The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK.) COURIElt NEWS' Of Personal Interest PI i IRQ -ULUDu Activities of Woriif,u Calendar SATURDAY^NOVEMBER 22, .15)30 1 ;: WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON What Following Christ Means Heads Freshmen . --. -•< ••tp-'-.f BMmoij . The Wuhan's. auxiliary of tho First Pwwferiari church will hive Bible stud/ at the church nt 2:30 o'clock. ..' '' '- ... The :Business. and Professional Women's club will meet-, at the G%--Jrtf«/ .T:30 P. M. .' ttetJikf'i Street Methodist chur'c'.i T-omti'v njlssioriary , society will mett'at'"'the 1 church lot iMsston study. .. The woman's council of the First Christian .church will meet with i Mrs. E. M. Terry. . . Mis. Lancaster will entertain the missionary society oj the Second . Bapflst - e:(urch at her hcme en Vine street. Mrs.. W. R. Adams Is having the 6t."'St*phen Epls'top»l Guild. . -. . ' Frtdjijr The Woman's club is meeting at the club house. Is Bicttii V. Mo«c Dtpl..'. sirs. Georg'j II. Le^ W as elected present of tlie : Bha Artjde-. parjfeent of the Wc^n's'clijtyjre- p!acttig:;Mrs;.: 0, G^H^rniri, .de- flg«eji 'is, ^a.'vmestinj'- Friday' aft»r- ^.'.itiVother officers/Mrs.' O. E- Ice 1 . president and Mrs. ' Bits of News Mostly Personal ')'<• SfM<! Jlianksjlvln} lio\ To Oiiilnns Home. ;.UmUrs of the Sunday school of the First. Presbyterian church will take gifls of food Sunday morning for the Thankbglvlng box tc ue suit to the Vera Lloyd home at Mo'.UU'cllo. Non-ncdKhtinlc foods must be i(lv£i) which will be shlp- f j)Cd Mcrday with the rallrcad al- • -«-•— ^ ' ••-'•• —"• ••"^•j, lowing Hie "box to be sent wllhoul, enroutc to Memphis. j !>• m. charges for trnnsporlatlon. ( Mrs. S, O. Boone will return to FIRST METHODIST CHURCH P. Q. Rorle, Pastor Worship and Sermon U a. m and 7:30 p. m. i Morning service brradcait over KLCN. Sunday cchcol, 9:45 a. m Junior, Hy and Senior Leagues, 0:30 i>. m. , Beard of Stewards Monday 7 p. T nicotine, Wednesday, 7:30 The International Uniform Sunday School for Nov , Sterling Wood, ot Walnut Ridge ! 1' spent yesterday with*Mrs. Wood' Choir rehearsal, Wednesday, 8:15 , her' home In CrawfordsvlHe, 'Ark.. I Ivcy-Iiutible . after a week's visit with her daug'n- • A mania:,:- llcenre was issued to'ter, Mrs. Joe D. Halbach, and! FIRST PRESBVTF.RIAN CJHUHCH Mar£h M. Callaway,' Pastor Sunday school, 3:45 a. m. Ray Miss Icy Hubble, of Etowali. and family. Mr- Boom and son, Sim. .Worlhlneton. superintendent. Mr. Tral Ivcy, ol Dell- -.'< lot. Cravrfordsvllle, and, daughter, cla " to Ilt tne n " ds ol cver >' - • • Mrs. C. T. Jones,' ; or/Meniphl5,; (tlvltlual -'' i No Mrttlnj Monday, will come for her.. j, ; : ; ^.. ,•.;.•-. """'>•'• ; The Woman's Missionary society Miss Mary Alice 'tjiompsbn- ol' of the First Methodist church will '--'•• - •. - not have a meeting Monday afternoon. Worship and sermon, 11 a. in. "Gratitude and Contri- 1 visiting Miss Irene and "Gift of Ages" Is SnKiffr auoject llved In Dlythevllle. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. V. have as their guests Mr. . parents, Mr. anil Mrs. G. E. Siiu- Eudeavor societies, 6:30 i The choir will present its an«<••« u_ . ntial Thanksgiving musical at 7:30 ane rorrneriy, O . clock w ith tnc collection from • this service to be placed In the or' gan luml. The pastor will also make an address. "I v/as glnd when they said let | 'The Gift of the Ages" was tho mons, of Oberlln, Kansas. They will us go into the house of the Lord" isubjeclof the Rev. E. K. Latlmer':; be here until after Thanksgiving. : I address last evening for the, _ M!ss K eturan Thanksgiving. Neely and Paul ! to; if fine start nt Loulniaim .Thriving program at the Tern- I Fletcher accompa.ild by T™pie Israel In outlining the gifts the : Fletcher of Wilson, will.go to For- ! pastor ol the Christian tjmirch ' n(r ,>nifi thic 'art***,'™*, < n ~ „ ^u«_* I t ]ic u,i ngs Iol . w | l go this afternoon tSr a short I Just been,elected iiresltlciit of tlioj ' : past-Other, b'jL»lnec!s transacted includ «1 the ipointment of Mrs: Ivsrsoiv ireslmmu women. Morris as-chairman' of ill? mem- rolled '" berfHlp 'comrrilttes ' and arrangements of programs and hostesses for UjsiV LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH W. J. LeRojr, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Sermon, 11 a. m. Subject: "Thanksgiving for Great arid Good Memphis -yesterday.... • ' i Men " Vlda is eu-' , wllll!>m nnrowsky. president cf M,- s . o. D. Wills returned to her ' Fm , 0 r!h Leaeue 8'30 u n, nf. arU »»••, ^. e .,. C °. nBrcsilll0ni inlrot1uwtl ,t"=;home in Paragould Friday after- j ^uorth League, 8,30 p. m. «»\f %f **V*.H '' *vg ^icQJUkiif, nira jii.i,». r vit. ••«• . »- i.iiv .••.•••- 1.1. »»...-.......... fejxiKV <Jl IIW Uuilgfi 101 tVlllCn Wr ariii I j. «ietlG,.£5eretarj,'- will otntlhue University IK pretty vida'VignoB, snoukl ^ (llan Mul since the world i V.,,., „..,„ ,„„„„,„, u'l, „" - : a3 >tt the past-- . ' •. - above', o! Union House, who has began. ' , John Bage transacted business m i- \l.f. Has Parly. ] speaker. I The service ol the church w.i-s i I'rad by Rlclurrt 'Jledcl, acting rab- ; bl, and Lu p o voice solos were given. The' Jurilcr Mu4ic department.! Tl 'e Senior Epworlh League of Mrs. Waller r^senlhal sang "Trees" .ftons-«d by Mifs Mcr-1 ! ne , 1 ' a ' :i! Street- Methodist ohurch j nnd "Beside (he Still Waters" was ritt. was In charge cf the program j la « n P<»rty last evening a tthe i ?ung by Mrs. Rowland Wolfort. on Chopin., ':'MIS» Carolyn Hall presided for. fhew mimbsrs: talk "The,Life of'Ohopin," Miss Peggy Mckeel; talk "An Appreciation of Chain's Wrirk," Miss Carolyn Hall;, piano sc'lb "Polonaise" Chopin, Miss Virginia Terry; piano nurfiljer "Pour Preludes from Chopin,*', Mir-? .Virginia Tompkins; pl- ah-'i duet "Shoptln? Slars," Mlfscs SiaJ-garet Shaver and Anna Mae Jcnes; : violin uolo,' "Compceitlon frohi'Samson and Delilah," Wood- Mildred Judd. MiW Virijlnla McCntl, of St. home of Mrs. A.V.. J. LeRoy whlc'.i Both were accompanied by Miss wns attended by 20 members. After games were plnyccl the hostess serral refreshments. I In a brief business session pre- \, , , . ceding the parly plans were im-! If l !V s nounced for a box supper Friday, December i, the proceeds of which will be used to pay for the new concrete steps for the church building. These are' to be made next week. . • ','«•. It wasvalso announced'that the - • • an mon, 7:30 p. in. Subject: "The noon after spending the week-end j Difrerenl Cross £. We c ' arr and here She Is the home service :agent lwhy whal ls Yoursr Thls e of [he Arkansas-Mlssourl Power ' m6n \. m bo nitrated W ilh several company. L. L. Ward and son, Lloyd, are going to Hardy, Ark., today for a week-end at their cottage. Mrs. George Shanks Is ill at her j home on Lake street. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F, Norr:' are motoring I cresses' used. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 110 Chtrry Street A. T. JIcANALLY, Pastor ,, Sunday school, 9:45 ri. hi. classes for nil ages. C. E. Cobb, supt. Fisher, accompanied'by Miss I Pledges for the quarter were paid Margaret M.srritt. The hostesses, Mri James H. Brcoks and; Mrs, George M. Lee, serj'ed refreshments to th? mem- be re and 16 guests. • ' .. • * • • Tu^ker-Bolm . ' Anhouncement ; waj .niade today of the marriage \i Miss Mildred B'cim,'- attractive .daughter .of Mr. •noUMrs. C. .M, Bohn, to. .Mr.. C. C. Tucter, the 'vfeddihg' having taken place at Marion on October 19, The Rev. E. K. Se*«li,-pfifer of the Mar/itn'Met-hodist.caJrph.'sald the rin? service at his,; home. The'only attenda'hls, ' -.wire Mr. and : Mrs. John Rhotf^) also of .this ' ' Clob Has Party. The Kill Care club had 14 members present nt the Woman's club a delicious buf- and Sue Butt for the wjek-ciid. o*? ***• Communion and sermon,' U a. m. Oiceo/a Society—Persona! last evening fet supper \vns served member taking a dish. Cords were enjoyed after supper by (he guests which included Mrs J. F.-\Vnlker,..of El Dorado, who is- the guest of her daughter Mrs C. o. Redman. .- ; i , To.ILivr'Piiblla " ;i ' ) Speaking Ltssoil. Mrs. E. R. Bogan of Luxora wns appointed to the office of Grand Warder of - ,, '„, . i Star at the recent meeting of g ''•" cac " i chapter held In Lillle Rock Rock this I week. Other officers named by Mrs. ' Amy Stuttlc of Pocahontas, t h e newly elected Worthy Grand Matron vtcre given to Mrs. Bogan as .follows: Gri)na. Cliaylsln, ;Mrs. co- ru iVInc Hivmytofi'- Jonesbpro; Mar- sliall, Mrs 1 .' Mihniev'Lco'v'.'Rob'bins, Heber S[)ring3; orgariistl Mrs. Crawford, Little Rqck;- Ada, Mrs. cliy. and Mm. Tucker are mo to a arid Mrs. John Rhodes. The bride, who has livid here and:at Paragovtid 'all h:r Members of the Business and I Isobell Finch, Camden; Ruth, Mrs. Professional Women's club and olh- I Ruby Marshall, Pocahontns; Esth- rlntri r business women of the city who cr, Mrs. Agce, El Dorado; Martha, ivmsirr>r n ir, tat. to tre Goff Hotel. Miss.liuiia B, nt in public Mrs. Rena Electa, e'"b rooms, Warncck, Magnolia; Fort Sentinel, Dr. Tucker, Moncttc. . nt the auditorium. W. B. Tanner attended to business In Jonesboro Friday. Mrs. R. H. Dennett and son, Raymond ]r, wtll leave Monday for Jacksonville, Fla., for K two .weeks stay. Mrs. Ruth Mahan. accompanied by W. B .Tanner and C. W. Af- fllck, motored to Memphis today. Mrs. V. M. Bennett and daughter, Miss Irene, and Mrs."Emn:i Hnley, ot Memphis, returned horns yesterday after spending three days with Mr. and Mrs.' R. H. Bennett. Mrs. V. M. Bennett Is Mr. Bennett's mother rind Mrs. Haley 'hii aunt Mrs. T. H. Hnynes, 'the Rev. nnd' Mrs. p. B. Lattgley, Jbtin R Lnngley returned last, night from Fort Smith where they attended r* the ^t'flt'e' Bitp'tlsfcoiivkriUoh.'Mhr. Hnynes also visited her Son. -Hnrold »• *.: P ' »-.. P- •»• Kenneth Hnynes. nnd family. They were accompanied by the Rev. C. E. Welch, of Osceola, and the Ucv. Nanwarren, of Wilson. Mr. nnd Mrs. P. L. Porter nnd two sons, of Enrle, Ark., nre attending to business in the city I today. They formerly livid here Dr. and Mrs. Bognn, accomiian- , . led by Mrs. E. S: Chiles ol Osccola. (0i ' a numbcr ° r s ' enrs - A. 6. Barboro company. • » * • En(crUin Club Members oi . the Osccala-Liixora 500'club and n'.hjr guests from tbi twi' towns were guests of Mr. and ,.-• ----- . ----- ,__. -— Mrs. Roland Green last eveE Inchidei in trie seven tgbles of platers ^,'erc: Mr. and Mrs. AlySn Wujidalich, Mr. and Mrs. G..E. Thompson, Dr. and Mrs T. F. Hud- ton* all of Luxora, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pigg, of Osceola. Autumn leaves or.d flrxers wcic used iri the three rccms thrown open 'Wd a Thanksgiving note vns Eeen in tt.;' tallies'. For ladies high in the .club Mrs. Beit; Butler, of Otceola, »;on R fcot- Btcqi and a, tie went ti J.ase.Brown ' Mis:, Monia" Hughes leader nc- """ r T nnd . P" 1 ™ 5 of tnc statc — =! ."• "••""•'. "c ns wc ii ns visiting mnlvons ami I Irons were invited. , comnanied the 20 girls. N. F. Knight, cf Stecle, will spend tomorrow in the city. Mis. May L. Aldridge returned Mrs. Hynson will be remeuiber-1 lct!av ffom Greenwood. Miss., ed all over this district as Mrs.'Es- whcr( , shc spcnt sevcral dnys vis _ telle Jones, formerly rtenuly grand i[h, B relatives and nttendiiig the lecturer irom Piggott and Inter vcdcling of her niece grand matron ot the Arkansas B N W Jlson. cou , lty cni i, 10 er, Eastern Star. Her nmrriacc to H. an ., hls onuBhtcr, Dork, of Osceola, T. Hj-nson, now of Amory, Miss.,: arp ln ,i, c citj , todny . Attend Dislrkl Meet The lorn! Royal Neighbors chapter wns rcpr:.ented at the district meeting in Piggott (his week by Mr.-. Henry Pr^tr, 'Mrs. Ollio Foster, Mrs. Sarah Ogle nnd Mrs. J. B. Foster They mctcrcd o\'^r Tliurs- .......... ^ day morning ana returned yester- bllt ft former grand patron of the- , ""jur." anil Mrs. H. Vl. l-"innell,' of day. • * • Hnrrcll-\Ynile -\fiss Fannie Mny Wade and Mr. Byrcl Harrcll. both cf Ripley. Tcnn. were innrripci here yc.-.tcrrtny by Ji':s!!ce Oscar Alexander. Puitl-Wrighl Eastern Star in this state, wns con- ; Goodwell, Okln.'. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ola summntcd immediately following the rneetlng of the chapter Wednesday evening. Mrs. J. B. Mitchell hns rc;u Cook and grand daughter. Mary cuis Stewart, of 'Jackson, Miss., visited here this week,. Mrs. Fir.nojl will be remembered as formerly turn- j Miss Constance Cooke who": wllh cd from Memphis where she under- ]•.«• parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Ola went a successful operation nnd Is ! Cookc, lived here for a number wel Ion the .way to recovery. ! of years. ' Mrs. H. H. Jones drove to Jones- ', Mr. nntlMrs. W. H. Stovall have , . Vthal FoUoninj; Christ .Means. Mark 10:17-27. 1 McAnally,' president. I Worship nnd sermon, 7:30 p. m. I Uible study and prayer meeting, Wednesday evening, 7:30 o'clock. The second chapter ol Isaiah will be studied with • the pastor in charge. First Christian Church E. K. I.itimer, Minister First Christian church will bc- :;i Sunday morning with the min- •ler, the Kev. E. K. Latlmer, conducting the two services and ;;ghtly services for 'two weeks, nible school.' 9:45 A. M. Communion and sermon, 11 A. M. Endeavor societies, BY WM. E. GILROY, D, D. Editor of The ConntS»»ona]i9l Tin story of the rich young man who came to Jet,us seeking to know (be true way of life Is one of un- dlminlehed Interest, that appeals alike both to rich nnd poor. Why did the yaung man ccir.3 to Jesus? WAS he cohscious cf something lacking, in spite ot all hls slncerily in obeying the moral code? Or did he come with a certain tpirlt of pride anticipating that Jesus would command him for his virtues rather thnn nnd in him an example of the man wh- with, all his pocdnefs lacked the on? most fundamental and essential thing? Whatever trp youu? man's motives, he was manifestly surprised and started at the rccronsc of Jesus. If he liad come with pride In hlmr.jlf, he went awiiy crestfallen and sad. If he had come wltli a consciriisncr. that there was really something lacking and with an honest purpose to know more concerning the way ol lif,?, he was appalled at 'the Immensity of the sacrifice that -Jesus demanded. Rkhet Hinder Him His immediate reaction wn.; that fi flumping back into his environment of- fre^Uh. His great possessions ppijjtaVed hirii even more than he po:i-,esred'them. With the alluring ipvitatlnn to jcin the! Master's company and go abcut with him, hs'was confronted with this tarrlSr of his wealth that turned him bacfc the supreme opportunity. 1 It would be interesting io speculate, if speculation were ever cf much value, up-n the character and.destiny of the young man alter, this ..crucial episode in his life. If .one;,were. to judje by general experience,' one could be almo:lt certain that in this failure to mak3 the crucial decision he lost much (if the high morality that he had had before - It is very seldom that a man conies.up to the point of making a great decision, and when that decision hns been made wrongly continues his life just upon the mcral eVel where it has ten before. Failure in a, crisis creates a rsac- ion of weakness and despondency. Vhen a man has failed to make »oorln;s3 the chief thing in his life. he standards of go'dness inevitably are lowered in relation to all his outlook and action. Church, 7:30 P. M. Subject: "If V.'ercA'Devil".; - ' ! ; : : .'^.Fir'st : Baptist Church * . -S; Harwell,. Pastor ; Sunday, school, 9:45 A. M. •- Sermon. 11 A. M. Subject: 7Paul's Pot of P.'s". ! B. Y. P. vU.'s, 6:15 P. M. j Sermon, 7:30 P. M. Subject: VA Gcoci Man Who Went to Hell and A Bad Man Who Went to Heaven". ! Srccml Baptist .Church • . K. X. XcJvso^iv-F.lstor Swdiiy School "9-45 A. M., W. M.. Blaylock. Superintendent. '•; Cliin-ch Service 11' A. M. and 7:3P'-fV.M.. by the pastor. .Morn- dnB'-subject. "Thnnks-giving': Evening subject, "The Challenge of Phrlst to the World". •: B. Y. P. U. 0:33 P. M. : 'Ihe Junior. B. Y. p. u. will give a Thanksgiving program just before Uia regular evening services, led by Mrs. Ruby Holt assisted by the .'Intermediates. Come and en- Joy this program. 7 The public is cordially invited to come nnd worship with us. Gounly Baptist ' Young People at Osceola Friday ' : PSPEOLA. Ark., Nov. 22.—Nearly a hundred Baptist young people of Mississippi county attended the quarterly meeting of the as- EOCiational B. Y. P. U. here last evening. The assembly was held in the auditorium of the First Baptist churcV and presided over by the associa- tlonal B. Y. P. u. president James Lumford. who is a ministerial student at Jonesboro college and pastor of the Baptist churches at Keiscr and Dell. Following n sh'ort business session the evening's program on (h cthcmc. "Magnifying His Church." was presented by ircinbcrs of Ihe Dell B. Y. P. U. under the leadership of Miss Izola Morgan. •Banners awarded quarterly were presented (lie Wilhclm Union o Blytheville for efficiency and tin Ocll B. Y. P. U. for attendance Represented at the meeting las night were the Blytheville Sento j Union Perry Webb Union. Crusad I crs. On Goers and Harwood Smnr Union, nil - of Blytheville, and tin organizations of Keiser nnd Dell together with members ol the Osce ola Union, who were hosts not onlj to the assembly meeting but ar ranged a delightful social hour fo the guests at Ihe club rooms In thi court house • following the meetini nt : the church. The next meeting will be licit on Friday, January 2. at the Firs Baptist church In Blylheivlle wit! the Osceola B. Y. p. u. prcsentln Ihe program. Oil from the jccd kernels o cherry pits is being squeezed ou ,'.o make cosini'Cii. The' reiidu goes into fertilizer, and the shells are ;used for fuel. Conscience l s powerful The other alternative that while' the young man went away deeply sorowful, unable to ma!:? hat crucial decisiorrln the moment of opportunity, the very depth of his scrrow indicated the persistency of ihe- appjal of conscience. Text: Mirk-ie;17-« ..-. •':.•,•'• '• And when he was gone forth into the way,' there came one : urninsi and kneeled to him, and asked, him, Good Master, what shall I do '.nil I may Inherit eternal life? . . . - : ;'-' • And Jesus said uiito him, Why callcst thou me good? then Is do:i:> good but one, that is, God. ; ' V Thou knowest the commandments, Eo not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour 't:iy : ' father and mother. ;j And he answered and said unto him, Master, all these have, I cbj : served from my youth. Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, O:ii t'.iinj •thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou Iiast, and give to the poor, and. thou shall have treasures in heaven: and come, take up th^ cross, and follow rrie. ' . ; And he was sad at that saying, and went away grieved: for he had great possessions. ,.. And Jesus looked round about, and saith unto his disciple:, How,,',,, hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of C-cd! ' And the disciples were astonished at his words. But JCEU; an- , 0 Ewereih again, and saith unto them. Children, how hard is it fo: 1 them,.',., that trust In riches to enter into the kingdom of God! '.",, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a nc-cdle, th:.u for . a rich man to enter ;nto the kingdom of God. And they were astonished out of measure, saying among themselves, Who then can be- saved? And Jesus looking upon them sai(-h, With men it is impossible, but not with. God:'for with Gcd all things arc poxiib'.c. ; ; eVen prejudices and preta--- —. •• He went away dissatisfied with! eHces . wl 'erc we may have nol p':s- .imself, consciouu that te was not i-^sslbns at all, may equally Inwr-- measurlng, alja of his weakness. On thls : view tin allurement ol all that he had. lest followed him hrough the years, and he came ul- limatoly to the place where he achieved the decision and the alliance wilh Christ that he had failed to make at the first great op- vene between ourselves and the way of the highest Christian destiny. Other Thngs Intervene It is the thing, whatever il may be, in our lives that interferes with the freedom of the rule and guid- anc.? of the Christ-spirit that con- portunity- Whether thi:! occurred is, of course, a matter of sp?ciiltition.j j^ stituted the obstacle to true dis- Hospital D. M. Abbott ot Cnculhcrsvillc, Mo., and Allen King of Bragg- City, Mo., were admitted as pa- 1 ' tients to the Blytheville hospital today. Each of the four cables of the Hudson river bridge, between Some have professed to find s^tne identification' between this rich yourlg man and Joseph ol Arima- ,h?a, who, in a time of great danger,- claimed the bcdy of Jesus.But such an identification is in the realm of pleasant imagery. cippleship, and as long as that upper end of Manhattan lslan:V , whatever it may be, persists •and' Port lee', N. J., is made up o'Ei n ves thero , vi n a | ways be iajatxjpt 27,000- individual parallel - Probably the one thing that it is j enccs ° f hls S p lrlt suprcra( j cv necessary to point • out is that tta other interests and over all application of this lexon does nol lie at all-cinly In th.e realm of real wealth. It Is not only great pos- sioh.' that may become a barrier in the way of one's highest duty and opportunity. Smaller pcsses- cur characters and In our services, no matter how, high their outward aspect of morality, the one thing lacking. The onei thing 1 that cons-itules true discipline of the Master is the ! placing of the claims and intlu- ver all other mottveX Only that constitutes the completeness- of the Christian ideal j of life. ' i MATERNITY HOSPITAL—For unfortunate girls; secluded, private, rates reasonable. For information write Fnlrmount Hospital, 4911 East 27th, Kansas City, Missouri. \vires,- each 'over a mile long 666 is a doctor's Prescription for Colds and Headaches'^: IT IS THE MOST SPEElHi" REMEDY KNOWX. Gljfi ALSO IN TABLETS. ••'•'"• WE TREAT ALL THF ILLS THAI CLOTHES ARE HE1K TO Clothes that want mending art unpardonable, especially with the expert service we ofTer. A few deft -stitches will save you the embarrass- nient . of slovenliness. Thi.s service is inexpensive, loo. BARNES' NuWa Cleaners 180 To You-Just an item in the paper To Them-Tragedy. Many Week End Motor Accidents at Memphis MEMPHIS, Oct. 13 (UP)—Automobile mishaps on highways a'.id strcen in the Memphis area resulted in the death of one person nnd injuries to 17 others over the week end. M. E. Wyatl. 50. automobile dealer of Mcadcvillc, P.v, riled curly today Irom injuries received yesterday. Wyatt's machine left the highway near Marion. Ark., anil overturned. The condition of Mrs. Wyatl. who was riding with her husband at the time of the accident, is critical and physicians doubt her recovery. The -.liinvc news slory was picked nt random fram the hundreds appearing in various newspapers every day. .Maybe it doesn't moan much to you. Mayi:': you've never had a serious wreck. Mayhc you t: o;>" sidtr yourself ;\ ^oixi, csueUil driver. Well remcmlier this fact—ACCIDENTS FOLLOW THK PATH OK FAULTY BHAKKrf. Your driving skill won't always keep you safe unless your hrakej are go«d. RAYBKSTOS-LINKD BRAKES WILL HOLD Let us test yours free Dixie Service Station I'hoiie 315 Ash at

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