The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS 111 From Incurable Illness Hii "opes For "Mercy Death" Political "Row" Active At Stale Capital; Rumors Abound BY BKICE WOHT1MNGTON, ,Ir. Hulled 1'ri'ss Staff CoiTi'Sjionilciit LITTLE KCCK, Mar. 2. <UP>~ Developments nlo-ig Artamns' pa- liliral front tcclay tsnve promise of die ol ihn mosl exciting limes In years Mopz kiltie Hack:, "ixjlliiau row." Both the fo"tncomln». lX'mo:ruUc primary ami Hie prospective special .session of the legislature were in the foreground. Earlj tills week the primary threatened to force the .special session issue into the background, but yesterday's "Information" about Ilic general Assembly j renewed interest in it. Now. with "reliable sources" point!))? to a call for tlie It'disla- tors by the end of tills week, and the election bandwagon already rolling slowly, liolel lotUic-.s an; providing a congestion of gossip. The previously undisturbed lobbyists now must .share their Jiendquar- ters wUh those interested In elective offices, Siiice tile early part of February, when Gov. Bailey announced intentions of calling tlic legislators for the purpose oJ retiring the .stale's highway bonds, considerable speculation has been evident over oilier likely Items of legislation. However, the first of this week, general assembly discussion wns diverted slightly by election talk. Although approximately 10 weeks remain before the ballots close, aspiring statesmen tire expected to throw their hats into the ring mid enter into the heat of battle, maneuvering from their quarters In local hotel rooms, long.before the state's citizenry lakes up the issue at the polls, Rep. John McClellan's action Sunday is expected to serve as the stimulus. Others, who only were waiting for someone to make the precedent, probably will follow suit —announcing their plans, and the office for which "my friends and advisers have urged me lo seek"— in the ensuing weeks. Now that the legislature issue has come (o a head again, "political row" has become n meeting place for both lobbyists and biennial bar- (erers. Two major items of discussion amoiij prospective legislation are (lie bond refunding program ami construction of two new state sanatoriums. The slate municipal league this week announced it is starting a movement to gnln n portion ol the gasoline tax for municipalities at trie same lime (he highway program is enacted. The state's legislators also are swayed between the issues attracting political- observers. They must consider each development—special session and interest in the Campaigns—alike. Those seeking reelection arc of the opinion that their action ill the special session- it one. Is called—can provide them more recent issues on which to base their respective campaigns. As for the election, all major offices have free-for-all races in prospect. ' Al least three. Sen. Caraway. Ale- Clellan and j. Rosser Venable, will j vie for the senate post. Mrs. Caraway is seeking re-election in the upper house of Congress, while McClellan wants a promotion from the House of Representatives. All three likely candidates were active in the successful campaign of Senator John Miller. The governor's race hinges upon what Gov. Bailey decides lo do. Ifuniors have had it that he will run for the senate, others Indicate he will seek re-election, and other quarters report, dial he will not run lor any office. The only almost certain entrants ; in the governor's race are R. A. (Ec-b) cook, former Piilaski county judje and defeated candidate for Sovernor In I!)3B. and VI. K. McNutt, Eatesvtlle educator, cook has made numerous appearances at meetings and banquets over the slate in recent weeks, apparently primim- toi the race. Lt. Gov. Bob Bailey and Attorney General Ja:k Holt have been touted as possible gubernatorial candidates, The former probably will run if Ihe governor seeks Ihe senate post and backs him far the governorship. Holt, although he already has, announced for re-election to (lie nl- torne,- general position, might change his plans should the chief executive decide not to rim and support him lor the state's hl»h seat. i " Political observers report that Ihe chief executive would seek financial aid from the lieutenant governor, should they pair on the ballots as coalition candidates for the gov- But Medical Ethics Holds ! He Must Wait. for Death Karl D. Darling, Liverpool, N. Y., has endured 50 agonizing heart attacks. Jtis condition is believed incurable. He thinks ]' h y x i c i « n a should terminate the hopeless prospect )ic faces at 59. »y NKA KrrviiT LIVEKI'OOI,. N. Y., Fob. 25. — Filly limes Ear) D. Darling has kmw. ihrijii 1 ;]! tl»; nsjony of attacks of uiiijma iicclorls. Recovery from so many successive nitacks Is considered phenomena! by physicians. B;U they offer no hope, of recovery. So Earl u. Darling wants to die, lie linx read of ell'orts lo li'giill/.e so-called '/mercy death." And he not only wants it, lie knows a way it e:uld be applied. "Lcl a group of doctors each be jiven a hypodermic needle," he says. "Let all but one bo filled with n harmless substance. Let a deadly substance be placed In that one. "Then each doctor would be given a needle, not knowing which was deadly. All could then Inject Ihe liquids into the patient's veins, cither nt one time or at different, periods. "!f the patient were given all the Injections a( once, no one would ever know which doctor was the agent of death. If the hypodermics were given at different times, the ernorship and senate. For the most, part, Incumbents in major state offices will seek reelection, rumors Indicate. A majority of these olticc holders will be opposed by one or more men, Approve 'Mockup' Model for Six Giant Airliners SEATTLE I UP) — A "mockup" model for n fleet of six new ;«passenger, four-seater, nil raeliil sky liners ordered front the Boeing Alrcmft ;compnny here by Tnui.s- conjlncntnl * Western Air. Inc., hii.s bt>en approved. A "mockup" model is a full size, complete model of n projected plane, made mostly of plywood, bin-lap and motal. The ncet of ships will cost S2.043.CQO. Boeing officials said. Powered by motors lliat will develop 4.800 horsepower. Iho planes will ullain a speed of 242 miles au lioiir. Special equipment will be Insttilled lor high altilude (lying. The plnnes will be converted Into "pullmuns" at nighl wilh bedroom compartments for 16 persons mid chaises longties for nine. They will linve n wingspread of more than 107 reel. The cabin Interiors vvil be 11 (eel in diameter. What Do You Think? patient would not know when death wa.s lo come." Darting admits such a practice would have to be closely guarded by tliii medical profession. "Mercy death should lie granted only at the request of the patient," he says, "never at any other time, no mutter how III Die patient might, be. The practice would have lo be closely supervised by the medical profession. "But it people allow a dbg lo .suffer, they may be prosecutc<| mi- tier Ihe law. Why, then, should a human being be made to live in pain?" Darling lias suffered from (he apparently Incurable heart ailment for more than three years. For a time he was In St. Joseph's liospilal in Syracuse, but now he is under the care of his family at home. Ills wife, nml their only child, an adult daughter, know of his desires and beliefs, but do not discuss them. Darling is not gloomy, but his gravity and sincerity in his plan is evident. He wauls to die. Id-son explained she means the 10 years bclween an actress' 35th year and her 45th birthday. "That is the trying lime when a player, especially a woman, finds herself much like Ihe schoolboy whose voice i.°> changing during adoles- encc. In those years a woman is neither young and beautiful nor is she In the flnnl state of mattirily." "Last Survivors" Dob U|> KENDALLVILLE, In (I. (UP) — Mrs. Ellea Williams, Kendallvllle. really started something when she announced that "I am one of two surviving daughters of veterans of the War of 1812." Since her announcement. more than 200 "Jnst survivors" have written her. Woman Juror Too Active CLEVELAND (UP)—The ambition of a feminine juror to dig out new evidence outside the courtroom prompted the discharge of the second all-woman jury on record In common pleas court here. Life After 40 Easy For Character Actress NEW YORK I UP) — Elizabeth Patterson, screen character actress doesn't worry about life after -10. "If a woman, one who is an actress of coime. can bridge tho dangerous period, age proves no barrier to her success or dlniin- fsher of her earning capucily." said Miss Patterson wliilo here on a brief vacation utter mushing I "Bluebeard's Eighth Wife." u \ vn s the liflh feature in which .she has 1 worked in almost as many months. By ••dangerous period" Miss Pal-' Toledo May Lionise Trailers I TOLEDO (UP)—Tlie city council has given tentative approval to ordinances to license and regulate ouloinobllc trailer camps. The proposed law would require fre- tiueiil health inspections. Rrnd Courier News Want Ads. WANTED GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON SWEARENGEN CO. OFFICE CONCRETE IU.11G. ON WALNUT STREET Government Loan Cotton LOUIS APPLEBAUM Phcnc 167, 107 S. 2nd St. Blythevllle, Ark. IT COSTS LESS- To let us KEEP your car in shape than It does to repair it after it has broken down. Increase the value of your car and LET US KREI' IT IN A-l CONDITION. COMPLETELY New and Modern Auto Repair Shop We Can Meet Your Every Automobile Need All Work Guaranteed LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Oldamobilc " 307 E. Mai. & G.M.C. Trucks & Trailers -s and Service No Decision Expected For 70 Days In Disbannoiil Proceedings CARDTJlEn.SVJU.K, Mo., Mfircit 2. — The illsbanijcnl proceeding hearing brought against Sharon J. 1'ale, former J'rajkeol County rcpresentalivo to the 58lh General Assembly, |>y n )n grievance com- inlltce of Hie .stale bar association, was brought to a close here Tuesday afternoon about three o'clock. Mrj.M of (lii< dny virus fc'lvcn ow It, IHWIIIIIIB witnesses for the di 1 - rrmp. Pate, a graduate of Washington University ISI. Louis) Lnu- ttliool, is charged with misconduct while serving as lax attorney for Drainage Districts Six and Eight the petition filed by tiie griovsuuv committee alleging fraudulent "plans of settlement" were made with various landowners rcBard- iiiff I lie purchase of their lands at tax sales for limn the-total judgments ngnlmi'lhc lands; Witnesses introduced Tuesday included Coundy Judges J.H. Mc- Finland and R. XI. Rowland; two former circuit court judges, jaim-s M. Reeves and Sterling' n. M C _ Carty, all of Carulhersville, and a number of landowners whose land liml ben sold for delinquent taxes Scrap Chism, C. D. Martin, both of Steelc, and Francis anise, ol" near liayli, were among the'land- owners who testified that there hud been no agreement nor conspiracy between themselves and Pate, as to what price they slionld bid for their land. Testimony introduced by the former judges, present county Judges, and .present, Circuit Judge K ll. Scliult brought out dial lax sales, both for stale and county, as well as drainage taxes, had not, In :i targe number of instances, brought more than the court cosls und attorney's fees. J.lltnn Smith, St«;le, former sheriff, also testified that many tax sales, held while lie was sheriff, brought- little more than the costs. According to instructions to attorneys In Ihe case, trie transcript of testimony will be prepared foi the Commissioner,- M. K Montgomery, and the attorneys, a\i(\ then they will file thflr lirief.s ol •jrgumcnt with the commlsslonei following which he will file his recommendation with ttie Spring fluid Court of Appeals, A final decision in Hit 1 case from the court probably will not ho had for about 70 days. "How Judaism Began" To Be Rabbi Pollack's Topic A scries of sermons fostering Inli'r-dcnoinlimllonnl goodwill, understanding, and cooperative en- drai-or ivill be continued at the. services of Temple Israel ibis Sunday afternoon ut 3:30 o'clock. The theme of Rabbi Herman Pollack's .-.erinon will be: "How Judaism Bei;an." He will Iruce the significant slaves of the development of Judaism from its infancy to that of ihe ethical idealism laiight by the prophets, lie will .show ihe influence of these teachings on the religions of the world, us well UK the thought, and conduct of modern civilization. A most cordial Invitation is extended to tile members of the various religious groups. WEDNESDAY, MAttCIT 2, 1J»fl8 Proving Streamliners Can Take It' \ At the Hospitals Mrs. Edna Johnson, of Braggadocio, Mo., was admitted to the Blythevllle hospital yesterday. > Gluing aong nl 75 to SO mile, an I.our the new streamlined trains gel you there in a Hurry. But ,!H ,° ^V'lTV'' 01 " 11161 ™" 1011 "' 0 ^^ '"<• Bn!OTr "• " y «" T|1C »»P P"°f °'>°™ ft 1™ ' "T . l ""' iB " L ' aftC1 ' SmaSlU " ff BnU """"'""S » >K«vy truck latidcd rttl. logs, Afl m- ,7 "K^"" 0 * ^l"*" f«»n U>e train uninjured, .said all they fell was a -jolt" Afle. I.IU.UK the .slreamuncr, traveling beUvccn Houston, Tex., and Uallas. ripped up tlw hack for _^' 10 ' e tha " G0 ° fcet - 1"«'o KCBroes riding on the truck jumped'- before the crash. HARTFORD CITY, Iml. (UP)- taken a whole lot of pep otil or " Seventy-seven years of life haven't, Robert Wolfe, Upland, Ind. He performed a "jig dance" at a rural celebration. Ford Truck Dolla n New!.. . The 122-iu. One-Tonner. New 134" 1^-ton (formerly 1SH4"). 157-Inch P/j-ton Trucks. 112-inch Commercial Gars. 2 engine sizes The 60 II. P. engine available in 112"ami one-ton units;85 I!. P. engine avuilnble in all units. New This Year.' THE FORD V-8 ONE-TONNER! MORE STYLE 15 found in the nc\v treatment of radiator grille anil massive fenders which harmonr/e with the new bond and bucly lines. A unit that fills the gap between Ford Commercial Cars and the big Ford Trucks Wide range of body types Units designed to meet more than 90% of all iv.utling needs, 4 wheelbases MORI COMFORT AND CONVENIINCE for drivers with roomier, newly stylcil cabs, more head room. More coils in'scai aishions. New waterproof, washable upholstery, new instrument panel—foot controlled dimmer switch. -And Ford V-8 Trucks Put More Pay Into Every Payloaii! Ford V-8 trucks for 1938 promise truck operators bigger hauling economies this year! These new units offer an even wider choice of body types ami whcelbnses than last yenr, A new One-Toniier has been added to the Jine. A new frame width on the large units makes special body mounting easier than ever. Add to these advancements further improvements in construction, brakes, steering and operating comfort and you will get some hint of how much more your Ford truck dollars will buy this year. But to get the whole story see your Ford Dealer today! 329 • 3 body types —Express, Panel, Stoke, also chassis with or without cab for special bodies. • Modern Styling with Handsome Rugged Appearance. • 122-Inch Wheelbase. • Choice of 60 H.P. or 85 H,P. V-8 Engine. • Full-Flooring Rear Axle. • Straddle-Mounted Pinion. • Extra Large Brakes (277 sq. in. total area) with Ribbed Cost Jron Brake Drums. T*U« CONSTHUCTION-cviMence of gteat 5i«mina and strength is found throughout the Tord Chassis design. Note the ilecp frame with full channel depth cross members and the torque lube drive anJ radius /rxl roiutriiction. TRUCKS AND COMMERCIAL CARS

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