The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1930, BIA'THEVILLE, '(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE NINB fiTF CLIPPER FLKER _fi 'EK Writer Flies Aero s s Ocean In Big Air Liner Whether or not you will be among the thousands who, quite casually, will "catch a plane (or Europe" In future years, you will be Interested now lii how It feels to te a passenger on a trans-Atlnntio • flight . . . haw the passenger passes his time, eats and sleeps . . • Tills Is the first of three "human Interest" dispatches wirelessed nnd cabled to the Courier News by a newspaperman aboard tlie Atlantic Clipper on her first prc-vlew passenger flight to Europe, * « * BY JEAN GRAFFIS NEA Service Staff Correspondent, ABOARD 1'AN AMERICAN AIRWAYS ATLANTIC CLIPPER, En Route to Marseilles.—In a mid- Atlantic dawn of gold and lavender I rode the Clipper down to the waters of the Axores and was greeted by a sun I last saw setting over Aboard Atlntica Clipper mm IB BE Wisconsin U. Proxy Will Be Offered Post, Say Reports WASHINGTON, June 21.— Ctifllr- iimnshlp of (lie new l^dcrnl Sc- cmlty Agency probably will'. lx>; ot- fcrcil to Clarence AiUllson Uykslra president of the University of WK- consln. ! ; , '>' Mr. Uykslm's nmne lias' tec) presented to I'resltail Hboscvell mill Is expected to get lh$t president's nppi'ovn). The Is one of Hie most Importifot Job vclt's two; itovc Staikeboimcl Romance America 1 the night before. I stood on the soil of these drowsy Portuguese islands trying to embrace the vast portent of all lliat Imd happened since the earliest explorers crawled slowly and painfully past this mtdocean oasis centuries ago. As I stood at Horta I knew some awed American would stand here a generation hence marvel- Ing at some even more amazing accomplishment than riding the Clipper, would know something of the feeling I got that moment when I stepped across the float and onto the boarding wing. LIKE GETTING INTO A CAR It was at Port Washington, L. I., the 'evening before. I got into the Clipper as naturally as getting into my, own car al home. I ducked through tlie door lo a ca'rpeled floor and was ushered to a cushioned seat near a double window slightly aft of the starboard wing. The three others who sat near me and I looked across the water at the waving crowds seeking to wring the last drop of departure thrill out of the moment. The motors' hum rose into n higher pitch as we started to taxi into takeoff' position. The water below us began to stream past. ' Foam rose: in an inverted crescent, •as'we'plckcd up speed until spray, spattered tlw pane of my window. Itr-se*med---n''-''l6ng time before- live got into position. Twice the motors whined as the pilots .tested. them, then their whbie was;.even. stronger. ,. ,C."i !\ Suddenly 'the Clipper's ' nose < cleared the cascading, .walcrs and witli"maghiflce'ritl sustained.;:power we climbed magically oulp the velvety cushion of our : other trackway, the nlr. TOO MUCH J TO SEE Not n soul aboard was willing, as yet, to investigate the ship. There was too much to drink In at the windows. The landscape was playing tricks. At first, tlie houses, fanns, Inlets and boats : below us were etched in their natural colors with the clarity of a cameo. Then, as the ship climbed, the scene changed. Long Island resolved itself into a ttisss of blacks, greens and whites. Houses became dots, sailboats and yachts mere pinpoints. A few minutes later the squares of gray nnd black, landscape were relieved by the deep green indentations of the Engineer John J. Naglc (foreground) shows Jean Graffis some of tho elaborate dials and controls forward in the Atlantic Clipper. created by iwose incut i-corgiinrmUnn iil become ellectlvc July 1. . , In the Federal Sccurlly. {Agency v.'llll be the soclul Security; lionrd, the National Youth Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the IHiMe llcallh 'Service, the Otllco of aiuenlicn nnil the U. S. Kinploymcnt Service. President Roosevelt first olfered Ihc post to Arthur J. Altweyer, head of Hie Social Security Bonrd, II is Icnnml. Mr. Altmcycr turned, It down, preferring to tnkc reap- poliitmcnt to hLs present Job. He comes up for rcnpjwlnl mcnt this summer, nn<l the- term of olTtcc Is six years; In thut job Mr. AUmeyer (whose rcapinintmenl can be taken for gmnlcd)\wlll serve out Ills term no mutter who Is elected President next,' year. The head of the Fedeml Security Agency, however, will be like a cabinet officer, In that he will keep his job only as long ns :he It ,»IU be Ihe 5ft- ond time each , has, sal led to the' ' ' Arctic with the commander. < Dr. Wayne Moulton of Boston Is hhlp's doctor, and John Bert Bangs of Proylncetown, Mass, the r cook, ,i the 'Stewards pulled a bed from nowhere. Then I fell soundly asleep, Azores in my dreams . . ." Clipper was strictly a melting pot with 'a s Hoosier like.-myself', and people ifrom MIssoufi,-Texas, r New York ami thei far.'West aboard. ', ^Typewriters were : clicking^ there was a 'hubbub of wilcesT stewards moved quickly and quietly back aiid forth, the motors sounded their steady, toneless theme reassuringly over all. From a seat in the bridal suite I studied' the Atlantic stretching below me. I could see for a radius of 30 miles except when a cumulus cloud formation Interfered. There was ho 'surface' ship In sight, nothing but the water, forming foamy white-capped specks, and the sun. The call to dinner broke my reverie. Ciiplnin W. D. Culberlsor presided in the dining room. Tlie appearance of three women in formal dollies served to remind us c' the epochal trip we were taking, tried again to tell myself that wi were 800 miles out to sea and were making history. Through tlie dining room windou I ccnld see a towering- cumulus int. Sound. Then — the supreme thrill. Ing prevailed but a colossus of glTstenlng beaten copper. We were at 8000' feet. My mid-west heart stirred with momentary apprehension over this cosmic preview. But the motors were humming sweetly. Conversation began nnd t decided to make myself at home. LOOKING OVER THE SHIP Unbuckling my takeoff safety belt, 1 turned into the passageway between rows of berths and walked toward the front of the ship. Tlie first thing I found was a large compartment with chairs and tables and fourteen people in it. Hie steward identified it for me as the dining room, the place where I had entered the ship. It was the ii only room where smoking was pcr- 1 milted and it was crowded. I moved forward and found, to my right, another passenger compartment, lo my left, a galley. On forward, there were a men's lounge and Pullman facilities. Passengers were forbidden to go past a certain curtain, for beyond that the passageway led to the crew stairway and to the upper deck with Us pilot-oontrol-naviga- lion rooms. The Clipper's crew was kind but firm so I passed up invading the technical sanctum and re- lumed to Investigate the rear section. To get there I had to walk up a set of stairs because of the diminution in Ihe size of Hie ship j« Toward the rear I saw another ^ seclion of berllis, a women lounge—and a bridal suite. It wa i second in size lo the dining room HARD TO THINTC SHIP IS AT; SEA By this time Ihose ab:ard wer milling through the ship gettln their first introductions to one an other, it turned out that tl turned by the setting sun piles of pink, vermilion and dee; gold. The crew was pushing steadil eastward, going at 105 miles pc hour away from tlie sunset. Dark ness hemmed In the life confine the Clipper's compartments administration wliicli named him slays in. Al.TMEVKll TO KOC11E TO MYKSTKA - When Mr. AUmeyer declined the Job, the President Is understood to "I huve ottered It to Josephine Roche, ivlio was assistant secretary of the treasury in charge of the Public Health Service from Dec. 1, 1934, to Nov. 1, 1937. Miss Roche declined on the ground that she had to devote nil her lime lo her private business (she owns and manages extensive coal mining proper- lies in Colorado, and quit her treasury job on lliat account). Mr. Altmcycr aiid Miss Roche then, are understood to hove brought up the name of Mr. Dyk slra. They enllnisltistically ap proved his appointment, won the approval of others In the "welfare tjroup 1 : here, and presented the nsnne to the President. Whether Mr. Dykslra actually Overjoyed at this picketing business vis Huy Carter, proprietor of one-man jewelry at Kansas City, Mo., who has tried to make tlilnp.s comfortable for 22-year-old Carol Harris since she started beat In front of his shop In December, 1038. Hut Miss Harris, still Intent on ob, hides face with newspaper. Because he likes tlie picket, cnrlcr refuses to Join the union. 10 .([ 1,18 Expedition Off June 24 To Study Glaciers Of Greenland nOOTIIliAY HARBOR, Me., .lime n (UP)— Commander Donald I!. MncMllliin, veteran explorer, will sqll from hero tomorrow on his 18th Arctic expedition during which ho will Investigate ivports of vast, Binders In North Qrcen- liiul that move from 50 to 100 feel In 11 slilclc day, Mrs. MacMlllan will accompany her husband and a 12-innn crew, Including nlno Now 'England college and preparatory students, on (lie 0,000-mlle trip. They will re turn Sept, 2, Through the state dcpnrlmcnt nt Washington. MncMlllnn said, he had obtained from Denmark special pei'mlla lo'do scientific work In North Greenland. Besides ology, this study will Include ornithology, botany and geology. Special work also will be performed In in ensuring the rale am advance of glaciers at 10 decree North latitude. In addition to North Orcenlain the bnsc ship Bowdoln will vlsl Ijdjrailor and Balfln Land. Provl slons, clothing and equipment wl' bo carried for the MacMlllnn Moravian school of 40 Esklm children at Naln, Labrador. Sailing. n.i first mate Is Hnvol FARM NEWS Tlie club women of North Mis-' Klsslppl county are preparing fc* balanced meals tilts winter as they enjoy vegetables fresh from the gulden. "No one can be hardy, no people can bo well," said Mrs. FelK 111 of Promised Land, the county ilrllkm chairman, 'at the' ;coun-' 1 meeting today when 28 home emonstratlon club representatives card her. ' ' Often times wo hear a mother \y she feeds her child green pickles r fresh pork, because ho likes" It ml the child seems none the orso from such diet, Recent re- enrefi has found oul lliat bodies larked In childhood by inalnutri- on result In diseased bodies -and ilndu in adults: -"Such diseases as wllagra, rickets, nneinln, and many llvois arc result's fiom Inadequate oods," .says Dr. Ixwlso Stanley of lie United Stales Bureau of Koine Economics, . . Evans of Newton, Mass., a 103 avlmoulh College graduate, wl as been a member of two pvovloi xpcdllions with MacMlllan. Tl cconrt nmtd Is Clcorgc P. Murjih r., of Tlcnsanlvllle, N. Y,, in amos F. Wiles of Norway, M irovldcs lliat the employer must lottfy each employe In writing, cither quarterly or annually, how nuch .money Is being deducted fi'om the employe's pay and sent on to the government; it also gives the employe the right to check with tlie SSB to see If (he figure given him Is correct. Now setting up the machinery to answer such requests, SSB people say they don't expect many of them—but there could be 32,000,000 u year. ut conversation, work and radio gets the job apparently depends on •cndcasts allowed tis to' have no whether he wants it. He ranks •_.;.,. .,.-••„ _ ...„ „ I hioW u'mV President Roosevelt: -jn- loiight of Uic-i'cosmos we were liallenging. i Eventually, as It dees at home. :ie day's work took its toll. Berth umbers were assigned by the tewards. They pulled beds out f nowhere. Pretty soon I was sound asleep, vilh the Azores in my dreams- he Azores of Magellan and Vasco le Ciama, the place where all set ail 'to far horizons and. new vorlds. lii the dawn I awakened in the Azores,, the jumping oil place for adventure. The Clipper's mighty nolors were resting momentarily .n the Horta roadstead. Soon they would climb again into that selfsame sky which first saw mer cross the Atlantic. I was at the world's crossroads and the captain of the Clipper was sayln; "On, sail on" to Lisbon. hlgli willi President Roosevelt; -jn- eed, It is believed here that loosevelt was at least partly in- lucutial in getting the foniier city anagcr of Cincinnati named head f the University of Wisconsin. *...• * ,• ... BIG SAVING > , , -. ; FOlt- EMPLOYERS . Speaking of 'the Social Security Air conditioning, which provide an even temperature both white: and summer, served to make Am crican homes more comfortable fo their occupants. A capital of S3C,000,000 Is invest cd in Brills College Repeals Old Ban On Students Dueling FULTON, Mo. <UP>—Adlievlng I the theory that laws should 1 cxls only when necessary, the b3ard of trustees of Westminster'College here has repealed a regulation laid down lit 1860 prohibiting dueling. i The regulation prohibiting; dueling 1 was adopted lii the hot-tempered period Just before the Civil War. It prohibited the carrying of arms and the sending or acceptance of a challenge to u duel. Otther regulations losscd aside nl'-the same time Included one lees' Heralded Virtues Are Dampened by Beer KILMORE, Australia (UP)—Tho radlllonal virtues of Ihe bco got < md Jolt here when u number o ,hem got drunk on beer. A part of young men camping noarb found their camp becoming hi rested with drowsy bees. Invest! gallon developed that the bees, no finding water and vegetation suf Uclently plentiful, had quendirk their thirst among the beer Iwtllc stacked abont the camp. Bccomln Intoxicated, they were unable to return to their hives. . the above as a true tatcmcnt and that at tlie cheapest food for a, family of five costs . Vom five to 'six hundred 'dollars a year the Home Demonstration clubs In North" Mississippi/county no getting their pressure 'cookers' n order or purchasing new ones and already as many as six varieties of food have been canned. According to the ansvvcrs to roll call this month English [was, car- giecni, bcnlcs, cherries, beans have aheady been put on the pantry shelf to liave an adequate supply this winter. Kraut Is being made. Every year more and more women are realizing Jthe. ne^ cesslty of feeding their families balanced diets and arc preserving fruits, vegetables, and meats to nil their canning budget for the needs the year round. ; Not only Is the ash. a. relative of-.-.thc Mediterranean olive, now raised' extensively 'In California, ant It Is a cousin to lilacs, privets, nnd forsythlas. VISif TWO FAIRS FOR ONE FARE '90. 135. lir-condillond chili mi cliches In ilteplng cm, fceilh chirgtl cxlrj........... Two monthi' ithirir limit SEETHE FRISCO AGENT FRISCO LINES [ST.LDUIS SAN FRANCISCO Rt Board : .. ..' n HltlCriloUccd 'firi- against attending a circus, mid ap- visibn of the amendments io the pearlng about town except on nc- social security ncl, passed^by the tnni hndnr.^ • 1 House and awaiting action j In- the Senate, will save; employers, some*- lliing more than $50,000,000 'a. year. Tills provision reduces the amount, though not the rale, of the unemployment compensation payroll tax. Under the present law, the 'employer pays three cent en his total payroll; Ihe amendment would require him to pay the tax only on the first $3000 of each individual wage or salary on his payroll, ns Is the case with old age insurance. Incidentally, If the pending amendments pass, and IP all American citizens should stnnd on llielr rlghls, Ihe Social Security Board could be let in for a swell statistical headache. One amendment One Taste Shows You the Extra Goodness In This Truly Great Kentucky Whisky YOU'LL WANT EVERYTHING IT'S GOT I AND "* GOT EVERYTHING YOU WAR GENERAL MOTORS' SECOND LOWEST-PRICED CAR Let a Pontiac speak for it fte l^ Jake the wheel and teat it fully. Rate the power and pick-up. Mark the ftmootliness and comfort. Nolc the balance at curves ... at high tpeedi l EUIIU. NOTOll' Walnut ... at Btopz. Sense how U handles. Lenrn how eaay it I* to turn and park. Ponliaci»it*ownbcit»ale8- rnan. You will want everything it's got—and it** got everything you wantl YOU'LL BE PROUD TO OWN A pONTIAC LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. liroadway 1>llonc r Alt IV TIME Tires, ballcrics, radios, healers »nd other producis for your c»c can be bought on ihe Tircstonc Budget Plan for surprisingly little cash outlay and terms so small vou'll hardly notice them. Lkllx la Ikt Vaict o/ f't,"i.°" D '-j'M°i"'*I «i«fen KtrNiHuuriZ N.B.C Rid Ntluvrk Ton* iolht Flreuonc Voice of ll« I'rotcim twice «ch week dutins Doon Hour A MODEST PRICE FOR OUTSTANDING QUALITY PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut T HFRE is hardly more that could be desired in whisky perfection. Why not enjoy the satisfying mellowness that generous aging gives this quality whisky whose name and reputation dates back to the 7Q's? Early Times is one of the truly great names of the earlyKentuckywhisky making days and yet even at 4 years old, it is moderately priced. IBDWN fORMHK DISTIlltH COMPm,llftCS>0«MEO Al ininttli.. . I' Ktnhuly. ..Si'nft 1J7« * EARLY TIMES KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY SFORM'ANyUALIir

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