The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS —— -^—^-~ —__ ''E DOMINANT NK\VS1*APFH OP NORTllKAS 1 !' AUVAVIOI -~~~~^ — ——^—^—^^^^_^^^_^__^^_^__ ' liwiv Aimrkoi nl(l\Ar]3A8 AND 6OU'l'HKA*iV \4TQCjnTl\M .. ^— , __ „ ••" <»«"*v u^u i Iir.AO i AlloQUUlvl • — — 1 —— . ^^____ —" '•••*-' u^uinr,AOi" MISSOURI BljrUiertlU Courier Blythevllle D»llj NeWi — " ' ™<> ™* . liM'THKVIMJC, AltKAXSAs. KUI1HY, MAY 15, I9HG S1NGU3 COl'IKS FIVE CKNTS LTSUBMITS RELIEF PROGRAM Keyes'Sistere Dress Doctor Dafoe In Texas Mode Tell Church Members to "Privalely and Publicly Condemn Such Sins" A resolution condemning ], orsc racing at not srings, .log racing at West Mcmlils. gambling gcncr- nlly and the liquor traffic was adopted by the Jonesboro district of Methodist church In the clos- i»IS session or the annual C on- fcience here yesterday. The lengthy resolution declared ""it "a gambling spirit is prevalent throughout the district nie- ii'g and the liquor traffic are a drain on the financial resources 01 Arkansas and constitute an appalling moral liability." H condemned laws passed by tile state legislature to raise revenue in these ways and declared tliev will lend to moral ruin." Besides condemning these things Die resolution (old the people of the chinches in this district "to s ay away from places where these "lings are done and to privately and publicly condemn sucli sins." Delegates Named Tile conference closed late yesterday at the Lake Street church after the Rev. Sam B. Wiggins of Jonesboro, presiding elder, had presided over the final business <•••• •••-• ™ "«-• imuiue west session. These delegates were el- ] wi " be 6'" within the next six med to the North Arkansas con- weeks under an agreement ivlth ference meeting at Bate.sville In I thc stRlc cl '™s commission, H f<oycmber: Charles A. stuck Mrs ' <KSS announced . today. Ilinkle Powell, w. A. Stuck.' Mrs. I p - E - Brigham, who announced mm SHIES Demand I n c ' Texas joined in tl, e world's delighted amazement OM>I ,,, „ . - "der. Out. during their trip to Canada to Invite Ur icxos Centennial celebration. And as preparation for his Florida Citrus Growers Will Use Barge Service LAKELAND, Flai,. May 15. (UP) —Test shipments of Florida citrus fruits by barge up tlie Mississippi river to tlie" middle west , sltcll tliu '" " l "'"" lhe DRILL ILLJR Sufficient Flow for Pool • --•"•VK«*.IV. JVJJD. C. Patton, Mrs. Sam B. Wig- Kins. C. J. Cliapln and Z. B Bal'"!• Joncsb . 01 '°:. J °>>n H. Emrich, and Other Purposes Ex- tlie agreement between the commission nnd the Inland Waterways corporation, said nrr> i>inn u>«i'n,i' Actu peeled at 1,600 Feel ml. drilling of the nrtcsinn Pair Rescued After 23 Hours in Mine Shaft WILLOCK. Pa., Mny 15 (UP)—' Two men, missing for 23 hours In ! UK nbamloncd conl mine near lierc. were rescued alive nt 3:15 !>• in. today. The men, Arthur Toner, 35 o[ Pittsburgh, and Robert Dyer. 30. of Deck's Him Road, last their way while searching for copper wire when their curblde Jumps went out. They were dirty, th-ed 'clitions lo. Initiate Const! lulional Amendment Are Put in Circulation nnd a little hungry when federal W. Moore, Nct-'j I )rovi[| c cheap tfansporlation well, whitvi is to supply Petitions for lhe Initiation of nn linine engineers found them a amendment to file constitution ol _ f ,. O. Hudson, Blytheville , s appointed the Golden Cross direc- well, • excluding the week require! to erect the drill" "rig" before actual drilling-started. : The Well is beino dr ec- S " UA : J °'»™.. Marion as c v c ii s PS for Passnpc of $360,000,000 Omnibus Measure WASHINGTON, May \r, (lj|>)._. Pressure trtr enactment of u,,. S:!i!O.C(10.00n cumlbr.s iluoil ronmil bill at tills swslon of conurfs. was titreiiijlliencd loday, Seiuilc Democratic Uwlt-r Jo.v- oph T. Robinson of Arkansas ,vil,l I he measure mt|.|il be taken 'mi for consideration noxt week | Simultaneously Ilornl e«iilrol' , U |I vccates f i oin New York Ohio Pennsylvania, West Vlr B liilu ami New laijlnml slules planned „ mnss meeliiiij l» the senate. caiu'iis room Monday to ilciiiniKl action, The meeting was arrntiiied by "cltlwms. publle oiriclnls. braluesv and Industrial lenders mid iviire- .M'tHnUves of several ikmd control orgnntaKlQiis," accordlim lo Nor- mnn Mucdcod. chairman of tin Cltbens Hood Committee nml Trl- Slnie Authority. The senate completed congressional action iniliiy nil (he Morris $370,COO.t:oo rural electrlllca- llon proujauii ill-stalled \» provide cheap elctli Icily f« r - tlimi- sands of farm homes In Isolated arens, - .: Undiji- provisions of lhe Mil, which, now goes <.o I'l-csldcii 1 Ilcosi'vcll for slrjiinlmc. the, Bov - ernnienl would advance money ir public and private n| ;eneles l< develop cleclrlc facilities for „ , c " l ook »D three Points: that the blood of u,e cross of Christ through peace Is Staviiemberg Count On' ^.v.™? 1 ^""^ ft -s«b5Wiary of" 0 iie . comes ones self, and that i lhe cross that peace « iween man nnd God." In the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, the Rev. J. D. Mcclure °. °" e , 1 ^.-. ''"}? Dr - Jilm « Thom- 1792 Austrian Supporters Staviiemberg Cc Help from Italy VIENNA, May 15. (UP)-He'im- i-ehr leaders hope Premier Benito from thc iinofiicial Austrian dictatorship by a political coupe, it wiis learned today. • Any intervention by Mussolini would be a counter move to Prencli- British representations, based on a " ' in which Starhemljcrg only a - _ * . of the largest manufacturers of well world,, has the contract for the I equipment and well drillers in tel r tin n , e s on cr the Orst copies of the Method . is one congratulated Mussolini on the discipline Printed. Tlie Rev. Sam Yo of Fay~~~., -jum lining ui j (iy- cttevillc, spoke of "the assembly llrn,ri-n,« t — *. • ^,i,u,j summer at conquest of Ethiopia. The United Press learned Hint the Brilish-Frenc'n representations precipitntcd the downfall of Slara o ar- hemberg atftr long differences between him and lhe Schusnige- program for this -Mount Scquoyah Appeals for Bo ys and GMs I Josef Reither el«m,enV in^mcf In his talk on 'The Task of Starhemberg left for Rome Jn!» Meeting the f feeds of the Boys' l»t nlgW ag national 5^10^ and Girls of our Slate" the Rev.|*r to attend an Italian-Austrian Ira Bminlcy of Conway "—' <"=""••»•— r--n—.. . . ""'•"'••n wcrelary of the North e ev. an Itaan-Austrian Bi-umlcy of Conway, executive association football match sunriav elary of [IIP wnrfi, ir i. n ,,_, ^^<«.ii biinday. New York Cotton ansas « — -...x. iivLvn rur>tiit.*>ti?> conference, called upon the conference to give the "younger generation a decent chance so as to oppose thc forces which are work- -•• ", »w against our educational pro- Coltotl closed steady. gram." The Rev. H. L. Wade, Jonesboro, urged the churches to reach their superannuate quota before the fall meeting In his talk on 'Superannuate Endowment." Osceoia was selected for next year's meeting. May July Oct. Dec. Mar. open high low close 1105 1165 1137 1140 1050 1051 1048 1049 1049 1049 1044 1051 1051 1044 1161 1103 113-1 1HO 1046 1049 1045 1043 1047 10t7 Mack Franks, Denton, Dies of Heart Ailment Mack Franks, 77, Denton. Mo farmer, died at his home al 4-45 «?u Cfc ,'i, thlS momin S after a two «cck s Illness of heart trouble. | by them loda Mr. Franksj s survived by three 5 __ ' n I --,... .„„. iirvi IVTt IV ii S|Mls closed steady at 1113, ,, p 7 Spot Average Is 11.65 The a\erage price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on thc lo lead-! Ing spot markets today was 11 65 ' according lo the Blytheville Board of Trade. Producers arc entitled lo a subsidy of .35 of a cent per pound en 1935 crop cotton sold rcrptCl* ing of,-Question Urges Reopen- -- ers ll Ln* T*IH,« o- t ,, *. vvork, which it Is estimated will cost become ^,fh about srsni) •' Wcome French about $7,500. Hit I-off 170 Feel Down i Prance . w. E. Burdett, with more than ] be leader, 1: premier . to n e x 11 , ••-• ,11. « L *»uu[]iion today Indicated that whic-h wll hi midcr his leadership will '" b ' responsibility for obtaining 4000 signatures in Mississippi, Crlttcn- clen, at. Francis and Polnsett counties. The Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce Is undertaking a similar lask in Craighead. Jackson. Greene and Clay counties. Organizations al Kl Dorado. Texarka'na; Little | Kock and clsewlierc arc handling '-"--- -' , othcr amendment: mrts of the state. Adoption of the >e submitted to tin- ,„,.of the stnlc at the November ... o. omueii, witn more than be ready to rconen lhe r,,in=n n i .7 •^ nle nt lnc November 25 years of experience In the dig- of Frnnco-AmcrE war ], r ^, ' ff" on If ' S «'M"* signers are ob- gmi! of water nnH nil ,,..11. ,, .1° ., nnicricnn wai debts, i tained. u-onW inpm.-,^ Mi B tin,i.,_i giiig of water and oil wells, is the driller in charge of file work for the present.- Later, when another eight-hour sh,tft is added, Sown Sanderson, who has been drilling wells as long as Burdelt, will b- in charge of fne other crew. A four- man crew Is required for each shift. All are experienced and adept at their particular job. Tlie work of handling the heavy pip?s and drills and operating tile higyi voltage equipment would be hazardous for inexperienced men. Mr. Burdelt expects to find the right stream of water for the well at about 1,600 feet. Workmen were busy this morning preparing a 10- Inch "surface" casing which go=s down almost to fne 200-foat level After that tlie hole will be reduced to about six inches for probably 1200 feel and the final 200 feel or thereabout., to lhe walcr now will be. four-inch pipe. Yesterday the orill bit dug through a log. which mnsl have been about 10 inches thick, at the no-foot level. Loss have been hit at considerably lower levels, however, for Inslance, arillers at the Reiser well, being for the town's owners who Imvo been rshiR candies and nil Inmus In plnco ul more modern conveniences. Two Charged In Plot Against Alfred Smith, Jr. NKW YOltK. May 15. (IJPI-- Max U. Krone, « iirlviite detective, "ml A. Henry lioss, a Brooklyn ul- innioy, were Indlcled by the New lorli Hi-aml Jmy l<Kl«y <>" fhar : ,';'.s of exlorllni; $l,fiiX) from Alfred K. Kinllli jr., sun of tliu loriner jjov- ernor, on •'lliii.'iil.s Mint ivonld «|KV>:O 'iilm and impiUe disgrace " Two Indictments were reUirnwl The llrst named Ijolli m i<n nnd I'luu'ijixl exlorllon of $l,Mlo on M,,J. ai>. HIM. In comu'cllim with u blackmail plot In which younx Kmllb clmi-fiiMl he paid out $10.000 In cash «ii(| $10,000 In promissory notes Tilt 1 second ImlliMninit nnmed only Krone, rlmriilnit extortion of the $10.000 in promissory notes on Feb si. iu:i5. leaped McAlcstcr Cou- vicls Are Report c cl I'lciiclecl (or Arkansas i.rrri.iD HOCK, May \:, (ui-i - Stnlt! liiin.jer Suiierlntendenl Clniv Albright reported today Iliat nil automobile had been stolen al Isalii'l, Okla., by two men thought lo Imvc been j. ». Uolmnnmi nnd Claude Ilwiver.t, escaped ctm- »lcl« from Hw Oklahoma penlli'ii- llury nl McAleslcr. Tlie men IHKIIIIJ (he car headed toward Mena, Ark., where Uo- hannon once lived. 'llirce deputy iOirrlirs fiom Okla- noiim Oily wlui uirlved here Insi i>l||ht hi n plane to conduct a sritreli for (lie nscnin-d convicts left this morning for Fort Smith From Fort Smith (hey ^annod lo circle the comilry nsar Menu In hopo of iDcallnx the convli-t-i Irnvcllng In the stolen car . I-YNii Ln J-W'rVtc, ii-s-:lsKint fill 11 r\l lml ""' ''""rfs 'from? ft'ri? Smltl U fIII I• ¥ south to ToJtoi-knnh Wfc'1 M'liii II fill I ! lv " tclle(l by runners and west Ar- uiiiJ.. L. I kansas county, officers^ Blum made his first publii Gubernatorial Handbook Makes Appearance al Little :Rock LITTLE ROCK, May 15 (UP!- fiace horse bellors of the capital city were offered a iicw • diversion loday by a belting -commissioner who has posted odds on the ap- proachlui; race. The wills postal In police liead- •i»bu i,,i., n ,i •"••-••."" ...fc..!.!.-, me U n- -..,. ui.,..-, ijuau-u in ponce neau- !„ I.', ' ,'' w °" icl "'"ease Mississippi Hl'">rlers of at least three candl- l.iration "of"ihe"Vr'e7«n'T 0 HcYof SeZnf rcprcscIlUlUo » '» lhe state 'lates placed Ally. Oen. Carl Bal - the'next governmentn a noonI ofor? "" Y 3 °°r C," ""'• Inst <*<T y " l " lc " CiKl of «"= »*l at even __i_i , ._ v IJI " Jiwn 01 Olio niPrnhnr nf Hm Imiic-n _r mnurn- _ „_, „„„ |, ul tviiv. j i latent! address to' 4od'"7morlcan club I r ""f !T" bEr ° f the llolls<! ot re P' ! m °" cy ' mc,nberS ir mcet,n B a7 Z" 1,^ SStlS^M'S.^ ^ Without Hatly promising war debt repayment he hinted determination lo seek a solution of the problem, "I want to touch upon n subject hitherto tabmed—the war debt misunderstanding," Blum said. "The French have a- tendency believe the debts been erased but our unilateral denunciation of the war debt ayrecment has hurt the American sense of commercial probity. . Now I hope the debt misunderstandings can be cleared up. "In reestablishing the world on -.1 better basis there must be respect for international ngrccninils nnd signatures." Ug a sen- lt alor wllti two other - counties „ would liave a senator of Its own Most other East Arkansas counties would also gain in representation, as would Union, Miller and 1'ulaskl counties, but many Oznrk counties would lose as their popu- lallon lias stood sill] or fallen off since 1890, when the last legislative rcapporlionment was made. The projwsed amendment provides for a "Board of Apportionment," consisting of the governor secretary of slate and attorney general, whose "imperative duly" it will ne to make apportionment of senators and representatives according loathe, provisions of the amendment, •amendment provides for n es house of represcnlatlvcs of "OHM; 01 represcnlattvcs of 100 Closing Stock PriCCS S^' r^'K^nS NEW YOKK, May 15. (UP) - Tlie stock market's sharp advance l se«lon ran into „ ....^. ....j.^.j, i" v~v.,.,,,g at-.-v>iuu i.iii imu are said to have Ml a log at about I ai .m c '"tles in- early trading today 800 feet. I win prices down one to nearly two but support <levelo|»d and main list showed <m Irregular . I Rock al 1,000 Feet ' tlrill operator expects to hit The body win be removed to Aluhnm* r^_ u.._,_, _ . Funeral ar- of the Cobb Alabama for burial" rangemcnls, l n c i, argc 01 lne c Mineral Home, are incomplete. Livestock {New Orleans Cotton EAST ST. LOUIS, 111 (UP) — Hogs 7000. Top 955 . 170-230 Ibs., 935-950 140-1GO Ibs., 825-935 Bulk sows 825-850 I Cattle 1200 ' j Sleers 775-840 | Slaughter steers COO-850 Mixed yearlings and heifers 700775 Slaughter heifers 600-850 Href cows 500-575 '; '; Cutters and low cutters 350-450 NEW ORLEANS, May 15. (UP)The cotton market was steady today although new crop months del-eloped sagging tendencies. Prices ] closed five higher to two lower spots gained four to close open high low close . 1157 1159 1153 1158b . 1130 1132 1J2S 1132 . 1047 1047 1041 1045 .. 1044 1045 1041 1 044 .. 1044 1044 1043 1043 .. 1042 1042 1042 lO-'ft at 1167. May .... July .... Oct. .... Dec Jan. .... Mar Chicago Corn low J m. July open, hig'h ' close ;•'<: nun opemior expects to hit „,).,„.,,,„ substantial rock at about 1.000 feet I 1" "' . . after drilling through that strata the sand in which the best water flow is found sMoidd not be far below. When sand U reached under thc rock, samples will be sent to (he companjlf Arkansas headquarters at Stultgart when analysis will be made and ttie proper size of screen win be secured for straining the sand from the water. Tlie "rig-' looks mucn the same as thc type of "rigs" seen in the oil sections although the equipment is not as powerful as that used in most .oil drilling operations, since its maximum reach, without overloading-, is around 2,500 feet and most oil welk nre deeper. However the machinery Ls very similar to that used in nigging oil wells and would serve for that purpose. In fact It has been rumored around town that certain parties would like to "raise a purse'' for continued digging below the water level "just to «e what would happen." fin «n r ' ' le OI y swea « nn< 60 1-4 60 5-8 60 1-8 60 1-2 are located In II.-, nose. 0( A. T. and T. Anacor.da Copper Beth, steel .. Chrysler Cities Service ....,'.'.' Gen.'Am. Tank GGen. Electric Gen: Motors '" Int. Harvester".'.'.'.'.'.' McKesson-Robbins Monlgoinery Ward N. Y. Central . Packard 181 3-4 34 3-4 51 5-8 95 3-8 4 5-8 •16 3-4 37 1-8 63 3-8 65 1--' !) 1-4 41 5-8 3-1 7-8 10 1-8 _ , t— - - 42 7-8 Kadlo j, |. 8 Simmons Beds'"::.'": 201-8 Standard of N. J 607-8 Texas Co 34 1-1 U. S. Smelting 93 U. S. Steel , SR i T Warner Bros •' ,o Zonlte 7 Chicago Wheat ny and the remaining members to be Dave Partnin, of Van Buren, n'tts riiioteil at two and one-half' to one and Secretary of State Ed P. McDonald was quoted nl four lo one. Ttie odds. It was said, will be adjusted dally. Several wagers were reported to Imvc been made oti the opening day of the new handbook. Givcs Notice of Resigna- lion from League „. Nations GENEVA, May 10. (UP)-Gun- Icmaln loday resigned from the l.canue. of Nations, lending to feiirs Hint lUs withdrawn! may be fol- 'owcd by a parade of other'n- Amerlcnn countries out of thc Geneva organl?jitlon. i i The Guatemalan re.slgnnllon em- President Inlei'vciies In Mud Dispute Over Allocation of Funds WASHINGTON, May Ifi (Ul')~ rri'.slilciu Hoowvelt today itcpp <l |»)i,)ly Into. lli« llnvc-vmy New DiMil fciamhlj 1'cr wa? relief I'uiHls and proposed u •.compro- mlj-e wheri'by J.'.VVil nnd u i|!l-- mcnt acliville.s would •Ijc.-cnntlii- iu':l an virtual 'subsidlark-s (it lliu-ry lloiikliuj' Wcrk •|'i«8i*'v AdmlnlHli-ntliui, 'lhe presldonl's plan: I'm I'WA; No new fund UM> of P\VA , revolving fmul In I'liiillni'u f>. r i per cent loan for I'WA projects, loans to be uitl- llcil only lor pvojccls where WP;\ din supply ^5 per cent of (lie I'osl of ednlrllnilliiK WI'A Uibur nnd In that unioiint, tliu -IS per cent WPA labui 1 eonivlliution In replace recent -ifi pin- cent r*\VA gnuits. For resclllemcnl: No more rural or semi-rural comimmltkt, to lie built. I'le.snnt ciimiiuniily projects lo be completed with' funds already allocated. (lUacnllnii probably by ,\^. licoscvrll of sutilcleiit, funds tioui lhe proposed $l.-12S.l)Ol),[)(i|> work rclle; mnd lo conllnue: 1. Keller unint ami loans lo rural families who continue lt> icrp-lipt nlil. '->. Movements of families from farms where, they 'arc unablj lo make a llvliijj. :i. Aid and advice lo farm families on crops and home makln:' -!. nesoltluineiil pni-ehtisi and vcniovnl from production ol sub- iHiiruhuil Innd on a sma!l .""ii Mr, Koosevclt, made plain Unit PWA and .voscttlqnkMiV.would j,j)i ll|iue .iis.'dlotllicil iluelifiloii -nnd" his Jiijgiiestud cohipraiiifsti. • ' His • oiillliic was. pi-esentcd as PWA Admliilstralor Harij t, Jcta went, bifforc a 'senate appropriation sub-commute:; to outline the slnlus of PWA. TJie cominKtec yesterday lieaul ricscttlcmcnt Administrator Hex- ford a, Tiigwell. I'rlinc fuiR-Uon of the PWA and thc HA must and will con- llnue despite, tin; "lumping of the entire St/lSG.OOO.COO relief appropriation under the WPA Hi" president snld. 'I' - concern already lhe position of phasized preat felt rcgai-dlnf .... ,.„., „. Chile. Mexico, Colombia and several oilier Ijiittn-Aiiicrlcnn counties, believed almost on the point of quilting (he Lcajjue. lira/.ll, Cttsla lilca and I'ara(!iiay already Have resigned. Ecuador has refused to enforce sanctions against Italy and chile lins demanded the llftlii s of sanc- Slot Machine Owners Draw Heavy Penalties LriTLE ROCK. Ark.-Snpl. G roy , ms cicinancicd in ^sti'^srinfrniin s&.u°r.r.nSsi l Tn^ r r-^ S n £^"*^ ""^ <?Uy. ,,^ m . are i^ubers of the'VSJ See,, aflerwa Man Accused of Giving ' Drug to Vanmlale Girls WYNNE, Ark.-Ocorec Kill tf years old, manager of a couimh- snry car for n contractor it VitmirJnle, . Is held here to await action of the grand jury on clmi- ijes he Administered drugs concealed in small dikes to fccii Vanndale high school titrls Teslimony at Kirk'.'; preliimn irj hcailt-/! was thai he had been lii the habit of uuylug .soft drinl-, mid cakes for (jli'l .vliidenls it ,i place near the school, and thai on> Tuesday he brought, a cakss with him box ot liieni _,. •• ** ..... - " v •* «" 'I--'*. t->u>y, i inmrctT St. Francis county, which resulted council In th o lo the Bhls. the oldest of whom old bt-came , In the confiscation of 20 slot ma- chi d lhe arrest of H Albrlghl said two men, described Guatemala's decision was bclbv- «i due partly to the role the irds the were sent lo Their homes. A drug store clerk testified \w .'•old Hie drui; lo Klr'f. on his statement it was intended for lisa | n ( | 1C imlo-Ethlopian as the owner* of the macviines were Olflcer.s quote Kirk as dUlriuled among the larger coun- nncd $500 and costs each by Just- havlng admitted he at Home This Afternoon can peace conference create Under the terms of the amenri- hi.s men made the raids after fei American court of Justice similar ----- ~~ ""ti ij;:nit advi«.-d that slol machines iiad re- to the world court nl Th appeared in Forrest City after an mcnl fails i o act according to the requirements of the amendment yer may apt>cal absence of several weeks. — «. ....^i^.tj^i niiij UJJ[M.;II , to lhe supreme court to I compel the board to fulfil its dulie.« Bennie Karr Resigns . Circuit I Judge IV. O. Davenport wrote Al- crralloj| . Guatemala, it is understood, favors bright three months ago asking that he lake action whenever he ho.wl of slol maciiine opi-ralions in the judge's district. Thc Hangers will be sen I lo any of Hie state to confiscate jf a purely league- of nations. American ^— -' 4< "^' uj <«o- .M,(M_' c<i conns* as Batesville Manager lli:ichi " M a1 "' nm * the operator*! 6 upon request of circuit Jud upon requesl of circuit " Judges' BATESVIriF A", „ ,-jircxOTiiUng atlorney.s or sherllfs' (iir>. fr LE ' Ark -' Ma y 151 the superintendent said njP-Bennlc Karr loday resign- __ stockholders named Paul -Rod" h« h „ ft>rnier Arbls: < s College oascball and football star, as temporary manager. In tendering his resignation Karr lSa i d: .,j Mlcvc fl c)lai c here will oo the ball club good ana i m stepping out. I Intend to go back to my farm ol Parkin to leave baseball." So)c arc 110W occupy- Rev. Dow Heard, Will Preach Here Sunday The Tiev. Dow H. Heard, O. D., Torjnerjy ixislor of the First Bap- for .. -nvv ijv/A. u.1 U JU mg the cellar posilion the a 3-4 Ing won only one of seven games, Texas. tut churc'n ot Jonesboro, will preach at the First Baptist church here Sunday morning,nnd night. He I 1 Hindus Unite Monkevs substituting tor the n=v A n- • Carpenter who Is in St. l At Ritual Marnage' I|1C Baptist convention. j The Rev. Mr. Heard is a gradu- BOMBAY (UI'i—Tiic cercinoii- u! c of B;li ' lor UniversHy. Waco. Inl "marrtagc" of n pair of mon-'""""' keys, with all the ritual of a Hindu wedding, was conducted at Surat by a Sadhu (Hindu ascetic) "in response to Inspiration." The male monkey Is supposed to be a descendant of the monkey- god Ilammiiin. Thousands lined the streets to watch the marriage procession. Orchestra Upsets Home P1TTSBURG, Cat. (UP)—Archie Haviland applies for divorce on the grounds Chat his wife inivtccl (in orchestra to use their home as a -practice center. On sucli occasions he declares lie was obliged !o go to a hotel to get some steep, Funeral services will be held for Howard Darnell Proslor, 40, well known loral aiidilor. late I'nls afl.-r- noan nt the fainilv home on North l-'itth street with' tlie Rev. \V. V. Womacfc. pas-.or of-lhr First jifeth- odlsl church, otriclatin;. Interment will be nr.;b r.t' Elm wood cemetery. Tom Jones, Ira Gray, J. L. Guard. Max Held. Fred Saliba and Floyd Wnite will scive as pallbearers. Cloud Proctor, a brother, arrived yesterday from ]HS home at Kansas city. Mo., for the funeral. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and warmpr tonight. Saturday partly cloudy, wanner In cast portion. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and wanner tonight nnd Saturday. The maximum.temperature here yesterday wo-s 63 degrees nnd thc minimum. 45 degrees, according to the official • weather observer, Samuel F. Norrls.

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