The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1936
Page 8
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-PAGE EIGHT COURIER NEWS Osceola Society — Personal • At the n:ml mMllnj of Ihe p.-T. 'A yesterday the following new oftl- ' ,cers for next year were installed by Mrs. A, E. Thome: -, President, Mrs. W. W. Prewitt; Vice-president. M«. George II. User; secretary, Mrs. Godfrey While; treasurer, Mrs. J. S. Dou'4- \vlth a. Duteli supper Tuesday night I complimenting Mrs. l/>iils Clwalt- ' »oy of Mcnn, In tlie bridee names Ihnt followed, Mrs. 13. W. Bragg ! won nigh score prize and Mrs. Gu'altncy won the second prize.' T. II. nallard of Joiii'sboro was n business visitor in town yesterday. Mrs, Mnry Dcnn was the of 'MI- son, Robert, In Memphis Sunday. Hruce Ivy drove to Moneltc 'nieji- (Itiy night to give tlie commencement address for Hie Monette l)i«h school. Dr. Georse c, Cone was [n utlle tlon for tocn served utidemm rlshr-a dill•Iron during the pa ,i four months. ' bra tlon Mrs. s. M. ....... retiring piesldi'nl, Mrs. R. H. stoph ens with :\ -glfi from Uie parents niul leai'liers. The following chairmen of standing committees for isr.tii-S?' w <,,... appointed l>y Mrs. jYciviif Project, Mrs. clnrles Hose- finance. Mrs. s. M. lln:l w s; pi'oVain, Mrs. A. P.;' nipinb-rsiil-j r Mrs. A. E. Thorn; hUMjilalltv" Mr';'I I<sc Maxwell; decomllcm, Mrs. c ' .E. Sullciii-er; study coiir.-ie, Mrs.; Harry Jones. ' • The second and Uvlfr:i ur.nteJ won the ntteiuliince prizes, i Hov. and Mrs. ],;. i,. Col: . .„,,, nt . I lentilim tlu toim sessions r-f th- Northern ami Southern Baptist conventions in St. l/juis this we* nnd iiDxt. : ,J,!L."""..A 11 ?: »• S. Laney ami , ' 8|IM11 « m '" <""« of Mlss Realty Transfers Warranty [lords Henry (i. Mitchel ti> Jesslo S. Hollnid, fiacliomil part of section 1'J and nil frucllonal northeast, quarter of .si'ullon 31) lyhiff west or PemiMot, iiiiyoit ami "east half or nortluvt'.st qimrlcr of section 30. nil in township 10 north, mngti II, GIO.Ixl ncrcs; nlso (In MLi-'i i'oiirll fractional mwi half of ncrtlnvcst iiiiurtcr of section 2li nnd Koiitlicnst quarter of Section 22 ami fniclionul jiorllienst. <iwir- tcr .of section 27. all In'township II! north, rairno lo east. 21S ucrcs. Holland News Mr. and Mrs. O II I'lnkslon anJ •son nnd (iauthtei, Gene mul Mux- hie, visited relatives hi 1'araiiould over the week-end. Mr, nnd Mrs. A 11. I-lttle iuul son, Carl Anthony, and Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Jenkins visited Mr. and Mrs. Dan Strausi-r and Mrs Minnie Kord in Memphis Sunday. Mrs. Jhn co'horm and son. Joe, drove to Klvlns, Mo.. .Sadmlay U) visit Mr. nnd Mrs. Kiisscll Ucvore nnd teby, Carol Ann, wlio h».s ton sick. Tlicy rctiirnid Sunday. MLss Minnie Ij-e Rniltli, of I)y- ersuiirg, Tcnn., tlauchu-r ol Mr. and Mrs. A. B, Smith, who lias of en seriously tl| with malarial fever. Is much Improved, fine Is litre vlsll- i"g (ici- sister, Mr.s. lt'.-iil>:-n I'lirk- ett. J. II., iiiilser, of Oiilin, visited Ills datighter, Mrs. James I'crry, Sun- clay. .Mrs. nciie ut| C y llt id son, Mnrlon, ., ,,, " """• ^. o. uiuiev aiui • -'-• nlM " c * SUSPECT CAUSE ,, . , .w, .^. o:tni UOUL;, vls- itcil bhiloh Nalioiial i> a rk Siimlny. Miss nlnllc lludspelh ot i,onls-l Ue, Miss., has accepted n pMltlon with the court nous; cafe. with lira tallies .of brlctg ( . Mmul'iv nlglit In honor of 'her sister, Mrs Louts Gwnllney of Menu. Mrs 'Jiifi'i UllMlninty received hl-h score prize, and a gift was m-cs-nl- o« the honoree. .»!?'!? °/ thelcn »o'> ! "c"i'ii"i' .iiiul the Iniiiigiirai i m i\ : ,t ^j, n ^ Pliis Tuesday nifht »wc- a ^ U ^graves jr., Jolm Kclser. Miss Catherine Echois. Mr . alul ' ;"f «e Maxwell, Mr. nnd Mrs t^h man Williams, mid i^ wi |'] __E. H. Stc-p'iiens and faintly ^,mrf s ainy ^ Kni Sunday in Slkeston, Mo., ns Die Suest of Mr f . Stephens' n other .Mrs. Alice CiUdwell. Their daughter, Miss Mary Alice, remained over ami wiil visit KM[ns lr ,™" Louls boror ™? r - p: M - Harwell Is-tn Kansas City llils week attending Vh = Am . erican Afcdical Assoclntlmi'. T. p. Florida 'returned yMlcrdnv | "on, a business trip to Uttle Hock I Mrs. L . U. Mnsssv cnlertaliiKl ' OF BACKACHES TM. Old Trealmenl Otter, Br'lngl Happy Relief Of Pain Many Hiifforcr« rellovn [UIKKIMK UarhiLi-liu (julekly, onre On.»y (Jf.Mcover Hint Hie renl c.iuae uf their trouble miiy lie llrcil lililiu-ya. Tin* klilneys uro ono of Knlure'ii eJik'f wnys or iiililnj,' tlic iictcln unit vvaslo out of dm blood. If they cliin't pass J i>|nt» ,i dny ,,,,,1 so Bcl ,. h i of iuori> itiat; :t innitulH of \\nMle inutttM- .VIHII ir, miles of kidney tiling limy need Dualling, If yim liavo Iroulilo with frequent Ijladi IT piissileeM vvllh Kritnly Hiiloiiul which often Ninni-t nnd bum, ihe in miles of kluncy tubes may need Ihisli- IIIB out. 'I'lils ilangui- .HlKiud may hu lie ItojjiiiEilii},' ot i)HBKlmr l»irkncli<> leK l>!ihw. loss of ue|i mul piierKy, g<-'l- tliig «|J nlKlU.H, KWiillliiK. liulllne.s.H un- iler tlio eye.t, henilaehen diu! <||XZ|IIOHH Don't ii'nlt'Cur Kcrlocia trnulile,' Asl< your clrusKtst tat -Vtoaii'" Pills — \vlileh have been us» i il siu-cesHfully for. over 4f> yearn l>y iiillllnas of [ieii|)l,.. They ,;lv ( . |, iim - lellef mul will liulp Hush out 'tin- 1G nillei c( kliim-y inlies. Clot Uuim's Pills. r The following (li-nlnl nfilccs will be closed every Thursday nllcrnocn (lining ti )e MIIIUDLT. Dra. liraver, Cliilil, Jloore and Taylor WELDING ELECTRIC ,t ACETYLKNE IMtOMPT SKKVICE STKWAU'r-WAIlNKlf' REFRIGERATORS NO iMONBY DOWN "COSTS J.KSS- Hli.NS l.KSS", BROADWAY SALES CO. • 111 S. Uroadnay - Tel. Ill I ILLUSTRATION oj seterat lyptl oj concr-li Jlcor construction, and /?.•/// urtpla ccd direct'} on the rowfrc.V, but t /boring might haretna laitl FLOORS OF adaptable to any covering or finish CONCRETE Hoors ate pct . Vj raancnlly smooth, slrong and rigid. Thai msans no warp, ins and sagging ... no gapping baseboards... no jair.mcJ doors and windows ... no furniture rocking on three le^s. Concrete resists decay. MoiMure can't damage it... termites can't hurt ii ... dry rot cin'c injure it. And i( a!Tords protection against in- >'ou may have nay sort of finish [ A '-'" ever your concrete floors. Cir. I M?r , '' . . I Oy. pct, wood, linoleum, concrete tile. Concrete iuelf mjy be colored and polished for an attrac- live finish. Concrcie floors are always warm and comfortable; Git the ficts about concrete fltors from your architect or builder. Send us this coupon. P08tlftN-,i ASSOCIATIOII it«« T, u >, BIJj.. S,. Loai,, Mo " Mr. mid Mrs. \v, p OqHov sr. nt Marstou Prlday. B > Mrs. Grace McDHosh and -„,, ItogJiiald, of Manila, Ark., ; ,,iu MK ' Emnin Sallba of Ulylhcvlllo sne-ia w ,, h Mr . „,,„ Mrs . ^ Mrs. Cordle Tiilcin, or SI I/iuLs was Ihe guest of Mr. nnd »«,,' Scott Utley a fe«. d; lvs | flst ^ Mr. oncl Mrs. Ira Znhncr , in d son, Kdwln, nnd Mr. nnd Mrs , Vorls Workman nnd son, HandalV I were in Capo cilrardcau Saturday' i D. E. Talley, o( Jackson Mo I spent vnc week cud vlsltliiff siint' '»«| Mrs. W . I. Meyers and Mr and Mrs. Jack Kcllcy, <jf i} teolL , ' Hutert pierce returned Tuesday from Florida, where he had been working for four months. Ciiarlcs Walker, who is )> e |,i» treated for .stomach trouble at the lllyllicvllle hospital, Ls slowlv Ini proving. ' Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hudsix-tli of Ctiriilhcrsvlllc, Mr. and Mrs D' K. Hiitlson, nnd daiujliler, Kletlia lyn' ol New Survey, uitd Mr. and Mrs l-'loyd smith, ol .stcclc, were Smid:iy dinner guests of Mr. and MJ-.S Noble Capjlmrt. Miss Ollne Hooker Is siiendhv this week, with relatives ) n Memphis. Ixjiils Yates, of Highland 111 spent Hie week end with frlen-ls ' 1 NOTK.'i; W Sl'KCIAI, KI.KCTIOX IN DKI.L SPECIAI, SCIIOOI, DIS TRICT NO. 22 OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Notice Is hereby given thai Hie County court of Mississippi county. Arkansas, has culled a special election to be hold In Dell, Arkansas, on the 10 day ol May, 1935 »t which (lie (|unllned electors ol said .School District shall vote on me question 'of a o mill bull<lln» fund tax, to be collected annually on Hie assessed valuation of th" (ax- able property In the District bc- Siimhit' with the taxes collected In mi, to repay the principal nnd Burstingjvith Bargains-Some Quantities Limited A lfcir«aii) foi- flit- Alcit! I'rc-Slii'iink Wash Suits Newest styles and fabrics Another It they shrink! El'/os 3'J lo 42. $4.98 A Value- Hil! l/yilia Ci'rcy Facial Tissues MO large sheets In box. iJirge D x 10 Inch sheets! 5c"° x , Hoys' Tuck Slilch Polo,Shirts Colors: While, blue nnd iniiii'.L'. Bnrcnlii jirtctcl! 25c i Men's, i\t ;i9o. ' iMon'.s Hiitl Shirts & Shorts Fast colors I Pull cull Ulj k: r Kiich Clear Away! l.itdie.s' . Silk Dresses Od(ls> niuli ciuls of tett" (IreJtipS! While they Insl! 98c &? l .Insl Hcccivcd! Shnrl Lengths in 1'orciilo Remnants 8c Y(K 3 lo 12 yards loiv,'! So!lcl> nnd fancies! 3G Inches wide- To Clear! 15c Special! . Men's ish Ties I'rc-slirrnk and fast colors! Worth much move! 10C 1 * 11 '" Wash Dresses . color.';.i .Odd JCtler dresses 35 c Kneh l".tst colorei Crtds rnitl ends of teller dresses! liny Now A( '['his !,»w I'rift>! Siiecial 1'rifcd! Children's I'.'.vlra Special! Children's Play Suits rey. stripes, -st Drop seat.' yi 25c Blue. grey, stripes. -SteeJ buttons. Drop sent.'' Limited (lunntlty! Covert Shorts 'S -1 lo M! C ' and ui-fy. 29c " ::u "' Sues 4 lo M! Colors: Tan ulue and i;tey. (im {_: Or l,ndk\s' White Novelty Shoes Mcstly tics and inunr.s! Medium heels! O;lits aini ends' yjc__ One Assorlitu'iil nf [\itlilii\s 1 12 inches square! In \vliile and plnld centers! 2""5c Sandals 89c 1>;lir Whit,- oulyl ,\n I,,,,,),,,,., Bargain piiced! Other Bargains Featured During Onr Cotton Carnival Men's and Hoys' While Sport Iklls 25 f (••„,,,„„ M i T i Men's and Hoys' Summer Caps .. •>•»• v. "' H , <,, , - 10c Men's I'rc-shrunk Wayh Pan 1« IK.. ;,.'"'":" "''' - Slll<cls - slx!lil Slir Men's Alhlelic Underwear ;i!i Interest of a proposed relundiii" bond Issue of $'23.000 which win run tor 24 years. Sitcii election shall be held In snld district on tlie 1C day of May, 1930, between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 0:30 nm and in the same manner as provided by law for holding s clal school elections, at Die ing poiing places, lo-wlt : Dell School House. 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Make this prool of performance your guide in choosing new tires to protect yourselt and your family. T/iere nre shrcc important facts yoifsJioiiM 1inow~about' the tirus you buy —• — 1. THE FACTS on TRACTION W NON-SKID SAFETY . A .,! ca f' !ll « ""'vcrslty in 2,350 tests has found that the new scientifically designed tread on the Firestone lliirli Speed Tire stops a car up to 25% quicker. • * . . 2. THE FACTS on BLOWOUT PROTECTION \ Ab Jenkins used Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires when he drove his S.OOp.pound car over the hot salt beds at Bo'rmcville, Utah, ,n the record-breaking lime of 127 miles per hour, coveriri.v 3,000 miles in 23'/ 2 hours without a . jifow-oiii or tire trouble of any hind. 3. THE FACTS on ECONOMY W NON-SKID MILEAGE The largest transportation companies in the country, such as Greyhound, to whom safety and tire economy mean business efficiency, use Firestone Tires from Coast to Coast and from Canada to ihe Gulf. 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