALESMEN Don't fail. "How to attain success"; psychological laws of successful salesmanship. Worth a million to ambitious salesmen. CHAS. VANAGH, 992 Harrison, Chicago. SALESMEN Now invention; new plan; learn scientific, salesmanship free and earn $20 to $50 weekly from start selling new patent. Standard Co., 1218 Spitzer. Toledo, O. SALESMAN Experienced salesman, or physician not practicing, to sell to doctors; established trade; permanent, remunerative. P. O. box S58, Philadelphia. SALESMAN on commission by manufacturer, selling two specialties to wholesale and retail trade; state experience, age. etc. Address box Y, No. 18. Free Press. SALESMEN Three energetlo salesmen for new Invention selling to every business man: call Monday evening. 7 to 9. MANAGER STANDARD CO.. Russel House, SALESMEN Wanted, by manufacturer, 2 experienced salesmen; good pay to right man: no scheme; permanent position. Address box V, No. 14. Free Press. SALESMEN $25 per week and traveling expenses paid salesmen to Bell goods to grocery dealers; experience unnecessary. Purity Co., Chicago. SALESMEN. In every state; solicit orders on credit; protected territory; for particulars, address, with references, BLAIR, 84 Howland blk., Chicago. SALESMEN wanted to sell white lead; excellent inducements to hustlers; makes good side line. Continental White Lead Works, Cleveland. O. SALESMEN Men of ability to call on manufacturers and large dealers; liberal commission. Carl or write Manager, 411 Buhl Block. SALESMEN wanted; specialty or side lino; $10 per day; money every night; Little Giant $20 soda fountain. Grant Mfg. Co., Pittsburg, Pa. - SALESMAN wanted, IS per cent com mission; the finest line of candy In the market. DYNES, 213 E. Randolph St.; Cbicsa ' ' , --. SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 1904 " ' " .... WASTED-Hr-""- I , SALESMEN Wanted, traveling '.teamen: $75 oer month and, expenses. Los Angeles Cider Co., St. Lotus, Mo. SALESMEN to sell lubricating o.l and greases on salary or commission. The A. Q HARBAUGH CO.. Cleveland. O. SEVEN FREE MASONS in each state given -pleasant, permanent, profitable employment near home; whole or part time- good pay. Fraternal, Thames bldg., New York. SIGN PAINTER wanted; one capable of handling general cominerclal wojk. b. G. Pearll Painted Poster Co., Saginaw, Mich. SODA DISPENSER or one or two years experience. DOTY BROS., 783 Woodward. SOLICITORS Wanted, professional solicitors in several states; commissions good for $400 per month. The National Directory & Advertising Co., Stevens Point, Wls SOLICTTORS-We have a good thing for high-grade subscription solicitors. If you are not making $20 a week, call. WILLIAMS, 102 Whitney bldg. SOLICITORS-Two first-class newspaper solicitors- a good thing for the right kind of men. Apply at City Circulation. Free Press. SOLICITORS Two nrst-classN newspapet solicitors- a good thing for the right kind of men. Apply at City Circulation, Free Pressi SOLICITORS NewspaDOr Bfllcttora; tw experienced men. Call Sunday between 10 and 12 a m., 16 Cleland Bldg. STEAMFITTER wanted. 134 East Lajnedl STENOGRAPHER Young man with some money to Invest ant take charge of of-llce; a good opportunity for. a capable and energetic person. Address box Z, No. 3C. Fie Press TELEPHONE INSTALLERS Flrat-claas men only; apply in person. Bell telephone Co. of Missouri, St. Louis. TBe International Correspondence Schools Of Scranton, Pa., want a man at once for route, headquarters Howell. Mich. Salarv and commission. Splendid opportunity for right man. Man who can show clean record only wanted, can for MR. LENINGTON, room 9 242 Grls-wold St., between 9 and 12 Monday. THE WOODMEN of the World Is offering a few more good, honorable, hustling district organizers who can produce business, a liberal contract. 1106 Majestic Bldg. TRAVELING MAN No selling or can-,...,!.. sis weekly: expenses ad vaneed-' experience unnecessary. Manager . .. i ...... v.lw Chinann. l-lllljL,l.ra, .Vlllllliu,lttti mufa.. o-' SOLICITORS Wanted, two good solicitors; good positions for tho right kind of men. Apply Monday a. m., City Circulation Dept., Freo Press. TRIMMERS Wanted, thirty carriage trimmers and varnish rubbers to do first-claw work; good wages. Apply of A. E. HUGHES. Russell House, Saturday evening or Sunday. ' TWO good carpenters wanted. 1373 Woodward avo. UPHOLSTERERS Wanted, Al upholsterer; steady position. J. T. Shipley & Co., 641 Beaublen. WAITERS Eight waiters; must have Tuxedos; good pay. NATIONAL, 132 Shelby st. Opposite postoffice. WAITER White, for cafe; strictly first-class, good pay. Domestic Employment Co., 243 Woodward. 1U. PAINTERS PAPER HANGERS S The members of the Builders association have adopted tho following rules regulating the employment of help: 1. That there shall be no limitation as to the amount of work a man shall perform during his working day. 2. That there shall be no restriction of the use of machinery or tools. 3. That there shall be no restriction of tho use of any manufactured material, except prison made. 4. That no person shall have the tight to interfere with the workman during working hours. 6. That the use of apprentices shall not be prohibited. 6. That the foreman shall be the agent of the emtilover. 7. That all workmen are at liberty to vv-rk for whomsover they see fit. ?. That all employers arc at liberty to employ and discharge wnomsover iney see fit. Any first-class painter, paperhanger or decorator willing to worK in accoraance with the above is requested to make application to any member of Division G, or at the office of the Builders' association, top floor of the Stevens building. WANTED Clerks and others with common school educations only, who wish to qualify for ready positions at $25 a week and over, to write for free copy of my new prospectus and indorsements from leading concerns everywhere: one graduate fills $8,000 place, another $5,000, and any number earn $1,500. The best clothing ad writer in New York owes his success within a few months to my teachings. Demand exceeds supply. GEORGE H. POWELL, Advertising and Business Expert, H 45, Temple Court, New York. WANTED Person to call on local trade and agents for established business; terri tory few local counties; salary $20 and expenses paid weekly; expense money advanced; previous experience not essential; yearly position. Manager TRAVELERS, Como blk., Chicago. WANTED Energetic, trustworthy man or woman to work in Michigan, representing large manufacturing company; salary $40 to $90 per month, paid weekly; expenses advanced. Address, with stamped envelope, J. H. MOORE, Detroit, Mich. WANTED Industrious and trustworthy man to place sample goods in portion Michigan; reliable house; experience un necessary: fair salary: no soliciting; ref erences. Address Manager, room 701 Star bldg., Chicago. WATCHMAKER A first class watchmaker; must have good references; permanent position. Addrefl3 Box Z, No. 47, Free Press. WANTED At once, experienced traveling salesman for Michigan; staple line. None but high-grade men need apply. Drawer S, Chicago. WANTED Young, experienced gasoline en. gine repair man; state experience and give reference. Address box W, No. 64, Firee Press. WANTED A first-class fallow boarder: other need apply; steady work the year around. Toieao. stove ana Hango uo, Toledo, O. WANTED Man of good address to take orders; steady work and good pay. Radley's Picture Store, 132 Michigan ave. WANTED Single men for farm; must know how to drive team. Inquire Tues day afternoon at 1 o'clock. 325 Sixth st, WANTED Two members I. O. O. F. to work evenings and leisure hours. Address Box W, No. 62, Free -Press. WAITED Good salesmen, Kushion Komfort Shoe Co., Weth'erbee building. No. 26 Barclay Place. WANTED First-class wall paper salesman at once. Koehler's Wall Paper House. WANTED Blacksmith and good horse-shoer- FORKER, Sand Hill. WE -WANT MEN and women to represent us In their home town; pleasant work. ffnnd wages, nermahent employment: no experience needed. Address C. Southern Specialty Co., room 2, 13'A East Eighth st , Chattanooga, Tenn. - YOUNG MAN Wanted, young man. De troit sjlEB t-o. W .weal fcoasrsss a. VTTV l W WB PAY $20 weekly and expenses to mtu of ab nty to represent ; ",- druggist specialties; no Pf ce quired; full details tipon request. Man ager, 52 Dearborn, Chicago . WE WANT A MAN of Influence to represent us in every county. National Voting Machine Co., 16U was""6-st., Chicago. ' WHY not try sign painting? So at perience required; no fraud; samp cn instructions, etc., 10 cents. City Sgn Co.. Springfield, O. YOUNG MAN, not under 25 years of age, to learn the real estate business and . act as salesman by on up-to-date, hustltn, real estate firm; good chance for Promotion; must bo bright arid f"1; and come well, recommeiided. The ard, Stormfeltz, Lovely Co., Grlswold and Lamed sts. . YOUNG MAN Wanted, a young man to manage liquor department in large downtown store, to one who thorougn-ly understands the handling of Imported and domestic wines and liquors we will offer good inducements; the best of references necessary. Apply D., box V, No. 38, Free Press YOUNG" mYn Wahbed, an experienced young man, not afraid of work, to drive and care for Packard and Toledo 4-cylInder automobiles; in town of 50,000 near Detroit; state age, qualifications and experience. Address s-B., box V, No. 19, Free Press. YOUNG MEN Wanted, two bright, energetic young men to act as train news agents; must have $10 cash security, blue suit of clothes and $3 75 for uniform cap and badge. Call or address National Railway News Co., M. C. K. Depot, Detroit, Mich. YOUNG MAN Wanted, at once, young man 20 years old, to learn good trade: must be good at figures, energetic ana willing to work for promotion: $6 to start. Address box W, No 15. Free Press. YOUNG MEN everywhere, copy letters, home evenings; no mailing or canvassing. Send stamp for particulars and wages wo pay Manager, P O box 246, Lansing, Mich. YOUNG MEN everywhere copy letters, homo evenings; $9 50 week. Send addressed envelope for particulars. Manager, Dept. S 79, box 1411, Philadelphia, Pa. SOLICITORS Wanted, two good solicitors good positions for the right kind of men. Apply Monday a. m City Circulation ' Dept., Free Press. YOUNG MEN everywUlcre, copy letters, home evenings. $9 50 week. Send addressed envelope for particulars. MAN -AGEJ Dept. W 79, box 1411, Philadol-phia, Pa. YOUNG MAN Wanted, young man. 18 to 21 years of age, with some expert ence in drug business, for stock room. Central Drug Co., 187 Woodward. YOUNG MEN to learn ladles' garment cutting and making; cutters and designers always in great demand; positions furnished. School, 1438 Majestic bldg. YOUNG MAN to learn typewriter rcpalr-.inff- state age and mechanical experience, If any. Address box Y, No. 31, Free Press. YOUNG MAN wanted with experience in wholesale liquor store; references required. Apply bQX V, No. 43, Free Press. YOUNG MAN Wanted, young man to do jewelry repairing; steady situation. TREB1LCOCK BROS. , 324 Woodward. YOUNG MAN Wanted, a smart young man to learn the photograph business. Tho Baker Studio. 39 Monroe ave. YOUNG MAN to feed press; must have some knowledge of typesetting. Apply 81 Amsterdam avo. YOUNG MAN of 17 or 18 to learn drug business. DOTY bkos, 783 wooawarn.- SOLICITORS Two first-class newspaper solicitors; a good thing for the right kind of men. Apply at City Circulation, Free Press. f20 weekly easily earned (position permanent), distributing circulars, samples, etc.; send 4c for particulars. Commercial Advertising Association, Philadelphia, Pa. 40O lots free to people willing to build on same; also bonus to manufacturers. New city; salaried agents wanted. Box 471, Savannah, Ga. WASTED HELP FEMALE. A.A.A.A A.A.A.A.A.A. 100 waitresses for resorts: also pantry girls, kitchen girls. chambermaids, cleaning girls, cooks and general girls also all classes of good positions in the city. Homo Employment Co., IS Hodges bldg. A.A.A.A.A.A. COHN has tho same old honorablo way furnishing positions; wo have been established since isa7. wo need 300 girls to fill tho following positions in the hotels, resorts and city: Cooks, pastry cooks, waitresses, head waitresses, head laundress, mangle girls, fancy lroner, chambermaids, pantry girls, kitchen girts and others too numerous to mention. University, 28 Lafayette. A.A.A. Cooks, waitresses, $15 and $18; housemaids, general, kitchen, nurse girls, etc., for Detroit, Ann Arbor, Adrian, Port Huron, Flint, Cold-water, tho Flats, . the Pointe and other places; best wages. MRS. ROTH. 73 Woodward. A.A.A. MP.S. BAKER'S office, 16 Elizabeth east, furnishes good help and good places. A.A. Becker has a unlquo way getting good positions; no can get one lor you; , 1 want domonstrators, salesladies, chambermaids, hotel, restaurant and housework; I don't book poor paying positions. BECKER, 48 State. A.A. Dining-room girls, cooks, pastry .-Cooks, chambermaids, waiters for resorts, cabin maids, laundress, dishwashers, girls for resorts and private families. National, 132 Shelby St.. opposite postoffice. A.A. Demonstrators and experienced canvassers; good salary. National, 132 Shelby St., opposite postoffice. A. Dining-room girls wanted quick; good wages. National, 132 Shelby st., opposite nontofflce. A. Flvo girls for factory; chance for advancement. National, 132 Shebly St., opposite postoftice. A. 100 waitresses for St. Louis; good pas". National, 132 Shelby St., opposite post-office. STENOGRAPHER andi general office girl; permanent position. National, 132 Shelby st., opposite postoffice. A. Cooks, boarding house cook3, waitress, French governess, general, kitchen, laundress. Apply at once at 298 Woodward. Main 2456. " A. MRS. KLUGMANN, having 17 years' employment office experience, has best situations with h-tst wages, at 11 High west. A LADY agent for rapid selling article; sells at sight: big profits; -for free samplo and particulars address MARIETTA STANLEY CO., 41 Fourth St., Grand Rapids. Mich. A WOMAN COOK, strictly up-to-date. for cafe, good pay. DOMESTIC EMPLOYMENT CO., 243 Woodward.' ACCOMPANIST in exchange for Al voice lessons. Address box W, No. 40, Free Press. ... AMPT-S BLACK-KING POLISHING OUTFITS; ENOUGH POLISH FOR 100 SHINES, A GOOD DAUBER! AND POLISHING CLOTH COMPLETE. 10 CENTS: SMALLER BOXES, 5 CENTS, AT ALL SHOE DEALERS. APPRENTICE to learn dressmaking. Third ave. - 321 AT ONCE, 600 girls for all kinds of work, In and out city. 7 Elizabeth west. BEST GIRL for general housework I can get at $5 per week; family of lour; give references. sox a, sho. Free Press. BOOKKEEPER- Young lady with experience In insurance, work; one who Is also a- stenographer preterreel RAYMOND & RAYMOND. 71 Fort ot. west. CATHOLIC WOMAN with business ability will be given good opening. Address box X, No. 34, Free press. COOK A cook for private boarding house. Applv 617 Madison St. Ann Arbor. COOK Wanted, avpastry cook at once. Ap-nlv or address 'Grace Hospital. COOK Wanted, a cook. 47 Warren ave. e." CUTTING SCHOOL New spring styles taught in cutting and designing at worm's scnooi; cair or sena 10 6nts for booklet, containing , valuable Information; we .help pupils to posltle-s Worth's Schooi, 233 Woodward " 1 - Kfnnn tin 1 . Cn - . . 705 Sixth St. ClfnlNGSCHOOL Learn the JSSS.SSR "ffintT located in Stable Unions. School S3 Mlcm- gan ave. OTHO SCHOOL. fourteenoorttMa- jes tic Bias., , - J - any garment making ana h". - competent worn; - posiuu help. 'Sr'mSerSr'coUeJe: 204 uriswoia. wtho will . als dp- or Tuesday. small T5, 469 Jefferson ave. Keiereiitc: ; SPAKEH-Exienced ' and skirt nuuu, .- . 706 congress maker. 1.00 - SBaiisMAKimiveral good sewers at SD -ii-- Ijaunary. "Atir IADIES of good addreflB to lntro-F9U nH sen a household necessity which ?sUaaPle asour; big commission. Ap- ply 115 Wayne no expeneiite no.-.-.,. m wai'd av. ferson. GIRL-Wanted, an expenencea dining room worn.. a resnectable girl; family .f"" . ",..' mv: 85 Pitcher st. iniee. nypij - GIRL to help in light housework. Apply today isunuttv;, w -- JilT wanted at 486 Brush; thr in family; reierenucs GIRL for general , work; apply Monday; references, i-ai vyw--.- GIRL Wanted, an experienced dinlngroom girl. 34 Farrar st. GIRLS Experienced sewing girls. Call 171 Twenty-tntra. ROOD SALESLADY wanted, Kushion GSrt su,oe Co.. Wetherbee Bldg., "Komfort Shoe Co., Wetherb 26 Barclay GOVERNESS-Wanted, French nursery. GgovernVss for child of 6; good wages: re -erences required. Apply at once at 88o Jefferson ave. GREGG SHORTHAND. ewU-t. simple best: mastered in ouo-..,j for older systems; costs $8 month dais, nights. Detroit Commercial College, 204 Grlswold st HOUSEKEEPER-Wanted, an P l-enced housekeeper In small hotel, good wages and permanent position to the right party. Address box V, No. 42, Free Press. . HOUSEKEEPER wantwd:; elderly lady preferred; a good home to the right one. For furtehr particulars address Box A, No. 49. Free Presr,. ' Wanted, a competent housemaid. 13 Mc-Dougall. HOUSEMAIDS, cooks, general gtrts, waitresses, nurses, kitchen girls, etc., go to MRS KLUGMANN. 11 High West. HOUSEWORK A good healthy woman for general housework In country; small family; middle-aged with good habits; stal. wastes; Protestant preferred. Address ' MRS. M. A. SPOHN, Caseville, Mich.. K. F. D. No. L t-lOL'SiawiOtRiK Wanted"-, reliable woman over 30; for general house work; no laundry work; wages $3.50; three in family: city, references required. Apply Monday, 974 Jefferson. HOUSBWORK-A girl for general housework; no washing: wages $3 50 par week; a good place for right girl; references exchanged. Apply morning or evening. S02 Trumbull. , HOUSEWORK Wanted, experienced girl for general housework In small family; references required; excellent home for right person. 266 Grand Boulevard west. HOUSEWORK Wanted, girl for general housework; good, plain cook; no upstairs or laundry work; good wages. Address box T, No. 39, Free Press, HOUSEWOKK Wanted, young or middle-aged woman for light housework; references required. 151 Eighteenth St., cor. Porter. ' HOUSEWORK Wanted, competent girl for housework; must be good cook, young and energetic; no others need apply. 922 Warren ave. west. HOUSEWORK Experienced girl willing to leave city in summer; iamny oi mice, no washing; first floor west, 1017 Jcffer-Bon. , HOUSEWORK Girl for general housework; no children; good wages for the right person. 464 Brush St., corner Adelaide. HOUSEWORK Reliable girl for general housework: family three adults; permanent position. 491 West Hancock ave. HOUSEWORK Wanted, competent girl for general house work; family, 3 adults; good wages. Apply 544 Jefferson ave. HOUSEWORK Wanted, competent girl for general housework; small family,, adults; best wages. Apply 898 Cass ave. HOUSEWORK A competent girl for en-tral housework: small family: house-cleaning done. 99 Chandler ave. " HOUSEWORK Young girl to assist In housework; small family in flat. Call mornings, 276 Frederick ave. HOUSEWORK Girl to assist In general housework: two in famtlv: no washing. Apply SOS Union Trust bldg. HOUSEWORK Strong young girl about 15 to assist in housework; Catholic pre-for-ned. Apply 516 Bellevue. " HOUSEWORK Wanted, girl for general housework; one who will -go home nights preferred; 336 Vinewood ave. HOUSEWORK Girl wanted for cooking and general housework; no washing or ironing. 439 Woodward ave. HOUSEWORK Competent girl for general house work wanted; two ir. lauuiy; o wages, 25 Van Dyks pi. HOUSEIWORK Wanted, girl for house work:' family of 2. "WHITAKER," 95 Joy; "Savoy Flats." HOUSEWORK Good sir! for general house work; no washing; understand coo-ing. 85 Forest ave. w. HOUSEWORK Girl wanted to assist In general HouseworK. S56 Tnlrteentn St., lower flat HOUSEWORK Wanted, girl for general housework, family of three: no washing. 43 Garfield ave. HOUSEWORK Girl for general house work. MONROE GOLD CUREi, 46 Pitta St. w., Windsor. HOUSEWORK Wanted, girl to assist at housework ana care or two cnutiren. : Fourteenth ave. HOUSEWORK Wanted, a girl for general housework In a family of three. Apply 81 Garfield. HOUSEWORK Competent girl for general housework; family of two. Apply 91 Frederick ave. HOUSEWORK A girl for general house work; no washing. 133 Avery ave. Tel. Grand 1806. HOUSEWORK Girl for housework. No washing, small family of adults. 78 Chester ave. HOUSEWORK -Girl or middle-aged lady for general housework; no washing. 464 Mt. Elliott. HOUSEWORK Good girl for general housework; no washing or Ironing. 197 Iroquois. HOUSEWORK Experienced gtrl; no washing or Ironing; three adults In family. 454 Cass. HOUSEWORK Competent girl for general housework; small family. 143 Canfleld west. . HOUSEWORK Girl for General housework: family of' two; call In person. 397 Palmer east. . -. HOUSEWORK-Competent ; girl for geieral uuuoewuin. . Appiy -;iweaaaarin ave, PART THREE. HOUSEWORK Girl or woman general houseworK; no wa..; street. HOUSEWORK Girl for c-. work; no washing. 271 Worr.- HOUSEWORK Wanted, cor:.;, general housework. 181 W , HOUSEWORK-Girl tr work; family of three. HOUSEWORK Girl Renin, no washing. .25 Heniliie HOUSEWORK-Girl warned housework. 87 Smith avo. HOUSEWORK Girl wnnte.i housework. 82 Smith avr. HOUSEWORK Wanted, sir! housework. 030 Woodward. HOUSEWORK-Girl lor work. 307 Warren west. WOMAN with business a!. branch business; about $.:" ..-Hal required. Address hot Free Press. LADIES wanted everywhere, ters at heme, evenings , and return to us. No n..... vassing; $9 weekly eri:-::i free, inclose self-address i particulars. Guarantee i . Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. LADIES wanted everywhere, ters at home evenings or return to us; no mailing or $9 weekly earned; material- : self-addressed envelope for Guarantee Co., No. S 7J, .".:: adelphla, Pa LADIES $8, $15 paid weekly, sewing Dome; expem-ii, material sent free every-, stamped, addressed envelop,-lars. Weber Mfg. Co., its New York. LADIES and men. $10 p-r -easily, writing at 'norm- i!: time. Stamped envelope for Western Formula Co., Minn. LADIES, $12 weekly easily mad-- material xurnisneu; -n.-in-.i.-on--- sample free upon receipt of a ! :-velopa. Nottingham Spi-i-iu'.:-.-York City. LADIES Earn $10 to $15 spare time: pleasant employ x-Income; address stamped ,-nv. ticttlara. Wolverine Supply C Mich. LADIES to do piecework at -.: wo furnish all materials and ;o to $12 weekly. Send stamp---! . Royal Co., 34 East Monr .- r: LADIES J15 per week s-nir.s materials free; no canvas-::,; Bample sent free on roe-dp:. -. envelope. Majestic Lace Co.. n LADIES wanted to do light a: wo:k at home; good pay; r necessary; no canvassing, r. Co., 2o East Twentieth 3t.. N LADIES S8 weekly; needk-uor:. addressed envelope for lea1::: free. Teneriffe Lace Co.. LA DIES Home work; stampinr.. spare tune; $3 to $9 weekl:-: work. 172 Grlswold St.; R.,. m LADY who can render g.-n-ro sistance and has $1,300 to to-cure half interest in establish-where money can be more :'::.i In a year. Address box v.. N . Press. LADY wanted to run shirt ir.a-act as forelady In Ironing .: steady position and highest wa: Laundry Co., Ltd., Sanit .- Out. LADY Wanted, energetic lady : Michigan; salary $20 weekly penses: steady position to : party; references required. Ad-CHAPMAN. 211 Pontlac bl.lrr. LADY wanted In every town, a' ting managers: benevolent s.i permanent; salary or commas RETARY, 39 West Elizal-dii :- LADY SOLICITOR to work b: trlct for high grade maaa.i tlonal Inducements to rigid 1:: L1A.MS, 107 Whitney L-I.1l,-. LADY of prepossessing: appear., rate ability In selling po,-d-: than 23. Call 10 to 12 at H-Arcade. LAUNDRESS Good woman . Monday or Saturday. Apply Boulevard (corner Congr-ssi LAUNDRESS Good laundres: mediately. Apply 1.14 Van I LAUNDRESS Call at 415 C: steady work; references. LAUNDRESS by the day St. Antoine st. MARKER Experlcneed mar!;' wanted at once. Apply i' Laundry. 1125 Third. NURSE A strong, practical nurse an elderly lady. Add: hox 772. Marine city, M; NURSE wanted to take car- tlcman. Apply at once OFFICE WORK Wanted, i. girl between 17 and 2ft, ;o r. useful in dental ofllee; with Box A, No. 6. Free Tress. OPlvKATOUS Wanted, oxr' r: waist and skirt operators chines; -best pay in the city. & NE-UOARTE.V, 43 Fort s: OPERATORS Experience power machines to make BITT-TAYLOR-LANK CO.. St. east. SALESLADY wanted, exp.-i:-and suit departments. Ai corner Woodward and lra: SEAMSTRESS Good scams: r---dressmaker. 8Sii Fourth av. STENOGRAPHER for lire ir.s.:: ono wlio has had scan- - -writing policies pri-f nc-:! own handwriting, stating i: rlonce and salary exoe- :'':-box A, No. 1. Freo Press. 'S-TEINOGRAPHER Wanted, mier operator, need not he pertr.aneht position to po--: dress box Z. No. 64. Fn o STENOGRAPHER You npr ' least one year's experii-r..--. s bookkeeping preferred. li:S. - KERGAN. STENOGRAPHER War V-rapher and to assist in state age and salary. H" Free. Press. STENOGRAPHY and typrw: : private lessons: very r-a- : MRS. FERGUSON. 611 Hu: STENOGRAPHER Kx: r -: come well recommended. A,; No. 85, Free Press. STENOGRAPHER Want'd. -afternoons; wages $3. 1 bridge. TRY MRS. CLARA BAW's Office, 155 Adams ave. ea-: WMsTmAKERS WANT.1 walstmakers. 143 Ent "Phippen." WAITRESS-Wantel by May. waitress and upstairs :m-required; good wages: far-'... MRS. J. H. LAjXASHJ K WAITRESSES Wanted thr-: resses; none but iirs.T-oi.--s Madison apartments oat--. WANTED A bright and I:: -In business, at on-e; ".' necessary: engagement -.. lady of middle age prcirrt day. after 9 a. m. oS !'": WANTED A lady of g.vd ' pearance and well place i s circumstances necessitate income: business agre.-ahi". W, No. 13. FreePres.. WANTED Five waitressiv; work: 3 chambermaids: -Woodward. DOMEbl It MENT CO. WANTED At once. first- -v,n, i(tdv: one that i-' ferrea. The Baker S'.u-ave., Detroit. WANTED At 131 North reliable married couple i-good wages. Apply during WANTED Girls 14 or 15 J"' light factory work. Mn-i-t--83 Beacon St., WANTED A woman to wsji ; steady work. 1053 Fourt-e.-h Putnam. W-TED-Girl for W-. i-imist be good coot. " WSyne. . .WANTED-Giri I for Sbull

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