The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 3, 1917 · Page 10
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 10

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Monday, December 3, 1917
Page 10
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10 THE INDIANAPOLIS. STAR, MONDAY. DECEMBER 8. 1017. STAR BE8T IN 'MIDDLE WEST SPORnT COLLEGE POOTBALL Q088IP PAGE i 1 "' 1 NRAL8TON 0088, BDITOR.A , . . . - . .. " " ' .. . T KLINGMAN AND GOBLER WINNERS OF SWEEPSTAKES 1,209 Pins Fall for Victors in First Doubles Event of the Year. CRAY RETAINS TROPHY Bike Riders Get Away to Flying Start Hill Wins the First Sprint Which Continues After First Mile. Stars in Long Event Sensntlonal bowlliiR by Coblor rind Kllneman yesterday fftivo tliom firm prize In the upon doubleu BweopstuUcB 'tournn mcnt at the Capitol alloys. This winners of tho event had a total of 1.200 plna for three names, (520 of them beltitf aent Into the pita by Coblor and G8U by bin partner. Cobler'a scuroa wore 107, 25S and 188 and Kllng'man'a 172, 214, and 203. Ton othor teams were given prizes. Tho duos, which rocolvod awards, and their totMs follow: Field and Mcgowan, 1,160; IIornberBor und Careltaddon, 1,150; Cooper and llofatattcr, 1,143; Ooodwln and Hush, 1,141; Fox. and Chonoy, 1,1311; McCulloufjli and Prltoliott, 1,131; TlrlBht and Hall, 1,122; WIlltlnB and Powoll, 1,117; Hargitt and MaRcl, 1,113. Cray Easy Winner. Cray easily defended the Alloy Owners' Trophy In Ills five-game match with Mhcol nt tho Capitol drlvos, his total bo- Ing 050 to tho ohallonger's 833. Cray got awav . to a snlendld start, knocking 222 maples off, tho drives In tho llrst gamo to Mngol'a 137, The ubollcngor Bottled down In tho second, however, and counted 180 to Cray's 104. He gained somo moro on tho trophy holder In tho noxt, his mark being 102 to Crny'a 171. Cray braced at this time and netted 210 and 17, for tho llnal two games to Magol'a 153 and 171. Six tcamn In tho Union Printing Crafts Leaguo began tho season at lloams s drives yesterday. Tho mutual Printing Compnny quintet- won two from tho Dally rimia. Ihn MnwH No. 1 tOOk tlirOO from Tho Star ana tho C. E. Pauloy five swept tho series from tho News No. 2. Kuhn of tho Dally Times, Hnuok of tho News No. 1 and Meredith and Douglass of tho C. E, Pauley teams rolled in line lorin. TlmcB Loses Hard Match. Tho Indiana Dally Times quintet was beaten in a hard match with tho dlobo Ktovo Company of Kok'omo at tho Central Alloys, 2,472 to 2,300. Loviclc did best for the local team, while Snydor led In tho attack that brought victory for tho Kokomo five. , , , Tho scores of tho doubles swocpBtakos, tho Printers' League, and tho match game follow: DOUBLES SWEEPSTAKES. 130 180 053 17S 1711,077 NEW YC-IIK, Doc. 3. Illdors In tho annual six-day bicycle race at Madison Square Garden were aent away to a flying start at ono minute nftor midnight this morning, nobby Walthour led at tho ond of the llrst lnp and Fred Hill waa tho winner of the opening ono-mllo sprint. All tho teams paraded a fow minutes bo- He Answers the Call. 1 rteiti ;! llsuorleln 180 Wlllcy JSS llimuloln 1BE McCnuKhan I'euchcy .i. Kelfcnstlihl Kramer Noel Underwood '. Hall .'7. . Wright AVllmoro ... OundurHou . Hrlirht .... B. Hall l.n.nirliim Kourbior 141 1S1 135 100 118 161 153 118 100 173 171 184 210 1G1 184 . 134 rTlni-k .' 170 Murr 143 Fox 172 Cliuniiy 1 1S1 158 187 100 107 loa 180 170 104 185 103 108 173 200 150 10 150 108 134 ISO H7 182 200 103 130 171 87t -1,01 826 213 100 107 172 207 201 Field MOKOwnn . Coblor . . . Kllnfrmnn Klminel . Kulsor . . . Fulirbnch 157 llougsinan 200 Connor 170 HofHtatter 202 Irish 14J liroilon 103 Sobmltt 138 Kornol 190 ll&smussen '178 QHtlnlmor 183 Kurgonnt 1J5 Knydor 18- dissert 174 llvltzvll H3 Dumb 183 Fox , 172 1'rltchntt 175 McCulloullh 102 102 184 150 175 172' 142 1761,053 174 1001,008 102 2021,1: 13(1 162 Hit 180 001 232 1731,130 1 r,o 1001,100 1GR 2031,200 InS 1611,100 147 177 088 170 ' 1051,143 138 164 007 150 1821,072 1031,040 177 1851,058 182 2011,032 178 2151.102 ffro midnight, and then the representa tive nuero wore nnnounceu as lunula. Kramer. Ooullot. Corry, Lnwrenco, Car man, Hpears, l'lnrcy, Hill, Urubach, lih-arl, Weber, Eager, Wnllliour, Madonna and Willie Hpencer. Fifteen or mo oeac riuors uvanumu among tho world's lending proicssionni oyclisls began tho annuul race. With tho exception of four entrants, nil of tho eumpotilors havo shared international Honors, ana six 01 mom navo snarou mi.- ,.i.ln iHnn.11 In ,nn TirnvlnMit rniitnStS llorO. The race will bo concluded midnight next Saturday. . This year's raco will lack only two mlnutoB of 144 houra. Points for sprints,' which will take place for ono hour, each at tornoon and . two ' hours each win Im nwiiriloil to the lend UK teams. . Tho point system will docldo tho tnairmution 01 me casn pri.e, uniuuui.-Inir to sift.uoo. amont; tho surviving riders. Following is tho makeup of tho loams: . Primlc TCrinnnr and Oscar Eiig. Alfred Ooullot and Jake Maglm Arthur Bponoer and Willie Hponoer, ISddio Hoot and Peter Drounch, Eudio Mauuon anu rranit vu,rJ' Roiiort Spoars and Francesco Vorrl, I'atll Huter and nobby Walthour, Alfred Uremia and Charles Plorcy, Fred Hill and .Wllllo Hanlcy, Claronco Carman and Oeorgo wuoy, j'orcy i.awronco ami x.iuyu ivm-ns, Victor Mnart and Michael Debates, Vlncenso Madonna and Tom Bollo, Tom Smith and Fred Wober, George Chapman and Willie Eager. Hammond Defeats Friars and Claims League Title HAMMOND, ln'd Dec. 2. Thq Hammond football team this afternoon do fontod tho Fort Wayno Friars, 25 to 0, nmi ninim thn nrnfesslonal ohamnlonBhlp of Indiana, At tho beginning of tho year la.iiriiti wuu fnrmnil onnslntlnir of Wa bash, Pino Village and Hammond. Fort Wnyno declined to Join. Hammond boat Wabash twice . and Pine Village onco. l-lnmmnnil InHt a iramo to Pino Village, Wabash held Fort Wayno 7 to 7, and THnn Vllliicrii fllil lint nlllV tbfi Friars. At tlio onu 01 tno nrsi nan mrniy uiu Bcoro was IB to 0, with MoCurdy, a Hammond half back, unconBdous. Fort Wayno hold tho natives to ono touchdown and n goal kick In tho last naif, jonnny uar-rott, Paddy Driscoll, Tod Blocker and McCurdy starred for Hammond. Tho llno- upa and aummary louow: Hammond (26). Friar; (0). Kept Loft ond Burphoft Mchllg.. I.ofttaoklo ..... Jones UnllVA- T.iifl trltlirit TjOOkWOOU Frank Mocker.... Centor C. Ityillcwski Keefe Hlnht guard ...1 Bftillmu ltufnor niltlil tackle .Uav llandorson ItlHht end liolvle UrlRooll Qiiai tor back PoraJ" McCurdy Left luilr hack ?c,hl llarrott Itlglit Half oaok 1 llaka Ted lllockor Fullback lourig TouclidownB Tud Blocker, Barrett, urin- .r BdsehallSiars Mus t Exist on $2. 50 a Day Hoy) Shocking, Too, They Mast Sleep 1 in Upper "Berths on Trains. Game on War Basis ECKERS ALL ALSO PLAGES I.U.MAN ON SECOND TEAM Hathaway Given Guard Position by Authority No Other In-, diana Athletes Mentioned. QFIANTLAND RICH. Grantland Rico, conceded to bo tho most Ki'fl-plilc BportH wrltor In tho couh-trv. will nnllnl In eomo brtinch of tho eorvlcc this week. - Mr. Rice's articles on frolf ana basoimll -will ho mlped by fol-lowom of tho Karnes from coast to coast. Mr. Rico at presont Is connoctod with tho Now York Tribune. Ho had been a fipo-clal writer for Tho Star for several years. ELEVENS PLAY A TIE GAME Americans of Indianapolis Score in Final Ten Minutes and Even Contest With Anderson. Cooihvln ,. Bush Huhn ucih iiu ilrudor 157 tlrkhort 11 D. Iliickerd . .; 1R0 F, Hackerd 101! Soltau Ill Bornor 101 Uou:e 1J2 l'ollard 162 Mlllor 138 rhllllps ISO Hiihlll'.z 152 English .. nunUlngor' .... (lart-ott Hpahr Kline Carskaddon 200 204 200 173 148 201 100 165 153 150 150 102 160 198 167 107 212, 101 123 Goal From Touchdown Drlacoll. OIllclalB Beforoo. Magldaon (ChloaBo)i umpire, noblnnon (Illinois) : head linesman, Thomas (Illinois). . LEAGUE GAMES WILL BE PLAYED AT TECH TODAY Tim lunette loadlm? Browas will meet, the Bods and tho Purnlon will play tho Whltos la tho Tochalonl High School Dnskot Bnll today. Tho BroivitH aro a half gamo ahead of tho Blues, and If victorious In today's i.-ontont will wilt tho itonannl. If .i. u.., tn.fl. hnu'nver. thoy w fall back Into a tlo with tint Bluo. Tho loaguo. will como to a close WodaoHday, when tho drays clash with tho Beds and tho aniens moot the l'urplou. . Tho drays also havo a cnaitco 10 no mr luiium 1111111 ui mo m..i,i...i itrovininK mo jiniwi" "ii" ,V,,Y' CIIHO -OI II lie. Ilimi' viun...... .... on III announced that. 0 noHt-suaaon norles will ho playi-d to ilccldo tho pennant winner, Tho Tooanleol state haakot ball team will seal iitrouKi) a onu ivuiiiuu. iu'i, -1,141 - 050 Harnett ... MaKOl ..... Ktrlebeck .. Fulton DIUlncor ... I'lol XIallerberf; . Uoyer Malott Moscall .... IJehtiiK .... Oohiltroo . , Loviclc .... Blrltt ....... Whiting .. Powoll .... Klait Brown .... .Torilaa ... Tuoker . . . .T. Ilnuxo . L. Mcltor llalseup ., Campbell . Habm .... Loocltlo ... Kmrich ... Atkinson I-lvana .', . . Niirilhult . PRINTERS' LEAGUE. Mutual PtB. Co. Dally Tlmos, ilL l,Uluill 11111 iiiJ luii Mnrloal. . 160 106 161 Nnoly. , . . 165 178 10K Wokeland 207 125 141 llerubrKr 148 138 100 213 1821,131 105 131- 187 14S 1,021 160 1001,030 200 -2001,112 108 1001,000 173 100 073 102 1701,070 170 1841,050 172 108 1,010 161! 1001,073 in 2211,150 103 181- 130 2011,118 proimrntlon for Its coatcHt with tho C'armol lllali School llvo on Doc. II. Coach Ifan-caotor Is ploased with , tho wuy In which tho sound haH Improved Hlnoo Its first two Interscliolostlo aantoe. In last Friday's oou-test with Fraaklla tho, Kiiai-ds on, tho Clri;n nntl Wllllo qulntot played an pxcollont iran, Tho door at Tech Is very small and tho Mast Hldo school playorB probably will practice elHowhoro noon. If possible. ManiiKor clpr-mivn will schedule a aatno for ttoxt Friday with somo state high school team. HARVARD STILL DOING IT. Harvard will not ho reprosontod by uolf, teanls. wroatllltff, svvlmmlaK, lacrosse or cyinnautic' teams this season. A ffmolne team has beon lormen ami aa cnori ih no. i in irnt mi ii sni'iier ttiiini. lilvurv cuntala of major and minor sports has tolnod the colors. TIGERS BUY FINNERAN. PKTHOIT, Mich., Deo. 2. Purchase by tho Detroit American League baBoball club of Pitcher Flnnerao front tho.Ht. Paul club of the American Association was miido known hiiro today. The purchaso price was not announced. Totals. - Star. Cltryst. . . Bohm.. . . Butsch.. . Man-son., Urotho... 824 765 82l 146 181 HI lll'J 151 146' 136 14a l'JD 140' 143 120 124 172 139 Totals. 052 700 074 Nows No, Murphy., llalnus, . Miller... . Mitchell. hi' 135 168 160 132 136 122 1.10 1114 73 112 3 130 103 108 103 107 B09 i - ; Veteran in Bike Race. 185 169 183 I . ' 170 161 1071,084 ' 180 183 182 I . 1 107 152 J02 1,006 Ji 101 147 181 I ..... 130 130 140 028 !-;Sifiilk 218 205 108 , "Ml 187 127 181 1,061 A$(5iffl 180 181 107 jBSjSl 173 208 ISO 1.125 fJS 1 f. J-,Tt 170 110 103 iHfKA "fe '"i 107 106 2041,081 Stvi ft 'f&W U. 170 178 220 MiUSiVV ' '1 4X2 & I 147 101 2021,117 SttMm'1 ' iWit.V'fi 210 173 142 I fflMSfifc ?l&&lk It A S 157 187 1001,044 fnffiJB? itiX&'ViAr 100 1S8 147 jM .TO.A'SiS 171 180 1001.078 !KSifiSiiSSi'SS!iF& i 231 ins 150 uffi$ffl3y&$W'iM "7 140 108-1,040 OSf(St iSt WSlB3 18f 215 180 WxSSMfiJj3MMeMi 200 187 182-1,104 ' mtfW$$ixMW too mo 148 IBSSt iSmi i 'Tvt'sWa 161 200 144 003 ififB" 3W(T TV'MiTEiH 200 160 ii4 Bscffll "S-Sli "I'i e.tJZit UK nosers... 1 381 WBSOT II 181 130 108 II ' V!iif!WiS19nMSClMII 160 1J1 165 l jw... . i 125 141 I2H I 1 IOU JIIU 1SU BY CURLY ASH. A foul on Player Clorrard, loft back, In tho lust ton minutes of play yostordny Bhvo tho Indianapolis Amorlcuns soccer team nn opportunity to tlo tho scoro -with tho Andorson Athlotics at Wlllard Park and tho contest ended with each team having scored only onco. Hes-ielgravo Bcorod for tho locals, Tho visitors mado their only point lifter llvo minutes of piny. Jim Crlthloy mudo It. on a foul. witnessed In Indianapolis. Tho contest started fast. Tho Americans won tlie toss and choso to kick. On tho ktchoff. tho forwards worked the. uan uuwn luwuru mo yvitueisun iioai, uui wcro unablo to put it botweon tho posts. Tho visiting aggregation did somo excellent passing and many times otuded tho Amorlcau hack field men, Capt. Leigh rogalned tho hall and worked It-down tho Held for' nig gams, nut tno goou goal tending- of Toinlln for tho visitors kout him from scoring. ' Own Player-Blocks Ball. Only once during the first period did Iho local toam havo an opportunity to scoro. This was directly after tho klckoft, Clay ton rccolved the bull near tho side lines and by soino clover kicking and passing nut the hall In froitt of Anderson's ROnl. Tin tnado n. good kick, and no doubt tho ball would havo gttno between tho poBts had it not been blocked by ono of Ida own plnyers, who had fallen down. Im mediately alter mis mo Anuorsuu iur-wards worked tho ball down tho Hold and got tho ball on tho locals' lino, when a foul was called on uosboi n,nin T-hlu irnVA thn visitors nil OXCCl- lent oiianco and they scored the llrst point of tho contost. In tho remalndor of this half tho ball was pinycu .mica unu iumi down tho Hold, neither sldo having an udvantago ovor tho other. off, but heigh got tho ball und kicked it In Mcaredlo. who missed It across the nt.i in untno ' ntpn nmvoil it down to ward his oppononts' goal, but again the good goal tending, of Toinlln kept tho Americans from scoring. Tho forwards ntt thn locals wore able to' keep the ball noar the visitors' goal, but, thoy were unablo to put It botweon tho pontB. From hero tho boll was carried down tho. Hold imuiii- ttm Atnm-li.iins' iroal and It socmed as IT Andorson wotuct scoi-o iisnuii time after tlmo Dunby, tho goal tondor for tho lndlnnnpolis teams, kept tlio ball away. With ten minutes 01 piny ion, a foul was callod on an Andorson playor und l-lossolgrnvo kicked the ball between tho visitors' posts. There was no moro scoring after tills, hut twlco tho Ameri cans inreaioiieii. These two teams wm moei in u return game next HUliuny. xuo iiiiuups uun summary follow: Americans fl). Andcrson(l) Datibv 1 noal ...... Spdola! fo The IndianaiinHa Sfor. CUICAQO, Deo. 2. Major league base ball will bo put on a war basis next year to such an extent that some of t(io hlgli-prlcod stars will bo compelled to travel In nppor berths nnd sUBtaln Hfo on J2.00 a day. Tho railroads themselves will bo rcsponslblo for tho former. The owners will got tho blamo for tho latter. Tho transportation altuatlon will lie force on to baseball automatically. The war ra tions will bo an artificial adjunct to the many economlo measures owners have In prospoot and which will bo dlsoussod noxt wook. It ban boon dccldod by both leagues that it will bo host to mako tho National gamo appear as normal as possible noxt soanpn. , This will provide for a rogular traiitltio nnannn. nn well aa a noisy open ing. If war conditions do not rob tho ownors of all tholr matorlal , thoy undoubtedly will finish the season; that Is, la tho major circuits. It Is doubtrul If a Inglo minor leaguo will go tho distance noxt year. Tho batting at nresont Is 2 to 1 ugalnBt It. ( Older Leaguo "Yelling." It Is tho National Iicngus which has boon "yelling" tho loudest for economy tor noxi year. . j.iiu ntujortiy. ui iuu uiyu-ore In tho older circuit aro for thte program: . l-ong scneuuto oi iu games tit nv uttu half months. IloKularly scheduled doublo-headore In order to--lncreaso tho attendance and mako tno gamo moro commercial man A player limit of eighteen, mon. (A fow aro sticking for sovontcon.) A maximum allowance of 2.60 a day for players' moals, A contract which callB for monthly payments "for duration of season, " which wntilri nittnmatlcnllv ston salaries as-soon as owners closo tho season, which might bo woekB In advanco of tho date original ly set, A war clauso In every contract. A revision of holdovor contracts In order to rollovo tho owners of tho unusual burdens, Tho public to pay tho nmusomont war tax. . Tho American League mngnntes aro for tho majority of thoso "amendments," and many moro. SIMPSON QUARTER BACK COFALL DEFEATS THORPE'S ELEVEN Ten, Thousand See Former Irish Star Kick Two Field Goals for Massillon Tigers. Hnhmi Kph'e McCnrty. .Moticour. . . . Mt'Crcfidto. . , Glaytnn itnrWMKrnvo. Cait, LuIrI). TtOHS Drnlto. ...... GoiilH Vor AnrttTfloii, AmorlcnnH, HpHmMKruvo. . . Lufi buck UlRht halt bnoH , Center holt liook luft tut If imclt . . OutHido rlRht . , Inuliln rlL'tit Centor forwurd Toinlln Norrls , . . . .Onrrora , .Poiulnalon , ,.l, crlchloy . . . . .Uurton . .11. Crltohltiy Ilurton Jim Crltohly HUVIO OutHido rifiht. Copt Wuti'non tluhii Crltchloy; for BASEBALL COMMITTEE WILL MEEf IN CINCINNATI JAN. IBpeoial to Tho Indianapolis Star. CANTON. O., Dec. 2. Stanley Cofall, formorly of Notre Dame and a Cleveland boy, playlns at loft half for tho Massillon TlKerB, apoilod the Canton Bulldogs' chancos for rntalnlns their world pro- fcuulonal football title at MyorB Lako Park, thin afternoon by booting two beau tlfut Held Koala for tho only a cores of the sumo, slvlng tho Coal Minors a I th fl vlnvtifv over thn eleven, led bv In dlnn .11 in Thoi-no. Ten thousand football rnna nnn (( t ie nai'K in exi GCtacion or wltneeslng another Canton victory and were given tho biggest ourprleo , of tho eason. Before tho fltart of the con-teat, odds wero 10 to 0 and 2 to-1 on the Bulldoga. Cofall booted his both' Held goala in tho llrat half.' Tho first caino after nix minutes of play, whon Cofall blocked Thorpe's punt nn nnnton's twenty-ilvo-yard' lino and Nash recovered. Tho kick" was mado from tho thlrty-four-yard lino. Miller Intercepted a forward pass heaved by Gheo and Intended for Nlel in the second quarter. French netted twenty-tlvo yards on a pass thrown by Miner anu uotnii toi' lowed with his second goal, booting thlr tv.nnn vardK. All tho breaks of the game favored MaaslUon. ' Canton trotted tho ball down the nolu via tno aerial route tnrco times to within the shadow of the Massillon cnal. hut lacked tho nunch necessary to. carry tho leather ovor. Canton made- elKht first downa to one for Maasilton, Masfllllon intercepted alx forward passes, whllo Thorno'a team manaKod to j?oUtwo In splto of tho muddy condition of tho Hold, Thorpe got away for u pair of . his tamous sprints uown ino neia, one oi dashos going for fifty and tho other thirty-five yards. Manaltlon (G). Nnh ' r--'1 on.d . iNcisuer 1 a memo . ( iji'ii Rtiaru ... . Center . . it. in in Kiinni . . . . RlBht toolclo .... ,. Itlghtond ..... , Qimrtcrlmck Lett half baok ... niffht hnir back , . -Full back Score by Periods. MnjBlllon 3 S 0 oo Canton 0 0 0 00 'Substitutions."" Tor ManBlllon V. Jolinson for NoFHor, KCKKHHAT.T-'S ALTj.OONFKtlKNCE TBAMS Flrat Toam. KntlH Holcii (Ohio ; Htate) nnd Kelloy (Wlrtenrmlh . - . Tnokl H. J.. Coiil-lncT (Ohio State) anil Ilnnncn (3Unnota). . Guards iHrlch JNorthweitern) and Hlit. gintt tiiicntcu;. Centor Vnly no (Ohio State)., Clurtrtcr Hack 4 1 tup sou (Vlticonsln), Half BdckB Hurler (Ohio State) nnd Ellliiffwood (Northwcfltorn). - Full IJftclt Koehlcr (Northwestern) . 8ecohd Team. . KndtH-Klelu (IIUhoIb) nnd Flynn (Mlniie- ota). Tncklea Kelt land (MtmtOAOttt) and Ran. dolnli (Northwestern). Guards GoclLtc (Illinois) and Hatliawny (Indiana), x Center Ingnonton (llllnoln), Quarter linck Arritson (.Minnesota). i Hulf Hacks Lttun (Iowa) and llondl (WlHconslii). 1MU llaek Clinrpior (llllnoln). BY WALTER ECKERSALL, With the closa of the 1017 Conforenco or Big Ton football season, it is nov tlmo to honor tho nlayors who htivo done the most cohBlstont work nnd have been of most vnluo to thoir teams. A football sea- son Is not cohaldorcd comploto until such honorary elevens aro chosen, Bays Walter Eckorealt In the Chicago Tribune. In Bolecting an all-star team, ovory nngle of football must bo taken into consideration. A composito tdam must bo selected-which will work with. co-ordination of attack and defanfio. Tho players must be placed in positions whero.thoy havo Just as much success IMt is taught team play ns ono that has two or -throo stars, who in tho majority of cases aro maruea p layers in an games. Star Kicker Essential. An honorary alovon can not bo 'called an all-star aggregation unloss It haH a kicker who can punt with accuracy, kick goals after touchdowns, and bo fairly sure at field goals, either place or drop kick. Such ah aggregation also must have a good forward passer and. a reliable man on tho receiving ond. It must have a lino ! pi linger, -an on lactfio ariver, an onu run-nor., and a quarter back with football intelligence. ; It IB only a matter or history to cite the number of games won and lost by errors In judgment on tho part of players directing an attack or by bad judgment in handling uicka, u'noro navo neon row mg garner played this year ih whioh a player catching punts haa signaled tor a fair catch whon tho opposing team was on top of him without a surety man to recover tno nan or tactile an oppononi in case oi a fumble. ' Men Must Think Quickly. Players picked for art honorary eleven must bo quick, thinkers. Thoy must act and think at tho samo time, for a- mo ment's hesitation ofton '.reaulta dlsas trously, Tho mon I havo selected are players of this typo. All of thorn havo boon in tight places andtthey have como out with colors Hying. . , . It is regretted no Michigan players can be takon Into consideration In the selection of thoso two teams. Weston, quarter back, and Ijambort, centor, would bo meicai selections iur ineao vubiuuiih, uui as neither played against a Conference tenm it would-bo unjust to other Big Ten nlnvnrn tn nlnno them on (In all-stnr Con- lerenoo nsnrcguiion. lacunar pmyuu ui .the game nganiBt Northweatorn, tko only uig Ton team fliiciuguii piuyea mis yeur. Both aro great .football mon nnd will receive due consideration when All-Wost-orn and All-American teams aro chosea what tho nccurato passing of the center : nlcahs. Cbaoh .Wlico omntoys plays ot euch chnractor that if the ball la not passed faatiind accuratoly the plays will not do succcsnrui. 'xna iiuoiceye una not mado n costly pahs nil year. Some of tho credit given Cnlck-IInrloy for his punting nnd floUTgoal kicking should go to VnnDyno. Much, of Wisconsin's nucooas was duo to' Simpson, who Is placed at quarter wiou. Aiinougn -tno uaugor enn oo rightfully criticised for mistakes In certain gamos, he. more than mado up for his crrorn In othef Btruggtes. Ho Is a iilbl ui an d U' runnsr. ih niiinK rn irnc under' wnv. nnrl nnnn rntit In thn nnnn In a hard man to stop. H6 Is a good Hold general nnu is always cnrorui to con-aorvo tho phynlchl Btrongth of hifl team Realty Transfers James A. Itunyan to Criii-o' Uoalty Co., i nirviow I'inca, lots, R5, 80 and -87, 7ixiao ii, vacnnt, . ul do flnrrnnto . . si. ,w at HoiiRliey ova. ..1300,00 Allco 10. Kocrnot ibv )hvlttyto Lonora Methony, lot 205, JnoltBon Pork, lx aii it, vaoani. e aiua oneiuon ii n nt Twenty. third t. 73.43 Noli A. Bhcdd ,to. Maeelo E. Botts, lot 52, JaflitBoii Park. IttxlJX ft, va- cdni, o Pine Aiariinuaic ava, a oi . . Twenty-fifth, st 360.00 llerbert K. Fat out to Sai-nh B, Huffman nuiMir, , . . Wofltbechpr. fililH Copley. . . . . Fronch MlllPr Cofa 1 onn McauKlirt)'. . by not working ani nlnyer too ofton. DOIonslVfilv hn in n irrnnf nlntft. Tin ia a Buro catcher of punta and n tloadly tackier. Ho In quick to size up plays, fthfl continually dlrcotfl his teammates to ino point oi attack. Chick Harley; of Course, Speaking of half backs,"tho first namo ono ' would mention would . bo that of Harloy of Ohio Sthto. An Ail-American selection last year, ho should bo glvoh tno , honor again. Harloy is placed at right half, whoro his ability can bo utl llaod to tho best advantage. Ho is, with out question, ono of tho beat kickers in tho country, as good an opon field runner as has been seen In varH. nnrl n. nnwnr on dofenae, Aside from running tho ends and driving on or-off tho tttcklos, Harloy Is an nccurato forward passer, as was shown by his Bhowing against Wisconsin. Although not .as brllUant a performer as Hftrloy, Elllhgwood of Northwestern. largely bcoauao of his stellar work in tho Michigan game, is placed at loft half. Tho Purplo star, is a consistent, all-round player. Ho can kick, run the ends, catch punts and forward, paasos and is a reliable man in tho Interference. Ho 1b equauy strong defensively. , . t Koehter at Full Back. Koehlcr, another. Northwostorn player, Is placed at full back, although Charpler of Illinois Is nearly hla equal. Koohler's main forte 1b lino plunging. Ho mado many yards through Michigan and always is a reliable and consistent ground gainor.-Defcnslvely ho Was ono of tho host mon in the Conforenco hnnklnc un tho, linn. Ho has football Intuition and should bo tno logical cnoico or critics ror tho. post tlon. I This tcarrti ns Helectdd. would hn hard to boat. With Harloy to do tho 'kicking nnd forward passing and Bolen and Kolley to recdlvo passes, with Koehler to hit tho lino and SlmDaon. 'Elllncwood find Harley to run tho ends, It would mako'a poworiui ononsivo ana acrensivo aggre gation. Jr.. lot 10, Bquaro fl, FlomliiR third mid, N, Park, 40x181 ft, Improvod, e Alas nualtlo it, n of Tvvonty-elffhth nt i ..... . 1.00 Sarah s, Huffman to Laura H. Fa tout, . : name . . : ,r i.uu Bamuel B. Walker to Mrs. Q. T. Black.' nnri int . xd. Kinnrn rn.mtii nan lrv- Itiirtnn Imnrni-Mfl. n n rnrnr Wnli lnffton st and Itdwthorno lano. .4,800.00 John E., Noble at nl to James B. Nel- Improvcd, o of Koyatoiio avo, s oi EnRllsh avo Emtnn F, Yountr to Joseph H. Pattlaon, lot 80. ArniHlrontf Park, - 35x105 ft, vacant, s sldo Thirty-sixth at, w of El ml raj at . . , County Real; Estate Co. to an tno, 1 lot HB; Hosbrdok'B Prospftot; St add. 80x140 tt, Improvod w aldo Karhart , nt, n ot Orange st. ............... . . i-niiiBon 10 j, v. luiuRD) wnsn- soa 2, tp id, r 3, ; Oghorn to Andrew J. , part b o H Incton tp , Barnes et ux. jot 186, Fletcher and others' nub , out Ibt SB. eto, improved, nt ..; : ..5,000.00 Honry AhrnmBjtct William J. Henley, . , h H. lot 89, I. Flotohor'a add, 21k lflft1 ft. improved, o nldo Martin- dale avo, n or Fifteenth at 1.00 Samuel W. Hum to John S. Kachun, lot 4. ItlttofB Boulevard Tcrraoo, uuxiiiUMi ii, vncuni, n Blue inn bi, W .nf tvlctnn avo. . . . KOQ.OO Edward Carnkadon (o Ioula linker. lot si. wumtiorBt i'i, aoxiuu tt, im- ' proved, o side Delaware at, h of Car-ion nt 1.00 Louis Itaker to Edward Carakaclon at ux; 8inna t 1.00 Alvln Boh clla ohm tat to Vorn C. Yan- uoruiit et ux. lot au, .iJiita'B ortn lIllnolB at addition, 40x132 ft, Improved, w aldo Kenwood av, b of frnWInth mt . 4.400.00 Edwln-H, Thompson, admr, to Anna M. vyrmnt, pari boh bco uu, ip 10, r a. pWv tn . . ............. Same, aijruardlan, to tame,, part aamo i h neo, xo acrca. i , Berthu Perry to same, namo tract. B',000.00 Myron H. Spades to David M. Kltsel- iiiuti, unrt iuib x unu o, Byumu i.j, 170 U ft on Kentucky av ond 17GU OOM31EKOIAL LKApUE. TEAM STAND1(3. Won. 'Lnnt. CtUO PrOBR Citizens Qaa. No. 1., Crane Co Bottling Averages Standard Oil Co.. Poalotncs JunKttn & tjo uitii Ilallard lco Crcnm1 Co..; Ibsott Co. National Malleable Co.. Link-Bolt Co Indpls. Eloc. Supply Co. INDIVIDUAL. AV1DHAQES. 13 B 19 5 19 5 17 1 17 "7 15 0 13 10, 12 12 11 - 13 10 14 II 16 8 16 '7 17 8 , 10 0 18 1 23 ft on Capitol ttv, Improved, old Ma iiutia uiuj nines H. a 18. blk 14. Armstrons's llrat rsy to Cordelia E, Ouy, jot 40x146 ft. lmnroved. o ttldo Thlrty- Or.t at. - n if (tntill fin n rl mv County Real Katato Company to .Na tional investment tjoinnttnyi iui in, l.ttr It Rniithnt... A fniu n n nil (0,000.00 1.00 SB .79! . .792 .768 .708 .025 .606 .600 .463 .417 .876 .348 .340 ill .042 Tucker 193 Johnson 189 1Mb 183i 181 180 17A 179 1781 178 177 17G 17. "i 17B 174 , .17B . 171 170 W. Snyder Grotho ... . ICirkhoft .. BrlKht .... Chlndgron rtarHii . , , . E. Keller . Collins .... Brudor . . . fid Ih I nit or . Doraoh , 170 w. Minor iuu Vanlor 110 MnChimnan iuk Moriin .......... 108 187 187 187 10 ITriie ....I, Houruier , . . Warman ... aiionn . . : . . h. tinyuer ibu aary 188 HoitEmyer iou Matt 10D J, IIouzo 104 Copoland 184 IParrlsh .......... 163 Kelly ib;i Stnndford 182 Hoffman 102 Hnnltimtin ...1.... 182 Ralphy .. w ....... 162 Manthel . B 161 iSeully ...r. Htl A. Smith 100 Meltzer 160 hlk 3, Southern & Co, tt b o add. 32x184 ft. vacant, w. sldo Laurol nt, n or Learnnuo av, lot no, uon-ny'B Big FoUr add. 38x141 ft, vacant, o Bldo Mlhocojua .st, n of Cottugn av; lots 1 and 2 and pnrt 3, Qroenleaf's iflub, 97x180 ft. vacant; o flldo Station at. of. Thlrty-Bocond t,. and part lot 4. ulk. 4. child Mrotheni et al.'i add, CRxl07 ft. . vacant, o flldo Tomperanco av, n -or Fletcher av 1.00 Wlllpottft. TV Turner, to Indianapolis, Boulevard Company, lot 26, Allen & Root'B North add. 40xUa . ft, improved,, w Bldo Delaware .st, a of . Nineteenth Bt ' i ' l'. ' 1,00 Joanna Walker ot al to Ellsworth Ma -Connell.-pt n o M eo 22, tp 17, r 6, 80 a. Lawrence tp ........... .10,500.00 Juno L. Dldnchard to Nora M.- IUU, lot 145 Lookout Plaza, Wayno tp.. 1.00 Marlon 43. aoodyltoonta to Juno L. Dlnnehnrd, rnimo , 1.00 IndlanapollH Boulevard Realty Com- ., tiftnv to-.Wlllni.ttiL rr. Tnninr. nt B W V. sna 24. In 111. T 3. Conter tn.... 1.00. John W.' Trotter to Nora F. Hill, lot 0, Alt, jnOKHOn,' 6BX1H4 It, lmproVCU, HJUO W.dHIlIllKlOIl HI, W UL X1UIII1UU v. and .lot i I, .-hlk 3, Beck's sub ,- nt North Illinois nt add, 40x130 ft,. Improved, vr nldo Illinois st, n of . Twentv-fourth fit - ; '. 1.00' IndlanapollH Boulevard Realty Com- s puny to Wlllnotta T. Turner, lot 608, ' WnrflelRh, Washlnriton tpt 1.00 Union TruBt Company, tr, to Peter J. Schaeuhor, lot; 28 B, same...... 6GO,00 Haniuei uoyur io iNoru, iucnais, 101 iz. jiiOnLDr a nun urano cc jtiaynow a a a add, 30x88 y, ft, Improved, n Bide 1 Darnell nt. a of Brnokfl st SOO.00 Sourlilcr-Kmrtcli Realty Company to manvmo ii. uant ot ux, lot B7, I'lok- en a Jbortin s auu. apxiai 4 it, improved, w Bldo Bovlllo av, n of Mortliue and Roaity'j'nves'tment Com- hiko, improved, o eiue jjoviuo av, Canton 10 Soften isawura TIubupI . . ..WaldRinlth latton Harris Ntol ahee .Thorpe ...... ...Dunn CalacH CINCINNATI, O., Dee. 2. Boforo loavlng for ChloiiKo Inst nlnht, ; AuniiHt llorrinnnn, chairman of tho National Baseball Commit tee, nnnouiicud tho uoinmltico would hold Its annual meetlnir In Cincinnati , on Jan.- 7. A l inm inuuLiiiK vnti unuiriiitnii nnunurur unu dcpretury of tlio committee will he elected, Mr. Herrmann said hn hni taken' the Initial tep In roducInR the player limit ot tho National Loncuo to elRhtcon men to a ti-iini. t'XfliiHlvo ot the muiiRKor, by.forward-Iuk to V real dent Toner an aiiiendmont tp tho It'iiKUu'H coiifllltutlon calllnp for that num-lnii- of nlaycrs to a team for the tiniison of 101b, This ameiidniaitt will be voted on at the annuel meetlnK of the National Longuo In New York Dec. ,11. Mr. Ilprrmutm ttald he believes by rofluo-Ir.K the number of player to clKhtocn oil each team tho clubs will bo able to survive t)it army draft. Totals. 036 052 6781 Colvin.. uoraoy, . . yiiuu Morocllth. Totals., 808 748 797 MATCH GAME, Ind. Dallv TIm'n 1 170 148 lnsmiefenstlil Uo l;t6 100 Kokomo, tlikvilnr.. . 148 188 201 McClnll . . . 1119 151 3 Mrm,.-... 188 UH m Nordholt, 1811 146 H Krwln... 178 lflfl I37lIoll'nbKh 118 14f. 10S HutilsiiBr IBS 170 174Lovlok... 163 187 102 TotftlH. U0 87 8U.I (irund total. 3,472. Totals.. 7Ti5 7 fl K "a Qrand tptal, 3,309,' I FRANK KRAMER. Frank Kramer, who for many yearajms heon tho leading hlcyullHt lu America, Ih concodtd to have a splendid chiuiuo tu win tho Hlx-day ruco, which Ijobud litHt nlKlil nl Madison fkiunro Ganloii, lomned with Ohcut Krk- . Hbb rldur of liitur-natlonal reputation. Tim contest will ond at 12 o'clock nuxt Saturday nleht. HAYES TO JOIN MEREDITH . IN ARMY AVIATION 'SERVICE BOHTON, Mans.. Dec. 2. Mnrtln J. llayea. former Prlifcoton University (rack star, who later were the colors of tho Irlnh-Ainerlcan Athletic Club of New York, enrolled at the niivonimi'iit aviation sehuol at MasBBchu-fotiM IiiF-tlluttt of TeclinnloKV today. Ilayrs nil mi no ileum rfci'iniy unit i oil .MOrcdlln his foiiner opponent on the truck, had Runt mm aviiniun,. unu in? uctiuuii iu .linn nun, FULL BACK MoLAREN ELECTED CAPTAIN OF.PITTSBURQH TEAM I'lTTHBUHOU.J'a., lc, 2.OeorRe Mc-Iarcn, tho sturdy full back of tho University of l'ltttdmrKh HritlderH. champions of tho KnBt, was eincieii captain or the cloven for 1918 ut a dinner here tonlitht, Pitt mod tno HfiiHun tntiay ny tiefoatltiK ii,i',.n Hiinilrid anu TwuntlDlh infittn rv ItUKt'imiu ynnu MHi't 'P.. 111 w. TO REVIVE BOXING. Murlln Mt-Cue will Introduce a bill Into the Now York Legislature to leitallio professional lioxlnjf when U inootH la January. reraTd, Pock for Westbochor. Fllztiarald for Itambaud. l'or Canton Speck for Patton, Spears for Speck, CJllmoro for Cnlucs. Field Goals Cofall s.- Oniclals . Referoe, Durfoo (Williams) i umpire, Lambert (Ohio Htate); hond linesman, Crollus (Dartmouth); chief tinier, Dally (Ohio Htate). Frank Andrews Will Lead Notre Dame Team Next Year SOUTH 13ENJ3, Ind., Doc. 2. Frank Bodlo" Andrews of Hock Island, III., was chosen captain. ot the 1018 Ndtro Dnmo football cloven at a banqitol kIvqii. In honor of tno looioau aqua a ioiiikiu, jn-drowfl played two yeara at tackle and won much attention In tho football circles thlfl fall by bis utellar plitylnt;, oapoclally when Notre Dumb Invaded tho liustern BrUllron aKiilnat tho Army and Washington and Jefferson. ROBERT McROY. PROMINENT BASEBALL MAN, IS DEAD iCHICAcio, Dec. 2. Robert Mortoy, for-mer secrotury of the American Lcatate nnd Inter connected with the Boston American League club, ) dead In Mlhvinikee, It was annoliaoedv hero today, lie hud .been In a sanitarium thrfl nee last July, wbon he novo uti i" tlc with the creveland club, Tin will bo burlvd la Chicago. Ho is survived by a wife and ono child. MUNCIE BEAT8 SOLDIERS. MUNClli Ind., Dee. 2, A football sciuad repreHontlnif the Machine Cun Company at Camp Taylonjuiet defeat' hero today at the LIS OI mir ium Cotlrtney Named for Captain H.. J. Courtney of Ohio (3tnte, who led tho Buckoyo oleven to Its second con secutive championship, ia selected to play loft tackle on tho olt-conforonco oloven of '1017 and la made captain. Courtney and his brother, who, played tho other tackle, woro Instrumental In male Thn Tlnnkivn rnntnln tn n. Tintnpalfnnt- ball player. There, Ih Hardly, anything ho dnos not know about his. nosltlon. He helps his end box an. opposing tacklo and vurles his charge in suoh a manner ns to keep an opponent guesaincr an the tlmo. H6 generally gets down tho field under kicks, ns fast as tho ends, and Is a fast runner for a big man. Capt. llauaer of Minnesota is placed at right tackle, whoro no ono quostlans his rlRht. Tho Gopher Is a capable football playor and a natural leader. Despite tholr defeat at tho hands of Wisconsin, Hauser. kept hla players from becoming downr Vmnrtnd. and It was duo to his rallying leadorshlp that tho toum got together and defeated Chicago and Illtnots, . , Two 8trong Ends. Tho sclootlon of HuUsor and Courtnoy makes the wings of tho forward wall so strong that an opponent would have trouble malting ground off or ovor thorn. Randolph of Northwestern, Itundqulst of Illinois -'and Ecklund of Minnesota played hnrd and steady football all soason. Kelly; of WlBconeln is placed at right end, not so rhuoh because of his brilliant playing its-because of his steadiness In overy game. The Badger Is a good end OAMTOL LEAGUE NO. 1. TEAM STANDING. Won. Lost. Ko-Wc-Bns Cnoper-Raclnes . . , Booster Coffee Co.. Capitol No, 1 Rotary Club K. C, Specials Capitol ColtH ..... TO m -II oo n uiu itonauion I 22 2;t 24 25 2G Put. .870 .788 .079 .007 .000 ,U5 .38.1 .273 Harvey A. Gray to Eugene V. Hard y, lot 1, Llnhurat add, Wayne tp 0,000.00 Jacob Platlflcho to Adolph Biccard, lot ' add, 30x110 ft, Improved, n sldo Ter- raca av. n nf Alulinmti nr-. nnn nn Cttrl D. Spencer to Alfred Li. Good- ' ioi, part s w y ueo au, tp 10, Wnvno tn. Alfred Ij, Cloodlot to West Side Trtiet INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES. TrltfHntt Bush 191 McCullough 190 Wheeler XSOl Cray 188 Nnltnll ...... 188 C. Smith ., 188 LSI hand" of tho'MiinclJ Grays, 01 to it. HARVEY SOCCERS WIN. , CHICAGO, Bee. 2. Harvey defeated tha Bohemian Americans. 1 to (t, In tlio second round of the national soccer championship series - today .And the Scottish Americans Played a u-to-j we wuu jouei. of the lypo of Juneau, "Buhii and Abbott, three of tho bost who evor woro a Car-.iinni nnifnrm. .Knllv is a hard nlaver. who alwayB turns bis mon to the Inside whon an opposing toam attempts an ond fun nmi hn haH covorod nunts to nerfec- llOIl. . U11 UllHtlOU III) I.UtJO I) IB lUWV.UUJUtl up holes and Is over mindful to break titi.ftntfh-nnd take off one of . the second ary dofflhso; whon the play is sont or off tho othor side of the lino. union nr iinm ih Haieuiuu iur riKiu qiiii. Ho has been an .Important cog In the Buckeye machine for tho last two years, Uko Kelly, ho knows am executes , the ,i.,tu nt nnri nlHV In a mnnnor seldom soon on tho gridiron. Tie Is fast, n suVo tackier nnd a reliable receiver or forward passes. Mlggtns Shifted to Guard, Although Hlgglns of Chicago .was tho dominant factor In Maroon victories this year, hb Is, not a natural full back, and for-this reason is. placed ai ngnt guard, a no hI tlon to which ho Ih accustomed, Hlgglns Is Btrong and powerful enough to hold his own againsL any opponent, StauK. with his wit to. use his men .to the best iidvnntngo, ti led to make a -hack OUl OI IHO UIB " oun wonci H,y IMflll The left guard position Is awarded to Ulrlch of Northwestern, ono of tho best forwards that ever wore tho purple. Assertions ofthtH sort have been made by old-time Northwestern players, not to ,ntinn Coach Fred Murphy, who said Ulrlch could make any team In tho country. Ho Is a hard nnd plugging player tnrougn wuom iow gums nav jeoi made. VanDyne at Center."". The pivot position goes to VnnOyne of Ohio. Although not a tiasny piuyor. ho 1 nnNitniir and reliable. Atlv one who hns seen Ohio Btato In autlon can rcnllKo II". TTttdkfirit B. Ktrkhorf ., Macol Whiting .... Bornor tjamner Clark D. Ha chord . Itllngman ... Kcrnol Meyer Field . ......... W. Kirituonr.. Murr Cheney Bchmltt Brudor Pulton Newlin Malott I-:, Irish W. Coval ... aundorson . . Poacnoy . . . . Nelson E. Fox ...... RftUXOll Broden Backus C. Hackord . Rourbler .... nauguton ... Wlllnv Gessert , . 10 J'J. HPSCKO iu RiemnntM ' .!!!!'.! ! 10 winmore iih 183 182 , 181 181 180 178 , 17B1 , 1771 , 177 , 177 . 177 . 177 . 170 I" 1761 . 17fi . 176 . 176 . 176 . 176 . 1741 . 1731 . 172 .. 172 . 171 170 . 170 . lfls! , 1C0 Davli Pattorson itjuusn .... Murphy . . . aimmei . . . Waprner . . ., A. Taylor . A. strlebeck Beauchamp nancy Purdy , . , . . Z limn or nmn Sapalowsky By or a Howard . . . Hanloy , . . . Myers " Wooila .... KOI IV Elmore ."in: ,..... nan . . Alohlsoh ... Conovor . , , Gels , . jC. Irish ... Hayes naiuwin ... Fahrbach .. Brolch . . . . MuMicnnoi Baumbach atANUrACTUUERS' Ij.l!AGUE, TEAM STANDI Q. - ; Byons-Allas .. . .', ....... iiaienniu iiunu National Autos VnMtorn Union . .' Contral Supply i mil uiu' s , " Colo Motors Diamond Chain , , INDIVIDUAL AVHUAU13B. 1M 103 103 ins 1S3 163 IB ii no 100 163 in ins 168 , its ir, .in ISO 14 130 POt, .S4G .002 .04. , ,40 , .38 . .308 G. Campbell , u. 1'inpor Hamilton i Malott ..." iane Atkinson IT T-'labnr ;.. Emmerich .. . . . , n. enmpueu .,, fioliuler , t'htlders Rlohtor , jiou?;nauor . , Munoliestor II, 1. Btroeter,. Noblllt taisiup I. H. Btroetor, .nts itohlc Dwyer 170 nr, 174 173 1 , 17: 171 104 107 107 3 05 , Utj , lo: . 10 , 102 , 1621 . 1621 , 10 J . 16 . 10 Ttrnrlim ClUtler BtlpBI WaldbloBor , Parker . , . . . Grimm Gorman , . , . King ....... DesJoan McCormlck , Ltttiphoimer Mooru Kennedy , Johnston . , , O. flpotts ... Dudloy Young niKmeyer . . ,1, spans ... nrennan .. . . IStolt.hauer Improved, w sldo Keystone av, n of Now York st w. Heuricic to wniiam Nack- i.o6r ennorni. lor is,- one I, east mid,. 3 6X1 GO ft, Improved, o sldo unetoy hi, n or uouago-av. . . . 1.00 ft. Improved', tr, lot 12, sq ad. s aldo M or aenato av ilarltot at, w Mary K, Dwvor to Frank A. Fahlo cl ux, idi iuv, jvrmsironff ik. uox 1B0 ft. Improved, n side Thlrty- flfth nt: o nf n iftnn nt 1 na Frank A. Fahle , to Mary IC, Dwyor, samo ,M l.oo Joseph B; McElroy. to Idoal Bealty anu investment, uompany, . lot l, Barties & McNulty's sub, blk 28, Fletcher's 3d adej; 4nx ft, Improvod, w slilo Tocumseh at, 'n of Twnlfth st . i unn en Mary E. Konneily to Alloo B. Mc- jtuuy, iai a, cnmmiuHjancrH sun, uucs 18 and 20, Henderson's add, 41x102 ft, . Improved, o side Boulevard PJ, s of 'Twentieth st: lots 3, 4 and 0, Mlntcr'ti sub, Seldonsttcknr ot al's add, .100x115 ft, Improved, n side Minnesota st, e nf 'East at, and lotV CO, Boulavard Sq, 40x131 ft, . Im. provod. a sldo Bucklo st, s. of Thlrty-fltit .nt .men on Koto B. Jfenklna to William Ifl. Mon- (lonnau oi ux.. lot (, jueyora-n sud, lot 28, IrvlnKton, 37Hxl884 ft, Improvod, s side Now York st, o of Aiiilulmn av l.tin William B. Mondonhall to Dennis If.' jonKins, same , l.uu A PRIZE BONER. Ira Tjtoman. .who has been Connie Mack' hand man for several yfiarj, talhln about "bones," says.tne bikrmi vn uur pulled was wnoa no kh " ""n""" in an Impromptu speech. When nn aotlvo Jlayer, Thomas usually t delivered when caTled upon In a pinch, hut on this occasion fie -Serpotratod Vvhat may bt termed a - Itaplffinirt a fw years ago at Missoula, Mont,. Whsro a team representing the Na-tloiVaV -Laku and the then world ohamplon Athletic wero lo.aiaBO a iime en mute ft -Honolulu. A dinner had boen arranired for the athletcH1 Thomas was called upon in mako a few remarks at the dinner and lie referred to the ai)vanURs hat the ball player ' who , did not drink had over thoso wlU sodhanpened thet the wet eloment of the town had arranged the dinner,... Transfers, 43: consideration..'. $117,510.20 . lor wook, 227; consideration.. $374,037.01 BUILDING PBIOIITS. John Barsau, boiler house, 130 Gelssndorff, Adam Bold, repairs, 11 C 2 Madeira, $25. William Holtnian. Kara bo, 1422 Sturm, $332; Mabel Coleman, furnaoo, 2U0 Niagara, $100. aiedolhofer Bealty Company, repairs, 202 Keutuoky, WOO. ' . - Guthrie Thomson Company, douhlo, 817 West Twenty-sixth, $1,200. William B. Knop, doublo, 3034 North Gale, $1,200. Flora. W. Dlxaon, garago, 815 North Gray,, ID. IjOuIh Westphal, repairs', 240 West Morris, $125. J, 'B. Goodrich, garage, 1015 West Wllklns, $100. Fred Diets Company, shed, 1102 Madison, $75. . VnnCamp Harawnro and Iron Company, ad- Krnest H, Small,, (parage, 2021 Baaol, $85,. People's Outftttlntt ' Company,' . repairs,, 133 Went WaffliliiKton, $00.-,, . I . . Fletcher American Nntlonal Bank, repairs, Pennsylvania and Markot, $4fi. Central Union Telephone Company, repairs, ui nr. u uui unu now iur it, ,io, Totsl consideration, $0. 572, VETERAN GRID OFFICIAL HAS SERVED THIRTY YEARS 'Jlm Evans, better known as "Buttsy" Evans of Herkimer, N, Y Is oho of the oldest football ofnclals in point of serVloo, He- has been oillolntlnK for nearly thirty yuars.. Bo oillclated In tho Plttsburwii vs. ' Pennsylvania State Oolleffe gamo at Pittsburgh on last ThanksHlvinB day, , A SHORT MARATHON. BivlUerland recently hold -Us Orst "marathon" race through tho strootn of Berne,: thn nation's callltal. The wlnnnr was Tl. Scheuermann of ,the Amls-Oymnastcs. who boat a field of fifty eontestanls In 1:24 over ni cuurau ui .uiuiocii unu uitu-iiniL miiua, about half tho -real marathon distance, NEW GOLF ORGANIZATION. An alumpt olf aHsoalatlon, to be oom- ?osed,of Eastern collect graduatos who play he aheiant name, la proposed. It wilt In- othqr institutions are expected to join. HOLD8 PLACE 33 YEARS. Coach Charles B. 'Courtney of Cornell's navy, 'has hold- 'the position .thlrty-thret? yeaffl. day I to' eiilelimled his slxtv-aluhlh blrlb. anniversary recently,-

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