The Salina Daily Union from Salina, Kansas on November 23, 1920 · Page 10
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The Salina Daily Union from Salina, Kansas · Page 10

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1920
Page 10
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. .. .. . I. L. ZERBE, ARCHITECT and STRUCTURAL ENGINEER 140J4 South Santa Fe Avenue $ 4 DR8. J, W. and H. E. NEPTUNE Sallna, Kansat ' Diseases of tbe Skin and Oeal- to-Urinary System Office in N. fall ) Bllg. Phones: Office 723, iea. SS7 . : C. M. FIT2PATRICK, M. D. Practice Limited to X-Ray Office 137 3. Santa Fe Res. Phone 2125 Office 460 fe & S 5f & fe DR. VICTOR McKEE Dentist 109 N. Santa Fe. Over Carltn's Office Phone 2788 Rea. 2789 C. E. LONGACRE, M. D. Gynecologist-and Surgeon Special attention given to the non-surgical Treatment of Diseases of Women. Phone 1517 Office New Theatre Blig. W. E. MOWERY, M. D. Surgeon ' Office Neslmth Bldg. Phones Office 772-773; Res. 688 SA JXt SJX J2& SA SXf SXl SU.SU. SXl SSL SSl (XL SXl SXl & & ifc $ ift & f i& ifp iff & iXt Jfj ffj iT tYi tVj en m Y tVi lTj lYi iXl a, 5sfl6f 46f 4fF sir (P SIF i 8. T. BLADES, M. D. Physician and Surgeon 163 N. Santa Fe Avenue Over Hoyt-WeBt Bldg. Phones: Office 960; Res. 734 Residence 901 Highland , DR. ARMSTRONG 1 Bulkley Building Eye, Ear, Note and Throat ' .Y, lTj tXt ill ill iXi iXi iXi U iTi 1X1 jXl Hi CL JCU Yi iVj lYi (Tt fTl 1T1 Ti tY 1V1 fft Vl Ctt t.'ft THE KRISTEN TAILORS Our Display Room Is Ready For You Call and See Our Mice Line of Fall Goods jXl j2Di jXk SXl SXL JXt ill at at tti Hi i2f cd oft co jsa A Yj tT Oft OTt Jfi Yj OTj Ofj Ofi jjfi tYt T iVj EARL L. VERMILLION, M. D. General Medicine Office over Haggart & Gawthrop 155 N. Santa Fe Office phone 879 Res. 1274 . jft J2k JZl JXL jXt CCl jXt jr. iyj .v. iY . Doctor Howard N. Mosea GENERAL MEDICINE Office and Laboratory Watson Bldg. Phones: Office 196; Res. 612 rt b ffi ixi t y cf tY, vTi it v tft Tj lift iYj m iYi jr. .tt. .v .-n 130 of. 1Y1 m qpqpeqpqpqpV flP'JP SIP4 DR. J. M. GAUME Specialist RECTAL AND COLON DISEASES Phone 2000 Cor. 7th and Ash Salina, Kansas jxi a jaa at m ,m jen 00 oq a jxl jsci 1X1 SALINE COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY Room 10, Watson Building Sallna, Kansas Phone 281 Abstract Books $5,000.00 Bonds Tour Business Solicited 4 $r ALFRED ROTHSCHILD $ Dentist X-RAY Phones Res. 188 Office 215 CHA8. W. SHAVER Architect Over National Drug Store Corner Santa Fe ft Abb N . DR. L. O. NORDSTRUM Surgeon-Diagnosis Office Hub Building TeL Office 40. Res. 1292 w w X "XT w iff w w I TEf w w w w TO & TO TO TO1 TO1 TO DR. GANOUNG Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Glasses Fitted Office In Nesmlth Bldg. flfr d & flt ij& & ft ft ft ft ft ft Dl JXk jSi. dfk flk. & th oh oft Yj v v s xOR. R. R. COOPER Dentist. X-Ray Office over Peoples Bank Pnones: Office 455. Ees. 2858 Evenings by Appointment ei DONGS OF, THE DUFFS SAM J HAVE AM IDEA HOW WKCAM SET OLlViA OlT OF-mi MAMMATWG Mood awe's lJ ! VlL PtA1 soMt SENTIMENTAL MU51C -lOVE STUFF, AMD MAM BE SHEU.S&T"T?Tki4KI4 ALOMG DIFFERENT THE BOOK OF DEBORAH WHY CAN'T WE ACCEPT LOVE, JUST AS WE ACCEPT DEATH? Deb, Chrys and I rode for half an hour at a pace much slower than we liked. Deb's mount, usually the fleetest of the three, lagged behind. At Shore Bend, Deb halted. "Sandy seems sick," she announced. "Poor old dear!" We dismounted. "He does droop," we agreed. "ld better go home,' girls," said Deb. "But don't let me ruin your ride this perfect morning. I'll go back alone please, let me!" She departed and Chrys and I lingered at Shore Bend, a high point with a wonderful view of land and lake. But the landscape over which the local artists raved Bad no attraction for me that morning. I kept my eyes on Deb until she vanished at a turn of the road. I couldn't help worrying about her, riding alone over the dreariest road in the country. Poor sick Sanay might stumble, almost anything might happen "Perhaps we'd better gallop after Deb?" I put my anxiety into this question. "No! Better not! She'd be so sorry to spoil our ride," Chrys averred, "and methinks Deb Is already carrying around a full load of sorrow. She's getting awfully thin!" "She does look frail this morning," I agreed. "In this big, wide, wonderful world," Chrys' gesture included the far horizon whiere the water touched the sky "I ask what's the matter with Deb? With you? With Ann? With everybody?" "My dear, we're all in love!" I sighed. "Oh! Is that all!" Chrys shrugged her shoulders. "It it will serve!" I said pensively. Rub Pain Away with a Small Trial Bottle of Old "St. Jacobs Oil" Rheumatism is "pain" only. Not one case in fifty requires inter nal treatment. Stop drugging! Rub soothing, penetrating "St. Jacobs Oil" right into your sore, stiff, aching joints, and relief comes instantly. "St. Jacobs Oil" is a harmless rheumatism liniment which never disappoints and cannot burn the skin. Limber up! Quit complaining! Get a small trial bottle of old, honest "St. Jacob Oil" at any drug store, and in just a moment you'll be free from rheumatic pain, soreness and stiffness. Don't suffer! Relief awaits you. "St. Jacobs Oil" is atica, neuralgia, sprains. Adv. just as good for sci - lumbago, backache, I "Diamond Dyes" Tell You How A Child can Follow Directions and get Perfect Results Each package of "Diamond Dyes" contains directions so simple that any woman can diamond-dye a new, rich, fadeless color into worn, shabby garments, draperies, coverings, whether wool, silk, linen, cotton or mixed goods. Buy "Diamond Dyes" no other kind then perfect results' are guaranteed even if you have never dyed before. Druggist has color card. WHAT'S COLOR OF YOUR VOICE? LONDON Captain Alban Roberts, scientist here, has demonstrated apparatus by which he reduces to color value the tones of the human voice. He translates to a rainbow the voice of a singer and will show how the singer has. more red or more green or violet in his voice than Canrso. THAT'S ABOUT 6570 CARNATIONS. DES MOINES Robert Lee Jones, Jr., of this city has worn a carnation in his buttonhole every day for eighteen years. ri U I UUNVS II 1 1 - IXS j L U I I II II I J J If J I . I II 7 1 sMsWMssMsWMssMssMBslBiMMssssMgSg (ff(iiiHiiffyf: OUCH! PI Pi. RUB HATIC, ACHING JOINTS THE SALINA J.WES; r . . i uwe A Gooi? idea' TOM IT SUfr'S UP "Put that in tle' past tense," said Chrys. "Say 'it has served.' And then stop making such a luss about it! Love passes, I beliece. If we accept death, and get resigned to it, why can't we accept the idea that love passes, and get resigned to that also? Love has its big moments. Why can't we take them joyfully, be glad we had them, and then let poor Cupid go? Behold Deb, fading away for love! And you moving in a blue fog! And that bebe Ann, flirting with Van when " A sharp explosion startled Chrys' horse, and stopped the flow of her wisdom. "Oh, don't be jumpy!" Chrys admonished her mount with a comforting pat. "Nothing worse than an auto tire," she continued as her hors,9 trembled beneath her. - "Wasn't it back there on the road Deb took?" I asked anxiously. "Couldn't say. But I own I'm getting a bit jumpy myself," Chrys confessed. "Let's go back," I suggested. "Let's," agreed Chrys. then with just a trace of anxiety in her voice, "Isn't that Jim's new car coming?" It was Jim's new car, speeding toward us from the turn where Deb had disappeared. We could recognize his roadster a long way off by a white band around the radiator. Instead of slowing down as it approached us, the car whizzed past us at a speed which sent Chrys' horse rearing and caused my own to side-step into the ditch. Two men were in it and both were strangers to us. Chrys brought her mount down in her best style she is the finest horsewoman in our town and then she turned his head down tie road we had just traveled. "Come on!" she called to me over her shoulder. "Something has happened!" (Continued in Daily Union tomorrow) SAGE TEA DANDY TO Look Years Younger! Use the Old-Time Sage Tea and Sulphur and Nobody Will Know. You can turn gray, faded hair beautifully dark and lustrous almost over night if you'll get a 50-cent bottle of "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound" at any drug store. Millions of bottles of this old famous Sage Tea Recipe, improved by the addition :of other ingredients, are sold annually, says a well-known druggist here, because it darkens the hair so naturally and evenly that no one can tell it has been applied. Those whose hair is turning gray or becoming faded have a surprise awaiting them, because after one or two applications the gray hair vanishes and your locks become luxuriantly dark and beautiful. This is the age of youth. Gray-haired, unattractive folks aren't want ed around, so get busy with Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound tonight and you'll be delighted with your dark, handsome hair and your youthful appearance within a few days. Adv. This preparation is a toilet requisite and is not intended for the cure, mitigation or prevention of disease. Adv. Pay Night Wednesday Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get at the Cause and Remove It Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel, act gently on the bowels and positively do the work People afflicted with bad breath Snd quick relief through Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. The pleasant, sugar-coated tablete are taken fox bad breath by all who know them. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gently but firmly on the bowels and liver, stimulating them to natural action, clearing the blood and gently purifying tbe entire system. They do that which dangerous calomel does without any of the bad after effects. All the benefits of nasty, sickening, griping cathartics are derived from Dr. Edwards' Olive Tcblets without griping, paia or any disagreeable effects. Dr. F. M. Edwards discovered the formula after seventeen years of practice among patients afflicted with bowel and liver compliant, with the attendant bad breath. - Olive Tablets are purely a vegetable compound mixed with olive cal; you will know them by their olive color. Take one or two every night for a week and oote the effect. low? , . ' f ""n; I RAD BREA1H DAILY UNION, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER Money back without qncstion it" HUNT'S Salve fails in the treatment of ITCH, ECZEMA. RINGWORM, TETTER or other itchins skin diseases. Try a 75 cent box at our risk. H EAD COLDS Melt in spoon; inhale vapors; apply freely up nostrils. VapoRub jOver 1 7 Million Jars Used Yearly Do you want to buy something? Use the Want Ads! Read the Want Ads! if DR. PERRY LLOYD Specialist Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat , Hoyt-West Bldg. Office Residence Phone 640 Phone 1478 C. O. JONES Auctinoeer On thorough bred stock and general farm sales. i Phon 585 ' 1 j Let's Get Accquainted v DRS. W. S. &. J. K. HARVEY Phones: Office 33; W. S. Harvey 9; J. K. Karvey 1390 Surgery, Obstetrics, Consults- tion. , Office over Palmer Pharmacy B. O. WILDER 1 Abstractor of Titles Office Established 1889 Over 102 E. Iron Phone 600 Do LYou Need $50 Private Loans on Furniture and Pianos $50 50c per week 112 ft S. Santa Fe. Phone 971 it- ; SALINA BICYCLE COMPANY Guns for Rent Bicycles, Supplies and Sundries Complete Line of Sporting Goods 135 S. Santa Fe. Phone 1037 See Us For Rock Island Gasoline Engines, self oiling windmills, bale ties, Havollne oils. We Do Repair Work BROCK MAN SOFSKY Phone 1557 148 S. 5th St JXt SSl SXL jcQ SXl IXl Xl xZi mi Hi SXL M. SXL SXl SXl. V flp 3 iff qflP iff 3? 3 hF $9 THE .NEW FUNERAL HOME OF REFINEMENT and CONVENIENCE Corner South and Santa Fa Where Efficiency and Sympathy Go Hand in Hand GUY R. RYAN Funeral DirecU. VANCE MATTHEWS Assistant : We respectfully Invite the privilege of serving. The sensitive task of cartas for the bodies of women and children la performed by Mn. Guy R. Ryan. Telephone 17322059 & & fir & 3& V 23, 1920 DR. W. J. KIDDER, M. D. Specialist. 138 South Santa Fe Avenue Expert in the treatment of CHRONIC diseases of the Stomach, Nerves, Blood, Skin and Pelvic Disorders of Men and Women. Owing to the use of the latest Serums, Vaccines and Intravenous Remedies, and the latest appliances for the diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Diseases, combined with special training along these lines, I treat with unusual success such conditions as Asthma, Bronchitis, Pulmonary Tuberculosis (if not too far advanced), Cancer of the breast and other growths of the skin, Eczema, Dyspepsia, Ulcers cf the Stomach, Epilepsy, Sciatica, Neuritis, Rheumatism, High Blood Pressure, Dropsy, Swelling of the Limbs, Gall Stones, Diseases of the Prostate, Impotence, Bladder and Kidney Diseases, Urinary Incontinence, and various forms of Female Trouble. Stricture cured by special method without cutting, pato or hemorrhage. CHRONIC CONSTIPATION successfully treated without drugs. PILES cured by an original meth od without cutting, needle, or other risk of infection. HOURS 10 to 5; also Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Phone for appointment. Office 946, Residence 1260. (NOTE Dr. Kidder is recognized as a physician of high qualifications, a graduate of Chicago's foremost medical institutions, and in no manner should be confused with Itinerants or traveling "specialists.") WHAT OTHERS SAY. "For four years I had suffered with a very severe case of Bladder and Female Trouble and at times the pain was so great that I was unable to stand up for several hours. Medical treatment tor four months failed to cure and I was then advised by another physician that only an operation could give me relief. I am indeed glad to statj that Dr. Kidder's method of treatment has apparently resulted in a complete cure and without the dreaded operation." Mrs. J. H. M., Salina. (Name on request.) CAT AND RAT "LIFE" TOO MUCH SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. Mrs. Olga Dunlop led a cat and rat life, so to speak, with William, her husband she told the court here. Once he threw a live cat on her shoulders and it scratched her, she said. Another time he put a dead rat in her bed. It frightened her, she held. She divorc ed two husbands before William for cruelty, but she said Bill "did beat all." The judge wished her better luck next time and gave her a de cree. EASES J COLD uitn nwr L "Pape's Cold Compound" instantly re lieves stuffiness and distress Relief comes instantly. A dose tak en every two hours until three doses are taken usually breaks up a severe cold ard ends all the grippe misery. The very first dose opens your clogged up nostrils and. the air pass- ages in the head, nose stops running, relieves the headache, dullness, fever-ishness, sneezing, soreness and stiffness. , Don't stay stuf fed-up! Quit blowing and snuffling! Clear your congested head! Nothing else in the world gives such prompt relief as 'Tape's Cold Compound." which costs only a few cents at any drug store. It acts with out assistance, tastes nice, contains no quinine Insist upon Pape's. Adv. ASPIRIN Name "Bayer" on Genuine Beware! Unless you see the name "Bayer" on package or on tablets you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for twenty-one years and proved safe by millions. Take Aspirin only as told in the Bayer package for Colds, Headache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Earache, Toothache, Lumbago, and Pain. Handy tin boxes of twelve Bayer Tablets of Aspirin cost tew cents. Druggists also sell larger packages. Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of Monoaceticacidester of Salicylic-acid. HI I II UM THAT 6HE5 "WE NEVER AUTO WASHING R. D. Phone 158 i r. . SIX PER CENT For Six Months or for One Year Any Amount Received 126 South Santa Fe Sallna, Kansas THE FITZPATRICK MORTGAGE CO. j k National Bank of America SALINA, KANSAS UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY Capital $100,000 Surplus Profits, 125,000 Average Deposits $1,500,000 Berg Undertaking Go. 115 West Iron H. H. Rosberg, Funeral Director and Owner Mrs. H. H. Rosberg, Lady Assistant 24 Hour Service Exclusive Ambulance Phones: 2341, 2342, 2343 DRIVE THEM YOURSELF If you want to buy a car Come Down and do your own demonstrating. Don't buy a car unless you try it out yourself. We have used Cars of all kind? for sale. STAR TAXI AM) TRANSFER Phone 6 FOR A FINE USE ROYAL W PANCAKE FLOUR It Simply Can't Be Beat The Watson, Durand-Kasper Grocery Co. Distributors There are many ways in which a good, strong Bank may be of value to you. Our welfare i3 dependent on the welfare of thl3 community, so we have a vital interest in each individual who composes it. Do not hesitate to call on us whenever we may be of service. SMALL COST, BIG RESULTS WANT ADS. OUR BOOK BINDERY IS COMPLETE. TRY IT, BY ALLMAN 5KI. IS Wo MAW-HAT Ety k A MAU-KILLEfc. MISS A CUP" AND GREASING CO. Heusted 141 8. eth St PAID FOR MONEY iXL JXL JXt iyi .y. tfi 'Tt vTj jjr, iT fiS S v- rn . 9 BREAKFAST ; rffT i' r

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