The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on January 23, 1904 · Page 3
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 3

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1904
Page 3
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THE INDIANAPOLtS MORNiNC STAR, SATURDAY, JANUARY 23. 1904. PACE THREE BELIEVED IB BE-OUT OF DANGER CONCLUDED FROM PAGE ONE. badly damagwd. Tho city controller will immediately rcadvertiso for bids for $40.-000 bridgii Itondtf that will provide money for a m;w stniraire there. SICK WOMAN CARRIED THROUGH 3 FEET OF WATER People Near the Atlas Engine Works Driven Out of Their Houses. Many families In Jackson Park, north of the Atlas engine works, were forced to abandon their homes yesterday. ' Water filled the lowland and continued rising until lato yestarday afternoon, when it began to recede slowly. Extending north from Twenty-fifth street, is one large lake, five feet deep. Arsenal avenue and Sheldon street, besides the lowland adjoining the rall'Md tracks, are flooded. The State ditch, which Is supposed to drain this section of the city, can not he seen. Residents are indignant over had drainage facilities, and say they will take Immediate action. Peoplo living on Arsenal avenue and Sheldon street were forced to leave their homes yesterday afternoon. Raised planks were laid from tho sidewalks to the nouses, so as to enable them to get Into heir homes to got their furniture. All the backyards in this neighborhood are filled with water, nnd ti, ih are unable to get fuel from the sheds. The worst sufferer from the flood was the family of William Brunson. 2325 Arsenal avenue. His wife and small baby have been seriously ill for several days, but the husband did not want to move them unless absolutely necessary. Yesterday morning the water rushed into his home, and within a few hours rose SSYm!1 in.?hesi Wrapping his wife and child In the dry clothing he could And. pi?c?s a cot. and with the nld of three neighbors, carried them to the home of a. friend. The men with the cot waded through three foot of muddy water before they reached dry land Several other families in the flooded section have children sick with measles but are remaining In their homes as lonii as possible, fearing tho exposure A number of people yesterday built rafts, and could bo seen padding to their sheds to save what fuel they could from being washed away. One man on Arsenal avenue who "rowed"to his shod to father stovewood that was floating on the water said the water In his barn was five feet deep. SAND MAT NEAR MORRIS STREET WHICH WAS WRECKED IN FLOOD I How To Cheaply Cure Worst Cases of Rheumatism STEAMER STELLA WRECKED AND PIERS CARRIED AWAY Ice Gorges Continue Their Work of Destruction About Riverside Park. BIGGEST RAIN IN YEARS 2.57 INCHES The total rainfall in Indianapolis for two days yesterday registered 2.57 inches, which is the biggest continuous rain Indianapolis has had in more tluin u var. At yesterday morning the temperature dropped, and the rain broke into a damp snow, changing to rain again at 11.43, and again to snow at li.10. There was snow west of Indiana yewti rdiiy. and as the hnromctor was rising, tho weather man predicted a continuation of snow Hurries and coiner weather tnday. At Qu' Appelio. Assinibola. there w?s a tymiH-rature of IS degrees below zero yesterday, but the weather man thinks that there in no danger of a cold wavo in Indianapolis, although the temperature will drop a little. There is as yet no clear weather in sight. It was thought late yesterday that the lee jam had completed its devastation along the river near Riverside Park, but not so. The river had little floating Ice. In it. but at 4 o'clock largo cakes collected just north of the park and camo crashing down the river, snapping off trees and carrying great masses of earth down stream. The Canoe Club, one of the heaviest sufferers of the Ice gorge, had a force of men at work steering the large cakes clear of the largo new boathouso, and the house only sufferad slightly. 'Some of tho upper woodwork had several holes torn In it. but tho floaters are mm saie, ana not damaged. Early yesterday when the mass that naa ocen rorming in the river jut below Thirtieth street broke" away, considerable damage was done. The small steamboat Stella, owned by Bert Tripp, whb caunht in this rush and splintered. Parts of it floated down stream, over tho dam, and loagea in the gorge near tho West wash' ington-street bridge. The Helen Gould was banked at the parK. nut owing to the solid jam that had lormeo aoout ir. ana tno many trees, th now was turned into mid-stream, and meretore mu not damage this boat. A launclinouse at the park, in which was a new launch owned by Carl Hableh, n member of tho Canoe Club, was torn away from its fastenings and swept away in me tossing neavy ice. it was valued at $700. has been impossible for people to reach the strcvt car line. Bosart Mrexel avenue and Lin-wood street wt-iL surging torrents of water and iioonle emiirt not lonv.. rimir- homes. Almost every cellar on the three streets Is llUed. The great quantity of water is in n measure duo to the old sewer running under Washington street being filled up when the new Eat Washington-street sewer, which is not quite completed, was built. There wns no way in which the water could run from the streets and it was not until yesterdav noon that the old sewer was again opened. INTERURBAN SERVICE BADLY INTERRUPTED In a houseboat on White river for more than four years. When the iee gorge was p.T the West Washington-street bridge, Mr. Kunkle and his wife pulled their hoat as far as possible up on the bank between the temporary bridge ami the new one. and went to bed. fearing tio harm. D. J. Wanitir. an old man who lives with them, kept watch. Ahout Z o'clock in tho morning he woke them up and told them the water was ahout to come In on them. They carried their furniture out of the boat and Mrs. Kunkle was sent to tho house of a neighbor. Mr. Warner went to watch the goods on the bank and Mr. Kunkle went, down to tho bank of the river and found a tIg wack bass in the Ico Jam. POLICE RESCUE EIGHT. ICE FLOES DISAPPEAR FROM BROAD RIPPLE Crowds View the Wrecks and Estimate Losses Danger Greatly Relieved. The danger at Broad Ripple was greatly rfli-nvd yesterday, owhiff to the dearies of the Ice. The water fell a font diuins the day, and was slowly receding early this morning. The Aquatic Club boathouse. which was lodged against the Vestfield I'llie wagon brlge. Is still lodged fast. For a time yesterday morning, whilo tho huge cukes of Ico were beating upon the wrecked boat, the members had little hopes of saving any of the furnishings. Heeause the boat Is so bady wrecked thRt it can not be repaired, the club offered to let. several men havo tho wood If they would save what furniture was left. I he nvn started to work early yesterday, nnd succeeded In getting out the piano and some furniture. The boat propelled by the huge Ice floe struck the wagon bridge with such terrific force that It was thought tlie bridge was rendered unsafe. The structure was tesled yesterday and found to be not damaged. The "Sunshine." owned by Cnpt. F n --."iseu. ;is uruy uaningou to the ox-tent of J50. The owner has for years grounded the steamer on a eral Rain and Weak Bridges Cause Inconvenience to Passengers. Their House Flooded and Locked on the Outside, Prevented Escape. With grappling hooks, ropes nnd poles. Captain Hyland and bicyclomen Simon and Morgan went In a spring wagon last night to the Fall creek bottoms, near Eleventh street, to rescue some people whose houses had been reported surrounded by water. Eight Individuals were found totally surrounded, locked in their bouse. Blcyeleman Simon had on high rubber boots nnd waded Into the water bravely and unlocked the door, which had been fastened from the outside. Eight ducks came swimming out after their long captivity to enjoy the copious flood of their favorite element. Several colored families in the neighborhood feared that the water would rise and drive them from their huts, and they were advised to move. One old colored man said that he would stay in his shanty till It went down tho river, and that he would go with it. The Uucks were uninjured. RAYS ROOST IN TREE. Only one washout from the high water was reported on tho intcrurban roads leading from this city yesterday. When orte of the cars of the Indianapolis & Cincinnati company was running slowly Just east of Fairland. the crew discovered a small washout. The car was stopped, and workmen from Fairland were soon on the scene to repair the damage. Owing to a break In the machinery at the ohlesvllle power house on the Indiana Northern line, cars were not running regularly yesterday. People who live in Broad Ripple and work In the citv were forced to walk a distance of several miles to get a. street car at the city line. It Is claimed that all cars on tho road will run on schedule time todav. The Indianapolis & Northwestern company is running small city cars to the Northwestern-avenue hridgo over Fall creek, which was considerably damaged by the ico jam, and the passengers walk over the bridge to get tho regular cars on the other side. The Indianapolis & riainlicld nnd the Indianapolis & .Martinsville lines nm cars irom inc center ol the city to the Morris-street bridge, which Is :.!jr nnra and connection is made with the internr- ban ears on the west side of tho bridge. All the roads crossing the river had watchmen at the bridges all Thursday night and yesterday morninjr. bur ti ta claimed these bridges were not damaged. HAVE NARROW ESCAPE. Are Taken from Their Perch In a Boat. When tho dawn enabled the officers at the Morris-street bridge to look for John Ray, his wife and mother, they were found in the top of a tree near the Ray boathouse. not far from tho place from which John Sehowo and his wife tried to escape when they were drowned. Ray. when lie could see his way. climbed from his perch to his boathouse, got his boat and rowed his family to the"i;hore, a short distance away. There were many houseboat dwellers who were aroused by the dangerous chugging of tho ice on the sides of their bnats and who hurried to shore to save their lives. At the Local Theaters j BiSb Vaudeville, i 3 . a v Thnnulyke. as j g HMjllimnutj.lmMiii. Kyle in "Ftnse- I H W il Knglish's this j E H B Height lines and N Al I i.Tisre tli" show as m W H I i B snow nas m MBOBOBBWfiffi f:iliil week will BU li'K .H-ls. manv of w hero: Max Wei- Rj ryt!i!';islK from Tier- Bri Wright's Rheumatic Remedv-Th Canadian Cure-never fails to cure and if you will place the cost of it in comparison with what you would pay your physician or at mineral baths and' sanitariums, you will appreciate the difference. Wright's Rheumatic Remedy costs but $1 per bottle-one month's treatment or 25 cents per week-while the physician, baths and sanitariums cost-well-experience has probably taught you. It is not the cost that bothers you. It is evidence of curative qualities you want. It is guaranteed that where six bottles are ordered and $5 sent us we will return the money if Wright's Rheumatic Remedy fails to cure. itnr e ilers not liavu It wrlt6 to the Wright Medicine Co., 1'eni, Indiana. For Sale In Indianapolis by WEBER DRUG CO., iClnypool Hotel). Cor. Washlnglon and Illinois Sts. Always aching hard to find relief sometimes sharp, shooting pains, other times dull, steady ache makes you weary and worn out. Little rest day or night. Kidneys cause it all. Kidneys keep the back bad when they get out of order. Backache is first symptom of kidney ills. Relieve the kidneys when they call for help or dangerous Dropsy, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Urinary disorders, Bright's disease come quickly, and then it's a struggle between disease and cure. Take Doan's Kidney Pills before it is. too late. AROUSED BY DELAYS. After Fleeing From the Ice Floes, the Kunkles Find Fine Bass. Whilf the ice jam in Whito river brought calamity to many, it brought good fortune to some. finite Kunkle and his wife have lived Mt. Jackson Citizens, Tired of Delays on Washlncjton-etreet Bridge, Protest. Mt. Jackson citizens, aroused because the West Washington-street bridge was not done long ago. will hold a mass meeting at the Mt. J;i'kson Sanatorium tonight, to discuss the bridge, tho county commissioners and kintlred topics. The old Washington-street bridge tumbled down two yrvirs ago this month, and the contract for the construction of the new bridge pruvldd for its completion several months ago. The love of Sir J;;.-.. portrayed by Howard mary," is to be si-n ; afternoon and tonigln. nappy comedy char revived. Tho Lnfnycto eo heen attracting nun Grand this wt't'k. The show at the : embrace tin- follow which an- entirely u son troupe of fn Hit; the La 'I roupe OtHii.-n. wire walkers; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Timm.-. assisted lv Mr. Harry Clark and Miss Maitie Temple, in a lively farce; M!h l-'lo Adler. vocalist; Blockson and (turns, ronu-dy gymnasts; Warron and Itlanehard. the slneer and the comedian; Mariinetti and Gross!. novelty eccentricities; James II. Cullou, the topical singer, and tho bloscoiw. with iue newesi mms. snowing uie great train robbery. Alice Gilmoro of th- "Ihir.nv Hoollcrui" company, which close at tho Park to-night, is rated as on- of the most prosperous women on the stage of popular-price theators. She lias what sho says Is a modest horn" In Philadelphia. l"it members of the company, who spent Thanksgiving with her there, say it is a beautiful place, and its mistress Is a royal entertainer. Miss Gllmore plays a comedy part In "Happy Hooligan" and htis been seen at the Park a number of times in melodrama. FIRE AND SMOKE SCAREMANY WOMEN Rat Gnawed Match and Set Newspapers Ablaze in the Laurie Block. ndianapolis Proof W. H. llp.iren of -1! Minerva street, produce dculcr of SS ami S!) of the East Market, says: "Ever since an attack of la Rrippe I wan subject to pain Ihroim'li my loins and kidneys. In Tact, my system lias never lieen right since. Tho kidney secretions were highly colored and offensive and 1 was subject to frequent attacks ol' headache and dizzy spells. I could not rest comfortably at nielli, anil in the morning I felt tired and stiff all over. I treated with different doctors, but none of their medicine seemed to reacli my case. When in bad shape I saw Doan's Kidney Pills recommended fur just, such symptoms. I sot a box at Henry ,r. Hudcr's drus store and began to use them. I felt better after a few doses, and they Anally did me a world of good." A TRIAL FREE TO INDIANAPOLIS STAR READERS tDoani: ni5. wit w cunt. Pv ff CrW box, ma ibfe eoasoa I FcwturwUllhn Oo.. UnffiUa, NTT. UtSn AT THE PESTHOUSE SITE. The lower part, of Cercnllntnwn was submerged last niRlit. The occupants nf twenty houses liad fled to liiKhcr ground for safety from the muddy water. The proposed site of the ritj- penthouse was under a foot nnd a half nf water. sann DanK. ncross the river from llio town of Broad Ripple, and has never met with any serious dnmnj?e. The "Pauline." tho only boat that camo through . the battle with the ico un- cnnal lh momh of t,,e Denny" Sullivan of Broad Hippie Is probably the heaviest loser. Ills worlt-boio, which was fastened to the bank at Broad Ripple Park, was the first to hi torn away by the rush of heavy Ice and cauBbt fire as II was Koins over the 'dam. I he charred ruins of the workshop are J '""J", " "" isiann ahout a mile aiut a half downstream from Broad Rlp- Sulllvan has built many boats, nnd had some fine woods with which he wns Keltic to nrnke canoes, stored In the work-boa I. His loss will probably roach several hundred dnllnrs. Yesterday mornhip the members or the Muntlc Club were out bright and earli-to see If their canoes wore still on the shore. A number of the ennoos that were tied to the boathouse were crushed. SURROUNDED BY WATER, WOMAN EXPECTED DEATH MAD MAN FIGHTS HIS RESCUER AND IS LOST Bravery of Rollo Morrison Who Tries to Save Life of Ice Gorge Victim Goes for Naught Nearly Loses His Own Life Before Taken to Safety by Warren Grider. A rat Riiawpd n match in Mrs. T)on-nell's kitchen nn tiu- second floor of tho Laurie Block, at thn corner of the i-irrlo and South Meridlim street, last nIkIiI. pettinp fire to sonif iiewspapt.'rM haiiKi"K about the wall. The smoke went u tho floor above and was so thick that people, suddenly awakened, thought the lmildlny on lire. J. Randall to restrain several women from Jumi.lns from tho third-story window. BRIEF NEWS ABOUT TOWN Exhausted and 111 When Dawn Finally Ended Her Long Vigil Valuables by Her Side. tier home totally surrounded by water Mrs. William H. Davis, ir, Linwood street, pfit up in her homo nil Thursday night expecting thn hnuso to be forced from its foundation, and a death by drowning. All nijrht Innff. in fear she snt. n few of her most, vnluable pnssesslnim by bor side. The water In tho collar below was nine feet deep. cnvcrlnR tho fuel jihc hud. She riiuld feel the water si i rump nualnst tho flnnr nf the room In which she sat. l-thmwh sho had a fire golnp all night tho floor was as cold as Ice, and she Is now ThP slcpfl In front of (he house were cHtrled away, nnd tho writer reached to the porch. All through tho night of terror Mr. Da- looked nut upon the con-Btantly rifling writer, nnd by morning she wriB nlmont frantic from fright. Tuxdo Park has bn submerged for the past two days; and on lome street! It Rnrffiiip nn the mirging, yellow water nf White river in a little open boat, face upwind, the body nf Jnhn Schnwe lies Mmwtiere poutb nf Tndianapolis. The biy fs tied tn the seat of the boat, end when Inst the craft and Its silent passenger were s'on, the upturned faco bore the pallor nf rfcath, Schnwe, who lived with his wife in a houseboat near the Morris-street bridge, wns thought to have been drowned early yesterday, hut. Frank Strnuh and other men enjingod In stopping up the Natinnat starch works' sewers on the river bank, heard Schnwe calling for help about dny-llght and he was later all but rescued. Mrs. Srhowe. who went down with him. was drowned and nothing hua been seen of her body. Through the darkness and tho fniy of the early morning tho men working at the ?owor could barely distinguish the outline nf a man nn a little Island in the middle nf the river. After mnny unsuccessful efforts to get a boat. Uollo Morrison, Jones and West streets, volunteered to save the life of the frantic man. Pushing his little craft from the shore some distance above the fast disappearing island, he eluded the crashing, jamming ice nnd landed beside Schowr. Hut for the fact that Sehowo wns wild from his fearful experience In getting to the Islam! on a calm nf Ice, they would have reached shore without dlfflrultv, but hts plucky rescuer soon found thnt li hmi more than the surging river to enpo with. Sehowo wns Insnne nnd. though weak from exposure, he fought. Morrison desperately when he tried tn land him In tho bout. After somo pffort tho man .was got Into tho boat and tied there. The Journey ,; the shore ws mnde doubly pehh.-is i,y the delirium of Schowe. Ho n,!,., nu.tit j tno mU(i boat until Morrison snw that, there wns Immihent danger of capsizing. Morrison dropped an our ant! In reaching for it fell from the boat. Schowe. tied hi the boat, floated nwfiv Morrison then swam hack to the Island It was some time before another boat could be found In which to effect the rescue of Morrison. Warren Grider m West Minnesota street, volunteered to go tn his rescue. Morrison, who had been nn the Island for nearly two hours, was standing In witter ankle deop :ind was clinging to a willow tren when Gridor readied tho island, but he was still conscious and he was taken to shore without mishap Weakened and chilled from his terrihlo experience, he was taken to hta home In the City Dispensary nmbulnnce. which had gone to the scene to take nwnv the man he tried to rescue. No will recover Where the body of Schowe is now is a mystery. Watson CnX nf WpsI Nowton was standing on the White river bridge near thnt place yesterday forenoon when he was startled by the ghastly sight of what he took to be a ilond man in n bortt Thorn wns a tlttlo water in the boat and the man, who lay perfectly stlll. had one shoe off. The hoat floated tho bridge nnd believing the man In the boat to be dead, nn one cared to risk his llfn by swimming after the body. Mrs. Schowe hud consumption nmi went to live In the houseboat on ndvlco of her physician. Sho was Improving when she met her rinnth. She le-ives n son. Kred Kerrler. n. brother, Will Mr Auly. nnd four sistersMrs. J. n,irr nf Elwood. Mrs. James Evelnnd, Mrs. fitner Alchels, Mrs. August Laliman of Indian, apolia. GOSPEL MKKTI.v; There will he a Rnspcl meeting at the V. VY. O. A. .Sunday, January 'J4, at 4 . in, led hy Allan Anna Mlnlch. Air. Churl. Tarkfr of thin city will aing. TEACIIKK TO KKSIISX Chimin Thnrno Tuck, who lms t:uitcht niutlK-mntlrs jit Shnrtrhlg for tin- lust y-ur, will reMn In February to acc.M.r n position In th Co-lumt.fii National Himl;. BARN' nABLAZE H-nry Schnull'B bum caught (Ire yrni-nby afti-raoon from an overheated atov :y quick work tho tint-mMi wiVijil the brim from dvHtructlnn. Thn damaKC was aboui SHOE KIKM'S NEW NAME Charles H. Shlverlck and .Miii-.n S. Flornht-lm, proprietors of the Ki'iiln'lm Company. nin. dealers, have ille.i ,-i pctltlnn with tho court asking ppnnlHsl-iii i.. changn th" nam: tn the Slilvorfok-Fl'nli' im Company. II.IXSTRATKI I.K( I LRE Dr. .bUmMoji, professor of Latin at Indiana l'nlver.'ilty, gave a loctun: at Slutrtrldgi; Friday morning on the "Unman Hnusf." Dr. , Ik a master of Latin and edited tlin loro, now used In the linllf napolls High School. HOFFMAN AICKITi;i Hy Hoffman, CH2 Bevllln avenue, wns arrested yttaterday on the charge nf c.uitiK 310 on a viriiiI.--N check for $52, Mk" '1 "A. L. Leonard," from Christian Lutj:. Milrlitwood. He know I.utz and took tic- Hicck to Brlghtwood to get tlm money on n WHEAT IS COMKHtTABLE fien.lnmln Wheat, clilef rAvtk at tire headquarter, who hod his hIiuII fractured by falling box In front of the American Troiiders Tom pnny factory Thin 'ilay, wn renting weji yentenlay. lie Ih Mill at at. Vincent's II-.m pit al, CIKL Itl NAWAV t At tillT AnKeie F.,r rer, thirteen t 1 . who escaped fmm the BnanI of ihfli)i h'h (bmrdhinn' llotnn at Irvlngton a ni'-n'h ago, wa.n captured lv ofllcer William A. .i"V'e of the board v-s-terdny. Sin- had ' n In several ttidlana .towns since she nm fnm the home, imt-less nnd cnatl'-i. mi-i walked in that c.ti rtltlon through tli" '"''I from Irvlnnt.m to Indlanii pntts. FIHST HAITI ST SKKVICKS Among Presentation Jewels, Trophies, Love Cups, Emblem Goods, Badges We are prepared 1o deliver on short notice all kinds nf articles for presentation. 1 'sIkhk arc cbet iftilly sulunilted and our work is guaranteed of the highest order. Julius Walk , INDIANA'S LEADING JEWELERS. Members Merchants' Association. TRAINED NURSE TELLS HER EXPERIENCE WITH DR. GREENE'S NERVURA Sellers Bros. LOMBARD BUILDING j 24'A E. Wash. St. ; DENTISTS music nt tin evenlni: by the I'l. will ho a contrail- Vine ItPtleiMlier," 1 Mw. Myrtt" r,ew, chorus choir wilt ' Run No More Sh.; Robert's anllieiii. ' Tho u'l'Ttei's ? "Savimir, HreaHi' Pr. Villers Mill Mf.i pathetic Hrntlie?-.'" ''enipatr capital Htoclt nf V Incorporation wltM yesterday. The Mi Fon. C. L, Dnwell. Carpenter and .1. ); which tiled artlrl- press ( HI '"oitipitii stock, f l.ftfiM.ot'i; ! vested JlO.dliO; M. of the company. 1 Corn pnny of Hmit; IIm.OOO; dlr-ctors. Myer- y. o, will nn a k. Shiv.-i rnmpany ff ii.-.ii.-stock. Jlfl.OlKi; die ('urrenl. Pr'-ston ' a N. E-lKlir. N-Marten bounty Coi crenFe In Its cnjili.i ISfi.nftn. The Ani--i f.ohimbus gpv 'pera House Sumliiv Itnfptt church ctiolr "lo. riouriiid's "o im- i-li violin oMItfatn hv ''nnieron. Tin hirirn inler Wnudward'H "Tim i H" Thy LlRlit." and l.'Td. We l,v Thee " t'"i 'Mt lie Kehtierler f'H Kvenlntf nielnt; -k on "l.', l nir Sym- -'! It" f'.lohe font Miiiiii--f S.tiitti fiend, wltli a ".""'. tiled ,irtleles of i'io Secretary nf Stnfn 'I'-is am S. M. Itohin-I II. Ooodinan. M, T ilbot. Other concerriH : esterduy wmc: i;mi--' nf Arizona; cnpltal ii Indiana thnr Is In-!; Itenftun Is secretary inent-Stone and ftrlejc Hnd: capital stork. ? M. fiohinhon, I!, ij VV?',P- W- ''"ilKlmiau Italfwny f) am rjn- .'ay county; ni(lt!tl "rit. M. Dull. William Vllllarnfin and I e wns Riven hv the - rnrtlnn Co. of In tock from Jt"..firio t - in Starch Cornpnnv nf "i n rcuncrinn In Its cnpltnl stock from ? -"0.nQ0 to jrO.()00. If you nJoy deltei'nm, crispy brown pan-tkci, try Mn. Austin'!. CANCER Tumors, Scrofula, Eczema, Ulcers, Blood Poisoning and Catarrh are deadly germ diseases rooted in the blood and slowly but surely kill if not arrested. Drink Radam's Microbe Killer, the great internal antiseptic and blood purifier and be cured. A proven specific and pleasant to take. Don't waste time and ' money on temporary relief. Radam's cures to stay cured. SOLO BV H. J. HUDER Both Stores C. IV. EICHKOOT, 227 S. Illinois SI. ami am. iicr;r;iN'rs. Writr lor Thr Wm. Nailam Mirroh- Ki!lCr,. Fffn Book. Prince .St.. New York. Grippe is surely coming. Don't wait for it. If you are run down and thin and take cold easily, try SCOTT'S EMULSION It will strengthen and fortify your system and keep you well. trained m;i:np;, mrs. nmik o. mjooAU. . - Mrs. Annie 0. Dujfjran. of 0 St. Charles Str.,;t, Boston, Mass., for fifteen years hnx Icon employ,-,! ;,s a nurse in the Boston Hospital. Hw reputation m her profession is of the hifrhrst, a,l 1.P pini(irl, Uiat Ur GrcRnc.s NerTHra blood and nerve remedy will cure rheumatism and sciatica, is therefore worthy of the greatest consideration. Mrs. Dujrpin says: "I was troubled with sciatica for over four months and was treated l,y three different, physicians, but received no relief. As a last resort my friends advised my trying lr. (Rene's Xcrvura blood and nerve remedy, which did, and in six weeks I was a well woman. Although it was four years ago I have had no return of the trouble. ' My sister .!,, was troubled with rheumatism, and I advised her to try lr. r.reene s .Nervur;,. which she did. and received rjreat relief from it. I con-snlcr )r. -eenes Nervura a K1M.,1 to me. and rr,ly recommend it." is a bio,l disease. The circulation is impaired, and the blood becomes stagnant and impure. Dr. (Jreene's Nervura cures rheumatism by restonng normal en,l,t,os, so that a moderate use of the remedy will eauso the to d.snppear. Of purely vegetable origin, Dr. Greene Nervura blood and nerve remedy acts in concert with natural laws and produces its permanent effect hy feeding and enriching the blood supply. It is an ideal tonic when run down or exhausted, and nothingcan exceed its inherent power to cure the lnig.ring diseases that, wreck tho lives nnd hopes of men and women. Dr. (Jreene was many years discovering and perfecting the medicine which wns Anally offered t the world as Nervura, and his earnestand skillful work has been demonstrated by the record of cure which this remedy has matin diirinR' many yoars. If there is anything about your case you do not understand, write to Dr Greene, mi Fifth Avenue, New York City. Bis advice is free. Your Druggist recommends and sells Dr, Greene's Nervura. HENRY J. HUDER, Pennsylvania and Whlnaton streets, 22 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, Ind. Lour & Ktter, I.chanon, Ind. Shelhurn Urns., Zlunsvllle, ind. Monro llriin Cn., Rlclimnml, Ind. A. M. Andrews Co., Connersvllle, Inc, J. lj. Rlchoy. CambrltlRo city, Ind. L. M. Kraushnunr. Modoc. Ind. Given ft Campbell, Frankfort, Ind. i. U. Orr & Bon, Arcadia. Ind. Morrison & Doprez. Slietnyvllle, Inu. ,. C. Haiti win. Nohlcsville. Ind. inver & Homier, Greensburg, Ind. f. Koxcnlhnl. Tipton, Ind. r. ,. c. iiowran, Dublin, Ind. H. R. Hates, Knltomn, Ind. y. F. Kvnns, Mnrlon, Ind., corner Third nn,l WnshliiRtnn streets. Wnlter H. Kessens, Anderson, Ind. Thomns E. Morris. Atlanta, Ind. Itarnrove ft Mullen, Rushvllle, Ind. W, Z. Colllngs, Cicero, Ind.

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