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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona • Page 6

Arizona Republici
Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

IS jf-K Oata from U.S. WtAXHSR BUMAU 48 The Arizona Republic Phoenix, May 31, li Many Doubt Value Of Man On Moon By GEORGE GALLUP Director, American Institute of Public Opinion PRINCETON, N.J. President Kennedy's appeal for greater efforts In the raee for space comes at a time when many of his fellow Americans have yet to see the value in spending the necessary billions to get a man on the moon. In his speech before Congress last week, the President called for increased expenditures over the, 5-Funeral Directors FORMAN'S ARIZONA FUNERAL HOME A. L.

MOORE SONS Today HORAN, Jmon 1(1 00 m. TM KOHINE 1 1 Ravmoml 2 00 m.MC WAT SON, R.iymnnil 00 Wn. Mfin IV ll.iiilisl Church, 7H01 N. Av. AAC Mentory Chtipftl ADAMS AT KHJRTH AVEN1'E BETHANY CHAPEL rtttrt Mnrlttflry 710 llPtliany Home CR -716 CRIMSHAW PALMS CHAPEL MONROE A 4TH AVENUE RVK.F Urmlv, John Edward Service Pentl- Iti'j Onmn, M.ny A Services Penrtlno.

onk, Utt fuirri Sfi vtres Pendlnfl Hall, John T. Services Pendlnfl. MERCER MORTUARY THOMAS RO. AT Mill ST. Phnne AM (i 7141 Pi Ivnlf Pni Ittij "Serving l'h for over years" MORTENSf N-KINGSLEY 1020 W.

Washington AL 4-311? OUR REPUTATION YOUR PROTECTION SERVICFS AS LOW AS 1100 WHITNEY MURPHY FUNERAL HOME 310 N. Ave. AL 4 7J78 9o 90 V): RESULTS ATIONWIDE: Yes 33 No 5S No opinion 9 next five years in order to put a man on the moon before the Russians do. The total mmnunt required, scientists estimate, could run as high as $10 billion. Figure SHow High Temprotuioi Exported AP Wlrepholo Map TODAY'S WEATHER Showers and t.htim!o:howcTs ato likely from Plateau eastward through Great Plains into upper and mid-Mississippi Valley and portions of Great Lakes repion.

It should be wanner from mid-Mississippi Valley eastward to Atlantic Coast and also over northern and central Pacific Coast. Cooler temperatures are forecast, over northern Plains. Elsewhere there will be little temperature change. what the impart of Ken- IVrst.ns were then asked to give nedv's speech will be remains to their reasons for favoring or op-be seen. Hut on the eve of his P0M! SR'h ai tlon-appeal, a nationwide Gallup Poll pr(, is a nf commets found only one person in three from (hnsp who th willing to see the U.S.

spend that shouk, thp much for the achievement of this a man on mfHin; goal. TO THIS group, such spend- WmlD bjn the interest fw- of science It would prove tng. an average of about for to he work that we are better each person in the U.S., is mer- than the Russians is ed arge because getting to most imixirtant to be first anead the moon is something we must 4 of Russia. It would be do before the Russians do. making history Its nec- But the majority of Americans cssary to keep up with the' who oppose such a project feel others" "Space exploration either that it is "just not neces- js necessary" "It would im-; sary" to get a man on the moon'prove 0llr prestige in the or that it is not worth spending "it would be interesting to that much money for it.

find out what's there" "It's 'I can see no reason to go to the natural progress of man" moon-what would be the re- "Why let Russia get there first?" suit of such This was a ar(1 f0mments offer-typical reply offered to Gallup pd hy uho S(? (he mnvp. Poll reporters bv one voter who opposed the U.S. spending this "What would be the advantage, much monev to gel a man on in "The money could be. the moon Put 10 llse otl lnis phuiet" "What would thev do when Gallup Poll reporters put this seP question to a representative no ,0 R0 t0 the moon- I.cme-t same dale last year, 70 deg. Lowest same date during last 66 ears, 51 deg.

Deficiency in temperature 1 deg. Excess in temperature since May 1, 5 deg. Excess in temperature since Jan. 1, 213 Total precipitation last 24 hours, None. Total precipitation since May 1, Trace.

Total precipitation since Jan. 1, .65 in. Normal precipitation Jan. 1 to date, 2.57 in. Deficiency of precipitation since Jan.

1, 1.92 in. ARIZONA Cottonwood -n- i. IIS .02 5.CENT. Vj 5.E. extreme northern portions tod.iv, otherwise fair, with some cloudi- ness today and tomorrow.

Hreev especially over north- era portions. Not much change in temperature. South Central Phoenix, Salt River and Casa Grande valleys Sunny, with some high cloudiness today and tomorrow. Breezy afternoons, but little change in temperature. Phoenix low today near 57, high1 about f)5.

Southeast Douglas and Sulphur Springs Valley Fair, with occasional! high cloudiness today and termor- mw. Breezy afternoons. Douglas low today about 51. high near I ast Central li.nhe-.Miaiiu area as southeast. Globe low tod iv near h.nU III 111,11 Station Data Relative humiditv 11am m' 5 a.m.

47, 12 Ihoh 51 low 12. Hjghest lemperalure yesterday, sample oi auuus nom cmm t0 "IT HAS BEEN estimated that it would cost the United States 40 billion dollars or an average of about $225 per person to send a man to the moon. Would you like to see this amount spent for this purpose, or not?" Wonders Of Tlio 92 deg. PHOENIX Highest same date last year, deg. Show Low Highest same date during last 66 Tucson years, 111 deg.

Winslow Lowest temperature yesterday, Yuma 55 deg. Vnt Albany, N. Y. New Worlds In Space Promise Rich Rewards I. 1 I Four Youths .,11 Innr, 1 1, robber" of Furnished Aparls For Rent, Notlheasl Area 93 Furnished Apatlmenlt For Rent, Northwnst Atoa V4 Furnished Homes For Rent 77 Furnished Homes For Rent, Northeast Aica Furnished Hjmes For Rent, Nutlhwesl Atea 79 Furnished Rooms for Rent out Help Wattled, Female I 'I Help Wanted Male 17 Help Wanted, Main or Female 179 Household Furnishntus For Sale 142 Huusektepins Rooms Id I Imported and Spurts Cars III Income Real Estate For Sale 47 Industrial 8, Commercial Property 49 In Memorlam 4 Land Pasture For Rent 5 Livestock and Farm Supplies, Services 15 Livestock For Sale l4 Lost id ots For Salt 45 Machinery Equipment IJ5 Meetlno Notices Meeting Notices 1 Miscellaneous, Exchange or Cor Sale 149 Miscellaneous For Sale 14 Misc trailers, Sales Service I.

'ft Miscellaneous Wanted 1M) Mobile Homes For Sale Money Real Estate Mlg loans 195 Money To Loan, Small Loans 194 Money WanTecl 19 Morlaages, Contracts, Sale nr Exchange r-5 Motorcycles, Bicycles. Scooters 120 Musical ii.slruments. Sales, Service M4 Nursery Plants, Supplies i54 Pets Birds, Call, Dogs und Supplies 11 Phoenm Homes For Sale 2u Phoenix Homes For Sale, Central Area ,6 Phoenix Homes For Sale, Mnrlheasi Area 22 Phoenii Homes hor Sale. Northwesl Area .4 toenii Humes For Sale, 'ti'hern Area l-nultry 8, Rabbits 1.59 Real Estate, Anion atnwni Ne.ii On) ot Arinna 2 Weai Estate. Trade or Sell 64 l'eal Estale Wanted Resort and vacation Penluls 9S Room and Board ln2 Sales Help Wanted, Kernels 15 Sales Help Wanted.

Malt 14 Sales Help Wanted. or Female 176 Schools, Educational Training luS Situations Wanted, j-juies Situations Wanted, re a I 'l Situations, Wanted, Male 10 Special Notices 210 Spotlitta Goods Vtrves 13V Stores and Offices i- Rent 105 Strictly personal 200 Suhuihan Prnperty For Sale 40 Suburban Homes t-or S.tie, Glendale, Peoria i 36 Suburban Homes For Inchf'eld, Gooclvear Area 118 Suburban Hcimes For ite Si nllsdale Paradise Valley Area 12 Suhutban Humes For Tempe, Mesa, handier A ea 'M Tra ier Spaces For ent 1-JO Trailers Wanted IS Transportation. Freight 1 5 Transportation, Passenger 2' ft Trucks. Vans, Buses 115 Unlurnlshed Apattmenls Rent 85 Unfurnished Apartments For Rent, Northeast Area Unfurnished Apartments For Rent, Northwest Area 87 Unfurnished Homes Foi Penl 70 Unfurnished Homes I or Rent Northeast Area 71 Phone AL 8-3861 1 Meeting Notices Silver Trowel Lodge No -V." AM 3rd 3 PM. A' 1 I ndye reconvenes 30 P.M.

4iM Ave. Monroe Visiting masons welcome Relrcshmpnts. P. Nil SON, 2- Fnneral Announcements BAILEY, William Kenneth, 2030 W. Monroe, Rosary 7 p.m.

Thursday tn Whitney Murphy Chtipcl, Requiem Hlflh Mass 9am Friday, St. Matlhews Church. Burial St. Francis. BECKER, Clifford Passed nwav Sunday.

Arrangements penduty. M. L. Gibbons Mortuary, Meirt. BLISS, Forest Services and inter ment Burltnqton, l'iwri.

M. L. Gibbons Mortuary, Mcifl. COOK, Richard, arrrinoement? will be announced bv Gntmhaw Mortuary. CORNILS, Herman Service.

'and interment Chtcann, Illinois, M. L. Gibbons Mortuary, Mesa. FELIX, Lorenzo. Pissed awav May Sot vived by brothers Tr.H'k and Antonio of Ph Sister in-law Dolores helix, metes Manuel Felix and Carmen Felix, iifphev Martin, Marion, Gilhert Foim, Mi of Phoenix and Arthur H'hx who is In Air Force Ma-', will he said Wednesday, 3Kt i0 am.

Immaculate Lhurch. Inlor-ment St, Francis. FELKER, Georue I Passed owav Monday Arranoements pending. M. L.

Oibhons MorhjfHV, Mevi GALE, Orvil Lavar (Pete) Son nf Mr and Mrs. tvv I. T.ale, Chandler. Brother of Cherri, 1 yno, Howard, and Russell. franrtsnn of Mr.

and Mrs. T. r.wU-I in, Arizona, and Mr Teresa Crown. Mes-1 Passed away Son-d-v. Servi's to lodav.

Chandler, IDS Chanel Rihop Willis, ofttciattnq Friends m-ty call until service time rtt Bueler Mortuary. Interment dt GEDELE, Ralph. Announcement nf arrflmtprnenK Liter tv Mercer Mortuary. GRA JEDA, Antonia Penuieni Hnih Mass ') am. tortnv.

Our ady ot Perpetual Help Church, C.iend'ile trdrrrnent ppst Haven, Lundberq Hansen Mortuary. HALL John T( hushand nf AHio pav.f'd tiw.iy Monday in lor -1 1 He is also survived ntis, tohn A Wht'o S-ilmoo,"i'on: of Indc pendent Missou't, Cart L. Ore, Dauqhtprs Annntil Burk of Tnir-rlo, Oh Mrs Mary Sinrlir of Vancouver, Wash Mrs. Nedf. Miller ot Tur-soo, sister Mrs Kate ie'ds of tndependenre, Missouri, 7 qrflori-children and ten great irandchil-dren.

Arranfiement, will he announced by Grimsttaw Mnrtuarv HANSEN, Theresa Ann, 6751 $. uth PI, Daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Lavern Hansen, sister of Clare, Granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs Jesse Flttfins, of Phr Mr. and Mrs.

Thomas Hansen, Watback, Nebraska, qrea'-nranddan-ihter of Mr. and Mrs. Frlwad Pevoud. n( Phx. Announcements nf arrangements later ty Bloom's South Phoenix Mortuary.

HORAN, Jasnn, 71. Services conducted by Pev I aldivar, If! a.m. today in Chanel of Memories A. L. Moora Sons.

Interment at Greenwood. McBRIDE, Marvin 5417 W. Highland, huband of Mrs Mae Mr.Bndo, Father of Wanda Sue and Lawrence Phoenix, brother of Mrs. Mar! Wright, M-v-ma, Aril Mrs. Juanita Dillon, G'h1.

Ariz, Avery McBride. Mesa, r.pnrio Mc-Bride and Pay Casa Grande, and Roy MrBnde, Globe. Son of Mr and Mis A McBride. Coolidqe, passed away Ttjes-day. Services '0 am Frt Memory Chapel of A.

L. Moore A Sons. MERCER, Guy Services and interment Missouri. Gibbons Mortuary, Mesa. MILBURN, Bessie L.

(Pat). Services conducted bv Rev, Merwyn I Johnson 9 am. Thursday in Memory Chanel, A. L. Moore Sons.

Interment at Memory Lawn MOORE, Bunion, Husband of Corlne Moore. Father nf Bunion, Jr Roy, Phoenix. Nathaniel. Pavmnnd, Calif, Florence Moore. Ok la.

Holt, Africa, Heln Moore. Fdna Seward. Calif. Eula Edward, i a Geneva Friend, ve'vn Phoenix. 33 Serve Sat Trinity Chnr of God In Christ, Elrlf L.viwav officiating, interment Hm-hla Visitation Fn.

m. hapel, Webbers Eastlake Mortuary. MORNEAU, Frederick Charles. M7 N. 3rd Ave Requiem High Ma-s 9 am.

today St Mary's Church Burial St. Francis Whitney 4 Murphy ROBINETTE. Raymond (Bob) Services conducted hy Rev Le-tand Entrekm 2 pm today in Memory Chanel, A. L. Moore Sons.

inti ment at STEELE, Charles. Announrpmrnt of -vr anqements later by Mercer Mnrtn.iry. ANSON. Cart A Wednesday I uther an hun- nf th Go-d Shepherd, Tempe Wid Hurfy off.r iafino Intermeef wiM he In 'nwa. Carr Mortuary.

VON ASPERN, Amelia" Servtre, tndav 10 a in the chapel nf Lundberq-Hansen Mnrt. Prtry The Rev Doug 'as Cvtnn H'ir itinq Priate Cremation WATSON, o.ivmond I hy Pev Jame-, Carrot) m. tMav Miinn Churrh. 7(1 A at Of A. L.

Mnnro ft SnnS YO'HIKftWA, Frank to' rl-w 10 rn Limdhrrq Hanspn irtuflrv Ch twq surviving i a'Jhte'-s, M'S AUrn Pftm'ev, Anoeifs, Chf, Mary 'trifle rl Havden. An- 2YT-AJ, rrmk. a toav in S' T''s St rnrf. Chne' it Fnnrat Home. 4- Msmoriam IN memory of Ann Putlnda What would I givt to clasp her hand, her happy fate to see' To hear her voice and ee her smile that meant so murh to us Mrs Rne Hasrh and Family.

MmneaonJis- Minnesota, 5- Funeral Directors PARADISE CHAPEL RALPH SAGE. D.tfctcr lofllan Sfhool A "A 4 BETHANY CHAPEL nd Anrtury VI Bethany Hom 1-1V4 MORTUARY, MESA 40 C.fntf 4 4S17 I in YE 7 "11 1 HAGA, Earl and Minim, lU Medinrk, aid, 2S HUMPHHEV, Saitiuel and Paftlcla, 4iHi8 W. Lvnwonil, uiil. May 25 JANKA, Leonard and Nointa, Mesa, alrl, May 26. KAHN, All and Rosle, Jl W.

Yuma, girl. May 26 LAHTI, William and Wanda, 327 W. Harmon! Drive, boy. May 25, NEWMAN, Thomas and Carol, 4916 Amelia, girl, May 26. SINCLAIR, Roy and Slvla, 7002 N.

32nd Ave. girl, Mav 26. SPRINGFIELD, Howard and Martha, 1710 W. Lincoln, bov. May 25.

STRANFOKD, Robert and Nancy, Temoe. uirl, May 26 WAG4NER, Anna Marie, 1802 E. Mnreland, boy, Mav 26. WILKINS, Grover and Barbara, 44.50 N. Longvlew, boy, Mav 26 ST JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL BIANCO.

Carlos and Carmen. 4117 S. Smth girl, May 26 FOX. Gordon and Burned, 2229 E. Heatherbrae.

girl, Mav 26 KRAUSE, Richard and Beverly, Diana, Boy, May 26 MARTINEZ. Conrad and Teresa, in'n vv Tnnin. boy, May 26. MORRIS, Robert and Jean, Casa qirl. May 26 NOPRin, James and Belly, 6330 N.

nth St. bov, Mav 2s NOYES, Edward and rmily, 1939 ncopah, tiirl, May 26 OI VERA, Angel and Isabel, 1'08 fturkeve Road. bnv. Mav SHFtrW'OOrt Miihiel and loanne, 4407 29th Drive, girl, May 26. WAI (CEP, Cerald n.

Maruaiet, tinn Amelia, qui. Mav 26 Republic and Gazette Phone A I 8 Bflll Phoenix Newspapers, Inc. 120 Van Burcn St. Mail Address: 0 Bon 1950 Phoenix, Ari-otu Offices and Representalivei Alo Phone DU 7 6il Blsbee Phone HE 7 5154 Casa Grande Phone IE 6-52J Clifton Phone UN 4-4255 foolldoe Phnne PA Flagstaff Phone PR 4-747J Cottonwood Phone Mt 4 5252 (ioodyear Gaiette Phnne WE 5 3745 Buckeve Republic Phone WE 6 1061 Globe Phone GA5 Kingman Phone SK 3-3539 Mesa 58 Mam St. Phone WO 4 5649 Miami Phone GR 3-3261 Noqales Phone AI Preicntt Phone HI 5 4181 Safford Phone San Manuel Phone DU 5 441 Superior Phone MU 9 2971 erra Vista Phone GL 8 2652 Tempe Phone AL 8811 Tucson Phone AX 8 7044 Wickenburg Phone MU 4 Winslow Phone Yuma Phone SU 2 2J2J Subscription Prices Carriers or Dealers In Arliona Republic (Morn Sun) S5c a week Republic (Mornlngl J5c a week s- i't'tte (fcveniniji 35c awt'ek The Sunday Republic Is available to Gweile subscribers at 7uc a week.

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Y. Print r'anly YOUR NAME. ADDRESS. SIZE AND PATTERN NUMBER Add 'n rents tor earh pattern if you Mil ii I a r-ail so tho Fim Fedcral Savins and Brownsville Loan Association's Yuma branch "iiffalo May 19 will be honored in cere- Casper monies here today. iai 1('ston' h- Thev are Lorenzo Almadova.

13, William Palacio and James VelIsJclevelat'ld hoth 14 and Manuel Jaramillo, 12. (-0umbUST o. The fQur the robber Denver from the trail of bills he left in Ues Moines the holdup, and caught up with Detroit him in an allev. Officer Powell Duluth a fi jcimns maue we uiiesu uui $177 of the $1,800 in loot was re- covered The youths will be given a $101) reward apiece, a savings account First Federal, and will be taken swimming. idi crtishv' 'A NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS S7 afi 58 47 71 -7!) -1!) 81 92 55 -76 -j 80 -1 93 85 5ti 92 til itates 57 -00 (i2 I (17 54 4(1 82 5(i 8S 5S -12 5H 92 58 its si (i2 48 ks 72 5.8 34 75 58 s'l 64 -j 44 75 40 -62 32 70 36 -I 81 76 53 .18 70 39 -j 80 49 99 67 -69 40 91 67 79 71 72 51 .13 85 73 72 42 58 61 51 43 .43 85 64 80 51 71 54 73 43 87 63 84 71 -76 33 -78 46 91 63 -S7 62 -61 46 -87 65 -66 55 1.77 65 41 92 5i 6fi 37 61 49 66 51 .05 73 51 -87 50 71 52 .28 78 43 75 56 -'12 6S 68 54 60 55 -68 36 62 51 55 51 K7 ''6 68 52 .11 89 68 la (,5 52 .31 74 56 .07 49 37 -51 50 56 65 37 89 52 a Full Last Mav 29 June 5 New June 12 First June 21 Sun, Moon Data Today, Wednesday.

May llMil cm Ho S- 'It, a 111 ffc 7-T wfc WM p.m.; moon rises 9:15 p.m., sets i). a.m. (MSi). ARIZONA aidiewiue Partly cloudy afternoons over Salvage Jol) Started On Freighter ANACORTES, Wash. (AP)-Sal-vage operations were started yes terday on the beached freighter Island Mail, damaged Monday in -Paget Sound while being piloted president ot tne J'aatic 1 baseba11 Iea8ue- The 474-foot ship is believed to have struck a sunken hulk off Whid5ey Island while northbound' jto Bellingham, from Seat- Yokohama was her ultimate destination.

Dewey Soriano, head of the jTriple-A Coast League and a li- sensed Puget Sound pilot, was imnuujig inc lu.uuu-iun t'lgniei owned by the American Mail Submerged wreckage, believed that of a vessel which sank in 1952, was located by a Coast Guard cutter with sonar during the day within 400 yards of the position the Island Mail reported she ripped a 30-foot gash in her hull. The freighter was beached near a here after both forward holds were flooded. Bulkheads kept her aflnat dlluu- There was no rianeer to the 50 crew members and four passen gers. The passengers were taken off during the night but the crew remained aboard. After removal of cargo from the flooded holds efforts will be made to plug the 3-foot-wide rip with matting and refloat the ship.

Re- pairs will be made in Seattle. Ihe Island Mail was carrying nnrl nulitirv car en hull; general anu military tarfeo, duik grain and lumber. Editor Pleads For Freedom TF1 AVIV Israol ADAn Tr-i U.L AVi, Israel (. AF; An In- donesian editor who was kept un- i idar house arrest bv the Sukarno I'livr-iiiiiii'in nil iiiiitm iiimii I vears marie an plonupnt nlpa ves- terday for editors in underdevel- 1 tu iidiions to reiuse to compro-1 mise when young governments seek to restrain press freedom Mochtar LubiS told 170 editors and publishers from 29 Countries attending the 10th annual Interna- tional Press Institute convention: 'Leaders who yesterday were ready to die for democracy and it ,7 Jen I. pi? h.d No.

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washer, not to rr 'i nf ion awnings fenced vd fl'c wortii far more than iln tivillt, required op tins Iim' own ate.t Womack resale 3 B'lrms, bttlltin RAri, lov port, In of fine homes. Owner in Calif v.tcanf ready for buyei I I'rlrod In high teens. Eves YE Is 1.19 John F. Utter, Realtor SHI ti 7fh Ave fri 4 ifliJI JKO Will HANOI near new 1-hdrm hivitinn, built In eifjp even, r.iriieteij ftirninh-nst, ns flr.ipes.

conler ivm Is inrlurlinn taes, A iris, til so For further in-forrnatinn We'fate Const. Co. VV Indian School. YE 9 nm, II to 6 daily. WINONA PARK r-TH A VF ft WFST MrDOWELL HO OCZtj pAYVf NT HO QUALIFYING 1 BP.

Bath t. Built In a Oven, Conler, City omn'ete landscaping. Immediate Oicupanry. NO DOWN PAYMENT NO CLOSING COSTS NO MOVE-IN COST NMr npw 3 Mrm huiM in rnoi.T, tiled tlnor-, thru-f'Ut, city i'Aer city firnltv sf e't A rtrivpn, I Immedi tp pos.e.Mon WESTATE CONST.

CO. 63J Indian School Rd. MOfiFl OPFN 11 to Phone YF 0211 WINONA PARK 39TH AVE ft WEST MCDOWELL NO DOWN PAYMENT NO ALU YING 1 BP. Bath ft Built-in Rang ft f'VPis Ci'O'er, City Sewers, Cmpipt- lannscaping. Immedi- BR, i wail fenced, inealy lot a'ed Jino do No nuai.

v-ve in v. rid vvije Pity. 4632 N. 7h A.e AV. 4 41)44 cute 2 br.

frame Complete1 turr-isheo. to move in. $5 sno t-tai, fry jsno dn No aual Wond Rity 46 7th Ave AM4 4S44 SUNNYSLOPF. Twn tyrtrnnm. Sell.

t.l'iO down or lease. Wl 4 IB'jS. numoer of common school textftwv, I. OS AngOICS Kini jui i. wt.

on arithmetic adoptions will be received at the office I.OlUSVllie (he superintendent ct pubiic cTTune Mi.ami Beach Proposals shall he directed to'', Dkk, Secretary of the State Board Milwaukee Education and be endorsed "Prnpo- 'or Textbooks" on the 1 aui Tt he considered for adoption in ao'tiun rance with Senate Bill 27. Multiple, Orleans l-plion Law: i Arithmetic New York The 'uccessful bidders will be required: enter into a conlrart and post Bond Oklahoma I ity required by law The board reserves of mnncy '0 spend for that" "If. not going to help us in any way" "We could put the money to better use" "I don't think we need man on the moon" "I knowj there's a race for space, but that's, too much money" "Who wants, to see what's up in the 8 inverse on four conditions which are highly probable; it is also based squarely on historical precedents. These conditions are: -The ability of man to live in space and work beyond the earth's atmosphere. While no man has yet done this, scien- tists have simulated every space condition except that of weight- loccnocc ArrpliriHnn rartia lessness.

Accelerations, "uid- tions, meteoroids and physiological conditions have been simulated, and there appears to be no reason man cannot live in space. The weightless condition may be simulated soon and while it will not be for a 21 hour period the effects may be MvnaniwH fhnt recognized so that measures can be taken to live with this condition. The ability to reduce space transportation costs to reasonably low levels. Lately this feature has received a great deal of attention. Quite recently, Dr.

Wernher von Braun has indicated that with the new Saturn booster system it is expected that the cost of putting a pound into orbit may drop to about $50. Other scientists projecting still farther into the future indicate that the cost will drop from S50 to $.10 a pound. Thus we will not be paying the current per pound of payload. The definite need for getting into space. This need has many overtones, ranging from the purely scientific and military to possible ccon 'Hiic and socio-political.

There are ome who will dispute the military urgency for this venture, though there are cogent rea en why the military are definitely interested in the moon. There is no need to speak of the scientific reasons fur these have been covered by scientists in many journals and popular papers. The acquiring A preferred areas on me moon, mere are kev areas on the monn in- voh ing the presence of ores, I water and even caves for living purposes. If thece areas were completely restricted, the first to arrive on the moon could deny to others the strategic materials to perpetuate life on thp rcion. This is perhaps the most important reason the conquest of the moon should be a global effort.

THE of spate is inevitable. Man has learned to live in every hostile environment encountered by developing special artificial aids to permit survival: water containers and heat resistant clothing for deserts, fire and warm clothing I- i. I llihS Kir un- derwater and o'krr aids. We csite certain that while the 1 C'nTlC-St Of space a gOOU hi' rr- i i more d.fficult than anv previous task, the obstacles can be over- come. 'Will history repeat itself in space?" The answer is an unqualified yes.

i I t. Iluaeiiuca Gila Bend. Globe Grand Canvon Kingman Payson Albuquerque Amarillo Anchorage Atlanta Birmingham Bismarck BKthe RlliP Boston Jl Fairbanks Fort Worth Galveston Honolulu Indianapolis r-. City -ls Vegas "maim Philadelphia PHOFNIX Pittsburgh P'and. Me.

Portland, Ore. ICaitl! Rnirt (-itv rsaiuu irhmont Louis f. oait uiftt. v.ity Antonio san nni mm ban LranClSCO c. OL.

Seattle Stxikane Tampa Wichita (ulgary I ill Canada Montreal (Wi'li Toronto Meico in.iud.i ui f. prida Guadalupe 1- Gaaymas 68 49 58 82 -'1 f.9 51 65 99 95 102 i Soto La Marina orreon iiirths GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL AKTEAOA, l.awrcfiie and Armenia, A Kiversidv, giri, 'ay AST, tdard and Snaron, Scuds- pi v. Wav 25. BLACKWKLL, Jim and Svlia. 610 Sontnitte, buy.

May 76 BRASSINGTON, Thomas and Helen, Yale, 'l. May J6 BHESHEAHS, Edwatd and Mary. Vi rim Place, bnv, May 35, CADY, Allen and Fave, I6ii V. Northern, girl, May 25 CHEATHAM, Wayne and Betty, Lav-ten. flirl, 'ay 26 CLARK, John and Nancy, Scottsdaie, rl, Way 26.

DAVIS. Edward and Marloalta', MI Pierjnn. girl, Way 16 DAVIS. tV'inam anc) Lortne. 32J! Vista, boy, May 25 EVERSOLE.

Arnold ad Beverly, IJis 15-h Drive, Va FRANTZ, A bert and Pegsie, 3'2 W. boy. Way J. GODINEZ, Reub'n and Lucy, 2114 jarh'-r, qi'l, 2S GONZALES, Samuel and Ofelia, nurango. Viy Ik CRFER.

Piiharn and Sally. 1P2J r-, a 'ta. h--1. By DR. I.

M. LEVITT Director, The Fels Planetarium Of The Franklin Institute The rivalry which existed between European powers in the sixteenth century for the conquest of the new world may well be duplicated in space, and the fruits may be just as rewarding. From the new worlds' in space may also come riches of many varieties. In the exploration and colonization of the Western Hcmisp here Levitt men found particular areas of high economic and military value, including such places as the Isthmus of Panama, the Texas oil fields, Pittsburgh, Mesabi, the California gold fields and desirable ports. Even after the colonization, men of courage and vision saw the potential in various areas which led to the Louisiana Purchase by Jefferson and Seward's Purchase of Alaska.

These were considered "follies" at the time. BLT THE significant point is that some could foresee the necessity for the acquisition of certain areas for future developments and today there exists in this country the same type of pioneering spirit which looks upon space as an opportunity for fruitful exploration. Dandridge M. Cole, a consulting astronautical engineer for the General Electric Company, has discussed this concept in what he calls the "Panama Theory." He believes strongly that in view of the present global political climate, the strategic areas of space vital to future scientific, military and commercial space programs must be occupied by the L'nited States, lest their use be forever den ed us through prior occupation by unfriendly powers. He specifically indicates fiat the moon because of its low gravity and lack of an atmosphere is a Panama Canal to the riches of the d'-cp space "Pacific." beyond.

Space vehicles bound for Mar. Venus and elsewhere in the solar system could carry far greater pay-loads if refueled by monn-based tankers with produced on the moon. In the event the payload is not great, a greater fuel supply would considerably reduce the travel time to these celestial objectives. WHILE THE theory cannot be proved with certainty at this time, Cole claims that even if it is only 20 per cent accurate it represents a strong argument for urgency in our manned space program. This "Panama Theory" rests Dr.

hi to reicT any Bid, part of das hick, secpetapy STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION no paio7.w-bi. SEALFD bids win r.e received cv its works fiirectcr his cfd'e Municipal of unxi r.m Tuestifv. Jun H. 'HI, ffr DIRT IN0 PROf vicinitv kth s-peet and cavfiback road to ptPK Specifications are on mfice of the City Engineer, East je'iersrn Vreet. Arizona A -e-fifierj check or bid bond n-t less 1 5' i nr cent of the proposal -hii hp.

shbm.ted with eacn nn a- thai the bidder, i' awarrln rR cnnirarf will fulfill the 'erms cf the The rnunni ot tne i rmet tho tA re'ile anV Or aU n-pn-ais nr h-ris Bids snail re fra-en. rf Hauling, Cnntrar'nr, City of Ph-em Pr-iect No I uiriCOS "niaPr Bv Fred Glendening, Public Works re-trr Pun: i hed Arirona Pepuonc way rt, ju, June 1. 1, 1, 1961 ADVERT 5EWENT HJH Biu S(j(le Hospital receive bids for turmshma labor, mate- runs, transportation and services for (he demolition of a portion of -c; Bui dmg h. rnmrilele rlemo ition Of "Cottdae XX-4' on Ihe grounds of the Stale Hospital aie riospiirti call In arrnrdance with drawmqs and snecifica-ions prepared Tne M'l. iiia-s1 cameiback Road.

pnneni. Arizona TfrofV in. office of Mr ripiianH. Business Manager, and Secretary of Boara, Arizona State Hos pital, PhoenK, ftnzona. Bidders are hereo nntifiec I hat each lancrer or mechanic of the Contractor or Subcontractor engaged in work on fiAXtlT fTT the contracor 13 wnom me 'oinnn ''StfM prXVX state applicable to the contracts for the mntract price and also ma'enal bond equal to cf the price I B.ds must be In sealed envelor-e n--1 Ho-ri'ai bv or before oo mjir- 't Bids wili be opened ard puhi civ ikikwIKIm after the he en as a gu-' that (he bidder vvni enter r-'c the if aarced am man der a'ed forfe'terj as liquidated dtmaoes if -ne successful (bidder refuses tu r-v into Sa contract a'-f be-o tO OO SO by the State HOSP''a BoarrJ The Triton Sta'e Hospital Boa'd r1 b'ds nr waive a11- irt jrrrsiity A dding, Arizona Safe Hnspifai Board A Sirp.rv tie-1 'jy 27.

2S. "'A 3' I freedom are now saving that in Bids must te submitted to the office order tu achieve freedom from it is excusable to do away With freedom cf expression check cr surety bond in the amount of five percent i uf the amount bid, y- liable to Hie State Hosp-lal Board. Ihe press, L.unis said, "must So'ds aM checks will be returned wt i successful bidder eecutes a matnlain that freedom from hun- contract une contract t.e opr anil frewlum fif evhres-lnn ie acrompimed by the legally renmrt p-t-1' dnu irceuom oi expression is eguei to igc ct ione and indivisible. "In Our parts of the World the forces of freedom must never millllM'. "HCtt XOU to compromise, on whatsoever mi- nor issue, its corruptive influence begins to work.

mention Indonesia in fVi erwarU Um InHilnU liic JHs.r--.ii uui uic uijiiiuit- is-- Icentlv dissolved its IPI chanter in ifndoneisa on the grounds that President Sukarno's government had mil all'iuc rr nrt ksAw.

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