Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 22, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1896
Page 2
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' ~TVHAT IS THIS DISEASE CALLED DYSPEPSIA?. . -i Like a- thief at night, ill steals }n upon us unawm-et-. The pa.tlehts ha,Ve puln.s nitont the chest, ami sides, and somo- tlmesi In the buck. They feel dull-and sleepy; The month has :i bud taste, os- jxjclRlly; in- tlto- morning: -A --sort oC sticky slime collects about -the teeth. The appetite is poor. There Is feeling like a" lionvy—loart- on The -stomach; sometime* a. faint, iiU-gonc sensation nt the pit of the stomach' which food does Jiot satisfy. Eyes are sunken, the hands and .feet (become cold :and .feel chimniy. After awhile a couch sets In, at flm dry, but after a. fi"\v months it is attended with a 'greenish colored ox- poVtoriitiou. The i>:itlvnt..recls tired nil the wlviic, and sleep does not seem to afford any rest. Af.ter a time Iw becomes nervous. Irritable nnd gloomy, jifid has* evil -forebodings. .There is .1 giddiness, n sort, of whirling sensation in' the head when rlsln?,' up suddenly. The bowels become costive; 'the skin' Is dry nnd hot u.t'tlmys: the blood becomes tlik-k and 'stucnan-t; the whites of .the eyes become tinged with yellow;' tlte urine 's scanty-and hiKh colored depositing n sediment after standing. There Is frequently a' spitting np of the food .sometimes wi.th 'n. sour'taste' and sometimes with a sweetish taste; this is frequently attended with palpitation of the heart; tho vision becomes impaired with spots before the eyes; there Is n feel ins of great prostration and weakness. All of these symptoms ;iro In turn present. It is thought that r.r.'irly one-third of our population has this discuss 'n soaiie'of Its varied forms. It has been found that medical men have mistaken the nature of this dis- pitse. Some have tried i-t for a. Liver Complaint, some for Dyspepsia, others for Kidney Disease, etc., etc., but nono of'the various kinds of treatment have been attended with success. Now, the Shaker Digestive Cordial causes the food'eaten to be digested. This will cause" an appetite for more fooil, and this being digested will result In. an increase of strength, .an increase of flesh -and an increase of nerve power. The tired; weary feeling will give way to vigor and courage. Tins 'pale, thin ajid emaciated will recover their color and plumpness, because red blood and fat are :thc result of properly digested food. ' A. ten cent trial 'botflc- will produce a result. Its good effect will be realized at once.You 'willl not have to take a dozen bottles to find out if it is doing yon any good. Try it.'a.nd then give • praise to the Shakers of Mount Lebanon, New.York,, for the relief, that you obtain. .-••••.. NOT,BS F;ROM THiB EXPERIMENT: EXCTJBSrOX TO BLTJFFTON, IND M VIA Vandalla I/lne, October 13th to 15th.—On October'13'th to 15th ..the VJandolia Line will -sell excursion tickets from all stations, .in ; Indiana to Bluffton; Ind., 'at one fare for the round trip, account Baptist Convention afad 'Young People's TJnlon of Indiana;. Tickets' good .to return, unti.l October 19th, inclusive^ For full, .particulars call on nearest Vandalia .Line Ticket Agent, or address r E, A. Ford,, General Passenger.Agent, fet. Louis, Mo.. The police ' tiuarters' In .Mulberry street, New Torif City, .nre' overrun wlth"white,rata;. The albino'"rodents' are- also.' numerous in the , neighbor- .hOOd, : •:-••• -.-..-•• : GERMAN CATHOLIC CENTRAL SOOTETT -OiF AMERICA. Detroit; Mich:,' September 19th to 24th. —Th§ Vandalla' Line "yrlli .sell excursion tickets, on -September 19th to 21st, good ,tp .return until September, 20th,' Inclusive, from all. stotions at one fare for the round trip. For if nil particulars, call'on nearest Vao'dalia : Line Ticket 'Agent, 'or address' E. 'A. Ford', General Passenger'Agent, :St. Louis, Mo. .'''•' .'••'-• - " •''• Many a day's work Is .lost by sick headache- cnu8«l by. Indigestion ,and •tomncb .'••: troubles. , DeWltt's Little Early'Risers nre the most effectual pill for-' r overcomluc 'jmcb •dlffleultles.-Jno. M. Johnston. : •Hill Carter, u Knox county wife-murderer, has been sentenced to life'Im- prisonment.' '..,.. . ,-' SENT '.''IT: TO-'. HIS MOTHER- IN ;-. , . GERMANY. . : ' •Mr. 3acob'Esbensen, who is In the employ of the Chicago Lumber Co., at Des Moines; Iowa; says: "I-have Just sent some medicine back to my mother In the old country,''th'a.t I know from personal-use' to be the : best medicine in the world .for. rheumatism, haying .useil it,in my,family'for several years. .It.'.j called Chamberlain's. Pain palm. It always does the work." 50 cent, bottles for snle by B, F, Kcesling, druggist,,: . .'-' ',.". ' • . ••••.• Lewis Gobbonly.has leased the Su-' perlor ratlatory 'factory at. Elwood, 'and f It will at once resume operations, with a force of 200 workmen. . Tlie plpuitiflij of rape-ns a .grecnjfod-j der crop'for-shcep Irns'jbeeii' practiced!. 'at this, station- for a number of yjaars.t. Although the best of-seed has been so-' cured, and .the- soil ooudWons would •«.ppertir--favorii'bte,-we~ haw- -not: -been- «ible to secure such a. grow-tih, of tho plant «is occurs In tho north, especially in -eaaiadarMlcWgiti), Wisconsin nnd MJuueso'Ca, The writer is led to believe tlmt,cxeei>tiuK(in northern (Indiana, our. summers are too warm for the "most 'satisfactory srowith of this plant. Dur- ing'the .-present slimmer we have had t-wo different see<Hnps of rape growing, one of wlilch is now being -pastured by .sflieep. While taic plaints are perfectly Iwsvlthy In every,way, they.do not have, the siae and , character ^hoy. .should ' ,h'ave. They., are . too small, notwlth- •staudlng the occurrence of t'rwiucut •'.showers, sncl). .is promote vigorous •growth. 'The .writer desires to learn 'from Indiana growers of. rape as to the '•success -attending their efforts In nils-- 'lug till® crop, -ami wouild appreciate re-. : coiving ix>s'hi.ls contninllng such information from .is nmny'(is-will thus favor him. If some 'portions of the Shite are adopted .to tine 'growing of ''•this valuable green, food .for sheep, 'nnd others not, then tho experiment std'Uon would be pleased- to be the mcwns'of making such fact.* known to 'our sheep growers. '..'', Tills experiment station publishes .a variety of documents. .• . . (1) Tlie result of oxpori incuts arc published in pamphlet form and dis- tri'buited free of cluu-ge to the farmers of Iiul'la-mi who request them. Those InilK'tins arc pubHsluxl from time'to. tlm'e, although UK low requires, the publication of, but four different Issues. (2) 'Short .newspaper bulletins of about 450 words are published about •twice a mouth, and distributed' in limited editions only to the periodicals of tlie State. These bulletins are not for. general distribution, excepting •through the press. (3) Tfli'e annual report, which gives a brief synopsis of the'Station work for flu; year, is'distributed In a. very limit«id way -to the different agricultural experiment station*,, to experiment officials, libraries,-etc. This report is not intended for general distribution. (i) An occasional 'bulletin is issued by'the : 'veter,iiKiry department 1 of the mion, gJviiing records of theoccur- •reuce of animal diiseoses in tlie Suite. TMS'i's published.in limited editions, ,-iud Is an the main, distributed ainiong the.veterinary surgeons of this and other States: ' ' , ' ' • (5) A monthly .weather bulletin is publiaiod by -the, State Weather Scr- v.ice, which has ' Its headquarters nit the experiment station of whlch.it is a part These 'bulletins are •distributed to ww'ttoercJbsen-ers, the 1 'press,-and to ft'iinilted .number .of others,.'who .are speflMy' ''Interested in weaitlier"reports'. (0) 'From June .to. October,, each week, there is-, issued through-,. the Weather Service,- a brief crop bulletin, which 'is distributed only to 1 ihe periodical's .of tlie State"who wish, to prtiit.'lts contents^ .;.:., : ,. • •,,!•.• •.• : 07) i An occasional bulletin, is printed on a Ifu-ge-sheet of'paper'ns-n:, poster, and Is •'dustrlbutcd; for the' purpose'of being' dtebta-yed' In •prom.inon't • position's, thereby'.attracting the attention of.many, Vwo.do: not regularly, .receive our 'bulletin's. ; •-' ' • ' '• ' • • •• : 'JIie : ataltlOTi desires tlhe farmers of Indiana to receive Its regular bulletin, •only requesting in return for the same an occasional acknowledgement.of its receipt.. 1 ! , • ' ' ;; •In A' bulletin on milk separators, pub Itelwd by the''station this''summer, the price' of Ji"sfoeep 'or dog *reo:d power was given' ws' $150:00;. 'This was . a iprlntei-'s error. It should.' have be'cn $15.00 instead. , -• . . .•.--: C; S. BLUMB, director,^ MOTHERS in "Hood's Sarsapanlla, whacn gives, them pure blood, s jrood appetite and -new and needed STRENGTH. •If you h'nve ever seen a llttleichlld In the agony of srimmer complaint, you can .realize the danger of .the .trouble and appreciate the 'Value' of: instantaneous relief' always afforded by.;peWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure. .For dysentery and dlarrhbea. : it'is'a-reliable remedy. We cbuid.noV'afford,to recommend this as a cure unless It were,a"core;—Jno. M. Johnston, ,-••:.! ;•.. Farmer Dick Chatten has; succeeded lu killing about five thousand jack rabbits' on ihis 'Gos'heh '(Cnl) riinch lately by the; use of .arsenic. „' • • ;, -, From.' all .. accounts .Chamberlain's .Cough. Remedy is a."podsend to ;tbe afflicted.- There Is no . advertisement. about this; we. feel jusflike. saying It. —The Democrat, Carrolton, - Ky; F6r sale by Bi: F. Keesling, druggist. ' • ; - Gold,can be beaten 1,200.] times thinner than common'wrltlng paper! One ounceof .toai. kind ;of'. gold leaf will coy-. '''' ' Don't trifle away- time when ynu ?iave cholera morhua or diarrhoea. -Fight them In the"beislTJmng,,wdth DeWItt'a Colic & .Choiera/Cure. , You don't. have to wait for reeultei They are Instantaneous- and' It : lea-val the" -boweto In healthy condition.— Jno. M. JohoBton. ' f With us. Homes Bverywtoero _ the Weak p.nd Naj t r '/ , No Need to I-VrHTlrrd and -IVrltable—, Kuowlfilga That Y»u May Never Have PoHMiuiid. <', People' oft'orf KEUVO pale' 'arid «allp^.v "complexions, the'muscles are weak arid flinjbyrtti'e'rc~i&~a"wi:iik~ nervo'us' feel-" ing and a general tired and cSlumstcd condition;' the appetite 'is "gone; The spirits are'fleprcsse'd; .strength, encrtry _ and ambition iirc' lacldhg; the'sleep.' .mn.y'be distu.rbud, there may be'iiuu- •riilgia and rheumatic pains. In fact the entire'system lacks vigor of nerves. and power of "the'body. ; These'cpndi- N tions arise ^rom a disordered stutu of . thb/nepves and blood. What is needed is Dr. Greene's Norvura blood-and nerve. remedy to build up the wasted, weak-, encd, diseased nerves, and to give a supply of purer, richer-blood. : - • • - ; MISS ..V .....i. Miss.E. Burke, of Amoslieay, N. fl... writes: "I was stricken-doivn with nervous prostration, and no : one bu* God knows whi't I suffered.. "I was so nervous that the least little thing would enuse-roy heurt-to flutter and palpitate. 1 was also troubled with severe headache and dizziness, which unfitted me for any mental work. "I took .Dr. Gieene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. What a blessing it has proved to me! I can truthfully say that I owe my present health to Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. This wonderful medicine has done me'so much good, that I urge others to use it and get well." This grand medicine transforms the body from a weak, ailing, disordered condition into a strong and vigorous one., It is the prescription, of the great specialist in nervous diseases, Dr;- Greene, of 315 W. 14th Street, J^ew- York City, who can be 'consulted free, personally or by letter. ^ , . . . In a. recent letter to -the manufacturers Mr. .W.-F; Benjamin, editor of the Spectator, Rushford, N.' Y.'', says:- "It may be a pleasure to you to: know tide, high esteem .in 'which Chamberlain's medicines .are held,by the people of. your own States, where.they must be best- known.:. An aunt of- mine/ -who resides at Dexter, Iowa, was about to visit me a few 'years since; and before leaving home-wrote me, asking If they were sold : here, stating If they were not she would bring a'quantity with her, 1 as she did not like to be'without them." The medicines' referred''to'are Cham-' ber,Iainfa Cough Remedy, famous. for lts ; cures of colds and croup: Chamberlain's Pain Balm for rheumatism, lame back, pains In tbe'side and chest, and Cham'berlaln's Colic, -Cholera 'and Di- arrhoea Remedy for bowel complaints: These njedlclnes h : a : ve'becn ( ra constant use,'In Iowa,'for.about a quarter of a century. ;Tfee people -have ; learned that they are articles of. great worth :and merit, and unequaJed^by-: any > other; They are. for .sale here b,y. B. F. ICees- llng, Druggist. ...'... . ,- : . ., a''well-'knoiwn man of Anderson, is dend. ..He was. a factory, employd, .. o.nd ',' cxceedtagly popular; throughout the gas-belt. He w.as prominent In a number of organizations, and the. president of the Anderson -Fishing clubl •' • ..•"•'-'••'• ' •'' Tfle<3ries.'of. cure may. be dlacusfled at lengtli by .physicians,, but the witCerers want ..quick; relief;• -.and.One-MInute Congh-Cure'will 'give It'tO' thsm. 'A »afe cure for children. It la "ttie only harmless remedy"that produces Immedl- »te results."—Jno. M. Johnston. 1 Teacher — What' Is'', meant 'by "opaque"?." Pupii—Th«re ..:i.?n't'. ariis; ^uch thing now.'teach'ei?,; 6lnco.,those 1'X", rays were. : dlscoyer.ed.—Puck. •, - : BtrCELEN'S AKNICA SALVE.; > - 1 Tlie'Best Salve'in the world'for cute, bruiBes,. sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores,'tetter, chapped han^s, chilblains, corns'and! ; ali skin,eruptions.,.and posl- tlTely cures .-piles, or, no pay reaalred. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satis; faction i pr...i^^7- t i:ctattffxi...,.f!'A'^ 25 cents per-bos. .For sale.by. Bj.F.Kees- ilDg.-; ; •• -I :' i r.:,: ;::••'• Envy Is the 'caricature of ' reside t— ' ' ' Fllegende Blaetter: •Wh«diebecamsMtak»h* < ;' ! vTHB':JOUBjNAli LEAFLET NO *8 (Cut thills, out mid p.ut in yo.ur pocket ", ^r r^erence.) ^ - /'.. £ ; -One iof tUo'^mlslondlng' statelnciits : aften inndel, by sUvert'stump sj»eakcrs is 4LS follows: ".'til we ask for silver, Is thatitrslitiill be a.diult.tetl to the mijits .ou-wiual-terms-witli-gold. If I-have .one thousiuul dollars' wortlx ,of gold. budl'fou 1 , I caa take itito-tlie mint and have it- coiue<l: • Why should I-not enjoy the same privilege,if 1 happened to 'haA'c a. lihO'UsaiKDdollji-r.s'f worth pf 'all-Vei' -bu4)iiioh^ WliV" should" my' gold brr' ,admitte<.l to tlio mint and my silver shnt,o ; ut?"... , . ... t .] . ,• . , - ; • This question nerd- faiils to elicit -loud applause. "ThSi.ts a cliiK-her—gootl .boy—'hit him again." Tlie a.n-siwor 'is noverUhcJess obvious. If 'I ha.ye one I housjind dollars' worth iof gold'biiilllou aiid'take lit to'the uilnt the Go\xn-nmciit coins l£ for me and Istamps It. $1,000. If I huve ;t thousand dollars', worth t af silver.' bnlllbn,''and. take tliat-to ,thc mint,, tho Government., so.long.as,the nitioi-emaiiis at l(i to 1,, coin* it and .sta.mix* it, at tihc presenit. price of pure silver !?2;000. This is not •equality, of privileges betx\-eeu thfe two 1 ,me't'iLs; it te gross partiality nnd'fa.vor-' iitlsra .'to' silver.. The Government has' no. right.to do it It IMS .a, right to do 'It, .oil 1 its own account, if having said tJi.it a silver dollar shall -Ix. equal-to a gold dollar, 'iit stands ready to make that guamnlec good. It has no right, to : •Je't any dollar which it has issued, whether of sliyor or of paper, fall' below par. If it does it is guilty, of .bad fatlth. It lias -110 right to take- fifty: cents worth of silvci' which does not belcvufi to the" Government; but to a private citizen, coia It,, stamp'it, "one dollar" and give lit, back to the owner. AD irretloomablc silver dollar, intrinsically worth, only lia.lf. its, face value, Is a cheat. "Winy," says the silver:to. "iit used to •do'it All we ask is that the Govern- riuient shia.ll ref-mi to its 'ancient pr:ic-' tice!" No, It never did it. When it •coined 371% grains of silver .on private : accouut, for-the owner, that silver was 'worth 100 ccnts'ln gold. Now it- is not.- Thntils the difference, and a. great dlf- •forunce, too. The iiitcillectuaJ and mor- :a.l .ixwceptions.of 1-he man -who ciinuot see it must bc.foeble indeed. • If the proposition, hi the Chicago plat-; 1 form were to let the owner of a thousand dollars' worth of silver bullion 'take It to the mint and Jia'v« it stamped 1 $1,000, the same as the owner of gold bullion has a. right to do, there would, be none ot tW« anxiety and excitement,: on the part of business-men, that Is . everywhiai-e apparent. 1 It 5s because the free silver move- meet contemplatei putting a false valuation upon, bullion .coined for its own' ers, itlinlt.economists and tlnanclers re-; : ga.Td the Chicago platform as first dis-' Phoniest, and then IiiexpressiWy danger- 1 ous t'o the interests'of th-e 'whole people • •without 1 distinction' of, class or pecun; 'liiary.condltion. .. , . - .. - • i • MAjMpBJBS AND TEAVEIiERS. ' 'Speak In high 1 terms of the preventive iand 'remedial 1 pro-pertles of Hos^ettbr's 's'toiria'cii Bitters, a medicine pecuiltoly, ! adapted, to the wants of those called on. to experience ; the ricissltudea of cli-, mjate, the ^Inclemency of, tho; weather^ the hardships of a'sen-faring or out- of-door life, or the dangcrs'.cf a malar-'; lal 'or otherwis.e pestilential atmos-! ,phe're. .A-small quamtit'.y of this agrce- ; oible.tonic nullifies Impurities in. water,, and fortifios-the stomach-against -thcj consequences 'Of an unhealthy or un- acoustoTned diet. It also "enables the; consitltuitlott .to, bear .uip. uojiaimcd' nigalnst unh.e'aithy. ciimaitic. influences, and,the;system:to sustain, unimpaired., in health;'and'vigor, the .fatigues"of., traveling: Emigrants, tourists, 'mln-; ;ers';an'd others who have thoroughly' 1 •tested, the"pfflcacy"of .the auticle,, declare It to be' .a, sovereign preservative, of, health : under conditions most favorable. ' ' ' ; ' : , iie system. Is'drained' and, undermined by Indolent ulcers'and'open sores. Delta's .Witch, f Ha^l. Salve- speedily heals.them. It is the best pile cure known.—.Tno. M. Johnston ) ] In, Paris is to l)e: seen' a (Ire. engine propelled by ..cycling-firemen. ; it doesn'^matter mnch wnether ; slck' bea'dactie, 1 billousnefis'.: indlgestlop and; constipation. ar,e raused. .by .negU-ot ,nr by '.,,'nnaivol.da.bie' -..circu'inst'anees: Pe- WUt's T.Ittle-Early Riser.". will, sppedilv cnre'them nil.—Tno. M: .Toh.nstoi,i T.4i.e'EDfflewbod 'High school .foot balJ 'teiun.'defeated the Nbrther'n,,Indiana, team at Valparaiso. Saturday afternoon by a scorelof.32 to 0.- Nearly-2,000 peo,- pie'were presdnt.- '-.'.''. 'Poison 'Ivy, , 'insept' filteZ; . '.orulscs,; Mald8,,burns.;are;qulckly .cured ..by. De- W,ltt'a.Whch'Hazel:Salve, the great pile . Johnston: - ' -- - •>-• :-i- : Biddeford, 'Me., expends ?20 ammalf 'iyjfbr snuff. for^lts paupers.' " . '.',. _ ' ' : "Boys : will' be boys," hut yon can;t ; afford tojtofle any. of them. Be ready for the green apple season :by haylnff DeWltt's OoUc & Cholera^ Oijre In the • tse.— Jnoi. M; Johnston; . "'•' CAWPS IN A TREE. Tflnt on « J'IKcforni Hullt Between th» v V ISritAyUovt faf' »i Cot^onirt.oU. v.' livelyboUy w'.ifo h;is efcr ciiinped out <iu Nilfcs c;niyon,!Ciilii!oriin, knows that iilieo/Drc a nurabtfrnof tilings to be considered in selecting -a. desirable, site. If yon pitch your tent near tlie water, the a'if"is"llk"eiy't'o"lie"closc"ou"w:irm days, 1 /o ; *a.V; nothing: of tho numerous mos- 'qui'toe'.s.i . OVi 'the other hand, if your tent-is-pitched-on a hillside,-it is difficult to find u, level place to bjiijd a fire, nnd all the* water had "to be ca'rried i)p from the stream below., 0£ course it is niorc convenient to be near the water, but under ordinriry circumstances not THE TENT IN A TREE. i 5(j> comfortable as being' a lew feet upove it. 'Henry Gibson thinks that he has solved the problem and at the same thru: procured a. juunber of advantages he had not looked for. He is one of the iirst cnrnpers in tlie canyon, and in- •t*™]s to remain all summer, so thattt W likely that many of the. later ar- HTals will t.ike advantage of his way of pitching a tent. - ' • [Gibson's Bcheme consfcts of utilizing, ai big cottonwood tree.. He selected ope with spreading branches, and in the space between them he constructed a| platform of flooring similar to that generally used .under tents when they, are placed on the' ground; One of the, branches had to be sawed, off, .but the platform was mode to fit in between the others as nicely 05 could be. On, this platform he has pitched his tent, the same as he: would on the ground. By the use of a'ladder it is easy to.getup or down. There are numerous-advantages. HI pitching a tent tJils'way, the principal one of which is« ^hat it is high and dry, and the occupants run lit- 'tj'e danger of taking- cold. Besides this, iit can. be located close to good water apd near a. level plnce for ,t'he.camp 'fire. '. , , \ '• 'Another advantage is that''iVgrub ; and cooking utensils .can be placed out. 'of the reach''bf prowling animals by putting- them in a basket and.haul.ins-' them up .to the pla.tform. At night the ladder can.' be hauled up and the occu- phnts of the tent will be as secure from intrusion'-as' if'iit home In their bed'- Iroorns. ' ~ • The tent in a tree has already attracted the attention of a number of prospective campers. Gibson says it- dotffcost n'-c&nt more than it does to put up a tent in the> ordinary way. It !only takes a little mare time, but when 'you..are there you are fixed. : CHINAMAN TRANSFORMED. Ou«oiin«»od Fll-o In"Contact with u' Qu'««« ItUk* '»n American. - • • : In as .short a. time as it takes to rejuvenate a spiled, shirt did it take to Americanize,' Ah Sin, a. laundryman. in TTospect' Btre'et,' Cleveland, 0. ' In one ^briet," flitting moment hes' was' 'trans- 'iformed to the everyday appearance of a ."sure-enough American;"—•-• ', Ah is a Chinaman who runs a laundry at Np./90'ProBpeot'Street- Early on-'Sunday monftrig'Ati prepBredno do *-*ig TELt,ED LIKE A MADMAN. x 'day's wash, as most of hfe^cu^tomers'go : to church on Sunday, nnd needed their ilaundry-to make^thal possible. He 'used h'is niou'tti for sprinkling' the cloth- !ing; and*wns-ablc:to. blow-tt~.bcmitifnl- •spray which fell in rainbow.^iiadcs on !the ironing 1 board;."»'," f < •>--,- ;?V Then he dis'coveYed-that' -"his iromr were not hot enough nnd started for the 'gasoline, itoyft.C Tho npstiniomeat'the ,air was ftlled with the sound of an ex- : plosion, large flames and Cclcstialswear jwords. ..He; jumpf!d-:obpfat on.tjne foot innd yelled'likVamad man as the Barnes ib'urnefl:h'i8ihands''and'fticc,Tand tficn.he !rubbed.Ws hand on th.otppflf.his.hcad.:.; 1 ''erflilchanre 'was .wrought in the Qxprcs^loni of his > face. lie had made a startling discoV- cry. His queue wnsigone:- iThenJdid Ah-_ break out'afresh^in'liis cfie^.S|nfl lamen-,. tations, for without his queue he is not 'a Celestial. The fire apparatus-finally crrived and' extinguished flie 1 flahfes ,with'IH-tle-log8:rr-:"~-"'-""' "••' " •"'""•"" ' : Wblikj Won* Th»n Pol«on. ' A horse grazing on the farmotErank' Corbett, of New Augusta, Fin., was bi^ ten in.,lhis,nasiril by A rattlesnake, wid.^ u'<^ '.i.knvi^-iMfol^n/1 <m"+.li«*-ytrr"C6rbett'. Talk .. _ rilla," Sales Talk," and show that this medicine "has' enjoyed public confidence and patronage to a greater extent than accorded tny other proprifetary medicine: This •18- simply because-it possesses greater merit, and, produces greater .cures .than, any other.' It is not what we say, but what Hood's SaraapariUa does, that'tells the story. All advertisements of Hood's Sarstparilla, like Hood's Sarsaparilla itself, «re honest. We have never deceived the public, and this with its superlative medicinal merit, is why the people have •biding confidence in It, and buy Sarsaparilla Almost to the exclusion of all others. Try It Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mas». _..„ are the onTy pills to take S PlllS with Hood's Sursaparilla. REV. S. P. KLOTZ. PASTOR U. B. CHURCH. Waterloo, ind., Sept. 8, 189C. P«p§In Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—I have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or soar -•vmach. I have tried different reme- «!•• without much benefit Finally I •Ktoght a; JO-cenc bottle of Syrup Pep- -m and found that it benentted me. : t tin convinced'that it will do what It •• recommended when taken according t* directions. I have taken nearly one bottle and feel like a different pcwon. i S-'P.'KLOTZ. : For sale by B. 1 Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO.. '. . tWIOB DAILY STEAMERS TO CH1-; . ,«AGO, CONNBJOTINO.; WTTB: THE TANDALIA RAIL-" ' ; WAT AT «T. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and continuing tntll about Sept. 30th the eteamert ot .UlU.llne will make two trips each w*i •ally; between 8t Joaeph nnd Chicago, »D-the following schedule: Leave St Joseph at 430 p. m. »D< iO:80 p. m., dally. Including Sunday. ^Leare Chicago,at fl:SO a. w./.and li^!*: ». m., daily, Including Sunday. Extra tripe on; Saturday leave.St Joseph at i «.' m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m.^ .kunnlngftlme acrow lake 4. bbur*. ^ i irl-iweeldyi ; «teamer8 to iltlwaukwr- iMVlng St Joseph Monday. Wednesday and Friday-evenings. ^The;eaulpment.,of thto line..Include*, (be Bide wheel steamers City of Chicago *nd City of MHwaflkee p (tlie largeit and ^nest- west of Detroit); iand the newly •«bullt propeller City of LouIiVlUe. ifandalla >alns.: ; Tickets on,eal« at *U £| - V*adalla-/Jne »tatij«8. ]-Cb|[cago doc*^ >^*'r,( Wabash avenue. v ' •' •'- ' "' . Benton Harbor,,.Mlcl».^ <•-.-.£ ->•-.•-:•• I ' ;. • ; i > > ; . ,x '4RB. B.'B.'cu"m! ... •..'' it since the w.-i'. ,. Muncie,.Ind..; • ."j^-B BtB B: Put up LnX!3 Thirty days' .rs-'J' t itanufactu Connersvllle, ! ,~i - . - ForealeVby 34 m .gave him all. the. liquor he had, four quarto of whisky nnd one-of brandy. The horse recovered frotn?t,he-.effects-gf; the bite, but the next day b« WM tB«. worse for the liquor. •.•/.c'' i l^^^^^T"*^ •;>».w^*

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