Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on October 11, 1917 · Page 13
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 13

Detroit, Michigan
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Thursday, October 11, 1917
Page 13
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SPORTING NEWS . ' FINANCIAL BUSINESS DETROIT, MICHIGAN, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, Mil' pnPold Grounds, Their Home, Giants Turn Tables on Commy's White Sox RUBE BENTON, PITCHING SENSATIONAL BALL, GETS 2TO0 DECISION OVER EDDIE CICOTTE BEFORE MAMMOTH GATHERING OF FANS AMERICAN LEAGUERS FOUR GIANTS WHO STARRED IN DEFEAT OF WHITE SOX WEDNESDAY. WOLVERINES DON'T GET FARTHER 3P? JUST MANAGE TO WIN OUT THAN SECOND BASE Fourth Inning, the Big Period throw or Rowland's Men Dave Robertson's Bat Large Factor in Final Result Nothing Spectacular About the Game. N BY E. A. BATCH ELOR. New York. Oct. .10. Manager John J. McGraw brought his guess-' , nig average up lo .333 this after- ! noon when he nominated "Rube" Benton to lead a counter-attack on the White Sox, then in possession of New York's first and second line of trenches. Accompanied by a wide curve bail of the variety popularly known . in -our best amateur circles as a "drop." the bulky southpaw not only carried out Ins assignment to I he satisfaction of all the New: York shouters, but threw in a shutout for good measure. Now it is a well recognized fact that a lefthander with a real curve sometimes can beat the Sox, providing his control is perfect and he can keep on putting stuff on the sphere. Benton lived tip to these' specifications on (his occasion and there never was much danger of his being anything but the winner unless . the Giants took to booting the ball all over the place on him. The principal til (Terence between Benton and Kddie Oijeotte, who played a return engagement on the mound for Rowland, wax that Fiddle had onn bad liming. while Rube' didn't slip at ail. fit tlut fourth, which ly the way seems to be the chapter in which the denouement arrives In all this year's world's chii mpioush Ip games, i-'d . die let them bunch it triple, double :uid single on him for two runs. Be-iore and after this he was excel -lent, though found for five safeties In addition to thuso three that wrecked him. Duvc'm Triple St a rift It. Dave Robertson's triple, which wtuld have been a circuit wallop with something to spare if it hadn't joue so far out toward center . Held, started tin inning that Drought victory to the Giants. It . was a legitimate three- bagger on aiiybodys ball yard, and a home run for the lioet Dave on anv nark that has a deep dexter, meadow. Following thin wh:if-k ": nrt Jwii ! tli.. . cheers of the crowd still malting the welkin ring. Walter Ho lite slapped a linor to left. "Shano" Collins, -who gave a wretched exhibition of Holding all day. tried to raich the ball, though there wasn't a chance, and instead of Mock ing; it. let it go by for a double, iioberison. of course, walked home. As t hings turned out, Collins's failure to use his head mid hold the ilolke tick to one base cost a inn. But what was one run more or less when the .Sox I'mgot to make any" llarlrien luicriucrd. thereby ast.uontl- ing the western c..ri:Tngeiit. who had h.'guu to believe that limitation was ugatnst the rules f the National league. With J-lolkt on third. Cicotte settled down and"took Ltenton on three witched halts. Hums foozled utin down third hum: and when (MenUe rinally got to the ball, il was too late for a play anywhere. Kddio took a shot ;.i Hums just for luck, bow ever, mill hfiivi-.l tlx; b:ill nsiMt GaudI). enabling ;e"i-ge to innke second, lie remained Hone while t iaudil dust roj cd i.ji7.K v a sterling catch of a roul that In: hai to nil-it rlirht. off the handsome fea tures of oitii of the box holders. Thru The Hoys., luil. Thai was all there was t. tbo ball game so far as scoring was concerned. A two.basc muff by John ("Toll Ins in the H-st and another htirsdaX) Saecial :t'i arc offcr'm'j c t men's suns at a very special price of $22.5(1. moie ana aoul'te hreasi-cd models -in plain and striped materials. They are the last ivord hi style. And in color and finish they run the iamut of good taste. Just ?22.50 today at the "I' Service" Shop of 70 WiiHliingtmi Blvd. war t. rr Today fine lot a iki Moor WORKINGMENl Some men tell their wives all their secrets except "where they bay their pants," but the woman should know where they should buy to best advantage, and that means to save cash. See what we sell at $1.50. up. Get wise. THE PANTS SHOP 44 BROADWAY. of This Series, Sees Over in the third put it up to Cicotte to pitch fomc great baseball, but- he was fully equal to these demands and retired the side 'rimless. After the horse was stolen, so to speak, the little Detroit Frenchman locked the door and in the last four Innings New York put but two men on. each of them hitting after two, were out. Chicago got just live scattered hits off Benton, all in different innings and four of them with two gone. One of the (piintet was a fluke double by Weaver, who placed a. pop My where Fletcher could' reach but not hold it. Another was a slow roller that Kddie Collins out-sprinted with two dead in the ninth. If the Sox ever had an opi portunity to win the game, this was it, for Joe Jackson, who has a penchant for pushing the worsted lino the right ileld section of the stand was duo. Joe could have earned brackets with Baker. Kelsch Uowdy and all the rest of thchome run heroes of history ancient; medieval and modern, but ie was content to give the Giants "their hard won victory and JMed to Kietclter. Possibly the Sox might have scored in the. eighth if Manager Uowland had not slipped a cog in strategy and let Cicotte bat for himself with a man oh first and only one out. Weaver's trick double opened this inning and Scan Ik's grounder resulted In the dismissal of "Uuck" on the lines. This looked l:ke the spot for a plnch-swattist. even though Chicago is rather poorly equipped with supernumeraries that club from the natural side of the plate. Kddie got the count up to three and two and then struck out -on a bad hall. Schaik being doubled at second. If he had been content to wait, lie would have been on first. Schaik would have reached second and the top of the batting order might have done something. Bu; Rowland had onlv one guess in this situation, white the. writer and the rest of the fellows that criticize his judgment can have all they want. Otic Man HencbcM Krrmone. Weaver was the only Chicago man to get on second base. He uiuue iwu louts to mat otherwise, i isolated station, getting the beiie- nt or l-'ietcher's muff, after he had been tagged out stealing in (he second and coming along again with his fluke two-bagger In th eighth. Only six of tlu, Hose were on speaking terms with Uolke all day. the five that hit and -Schaik. who was safe on a fielder's choice that resulted In Weaver- retire- iiniiit in tiio semi-final canto. No- . "' "'""oreu inimertuan. Benton certainly wasn't a" bit stingy with Ids curve b:ill Th. jwx practically got nothing else to hit at. The only use "Rube" had for fast ones was to help himself ... num. -i mi as nn seiaom ho. iu one. tins expedient was not "nniiiMQ. nt Kept ine ball breaking low all the time and that Is a style of delivery that no batter cares much about when it is good. Moth pitchersi had excellent control and both got through flic aaine i l-". 11 Yftry .sl,li,V number of balls Ui mi. . .onoy got a pass and it was rarely that the count reached three and two. Cicott .nlri have had a complimentary ticket if u " patient in tne eighth, but being a much better pitcher than hitter he wasn't going to let anything get by without a wave in this ticklish situation. it was not a particularly brilliant nor thrilling game, though then; were some good plays. In fact, outside of the fact that it was pan of the iracas for tin world's hanipion-shlp, fans probably would have railed it a gruat exhibition of on Hen inn's part and let it go at that. tJand'l's spearing of a foul tiiat was trying u, mingle with the box holders was the most spectacular defensive episode of the afternoon. A catch by Robertson, who skimmed flandil's drive off the front of the right field wail, ran ii a close second. Dave's catch was the more valuable ot the two, foe it cut off a run. Ilobfiie started TlilnijCH. The big hero of this imbroglio was Robertson, who began the winning rally and kicked in with two other hits that were wasted because not propitiously placed. Dave played a system in his halting, taking a cut at the Hist ball each limo up. Two of liis hits wore made on Clcotte'a Initial offering. Me missed oim swing on his second appearance at the plate, but this jusi sharpened his (-.'! and the next one he hammered to the hinterland of J oa Jackson's outlying provinces. The rest of the Giants wore not troublesome to Cicotte, though five of them got a hit apiece. Zimmerman finally broke iu wih a safety, which took th.i anaemic form of a (lubber toward third that nobody could reach in time for u play. Mcnnv Kaulf remained In the maiden class, but was twice nut on second base by John Collins, who seemed to be using some kind i,f a pneumatic glovr.. Perhaps the rat; l that "Slumo" was playiru; CoiMltiiird on 1'nge I'oiirti-en. THE SCORES KIItjiT liAHi:. ? ;:iih-H(r s I New York 1 I Hat'orlei h ottf and T Snllee and Mrf'nrlby. I Si; ONI (i.UIK. New York ' ft ' BatterirH l-'nlfr and Kdinlk; ' Scliupp, Amlemoii, IVrrltt, Tesreou ' mill Aid nri.iy una jta riil en. ' Tiiiitu (iA.di:. ittillerlrx t'Uoiif and .Srhulk; null Kurt den. , Maumeeans Show Little in Way of Football Ability and University Rolls Up 145 Points. Scoring at the rate of almost three points per minute the University of Detroit football eleven ran- up a score of 145 to 0 on the hapless University of Toledo gridders at U. of L. athletic Held Wednesday afternoon. The Maumeeans did not onVr even a good workout for the lied and White athletes, who greatly outweighed them, and appeared to have very little football training. On the strength of this victory, despite its proportions, the University rooters need not become unduly excited as to tne .outcome i tne game w .vliehigan u week hence, as the oppo sition was inrciior to tuai any oin of the Detroit high school asgrega tiona could have inusterd. The visitors iid not tackle, block or do anythitijr else well ' and. in stead of pro.vttt itm the university the i .Miecieu guou woi koui oetoie .uicni-: Kan is tackled, the uamu may have a bad eiTect on the Ited and White because of Its ouc-sldediicss. From the time l-'ullback Laucr racea yarns ttirougu teit tacKie on the rtrst play following kicko:i just H aeoonas alter Iteferce "Lms- ty" line's whistle - had started tilings, the hamlwruinir on ih,. was visible to the rooers who viewed the slaughter. l-'rum then on the scores t;ainu iiiick and ias, souie-tiiues only one ulay lit;iu iicossarv for a counter and sometimes two, the limit being a aozeu. Hut once did the visitors hold to. downs and not once aid mey niHi-...i a tlrst-down. Out of the awf illness of the score several stars shone. Kd wards. bit u or, Krentler, Allen and i-'itayer-ald displayed real caliber in the backfleld, while Voss. lloBan. Ken-ney, ilarwood and Vohpy showed well on the line. At the tlanks 1lch-em-odo and ftllsncr had little to do. but Ii; such a struRsle il is unfair to pica stars as no rem test was given. " Und runs and plunges off tackle were used during the earlv purt of tlie fray and then the aerial method of attack was cut loose on the un-susriectinp; Maumeeans with deadly effect, Kichenrodo looking good on the receivinar end ami '.du.-itrilu nm PItzg-crald showed some nice heaving. v-uucn u'uity usen a regiment ot substitutes in the second quarter, -then sent his first choice men back in the third quarter, finishing with the subs in the i'ual period. The bl scoring section was the, third. In which 5:. points were accumulated. Twenty-two touchdowns and I :! goals .from neld were included In "he total score. .Summary: 1". UK D. ' i;NlV. TOI.ICDO. Ki'-hetirnde I- E fompbolt Viwwi I j. T.. ' X. Keller Itnt08in Koniiey .... Ilarwood IfQRnn liltsner .... Vhwtrdw .. Allen PlUKcralft MtUIT J Tillaiiui t)CHZlttT .. Adklnfl . Ktarkey C. Keller . . Mrtrsan .. .Mntier ... fbillly n. g... U. T.... n. K . . . ,Q. II. .. ,1.. H... n. h... .F. !!.... S(-ro by junrters I t'. e IX . 3: Toledo 55 31-115 Touclulowns KltxKnrald . fcldwnrii,, 4; r.aner 3. Allen 2. PIhuIh 2. Kleh en rod i -J. K rentier, !.ca van wort b. il. Gniney. loilst-iiur. .f. Ilrciuutn. Goals from loucli'lown Allen 2 In 5: Voss-JO In 12: Knmi.irr 1 in r.. Referee I.ntie, tr. of M. Kmplre tiwton. I, of M. Head Hneoninn PittvciD St. Marys. Time of quarters IS. U. 15 an.i IL' uitMiti's. Suliatltutious; ir. of i.--sm-Ifvnn fur natc-jon; .1. Hrcntiiin for Kd-wur'ls; K rentier roe I.iiticr: K. Gulncv for Fitzxerni'l: I.e;n t-'iiuonli for JCHaitor; II. Gulr.ey for Allen: siteiner for Harwooil: I'lsiild for Sullivan; Yohev for Hocan: iiniid for Ktmey; V. iirommn for Vo.: .McCniialanil for Yoliey: Uoylo for Stelner: Contell). for R. Gttlne.-. TIGERS WORKING HARD l.enmnii'M 'I'cnin Preparing for Scn-Mon'N Opener With Silent h. .ludfTiiiK by tfie stuff displayed by the - Kord Timers at their dally workoutH at Muck perk, a well-conditioned team will oppose the Detroit &ilents at Koesink'y lot Sunday afternoon.- Coach Xycain an is Rivlns his guud u stiff drill in rudimentary tactics every evening us he considers this more important for thu openlne Kami! qf the senson than Intricate and fancy plays. A clever bunch" of players will carry the Ford Tiger colors and the hoys should be rijfht out In front in independent football circles' in Michigan- HOW THE MONEY IS DIVIDED. Atteritfance,, three games. 07,616 Gross receipts, three games $219,386.00 National Commission's share 21,938.50 Players share, three games 118,467.90 Each club's share, three games 39,489.30 This Is official list of figures furnished by the National Com-" mission, under whose direct supervision the world's series games are conducted. Players share in first four games. RARIDEN. ' HOLKE. RORKtTi. EVANS TO PLAY IN A FOURSOME ATBLOOMFIELD "Chick" Will Be Paired With Hjgh Vaughn Against Jimmy Standish and Wilbur Oakes in 36-hole Match Sunday. l.uvers of golf will have an oppor tunity to see a foursome Sunday j that should product ivo of some j very clever playing, inasmuch as "Chick" Kvans, Jirtimv Hlamlisli. I Hugh .'"jttiKhn and Wilbur Oakes wilt be. tlie principals. The liiateh will be played at tin: Bloom fluid Mills Country club and will b,: started at 1 0:110 o'clock. Thirty-six holes will be pl.vvcd. Hugh Vaughn will be paired with Kvans against Dalies ami Standish. Kvans will come here 1'ttts-burs, whrc he makes his laat stand in his Ited t;ross fiiu.l eain ptiign be i ore visiting Uen-oit. The proire.-s will lo iiiru-tl over h Untied Cross .tnd a lare ainoittit mi- uouuieuiy wii: tic con I :i buted. tin v vital ions have l-'ou sen; to eve. gutting enthusiast in this vicinity. "Chick" Mvans has ttceit work it haid iu his efforts to increase the turn .ro.-s tuna and It is estimated mat close to SJO.mio ai readv I ocen gleaned from his special matches all over the count ry. A largo gallery followed Jii N'leholls niiti Aleck Smith annind the Country club links in the middle of June' in their beneilt match for the Ud Cross with Archie 'Simpson and leo uicKei, mu a larger crowd is assured by the aoilitv of the con-lesiant!'. "Chick" 'Kvaus ranks with the best in the world. Wilbur Oakes is a consistent I y good proteslonul golfer .whll,. Jim Standisii will bu ren-.enibered as three-time .Michigan champion and ruuner-up to Kvan.s in llti-t and lttl.1. when the latter cap-tuiCiL. Hit- western aoi.iteiii- title Jimmy ftl.f i;ainetl consld'-r.t.bli; pres- nge oy eiiniiuaiiug i-iaueis otiimet and W. C. Kowms in the national amateur at. the Detroit Country club in Iftlii He beat ottimet ttv 5'and I. Jlugh Vaughn is an able golfer and with a partner as capable as "Chicl:" ICvans should give a good account of bimseir. Thus,- who attend the Sumlv match will not onlv see totinotcln::s in action, but win be doing their ittb- bit for the Ited Cross fund. NORTHEASTERN CHANGES DATES WITH WINDSOR Norlhi-astern hfLfh's football fam Will'tilav at Wilnlsor 1'ridnv nfi..i- noon' instead of .Saturday, us orig inally scheduled. The advancement of the garr.9 one day was mutually agreed unon by i...uehcs i:miiL:t'.n and I' red Windsor and Nortlieastfin are equally matched, both team. being liKhuiini,' fast and liRlit. OoriMider-ahle intrr-Kt Is befntr manifested in this contest since Northeastern bf'iil f:,:i-i Teh 1.. u t.. f. , while Windsor nv: Tech a sound w .r i i-M Mit- ut a pry c i ice airair. Windsor has Oclober 1'7 open due to cancellation hv :hn hiffh schoid deiuiflment tam of the 1 'niversit of Detroit, l-'aculty .Manager W ii Df.wnvj Is maltinff an effort to fill ibis date with softie M:c)iipranhitrh school. He ctiii he reached at the : Windsor hlpii sciuiol, Windsor. Ont. OFFICIAL SCORE. Chicago J. Collins, If. McMulUn, 3b E. Collins, 2b Jackson, rf. Fe'.sch, cf. Gandil, 1b Weaver, ss. Schaik, c Cicotte, p Totals New York Burns, If Herzog, 2b Kauff, c. f. Zimmerman, 3b Fletcher, ss Robertson, rf Holke, 1b Rariden, c Benton, p Totals . Innings. Chicago . . . New York . Two-base hits Holke, Weaver. Three-base hit Robertson. Double play Rariden and He.-zog. Left on bases Chicago 4, New York 8. First base on errors Nsw York ii. Earned runs Off Cicotte 2. Struck out By Cicotte 8, by Benton 5. Umpires At the piste, Klern; first base, O'Loughlin; second base, Evans; third base, Rigler. Time 1:55. JULIAN HELPING M. A. G. MENTORS 'Carp" and Other Alumni Are Assisting Coaches Brewer and Gauthier to Whip. Aggies Into Shape. 10. Hard scritnnuitin-f' and separate coachiiiK for lite back ill Id men featured today's practice at M. A. C, "Carp" Julian, famous bai-lt of thru'.- yo.ars auo. turned up today ami took char ire of backfleld men. Other alumni are ox pfcetea shortly to nein umencs . urewer ana t;au-tiiit-r round out the team. Kvervbodv realizes that the lintif is short for molding the toart; Into a machine, for the Michigan contest and from now on the men will be Kivt-n the hardest kind of drilling. White Michigan is said to -have n fcxuHlpnt team, the, Farmers at-ft by no means scared, und they promise to play the b.-L :ime of the- staaon iii Ann iVruor. LEWIS BEATS SCHULTZ StraiiKlcr ana Tofolnn Victor?- In StrulRht Foil. it didn't require Strangle!- Ed. Ir-wis very lonsr to convnjc Carl Schult7. that roolinp with hiBh-class wreHtlers isn't the best road to success. Lewis made his first appearance hers in several years at the Mnnsc temple Inst night and entertained the crowd, which was iara-e. bv t.n. Jn Schultz on his head tn s t might For a bip man welshinK 36 pounds. Lewis is exceptionally' npneuy. nu wnne ne apparently toyed with Schuitx. there waan't anv question about who was iroincr tr win when the strangler became derions. At the conclusion of a little more man ia minutes hc.nuitz felt his broad shoufdors kiss the mat and he experienced the same sensation minutes after the men started for the second fall. Summing it alt up. SuhultK had about as much chance against . I-cwls as a snowball oh a The Other half of the entertain. ment resulted In a victory in straifht falls for Demetrius Tofolas over imiii uison. i nft jriant uree-ic won -the first fall in I minutes and took the second In 5 minutes and 55 seconds. Charley Best save excellent satisfaction as referee, the -ponderous fellow showing unexpected ability In stepping around and making certain of his decisions. A.B. R. H. T.B. S.H. S.B. O. A. ..40 0 0 0 0 1 0 . ,1 0 0 0 0.0 0 1 ...4 0 2 2 0 0 3 2 -.4.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 . .3 0 1.1 0 0 5 0 ..3 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 . .3 0 2 3 0 0 0 2 . .3 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 ..3 0 0.0 0 0 0 1 .31 0 5 6 0 0 24 6 A.B. R.' H- T.B. S.H. S.B. O. A. ..4 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 ..4 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 ..4 0 000000 -.4 0 1 1 0 0 0 3 ..4 0 0 000 1 4 ...4 1 3 5 0 1 1 0 ..4 1 1-2 0 . 0 15 0 ..2 0 1 1 1 0 7 4 ..3 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 .33 2 8 11 1 1 27 14 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 .0 0000000 00 .0 0020000 x 2 HENDRIAN WILL PLAY AT U. OF D. Former Central High Star Back; is Taking Law Course and Will be Out for Football Team at University. Hutch" ffundrlaii, fornix r He-troit Central mid ..yauw university football star, lias catered the University or Detroit and is n member of the football suuaT. , llendrlan former) v was .inar.ter-baek for Detroit Central when that team played Kvtrett HUjli ot ,lS-ton to a Ktand.stlll f,n- tii iii"h school champloriiihip. ft- also played fullback and haltback t'or t.oach Busk's Depauw team )ast ytar and had Ids ArM workiui with the L. of D. Tuesday. lio was yol used in 'Wednesday's Kiime but will be (riven a chance 'at tullhack. In which position he nrob-P'W atfoinst Miuhlsan. Dutch fs taking the Utw coiirae and suou!d prove a valuable man for the university . eleven. Awarded exclusive sales ritihts at the Military Exchange, Camp Custer. SHOES Best ma: the latest I at fonstbivtit price YE BOOTERYE T- J. Jackson, Mijr. DAVID WHITNEY BUILDING CENTRAL LOSES CAPT. BRENKERT FOR FLINT TILT Blue and White Leader Still Suffering From Kick in Head Received at Toledo Last Week; Maxon Playing Full. Uelni; n tirni believer I" the statement that a team is no stronger I h.-in its subs tit ulejt, Coach Ultr-rcutfh.-' ran' i think overly much or his Central !( igh ' team's chance to v. allop K'int Central at Goldberg held Saturday. Burroughs stated last night that his substitutes wr rather weak and witli " 'aptain Hrenkert on the HldeMnes, the backfleld Is weakened f-ivatly. lii enkei t was kicked In the he.-id at Totadf last- Saturday, was uiicfinwiims for several hours, and l siill dizzy frohi the effects i'i" tin: iu jury. Cunscii'i'mtly, he has not been out f-.r pro dice ond Maxon. one of the reservei, has been Haying fullback. -Maxon played at Highland nrk last year but Is much lighter than Central's leader and less experienced. The Detroit era u!:;o will feel the loss of Brenkert's punting. Left Knd Ivutczynskt and Ift Itolf McCallum have been doing tho kicking hut neither can approach Brenkcrt's ability. . Maxon weighs about 1 .15 pounds. He did pretty well in the practice game with Eastern Wednesday in which Central scored li vi- touchdowns and a safety for Ka.tern. He hasnf the power and ytreiigth behind IiIh plunges that Ftrenltert t mas is. however, although he is a lighter from the word go. Flint is sort of worrying Burroughs as the Vehicle Cily tads held itrand Itapids Central tf, a us t0 7 score last Saturday. Flint was scn here the Inst time three, years ago when an awful walloping was served them in what was billed as a state championship game. Just what I-lint will show here Saturday is not known, a good team was had by that school last year and it Is said t hat a number of veterans are back. Sit- CiilTcy for 950,000. Voi k. Oct. 10. James J.Cof fey, the "Dublin uiant, rendu nt today in a ?:.',UU,0 breach of nrotnlse suit brought bv Mamie Hughes. The ( denies the woman's rluim that he promised to marry her. for MEN ...$7 to $18 Michiganders Come From Be hind in Closing Minutes of Game With Kalamazoo. TEACHERS HOLD LEAD ALMOST UNTIL FINISH Final Score Is 17 to 13; Sparks Plays Sensational Game Until Carried From Field. v PprctAl-tn Th t'Vc.. Pros. Ann Arbor. Mich.. Oct Iu. Kijht-Inc like mad men tho Michigan Briddeis came, from behind In ,tli closing minutes of tin. gam and defeated Kalamazoo Normal, 17 to 13. In n Unreel? contested battle at Ker- ' ry field this aflirnoon. The Normal .-i( ven. stronger even than Yost feared. h"ld the Wolverine team to .1 lone field goal in the rtrst halt and after Michigan shoved over a touchdown In the third quarter the school tern he is ..-nrn back and pushed over two cotintei :t and went into the lead. With but a few minutes lft to play. i;;-,. ran the kick-off back to the center of the Held. C'nhn dashed oif left Ineitie for :t, yards i;nd suc- cystvp .lun-en oy w eimaiin, rtya nd Cohn iihed ovm- t in winning coro. The came ics-:mhlrd that with Syracase a year ago when the Mich igan tt-nm. app'ir-jiniy. loailns throuchout the early pnrition of th' cam', cm me back when thev were 1.1 poin is to the bad and won out 14 to n. ? parks I'rovM Senjtatlon. L'p to the time that the Normalltcs first .-oi.:d riparkM. with tho. aid of Tohn and Mannish, alone k-spt thJ Mfchipan 'varsity u the rtfTinlnK. the Ucrllnc tia rterbacU ma kitip palll aft':r y.:itt Ibii.uii tii- Kalamazoo ream. I n hi third 'tua rtcr sparks wit: laid out and carried from the llebl, '.;7tif baclv .ifn'aclnr hint. Immediately after thi.--. early in thfl fourth quarter, the We.-u State boya secured the ball and aided by a olverlv e.eeuted forward iass took the lead. Michigan'? comeback war. all (he more remarkable Ktnre the Wolverines we re --play in;; a substitute quarter, two .iiihmltnu; etuis, and a now man. Rye. at half, liye wai by far the wtar of ihe -eneounter, hf innltntifd on FnUrtrD. 'it it it WASHINGTON CLOTHES Overcoats at $25 that Assay 100 SOOths Style Pure! They are correct from their collars down. They are tailored after your own heart of woolens that are absolutely sound. There are trench models as exclusive looking as an officer's salute. There are plain backs straight or form-fitting. Distinctive patterns. Becoming Winter shades. Pretty nearly everything. But just the one price of $25. Washington Clothes Shop 202 Book Building Washington Blvd.

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