The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 5
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frHUBSDAV, JANUARY WELLE SOPHIE mm SEN OF SPIES I Won Friendship of Soldiers and Workers on New French Ports. l.n Belle Sophie »>» •** <rr>j-r«.idit M»H H»rl «•* "X«. 2t" was the Btw-trft l-'rench machine Iran wfcith f»w Miirope one »l Its n»«U iruuUe nplcruge »«• of tttttt yt»r». I lie story '« Ma twtaw ta •*• fourth of si* artkl** abwt ••<- crn spy rases which have keen wiltlen for this SO.OOO . francs for 'Ills services. Needing mo»ey, lie agreed. DtMrtlvn Co to Work ' AlUi"'*»WUng his clunce for wrth htvtac itowp two bluepruVts to* twadqmirten: of the e'n- .n. These w.irc delivered lo lie. »ho in tiirn succeeded In lin« them «frets the border French »uth<irl' t !fs, of course were perfectly we!: aware |h»t their vlui mllilary secrets were gradually becoming International property, and theh counter-espionage service Is said to have been augmented by y>me 300 - opera- lives. Foreign agents were being KV MOItRIS GILBERT SKA Service SUB Cmnponitnl The ink was scarcely dry on the Treaty of Versailles before frcnch expert? were bent low o\ cr maps of the nc» r Oermin frontier, pl»nnlns fortifications which better could withstand the buffeting of mode r ii warfare. And i.o sooner had word of an ex- Unsive new ddense scheme nached the ears of certain other roivers than espionage organisa- tions went into action. Those Hans had to be obtained. First, though, Ihcre was a long wait while French authorilies made up llieir oivn minds a-i to v.hat tort of fortifications were to be built. MeanwhiU- master spies plotted the elaborate- devices to be "mptoyed—a beautiful woman to vin the confidence of this or that French officer; a simple-appearing maid to find employment in a chateaii where officials might be quartered; dozens of men to get work in factories where materials would be manufactured; secret agents to get Jobs on the railroads; harmless-locking peasants in find labor in the fields where lliey could observe activities; craftsmen, such as masons and mechanics lo help actually to build the fortifications. ' •Ahd for the town of St. AvdV,' near the mandated and still dls- I.utcd Saar Basin, n man and woman would be found, to start an inn or cafe. • , • «*•-.• i Bar Near the Barracks So Sophie Drost appeared In St. Avoid In 1928. Scanning her ever-plump figure, or hearing her ready laugh and corse humor, no (.no could have gmsscd that she might become a "second Mala Hari." Certainly sh? had none of the eXotic qualities of lhat glam- crous. half-caste dancer who fell !n defiant silence before a firing (Iliad during the war. But there was Sophie, anyway; 6 na a man, supposed to be her husband, whom she called Jupp. They had sold their cafe in an- clhcr town, they said, and had d;mc here to sta'l another one. '.he large infantry barracks nearby should provide a gay and generous clientele. Especially, said Sophie with a he.".-y wink, if the place were equipped with pretty barmaids. * * * Wins Soldiers' Friendship When they bought a bar right en the town's public square it breams apparent that Sophie ano Jupp were not hiking in francs, brazenly they named the place the Cafe des Sporis, arc! brought in a i umber of retching waitresses. In no time at all word of the establishment had gone around Ihe barracks and ever to nearby Coume. where cna-.y men, mostly civilians, were at Tcrk on the mysterious new fortlfi'ations. Soon the lonely male patrons of the cafe were agreeing that the hc-sts were certainly a precious rajr, all right. A silent. Imper- liirbable fellow, Jur.p — but how delightfully tolerant of the little indiscretions of his barmaids! And Sophie, who now was known a? ' La Belle Sophie" and "Fat Sophie"—there was a woman with a heart of gold. Dirt she not make jokes lhat had th: soldiers and Ihc workmen prart'tally in stitch- is? And was she ever known lo be impatient with a fellow who was heavily in her debt? * * • Slrikes fur the Bi.; Priic Jupp proved to be all loo lenient, with his baimaids. for in l»me he w-as "uai'oc- upon by an - i-gcnl who told him to get out ot the country, and at once. He obeyed, but Sophie Drost remained. ,\lcnc now, she soi'.trht companionship among her patrons, and scem- rd to find most interesting some ol the men who owed her the largest accounts. No one knows how many military secrets she extracted during thofc early years, nor how many reports she con- l;lvcd (o have smuggled across the Lorder into Germany. Finally, though. Sophie knew 'rat the time had come lo strlkd for ihe greatest p:ize of all—the dclailcd plans of a segment of the "iron ring" of forts and undcr- i-round tunnels wl.ich were being built along the froi.tier. One eve- mr.g she revealed her wish to Alpnonse Choppc, one of the construction foremen on Bloc No 1, .a! Conine. The spy had made fflrf iy certain-'that-iciwppc would nrji ("are to expose her' hut 'in addition fhi- is said to ha r ,e promised hirh Good News lor Kidney! •Hfr« ii iflifl ll-lt rx* rithl inlo the iiriut«d kidney irtd bladder orc'nc K> quickly, you r*D ftcluiHySEC tau'ij »Hliun* few noun. FlmVn oul pcu3rj, ne-jlriVi«« burning mtifa, brica r^oraptlocthingcomfort. XoacreieUci btu, ^•Mk bladder, to& ptla/ul Joialj fmK h&'oi tficiy iclivily. A»k diunut fw Folly ~'" Uk) noothc ' -.--e^-- • ' t now curious t':c counter-espl- t-nage agenU were. For they had been watching li,v every move, they s»w'h>r leave (he cafe, meet the young soldier and enter the Sulomoblle. Thej were almost (lose enough lo he'?r her sigh wiin relief at' the «pp!>u'iu success of rcr scheme. They followed her car to Sarrebruck, just across the line In (he mandated territory, ami saw her and ihe soldier enter certain house. Next day they arrested Sophie end Plcstan. Jupp, Sophie's husband, was living In the house too. '.:he agents also found the machine tun. TOn they went back and ar- rwtfd Choppc. He nnd Ihc soldier confessed, and Sophie nrosl went lo prison. The nisi woman spy cfptured slna- the war. she suon wos being spoken ol all over France es a second Mala Hnrl. Following her airest last October investigations hive been conducted to learn o' some of her oilier acllvilies. And apparently ihe gained much additional Information, because i succinct report recently Issued by NIC police sale thai these Inquido.. have nrovi) "'•ery fruitful." Wl-r.tever Hie dls- ro«ltk)ii ol her C-...T, she has no frar of facing Mala Hail's fate fcr France does nol execute spies captured in time of "peace" NEXT: The Cas, of (he Mvslrr- lous Sc-liol.irs. Dogwood Items The little mirk? children me ifck with measles Mr. and Mrs. Jol.n Burke went o Cha 8 ee, Mo., Sunday to at- tc-nd the funeral o' a friend A large crowd ^tended funeral services for Mrs. Overtoil, who ctied of pneumonia Monday at noon. Mr. and Mrs. j. Thomas carried the little 2-year-old dauirh- er of Mr. and M,,. C arl Alison lo the Baptist lio-.j.llal al Memphis Sunday. Sunday school is held here every Sunday at 10 o'clock Everyone' is Invited. discovered In factories^ on railroads, and actually \iorkihg In the cloeely guarded' tunnels and steel- and-concrete forts of the "iron ring" of defend. All of these people could, and probably did, give tarhaglng bits of hiforrn»llon to their employers. But especially alarming was the fact that a fairly complete set of plans of the fort* had fallen intj the hands ol spies. These plans wou!d show the ex- ret locations of underground munitions sMrehousiv; of gas-prcM rooms, of rhjchlrie gun nests and tmplacemenls for heavy artillery. EC secret agent*-.- filtered into Coume and. St. Avoid, and soon picked up a trail that seemed to lead to the Cafe des-Sports and its joTial proprietress; If Sophie knewishe was beir.j; watched, she gave no sign of f?ar. .Instead she to plan-another coup. -«.*.» 'Jheft From the Barracks . • Just as the master strategists of France had planned . new and nlmost impfegnabk fortifications, EC had the armaments experts devised more efficient • enuipment. Taught bluer Iessjr, s by the world war, they were especially interested In rapid-fire with power enough to be eflect-'ve'against airplanes and tanks One of their new machine guns, of 'a tyoe worked out by . trusted englneere and constructed and tested with a-crccy. was called "No. 34." Some ol these guns; Sophie-the-Spy , had been sent to the garrison at, Coume. she determined to get on;. •-. She knew at once the soidie- most likely to fs.i.- i n ' with hcr tcheme. He wa-; a yoimreter named, it is £aill Rene - picstan. Over many • glasses of liquor In a corner of the Cam' chs. Sports, he finally agreed to hf- wishes , . °. nte evening the soldier confided to his barracks m^tes that he v-as |om» A. w. o. L that ewnln, It - was a matter ->. a girl whom ^IH pror T isecl lo stc. The other M , £ ' ecrctl an<1 a s«:ed thai rat. Rene surely was a devil wits the women. a nf ",'£'" " lcy s "«-him ste-S, of the barrerks. But they didnt see him slip into'the supply room and take o-n of- the new machine guns. OuNde he c-T-ded the guard and .dashed for the fence that the soldiers' ^i- ° VCr U ' hc : «"mbS3 dilTicuIty, stil! carrying No 24 rt ^•™«-Whc found ie. She wailed while he changed into, clvili,,, cloihes. Then dl »n»htled the gun. . hiding Length Solution to Previous Contract Problem HY WM. K. itlrKKNNKV iir»(ar>-, American itrlilee Leujui Naturally, when « pair is vul- ;crable and you believe: ihev have bid too high, you are anxious o double, to gain the large awaru for defeating a dcublcd vulnerable' •cntract. However, jnsl becausi' ton have a lot o: Irump is no', jnougli justlflcallo-.i lo double. A good rule wit.- which lo yov- rn yourself when making ]>eii<tlty ioubles is, "Do 1 more than MIC way ol dnfrrllng this contract?" Lone Oak News Mrs. Henry Spain and Mrs. rehtha Damon of Blythevillc visited Mrs. Charlie Hart Monday. Bert and Russell Richardson of Hayll were here Sunday a visit heir mint, Mrs Chnriic Hurt why is critically 111. Vanilla is made from orchids. The 17lh president of the United States. Andrew Johnson, never Utcnded school. Mr. and Mrs. Kpimard Wallers ire the parents of :> 10-pound boy. Jerome Hrnvkl'is of Helena ;pont the week-end with relatives icre. Mr. and Mrs. Too Jlrlllain have eturned from Okolona, Okla.. where (hey vlslicd Mrs. Brit- Iain's parents for teveral weeks. Mrs. Joe Walter;, and children have recovered from (he measles. She Tried Gly-Cas As A Last Resort! Now Feeling Fine Practically An Invalid Years Before She Hcgan Gly-Cas; Couldn't Work, Confined To Bed Many Times With Rheumatism, ~ Kid neys Caused TrouMe Too. Never has there been a medicine introduced here in Blythevilie hc- for that received such a widespread and sincere praise as is now being accorded this new Gly-Cns. People all over this section are talking ol the merit of this new remcdv "and :•• * * Fugitives C.iplured ' Sdlf ^-;-^_ ca - 0 ' l - hatl ''ic'w-ouTd • Sophie didn't. . Buess^ though, BARGAINS IN NJEW 4 tJSED FURNITURE R.J.DODSON ** t. Mate nmM IK MRS. CHARLES BENNETT praising it at every opportunity. Read what Mrs. oharles Bennett, wife of a welt known local mechanic who resides at 101 E. Sycamore St., this city, said recently: "I cannot praise Gly-Cas enough for I know I would have been a Invalid the rest of my life if it hadn't been lor Gly-Cas," she said. "I had been constipated and kidneys were disordered for years allowing my system to fill up with awful poisons. Rheumatism attacked me about five years ago a: what I have endured since is unbearable. In awful pain from hips to toes, would cry out In agony. Often confined lo bed three and four days at a time and once for six weeks. The past two years work had been impossible. I tried everything, medical authorities, taths, eprings. hot packs and all kinds ol medicines but none gave me any relief—until as a last resort I began Gly-Ca&-it vlas wonderful. It 1." different -cleansed my system freed mo of all that former suffering, in fact gave me such good results it almost seems miraculous to me Able to do my work, get around with ease, enjoy life and really feel fine. It .Is wonderful people can get a medicine like Gly-Cas." Gly-Cas is so!d by Kirby Bros Drug Co., and by all leading druj stores in surrounding towns. Dixie Greyhound I!us •Station CAFE Good meals, delicious coffee, splendid service. C. W. Tostcvin \'i\ W. Ash Phone 48 in Trump Alono Not Enough to justify Double Contract Problem has (o make a elx- contrail. West OJIPIIH iiB Apclulm and shirts dlnnio'nd. ilow can tlio ' A D 4 3 * AQ84 2 4Q J9S74 3 VKQJ • 10* + 3 Solution In next tasiio. 23 AS7 *KO 4 V10G J *K10« l <•• V S 7 3 N « J 5 .Mti S70 «' E 8 1) enter AAQIQ VJ A 3 fi 3 2 5 A K Q 9t4 + Nona » AKC 2 * A a 7 •; 3 nii'pHcatc — All Vul. Siiulli J * 1 0 5.) Oiiunlng Icail -¥8 .North K«st I'asa 1 N 1'ats 1 ^ JJou'.!;ci t'us T. 2 V •1'MU i I'SISX •M over II. so Hint, rcgnrdless ot how W«,l pluycd l|io diamonds, tlic lust two trickb wcie won by Mr. I r mik in (lift dummy ahd Ills con- Inicl was made. If Mr. Frank had nllemplcd to ilriuv trump, lils contract would raw buen defeated. 'Hie double, 1'owcvcr, warned him Unit West undoubtedly lield Hie majority of On. 1 onlslandlng iminp. iCopyrlglit, 1»34, NKA Service, Inc.) Hayti Society — Personal II. L. I'lckcns mid C«pe Qhnrdeau, i Mr. and Mrs. son llnlph of wi'iv the weekend guests of Mr. "iid Mrs. Dawson Weils nnd other nliillves here. Among tliose nttendlng [he u v. l 1 . u, Assoclntlonal mccllng lit I ilbouin Monday evening from '» . lib ;nc-k the 1 mnlnict Is -'x. u dii'/s not ]>iy id double un»•'• vim liiivo soiiu iilhor posslbll- •<•'• "! Bl'tllllK u ll-i-.-k In C ;i sl . [I,;, ":••' ^l[l;• dick sl;.n:ld tall. I In Inday's hail -I. A;irun FVniik. '•in- «f Hi:- voinjcr iiiuyrrs <)l l .i'v..l:iiul. W ], 0 ],;,,, •,-,,,,„ jn-iki,^. ,1 r":d tinirnaiiKMit n-roid for hiiu- :i-X shows i luw („ (axe nilviinlnge Mir flay .--»«•• I'lLIAJItll I Iluyll were . 11 ,,. 5 V™ " ol Anne Haltlc Lols Ii(ln . Khourle. Virginia McDonald, Mnble and Opul Alei- inidcr, Vlnudln Murshall, Mildred Dewse, Mnrgnrcl Kaynlc. .and Phyllis Slgler; Woodrow Endefson S. Hudglns, Woodrow McDonald A. G. Sanders, Charles West and Troy McDonald; Mealtimes M Fry Moble Bun-ess nnd Seth Comiwre Jr.. and Rev. nud Mrs j s Com- j»i-c and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sul- llvnn, Mlxs Maruuerllc Davis of Si. Louis is here visiting her uncle anti aunt, Mr. and Mrs, j. u i) ;u -ls Ihls week. Miss DavLi arrived Tuesday niornlng. Mosdamcs j. L. DavLs, Tom Tensler and Arnold Tucker spent Friday In St. Louis intending 10 business. Miss Prudence Wilson ol St. Louis arrived Tuesday morning tor mi Indcnnlle visit wllh her sister nnd husband. Mr. and Mrs. R. I, Gilbert. Miss Wilson formerly attended the Hnytl High school | Mrs. D. O. Slaler Is ill. : A pic supper will bo held at Ihci liiErnin Hldge School Fi-iday even- Ing. The proceeds will be used to pay for window shades. "I hearts, -il-lch Kast won •••"h ihr kinu and rrlunuxl (he nipi-n. Hiik-i, lM| .. Frank, In Ihe •••iiuih. titimpi-d wii.'i the denci 1 ol dii.moisdj,. Three ii.uurLs ol sp.ides wi'H 1 ;:ik<-n. ihe third spade be- ins «on In dunniiy wllh ihe king. A heart was plajcd biick, which Mr. Frank rulfrd vith the nve ol dMinondp. He „„»• cashed hk arc and him; of dtninoiuk. nnd liiini led tlu- nee o; clubs, follow"I by a small club, which was * 0:1 in dummy vi'.h Ihe kini?. • '1'lu- ten of ehilv was ietmnc-d. East plnyeil the iiiiccii, hill as Wist iiiKi nothlni; bin iiiuuiDiids lift, lir was foice-i lo iruini) wllh il'c eight. He now held [In Jack anil nine <•! diamonds, whih Mr. Frank's t.miimy held the queen and ten SPECIAL OFFER FRIDAY and SATURDAY SAMPLE RINGS From All l';ivls of the World TIIKSK H1N«S AUK KQIIAL IN APl'KAllAN'Cl' SKI.l.lNG I'ltOM S3.00 to 55.0(1. 49c Turnbhublc &.Qg* ^v\m K Silver Cnronilum ^nd ^*f\,, .MoII111 ings During This Siilc In llils astoilmnnl ymi will find all styles nn- 1 colors, cameos, blrlhslom-s. onyx niarca.sue, .solitaires, \ adding ' and dinner styles. VKAlt KIRBVS FACTOIir OUAKANTKK WITH IAC1I HINT. These Rings Mike Excellent Gills MAIN AT I5HOAMVAY .MAIN AT SKCONI) ucKy Strike^ <...-; •. Eqrly Spring Arriving Every Few Days Now showing a pretty selection—Black, Blue, Grey and Rcigc. 1'u nips, Tins, Sport Oxfords ami a few Straps. Kid and tlic popular Leather:). Sjiorl. Oxfords $1.95 lo $2.45 I'or Dress and Street Wear $2.45 to $3.45 O.C.Ganske we ml/ypacxea cigarette */ *^ * O m no loose em Always (lie fine;! trthacco;, and only the center leaves arc purchased for b.ickv Strike cigarettes. \V C drm't (my top leaves— Ijccausc those nre under-developed. And not tta liottoiu leaves—l> those '/VtiVir'in ;i|iiality.. The center • leaves—lV which fiirmcrs arc paid higher prices—are Xhc miKlest leaves. 'Ami only center leaves are list-d'iii ni.iking Luckics—so round, su lirm —free from loose cuds. I hat's why every 1.ucky draws easily, hums evenly—and is always mild and smooth. Then, too—"It's toasted"—for throat protection—for liner t.istc. K Always the Finest Tobacco , 1)31, lie J and only the Center Leaves Lucky Strtltt trtstnti the Metropolitan OtKra Company Sit;,r)))-jti:;j P. M., Eistcrr,StiiriiH Time, OUT Red irii Blue NrtwoAi of NBC, 1.1,'CKYSTRIKEmll broifcjn the Metropolitan OpcnCntr^nyef New York in the complete Open, "Aid*.** NOT ilic tup leaves—they're under-developed The Cream oftlte Crvfi NOT the bottom leaves — they're in fe nor in quality

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