The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 7
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THURSDAY. JANUAttV 25, 1934 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION J-'ily rale ]>cr line for cunsccu- All UadliM, Including K. c. A., are eirs clotted uut ill cost for CASH at Hubt.ird Co. l&HZ-ig • Fire uverago words to a line) O« lime per Jinu " c Two limes IXT linr |wr day ,. 08f 'Ilirce times |>or l!r." I>sr <':>y •• 01* ^ix times per line per day .. Obc Month rate per H"' : GOc Minimum chsrse 50c All- Classified Advertising copy MiljriiUled by |x?rso;i5 residing out- siilc- of Die city irust be accompanied by cash. Kales may be easily computed from above lablc. No responsibility will be taken .'or more than one incorrect insertion of any clasTiflcd ad. Advertising ordeicd for irregular insertions lake (he one time sale. LOOK WE GOT'EM! PRICED RIGHT '33 CJIKVltOI.KT FOKDOK SEDAN. I.uoks I.iltc New. 6,000 Miles $ 'so CHI;VKOI.I:T COACH. I.uoks ami HUMS (Joud SI'J5 '30 FOR I) TL'U&'K SEDAN. Special §1D5 '30 FORI) FOKDOIC SI-WAN. ISargaia $ ; :!9 DL'KANT SEDAN. A Heal Buy 5 46 TRUCK. BARGAINS '32 FOHI) I|i TON TRUCK. CloEc-,1 Cab, Wheels . S 7Z CHEVROLET IS-'. XKUCK T (I N '30 CHEVROLET TKL'CK Hi TON 5 95 'Zi. FORD I'A.NKL TRUCK. RcLuxc S »i '30 FORD riCKUP. Closed Cab '. $la; We Have Mai y Others To Choose From. PHILLIPS MOTOR 200 t. Main Sticct'"'* I'honc Sir, - gn Ulytlicvillc, ArkaiiKis BUSINESS DIUECTOiJY KXPEKT Tyiicivrilrr antl Addiii Machine licpairirg. u. S. KlanK enship, no K. i!o,c. Call 105-J. 21c k2-2 I'lous shar. : Tcncd — Farm Iniplc njeiits liuuirht and sold by Join Wade at Tom Howard Machine shop. 22-ck-2-2; AUTOAIOTIVU POULTRY & EfJCS WAN'TKM rOL'I.TKV I1K1IIK.ST I'KUTS PAID Caih Fee 1 Store 112 K-ist Main 10pM 'icsli fgjs daily, tllrccf from hen- nery. Pkkard's (irocrry, 1011 Chiikasawba. tip k'i-u FOR KENT «We Can't Sell All the Coal So We Just Sell the Best" a.oo I'nml LIMVLT 'riiiin Any OlhiT iiijjh (; rj ,fle ('<i;il ACTON $9.50 ' •• "' A!l ' '<>"'> »'-•:> "f Any of II,,. llul .v,,, reals LUMBER COMPANY OUR HOARDING IIOUSU L'wo homes, 1115 Wnlnut and nil icarn. All modern conveniences. {easonable rent. Thomas Land Co. 25-ck-27 licautifully furnished bedroom, men preferred. 318 W. Main. Call Ml). 24-ck-31 Furnished bedroom, phone Wi. 310 W. Walni t street. 1 HJKNISHED bed'oom, 1017 W. Walnut Mrs. Ed. Hardin after t. . M. Me kit STEAM HEATED BUOKOOM, ill' W. Main. Phone P8. 2c FOR I.KASK ! : nr Lease—10 acres cut over land. Two year lease, Wilt huild house miles west of I'.Jytheville. Conway & Huuchins. 15c kit WANTED We 1 pay more fo~ iH-'cans, furs, hides, brass. cop|>er, radiators, aluminum, lead, lotteries. Phone j'~ '~ 170, Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main. 23c kl-aii ANNOUNCEMENTS Mrs. ]j. M. Hurnettc aruiounces the [K'rin^ of shorl Iiand, tyiicwrlt- ing and Lookkccpini; classfs. Spt- cial 1'riccs. Call S21-W. Ic kz-l COAL & WOOD I'HO.NE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black But WE Treat \uu While" 9c R2-8 SEEDS & PLANTS S'.oncvillc No. 4 COTTON SEED, price $1.75 hundred. See P. Black or Clarence McDrrmott at 3ily- ihcvillc Gin. 5c I r c-ok seed with us now for March Celivcry. They are cure to be higher.:Hubbiird Hc'-w. Co. c k2-b bov' ^EAN!D, PTEED PEAS. Test- "'•"ed\"Eeed.<,'Specia! .- prices. Earl Katcher. Call .SJ35-J 22c K2-2Q REAL ESTATE 40 acres near Ilollant], ^!D. All in Cul. 2 houses ami Irani. If sntd quiek, price SIG50. S5DO cash, bal. 1-2-3-4 yrs. Possession noiv. 40 acres mile of Blylheville, gravel road. Gt>od residence elec. liglits. born and ten. house. S300IJ. Innj time payments. Tosses- sion now. THOAIAS LAND €0. Auto Giabr> All Khuh ti;sta]|ed The Ark-.Mo [umber Co. IOC k2-lfl C-.ll 20B-I(ctrr. i'U'.c-lltl fc. Mam 1'tir Autn raintinp Uody and Vender Scrvke 23c 1:1-29 I.AUG5:ST STOCK USKI) 1'AltTS DcUvcrn Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Ola;t—Phonu CB JACKSO-V AUTO PARTS CO. 3c 1:2-3 LOW PRICKS :in winter car needs. hcaUTS. nlcniiol. Gl'A glycerine. Model 'I 1 tops & side curtains, $1.93 up. WOLr- 1 /iRIAN. 1'28 K. 23o kl-23 Call C.s When In Ncnl of (ruannlcctt V.t icb.'irrlise 7irc; -r 1'arls UUIIBAKD I!Ai:i)WAIiK CO. Autrmctivc Dcpt. Ic 1:2-1 (.•AHI'KNTEIIS li. J. rctlrajn — Cftfl N. 21st SI. Carpenter Work oi All Kinds lie k2-l! UATTER1ES New Ford Batteries ' Itcntal - Kerhnrgirif; - Rrpairinj 777 TIRE ,t HATfERY STATION 2Bc kl-2li LOST r . Child's gold rimmed glasses in Ur. Wert case. Reward, call Reri- iian at 1016. 25-ck-£) FOR SALE HAY FOR SAI.K 1 liavr for sale at my barn 4 mile KHilh of Iliirdctte 50 tons hay nl Sin per [on. C. \V. Ramey. Bly- therille. 25-ck-2-25 GOOD USLL) r;n in good runnini; ciiidilion. Heal bargain, o. U. Grinir;, Varhrn road. 21-pl;-27 MUST I)i- sold at once—small dry poods store in well established Ideal ion. Cheap for Cash. "XYZ" Courier uciv.<:. 22-ck-2D r-ORDSON Trnclor eniiippcd with •disc tu-.'iio? n!owf. PAH] Byritm. I7r k2-24 KAKGAIN in acres near Holland, Mo. Good land, guoil improvements, good i bad, good terms, cheap price. Possession fiven if sold this week. E. JI. TKRitV, Ulylhcville. I'honc C17 or 31G •He k'i'l KOK SALE 17 1-4 acres between the Cotton Belt and J. L,- C. E. Railruada just ucst of the Federal Comprrfs. Will sell all or any pan. Select, what you want and v.-rtlc me for price. ' R. N. WAKE, JR. Tallul.ih, l.'iuibiana I'Ol! SAI.r — Ifl arms, all in ciilli- \atinr-. One mile .snutli or Cos nil. Itohmd Green '1 ',vo million hints coulri be produced in six years from one pair • of house wrens, if ail e:;gs hatched and all offspring bred and pro- i duced normally. GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST COAL l^Tjfc There is lu> coal, ^W West of (he Allegheny Mountain:,, as hish in heat and as lu\v in nsli as (he CUPREMEp *^ Super-Heat ™^ YPJC,^ That ls * hold * *~ statement, but it is ethical, because it's true. We have authoritative analysis on flic on all coal and cm prove this claim. SUPREME Siipri-llcal is the only coal (1 f ih hina a ,ul sold only liy this conipany. A Rich Mnn's Coal :>( A Poor A5;\n's I'rirc Superior Ctxil t^ MininL' Co. 3C1 W. Walnut Phone / ALL RIGHT -VJC'LL BE MOVIN' ^A\STAKE OF- ABOUT OUT ON \ \llv\ WHUK THEN 7H rAASOR <SOES P E>i<S LUNe SO WE CAN SI RETCH TrV STORY OVER A LOT OF TERRITORY? oMCE HK GCT-S | SHOR1'PUFF^I ''' OTr ^A -BREE-ZE LiP ON A STORY, HE NURSES] ON 7H' / ABOUT n IT ALONG, (SRMXJALLY LETTING OUT /( Ti&LLOWS '^ TAWNG, CANVAS UNTIL^INALLYWEGETSY INTO TULL6A\L~TIAEN,IN AWEtK OR ) V ^.O, HE COMES OVER TrV HOR\ZON TO / DAY, HES1ARI 1 : fSO? "SOVWNT SEEN Y FOOZV.HOH? VIEL.V./ HOW D'YA EWLWN' DO.\E^ STUFF/ HOOTS ANti HEU HUDDICS .EVUKYIIODY ANKKKS! ^MWriA- WASH TL'iJIiS TIMK I'OU KVIiHYJJODY! , _____ r— —_ EUT,1 TELL YOU, A V POK'T BE ALARy.SD. ) ( 'AT Vlf-f, C'J'l^ WiCE Cf,M6 OUT OF A PLERSK1 ,- ----- / UKV WT»O-;iM' - 1 -"" '"-" A - ...... s;OT FUNHY- I {".i • TI :r- H .. I UM 'flu E f°v I AII/- i in-3 i'-C ^ ! M^im TURN THE. LIGHTS' v/HftT'S THiS? AMOn-icP. PRACVlCftL JOKE? PANIC! QUEER, PUBPLE LIGHTS AMD FRO. TWMGS WHIZZING THRU THE A!R, AND VOICES CDMIN6 FROM THE WALLS AND CEILING, i . AMD ARE tRr\MPLEO. A? OTHERS RUSH KKiTHE DOOR ASH AMD EfiSY MftHE t\ DESPERATK ATTEMPT 'TO SAVE. TttElP. PARTV. SALKS1IAN SAAI TIIllKK CHKKRS CUT .SflOUT! tCiJlJO) ( DO^'T OUMO, KvT--', BUT "A P, srofif, ALL SCfiTs Ov= UJ OliT FilECK,lAXD HIS FUIENUS I'KOTi-XTIOX PLUS! TU, ;j£'/;3 V.'ALK IW YOUR YA5D O^J MY MEJO...ILL 3£ HAV'GEO IF 1 Do! l.'Ov; TELL ',\E:.... £ >6i; 30Y5 SEEh! A PARRO E52 ; LC'JSE = LCOXIIJG I T1 ! OL)5MT Vc'J VJSfJS T5ViN!3 TO STEAL 'ft MY KJ = SOt«Ti.>": C 50M THIS P-AC= V/OUtD'BE. AS EASY AS TK>t>U&l>>-VVWKS IO...ALL We DO •.'.•« TO j _ -j c, . -^ i .. ^—y

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