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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 30

The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 30

Indianapolis, Indiana
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FIVE SOCIETY and CLUB NEWS PAGES 31 to 40 The Indianapolis Sunday Star. VOL. 16. NO. 130.

SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 18, 1018. PRICE SEVEN PART -il THE STARS SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES they oxporlonco a profound repose. DOXGLOGY. I SCRIPTURE LESSON. I a sabbath meditation Soon all Is darlft beneath them, but nhovo In the clear bluo sky, and amid down from the holghts of God, It la light.

Our oars aro filled with tlio struggle of earth, the murmur of discord, tlio groanB of pain. To thoso In tho calm sllonco above thcro Is tho nweot har By tho Ilcv. Goorgo M. Smith, Pnstor of Roberts Park Methodist tho Botomn stillness, tho turmoil and Episcopal Church I Corinthians xlll. This Is peculiarly a day for medita tilings, hopeth olf things, cudurcth nil nnd tho nermann hnvo been uniformly losing upon every battlo field.

Jargon of discordant sounds that float up from tho city busy life blend Into a low, sweot murmur, untroubled by a single discord. Even thus to us be things. mony Into which God has blonded all 'i of earth's discords. Down hero there nro the problems which bafllo our poor r-, minds to solve. Up nbovo Is the aolu- 'V tlon with Him.

1 1 HOUGH I speak with tlio tongues of men and of nnd liuvc not charity, I nrH become as sound lag brass, or tion nnd prayer. Our churches aro cloned, the day Is gnsotlneloss, wo aro cautioned to refrain from visiting our Earnest men and women nro asking, Prasc Got, from whom all Blessings flora; Praise Him, all creatures here heloxu; Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosl; -Praise Father, Son, and Holy Chost. low it Is night. To thoso who look the question. "If God Is good and merciful and kind, then why doesn't God end tho war?" May I reply by ashing, neighbors, tho dreaded "Influonza," like the poison gns of the Huns, Is laying THE GREAT COMMANDMENT.

a tinkling cymbul. 2 And though I havo tho gift ol 8 Chnrity never fnllcth but whether there be prophecies, they shnll fail whether there be tongues, they shall cense; whether there bo knowledge, it shall vanish awny. 0 For wo know in nnd wo prophesy in part. Why docs not Germany substitute tlio low many of our splendid men who aro By the Rt. Rev.

Joseph Chartrand, BiBhop of tho Catholic Dloceso golden rulo for Its atheistic philosophy, why does not Gormany ropudlato the prophecy, nnd understand nil mysteries, and nil knowledge; nnd though I have all fntth, so tlmt I could remove moun of Indianapolis, Hohenzollorn horde that planned and Tho attributes of God are so perfect of hopo aro presupposed in slncoro lova and Immeasurable that they may be 10 Hut when that which is perfect precipitated tho war, why doos not Germany ro-onthrono Jesus Christ?" Nothing would bo more foolish than to sup INVOCATION. Identified with His very nature and es sence. We therefore sponit or mm as pose that wo Amorican peoplo aro all is come, then that which Is In part shall bo done away. 11 When I was child, I spake as a In training for military service, as well ns many civilians. On the wo a torn front In Europe, the Isanti a otruggle Is raging.

Tho American troops, with tho armies of the allien, nro heading toward Berlin nnd no power on earth can stop them and no power In heaven would stop them until Germany surrenders without condition and without provision. As we glvo ourselves to meditation and prayer wo aro reminded that tho Kaiser also prays aJL talks In a pjous way of "tho good German God," saints. Boforo tho war good peoplo THE LORD'S PRAYER, tains, and have not charity, I am nothing. 3 And though I bestow nil ray goods to feed the poor, nnd though I give my body to be burned, mid hnve not clinrity. It profit' me nothing.

4 Clinrity sufTcreth long, nnd Jh kind chnrity envleth not; charity vnuntotli not itself, is not puffed up. Doth not. behnve itself unseemly, child, I understood ns child, I thought as a child hut when I heenmc a man, I of God. "Faith, hopo, charity, but the greatest of these Is charity." (I Cor, xlll, 8.) Mmdful of God'o own goodness and glory and of our Immense dobt of gratitude to Him, expecting grace, mercy and the happiness of heaven, Is It not evldont that union with Him in thought, knowledge, affection nnd will ought to be our principal and perpetual concorn? God's lovo for us, His redemption of us nnd dally provldenco compel stioli lovo of tho most thoroughgoing kind, of tho whole- mind, tho whole heart, tho put nwny childish things. Our Father which art In heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom como. Thy will be done In earth, as It Is la licavon. Glvo us this day our dally bread. And forgive us our dobts, as we forgive our throughout our country were deploring tho fact that our American Hnblmlh was being Hecularlr.ed and our people were drifting from the church. Why do not tho Amorican peoplo restore Urn Christian Babbath and an a God-fearing people "Remember tho Babbath day to keep It Why do not tho American noonlo return to their altars and 12 For now we see through glass, darkly; but then face to I dobtors.

And lead us not Into temptation, but deliver us from ovll seckcth not her own, Is not ensily pro For Thine Is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen. voked, thinketh no evil. who presides over tho destiny of Germany nnd with whom ho claims personally to bo In league. If It was the Germnn god who dictated tho Invasion reainrm tholt allegiance to tho church know In pnrt; but then shnll I know even ns also I nm known.

13 And now nbldeth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is clinrity. 0 Rejolceth not in iniquity, but rc- of God? Tho peoplo of thhi country are Infinite Truth, Infinite Wisdom, Goodness, Justlco and Mercy. When wo say God is Lovo wo sum up all Ills divine perfections nnd glory as tho beginning and end of all goodness. All things aro good In so far as they derive tholr existence and properties from Him and oonform to His dlvino will. HIh wonderful works proclaim His own adorablo perfection.

When Moses nskoifto see Ills face, God nnswered, "I will show theo all good." (Ex. xxxlll, If). Tho one, only necessary being, His perfections aro un-dcrlvod and incapable of Increase or diminution, or change of any kind. For this reason, Jesus said, "None Is good but God nlone." (Luke xvlll, 10). Thus, of Himself, and by Ills very nature, Ho la Inconceivably good, beautiful and adorable; deserving of tho highest and most unselfish lovo of all Intelligent beings.

As author of all goodnesH, outHlde of Himself, especially jolccth in the truth. and devastation of Belgium and tho 7 Benrcth all things, helievcth nil ravaging of Roumanla and Servla and HYMN. waiting and praying for tho heaven of peace and yet wo aro moro concerned as to how tho war Is to end than we Poland, If It was tho Germnn god that inspired the tawnier of children nnd tho ravaglfig of women nnd the bombing of aro as to when It Is to ond. 'SERMONS. Tho years of reconstruction following wholo soul and wholo strength, avoiding all willful offense nnd aiming at ovory perfection.

Our Savior openly defines tho character of tho sorvlco required of U8 In slmplo words, "as I havo loved you." (John xlv, 12.) Andy lie assures us: "Ho who loveth Mo will bo loved by my Father." (John xlv, 21.) In further explaining tho great commandment, Ho enjoins the lovo of our nolghhor, an Inseparablo from an exor- hospitals and tho sinking of tho IjiisI Holy, Holy," Holy tho wnr will ho fraught with greater HOW SHALL WE FACE THE CRISIS? tanla, wo aro ready to declare that tho consequences than tho centuries that J. B. Dykes preceded, for within thoso few years German god, to whom tho Kaiser prays, Is none other than tho American devil. By tho Rt. Rev.

Joseph M. Francis, Bishop of tho Episcopal DIocoho of Indianapolis. In our meditations today wo recall tho world will tako Its attitude toward tho church and tho church will tako Its attltudo toward tho world and tho world whether by living: or rises supe tho fact that last spring President Wilson, in compliance with a Joint resolu rior to It. as creator, redeemer, and final ro-1 i. Ho ly, ho a.

lib Iy, ho 3. Ho iy, ho 4. Ho ly, bo ho ly 1 Lord God At-mlght-yl Ear-ly la the ho ly aH'theealnte a dore Thee, Cast log down their ho lyl tnoughthedark-neia hide Thee.Though. the eya of ho lyt Lord God Al might I All thy woikuhnll Tho Bftmo faith which enables ono to nnd tho church will take their attltudo toward Johuh Christ, perhaps for a thousand years to comf. Tho cieedal differ tion of Congress, proclaimed tho 30th day or last May a day of national prayer ond fasting, calling upon the face an epidemic calmly and confidently Psalm cxllll, Part of Verno 8.

Show Thou mo the way that I should walk In, for I lift up my aoul unto Thee. Every crisis, whether In tho life of tho Individual or of tho nation, Is a testing of character. Under normal clr- cumslances wo go on day by day doing tho things that must be done with more ward, exceeding great" of mankind. He bus, manifested love that human tonguo ran never adequately praise, or heart fully requite. I In Ih our supreme good, American peoplo to enst out tno ovuh ences between the churches are now losing their significance sa It Is becoming plainly evident that It ht tho little will Insplro htm with tho determination that Is essential If tho crisis brought upon tho world by tho war Is to ho met and turned to good.

Wo all know by this time what that crisis la. Blind at omong uo, repent or our sins anu nn to whom wo owe nil that wo havo and ploro God's blessing upon tho American armies and navy and tho armies and are. Humanity has progressed, intel or less enthusiasm, moro or less efficiency, more or loss devotion to duty. cine of love of which God Himself Is the objoet. As God Is Lovo, wo becomo moro lllto unto Him when wc lovo our neighbor as Ho presumably does.

This neighbor Is overy human being without oxcoptlon, no matter in what respect ho may differ from ourselves. Tho commandment is explicit: "Thou shalt lovo thy neighbor as Lord reforn to It In a special man-nor: "This Is My commandment, that you lovo one another" (John xv, 12); Ho maken It a distinctive mark of disciple- nhlp, "By this shall all know that you nro My disciples, If you love one other" (John xlll, 30; and Ho oven designates It as a new commandment, "A now command I glvo unto you; That, things that suparalo us and tho lng things that draw tm together. If out of tho war can come Christian democracy for tho world and a united church for God our heroes shall not have dlpd in vain. navies of the allies. With gratltiulo to almighty God wo note tho fact that from that day of national prayer Amorican arms havo been the marvel of Europe With many of us, our work is a tasK, Ho lv.

ho Iv. ho 17 drat, perhaps, to tho greatness of tho Issue, thinking of It on a quarrol between other peoples with which we had nothing to do, wo havo come to seo that every- principle of right and Justlco la at stake. God's rulo Is a rule of freedom. His aervlco Is perfect freedom. and often a disagreeable task.

It is a to Thee. oca; not see, mora lng our song i hall ilso gold-en ctowne round tho glass eln-ful man Thy glo ry may lectually and morally, only In accordance with this sublime conviction. Completely Ignoring or partly obscuring thin plainly-revealed truth, human perversity has written sad chapters Into tho world's history; yet God continues generously bestowing Innumerable favors and blessings upon His wayward children. Tho snmo conditions aro found In Cher blm and Ser-a-phlm On lv Thou art ho ly I and tea. Ho ly, ho ly, ho ly I prauexnynarnein any, THE GLORY OF THE CROSS.

When any nation, or confederation of nations, attempts to deprive others of By tho Rev. Thomas W. Grafton, Pastor of tho Third Christian Church. tho freedom to which they nro entitled, necessary condition of life and we accept It as iiuch, but wo get no Joy out of It and It does not fit us for tho great emergencies that arise from llmo to As a' nation and as Individuals wo aro facing a crisis, or rather a double crisis tho war and the epidemic-that Is claiming a heavy toll of life. How shall we 'meet these crises? How shall wo stand tho test to which wo are sub rtn.i fnrlild that I should nlory nnv In tho life of each Individual.

A succession of divine favors, from beginning to and especially to Imposo upon tho world wo supposed long extinct. It hi seen In tho marshaled armies of tho world. How quickly youth, reared In ease and com tho cross of our Lord, Chrlnt.Oal. a rulo which recognizes might as tho only right, It la tho duty tho religious fort, soft of muscle and fearful of danger, has been transformed Into mnn and Christian duty not onty of ovory nation, but of overy Individual who bo- end, an enrthly career, heaven-dowered, for time nnd eternity, Is disfigured by tho ungenerous conduct of tho recipient. Tho unloving creature steeped in egotism, pride and vanity, presumption and Ingratitude, becomes the antithesis of lall that might have been observed and you lovo ono another, ns I have loved you." (John xlil, 35).

This command was new indeed at tho dawn of Chrlst-tlanlty; its early faithful obscrvarico wonderfully helped tho spread of tho new religion, gayo It prestige, effected remarkahlo conversions carried with untold blesalngH; Its later partial and superficial observance not only and might God ia thres per -ed Trio 1 tyl fall -irjg down bo -fore wcrt.snd srl, and ev or-more-shnlt bo. thero 1. nono bo Thto Per fed In pow or, In lovo, and pu rl ty. nur-cl- fill and might God In three per bleis-ed Trln-i tyl hood of heroh mold. A few months of Once an instrument of Bhatne and torture, the cross has become a symbol of power and glory.

It was anything hut glorious when Paul wrote this text. It was regarded only as a lit Instrument frtT. tim execution of nlaveH. That Jesua jected? By cnlm trust and confidence cirui in tno rnniouiuent and they aro ready to march to the front with a daring and determination that has filled the I world with wonder. Our men at on tho ono band anu oy resoiuto determination on tho other.

One who is conscious of tho loVIng fatherhood of Hovos that there Is a God who wills that right shall prevail to consecrate himself to tho tank of ridding tho world of tho menace which threatens It. Truly, In such a case, our prayer will bo: Show Thou mo the way that I should walk in, Imitated In God's attitude and conduct was thus put to death left a stigma of untiring love. Chateau-Thierry and Kt. Mlhlel have God, who Is trying to wnllt ns in tlio nroHenco of God, who, like the Psalmist. Tho vision of faith and upward-look CONTINUED ON PAGE FORTY; demonstrated thb meaning of-the cross In fnmlllar terms.

"i 4. nit up my soul unto Thee. We need God's guidance, God's Inspiration, Tho doctrlno for which tho cross realizes that God Is about ills patn ana about his bed; that! whether ho climb up Into heaven or go down Into hell, THE FULLNESS OF JOY. us iruo to the causo to which SCRIPTURE LESSON. upon his name.

But to ram, wnvB from a prison cell in Borne, It was a thing of glory. And Taul was no provincial' Ho had traveled far and wide, lie had scon tho world-renowned tomplo of Diana at Ephesus, tho splendor of tho Parthonon at glory of tho! Roman capital. Put ahovo all, ho placed tho cross as the symbol of his crucified thoro God la with him anu ms nunu stands has taken a new grfp on the heart. It meant then, and It means now, sacrifice forf others. Mori onco holding him, need havo no fear in tno wo aro committed; Not In hatred or malice, not In tho lust of power or of victory for victory's sake, but in tho oatabllshod conviction that By tho Ambrose Dunliol, Pastor of tho Taboruacio Presbyterian Church.

stumbled at tho doctrlno of vicarious atonement. It wan regarded unreason psalm xc. 10 The days of our years are three Thcro Is joy In tho midst of tho present sorrow If tho soul Is right with God. If OItD, "thou bust been our, I dwelling pluce in all gencra- and risen Lord. score and ten; and if by reason able of a Just God that tlio Innocent should dlo for tho guilty.

It was looked upon as a horrible theory, and so the cross was rejected as In any way con tho relationship botween tho Individual waging a holy warfare, must wc go on with tho determined pnrposo and at all cost to tho end, though it bo not yet. In this determination nnd tho way In whlch'wo hold to It will bo scon what Is our national character, what manner of of strength they he fourscore years, yet Wo aro learning anew wm Miwnih tho cross. I doubt if wo ever understood and the Father Is that of Intimate fol- 2 Before the mountains tributing to human redemption. Vet that is their strength labour and sorrow; for it Is soon cut off and we fly awny. Its meaning, until called upon to par- ii-i- 1..

trrmit World Struggle. lowsblp, then you will know thg.jiath of Ufo In tho very prcsonco of tho fullness la what we are witnessing today. Amer of Joy. 11 Who knoweth the power of thine midst of an epidemic, no win recognize It as a religious duty to take overy precaution, to use every preventive means which scientific knowledge suggests or tho constituted authorities-ordor or recommend, and, having done that, ho will set a high example of courage and confidence In the face of danger and possible death which will prove his Christian character nnd demonstrate tho practical value of his Christian faith. Hysteria and panic when danger threatens, no less than a spirit of bravado and indlfforenco, aro Inconsistent with Christian faith and practice.

Not only on the battlo field, amid tho crash ica Is not responsible for the world crisis. Upon others must rest tbo blame of this terrible war of destruction. But for tho Hako of distressed humanity sho ran I in xvlill. There Is an element of Joy running through tho fcicrlpturc which wo must not overlook; for tho slmplo reason that Joy, as presented there, Is ono of tho chief evidences of a Christian life. Wo need to contrast Christian happiness and Christian Joy, the one hi tho result of obedience or of duty well performed.

Joy Is tho state of the soul In right relations with God. Tho enjoyment of tho Klft of another. It may bo Just a little difficult In theso days to find the element of happiness, much less the element of Joy. But If wo nro unable- to find tho Joy God Intends according to thy fear, so is thy wrath. Modern thinkers, like tho scholars of Paul's, time, have stumbled at tho cross.

To them, llko to the cultured Greeks, If was foolishness. They havo ignored tho doctrine of the atonement. In Its stead 12 So teach us to number our days, Thcro is tho joy of retrospect, tho joy of a well -spent life, tho retrospect of a), Ufo lived In harmony with one's follow mnn. Tho privilege of a Journey baclc-by tho way of life and finding no tragedies In one's own life. But tho greatest were brought tortn, or ever thou hndst formed the earth and tho world, oven from everlasting to everlasting, thou urt, God.

3 Thou, turnest man to destruction; nnd enyest, Return, ye children of men. 4 For a thousand years in thy sight are but ns yeHterdny when i it is past, and ns watch in the night. Thou carriest them away As with that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. 13 Return, Lord, how long? ond Is today pouring out life blood. Already moro than 3,000,000 young men, tho (lower and hope of our country, havo laid tholr Uvea upon the altar of freedom, ready, If need be, to dlo In our stead, that liberty may not perish from tho earth.

Already Franco and Flanders Is stained with their blood, in giv men wo are. To falter now, to --lesson our efforts, to withhold our help, to draw back when wo should bo pushing forward, to lot go the ideal, to Iohq tho vision and to put something olso In Us Place this would bo to turnmnldo from the way into which wo havo been led, to decline tho duty laid upon nH, to prove oursolvcH a peoplo unworthy of tho power and opportunities wo possess. For God, for humanity, for truth and honor and justlco, wo must go on nor-scvcrlngly unto tho end. Money tho least valuable, of our possessions must be poured out; sacrifices must bo mndo: servlco must be rendered. Tho crisis is bore.

How shall wo moot It? Show Thou mo tho wajc that I should walk In, for I lift up my soul unto Thee. let it repent thee concerning thy retrospective joy Is that of seeing tho cross of Christ making atonement for any tragedies that may be in life. Then wo have not only tho thought of the Christ making the great sacrifice they have looked to culture as tlio hope of mankind. But tho ripened fruit of "kultur," seen In burning cities, dishonored womanhood and othor fiendish crimes has proven It a failure In producing true ideals of life. Today wo are In danger of looking to democracy for tho world's nalvatlon.

But a democracy that has not back of It tho principles of opposing forces and Uio thunder or guns, may onoH courage, rooted and a Hood; they arc as -a sleep; in the 'morning they nro like grass which grounded In an abiding faith in God, be manifested, but amid the dally changes for us In the days of pestilence, tribulation and sorrow, then wo nro of all men most miserable, for wo havo thought ourselves secure when wo wore not. groweth up. 4 and chances of this mortal life, in Tho presence of unseen foes. Tho Christian, CONTIINUtD UN fAU Urt I In the morning it flourished! nnd ing tholr lives I heirs is a vicarious sacrifice. That In what our Lord did on Calvary.

The world was sold Into slavery Jo sin, crushed beneath tho heel of human tyranny, hopeless in tho face -mhndled In the cross will leavo tho groweth up; in the evening it ia cut as tho soldier, does not mlnlmlzo or dis .14 satisfy us enrly with thy that we may rejoice nnd he glad nil our dnys. 15 Make us glad according to the days wherein thou hnst afflicted us, and the years wherein we have seen evil. 10 Let thy work' appear unto thy servants, and thy glory unto their regard thedangcr: ho meets lr, and, world ns helpless as culture. Modern Ufo hns shrunk from the bur down and vithercth. den of the cross.

Ours has been an ease CLOSING HYMN. of death. To redeem us. to free us, he accepted tho cross, Today all that wo 7 For wo nro consumed by thine anger, nnd by thy wrath are wc troubled. IS GOD STILL IN HIS HEAVEN? havo or aro lighting for jyns won by Thou hast sot our iniquities be loving age.

Wo havo made crosses qut of simple duties and then refused to carry them. Tho only real heroes of tho Tomorrow all that wo that fore thee, our. secret Bins in the' light By Rabbi Morris M. Feuorllcht, Indianapolis Hobrew Congregation. shall enjoy of liborty nd security and of thy countenance, Battle Jiymn tot the RejJUbllb Julia Ward Howe fc Melody cross for tho last generation navoMieen tho missionaries, who have faced privation and persecution In carrying It to non-Chrlstlan lands.

But today tho blessing fwo shall owe to these others, whom wo honor today, who havo gono to the cross In our stead. We can say with Paul, but with added tunphasl(, 17 And let the henuty of the Lord our God be upon us: nnd establish thou tho work of our-hands-upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it 0 For nil' our days' arc pnsscjl away in thy wrath; wo spend our years as a Ho called Into consultation tho ministering angels around Ills throne. They argued tho question, for a'ndngalnst. First spoko Mercy always affirmative. tale- that is told.

cross stands boforo us with new mean tioti loroid mat wo should glory savo 1 lng. War has revealed now traits In tho cross, Tho sormonlc texts of tho synagogue at this season are derived from tho creation story of Genesis. "Whether wo moderns accept that story as literal truth wo can not Ignore or evade tho vast storehouse of spiritual and moral reality It contains. It Is still Tory modern In Its application to Ufo and to the world In which wo live. Wo aro told at tho end of each day's croutlou In tiis story that "God saw that It was good." And when tho order 3 1 havo tUff him In th.walch-6iti ol hun-dred dr -Clint crap.

Thry ban I ha. lead a Itr go. pel, In bur-nlhtdrow. ol y. U.

has sound -ed forth lli.lram-ptt Ihst shall niv-er call ro treat; ll 5 In tbo btu-ty ol tho 111 Its Chrlit ws horn cross in, With THE MORNING BREAKETH. SILENT PRAYER. By tho Rov. Frederick E. Webb, Pastor of tho Collage Avenuo Baptist Church.

always on tho positive and lenient sldo of ovory question: "Do Thou crcato man, God, for I will plant -charity and pity In his But Poace opposed his creation. "Do not make man, God; for man will bo quarrelsome: ho will bring war Into tho world," To this Justice answered: "Am not I here? Do Thou create him, Lord; I will glvo him laws whore with ho shall bo Judged In equity and fairness." Finally spoko Truth In opposition: "Do Silont prayor for the recovery of all BoldlorB; and sailors aflllcted wark of religion, tho scourgo of tyrants, tho glory of civilization. Tho surest thing In tho unlverso Is of creation ends nnd tho work Is dono tho comment reads: "And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good." This 1b a passage universally accepted as tho law of God. This Is seen most clearly when tbo law of humanity Is broken the vln tge where the grapei of wrttb lie totedj.H'j btV a il tir la the eve niog dowe and dampi; I coa tern nen, to with you ray riace shall itt Ut the the lititte of men be fore hie judg-meat-ictt; -be." llli bo torn tbet tiini-flg- urt you and me; Ai He Uenp tar out build tT II Ira deal with my lift lag out gto ry la with the opldemlo Influenza; for tho speedy coming of a just and rlghtoofts peace, and for the establishment of Christ's universal kingdom among men. HYMN.

Today In tho face of wickedness In high places and, In view of Sabbath desecration In tho home, factory ami office, In spite of tho fact that the Bible has been not create man, Master; for with man will coma vanity ami falsehood." Whereupon, accepting this as a challenge, God took Truth and hurled him doWn to earth. Ills comrades, amazed at this seemingly contemptuouo treat classic not meroly because It is an ancient and majestic but of literature, but also because It Is a perennially sound and Invigorating philosophy of life. Hero la presented tho creator of 7::: driven from our schools, the moral cle Tho mornlnK comoth. Iitnlah 21:12. "Tho melancholy days aro como, the saddest of tho year," and this year tho burden Is heavier than over.

Dearest nmbltlons havo been thwarted, fondest hopes blighted, swootest dreams shattered, and tho most carefully laid plans overturned. All over our land today Is heard the sound of mourning, of mother and of father crying for their children and woeplng because they aro not. Surely It Is a tlmo of unrest and uncertainty. Foundations are slipping from beneath our feot theories, philosophies upon which we have bulldod have gono down in tho wreck, friends in whom wo have trusted have proved false. Is it any ment Inrgely eliminated from our edu ment, remonstrated -with God, "Why tho universe who In tho belnnlng speaks and tho earth Is made.

He breathes forth Ills spirit and all tho dost Thou thus troat our companion? world comes into being. And Ho looks out upon this creation. He surveys the on. Lead, Kindly Light fa not Truth Thy seal?" And God replied: "Truth shall go down and live with man on earth. When man will diligently walk In tho of truth and innrn tn nvn It with Ml his heart and looted the fateful lightning of his ter-rl bli qnlckeword llli troth match -lng read hlarlghteoueaentenceby the dlmandflar day march -log Be- ro, born of tlie nr-pentwIthhliheeQInca God la innch-Iog an-iwerlliml be Ju'-bl-laot, ray feet: Our God la match-lng world Uo has Just made tho earth, tho sun, tho stars and myriads of worlds D.

DYKES Pnrdlnal Niwman "Vs. and suns anil stars Ilka unto It, and as to nuke men fiee.Whlle God la match-lng ua mo fa died tomakeoiennorly, lit soul, then 'truth crushed to earth will rm, IIL'Ilin wonder that men nro turning white, TP" I anxious faces toward tho future? 1 on The night it any wonder that they shrink lexJ.klnddy Lliht, 'mia th'onclr-cling gloom, Leid tbou me nr. fVitfi nnr tiravM tht Thfiii RtinuM'at lead 1 10 'a 10 O'er mooriod So itlll Will lead N-r-, -1 If pausing to. ask, Is It a good world, Is It after all really worth while? Tho answer comes: And God saw everything that Ho had made, and behold, it was not only good, but very good. Docs that sound like archaeology today? Many aoona havo passed since that dlvino flat.

Countless centuries have rolled Into eternity slnco this whole prehistoric work of Genesis. Tho from the revelation of even mo morrow? To most of us It sometimes seems as If tho clock were being wound back Olo rjr, glo iy, bal lo In jabl Ole ry, glo ry, cational system and material prosperity lias become the popular standard for tho Judgment of a successful life In spite of all these customs and practices which arc provalent among us, we aro not discouraged, for there Is a Power that swings tho heavens apd rc-Uii tho i stars along. Tho deep undercurfentH of life are never still and they nro charged with tho purpose of the Almighty. Thcro Is an obituary notice on tho inspired page, which Ih universal tn Its application and stands for all time. Hero It is: "I have seen tho wicked In great power and spreading himself llko a green tree that groweth In his own soil, yot he paused away, Olo, ho was not." Tho unseen messengers from the throne are on tho way.

We do not need to get our earn very close to tho ground to detect their approach. Consternation -and fear have seized the camp of tho repeaters, grafters, saloon keepers and Babbath breakers. God is speaking and the penalties of a violated law are demanding a settlement of a long-deferred account. Tho relentless march of righteousness In both civic and per ward. Ab we look out in tno wonu we see men everywhero bent on evil il in jmi ways.

At times ll ueomn 11 uio ci millennium of sin and sorrow wero upon process still continues. The world Is Tir Everywhero truth seems lorever still here. Put look at It now. Tho tho scaffold" everywhere wrong unlverso on llro; mankind in a welter The ungols wore answered; tho verdict rendered. Man was made, and Ood slfll surveying his handiwork, saw everything that Ho had made, and behold, It was very good.

Ih that antiquated? Does It hold no hopeful and Inspiriting answer for us In the great Issues of the hour? Ah, yes, mercy has been planted In the human heart; but seo what Germany has done unto and in splto of It. Justlco, too, has laid down its laws for Individual and International fair dealing; but seo how brutally Ocrmany has flaunted It to suit her own purposes. And now she calls for peace. It Is an old Talmud lc dictum that tho worst punishment of tho liar Is tho self-inflicted ono oX never being believed even when ho wants to tell the truth, CosHandrullkc, Germany stands boforo tho world asking for peace on tho grounds, forsooth, of mercy, humanity, Justice. Is It to ho wondered that tho world, through President Wilson, paraphrases Its answer, "Timeo Oer-manos ot pacem ferentes." When truth, so long crushed to earth by Germany, shall bo permitted to rise again In such manner as to inspire the definite and indisputable prosjmct that never again shall it be so violently mu- MltitArl innltroiilfvL thhii will

of blood and all because of tho lust for seems "forever mi mo uwunu 1 nj seems, for If we had tho faith wo could look "beyond the clouds" and seo "God feet; I ger lib mora tto Keep thou my 'I lov'd the with the Lead thou me off; Lead thou me The night ii gone, dark, uai I am fir from home, cbooie andjeo my pith; but cow tea, o'ercragand tor-jent, till power of a potty group of Individual men. Is there any one among us so Glo ry, ryj-hal. lo Ia ahl His truth 11 march -lo Uhtn the shadows Keeping waicn dull of Imagination, so stolid of, spirit above His own." uul comprehension who In tho past four years has not asked: Is tho world bo good after all? was It all worth tho Our social state, through tho growth of lawlessness, prevalence of vice and conflict of classes, has become one hoav-Imr ocean of unrost. But friends, when making? SSSKS! Our fathers had a pootlc but very I dim. jo I Ji iiinit 10 its Tbo ill Knl ictne: ootJtip nouili (or mt.

sensible answer. They gave It In the. BENEDICTION. will we learn that social struggle Is the plant out of which will blossom a higher form of a -beautiful legend In connec tlon with this very GencHls story. It munt have been conceived In a time sonal nffalra Is everywhero discoverable.

The mills of God aro grinding slowly, hut grinding suro, ond the night of a prophesied ruin must disappear before tho dawn of that glad day proclaimed by the minstrelsy of heaven that day of peace on earth, among men good will. diy; and.iptl. ol ltr, my will; rt-Bim-lKr not put.yMri. n-irt Which I h.vt Intd long ilu. nd Int whllt.

many have peace. Yea, then will all tii world have peace; that peaco for whlcn It has yearned slnco the days of In the end as In tho beKllininif. Tho peace 01 uou, which pansotn all unaerstunuiiiR, Keep you social llfo7 we aro in tno mnn inrocs of a better civilization, Out of it will como a better type of citizenship and a better state. Through It this laud, Which has been tho cradle liberty, the asylum of tho oppressed and the home of the free, will become the bul- hearts and mliuln In tho knowledge and lovo of Qotl, and HU Son-ein; Just such as this. When God was about to make man, tho legend tells, Ho hesitated.

Hp doubted the wisdom of Ills own Intention. And bo, with a Christ, our Lord; and tho Mossing ot Ood Almighty, tno ather, the So UOU, Still in 1 lis uurveyiiig mi that lie has made, shall see that It was and Is not only good, but very good. and the Holy unout, uo among you, ana remain wuu you Aviators us that as they ascend modesty becoming even to tho divine, May Ood speed tht day. Amen,.

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