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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 8

Detroit, Michigan
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Wednesday, March 24, 1915
Page 8
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8 WEDNESDAY, TAMPERING LAID TO DEFENDANTS IN TRIAL OF ROBERTS Court Orders Three Into Custody ; Remainder Given Warning. 'Wild Bill" Donovan Sued for Divorce IAYOR SWORW TO HAVE HAD OLD BOARDS JAILED "Writs Necessary, It is -Said, to Allow Men to Get Out and Give Testimony. Indianapolis. Intl.. March 23. 'r.'tmeprtnjr with ttovtrnmeiit wlt-noMfs tod;iy was chanced against Sheriff IX-hii:.-.- Sliea. ' City' Judin 'Thomas .Smith and Street Inspector Alexander A:'1, - nlias Steel, tlireo of iho U-ft:ndntH f:i tho Torrr I In ul c election f rnui case. tlu-v wen ordered by '-Judge Anderson, of ihe United States diatrici court- to bo taken into custody. . : Seven -witnesso?, pl.t tf whom liftvo pleuded guilty to eleetlan fraud. I old of having to lid Hilton from tlio Vltjo county jftil on writs of li abene corpus before they eoilid com,, tn IniHtuuipolig to testify, .hid go Anderson questioned District Attorney i;i.iJey and drew. the tutitcinent. tlnit Kotnu r tho prisoners wore hold in solitary eonfitii-jnent. with a .-inallpox quarantine on ifco jalt. JiidK 1mI1kuoii t. "I'll tuaeh you lliu.1 (here fa soma 3;lw :u this eountr.y." Maid the judge, i ml iiuwun . to filxea. Smith mid acic:. alter the. jury wns sent ttilo ri'tircm-jiil. Aezei, vitut hits been friifj on 52,-bond, whs ordered to ulve bond of ii.OOy: Smith, Who. it was testified, had sentenced witnessed to jail, was ordered to (rive bond or glO.OOH in place or me $7,500 on which ho hrui been m liberty. Mhea-whosc bond has been Lhe muxlmuio SlO.OltO was talten into custody until tlit: court take up the mutter tomorrow. The- attorneys for this defense were warned by Anderson to instruct their elk-nit strictly to obey tin- orders ol the court. All of the 1'S defendants would be put i n jal 1. said t he : iwe. f f further tampering Villi .witnesses came to IiIb eurs. Mayor Connected. Through John R Nusetii, former n Is t (i m chief - of policu of Terre Haute. Mayor Doim M. ltrincrts was t:oniiei:tad as the Instiajutor or tlio one who approved the fraud, which, tho Kovtrimu;rit contends, resulted in corrupt inc the election of- Inst November. .uj?ent. who has fileaU-ed guilty, today vein ted his part in tho ulloK'l conspiracy. "lUvbtrist told me he didn't want anybody on the elention board he oould not handle." tun tilled .N'uirenl. Xuuvtit said Joe Jiilfers. who" bu- pleaded guilty, selected the board and "frnniod the t" of the fro-Kretisive memhem and that Rob- orts (odercd tb'- members held in the ii e ten 1 1 on cells. 'Mayor Roberts,' r0u tinned the witness, "ordered the construction of the deteiit.b-n cells a short, time before the o lection.- .suyhigr we'll have a rush about then." Nugent paid the ceils were tilled the n'ltrht before election, with election of-llohtln and workers "opposed to the Roberts machine." Detectives on 'I'm 1 1. Nil trout said he had detectives follow the lruit.d Status depot v marshals when they were in Terre JlftiHv yuuinioriini; "men before- !.he : ode nil ki'.hk! jury to gel reimrta on the wit nes-'us. Ad R-ijurrs. who has . pleaded yrullly, U-stiUil (hat he mm!.- oiil n-n appl teat ion for i ci.-n-ailon in the mime of :i tinw. that ii whs placed the i L-riyt ration bun It a and was voted bv :I "I'm suprij-lllloii;:: I wouldn't, tak" any i:i"n"v to vow-." tcstiti.-d 'erge Kisher. an si(.-vd Neio. uh- said he had br-.-n a iuv.i for years. His t-5-ti:nony rebu.-d lo a conversation he r-aid h hurl whi: loitn .ii:;--iit. :ifsi(-t:int chief of ho hi.!- J.lvioh-d usilllv. no '-lrciinifnincM would I icy in v. lie, tn r. if you iiave ncy to p iv- iu t o iret i ii PoJic 'Tndei take :noi some nv i'isher snid NiiKrnt trtve him $2 $26,858,017 SPENT FOR BELGIANS UP TO MARCH 8 :.-Of Civil Population Left in Coun try About 1,500.000 Are He. ported Entirely- Destitute. Xcw York. March 2S. A total of 7 wns spent for relief in IMtlk'ititH rlii.'iif;h tl:e eouniii.;.-i..ii for reli-.-f in Hf-lsittm, m, to '.Varelt S last, it was :i.nnoi:u'0d by th... com-jiiif.-iiiii !tero to:!;;!u. ;,:" -Am:: am. unit S.fl. 1 0..71 U -.v.rnt lo i.r..v:ioniii deiuLMmenl . whh-ji who can i.:ioid to lo ;)(;- w:io The Kt-lsli.-s trii.:i;ed near: "I lo I "i' .Ma tribu iH'.-l loon i i io (he i ! i Of ilie Civil nhi:;.. n r--npi i n in in Helui.uii ti.v c..mmi.i.h.ii 1 i -nht-.-i thai, about 1 ,r-(-ioii ;t,-,. ,.nl i. u,.s. :iJ':ie and a'Uls tisaf thi.-i iriinb'.-i-will Krndnally in.T-'-i.-'i; 45 EKE0LL IN SCOUT CLASS Y, M. C. A- Plans Lectures to Train Scoutmasters. FWtv-flv, men arc viu-M!, ,: i:, :! '"ir.Pf; riird ;t)il-i'd ils W"i i; M;l:-ciiv ni;;h! at the -seiml !,, ado i: r w-ra ..f ti:- V. .M '.'. A. Tiley :ir. bei:u; t r;ii ned for p eon t masters. Tlie vlavs work will i m-i ud.- a f--r r.f i-:-(rii:r .- 1-y n u tb'u-it ies or: many Sllb;,;Ct'i. "Th- i'.oy-;.- Jtodv, 'h- Rov' rf)d." "Tho In ternnt tonal Klffnnl '.'oue," "The JioyV f-'cl inus an-i Win." "The Jioy's .Spirituul Life" fiii'i "I'irsi Aid and ilandaur-Int" are (he titles of some of the lecture. The class will meet each Moudav nielil at S o'clock until Ma- -1, with the cxeerithm of the niflits on which the monthly meel-lnff;i of t he Ho'Kit masters' eflsoeia-tioii are in-1'J. only men are uer-initte- to attend. MR Wild - Bill" i:onovnn. of many a victory for the Uelrolt baseball club, an now manager of the New York American league team. Tuesday received notlco in hie train-lug camp at .Savannah, tin., that his wife,' Sirs. Nellie Stephens Donovan, had filed stilt for divorce In Reno, Nev. Many Detroit, friends of the former Tiger t wirier knew that the couple had been separated for a long time, but were unaware that Mrs. Donovan was in Reno. Her papers charge that for a year -Donovan neglected her and fulled to pro-vldo for her. The marriage or the Dotiovans was tho culmination -of' a real -baseball romance. They Jfrst met early in 1904 " while hu was working as in-struclor in the old Princess roller rtnk during the winter months.' At nearly every .home frame during the VVJLLIAM E. DONOVAN. baseball season of JJHN Miss Stephens occupied a box m- tliu local ball park. In ifureh. jsOB. ihnv were .married in ,-t. Alphonsus church. Windsor, by Rev. l-'r. Menulner. Mrs. Donovan is tn e daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rrud Stephens, of Windsor. Her brother, Charles .Stephens, is proprietor of; the Stephens Inn at Windsor, anrt a sistor, Mrs. (Jeorge Mcintosh, lives in Detroit. When the TJgcre were winning pennants a few years ago, with "Wild Bill" turning in many of the wins Mrs. Donovan was one of tho most popular women in Detroit and her husband was tho Idol of all ball fans. A remarkable ovation was extended to Mrs. Donovan In tho fall of 1!)0S when word came from Chicago that petrol t had woii the pennant. "Wild Iiill' won the deciding game, and when the joyful -crowds that packed the downtown streets of Detroit recognized Mrs. Donovan In her carriage they cheered her wildly. BOYS BREAK $700 WORTH OF PANES? NO, IS ANSWER Could two or three hundred bo at the bwyer school break window panes worth $700? This was the momentous-question discussed ' by the real estate com-' ml t tee of the. board of education nt; Its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon. ( The contractors had asked to bo reimbursed for K00 worth of broken panes, but when tho engineers hinted the conLrnctors themselves were -at fault, the bill was pared 'to SIS." before It was submitted to the board. ; C'aplHin-Albert K. Stewart, super-' visor of .In niiors and engineers, rame to the rescue of the school boys, declaring thev had broken only eight- panes of glass playing ball, whioh represented only '. a small part' of the iS3 which the sub-contractors asked the, board to pay. After much argument, It was decided that- careless teamsters, plumbers, and other employee of contractors were, responsible, instead of the school boys for tho, broken glass. .So the chairman of the committee ordered that the contractors among Themselves would have to pay. Tor the broken glass, exe'epthtg of course the eight panes Captain Stewart admitted the hoys themselves had broke, and for which the board of education promisor! to pay in due time. SUBURBAN WYANDOTTE' PASTOR QUITS" Hev. Alexander Urqukart Accepts Pennsylvania. Call. Alexander t.'iiiuhart, pastor oi the Wyandotte l'resbyterian Wiureh In Wyandot io." will resign at a special meet infer of Detrbit presbytery, Monday. April 6, hav-lni? :iet;ei)led ;i call to rhn PccaHv- teriun church in Greeneastle, I'a. He will be transferred to the Carlisle pn:sby!evy. in Pennsylvania. Mr. ri-.nihai t w;tll move to Oreen-castie .shortly after blaster. He will-close li is work in Wyandotte at' the service .in his church Easter Sunday. All-. l."i-.i;hart's resignation eaaie as a surprise to members of his v'.iiKi'viniun, unit bis announced depan me from Wyandotte caused i' fcivt among bis. many friends in imi.I o::tsi(b- of his congregation. He iMii.e :n Wyandotte nine years ago. -Mich., and t lie ehureh has p lion. ospei'ed mi.l-r his adminlstra- I'rnuh.-irt lm sojur. and Odd ally he recei ;ut Masonic di.-gi le-Miher of the nb-ry, Kulghi.-; been active In Fellows' circles. -d the thirty-, e. lit- was also Damascus c6m- Templar. De- ROAD. PROPOSAL REJECTED Ecorse Bonrd Turns Down Jeffer son Avenue Plan.. At a turetfng nf the JCcorse township ooaiii and the JCrairsu village 'oitneil Tliesdny night, th.- latter t'otiy re.te--i.ed all proposals for !::i!nienitK .w-R ei'.sfti avenue at the hoi:, wuere i ne tnorough-!ar.- :n:il:-s a sharp bend. The vil-l.-ii:' ui: !,-,- t;.t. .roposat broached, !i:it- to hear all the expense. I he -;(-o!- lownsttip board voted to h" o i.;io.-mi weiinenoav m protest, air.ui;:-!. tl.- I'h-wers bill. which Wf lit ,i allow Hie supervisors to iin- nftx tin- v I ling,, of .'River Rouu'n to Detroit wfthout the consent of the vinuye or or tnc city. Sl.'IH'KilAN SII"MNf;s. Owuei'd of dogs 1n Kcbrse village will be 'iv-ii unii! April 1 to prb' ciii-' Jiceiises for the year 191 E. Mar- Miiii. ocnrifc .ifore is the custodian of. the li'ji'nsi.". Itarncy Oauhie n. f.f Kcorsc vil- SPECIAL ROAST DUCK with FRIED APPLES ROAST PORK with DRESSING . !5C CORNED BEEF and CABBAGE . 15c BAKED SALMON ..... ii STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE .'.'.. .' . .' .' .' 10c GROUND FLOOR MUSIC Inge., has withdrawn from the c lest for constable on the Democratic lie net. 'W ilham ulf of corse townshiD, is a new candidate for the board of' review, and Otto SchohachecU fur overseer, on the Republican ticket. tat. ratricics day nanouet of tin Sunshine clas of the Kiverviow C. 12. church. Wyandotte Heights, postponed from last week, will bo neiri in me church eunesday even ing. . PENNILESS. SEEKS HUSBAND Hew York Woman Leaves Chil dren' to "Eind Spouse Here, Iejiv)ng two. children in New Tork. Mrs. L,ydla' Kov.-ich started otit in quest or hor delinquent hus-hand anil arrived pennliesw in' Detroit. -Mondav evening. Slio wits given shelter in the Women's Detention home a-nd Tuesday Detectives OloHheskv mm Isham- ac companied her -to 90 Thaddeus street, where her husband wns Inst heard from. it was found that, tlio man had lived tvith a cousln-au that address for some .time, but had left about ids weeks ago. The woman went back to the home Tuesday evening, after staling that she woubl- continue her .search. JOHN NEIPP'S BODY FOUND Mt. Clemens. Alloh-. Mfirch 'jr.. The bo'dy of John Nelpn. of Detroit who lost luB me Dv drowning last Sunday, was found this t'oreiioiiti in eight feet .of water near the spot where the canoe capsized. The remains weiB taken to . the' young man's home itfl J 204 Van Dyke avenue, Detroit. HenrvCrune, 6. died at his home lute last night, The funeral will be Thursdav afternoon. Judge Tucker1 this morning grant -ed a decree . to Agnes Dubay. of Now Daltimore. from her husband. Xo:ih Dubay, on the grounds of cruelty. ilirom Aldrich and John I 'elk of Armada, charged with stealing copper wire-from the Kits tern Michigan 1-Mlson company, .of Armada-, ft-ftre each sentenced to 30 days in t.h" county jail- .Jacob .Slajikstcr. of Armada, to whom the wire wns sold, was titled -5 1 00. WINDSOR MARCH 24 WINDSOR CORPORAL IS REPORTED DEAD Nathamel Newman Succumbs to Womids; Detroit Soldier Killed in Action. Accordinc- to rcnorts received In Vllndsor Tuesday. Corporal Nathaniel Newman son of Horse ant-Major Newman, 52 Aylmer avenue, died in French hospital of wounds re ceived in tho 'battle of Neuve Cha-' pclie. . - ' Word .was received Sunday that, Newman had .been wounded, bill" his mother had not been notified tucsday afternoon of his death. - . J'rivate Peter Nv)on. at rftroiL won 'enlisted at "Windsor In the first contingent, was killed" in action. i-i c gave , nis auaresB an arosso Points Farms when volunteerinp. lie was 2S rears old and a mumhoi' of "B" company In the First bat-, talion. . I Scree ant Thomas fllvur. for i hron . years a non-com missioned otlleer of thu-Kssex regiment, was seriously wounded by gunshot, according-' to a telegram sent, to Windsor Tues day morning:. He - boarded at 59 ruiur 'street, inasor, oeiore leaving for-the front. Ills parents live in .England. ' : WINDSOR SOLDIER SO FAR HAS SEEN ONE GERMAN Tw6.Days in Trenches, Declares War is "Great," 500 Yards i From Enemy- ' In .a letter sent to his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.. O. Reaume, of .wind- , sor, Stanley Keaumc, serving with: the Fifth . Royal Scots in France, says (hat war is "great." much bet-. ' let- than rus&y ' football, at which gjaino- young Keauma starred with "TlMkTu Is -i-i-nliv no HnniTAr ait lotig -os. one keeps, under cover. which iS one part of a soldler'a" lUtV I shine at." hi kh vs in d- rlbinC life in the tren"ehea. T have been in the underground forts lwh uays una nave tnanugeu to-see one tlernutn. . "Our trenches ar 1ikh Ihnn .Sou yards from those of- the 'enemy, but I very little is seen of "their .-soldiers. "To show a part of one's anatomy above the parapet of. tho trench is to invitft death, for the Germans are showinc- themselves to oe good shots." ' . .. SANDWICH PETITIONERS . FAVOR ANNEXATION PLAN Besidents. Seek Acquisition of -Strip of Territory by-Windsor. Annexation nf nn'i-t nf (hit Inv-n. ship of Sandwich Vesc--ts' favored uy me ninsor city council, i anu petitions are being circulated by residents of tliA tnwnshln In fn.vor of the plan.. i'"Or many years a strip ot land running from the river to the Te-cumsuh road has been part . of tlio tbwnship. This has prevehtetT'many of .the .school children -from attending the" city schools without permission of tho Windsor -school 1 board and payment of .non-residents," fees. Also that part of the township has. been without fire protection and, other privileges enjoyed by city dwellers.- ft has also held up street openings from -the city to Sandwich. It is estimated bv Alderman W. Lanspeary, of Windsor, that tho population of the city will be "increased by more than l.O&O if the plan is sanctioned by a majority of the township ratepayers. CITY MUST CLEAN DUMP Decision in Damage Suit , pe-pends on Windsor's Course. Whether the city of Windsor will be assessed damages for dumping garbage - and rubbish on the property owned by Percy Heyiiolds on .Tanotte avenue depends on what action, is taken by the municipality to remedy .-conditions in the nexc two months. This decision was reached Tuesday morning in Toronto by Justice Dennox, who heard the case at Sandwich lust week. Keynolds alleged that the city had du tinted decayed matter on iind adjacent to his property on. Janet to avenue. The judge held that as Reynolds had not made any aitehipt to build, ho 'had not suffered any material-damage. Judgment was . reserved for two months. In the meantime the city will be required to cleanup" the land. MRS. CALISTA G0ULTN DIES Widow; 30 Years Old, Was Oldest "Resident of Maiden Twp. . Death came Tuesday to . Mrs. Culfsta. (loulin. I';) years old who is said to have been tliA oldest resident of Maiden township. Out'. She was the widow of ftasil Goulin, former well known hoteltnan, n.n,i f;f-nier, who died about "0 years ago. -Mrs. fioulln's death took place at the homc-of her daughter. Mrs. Ki-chard Shaw in the fourth consession, of Maiden tow uship f rotn .the In-ilrmitics ot ace. Mrs. Goulin and her husband were amonir i lie early sell lers or the township. They were married 70 yeurs ago.' -Of I! children, seven are living, including Pr. Alexander tiOUlin oi Alpena. J'liere are nearly ICft grandchildren and a score of rreftt trrandchiluren. Pnnernl services will take place Thursday 'morning ol the home of Mrs. Shaw and In St: John's CntholO; church Amherst'burir. Interment will be in the Catholic-cemetery. Fire DrkmnKCN Tv IIouncs. Fire damaged two Windsor residences Tuesday afternoon. The' tlrst outbreak was at. the house 'of Chas. IHrrt. 4 McDoug'nll street. A spark from the chimney of n. neighboring fuelorj- caused small. dnmAge - to the root. A bln'e at 1,9 Montmorency street, occupied bv Maurice Sharer, Thomnson. evanirellsts. will liold vival services at Amhcrstburg this week. The last service will bo held Sunday night. ItalDh Hall. Windsor customs of ficer, : found a lady's gold 'watch. .Monday night, on the Walker road. WalUervUle. ' Frank. Carson, .former, urotirreinr of -the Union hotel. Windsor, waa awarded $"0"J and costs by Judge Dromgole- Tuesdav morning: The Action grew outiOC a sale of tho business, to John .Kurgess. the pres- ent proprietor, by John K-awlings, w no purcnascu-tne nutei irom ar son. John Glllesnic' nulice commission er, of Detroit, will address members of the Windsor board of trade at their weekly luncheon Thursday noon. :'Tra.fflc Regulations" will be th'e commissioner's subject. Mayo in 1 880 and His First Wife I (CHINA AGREES TO " " r ! ! : . i ' : J I TlAIf inmiAT nn ruun MiiuLUb m uance of UCh iwtTected b-- ti.c 'elnt Jitpanes.: - 1915 . 1 1 1 I 1 I ' ''.I.. .. ''H 1 M had made a name for himself Jn the business lite- of the" city.- When Mrs. Miij-o died, he .was inconsolable. They had been sweethearts VIRGINIUS J. MAYO AND MISS ALMA SWAT&LL. ' i nis picture or. .Mayo. Ncy Ha-, veil's . "Man .of mystery; whose dual 11 To was disclosed by .the suicide ' of ;hls stenographer, Lillian May Cook, was taken In Cleveland in 1 380, shortly after his -marriage to his . first ' wife.- who was Miss A'lmd Pwateil. At the time. Mayo was 1!) years old and Miss Swatell 1G, Mayo was regarded by persons who- knew him in Cleveland as a man of high character' and at school unii t-hnit-' tttci rxi.ri i;r& had -been ,, unusually happy. It was after-her death. Mrs. Florence Weeks Mayo, of Scranton. Pa., says, that Mayo" married' her. She says -Mayo 1r the father of her five daughters, and that -he deserted bet-years ago to marry his present wife. Mayo has .a daughter-also' bv his first marriage, but her identity remains a mystery. cu'uscd ?500 damage to the "building and furniture. It is believed that the origin or the lire "was a gas plntc too close to the wall. The property Is owned by Simon Meret: nOKDKfl HRKVITIKS. Rev; H. T. Crossley and G. II. WAR NOTES Knlftnr Removes Pnlntlng".' Geneva, March The German emperor 'ims ordered tho removal to Berlin ;of valuable paintings and tapestry from- his mountain castle at Koenigsberg on the Alsatian .side' of the Vosges mountains. Recently French, aviato'rs flpjfc over the imperial summer residence. which formerly belonged to a' king of France. VIrmMi Attack IlrltiHh Ship. Southampton, March 23.The British steamer Pandion. which arrived here today from Rotterdam, reports that yesterday In the vicinity oC the North llindor llghtahlp she was twice 'attacked bv a. German a.eronlane. Seven bombs -wero dropped by the aircraft, some of which fell, very close, to -the Pandion, but the steamer escaped damage. . KIMBROUGH TAKES STAP IN MURDER CASE; OFFERS ALIBI Ali .Concern Manchuria; Mongolia Will Be Discussed Apart. NIPPONESE WILLING TO CONCEDE SOME P0JNTS Joint ' Policing of "Important Places" Throughout. Hepub- lie'. is Relinquished. Ji'ekin, March 24 (Wednesday). Five articles bearing on the Jan-1 anese demands on China -were inl- tiaiea as concluded by the Chinese foreign, minister, I4u Cheng-Itslang; and Eki Hiokl. the Japanese minister at the conference at the Janan- esf legation yesterday. articles concern Manchuria. China agreed to the follow ng stipulations: . First The Japanese ' governments consent shall be obtainea before a. loan is made with a third power involving the pledging -of local taxes In south ManohuriR. Concerns RuIIwny Bu tiding. Second The Japanese govoi n- I whenever permisslou la. granted to a subject of a third power to build n rnlKvnv m- in t i with a thtrd power-for the building of a railway in south Manchuria. " I Third If the Chinese govern- i ment in south Manchuria employs advisers or Instructors for political. I financial or military purposes, the I Japanese government a'hall 'flrst be i consulted. f ' Fourth The transfer of the Kir-! in-Clmngchun railway to Japanese control for 9!) years. ( The fifth article was proposed hy ; China and provides for the cohtln- i The point warding chbl Jlalichuria. vhi. i their list ..f In the waneh, migration . clauses have but ".; made. Th's is iias rejp t io Ut t The u tl definitely withdr--- -' :-' r. aa "article s "V-1' u ' namely, the d-". "Ul1 lice ftdniinlstrati"..".; '. :.r " i places" thr(iug..V,:. '.-';': "'m& hu.t indicated ti-z.i mi oune I t v other articles f -V ."n general group Mure iro,,,, UtU The Chincso c-ov..,-,,. ceived advices co,i:v!' M"rt mat eou additi. troops have arrive i - -nig a total of al,,,,.' C . Boy.cots by u,;. ROVfrnl l.. i r m tin- it is considered tl -u ' are most likeiv to '--i government's 'JontmT hat dispatch snv .j!;,. currett within the rn. lir- oc-H nients Monday nii,t. . SPtlt- "iuuluih ana Hijoiio "lt'-'n.i ine foreign police w mutie some rnjiiip ''-ru-.i . ...-.'"i . Sveclal io The Fre Pres.". Sagina w, Mich., March .23. When Chat-lea Kitnhrniiffh. rharrpil with the murder and cremation of eight- V year-old Rose Laundry, took the V wilness stand In Judge Gage's court toduy, his defense was an alibi. Klnibi'ough -testified he left the -Valley iMweets factory ' at 5:. 'is o'clo'ck Sunday evening or about- l-t minutes before the time approximately fixed by th'o prosecution as that -of 'the girl's dlsnpnearance. He said that he went immediately "to. the corner whcre the child's home was located, walked one block west and then north more than a mile. Then he crossed the river to the -ast side. He then told of his -actions for the period covering -4 hours he-fore the girl's disappearance until h6 arrested" 10 days; later. He repudiated" the testimony offered by four witnesses for the. prosecution of statements he is alleged-to have made iii conversations. On cross-examination Kimhrough said he had been:-arrested six time-before the present case, twice in Detroit. He. testified that he was1 sent to Marquette prison on a purse snatching charge md 'said that while there he acted as the war-' den's barber- and several - times shaved- members of the slate -par-dan board. He ' was 'pardoned from Marquette in 1914. The. Negro, declared he had been'' hounded by the police and that the Detroit detectives had been ordered to. "pick him up" .whenever they saw him. . ' Graham Crackers io'JUlii(l enoughs Uneeda Biscuit are,, more than an Incident to , any meal. They are che beat food made from flour. 4 food to wprjc on, to think on, to play on. Buy iitcait baktd by 3 it GKAPT CASES' BEG-IN PRIDAY Judge Plielan Vexed at Delay in Alcternianic Trials. Judge Vhr.liin iias ct" Friday for the opening of tlio renin in tug :il-dei-ni:mic graft cnses. Tlie .itidgi has become morn thnn a ilttle ves- el at the long-con 1 1 mien presence k-f ATI AII A I vmmv v vft on the court records of the names RlAijlSi NA.L BISCjUlT hinted drastic net ion if something was. not done 1 n the matter i once. Assisiunt Prosecutor Wirirheis s-stircd t he court thnt his supet ior. I'rosecutor Jasuowski. would be m court on tlie day set. and it I.-: hoped the 'cases will. soon bo defnitely- on. their way, . . . Ormoiui F. I-Iunt, counsel fbr David Rosenthal, one of the Implicated ex-aldermen, 'was In court. He declared he wished to make a motion to oppose in case tho prosecutor moved to set a flat for the trial oC Rosenthal. Maine Women Mint Wnlt for Vote. Augusta. M- March 2?., Woman suffrage failed to pass in the house, today. Although the vote in favor of the resolve, proposing to submit, to the voters of the state the rnies-liun of giving women the right 'to vote, was favored, us to. ,"Ji. it fell short, of the 'two-thirds' vote refill i red, TIib sen ei I n bad passed the l-esoive bv ;i wide inrirgiil. COMPANY Alwaym took for that JVama War and Whisky Are Twins Under the aboys .headline tJm alcox A-merlcan editorially enys: "WI-1ISKT 13 A POISON', anfl wmve than tli ordinary poisons, for tt destroys the mind and the moral character firt THE HOIIY AFn-JIlWAIJD:" Tho Neal Tlirffn-Day TroatmPnt will crHtfl a lnatliiiiK for lliinot or lirnRs. anrt la a few ly. overcome ilia offeuts of tho poiffin that, "ilestroys Uie mind and moral t'haracter Urst and the hody nfiwrw-nrd." ('Tail, f.r address N.liAt, TXST ITtJTEJ, STTI tVeodwnrd. Phono Ornnd "ftu. 60 Neaf Institutes in principal cities Advertisement. 1 LOW: III Established 1853 ; BRANCHES: Cliene and Gratiot. Gratiot and Hastings. Ma'ek and Mtj Elliott. You can't acquire property until you get the savings habit then things will begin to "come easy." ONE DOLLAR WILL OPEN AN.'.ACCOUNT WITH THE German - American Bank GRISWOLD AND LAFAYETTE FARES To The Pacific Coast Ilk Every lk day fromli March 1st to If Nov. 30th round trip excursion tickets to the entire Pacific Coast will be on sale at extremely low fares three ' months return limit liberal stopovers. Make the tn Hniifornia Expositions immediately and with- nnf travel worries by- taking the fastest no extra fare train- The Pacific umttea. Return via the North Coast-r-Portland, Tacoma . ... j "it Mnl'a" nnrtlipi-n and beame auu uvci - - line the picturesque iraii oi me uigm- Dian" one road all tne way me. . A dm Xhicago,Mi!waukee & St Paul Ry. jgciia lor rar uwrature it will Help you plan the entire trlpradtaes H. W. STEINHOFF, With Creams and Tees Social Tea Biscuit are small, slightly sweetened biscuit that can be used with creams or ices, with dessert, tor luncheon or dinner or at any time of day. ' Buy biscuit baked by NATIOMAU BISCUIT rOMPAfJV ... I Always loot for that Name jj I lunch send out for N. B. C. Graham Cracker. them they will be lunca nourishment enough. Buy bhcuit bak.d NATIONAL BISCUIT! Ataittya look for that tafn, J. - M MOST PEOPLE SAY THEY HAVEN'T TIME! liiey Dont Like to Admitl lhat lhey Haven't the Nerve. AUCTION! On Friday, March 36th, aad Saturday, . azaroh 37th, 1915. Commencing at 10:30 a. m.. both days wo will sell at public auction th entire 'Idont belonging to the CHjato of KR1T MOTOR CAR CO. AND KRIT SALES COMPANY, . BANKRUPT . Kant Grand BlrU., ftrolt, MIeb., COWSiaTIWO OF A larffa stook of AntomoliUM wf ehandlae; of all Standard .Unlta, la rators, Tanks, Asle Sets, Sims, Steering Wheels, BadiatorB, Carriers, Uats, Cam and Crank Shafts, Crank Cases and Sousing's. Union Power Plants, Spring's, Lamps, Batteries, etc. A .gigantic stook qf Acoe's'sories and Supplies, Hardware, eto, ' MACB3ITERY OSiUers, . athes, ' Grinders. Testers, Drills. Drill Prases, Air Compressors, and on exceptional lot of larire and small tools., tho enttro ofTicp outfit of flKtiirea. Stock now on exhibition. The sale, will stArt on the Supplies. I'Jirio. Too.-, anl rontinui nn th ma-f!hlniry until all tho properly la disputed of. SAML'RI, Ii, lVINTKBNrrZ A CO., Auftinnccrn 506 Rector Bldjr.. 7D V. Monroe Street, ' Chicago. l-KJeSU'l it yu.iti.i (UtlUV Wlmtl yrju (;, i "1 must Ket ii)v i - i ' i can ever I'iml tt-.f You know w it t m. Isn't the timo that t,( They juat luck mi ..-Maybe you're in Hi,- ,-;: ceir. . As a nmttor of f.-t.-t, 1 fixed doosn'i. nqu:: more, and no linn- in compared tn ;t f-w n you let the f'.icrli-.- i , Ltaat week wv uii-i v dine: limn who r.-,n,.- u decayed juhI m-lnm; u - US to (jet them rrnj'. The doctor npjli!(i t no ctiUictici to thu tl!i;-, i-cxpoaed nerve,'-. ;;im- down nd. put tn uv an hour n till i f. i::::r. satd he "never i'mI: :i .So you ciin ' use of the Mic-i'l t-: "can't npn ro th t im-lonjrt1!' hirf.-ji us" t: .. excus.i.s in k""1 The nutn or u t -; i . i . their teeth ihiw.!-i 1 tlCCU.sed t.f tlii' .":: person who dm-M:'! , '. nails of polish lii:; .-i; If you fi.ivn ei!-peerless rlufiH.-i o; l'i'-come up td our ni'Vi- nnd .leffi-rfinn iii" free demount r;i until 0 o'clock, u .- i , , ed our now brjni-h ;i' " Ave., oppoailt iini'-i more convenlont .-tisemcnt. Permanent Pis Supply in an industrial plant should be economical, reliable, flexible and adequate. These are the salient features of our power, which together wiih other points of superiority, .-u.-ti a convenience, cleanliness, sni.-i'i -y required for motors, etc., mala- n the best source of power available' It can be adapted with all of these advantages to your plant and it will cost you nothing, to learn the particulars. The Edison Illuminating Company 430U PHONE MAIN SO BROADWAY

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