The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1930
Page 4
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\VEbNESDAY,JUI.Y 23, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.)' COUniKR-NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS •mro cents a word lor flrst in- tertlon and one cent a word tor each subtequtnt ln«r- tlon. NO advertisement Uken for less than We. Count the words and send the Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatching each week from now on Marilyn Hatchery. 2Qck-t( )UR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru STANiotf and HEATH UOSKEN .IQ50 .AY CHELSEA. HOUSED VACATION TIME Take That Trip In a Good Used Cnr. You will have live use ul tlic car while you're there and also tare traveling expenses. Make your Selection From The Following Ust of Used Cars. Lowest I'rices and Easiest Tcnns. 10Z3 .Model Whippet Coach.. S205 isao Model Ford Koiutster ..$215 1028 Model Chevrolet Tour. ..$135 1930 Jlodcl Ford C'uune ... $5X5 132D Model Kssex Coach ,. $255 1927 Model Ford Fonlor Sedan $105 1930 Model Ford Tudor Sedan $195 1926 Model Buick Sedan ... $115 11129 Model Ford SUL Coupe S125 1923 Model Ford Spl. Coupe S3C5 1928 Model Chrysler G Sedan $375 1926 Model Ford Touring Car $85 We will accept your old car as part payment on one of the above lute Model Usad Cars. Sec Us AT ONCE-Phone 811 TODAY. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOK CO. Authorized Ford l)caler s l-OIl SALE-One 24x54 Ice Box idlest), one '-is" meat block, oive 10 gallon water coaler. All in | jirf'-class condition. Call at 1U5 N.I second St. ^c 1IKC1N UK III! T01IAY JUDITH CHANT, nrtl«l'« model, lovfn .M..4.V SI'UVNi:, «l>« l» n'»° luvfil lif CHUMMY >IOHU;V. lirr Itrhl frlrnJ. LkiunMir bnd lu*rd Slc^nc }vnrj» tiga mid Infil hvr nifmnrr nhrn he nrnt nvnjl no, llii.liRb lie liiXK JudltU, Judith In- KlKt* he inukt itmrry CUHliimy, who result". hrr jiirmor)- ivfc«n i-fcc PI-CK him UK"!". Judllh Mudlri duiu-tiiK ;iml becomr* »tur o( a niliKlrul hlinw hiLrkrd liy II1CH- AUII WYONl Imrr, himcv«r, »hr Irnrnn XVj'nu 1« merely INI nj;tnl (or rich 1111! Ci: GUIDON, uhii !« innuunleil «hh lirr. Mrimuhllc, (•bummy Ivnrnh Judllk mill Slcjlie nn- In Invr mill hrrnkx lirr rn- KJiKniirnt, lull Jm1ll]i rrillsrH to liuirrj- Slcync, IrlllnE I''"' If '"- loiigH to C'luiniiii). AfErr Hiitur ii,.., nil, .1,1,1111, !,tllr>(« Chummy tutd HtcyiLo linve II'MIIIIII-,! thrlr ulic tfiwn din u.t.N'1 FOB RENT—August 1st, one office, Insjram Building. Inquire Parkhurst Company. 3c-tE. FOR RENT—Three room flat, all modem conveniences. 1013 West Walnut SL Call 078. 19c-tt FOR RF.NT -Two unfurnkhed rooms, $8.00 per month, 505 South Franklin. 2'P k24 Her nl Chlrnn'ft liumr. llr rlrn in nlmrk her, nli'l "!"«• niT* down n lire r*mvte und Lurrk-a himie lo her tiolc), NOW f:0 OX WITH THE STOUV CHAPTER XXXVII 7UUV had her treat ilinncr parly, " nnil II was a tremendous success. During the course of tt she was more- than ever convinced tliat Chummy was happy, and that Alan Klcyno was doing what she con Eiilered the rlghl thing. "What lias happened lo you Judy?" Diimont a^ked her, when for a moment thoy wero alone walking from Gtnorl's to the Caf Turc. "Happened to me, Bastten!" sb "Xo, Judy—not the real yoi After yon first camo out, I ell think you'd changed. I thought | you'd grown a little hard, and I feared that you might be spoiled." "No, Bastien, I only care about my old friends—al] ot you. I'm happy when I'm with yon. Ob. I hope I shall never change. Antl, BasUcn, I'm sure Chummy and Mr. Stcync have made it uti." "It looks like il," Hie young artist said. "Oh, itlicr 6ho hurt played up to her irutltcr. No doutt lio hail HcJ to icr; nnil now Blio liad (oimd lilm out. Her dark, lx>lil, humorous eyes went from Jmly'a face lo his, ami iliey csiiresscd ns clearly as possible: 'So you liavo been fooled, my BOOI! man!" "Yes, Tlilrza, I Inil a licaslly lieadaclio tliat iilslit," lio salt! ex- lianslvfiy. "I don't know what tt was, except perhaps tho rolled z\\ov. wo went Lo. That ballet diuicct! alKMit ns well us 1 could!" "Or tlio chainpatiiia you drank t Clipper, Mr. ruiicli," Judy yu i, re^Jirdlcw of her nnlencss. sec- iy that liis sister liad drunk al- lost as uiudi. UDY did not linn a hair. "Why do you ask ma lo marry •on. Mr. I'lincli'!" slio tald. Jiccaiiso I want you to bo my v.lfc," ho replied, his voko trem- liko a nervous girl's n public for tbo lirst lime. "Funny you diiln't think ot It '."IE was Dimply a doormat spread ^ out under Judy's feet. Madame o Toros smiled. OiUton called a cab, and saw his Ister iulo It. Jni'.y waveil from he pavement. Mailamo do Toro* vaved back. There was a look of Jilmlration in her dark eyes. ".Miss Judy. I waul lo talk to yon very seriously/' Gideon said. 'We can't talk out ot doors. Will yon—" "Conio back lo my hotel," she tefovc!" slio commented. "I don't belong lo your world, you know. Yon havo never introduced mo lo your friends. I should never IIHVC known your slslor bill thai wo met by accident, anil she was nico lo me. 1 liko your bister," she nditcd, n-llh a touch of dcllance. "Kbe's n f.-A sort." "Sho would welcome you," lie stiid. lie looked at her and held ills brciilli. "Von really want me to niarry you'J" slio ashed. want it moro llian on ear!h." She knew ll:e note ll:nl eame into hl.s voice. She held up her coot litllc hand. "Listen, Mr. I'lincb!" she snlil. "Long ago there was a room, sonic- wliero in New York, and in iSial room liiere \vcro eusela -.vitb iiii:- Inres on them, and a lot of bcaull- fnl furnilnie. On llio Hour there was a lovely .wiiito bearskin in;. 1 , and on that licarskiu rug rat Judy (Irani one afternoon, and a tall screen hlil her. "From the next room camo two snlil. They drove there In silence. Juily look up hardly any room In hor corner. Gideon sbifled his feet nervously tlie whole time, Judy hud a private silting room. Sbo was obliged to, because she md to see so many people. It was ] gentlemen, they were! And the) like all private sitting rooms in | camo in and wero talking aliou liolels. It was full of summer flowers. Tlio windows wero open. "Sit down," said Judy. "\You!(l you like some tea';" I'm EO glad—so ylad!" Kentlemcn well knov/n in New York —very well known, intlceil—rca Juily," be su'.d lhli-Uy. "ll'u lie- ciuuo 1 i-an'l live wlthmit y«,u th:it I want you to K> my wife." Thou tlieiu camo Ihe RIT:H tun- mcnt, ll-.o i-omplelion ot Judy's |l:in and puii'usv. Ihe iircomiill.-luni-iu nt licr rcd-nse for ilic FllBlil ih:;t Oils nini) !.:ul |nit uptm her und 11,011 nil woniHi ot her class. Then- wns lirtoro licr eyes UIQ vision i-f a lite motor c;tr. ultli a liaml:or'.-. dl^lputcd-loukli::; i:nu i; in It beside a yiuin^ wn:-.i:.a —a p.l-: »-h-l, wliii yelloiv-hinw!:. faiii:i>li,' curls and tuniuoi-Y h!iio eyes —:i i-iil u-lio wore pcni'l-i nt fabulou; sivo—a girl who In.sln.l cool <,:i a very hot (by—llcrllo Cl:ircui!i,ii, oiir-c a chorus i;lrl. Judy miK'!j!,.-]Yil r.^al InH il.iy vlviiily, and t'bi.i Ji-ul:s, licr companion. l-.:ul said. And i.,iw Khe icaiicil forward. Inr Illtli- l.-.rnl i;m;liscd,-as It fbe wr-iu tcachi:i -. Hiis bin man a h:.f<n\ : \.c\- \.;.iiu and a liillo stmlncd in Ibis i.-,i.i,<i-:ii of her Irlinnpli, hut her i v.; EiiK^l-iiu^ anil her vuk-o SV.C'ft :n.! I:li:i^:illt. lean It's livcnsc yon can't get n:o ny oir.L'i- way!" Giil-,.'ii lookvil at her, Ills fnor, nfl'ti:-,!. lii-i iniiulh <ipen. lio irentlv-.l »i:orin:;ly. Slio thoimlit \c w:i:- K"ini; In have i\ tit. "Ar.'l. Mr. I'un.-b." she went on, wltli ;ill tl;o lau.ulitcr lu I tie svoild u licr voiro, "I'm very much honored, li'H 1 don't want lo be your little Juily firant, tlic artist's uioilel 'What a pity siie's not the sort o girl one could marry!' one ot llien naid; and tlic other said ho ilhlu' wife'. t!i:'.iik >,MI all lliu tame!" Cli,'.c.:i: :.(ari'd nt Judy. " why — why ?" Ho v>as vei'uvc-ritig control 5-rocK BEAcM.lfd -lHA-rsLli-rf VIE o^ VaiJ -—'A MAKi, WCI-I- CM&R LIKE A BOS' SCOlM" VieARlMG A BORDERS IMMfcPE-SfV !--FAUGI-i ! I AM HliMILIA-fep' LOOK "3115-tT UK& A so at& oti-f LlPTQ |(eAD, AMP UMtfL PARK 1 He refused II. and lie <II<1 not sit j think ot marriage, rillhoimh ho was down. HQ walked lip and down, lie ; Uecn on (he cirt. 'If one did marry, j' was aullateil—nioro EO tliau ' - "' would liave believed possible. "Kvvr shire Judy ri-plii-il, v/ollli! I was quite- a kid. "I've vrr.veil llin. FOB RENT—Modern six room stucco house, balh and double garage. One and one-half lots corner Missouri and Franklin. Has been new- j ly decorated. Kent 535.00 i>cr month. -Abo-a rive room frame house S12.50 .per:-month, Dr. J. A. Haliba; Phone' 410. 2lck281 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, [ 704 S- Lake St. 17ck-tJ i AT ONCE— SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent, posilions: , clerical, mechanical salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries $25-5160. weekly, transyortalion furnislied. BOX 1115 CHICAGO. ILL. 23pk24. Chancery Court. Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas Hiram Hardy, Plaintlll vs. No. 4117 Lillie May Hardy, Defendant The defendant LilHc May Hardy is warned to appear within thirty days in tlie court in the caption hereof, and answer the complaint of the plaintill, Hiram Hnrdy. Dated July 2, 1930. W. W- HOLLIPETEK, Clerk. By Elizabeth, Biylhe. D. C. W. D. Gravctt, Ally ad litcin. July 2-9-16-23 "Komc-timrs." saiii poor nasllcu, "I'm jealous even of Chummy, because you lovo her EO much!" On the following afternoon, Judy came face to face with Bruce Gideon. He was ou foot, wllb his £islcr. Madnmc de Toros hesilalcd a moment before she stopped. She looked very linn! at the sirl, almost us If to give her the opportunity of passing on; but Judy stood still. "How do yon do, .Vadamo de Toros?" she askeil. "Isn't it a lovely day? You dlil run away on the sly the oilier night, didn't you' You might havo waited for me, : Ihiuk. It wasn't so late as all that but Mr. Punch had a headache, so I followed you quickly—didn't Mr. I'unch?" She raised her eyes to G' ' big white face, and smiled. ,,nei she looked at Ihe man ami li looked back at licr out ot his pal eyes, shamed and angry, but covet ous as ever, she knew that he revenge was at hand. Judy bud tiie £atisfactlon of sec ing that Madame Ue Toros lookc foolish. "What she thought Jud ..did not know; but in sonic way o elie Ills eyes would not meet hers. Ilia pallor was startling, lie looked blue about the lips. it wouldn't he a liltlo Judy Grant!' | bo added. .\ow, weren't they real gc-nlk'iucu, Mr. Tuuch 1 ;" Gideon l:r.d wholly forgotten the incident; but il camo back lo him lie and Slornaway had vaguely liscu?scci Juiiy one afternoon, while oohini; at Uio siic-lcb. of her thai Sionmvay liad done. u l ir.arry until I fell in l«-Ub (iniiiulit It Im.'s BOOTS AM3 HER BUDDIES j ,! i , ALl, IN T11K WAY YOU LOOK AT IT By Martini "I can never apologize enough." e said. His voice trembled so that e could hardly get the words out. : ivas drunk. Juily, believe me, was drunk!" "We'll leave it at that," she an- wcred carelessly. "What do you - ant to talk to me about'-'" "Judy, do tell mo that you for- Ive me! I can't rest until you've aid so. It was unpardonable. It ras- monstrous!" She smiled ever so slightly. She knew that what lio meant was, "It vas unsuccessful." She bad no il usions about him. "Considering I'm sitling lalkiuj lo you here, I must have forgiven you, mustn't I?" she said. Stie was not afraid of him apy j , , , more. There was nolliins lo bei tllc " scl . : ot .. . ,,.,,, afraid of. She had connucreil him kee,i_e,,joymeu, glowed bnsl.lly. for good ami all. Hho bad him In llio hollow of licr baud. "Judy," be said, "will you marry me?" He cculil hardly get the words out. The sweat stood in Iwailn on his forehc -d. He might havo been a raw gambler staking everything be had. "Uood gracious, yon were there!" lie exclaimed, spluttering, ''lint of couvsa Unit was nonsense! Von j inusu't take any notice of tlint." "I don't know I did," she answered. "Judy, don't be cruel!" bo pleaded. "1 know I've been a fool—an utter fcol; but now 1'vo come to my senses, and 1 Iniow there's only 01:0 thing in Ibis world 1 want- to make you my wife." 1TKR head was a liillo on one -•'-side, as sbe'siirvcye-1 lih:i. In ;ycs Uio liKht ot "Jlr. 1'uneh." slio said sweetly. "I 'vi-asn't gnod cnoiiBh lo marry you wiicn you ami Mr. Hlornaway wero tulkiiiB aliout me. Why nm I now? Is it because I've done something? Uccause I'm a dancer? I'm not any different myself, truly I'i:i not. I'm still liltlo Juily Omul." "It isn't because of aiiytlilUR,' "Hut ynii (ion'L l{imw wl:at yon'ru lalkiiii; lihnuiv be livdslc-d. "Y,:u ilon't !:ri'jw ivliat you're llinlwliii; away! Vun slnill have oic-ryllihii; —-cvrrythlH?; you timid T*o:-?il>ly want in the v.-o3-]il. j\\) Hvini: unman hss aiiytlilni; liko what ill !;lvc y, u. Von don't know bow rich I am." MCI..-V dr-^n't tempt n>e oin jit," Ji:-!\- ;.:i-v.t'L-c:l. "I c:nt i-ilin ill I wa:it. or am likely tr> w.::it. If pi-,->;i!<- ;. '. sick of l.'.y ih!ii;lllK. 1 can !:e a nv,i!,:l a-Jiiin." "You lull: <if f.illing in love," lio snM. "Why havi-a't yon fallen In love jet? Yini n:iiht ii.ive done to. Kveiy ii'.nis 1^ nfirr yo-.i." "V.'cl!, ]'-.-r:!:;i-s 1 liaM 1 ," sbc an- sirerc-d. v/iili a IniiL'Ii. "Then why liavuft yon married "Oil, sriM'ilr, £?rrei^!" she clilikd him. "You c.ui't mean ii!" ho Slid again. "1 do inc..11 It. truly, Mr. i'uiich." The rod cime loci; lulu his eyes. Ilis voice. ;;i«.-.-.' lltictc. lie looked as uply ;ts a in;i:i iveil conid look. "What did you lead mu on Why did you .1 nt me';" Brigham Younj, Mormon leader, published Ihe doclrlnc of "celestial' innrriage in 1358. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 217 5-8 Aviation G'.-l Chrysler 315-8 Cities Service Coca Cola 178 Fox 47 7-8 General Electric 72'1 General Motors 45"; Grigsby Grunow 15 I. T. and T. 4'l 3-8 Montgomery Ward 3C 5-8 Packerd 15 1-8 Radio 45 1-8 Simmons 26 5- United Gas 3C 5-8 U. S. Steel 161 1-8 NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 ju r dental ofllces will be closed ?ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. L. H. Moore. Dr. II. A. Taylor, Dr. II. S. Davis- NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Book your coal orders now, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money. Sec or call JOHN BUCHANAN 108 N. R. R. Office 107 Phone Res. Ill he side first at- bal. The above Is my own qnainl ranslation of secliou 3, rule 22 in he code that governs baseball, even as the St. Lo'.iis Browns play 1. You will note lhat 1 liave saici lot hint; about- what Iiapiicns to wople caught in Boslon aflcr 6 p. n., Sunday nights. Somebody blew a whistle or •ang a bell at the stroke of G in 3ravcs Field the other evening. Im- nedialcly a bunch of cops dashcci nilo the enclousure and slioDcd everybody off the premises. Some mention was made al t!i; time o[ a Sunday curlew law. lEia:inu^li as the Cubs were nhcarl 4 to 3 when the whistle tooted and the lirav: 1 -; won the game 3 to 0 after it tcot- ed, (here has been consicler.ibi? tooting since then. Even Joe Carthy, Juciyc Fuciis and Heydlcr. president of liie le have done a little bio-.viny. It is expfcrc'l lint this easy time |;aymc-:ii pljn "I acquiring a Used Car Bill b- very attractive to Ihiw ta:niii..•>' «)io have only aiUimioiiiU- uiul anyone who would like a e-i; wnhon'. investin: v-?ry ir.uch c.i^li. Treadmill apparatus has teen invented by a Ktiode Island in?." to Eliidy tlie action of persons !e.n in walking and correct defect!;. Two Ca'.fco'.i:-.-, D..i::el Carroll ol Mjryl.i:i!l. and Fiusim- mcn.s, (if Tenn^ylviuiia. liel Iiame the Con^i'.ulion o! Ibe United i£:.TC-jr, ^ii;iied their •,:; tlie dial;'reported by tlic convention. V. R. WAS HAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT |He Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems rhono 52 Ingram Bldg. Blythevllle, Ark INVITATION - W. o>JCLt ty To I-UMT Feu P£OPL£ \.'lnO ST6A.L HIS S3£ UELV. L>S ._^ Tlf.'.E .. THAT ND HIS FRIENDS AS Ho\M VOO'D Lilit FLY AROUND THE VNOUt-Df-JT BE New York Cotton x HAD MO IDS A CLEMi Hfrb SUCH A NEW YORK, July Col ton closed easy- Open High 1287 1288 1K7 1303 134-1 1320 13-11 132G Ixiw Close 1209 12CO 1299 1272 1312 July I Oct. Old Ocl. new Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. row Mar.;.... May 1290 127-1 1315 1233 1320 1291 131C 1333 1320 1292 1332 1308 1333 13ID 1338 1355 Spols closed quiet at 1290, oil 25. New Orleans Cotton N O COTTON 63 NEW ORLEANS, July 23. <UP) — iollon closed slcady. Open Kigh Low Close .. 1261 126D 1255 1251b 1205 1307 1276 1279 1317 1324 1252 1295 1322b ........ I300b 1320 ........ 1319b .. 1355 ........ 1335b XOU DOING T.HL VOWCH ROOF \U O1_D COfVT (SUD VlC^UJCi P\ tty VTkCxr. ftvm codGLrA 1H\S WOUT) OV THE. VUUMOT HfSVt \T\ ^ DRWtUG ^ TRUCK WOWT MUST THE M SOW-UP BY BV-fvST C VOUCH KOK'N POP FOR JAY Wtt X TGLADYS HE. TO WOUK XOO CAN 0, POSITION \N OV F ICE. Spots closed quiet at 12G9. of! 21 Rule ,in Baseball 11 the umpire rail the game on account of darkness, tire, rain panic or for any other cause whicl imperils patrons, provided five or more equal innings have been played, the score shall be that of the last- equal innings played, unlcs the side second at bat shall havi scored at least one mote run thai

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