The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TT-IV rV-tUTMAWT KlnVaCAUDO f\m \Sf\V*T*XmLm** ABV«tTr,*n i K_* n'An«**««, > r»n . - ' % , ^S«^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 2U Blytheville Courier, Blytheville Herald, BlTthevllle Dally News, Mlsalsslppl Valley Leader. BLYTHHV1LLE, ARKANSAS, SATl'RDAY, NOVEMBKK 22, 10:10 All Roads For Beauty Lead to Film Capital SO YOU'VE WONDERED how I pretty jirLs from all over the vntr'.l , Msalt into the nicvics at Holly- j wood, have you? This story tells .-iljoul the advent of livo of the | m west of potential movie stars. Abbvc is Elissa Landi, born. in Venice, Italy, and, at tlip right, -llarrion Lessinj, who hails from Madison, Wisconsin. ssa Landi and Marion -Les^ing Two of Newest! x. and. Most Promfskfg: V;"' " SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS BANDITS STORE; Conference With Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Scheduled. LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 22. (UP) — When informed that the commissioner ot Insurance for Mississippi had suspended the Home Insurance companies of Arkansas, from operating in that state officials of the companies here declined to comment but Indicated that a state- i ment would be issued later. W. E. Flood, commissioner of in• su ranee for Arkansas'will confer wit 'liofllclals of the Home companies late this, afternoon and It is exnecled a statement will be made following that meeting. A. B. Banks- of Little Rock is president of the three Home In- surancs companies. It was reported the Home Life insurance company might be sold to other insurance interests. i Oaldwell and company, Nashville. I Tenn., Investment bankers, pur- I chased controlling Interests In the j three companies about a year ago. i but recently the Caldwell interests ! were reported to have been pur- j chased by a" local group headed by A. B. Banks. This was announced here shortly before the American I Exchange Trust company of Little ' Rock, of which Banks Is president suspended business Monday, pre- I cipltating a general run on Arkansas, banks included in the A. \ Banks group. SETS .JIM BY DAN THOMAS NEA Serrice Writer HOLLYWOOD. CALIF. — Holly.;- v.oocl. the capital of make-believe > • — and pretense, is also the cress- i fharitv Will reads of the world. Widely separ- i . .™ _ ct-cd pat'.is converge here—espec-j ially where beautiful girls are concerned. So it Is that two lovely young Mi reiser., separated by thousands Navy Football G Broadcasting Fee. NEW YORK, Nov. .22. (UP)—i I Suspended in Mississippi I JACKSON, Miss., Nov. 22. (UP) ! —Operations- of .the Home Insur- J ance companies of Little Rock Ark.; of which A. B. Banks, president of a chain,of banks bearlni that name, is president, were sus pended in'Mississhjpl today on Order of N. S. Lowry, insurance' commissioner. The companies included the Horns Life Insurance company, the Home Fire Insurance company, and the Home Accident Insurance company. Banks is president of each of i Army- am C The fire insurance company does 'I the business of any com pany in Tennessee,' reports here showed. out moil of their lives, have come [ proaching Army-Navy game have I La Guardia Ask$ Probe lo-ether here as Intimate friends— been sold to Phllco Radio for a sum ' to I i V I i> climbing the pathway to stardom; in excess of $150,000, Grover A I Ol Bankruptcy VlOlatlOHS loyrllicr while working in the! WhaJen, chairman of the Salvation • i same studio on the same picture, j Army committee in charge, has an- I WASHINGTON, Nov. 22 (UP) — These girls are Elissa Landi and j nounced. ' ! nepre-.^i'ative La Guardia, Repub Marion Leasing. i The company "contributed" about ! Ucan ' New Yor); . asked the justice Landi was born in Venice.' SI50.00J. Wlialen said, in return for ! department today to assign a fed As a youngsler she moved, which the broadcasting rights usn- ' era ' Justice dep.v. tment agent anc to England, where she got her | ally sold to the Columbia and Na- > n srecial assistant attorney genera education from private teachers. • tlonal broadcasling systems were' '-"' lnvc-1'gate aieged violations o Then, wanting to be a novelist, I turned over to Philco. The entire i'' lc bankruptcy laws in'the west in It.ily. :lie w;nt on the stage-with a reper-, amount will be placed in unem- toirc- company to get some exper-' ployment fund" without deductions fence of life.- ,of any kind. She found she. liked the stage' •—: —— a good ac-1 Thirftr RaT>r.i-toJ Dead finally entered the films, played opposite Adoluh? Mcnjou In his French film. "Mv Kid of a Father," to America to play the iem- !n:no lead in the stage play. "A to Arms." and then land- in Al3tanian TIR-ANA, ALBANIA. Nov. 22 (U r - frrU-nu-fcc in the Valona district of soulh'.ves-'T'i ."h-"-'<i . ,, . ... , . was believed to have killed 30 per- com,- . iollywocd Wlth a Ion S- tCTm !soi,s and Injured many others re". ' ir»""> reaching here today "said. xr»:-:cii L,--;smt; was born in Mad- Valeria is on tlie Strait of Otran- lEon. v.'is., t!:e daughter of a col- to, opposite the "heel" of the boot- ern district of Tennessee.' The.,2 alleged violations were re vealed in, a justice department In quiry prior to the investigation b; tho special house judiciary sub ccmmittee into charges agalatt Judge Harry B. Andersen of Mem' • ,'<;. in v olvips alleged vi-jations of tl-.s tinkniptcy laws. Deer Steal Whisker* from Drowsy Nimrod SAULT STE. .MARIE, MICH,, Nov. 22 (UP)—Patrick Uplwoiot. Ooubcrvllle went deer, hunting, tat down on a log beside a de£r inn to rest, and went to sleep. lie was awakened by't'wp lajge bucks nibbling en his lung wills, kcrs. Upham was so startled^he loreot to shoot and both bucks escaped, taking part of -the beard It Inid taken him" years to grow. Plane Will .(Drop, Remains'! of California • Tragedy Victims on Mountains ' BUKBANK, CAL.. Nov. 22 (UP) —Ashes of. three flyers will be scat- el ed tonight over the snow clad Tehachapl mountains • where they died when : their airplane crashed, Bodies of Flavlus Donaldson-and Miss Jean Sinidt and George Rogers, his passengers, were : brought ':iere for cremation. . • '• •; The ash filled urns will-be placed n a mall plane from which Pilot Johnnie Johnson will scatter them above the scene of the crash '6h us night's run with the air mail !rom Los Angeles lo Oakland.* 'A thousand dollar reward'offered for discovery of the plane will be paid '- F' 1 ^'ewcomb. the cowboy who found the wreckage of the'plarie. m a small valley near Lebec. ".'' The wreckage - contained more than $100,000 in unset'dlamonds id-' tact In the mail sacks, postal au. thorities revealed. SUITE IN ML IE mm OF J Will Not Extend Period But Will at.;c Reopening. LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 22, (UP) — I The slate banking department today was completing plans to place department representatives In' bunks which closed last Monday under Hie slate five day suspension law and which failed lo reopen today. .,, • Announcement that the .banking' department had .not extended the suspension period and would place I men In charge of the suspended |n- I stltutions wns made by Walter Triy- lor, banking commissioner. "Tlie department-will not be able lo place men In charge of nil the Inslilutions which do not reopen," Commissioner Taylor said, "but their affairs technically will be In the hiinds of the department. 1 ' Many Plan (o Rcojwn Reports received last 'night anrt early today by the banking commissioner Indicated many of the bunks were prepared to open today. Others wll open rr»t week wlurc reorganization plans have been completed. I Directors of the American. Ex- ! You'd never guess that, Ior a time, change Trust company, parent! Carol Lombard, stage and screen member of the A. B. Banks com-1 ctar, feared life disfigurement. Pa'W. n '>d whose failure preclpitat- Her face badly scarred In an au-1 ed the runs on smaller units of the tomobilc accident, Miss Lombard! group, resulting In the closing or disappeared from the public eye.' suspending ot 01 banks, submitted But .a plastic surgery expert was j a reorganlzallon plan to banking called in, and—well, see for your-! department members today. The Have You Lost $1,000? Police Can Furnish Clue If you've lost 11 jwckstbook containing $1000 In cash ami nbcut $900 In check i you might tell police your side c.t the s'.ory—net that of- C1PSCWF A. G. Moseley 'Threatened With Death for Refusal to Open Safe. .:•:?,,;'. like to meet sport siio'h a roll. A negro youth told pallrc Into yesterday a iale revolving around Three white men and a negro, tl-rt pockclbook and mvicy which j believed to be driving In ah. • old was fcund only to tlSsnppcnr again. Dodge coupe with Aikamtisl N- Acccrdlng to the neg.o. with two] censes, were the objects of a companions he walking Franklin street yesterday afternoon- 'As they approached the Intersection of Franklin and Walnut streets lliey found u jwckctlxnk. In the ]xx?kcU>:uk were the checks and cash. In some* manner a wtyte man entered Into the picture nnd l:« agreed to keep the. money, pocketbook and checks sale fur Uicm. Now the while man Is nmonj the last night nnd trday throughout northeast Arkansas and • southeast Missouri.. The quartet staged 'a! bold hold-up at the Waluut Groya . lourlst camp iii Highway-Si;, three miles south-Of Holuind,*&{o.:About 10 o'clock last night, terrorized','* group: gathered nt'the camp'-store, nnd escaped after 'an unsuccessful ntlempb to f'TCe •' A.' G : i l^oseley, . proprietor, to open the store : :safe; Blylheville ixilice combed; the city last.niyht for a 'trace, of the ng l". officer^ tho • incl- 1 hold-up car and m all the marks of a "con" were rcpurUxl fi dent has Bainc with the "finders" I he losers. But if you've lost a cool thousand and seme heavy checks iniiybe you can wli>e (hat skeptical look from the officials' faces. men'.-afte.r'.'ij' remained closed and at 0 a. , self. So 'carol has just finished talkie - In New York! on the m " "<• customary opening hour, i strength of which she Is about to banking department officials took I be sent to Hollywood to co-slar | charge. with William- Powell. Taylor said the agent in charge of the bank had but a temporary appointment, adding that lie would 'give the directors every opportun-. Uy.-to reorganize "the Institution. Will Kucoiimee Iteepcnlnx Hold Services To4iT for : Mrs. Mary Lee 'Funeral |se'rvicM"" are"'rijng-'held this afternoon for Mrs. Mary Lee Robinson, «, wife of F. A, Robin- «6n, who succiirnbel al the family home l^re. yesterday following a long lljne.ii. '. ' • ' ' The'-Rev, P. Q Rorie is official-, Ing-assisted by the Ftev. E. K. Lati-: n . j p 1 r'li A V ;'•'"• "• tom-mvi^i iime ,:• nu mer.-- Funeral plans are ta 'charge! KCCOrd Ll'OWd I'Ills Audit- chance of reorganization, officials | Bank examiners will start Mon| day-to take Inventory of the banks i turned over to the department and I liquidating ngenls will be appoint- fME AHen Kinq, 16; Brought to Local Hosnital With Serious Injuries. Allen King. 16-year-old Brass City, Mo., youth. "is at the Blvthe- vllle hosmtal with a possible fracture of the skull, bruises and in' l Injuries sustained when fofi truck/ In Stecie, Mo., hbout noon . Full details of the accident w»ro not available here this afternooi hut it Is understood the driver 'of !• r">nl Is vincwl Ili^re -is no of the Cobb Undertaking company.! The services are being helc> at Ma- p!ij .Grove Cfmetery, where Interment will be^ made. Acthfe' pallbearers, ere Joe Pride. Vf-. M. '.Buriis.'Kfng'Matthiws, Sam Th:Tnas, rtah'ey". fjlewart' arid -C-iJt oriiim for Last 'School Lecture. I p<l only in csse where the depart-1 the truck, which was said tn have been loaned with cottonseed, was not arrested In connection with the accident. Tlie youth was. p hroti?ht hnrn In an 'ambulance of the German .Undertaking company of Sleele. Mrs. CV J. Crane won the Wes- The First State bank of. Stuttgart, which closed Monday, dlu rot reopen today although officials said work of reorganization was under way and business probably iii-iuua, narvey oiewan ana u •,. t- —^' E .' ect rlc range, given by Uvould be resumed tn week. M. Buck. Hon-rary •pallbe&rers aro lne -- A - ns "-MIssouri Power com-1 The Mercliants and Planters E. £ Aierander, Dr. -1, R.1 Johnson, : SSS, !*««."«*:' »™. . . , . . . , , . T>r. P. D. Smith, Dr. S. P. Martin I "'J 001 Frlda >' a(te .rn°on. More than _ _ ' •".«.. »AU« tui, rjnn ,,. n ninn nHnnAf,A *U« fl~~1 _r C. E. Crlgger and Walter Hill. Among -the out cf town people 700 women attended the final of • classes conducted by Mrs. llyra who h™ to the are , «P«'- * Trust company of Pine Bluff, oldest financial Institution In Arkansas, also failed to resume business tcday. A plan of reorganization with strictly local being Search for Three Lost in Colorado Blizzard DENVER, Colo.. Nov. 22. (UPf- Mountalnous snowdrifts, toilav lii- the progress'of searchit* persons .who become Kit have W. S. McCall and daughter, Misj; Virginia, cf St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs.j Jchn Uzzell of Pecan Print; Miss . cure r « K. a bak- T, H » mc Queen the ""• . , and jet frm Elois and Planters and Citizens bank of Foreman and resumed busing W- terday as the Citizens bank. Mem- 1 death. storm, coming from the . - e sorm comnit rom te Blanche Cleere of Osceola; Afrs. Beauty shop, Evergood sausage and bers of the board of directors of I north took a' toll of thrap llv« ^ ' crprfit* on ncnprni \tntnr, !»u. T,-.JI... „ _____ .- ,._..-.. _, ,,._ ! " unn . wo*, a ton 01 tnrec lives, Mabel Barren of Memphis. 520,000 Loss Friday in .chile, credits on Genera, Motors i the Br.dle. • • radio nnd Frigldaire were also glv- was the most ! succe.sful of its kind ever hold in Blytheville was demonstrated by Die many compliments to Mrs. en. That the school FOOTBALL = FBISBEE. MO., Nov. 22—A cot- Dougr.n and her assistant, Mrs. ton gin and .house, owned bv the Stephen H. bank ol Her-1 hundreds of head of livestock.'un- south on Highway 61 towards Bly- thevllte. All .roads loading 'hero from the north were watched while MUbburi officers conducted an unsuccessful -search In. ' Pemlscpt county f<vr tlio party. Police herei armed with a. meager clue, continued to scared for I hi quartet" today. „'.•"•'-'; Threatened to Hanj Mowiry' According - to reports tho : three white men entered the store at. the .tourist camp.willh drawn guiis rind fTced about six men In to line up ngatnst the wall while they were relieved of their mone'y. Tlie hold-up n»n then opened the cash register and after removing about $20, smaslied It on. the floor of the- stcre. , •;••' ' Declaring they : i -f tlmt... the r/'jflp. fafij contained . more than 11000 In cash, the robbers attempted-to force A, O. Mosejey, proprietor pf the store, to open the safe. ; According to rep'irts they twisted a ^(rtrle arpuia'hto^Mcfc arri.threaten-_. cricn the safe. They cuffed Moseley nrdund but'ill convinced them that his FOIL who .was attending a show at Blytheville, wivs the only member of the) family who knew the safe combination In the meantime otw of line tour- its camped in the nearby-grove, attracted. by' the noise within-the store, walked to the entrance and was forced to join the other occupants In a back room where -he was relieved of *K>. The robbers railed the .safe out into the center ft. the blorerborn and attempted to force it open, officers- werp--fold. Unsuccessful In their efforts, they put out tifce lights In the store .and held the/group in the store prison- rrs while ttray awaited the return of the ftdre proprietor's son. • Wnlt for Thirty Minutes--,,.. After waiting for probably a-half hour,'the robberj took a pistol be- Icn^ln? to the prprictor and vrith n final warning to tte group ^hud- riled in the flore not to'leave, Utiey entered a car waltinj nea>; tha milage announced tcday the bnnkjtoid projjerty damage many Injur- -ttrc. driven by a negro, and sped would resume operation Monday! e j i n accidents caused by lev'away morning as will the Bank of: streets and pavements, and piled ~ Lcachvllle. up snow to the eaves of homes in An agreement has been drawn ] : OU thwcstern Colorado v-ilh depositors of Die ilnnk of. which suspended Tuesday ] ng Gn ° mpny of n -t >i •<•«.. p a>Ho Identify Body lege professor. Univtrsity cf She studied at the Illinois 'arid later Monoxide Gas Fatal tn Twn in Denver! T «"iPfc '3. Carnegie Tech 19. rn iwo in uenveri But , er 0 Hnske)1 7 in Berlin, and then went to Vienna, where she went on the stage. For three years she npprarcd under Joseph Jarne. the former teacher of tl-.e grpst Max Reinhardt. Then she returned lo New York, got into the la!l;:cs via "The Royal Box" and rame on to Hollywood. Kou- n.e two Rirls have been pivrn pnr!« in Charles Farrell's rext film, "Equadrons." They have brcomr boon companions, and are- rcen tpq-;hcr constantly. Croffiraris ol the world . . . De place v,-!urc Jhr- paths of beauty '••'•'•' . Hollywocd. B'nai B'rith to Meet Condition of There wlll ^ a moe[lng of the 21 35 Satisfactory I B ' nal B ' rith Sundiy afternoon al ' i the Temple Israel, 2:30 o'clock, to BALBOA C Z Nov 22 (UP)—' wnicl1 a " racmtj ers are urged-to rent. Key w.' Ammcf of Chicago Rltend ' injured vrstcrday when his mono- i'lanc Bine Flash crashed In an portion of southern Italy. It Ir. mnsirTr-rshlv south of the rection of the Adriatic coast damaged bv , nn earthquake recently centering in ' Ancona. ; Final Michigan State 0, Detroit 0. Michigan 16, Chicago 0. Army 18. Urinsus 0. Third Quarter Yaie 0, Harvard 13. •. Notre Dame 0, Northwestern 0. Holy Cross 13, Loyola 0. Fordham 6, Bucknell 0. Second .Quarter I DEN'VF,R, Colo., Nov. 22. (UP)— A mclher and father were dead ' and their six-year-o!d sm In a critical condition today from monoxide poisoning emitted from a qns Rrate with which they soughi to ward off the cold. Illinois 6. Ohio State 12. Drake 7, Iowa 0. Navy 6, Maryland 0. T - f N't-bra'kT 7 Scuthweslern 13. Sewansc 6. Tenn. 0, Murray 1- Boston College 21, Boston Uni- vc-s'f 7. Brown 0. New Hampshire 7. Rice 0, S. M. U- 0. Ffri' Period N. Y. U. 0, Rutgers 0- Vanderbilt 0. Auburn n. S Carolina 7. N. Carolina 0. Purdue 7, Indiana 0. Wlrc-n^ln 0. Minnc~oti 0. varied 1 to withd aw foods prepared were so popular and • „,. Hl s 0 ; not morc rian 25 per cent Man Fnnnrl !n Rrn<:n man rouna in orusn l!orth ntli s "" th - -presltient o: the I . . - : Arkansas Bank and Trust company todnv "™1ncd unidentified in the v/hich had not yet been shipped. ! of Hop?.' which Flopped payments Oii2 of Ihe men In the stc-ri ^hurried (o his ear as s-i>n as the!hpld- rp party left ?nd raced to Holland where 'h.:' nc-tiflcd G. C. \tolson, ccrstsble. cf llvV lio!d-up.. Wilsbn called officer., a Ion.-; Highway,'61, lin* them-to ipld-up car. ,s vet teen Wilson.. . during the ginning season. | The fire was of unknown oricln i nnd when discovered had spread DDTI-I™ f MT™ throughout the gin and adjacent I NEW , BRITAIN. Conn. (UP) "tfp '>nus<> so that no effort could !J oma " ? "ream of "raising .... be made to extinguish It. No f cu Eh llas Become a device for aid- Ing New Britain.<> unemployed. I T i 11 i , I Monday, said todnv the bank prob-. lOWn S Unemployed, ably would resumcopcrallon within ;'«dBy. brniwht here yes- County, authorities bsllcvp. Tries'to Stea^ Bear, Is Fined for Drinking ELYRIA, O., NOV. 22. (UP)—An- 'ten days as a nlan thereby citizens ; " K lran ' who W(ls aboil( <>*. liad i ELYRIA, O., Nov. 22. (UP)—An- j j j. v-nnlci mi-i-'.n'w ih« m'nor ' bce11 dcn<i four or fi™ days when Ihony Bumback, 25, got hungry for -A » [ ""PC v,ould pu, c " s <- '"- m -""-, fmln( |. "b'ar" meat this morning so drove the ^«.'« l >rfn«'»:.?: ?.» nij com -I . over from Lorain to sec what'-'{he nl 3 ht watchman was employed ; slnrr- thi> flr^d spavin nf ?ln nine was fln"hed : al A woman who drcumed of hu « e bakin e P°' vrtcr " n nllMl . money described her vision to a . " »ew inslituticn. nix:::-; nom_that , The Mlrchartr'p.utersiOmah.Prie.tB^B^ ' '£5,,' " B «* r «W"^«- <> f ' te VJ^fc^S.Ti! Collection of Pictures' ^ « «•£ "^ 'ck' of a biz brown bear and try- I for Women Reformatory tho placing of ai' 1PS t 00 " subscribed cnly $20.. j abroad by liev. Gesrge A. Keith. a biking pow- CM >™rc Is needed. S.J.. arrive in Omaha, this cllv wl]' c v, ar ze of intoxication —. -.,.., „, ,i public square. 1 At »°on today r.n cnicial notices become the center of one of 'hi ' «.«rc r,^ « ,,,.T, . , Resl(| ents are urged tD drop coins p f rcoccnln?s had h rn rncivsil bv greatest collections of copies of fa- , years, one 3J-J ear-old inmate 1, i nto tne can aild li:e rece i pts w)1] the state barkim? department. Of-, m ous pictures-in the world ™°;.V. er Kr..J. C .~" . e ":.2i ,."' *° toward rel| ef of distress due to ncla 's said It war- probable such. Fat he r Keith collect-id the n't-! single births, and another prison- uncmplaymcnt. ttr- IP- n rrfffnftntf^'hnr- of IO ' t* * •--••,-. T -r, Oklahoma er is a grandmother ot 28. .1 "very at lerovtcci as In lory" condition pi;.il today, Ho mart? the first non-stop flight Ji-oin New Vcrk to Panama recently. An-.:;:cl s-i:r c retl cracusMons fl-e rrmcEl. tho cp[ n e. REAVARDED AFTER 30 YEARS CLEVELAND, O. (UP)—After a ' '^'ufAr'-' Spanish-Amerlcsn War v;t-3r»n!' ,..^ .^. ™.H»»,.,, h . d Servlcc OKLAH OMA CITY, Nov. 22 (UP) iy for brav- —The death of two more persons. Tublgan. P. one a five-weeks old babv, brought the toll of. the Bethany tornado to AERIAL SAVES AOF.n MAN ILLION, N. Y. (UP)—A radio aerial was credited with savin:? the life of John H. Harter, 65, of Jor- Cvclone Victims Die danvllle. He slory window struck the aerial Final Figures >n Po-uWon of U. rotifiratlon" wculd to nurie in a ; ii^e, Kn i[ e touring Europe the! majority of cases bv mail and j past year. He was formerlv d?an ; would not be rec?lv«i until Mon-1 O f meri a t tvie University nf D;-; Committee Goes Back to Washington MEMPHIS, Nov. 22. (UP) — bpnker In close to-.ich I'ftllcn that at lear-t -"' ,, the slt slty here from lhc Cross here Armistice one day hearing in which thsywcro told ballots ind votlnj; lists cf the Memphis primary election had been destroyed. BANK ARMOR PLANNED Of ST. PAUL, Minn. (UP)—Armored cages for bank cashiers and bul- 22 today. end the left shoulder. His face let proof shelters for snipers were i ""? ;, *. V " f ' ""• X " ray pl . 10t0 ' Proposed by Governor Tlienrhre FANTANDER. SPAIN, Nov, 22 .„,, . ,. uo definite free- chrlstlanson at a meeting of nortn- aiP)—lhr> departure of Ihe, Dar- li're? ni-d f^r-- was no para i y . - - - -- - • sis of Ihe limbs, y- west bankers as on aid In haltlnj nlcr fiylnn lx>at DO-X for Conmna constant bank raids: T .as rlelnyed by bad weather today. Girl Crossing JONF-SBORO. ARK., Nov. 22 (U

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