The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1946
Page 6
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BLYTHRV1I.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 1046 Homna Executed " '•' N ' I Spring Squad Council Pushes Cotton Quality Program, Bale Identification Hnvvcy 'Xdnms, secretary-Man- Msreh' Diet As War Criminal M&IILA, April 3. (UP)—Lt. Gen. Masoharu Homma, in full military regalia, was executed by a U. S. Army firing squad today only 75 paces from Ihe gallows where ills fellow p/ficer, f,t. Gen. Tomoyukl YMnpshita, was hanged In disgrace nearly six weeks ago. f^t^ffaj 9ft^ l*rPMd tP ^ 1 P end, Hijmmu stood firmly nt Die exccii- tlqn Vost while a 12-i)ian firing squad pumped a volley of bullets Info his body from 30 paces. The execution' too|c place'at Los Banos. 20 miles spuUn of Manila. flomma, who ordered the Bataan "death march," was convicted as a w^r criminal by a five-general military tribunal. He was charged with 42' specific crimes against Filipino:* arjd Americans, peri. Douglas MacArlhur upheld thp decision of the tribunal which ordered Kpmma [o be slipf. lie was granted a "soldier's denth. whereas Yijmashita was stripped o! his uniform and decorations before lie was hanged. Yamnsiiita wore 'nrmy fa- tigue^clolhes to the gallows. '^t.'toen. Hikotavo Tajhtta, wlio w4s convicted of killing three U. S Nijvy fliers', was hanged at 1:20 a. .t 23 minutes (jfler thp Hom- nia Mfecution, 'according to the official-Army announcement. It~'was' understood that Hommn's boijy.twas relumed to the prisoner of'war'camp"for immeriiale burial. He vfks, 62. Hooijiia refused to make a final £t£te«i£nt. He was accompanied to inf execution grounds by n priesl of hi| pwn faith and an interpreter. Some survivors of Homma's "death march," which killed an estimated 11,000 American ami Filipino pris- age;- of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas, announces tlint Ihclr orgaiiizatVH sylll auain sponsor this year a cotton quality program \vhich will include concentration on production of fewer varieties of cotton, one variety ^miilng where Jl'actioal, positive copyright bale ' .tig' identification .Ising program directed lo the mills. Adams stales that the idea of cotion bale I»B Identification originated with Hie mills, and 'that it s a well known fact that growth or soil conditions have a ma- |)iirchasc<l. terlal effect orr (he strength, and The Arkansas Council is a non- ivltat' "'e mills call character or profit o>nnni/allon and Is spousor- spirming o«" lltle s of the lint. We Ins a combination bale Idemiflca- lave also known that, rain-Brown . lion and gin IUB solely for the cotton from Die alluvial soil of Ihe t purpose of protecting and promol- Mississippl River Valley lias enjoy- ing rain-grown cotton from the ed a fine reputation with the mills. e . In the old days it was known as Southeast Missouri. Any gin " ' nin Into real trouble and expense when, unknowingly, cotton of different spinning qualities and different rates of dye absorption are mixed. In 1941 the mills became so concerned about this problem that- The Combed Yarn Spinners' As-so- ciallon, representing well over » luiwlretl- mills, requested the MIs- iifsippi l^lta Council and the Arkansas Council to work 1 out a copy- i ichl bale identification tag which would guarantee llic mills that they would receive the cotton they seclion of Arkansas nnd nemlcrs Cotion. This favored pos- purchase the lags and lion of our ra!n-srown bottomland , tag Is needed. The price of one colton has liist by a been more reflected in favorable liricc nbnut tli u same (xpressed grim satisfaction wfjen: they learned o( the execu- tlbji.-- Sejjifcy surrounded the execution ^as In the case of Yamnshlln. Thp-qffieial Army announcement margin than (hat enjoyed by some other growths, especially the irrigated districts. A few years aRO the mills started complaining that the cotton which they were buying auci Unit which they were receiving was not the same. They hinted, and in some Instances furnished proof, that cotton from olhcr areas was beiny shipped into tlic Delta seel ion. stripped of its identity, nnd sold for Delia cotion. This practice was not only causing Helta producers a loss of sales to their customers, but wns causing the mills inconvenience, trouble and expense. From past experience the mills have become familiar with the .strength, spinning qualities, and dye absorption of cotton from tin- various districts, ami. il" they are certain ns lo where the colton is grown, they experience little difficulty in selecting the proper grade, .staple and character of colton for the particular material for which to be used; however, they grade' Bin Ing. There Is penalty for removal of or iinaulhori/ed use. only Ihe lag; as any good a heavy Ihe laiss came nine hours after Ilomm.i v.w shot to dentil nt 12:57 a.m. To Guard Appropriation NASllVIM.E. Tcnil., April 3. <UPI —Tennessee probably will postpone reorganisation of Its National Guard until after the. 1847 . legislature, principally because .an. aicUlltlonal appropriation will Ix: ji'ccessary lo lake care of a new quola ~ double that of the present slate guard, Informed quarters said today. Funds already have been set aside lo keep Ihe present untird. ol 5.500 officers and men until June 30 11117. The Wi;i- Department quota for a Tennessee Nallonal Guarcl 11.3IH. Other reasons cited for the delnj were that ft will Bive more of tin 77,lino Tenncsseans still In service a chance at membership; It wqulc allow lime to amend the |aw so ill' State Guard can be disbanded b> units instead of as a whole; an< would provide longer service period for the men who built the stat. force during the cmernency. Dorit Say Bread Say HART'S Bread Balloons Again! A Sure Sign of Spring If Ott Insists on switching him to third base. Many of the Giant squud, Including Hausmann and Zimmerman, have " criticized Olt's managing tactics this spring and as one pitcher, who for obvious reasons must remain anonymous, said. "You can't blame some of the Players for getting as much money as possible while tUey can. They proljably remember last season wlieh'lhe plants drew more than U.00.000 paid admissions. Most of us expected a foomis, but we received two baseballs each, auto- phcd by all members of SyC club." Rickey, who boldly chased a Mexican repi'psenlatjvc o,ut of the Ppd- Bei's' Daytona camp, still have found no legal way lo ii|ect the problem. He canie close ^ throwing the whole thing |n CliancHef's lap whc-n commenting on tjip departure of ills star catcher, Mickey Owen, lie said. "If he (Owen) wants tp come back to the Dodgers he would have to :lo so through the office of Commissioner chandler." By that remark, Rickey spotlighted the possibility that if .some players do decide to come back, the five-year -suspension announcement will be sti'Icken train the records. meeting in Chicago last week, Dr. Morgan R. Owens, director of the Slate Education Department's Division uf Instruction, announced Monday. " The balloon man is back in business in Now York's Central Pork, ami these Iwo lilllu customers arc having a wonderful lime in C4-cicf;rcc curly season Icti'pci aUlrc.- School Accredited Keiser High School was accrcd- Icd by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools at Ihc association's annual Major Leaguers Head Northward Chandler Is Blamed Py Some For Success Of Mexican 'Raids' BY EAR!- II. HAUISKR , United Press Spprls Writer MIAMI', Fin.. April :(. IUPI—BIR lcagi](? clubs stnrtrcl fheir nnrlh'.vnrct Irckcs loflnv in the pink of physical condition hub disorganized tnentnllv b"pnnc<» or Iho Movinun baseball raids whlcli Uicy hnve been helpJL'.ss t*i slt>P- Aftcr Interviewing such club presidents as Branch Rickey of the Dodgers and Horace SUmeham of I lip Giants, who have been hit hardest by the pesky Piisoiicl Brothers' raids, p reporter ix-ceives the general impression that organized baseball is in the midst of a lough fiilht witli both of its hands lied. Several owners were inclined to Klame Commissioner Albert B. Chandler, \vlio- is completing his first year as boss ol America's fnv-,'. orite paslime. one owner, wlio pro-' {erred . to remain . nnojtvmous, said., lie could hnve lured bnck one'of- his players who jumped to the: Mexican league but Chandlers ear- Her announcement of u five-year suspension blocked thp deal. | Actually; rlub officials such as I Rickey, Stoneham. nofjer Peck in- I paugh of Ihe fndinns nnd Warren /Giles of Cincinnati, are divided Ion whether chandler's tlit'entened . suspension would hold up. I According lo baseball ln\v. any o. r the 17 major leaguers \vl!o hnve skipped south o f thp border can return lo Ihc big time in gorxi standing provided they beat their way back within 10 days after season ouening. Giant officials, reluctantly admit off the record that the hi;; league-; only counter weapon is increased salaries. And their Greatest lear is that some of 19413's low paid 1 players will jump this season with- out waiting for the promised "fat cluck" deal of next, year. In Ihc Giants' camp here, which has been a paradise of Mexican phiyer pluckers, manager Mel Oil is 'fearful thai Buddy Kerr, his regular wartime .shor\lop. may follow Danny Oardclla, George llausmann, Hoy Zimmerman and ', Sul Maiflie to the country o* Mana. Kerr, who turned down Pasquel's offer of n three-year contract at fSC.COO. said lie might reconsider Easy does it... Have a Coke ,.. rel#x ivith the pause that refreshes *^^^~™ X^^^"™""™" 1 * " ~ ~™"»/*"^•""^ The job's easy as pie when the whole family tackles spring cleaning. Especially when at hand in the family icebox there's Coca-Cola, Have "* C<^« just naturally means "Let's enjoy the 'pause that refreshes." • Cleaning house,or "open house", Coca-Cola goes with the friendly spirit of hospitable family ways. • OmiD UNDE« AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY »Y ; COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. O i BLYTHEVILLE • =Coca-Col;l "Coca-Cola" and Us abbreviation Colte"are the registered trade- ImarVs uhich distinguish iV.e prod- /ucl of The Coca-Cob Company. WANTED CATTLE, CALVES & HOGS Top Ceiling Prices Paid BUYER AT PLANT DAILY MONDAYS THRU FRIDAYS NO commission, no yardage or other expense to you. Come to BURING PACKING CO. Inc. •'' PHONE 44, WILSON, ARK, Fritzius Mid-week Special! Dresses Sizes 38 to 52 Here's an irern that we have had many calls for. We have been writing and begging our supply house continually for 'this has been one item on which we have failed in our reputation for bringing you the needful items which you cannot obtain elsewhere. At long last, one of pur New York friends sent us his first large s And it included a bscutiful assortment of MATERNITY DRESSiS, PINAFORES and JUMPERS. These also have not been obtainable for the past two years. They come in sizes from 9 to 20. You may thoroughly search the Memphis or St. Louis stores, but we assure you that you will be disappointed until you come to ... FRITZIUS "A/ways Something New" 1'hmie :(ir> 2017 West Main SI. Refrigerator Service OP ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2042 We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed arid Plants Wholesale or Retail Biytheville Curb Market 1.30 R. Main Phone ?78 Phone 2611 When You're in a Hurry for Tiiat • CAR • TRUCK OR • TRACTOR (FLAT) 3 Service Trucks and 4 Tire Men at Your Service Hours--6 to 6—7 Days MARK'S AUTO SERVICE Ash at Second Street FOR SALE! 1G Gal. Corrugated Rleol Culverts in Ifi" Lengths with Connecting Hands. They're Lighter than Concrete, Easier lo Install and Will Last a Lifetime. CALL OR WRITE— LEE WILSON & CO. Phone 18 Wilson, Ark. Approved Avery Sales and Service. Let us repair and service your Avery equlp- men. FOR SALE Funk's G Hybrid Seed Corn Cotton Hoes Cultivator Sweeps OWENS TRACTOR CO. A. C. OWENS, Owner & Mgr. 112 N. Franklin . Phone 3617 Where Your Flowers Are—You Are! One call to us will arrange to have your remembrances Kent, not just once, " but month after month. Ask about this plan. INFLOWER SHOP r.TJ}. Service We Deliver Anywhere Ph. 491 Mrs. J. si. (Mao) Williams, owner Glencoe Bide. POULTRY WANTED! Mr. Davis is connected with the country's largest poultry buyers and offers highest prices at all times. FRIDAY and SATURDAY PRICES— Hens —25c Cox — 16c HRINC; YOUR POULTRY TO US. 1711 West Vine St. Biytheville Trices Subject to Change Witlmul Nolicc Cash Buyers for Property! Did yon ever nollte that In mr ad* I rot only give rou the DOWN PAYMENT on the property, bat also Ibe exact amopnt JOB are to pay. Yoa know the price before you consult me. A cood way to adver- llse. 1,1st yonr property with me. My commission ii 5%. H. C. CAMPBELL Office: 120 S. 2nd St. Phones 446 or 2930 Refrigeration Service! ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Let us figure your bill of materials or tht total Contract, including labor. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. no So. sec. Phon* 3371 Phone 415 We have an Expert Service Man to take care of your Refrigeration and Washing Machine Service; also Electric Motor Service. We also carry a complete stock of New Parts for all makes of Equipment. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable Prices. Tom Little Appliance Co. 105 West Main St, Biytheville, Ark. Business Opportunity! J)ue to. the fact (h:i( we have no one <o manage our Appliance Store vvc offer to sell the business and lease the liuihling—or will sell an interest in it to person thai is capable of managing and operating it. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. Phone 861

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