The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1939
Page 4
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'?AGE BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •>*"" », CODKIER NEWS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET This Ticket Will Admit K, L- Cr«uth\ ft Companion Blvlhnille , „ . EITZ lllKATLR —to see— ~ "CAPTAIN FI/RV" Social Calendar THURSDAYS EVENTS Mrs. Ed Cook eiHcrtalnliig Double Pour Bridge club Mrs P. B, Joyner entci (lining Thursday Conlracl club FRIDAY'S EVENTS EInivvood Cemetery association sponsoring bingo paity, eight pin, dt American Legion Hut Rose Stacy Engaged To Wilton B. Zedlci , Mr and Mis Edgai Alien Stacy announce tlie engagement cf (lieii daughter. Miss Hose Stacy, to Wilton B Zedler of San Antonio, Tex The wedding, which will be of much interest In tills section, will be nn event of the late sumnm Miss Stacj, who was graduated from the Dell high school, later attended Llndemood college at St Charles, ^Mo. - She' is an attractive member,of the younger "set of this cltj- Mr % Zedler was graduated ftom the University of fcxa"; at Austin and did graduate work In the business school of Harvard foi n year He is now auditor foi (lie Tc\as Company and travels in Mississippi and Arkansas i . . » Jr G A Meets Mcmters of the -, Brooks Junbr Girl's Auxiliary of Dip First Baptist church met. Monday afternoon at the church for the presentation of a program Following the rending of the minutes and foil call by MaigucriU Graham, June Buchanan ga\e the devotional from the 15th chapter of John Betty Black discussed "Letters from Noble and Billy Enete' after which Frances Sliausc talked on "Half « Pig" "A Wee Evangelist" -v\as the subject used bj Msrj Louise Roeves before Marguerite Graham presented a special number , | Frances Shousc plavcd a piano ^ solo, "Fur Ellse', alter which the "meeting *as closed with sentence pra>ers led by Muiy Louise Reeves • « • HaCe rlcnic Supper Member's of tlic ^Business Oirh' Circle or ilie Woman's Missionary Unlcn of tlte Fust Baptist church were entertained at a picnic sup per Tuesday night, nt Walkei Park Twelve members were present for the affair. • * « Plan Birthday Dinner Plans for a birthday dinnci to be gUen Monday night at the Lake Street Methodist church' wcic discussed at a meeting of Hie Woman's Missionary society of llio Lake Street Methodist church Man- flay afternoon It was reported that the siher tea given Friday al the home cf Mrs George Dlsmger netted three dollars. Mrs. W. I,. Green, who read the scripture from the 10th Psalm, also appointed chairmen ot coin- nnltces for the banquet to be held Thursday night al the church Prayeis wcrfc offered by Mrs r ii Svvoet and Mrs Green. * . * i * Former I oral Visitor Will Wed In OMthom.1 Announcement has been made by tlie Rev, mid Mrs Thomas E. Wc!)b, of Oklahoma City, of the engagement-of their daughter, :Mlss Louise, to Charles B. Knox, of Chicago. The marriage will take place nt four O'clock, June 25 al the Second • Methodist chinch of which the father- of the bride-elect is pastor. Tlic Hcv. .Mr. Webb will read the vows assisted by the btlde-elecl's brother, the Rev. John U Webb Miss Webb has visited here a huinbcr of times as the gural of her aunt, Mrs. Jennie D. Craig, and her uncle, Evans Webb. She was graduated from the University Junior college, Tonkaw.i, OMn., and received her A. B. degree from Southwestern college at Winflcld, kans., where she was nfllllalcd with tlie Southwestern Organ club Sigma Pi Phi, K. K. and English clubs and was assistant organist at Grace Methodist church. For tlie past three years she has been leaching In Bhickwcll. She is a member of the American Guild of organists. Mr. Knox also Is a graduate of the University Junior college and received his degree in! chemical engineering from Oklahoma A. mid M, college, SIIllwater. He is now n chemist with the United Wallpaper factories In Chicago. . • i llaclielors Make Plans For July Third Duucc Plans foi the July Ihhd dance were discussed last night by members of the Bachelors club who met al the Amctlcnn Legion Ilul. The dance for which Jack Staulcup will play will be a I the city auditorium. Chaperotics for the nffnlr will be vlr and Mis E A 6tacy, Mr. and Mis Oscat B.utej, Di. and Mrs. J. E, Beasley, Mr., and Mrs. John Thomas Scanlon and Mr. ami Mrs. Bernard Allen. The 25 members present also discussed a bus dip to Memphis simi- lai to the one ai ranged last year when Hie group y.ept down to hear Buddy Rogers and his orchestra. Refreshment were served (luring Ihe social horn which followed the business session. liiia Cliiti Parly Summer flowers decorated the iionie of Mrs C Modlngci yesterday afternoon when she cnlcitnin- ed members of tho Town niid Country club iin'cl one guest, Mrs. M. I. Hcllmuth of Belleville, Tex., .louseguesl of Mr. aiid Mrs. F. L. Englcr, with n jmty al her home. Refreshments were served nt the conclusion of the gnuies In whlcli Mrs Hcllinulh nns high scorer and Mis/Modliitjci, second high, * ' * • * Arc tfucifs At i Hridgc Luncheon Mrs. Doyle".Henderson and Mrs. B A Nelson and Mib Eugene Still of Plymouth, N. c., hovise- guest ot Mr. and .Mrs. c. S. Stevens, were guests of Mrs. Sheldon Hall s'esterday when she .entertained members, of the Bl-Monthly Luncheon club nl her home. fjlincli vvn.s served nl small tnbles arranged in rooms decorated with gladioli, roses, nasturtiums, daisies and sweet peas. Mrs. Hnr'niaii Taylor was high scorer and Mrs. Eil Williams, second high In the bridyo games which followed. * o * Kntcrlaiii At Aflcrnc-on Tarty Miss Mary Virginia. Culler nml Miss Martha Lee Hall entertained members of Iho ADC club- and eight guests at a parly nt the Hall home yesterday afternoon. Besides the members, guests were: Miss Mary Elizabeth Boruni, Mrs. Albert K. Taylor, Miss Prim- BOX L..THIS RICH- FLAVORED UPTON'S TEA SURE HITS THE SPOT. 1 MAKES TOP-NOTCH ICED TEA. SO COOttrVG AND REFRESHING. 1 AND WHAT'S MORE, EVEN TEA AS GRAND AS UPTON'S COSTS USSTHAN ANYTHING ELSE YOU DRINK, EXCEPT WATER! Sails Soon For Tour'Abroad Miss,Marina Hall Miss MnVtlm. Lee ifnll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Hall, will sail from New York June 28th on tlie Aqnitn'nia for a conducted toilv ot England, The Netherlands, Germany, and France. Also In the party with Miss Hall will l>c two of her friends, Miss Virginia EMreclgc, a teacher In the Benton, Mo., schools with Miss Hall, and lier sister, Miss Winifred Eldrcdije, n teacher in Stephens college in Columbia. 1 The boat will dock at SpiiDiomp- lon, Eiig., from where tlie jjarly will go to London to spend five days. Tlie group will then go Into :he interior of England stopping it such Interesting points as Strnt- fortl on Avon: Upon retviining tp London, the Kirty'wili take a. boat, across, tlici English channel to the Nether- ands;. where Amsterdam, Rotterdam and .The : Hague will be visited. Members of the party will' enter Germany by boat, oh .Ihc Rhine river slopping nt Cologne before going through the pail of Gcr- nnny known as the "castle coun- ry." • Tliey will take a train from Gcr- imny ; fo Parts where (hey will spend n week. There will be side ftlps to Tours, Versailles and .lirough ihe "chateau country." At be : Havre they will board the Gepi'Jlc-for the return trip:home. it/pon'-: theiri-retimi to this country, Miss-HalFand the:Misses Elrt- rectgos will visit the-World's"Fair n New York mid go sightseeing in Washington before coming home. ccs LUtlc, Mrs. John Thomas Scanlon, Miss Nancy Claire McCauley, Miss Nancy Klislmer, Miss nml Miss Jane Bits of News Mostly Personal! Miss Marjorle Ward of Cleveland, Ohio, will arrive tonight to be Ihe guest, of Miss Mary Spfiln Us)-cy. She Is en route to her liome fr:m New York Cilj- where she has been attending (he World's Mrs. Jclm W, Meyer left this morning for Winter Park, t'ln., lo be with, her mother, Mrs.-William Hill, who Is seriously ill there. Mis. Noble McCullar is rcsllns TIIUKSDAY, JUNE- 22, 103Q-7 Pioneer Osceola Ilesideiit's Descendants To Hold Reunion OSGEOLA, Ark., June 21.— church last year; Mr. Bard was Around- seventy-five descendants [appointed the first postmaster of unto tlie fifth generation of J. P. 'the' new settlement; n nephew, fCdrlngUui, one of .the earliest set-1 William Bard Kclrlnjjtmi II, was tires of what Is now Osecola, will elected first proseruting attorney of Bather from six slates Sunday for ii, e f,,-.,t congrcsirjnnl district In the Itat -attempted reunion of Dio.uhlcli the county Is located. -Wil- family, at the home of John W. h| om Bard Edrington III. son of lidilngtwi and Mr*. Edrington on j f ,.. all( i Mrs, John W Edrinjjton, Broadway. Tho first John I'. Edringlon Columbia iiiovcd with Ids family from Bardstown, Ky., lo (lie snmll clearing on (he tank of tho Mississippi river now known, as psceola, In 1830, and u . secured a patent from the govern-11 0 mcnt on four acres as liis homo site. The original four acres '.viUi pne additional acre adjoining, on which stood the second Osceola courthouse built In 1885, Is now the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. John W. Edrington. Tlie tract has never been out of the Edrlnglon fam- well nt tlie Walls hospital following ' lly but passed to each succeedin a» emergency operallsn for nppcn- generation in order, The five-acre yesterday ' lawn has been landscaped to give 'as Informal and natural effect rts Mr. and Mrs. J. B. O'Shca and possible. The original lines of (he son, Johnny, of Tallulah, L.I., ivlll house have been preserved, IncliKl- the long porches (ind L-shnped dlcitis performed llicre afternoon. Mrs, j Mrs. kitchen and dining room. Only n week here with b'Shoa's parents, Mr. and W. A. Edmtrds, and family. They (necessary modernization of the la- came here from Ciilro, III, where tcrlor has been made for comfort, they spent tlie weekend. I Early AmerUran furniture Miss Mary Kallicrinc Rose,'many family heirlooms is used daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Chai'lcs ' throughout the house. Tjlio old flcsc, left today for Camp Gypsy brick vault formerly used to pre- at Slloam Springs where she will serve county records stands In a ey, great-great-granddaughters, of Houston, Tex., with their daughters will attend. : Jlusllc tablcB in the oul-door living and dining-room on which the picnic dinner, will be served will he-Id bowls of Shasta daisies and old-fashioned flowers. Bride-Elect's father Dies ; Wedding Delayed OSCEOLA, Ark,, June 21.— The wedding of Miss Eleanor Rogers of Foil smith. Ark,, nnd Edward Tea ford Jr. of O.sceola, wns postponed yesterday afternoon three hours before the hour of the ceremony became of the death of the G. Heres a good light meal for warm" days: Serve freshly c^ 1 ™£t tables covered with a cheese sauce 1 PQUNd Ml.- over ihtoi'. No , Icat vv U'- be needed. Add a beaten eg. (o (1 e- si 111 more. to increase Its food FOR CHILLS AND FEVER And Other Malaria Misery! . -' r ' . Don't go through ihe usual Malaria' *W, n °'" 80 °" shiverlnl with chills one moment and bum- JUS with fever tlie next. •/ Malaria is relieved by Grove's" Tasteless Chill Tonic, Y*s (his medicine really works. Made esne-' cially for Malaria. Contains taste.' less cminidine and iron q Glove's Tasteless Chill Tonic ac- ually combats the Malaria infcc- lion m the blooU. Relieves tlie wrackmg chills and fever. Help? you feel better fast . , ERES »!i) Upton's is America's most popular tea: '• ? f H rI *"L tI j l> . t " """'-smooth, full, rich, delicious. 1, Tinrf«r yo»nj l«.y«j-and lus- - cious, diiorfui buds—give cMra fragrinrt add bouquci. ,3. OliHn«tly«*lUii<i- m iih choice teas from LiJ>ion's own Ceylon V 4. J«iw«k«( —you tow Uis Upton's pet glass—it'* JO rich in flavor. Upton's Tea Aniln Stracke Branson, A pink nnd blue color .scheme which was carried out In the party wns emphasized In the bouquets of summer flowers and also in the dessert course of Ice cream aiid cake served at Hie conclusion of the games. Miss Mildred Lou Hirubard received high score prize, and Mrs. Taylor, second. Low score prize went to Miss Bonnn. * * * All Chili Members Attend Bridge I'nrly All tlie members of the Tuesday Afternoon''club attended Ihe bridge,--party given by Mrs. Rental t Wetcnkamp at. her home Tuesday. . Arrangements of summer flowers formed the dccoraltvc background for the bridge games in which Mvs. J. E. licaslcy was high , scmer Stid Mrs,- Wetcnkamp, second. ' An iced drink was served at the conclusion oi the games. Townsenditcs Hear, Music And Speeches A musical program, and several talks concerning the Tovvnscnd plan were presented at Ihe meeting of Townscml Cluu, No. One, at the i court house last night.. • Numbers on the musical pro- grain included a solo by Bcnnle 'Rhodes, a duet by Wayne Wilson nnd Miss Icle Shepherd, a .duet by Raymond Klunclt and Miss Juanlta Duncan -and a duet by Mrs. T. L. Lewis and Mrs. Ira Alexander. Talks were made by members of the group. At The Hospital* Walls Hospital -Virginia Alleen Ellis, Haytl, admitted. Mrs. Noble McCullar, city, admitted. Billy Edward Sharp, city, admitted. Clyde Newman, city, dismissed. Gray West. Manila, dismissed. Mrs. E. w. Crozlcr, city, dismissed. Blythcvfllc Hospital Chi-istliic Hcrinlnj, city, admitted Ed Johns:n, city, admitted. Mrs. Shelby Adams. West Ridge, dismissed. Memphis Haptlsl Hospital Ola Mac Prusll, Bassclt, admitted-. Lee Ella Payne. Wilson, admitted. Uilly Pipkin. Wilson, admitted .Memphis St. Joseph's Hospital Mrs. Venion Shaw, Carnthcrs- vllle, admitted. spend six weeks. Mr. aiid Mrs. J. A. Leech: spent Tuesday in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Boughcr and two sons, Gehc a'"! Jlminle, left for California-this thornlng. where Uiey will spend four weeks. In Watson- fllle, Calif., they will visit Mr. Bougher's sister before going to San Francisco where they will attend Uie World's Pair. They will also visit other pain Us oi interest in the West. Mrs. Rodney L. Banister and mother, Mrs. Mary Little, and lliclr houscimests, Mrs. Gordon Leo and son, Slunrl, of Daytona Beach, have returned from bexler, Mo., where they spent. two days with Mrs. Little's daughter, Mrs. Fred Smith, and family. .Miss Roberta cioyes is spending this week in Paragould with her parents, Mr, nnd Mrs. W. n. Cioyes, before her marriage in that clly Sunday to Preston Rnmey. Mr.. and Mrs., Jack Sanderson and daughters, Louise, and Jacqueline, of are the guests of Senator aiid' Mrs. Ivy W. Crawford and family. Ulytheville people who )vfere in Memphis Tuesday night for the parly given by the Chevrolet Motor company for salesmen who reached their quota In new and used car sales during the mouth of May were; A. 1 'H. Wallace, ft.. G/Casli, L. D.,Cnaiiiblin, Frank Grigsby, : j. C. Buchanan' and J.. A. Att'cb'crryj who recently came here from Wist Virginia to be connected with the 'i'om Little'-Chevrolet company.}.. Mr.-and Mrs. A. H. Wallace nVc visiting relatives In Memphis llfis week. • ' , . -.; Mrs. J. P. Nebhtil and dailghtort Miss \Vlllic, and Miss Mary Kevjtl spent Sunday in Arlington, Tcnli:, as the tjiiosts of Mrs. Ncbhul's daughter, Mrs. Barton Bond, and Mr. Bond. . f T. E. King of Wisher, La., will i etui n lo his home the end of tills week alter having spent a few days here with his son. Ted King, and Mrs.. King. He came Monday afternoon. ' Mr. nnd Mrs. E.' E, Ridings anci their guests, Miss Mary Ridings of Brooklyn, N. ¥., Mrs. Lindley Wright of Shelbyvlllc, Ky., will return today from Many Islands, Ark. Tomorrow, the party will leave for Pillion, Ky., where they will visit relatives. Mrs. Wright and Miss Ridings are sisters of Mr. Ridings. : , , Mr. . and Mrs. Jnmc.s A. Long have gone lo New York city where Ihey will spend ten days. - '.Mr. and Mis. Max Meyers rc- corncr of Uie lawn. Mrs. Edrlng- iwi plans lo use it as a small museum housing things of interest to the descendants. The first Edrington owned and operated a Mississippi river Cincinnati and New Orleans. Two letters written to his family from the boat on December 17, 1839, and February 12, 1840, arc among the prized possessions of the family. 'I'he six children of (lie pioneer Edrington: II., Henry Clay, Mrs. James Hazard, Mrs. William Bard and Mrs. R. C. Cromwell, figured prominently in the" early social, business and political life of Osceola, James II Edrlnglon built Ihe first department store years ago; Margaret, who married William Bard, gave the land for Ihe first cemetery, still used known as Violet' cemetery; she also gave the lot upon which the first church was built, the Pres- churcli of Osceola whose "nnUI the 'completion of this new turned yesterday New York City where they spent three: weeks. While away, they attended the World's Fair. . Mrs. Lexie James Robert, have returned from a three weeks' vacation spent" in Hardy find Mammoth Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hawks nnd baby spent Sunday in Memphis with relatives. R. G. Cash and J. A. Atteberry nre in Memphis today .-for on all day Chevrolet meeting. LADIES' WHITE SLIPPERS JARMAN FIUENDI.Y HKYKIDBK OXKORDS OXFORDS KOH MUM . I'OK HOYS While, Hcigc & Hrowh, While, Brown & White, Inn, Black, I'lain or Jicigc & llrovvii,. Plain or Performed I'allen.s, Si- iVrforatctl Patterns, Sizes « to M, Widths AAA -/.es 2Vt lo (i, Widths A (o I). D. oo i- I'AUHorr sunns FOR HOYS AN'I) GI!U,S FAMILY SHOE STORE W. Main Military Academy last month and will enter the University of California, Los 'Angeles, In Beptcin'otr for Ihe study' of law, The daugh- O n, returned 'Wednesday -from the Mr, Rogers, widely fciiowii busi- amc sc i, 00 i w i u , re a |, c snc ,i t lne • ness man of Fort Smith, died nt two o'clock In the afternoon' fol- heart allack Tuesday conic from Memphis are those of !fe was 59. The bridegroom-to-be, his moth- Mr. nnd Mrs. J. p. Edrlnglon, Mi 1 . nnd Mrs. Bethel Eilrinaton, inem- er, Mrs. B. A. Tcaford, and hjs brother, Albert, who was to have Tate fiiiriillc.'i. Travelitiif the grcat- st distance will be Earl Abrcy, a went to Fort Smith Tuesday.'andsoh,. • of Mrs. Tcaford and Albeit returned last night and Edward Tcaford , Malaria and swea daughters, fv'mily Jane and Nancy ?-,']• Plens flnt io lake, loa. ' Earl, fifth generation members. Mv. 'vbrey, who was reared here, Is Niival Yard in Boston. Mi's. fluid Felton and Mrs. Hugh Hug*i- trading boat on -the Ihe second daughter, Better Ball Fringe CURTAINS At Low Prices SIZE $1;39 Value I'nscilla slyJuwilii large ball fringe. Wide ruffles. Note long lengths. Made of fine woven nuurniiseUe. Check These Values Sensational Purchase Men's Sample PAJAMAS 88c 51..I!) to S1.G5 Values rmc Hrniulclaths in tttxeilo style, cr atirt rcRubr button style, some with Satin collar ami by a well' known manufacturer. Hot Weather Special MEN'S POLO SHIRTS 82c Up (o 81.15 Values Keep Kool in Ihcsc-belter I'olo- Shirts. livery style ami fabric . Every color . unilf r the sun. Truly large selections ami at irrcal Thrifty Shoppers Will Welcome These Fine \tfual Values Io Sl.lD Luvdy rafiiis in I 'gore style, with brassiere tops anil elastic,lacks.. Some arc shadow: .propf.. rut nifh brust proof scams, liny zcncrously, ' - - . • RABER' SPECIAL FOB Fit!, & SAT. Ice Cream Sandwich _5c_i IGcCup Choice of ,'iO l>(ffcrcJ Flavors COLONIAL ICE CREAM CO. "Von ilavc Tried the Ilcst— Now Try (he Bust." Koxy I'ump.s, Strops and 'flea, Si/cs ;{ lo 0, Widtlis 'AAAA (« KB, \M\v or iMcdium Heels, $095

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