Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 22, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1896
Page 3
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"Every one "' T— as "the -61 - radier <'<? ari'd-cleariinsj in a sl nv, tinv: r.nu -;r.-p. •-,.: HI ,.•:•!'>; ~- 7 tiresome, ruinii.;s;M(). •-:..•;.•:•: s ijoij.--!}' • .business .but y-uirs. V-r HP: -ihu or. 1 that -will suffer by it. o . ...... ., r - , But it" yon -want the.easi<rst.-->ru; : c —t, ';.,,• ,,•,,. .H,.,,-;-! ^;- \v;;siu;^:aiu! -cleaning — then ,y. >.;:.; '. • ' .' ' •-• li •,-. ' " Th<-r< .-; !•'• •!•>,>,-.:• else;, a-v-p-,; u;:i,.;s a.. -• >;i>.:.v. , -n--, How Is It Possible? * You can't soo how tnlnco meat, n* ^ood 03 any made nt home, can !»*- sold I for 10 coma u p;icknyo (viiiju^ti for 2 largo plosj ? The Reason's Plain. %M Mnny carloads of the materials till for None Such Mince Mcnt 'nrc bought nt one time, at first hands. All' the paring, chop- fl plug, seeding, stemming and L* cleaning nro done by perfected tnacliiucty. • ; •' Such- ' miifcciisc quantities are sold that, a initc >f profit ou cadi package of NONE SUC| MINCE MEAtl CATARRH For Your Protect tion. . We positive!? state that thi<- remedr does not contain merair/ or anj otber injurious drag. "" ELY'S Ir&EA'M BALM Cleanses the Nasal Pas- sagea. allaj-B InJIammn- r— -i h °" 1 ' anil protects tlie membrane irom colds, leitoien ' 'the senses of taste and smerJ, IT WILL CURE. JL particle'is'applied lnto'*«I» nostril nnd to igreeable. • frlo« SOceats.at Druggist* or bymaU. Samples lOo, bj nnll. . •...-,., . ' ; .fitTATE' 1 ,:".' , NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOKT, IND.I CfiPITflL > •' '' S2OO.OOO ' j. P. Johnson, President. B. W. traery, Vice Fntldent. H. J. Heltbirfnlc,'C«aW*r. :: ~ i-' ' . DIBECTOHS. ...... , .• F. T. Jfthnson. 8. W..Ullery.. J. T. Elliott. W. M. KllJottl' W. 1 H. Snider. Bur -and w'l.Oovernnient- boBd*. L money »n personal security and collater al*. I«aue spenlal certiflcatea • ot depo«t« bemrtaf I per cent. lntcr««t wheq.left one fear- 2 per cent, por annum When d«po»- Depo.It.yauU.. of .thb twnk for tho 'deposit of de«d», taBurjnct Mllcle., rnortKa»e« and. ether ralluaWei, rented at from J5 to V& ror year. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY ..Stiower Bad ' : _ ''"'.'RINQ ' Hot Water <. , ..... . ' . ' Proof Hose $3 Express id, 25c. Vreyents Wetting Heart ' Floor or Walls'. Hornless Water Closets. ( . . sena,for.C»t8logne ,. Frost Proot Water -Cloiew, Bell-irtlng Water Closets, Kellr Slop find Waste Cock, . THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aioi Madison Street, Chicago. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers 810 BEOADWAT. CHA9.L.WOLL, :-:' UNDERTAKER ~ ; ' N*. «T Market Frost.'' '''.' att«na«a to -pronpoy., a»7 ••' ntJnloD anil lAutuil Wephonei. ! Offloo, No. 18; Reridoncei, No. 12L ,to ,Ieatn 6arjb<<r .etade: only reniilMdinewopDoriunitr;slt- '"''•''• TTCfAiTin—Men.. '-f-'~• '- wr nljlitweplssA«HUUCW.WDT. vfc«j*w.,v,"..* i -.- r ••.te-'SSSS'SSSKS »fe«1; & -cueago. i THE ONLY ONE. THE PYRAMID FlIUS CU.HE THE ON.t(Y OU«E KEsCO'JI-JIEND- ED, ; BY>. riKSICVVNS AS, BEING PKIIFECTLY SAKE. >"o Opinrar CoKiluo; Narcotic, or Other roi?sou in It. 'Tho ryramid Pile Cure is. probably -tho ouly Pilo Cvn-fr cxtciisivoly rccom- aneu'ded by physicians, bocauso.it I* £0 safe, so prompt in the relief nfford-. ed nud so fur ns known ttio only positive, euro for piles • except a .surgical operation. •• .1 • ••' In-one.year .the Pyramid Pile Cure tax become the bestkaoivn, the. safest and the most extensively sold by.nny pile cure before the public. , : . ' pearly all drucgisrs sell .it at 50.cents, and ?1 per iwckajre. ... . • . . ' Address the ryramid Co.. Albion. Mich., for book on cause and cure -of piles and also hundreds of testimonials from nil parts of tho Unitod States. . .' -1C suft'erinpr. from .a.ny form of ..piles insk.your druggist for a, package !of Pyramid Pile .Cure an.d try it tonijibt. ; ANOTHER BIG SPEAKER. Roswell O. Horr to Address the i People Friday, Sept. zs- Xnother speaker of national 'i-eputa-| tio^ is promised to address the. people, 6t Cass county, befoce .the end.pf the njontb. --RosTvell G. Horr, .of Michigan,. 'has 'been secured to> make -an addreea : at the-rink'on'Frlday afternoon', 'Sep'-' tember 25th: Ex-Congressman Hb'rr'ia well known as an eloqueat • speaker' and bis service In Congress covered a period when- the .greater . part of the financial legislation now on the statute books was passed, and^he is thorough- fcj lofdrmed on L the''qneetlon. ' lj g -• - ^-u — I' $100 REWARD, $100. jV The readers 'of this -.paper, will'. >be pleased to learn that i there -Is at least ono'dreaded .disease-that .science: has. been able to cure in all .Its -stages- and that . Is Catarrh. Hall's ,Gatarrh. Cure: Is, the only positive cure now known, to: ttve medical fraternity.,. .Catarrh being, a constitutional disease, -requires, a, constltutioual treatment, f Hall's , Ca-, tafi'b Qure ; is. ,taHen : Internally, acting,. dVectly .upon, the, .blood, t and r mucous, kfrfnces of the. . system,, thereby. ,<Jesr, troylng tte.foundatlon.c* tUe^dlsease and giving, tlio, .patient; -strength, by building up the constitution. and :a8.sls,t-.. Ing nature in doing Its work. The proprietors have so. much faltli '-n^ts curative powers, that' the/offer. 'One .Hundred Dollars ''for" any case that' it fails toj cure! ?end for llst'of . Testlmonlai'a. 'A'dd'fcss Tf. J. 'C1HENBY & C'q'Toledb,' '' '"' " ' '"'' .. . ... . Sold by Druggists, 75c. . .'W.' C.'T. til. of pass'c'duAty wiiv me<jt In. sc'nil-an'ural'conrcnition alt'tlio' jttxac'tov Hie Pderidle'ss,'sbpit"23d at' 10 a. 'm.'' ."'•'.. , rol'i'owtitfg the ! reports ; 'of offi'cbrs'nind suporlatciideiits, ,a short' program will be rendered, consisting of music', 1 'reel- 1 .taltions, papers and a pftrllameutary drtH.-.A-spocIal-feature-of .tlie coDven- •tl<xn-wlll be the election of county oC- flcers, -n'toic-h wJll'.itjiSc place ;ut" the aftexfioon sesslot /All \xuiembei'S ore urged to. be presents. "''.,! -\ ' ' "i BTEBFfSO-N, Pres. .GUIDB anfl'fish- t and northwrsst, containing Iwi.excellent 'map of the%li» of ! . -Sotitherii ; '"\Vlsconsln" averin'e 't!hicago; ; •' NOTICE.' i..: ) ,Trin,ity G,uil<l,wJU. meet rat .the Jiome of Mrs. 'Hcpp'*his/afterno6n;'Tuesday;' Sept 22d at'2:80 o'clock'.- '• ^ "•-' '« 1 =• ; i ••' .;.• E. Z: V-AN"HORN, : The "best, linking 'po-wder 1 ' 'and ; flavor :; in&esitacitaln-'tlie world 'er's drug storeot. i 'f I -r.m'.i JeffersonvHle Railroad ^eri Kick Back at Silverites. "COEJReiON'' CRY NO QO General News of Railroads and Rall- '' road Employes. • CLOTHING CLOTH ' 'A special)' tVonv JeffersqiivlUe- says: The' Jeffersoiivllie Railroad Sound Money ehib, now nwmlberlng 4GO, neld its 'first regullnr meeting sln'c'e permanent organization in the clubrooms on Conrt-nVwiue;, ,-md.a very; enthusi- astic'spirit prevailed. Among tlw vhrl- pns •Items of business, disposed of was the presentation ami ndijdtioii of resolutions' condemning -th'e.inisrepresonta- •it-ions of free-silver organs 'and --— , !dii'tes, : ' <md' wh*ca ' were unanimon-sly a.<i6ptal ,'is .follows:.' •"Wlkrchs, On several occasions tho free sllfviir organs ''lm,ve peru'icJously stated- that ''the (irguiilzatiori of the n'iiliway. Men's'Sound Money club of .Teirbrs'onvllle \\-ns 'in a.ceor'dajice with nn or'd'ur'issued by the iiia.n'inge'inent of tho different, lilies of railway represented in t'l»e'orjB\hi/.a.Uon by the ennploy'cs; tl'int s;i:id employes, were being coerced aiui'iutni'i.ldaa'd (hl'o'fomiijig tin- club'; ami.' I'niM-honuorp. 'their iir'eti'.deivtlal : caudldate..Mr.'w, ,T. Bryan.''has 'iniide llicu' charges iii several speeches tlii-ougout' the country: '-rliere.for'i.' lie it ' "'Resolved', That we hereby express our reseiiMneut ol' tho aecnsa'tiou.' Viilcli we consider au i.usult. to uur hi- telligence imd'onr inaiihoo'd. ^"e do- 'nounc'c'swch ai't! i clo's.aiul'sta.teni'--i:ts as 'lacking'i.n principle :ind ' (••hi'iractur. Furtlie'rniore."n« 'employes, we declare bur entire independence'of any other nmvor on' ea'rt-h, of all 'coercion or unjust In-nueuce'lii oiir political ihclinii- tibu's.' We'ilo'nj-' that"we are Influenced bj-iany other motives than thai^ye'be- lieve tlie fre<; eoin;ige o'f silver would 'be 'detri'menita'l t : o oiir iiersonal'inter- ests' and 'disastrous ,tl>' 'the' United States' ;w-a nation. : '"A'iid. fnr'th'orutore; we assert our tight to observe ou'r 1 personal 1 'convictions without being criticised or'Inmilt- ed, either by the organs or'cawHdutcs' of Jia'y' party ' representing 1 'a policy which we feel justified Ja opposing. : ' '"We'denounce" as " utterly -false Hie sba.feriion'ts'ih-hvo'of the'.pa'pers in-this fetate, viz., the InillaiKipolis Sentinel and : the Je'ffei-sotiviile E^'e'riJiig .Tournal, in their Issues of the ISth insf.,' tha.t' 1 members o'f'' : this' 1 orgJi-niKa.tioti" w6re forced to attend the meeting at'"lriiti- nnapolis on -the evening of the -'ITt'h- 1 Inst, under' penalty' of'•'lieln'g ills- eliargeii.' ' '•"iind the secretary of-tlils 1 cluti'-is- her'clby instructed to make these 'reso 1 ' hitions a part of 'the minutes 'of this' roce'tln-g.and'spread'thejn upon the roc-' orcls and to also furnish-copies-to-the 1 press for their information and that-of the' 1 public."' ' '''"'. • The railroad men of this locality view' with- conitijmpt -tiie'se- petty, -fomis of• campaigning, and-e'mpToycs in 'and'out" of- the club nre unriu'lmous in tbelrex- pres'sions Jft dl.snpproval of 1 such a course. ,FtWayne News': 'Xho exc'urelbn 'trains, Chtongo to Canton; reacliod their desti- iiatlon m sa-fety; 'passing--throngn'- thig : only mishap on the journey was the Mowing out of, a cyMnder.hoad at- Shel- ,.Ind-,,.'bu.t:ag the,engln-e.brought Its. tMln-intp the city.on,time this.accld.enfc. \y'os ..trifling.. .According : toActual .&g- 1 uesrithere.,were ,4,|1?2 oxcursloulsts in, tlje party....--They canne ; from- Ouicago, We have no old shelf worn goods, but evervthing new and up- to date. Read, the foiiowing prices: .,;-,- 1 .'•'..' Our $15.00 Suits go for $12 00 Oar $12.00 Suits go for $9.00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 , Our $8,OO Suits go for $5.50 .'...-. Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 ' 50C FOR CHOICE OF iSY STRAW HAT IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any tot our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, thfty are .bargains, , i. • ,••'••• ^. ^ ..,...' - r ! ^ow is the time 10 buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Go ds, and 52'6 aroadvvay'is the place to save money, Thele Prices are For Casn Only, day, Sept 22,. at_2:30,p. m. A.full attendance.-is desired. . .. ..' . The r ne,W bath tubs, for .the.R. R. Y. M. .C. A,. ba,ye, arrived,, ami will be pliiccd iln position 'today. ; J. H. Sample, of" the claim agent's office, has. returned to work after a layoff on.account of sickness, i Charles S. McGowu.u,.tb(j 'baggage .master, wiil .leave shortly for. au extended tour of the West. . O. D.-'Ashley lias been re-elected president, of. the Wa-bash' company..and Joseph Ramsey,. j.r.,. vice president, ,and, general manager.,. . ,.. , ...,.-. - ; •, Broil. Atha of. }Iicliael's :i university addressed a large audience at the B. R., Y. M. C. A. rooms Sunday afternoon. His.subject was '.;Hablt,;;,.and it.was 'haudlea.il) a masterly way. ... : A .'great -many of,t|he local, railroad men will go. to Terre.Haute Thursday, Se<pteni<ber'24th, to attend the demon- stKUjou and speech by .T. T. Brooks Tlie trajn VlIHeaVf tie. VaudalJa sta- (Ion,'at 12:^5 p..m.' ... ; '. , . , : ranuandle Engineer Dan Close-,' with passenger train >'o. 20, left tho station li^re -Saturday afternoon , 43..minutes behiud'sdicduled time fiiid 'ran into Bradford,,on .time.' The.scJiedulixUlfflc between 'here "and 'Bradford 'i^' three •hours and ton 'minutes, but the actual running time Saturday wa.s two^lrour; mid'''seventeen minutes,' o.r '.ibout s'cv eiity"irilies per ^ hour': ''liie''train''was di-awn'by engine'Xo.'353. . ', A*'. KOKOiMO. : ReferViug.to tlie' 'a'ddi'oss 'of 'E'. F Kearneyat Kokomo Friklay nigli't, tlie and the,maoy.su.bwbs-,w,here,rallway | News, of fliat.clty swys: yards are,located.., , ,; , -, i Mr,,Kearney in omed;hte n.udienc _.. jw lia'd' always .'been a Democrat Chief.Train-bispateliei- H! S./Tousiey ' and hoped to be one' in-th.e'futur^'b'uit 'was. ov,er^h'e-Eastern-mvisioii yester. Iris conscience, would not permit him 1 a _ , ' .'• .','..• '.. . tobe-one'auftag this; campaign.,. He Fan-bUKlleCcnductor, .James Pome- ttfcn almost iminedWteJy entered upon Wand' wlfear C ,th.e paren-ts of,a ten, -the discussion d -Hie money Question pound-son - .- , .„'• - ... ,.- .-, , •! wJUcto he.lws . ftimlllarJzed... himself R 1C -, Brown,. rPapaandle. ngent. .at:' with in'.ev.ery,. detail 'an''d which he Iltahmond/wasrhore yesterday .pn^om-. inioJces 'pMn' to 'his listeners,.,His WlSrtasW*- ..-„.; -V-.;',, T/- ,;,, speecl, was effective and pleased every- .Chi'ef , Clerk ,C. S. : J.onea, ,of..Superlri, body., . . .. . ...... , . ... --,._ 'tendent.,C. H. Walton's.o0qe, was. at ' Indianapolis yesterday.... . , The Auxiliary to the : E,..R. Y..M. G,, A., will meet at Mrs. John Truman's Tues- A completo line of heaters and cook, stoves at the new,stove store.—Flame- gia's,.310 Market steeer. . ... . . ..,,.... •'ASK'• YoUR'DEAEEa; FORTT All Kinds of Drawings Made by 1 i' • • i'• ' • ii-ii* 1 ' '• 11 •'•• '.* •- "* . • ! • i jj-^-i* * ''• - -i ^^ 'w^^ w^fc l^*^'!^.''T • ' '- ** BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & patent Attorney., ' vjpfi T: Bloclc'-' ''" - ""•:...;•'-:..--.- -Logansport , AiNJOTHEE FORGERY EXPOSED For seveBal,d«ys in, its .daily .edition, conspicuous - O n- its ••first. 1W€«, .-ornn- ruented by 'a'^vdcr, 'tlio Huntington Democrat pfiMisued'Tvnkitpurported to be> on' 1 extract -f torn- Wife 1 pea tof• John: V. great ; -BJfirtibnn* of Chi-' The 'article' 'pretended tJiat Jfr. I'.ldvocate of free silver. Among, tilie re'sldWJlts'of• Cliic.-ifiO''is.,i' , is ab'soUitdy 1 necessary 'as'the-'' be'st'm'c-thod (in" an object lesson seen" in the 'past -aiid.' present • results upon., such property and money rehitfo.ue) to c convince., all .thinikers on the subject tlMif the need's of the world require an - iuWnationai'ngreeiiient to reuionetize silvk-'-a't one— not severai—raWos'. '• •'•' "U-ntll'this- 'is-nccomplished I-'hoJdT-t that our. 1 single action to: restore Itito-, mojiey functions will, not onl}- delay,, ...... well known.' former ' Hunitlngtonlan— j sucii acti p a but ^-m ma ke lt.Dra,ct;ically Cfcnls. XTotefer, ''Sir. Foster is it sx)irad i n '; iw , SRi bi e ." ' ' . . moiiey Democrat 'and caused Mr: Par-: woH's nittootioji to be'bixwffht to -this- alleged extract, and In the Chicago Tlmes-Henald ofvFriday, Mr: F-arwcll t'Tse pniblieation:: i •••> ' papers" in; the iiiortt.'west arc fjuoting parts; of my .'money articles w.ri't)teu'iu'c'onaemn i aitton, of .'the deuion- eWzatioJi' of. silver im 1873. to lead vot- era'-to'tuialc ttejt" the writer is'for.tts rouioneiti/u,tioa now 'at 16 td 1 as legal tender money 'in -the- "United States, alone ns a. remedy for that act, when it :is; wMl known' 'tOMthenV'thn* none o£ •thb.W articles linve'adrocated thus; but on tlue^conitrai-y it as both, unwise 'nnd Mlnst to Silver «WK! to fche business, iiitehiS'ts'of'thls'coumtry: :• • • ' '' ' '•' '•"• ('A ,pa'.rt.r"tlMt requires; such action on the port- of 'tlie- supporters not only, eondbmiis thelr-cause; but inaltesthem yjobitors of everj' 'principle • of 'fair dealinps with sudi writers, ns well as \\-ltlb -tlioec 1 thoy lotend-.". tx> '.influence t'hereby.:' imiwssible." viz: GWld'ii.uil'silver: toe reals redemp-; y: .ind'^fM exchanifjesof prop- «r,ty. art*:.' ''both" tofeotlwir l i'''aibsoluteJy; needed to maintain' tlie ivropec relations<if mtoney to ipropertyros-t'^y 1 always - before* .-de.naonfiftiza.tion;-' and' t": tlie' present iriaiaten-Jince'iof -thei gold sta-nflartt-proctlcally established Dy the civilized nations of the world io: MARVELOUS RESULTS. From a tetter by 'Rcr: ,T.' of: Dl-fondale/Micli., we .are, permitted., to niake..this, cstract: "I. liave.no nest-. tajtio.n, in reconinieE.di.ng .. Dr. K|ng's. ; New Discovery, "as the" results were almost marvelous in ; tbe c'asc of my wife. While-1 ; was" pastor 1 ! 6£ -th> : -Baptist 1 r chiiTClv a.t Rive* Junction• .she 1 .was. brougblfc. dos\ni. with.-Pneumonia sucv ceedinp.'JLa, Grippe,. Terrible paxoxyms of CQiislilng .would last hours with, li-ftiejntorriiption- audit seemed 'as If, sh'o could not 'siirvivc&em.'. ^ friend . reoouiniejided Dr. Kiiw 3 ^w PiscoV- eryV'Jt wa : ^ quick in i^n-orfc;'and higli- | ly'satisfactory iji.results." Trial y°£~,. ties free at B. F. Keesllng's'.drus store..; Regular, size CO^aud ?l.pO..' [ ., . ,, • GREAT ROOTE. ; " Playing ' Send. 32 cents .In stamps bastian, Gpn.l'Pa.ssiUgqrit P-.R-.. 1 -. & ; P.! R"'y',. Chicago, ,fpr.the,,sliqkest pack D Of piaying cards y.ou ever handled, and ,. on ceco'ipt pf's.uch". remittance; for one,, . or njorc,.packs '.t>cy .wili te , ii ' ' - p'rders.containins.CCl'iCpnts'.ln'stampf ,, or''pofitalVo'te.;Cor'.same, amount,"wffl . Becurp :oi. packs, by . express cjiatgcs i . t

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