The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1936
Page 7
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TIIURSOAY, MAY M, 103(5 mATHUVIM.K, (AUK.) COUKIiat NliWS PACK CLASSIFIED Business Directory [Wanted - Used Furniture ADVERTISING ' '' - m ' 0 - T OAS!l -"^" INFORMATION Dally rale per line Jor consccu- Cre Insertions: Due time p« nnn lOo T*'o times iwr line |wr day .. one Tnrco times per line i«i day . OOc Blx times per line per dnj .. 05c Month rate per Hue COc Mlniinuiii cnarge 60o Ans onlirrcQ lor tnrce or slit tlme.s ftncl stopped before explrii- tlon will be clmrgcd for the number of times the «d appeared and -<ju«lment of bill murte. All Classineo ArtvcrltshiK copy eubnillled by ptraons residing out- Bide ol me city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be wully computed from above table. AavcriisiiiE oraerca lor irregular tasertlons take the otic time rat* Jio icsponsiDllay will be taken j for more than one Incorrect In- ,>ertlGiL of any classldcd ad. HARRY BAILEY'S AT MiaSOUIlI STATE LINE Open D;iy anil Nlglit Wo t(e|)iilr OH Stoves Wade Furniture Co. 3Dl-aOJ E. Mulll I'Vjfiiierly Davis & Dodsoli For Kent KRKSII CKAl'l'lE Me | lively Friday, Saliirchiy & Sunday | " I LION ft TEXACO GAS IG.Jic gal. ClgarctU's $1.25 Carton BIO HASKRALL C1AM15 EVERY SUNDAY Mione 1505-F4 or 143 natloLies IIK'ITKK IJATTKUY SKKVIUIS Call J. B. Chine At 'I'liui Jackson's Service Station OOV., slw H ny ,',<!, ni-xt MI - i Hiililianl Tire A l».\i|ery; newly '•'• Km:!] I'mnNii'd apartment. Idil! lliw i'-<tnl. Turn Jiu-liMHi. Plumo K. W. Kentucky. I'lionv WS. )>k-2l : 25-ch-ll •J 1-'UKN1SIIKI> aiummriiLs. uclullsi IVtxmnl only. AvailiiWi. Jimi! I. -IIS JoMii-! L ^l™' 11 ' 1 ' 'Oil A\v. Osceola. Ark. i;t-]ik-2fl'~. - .... .....i"' 1 have sccurcil llii> .seiTlivs ill 8 mum house, luiulslH'd or iinfiir-' ''V Warrlni>(<in. KXI'KHIKNCKI) nWu'd, :! bailis uiul slconlvrs' MKAT CD 1TKU, (« t>» In ohaiT.e li. nil Walnut, c. J. crane. Call' "I »ur meal depaitmeul. Do Von Waul to UnlUt a New HOME? Investigate Our F1IA 10 20 Year Payment, Pian t. C. Robinson Lumber Co i>k-:» i Kir iviu :i HKJIII iiinitshcd iiparl- , incut, ve-cy reasonable. Charles "'• 'ickard's Grocery Laundry Home liuiiitli'iin^ e.vperlly dour, llcasunablo. Mrs. O. O. Anderson, HH7 B. Mill. Barber Sliops llOl/f'S HAUKKIl SHOP 101 South 2!i<1 St. HAIRCUT 20c. SHAVE 15e J);Kh—Close H p.m.—Sliliw NITY IIOMU lor unfurtun- 12|!l!l!> :ll >' K u ' ls ' Private. Very reliable Allen, IL'ii !•;;>;,( Davis. ...... ____________ ; 'V leaswiablc. '•i 111:1111 l''U]i!s'IKIII>:i) U|):l|-tull'lU, K'lll. modern. inv As" i. Mr.s. (ieoiy.e ....... ---- Mallhevvs. fall :«H. olMI Modem :) room APAKTMKNT. lU'W- llox 311, WiiifleM ly decorated, furnUtiL'd or unfurnished, Miiln Cull VIM. 2ml. V. Simon. 2'i-ck-lf Lost 'Ian liiM'inan I'OI.ICK IHX! Tiii's- .V 4 loom modern furnished i apartments, lieasonabk?. Call 280, j 1-l-c.k-U Modem furnished lioiiso for siim- ilay. Cull city Shoo Ki-pk-iG Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction .MONEY I! A Civ r.UAIiANTBK With Every 11. i (i. Or Square Heal Car BoiiBlit I'roiij 1'liillips Alotar Cn. We Guarantee to Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 1U35 I'OIW V-8 l)i: I.HXi: TilDOIl TOUKINC. Kadio, While Sirtrwall Tires An Exceptional Value. Only i9sr> i-'oitn v-s con VK. lllach. finoil Tires, l.onks anil I'crforms I.ilic New A Heal Uuy! I'rlecd lo Sell Wall Paper I N'liU' I'ATTUHNS— LOW 1'KICHS SIM] CANVAS, 1'ASTE AND TACKS ASK ABOUT riri'SHUKGlrS NEW I'AiNT I'iWANCE Autoniollve I'HICHS CUT ON AUTO I'Alt'I'.S Tire.s. Tubes, Batteries, I'aint, Tools. Motor Oil, Floor Mats, Seat Covers. Oel our prices before you buy. Save Money! WOLF AltlAN Phone nti 128 R. Mniu just roi;i> v-8 i)i-: i.uxi: T II1) O It. Kailio. N e w Tires. Malnoii. J'elTect in ' Svcry llcspecl. Look This One Over 1 . Only IBS I I'OR I) V-» T 1.1 I) OK. lllurk. Always i'.een in lilyllievitle. A lieal Buy for Hie Mrsi One to Try Out. Tires. Slotor, Taint lOO'r 1'crfect. Liberal Allowance On Your t' ciit Car - - I,o\v Finance Charge Tlircunh D. C. C. Open Evening (or Ycur Coiivcn- icrcc.,., t nrivf by l.cjs nuil" lict Acliiiainlell." Call ' XIO - "S'll for Demonstration or Illtorinalion. Ask for .Graves, Shanks, Calvin or Barber. PHILLIPS USED CAR 5th & Walnut I'honc 810 or Sit Olicn At Night For Sale or Trade Excellent, residence lot. on licavn Street, with plumbing, graded, i low taxes paid mi to ilalc, food title with abstract. Only ?IC5. Terms or Trade Kce or Phone Roy Calvin '.!• Philliiis Motor co. la-ck-lil DIHTIilCT 0 OK MlrtiMK.SIITl COUNTY, AliKANSAil. Notice is hereby ftlvcn (lint ih, Comity Court of Mississippi (HISIK'll fcllOOl I loir C. Wiliioss my hand (lib - , i . ly, Athiinsas. Ins cullod u N nu-iili ot A|lr11 ' mti - clcrtlon to Iw liolil i:i c,o-,ni'll ,\r- WINN1K VlltCill, TDKNKll l:nnsns. on Hie "0 day ol Mnv. ItlUli, nt which (he iiuuiitiui ,.|ei'-' li.r.s r,l .said Kchiiol Uhlitrt -.I, i,[ vote on (lie ((Ucslloii ol n i ^\\ Imlldlim fund lax. lo I.- ciillrclcil uniuuilly nil Hie II.SM'.SM'I| valuation ol' Hie taxiibli' pL(it)<nlv In Dp. Dlstilcl. liejilnnlns wlili'iiu. | ilM .s collected In I KIT, lo prliu'lpiil and IIIICIVM m pnscd lefiimlliiK bond ivsnr ..; $IA,<II)0, \\hlcli will nm ),„• ;, : years, finch Heel Ion .shall lie INI.Ii County Kxninlner. IViechtr Service - Gas 'J. \ OI'lON AI,L NIOHT IMHMJl'S S10UV1CK CHNTKK I'liOIK'S 177 - 810 ' Mny, lli;W. between (lie horns ol J;'M I'M., mill mi,, .sanu' maniu'i u-, Shoes Repaired, 65c & up wtl h Job. nicr. Keasonablc. Mrs. Cross. :IOD HA'l'lHPAC'nON OlIAltANTKKI) ^>ke. u-ck-if| Tin in iium snot: SHOP Ni'Xl to 1). T. Worthy's Found i: bedroflias or u Hvo room fur-1 nifhed nijarlinenl. Reasonable. I Mrs. J. T. Collins, KVJO Hearn. I 'IVo Nice ijirac nei:r<i<iins. Mrs ; Aik.insas Truck license No SU'I-IUO It. U. Noleti, :IIU West Walnut. | owner may have same hy eiill- IGc kU I In.,. ;n cornier News olllre and pay- I/J'ver lloor at 1013 W. Walnut, •! I."!" e ' ll;l ^^ unfiiriiislieil rooms. Call Wl-J. ck-tf Tliren room furnished apartment. Newly decorated. 719 W. Chlckn- ba. Call' L'27-W. ck-tt The Arkmo Lumber Co. I'honc '10 Frco list i ni;i I cs Best Prices Paid For SCRAP IKON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones "•iii$hcvillc-lron-& Metal Co. 221 W. Cherry Highest Market Prices PAID I : OH iSCRAP IRON For Sale MINNOWS—lc each Ccrlilicd 1'olaio rlanls—Tomato, Pepper & Egg Plants G. C. Hawks Cor. Lake & Main or S20 Madison MINNOWS lc each HILL laSHOT 22.1 Dongan Good Used Trucks 1035—114 Ion 1'ord IMS— ',2 Ton lortl riek-Up ml— Hi Ton Chevrolet 1!)J.I—1}« Ton International All have Gooil Slake Kmlies TKKirtS J3clia Iinpicincnl Go SIXi.CIO Credit, on New Chevrolet or i:scd car. value S-lflO.OO ui mo'?, to buyer having no trade-in. Ci .;d discount lor cash. I!ox "AH". Courier News. dh t( , Poultry POUI.TKV BOUGHT & SOLD lilchcst Prices Paid li. T. WORTHY—315 E. MAIN Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Erjgs & Poullry ill E. Main Wanted UWUHNISIIMJ 1 room nparlincnl with hnth. Call :I27, or B5 at I'iK^. )a-ck-tf Writ I-'iiriilslinl Aiiartinenl ill Shane Duplex at 1114 West Ar,h. Call 107 or 571. ck-10 Man for newspaper work. Insurance or newspaper experience required. .Salary, commissions. Box "X" Courier News. • 13-pk-lii Purnlshed :<-ranin house. 008 N. Fitlh Kt. Couple Only. illi 5 Kflom Apartincnl., 4 rooms fur- niElied. J. II. Sinhrl. Call 805-J 2c kit Salcsmcn Wanlcci IIUN WANTED to li,:nvlcl|;h RouTes • if 800 fiiniilies. Reliable hu.Ulci should start oarntiii; $25 weekly and Increase rapidly. Wrlle lodny. Uaw- lekll, Uept. AKK-!i7-S. Mcllll) Tenii. gr Classes Tuesdays & l.'ildays 2:30 I'. M. 1100 Chickiisavvha INST1UICTIONK VltKK OliDKliS TAKKN 1'OK "UKUNA'L 1 " YAHN Mrs. Leslie lhio|H'i' Mrs. A, C. llulcy IMiono 71IJ RADIO REPAIRING A Complete l,|u f (1 | Tulits and 1'nrlj HUBBARD TIHK * HATl'SHV CO. I'HONK fS SOU) OUT We are out ot nlfului seed anil can not. net mi.v ,. | 10II , u,,, pi:u-e wo t;ot Die kind w.- have been liniKlllnti, anil w,> mo : ,! ri ilit I" c.lmnijii In fear dial Hie icisl would i ol lie us |»imlar as tile one that we have been j,el)in«. We I hank our hade for Hie vohinn- of sulrs lliat we have •njoynl. We will laivc Iliem iii'ain his fall. We now oiler firry beaiis.-l.aredo, Viiiiluiii llioivn, M.nmuoiii llrown, I'iKi tlclshi. 1'eas Whips, Mixed and New Krn. And any kind of Collon Kced mown here. Hoc or call us. L. R. MaUlicws Gin Co. ('olliin, Colloii Rrrii ,v 't'elcplioiu. Iftll.l-'.^ Vaibro, Ark. ONE SHIfYlCH STATION '•"'• I'OIt YOUR CONVIiNiKNCG 1 '' SINCLAIR GAS . AN!) MIliUICATlON Service •• —Hotly Worlt — Feiuior Worlt — (Jl' Ittsitiillcd — Anlo 1'arls W, T. BARNETT AUTO llllKU .t I'ljllioudi l>ealer I'lIONlO SS8 Noiv lx>ea(cii »t 101 North ScrunJ ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EMWAKDS, 1'roiirlelor All niakta of rrliuill Typewriters, Adding Miunlncn «nil c»l- culalorn—Hcpalrlnf—Varls—Kill lions If yn)i Imvc ji Id.viiil MNKoeialion ccrUlicalc of any liiml on your loved on M w |i c ,i t,] lev m »* "way, wo will nm-,,l it ;il f(l |i vnlllo „„ Ulu f,, niy ilH M1UC " lls ?BO COBB FUNERAL HOME I'HONK iili WHV.1HAT UUFEELIeJ', LOW-DOWM SOM.'/OOO, MV HEAD! DlDJA SEE WHAT HE WEMT AM' DONE V WHERE AM I ~> WITH OOP A LAVIK1' THERE COLD AKJ' (WHAT HAPPEWED ? DEAD, HE GRABBED TH'ceow/w r\ OH, MCW i RIGHT OFF'M HIS HEAD.' Metals and Rags, Etc. HQOTC AND HKU BifnimTs WE SKI,I, All l.cadinc liranils of COAL Small lots. Truck or Carload Delivered Anywhere. Also WOOD - KINDLING Superior Co:tl & Mining Co. 1 Wholesalers, Ucfftilers ft Miners N T . lliway 61 Oitp. .lake UnRar Oin Phone 700 ISIytllcville, Ark. Extra Special! SOLID BRONZE Screen Wire 5c per sg. ft. Hubbard Hdw. Co. .Mrs. .1. J. Davis.— Spev.ccr Corsclicre Call 421-VV for appointments WANTED — AM, K1NIIS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to $5 ton Aluminum, lOc lo. Brass, 2c to 4lie Ib. Copper \Virt. 4c to &c Ib. Raclfaloi'S, 4lie II). HIDKS & PURS WOLF AHIAN 176 • 128 E. MAIN AWNINGS Fcm HOUSES COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Heady Made Awnings 51.2:1 up Best Prices tor Quality Work Carney Awning Co. Call 643 113 S. First Wanted To Renl \VANTI-;» — FuniMicil 2 room aparltnrnt. ^lust have private cntiaiu-c, Call "S" Courier A 13 room liouse by desirable family of four, no chlldreii. Must be clean, in good Neighborhood. "D" Courier. 25-ek-lf VACCll\OL Kills WIicu They Swann I'ltonc 100 E, C. Robinson Lumber Co Wanted To Buy STOVES STORED FOR SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal is Black But I trcit You White Good Jersey mtlch cows. .Iresii or heavy springers. Craig's Dairy. S. Franklin St. Pliotie 74. c-K JOHN nUCHAXAX—rnOXE J01 \ I'KK'riT I.IVHI.V COKI'SIO! .'-GOOD GOSH.' THAT VWS TH'AWFULEST / VJEII LOOKIT '!M -OHl-fH- HEY, LOOK! THERE'S \ OUR WISSIWG '—" •— < —s AM' f THIKIK^"^ ^"^ ,! SAID CL OOP WAS LAY OWE OM HIS JAW.' THAT WAS ) OOP? HE'S PRETT/COLD \. 60ME. f AMYOME BUT OOP WOULD AFTER LOOK, STK\'K! AMO V OV-C\DtO WE'OE AWOTHtU. EA StH'<IC£. INC. T. M. BEG. V. S. PAT, VTt.ii.1 WASH TUUliS OH.HO! HE SHOT POWN LULU BELLE, AND NOW HE'S /N6 TO GET ME BUT WHERE THE BLA7ES 15 HE a 'W l-It'S TOO PARN 600D. HAS A. RI MD ME WITH ONLVA FI5TOI .TH ^?'AND T CAN'T LEAVE THIS ROCK, lf\ HOUT tX. 'OSIMG MYSELF. THAT'S WORSE TW9 ROCK AMP- FRKCK1,ES AM) IMS FRIBNDS THE O5IN I LEFT SYLVESTtR, WHAT GIVES YOU THE IDEA THAT YOU CAM ESTABLISH AM ALIBI THRU THE IDENTIFICATION OF A COIN ? THE COIhJ I LEFT ON TME-COUWTER, TO RAY FDR THE MEDtCIWt I TOOK, WAS A RARE COIM.' fTV/ASOHETHAT W GRANDFATHER GAVE ME FOR A KEEPSAKE! IT WAS THE: OWLY MDMEY vvi HAD IN THE HOUSE.' V/AS DATED 1878 ....IF IT WAS AMONG THE ONES RXWD UNDER THE FLOOR t rr SHOULD PROVE MY OFFICER KELLYj BRWG THE COIWS ID ME, PLEASE!-' WILL A ; =• cow OF : j THAT ' .5 VIWTAGE' ;' BE AMONG * THE LXJZEW^ FOUK1D ; 2 UNDER THE* FLOOR ?S

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