The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1930 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1930
Page 9
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1030 BIA"HlEVn,lE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than SOc. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOK SALE—Almost new NROOTS Master Trailer, equipped with fine 32x6 heavy duty l(J-ply tires, ready for hauling logs, lumber, bolts, piling, etc. Cost 5340 new. Now ONLY $225. H, G, Cash, Telephone 811. 19C-K22 FOR SALE—Sacks for cottonseed Junk Dealers, opposite Frisco station. 2lp-k26 FOR RENT \ FOR RENT—Five room house In 1000 block on Ash ' St. Call M G. Goodwill. 4C-TF FOR RENT—Furnished apartment garage. 305 Dougan. Up-k28 FOR SALE—1930 laic model "A Ford Tudor sedan. 5 dandy tires bumpers, motor A-I. Quaranteec Looks like new and is a REA BARGAIN at «25. Cecil Deen Phone 811 or 776. 19C-K2 FOR RENT—9 .room house, tw baths, all newly painted an papered, located on corner Higl way 61 and Highway 18. Ideal lo cation for tourist rooms. $40.00 pe month. 050. Call L. L. Ward, S68 o 12C-T FOR, RENT—Rooms. One mont rent free. • 914 Hearn. 13P-K2 FOR RENT—2 rooms, furnishc for light housekeeping. 625 Wa nut St., Phone 521. Mrs. S. ' Cavendar. 14P-K2 FOR RENT—Modern 6 room nous Garage, 2 lots. 16th and Mai Will rent or trade 8 room house o Lilly St. J. W. Maloney. 17p-k2 FOR SALE — 1930 Model "AA Ford I'.iton truck with ste closed cab, Anthony steel dum body. Truck has dual; wheels, dun body carries I'.l yards of gray dirt, coal, etc. Cost $845 new. For quick sale ONLY S475. U. W. Mullins. Phone 811 or 522-J. 19C-K22 Murder FOR RENT—Nice sleeping room. 310 Walnut St., Mrs. Nolen. 18C-K22 FOR TiENT—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky. Phone 683. ' -P-K-25 FOR RENT—Nice bedroom. Gentlemen preferred. Mrs. Paul Marsh, 101,',-East Davis. 20P-K24 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, close in. Jimmie Ledbetter, Clarence Saunders store. CK-TF FOR RENT—8 room residence, 2 baths, Walnut St., new garage. $40 month. 21c-k25 FOR RENT—Pretty country home, right at town, bath, lights, water, terraced lot, shade trees, garage, servant house, chick yard, wonderful place. $35 a month. Thomas Land Co. 21c-k25 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings, Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF FOR SALE--Late 1920 model Ford Town Sedan, neat and attractive appearance, motor in excellent condition, 5 good tires, bumpers, license. ONLY $395 Bernard Gocch Phone 811 or 332-W. 19C-K22 WANTED — Sewing. Reasonable prices. Mrs. C. O. Brandon, 715 West Ash. PK-24 THE BEST HOT PIG, CHILI AND COFFEE RUSTIC INN WERT He Makes 'Eiu Sec V. It. WASIIAM— Transfer Rally trips to McmphL 1 ;. Will 1'ick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rales on carload ' lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-931 GOOD STEAKS AND HOT FISH TOM'S CAFE ® /95O bytt£A PAGE ANNE' AUSTIN , lilt BLACK PIGEON IHC AVENGING PM?COT BACKSTAIRS' OUR BOARDING HOUSE - ui:<;ix IIEIII: TODAY Wlien "UOXXIK" DUXIIKK, n(- tnrbrd lo Ihr 4lilrl(>t al[oTnc>'« outer. Intrtidra on rEXMf CHAIN, dltlrlrc ntturBcr'ji vrrrrtnry, jir ha! tiu tdrtt (lint hr will rrmrmljrr Lilrr ivllk kcfd lulrrrfct t-Tcrr- tfcini: hhr My*. I'mitr lafurru* klm (hat Mhr !• iroi&K (o the Smart* Alumon* llrNufr Club, give* fcjr an honorary Mtmfctr. JUAM- T,\ SHI.IM. UuuJrr lenrnK (rum 1'roti) 1 of her falhrr'* t>uMlnt:ji» k 3XullHrr imd dUniip^pranrr, 'fht Criiln BOUH», •Hill at • Hhniv iilaccr.ln bU III- fnlrd rtn} c«1at« venture, J* rt'ntrd hy Mia (roiu JUDCK MAlt- SHAI.I,. th<- lunrliviin, Mil alrlaclon^ly n»k> lilui fur rnrklalla, l,u< U (rlekfrncd on lr»r»lac k<- l« a dr- frctlvr. l.nlr that nflcrjiniin V.rnur f^lrpfciinr* Dnadrf Ihnt fflla kn« brrn tnurarnd nt hrltlKt*. Arriving nt 1li«» S*llni hnunr, I»uri- nri' <lni1« (MI'TAIV STUA\VN, III* Inriurr rhirf. nlrrndj In rknrgr nnd It-nr/iv Ihnf Ml:i hnx ftrrn Kkol from lirhlnd <krmi£k Ibc hcnrt nft the jinl nt hpr drrn«lnf; table. fdrnwn (blnkk iihp \vnn Hkut liy H KUn tkc Ike \vltido Dmidrr cri * Mnxiiu pllrnrrr, <l«nv .llrrrtlv ov Kut>!|irlnf* Ikrnr confirm ihlK IKc ivould hnve fttn n Rlrnnnfr nt the ivlndmr In her tulrrnr, nni] vrnuld not htive (font «m |irmn>r- ITIR. .\ow co ox WITH Tun STOKY CHAPTER III pOXME DUNDEE turned toward [lie tiny, bowed figure o( tlie (lead woman and stared at It long and thoughtfully befora he answered: "I'm afraid, Captain Strawn, that •here »re only two explanation: possibfc. The first, of course. Is (hat Nita Seliin was qni!e deaC or .very near-sighted. I happen to know from having met her today—" "You met her today?" Slrawn lu terrupted Incredulously. Dundeo explained briefly, then went on: "As.I was saying I have good reason to know she «vas not ieaf, but I can't say as to Inr being near-sighted, except Iliat It Is my observation that people who are extremely near-sighted do cot have very wide eyes autl no creases between the brows. I am fairly sure Ehs did not wear glasses at all, liecause glasses worn even a few- hours a day leave a marl: across the nose or show pinched red spots ou each bidu of the base of the no so." I "You must have had a good, hard look at her," Strawn gibed. "1 did." Dundee retorted, grin- niUE back at this former chief, who well knew the boy's weakness for a pretty girl. r "Wc'J, conceding that she was neither deaf nor half- blind, she would necessarily have heard and seen her assailant hetore he shot her." "What's the other explanation?" Strawn was becoming impatient. "That the person who killed her Tras so well known to her, and his or—her presence in tills room so natural a thing that she paid no attention lo his--or her—move ments and was concentrating on the job oi powdering her very pretty face." "You raeon—one of that gang of EQciety folks in there?" and Strawn jerked a thumb toward the left side of the house. "Very probably." Dundee agreed. "But Where's the gnu?" Strawu argued. "I tell you my men---" "This was a premeditated murder, of course," Dundee interrupted ''Tho Maxim silencer—unless they are all lying about not hearing shot—prov*» th*t Silencers are LOST AND FOUN'D Bliouli You mean —one of thai gang of society folks in there?'' trustingly against his must ho his wife—Kami L who had jumped at licr first proposal during liar flrnt season. '". well-bred poople, ho con- J'' c| . as hlj eyes swept on, and then stepped, n. llttlo bewildered. Who was thai mnii? Ho didn't belong F«neliow, and his liands trciu- lilcil visibly us ho Irled to Unlit a dsarci, Leaning — not nonchalantly, hut actually for Bupporl— nsahin tiio brocaded corM silk i of H pair of wide, long win- dov>3 set In Iho cast wall. Suddenly Dundeo bad It. ... Broadway! This wns JIQ Hamlllonlaiij no comfortably rich nni soclnlly EC- euro MUillo-Westonior. Broadway In every lino of lib too-well tailored clothe*, In 'tho polished smoothness of his dark hair. . . . "Why. It's Mr. Dundeo at!" Penny cried. 10 Jnni|ied to her feet and nlcil a »wiri way over Oriental and between Iho two brldgo tables, still occupying the center o[ the bin room, still cluttered with score pads, Inlly cards anil playing cards. "I've been wondering it you had slopped lo have dinner first," sho stuck QUO of her little thorns inlo him. Then, laying a li.iiul on his arm, she faced tho living room eagerly. "Tula js Mr. Dundee, folks—special investigator attached to Hie district attorney's office, "ml a grand detective, lie solved the IloK;ut]i murder case, yon know, and Hie Ilillcrcst murder." Tlion, ralhcr ceremoniously but swiftly, sbo presented her frlcuils— Judge and Mrs. Hugo Marshall, Mr. ami Mrs. Tracoy Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Jolin C. Drake, Mrs. Dunlap, Janet ltay;iioiiil. Polly lieale, Cllvt Hammond, and— ME OF AU- OF ' Af riiart-r, VOAS A JMUER OF ~ E&AP, BtR ViAS AWED OUR SOCIAL. sr AMJ> we WILL BE DEMAMP TOR ALL -To A BROAP A .' WEV/6R OUT* OF foumi that it opened Into r» guests' closet, whose hungers and hat I avmur ami Sower Taxes District No. 1. Now Due G. G. CAUDIU,, Collector. Upstairs in Farmers Bank Bldg. N'OTICE With our recent partnership with Mr. Gco. C.irney, we now have the best equipped independent iliup In (own. CARNEY.JENKLNS . GAKAUE •^ Pickwick Building; .. damned hard to get'hold of. but puople with plenty of money can manage most things. ... By the forma now hold (ho outdoor cloth- way, how long after Mrs. Selim was '— '- - 1 -'- 1 - ' '-'' killed -was her death discovered? Or do you know?" • * * 44T HAVEN'T been ablo to gel *• much out ot that hunch in there—uot oven out ot Penelope Grain, who ought to be willing to help, seeing as how sho works for tho district attorney. But I guess sho was waiting lo spill it all to you if she knows anything, so you 'will get all the • BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I'HTTTT!!! By Martiii ,nd Saiuleraon redlt." '-'Now, look herei chief," Dundee protested, laying a haini. ou Jtrawn's shoulder as ho reverted to ho name by which he had oil Iressed tho head ot the homicide squad for nearly a your, "we're gong to be friends, aren't we 1 ; Same as always? We know pretty well how to work together, ilon'l we? No uso to begin pulling sgainst each other." "Giles's so," Strawn growled, but he was obviously pleased and relieved. "Maybe you'll better havp a crack at that crowd yourself. I hear Doc Price's car—always has z. bum spark plug. I'll stick around with him until he gets going good on his job, then, 1C you'll excuse mo for butting In, I'll joiu your parly in tho living room. . . . And good luck to -you, Bonnie," he i added, to take the sling out oE the' bit at thrown-iu sarcasm, Diuiuco took the (loor ho knew must lead into tho central hall, but found himself in an enclosed section of it—a small foyer -between the main hall ami Nita Selim's bedroom. Thcro was room for a telephone table and its chair, as well as for a half-length sofa. Ho paused to open the door ng In which several women hfld irrivcd at tho brldge-and-death 'arty. Another door lu the section ie- unit tbe Elaucnso leading lo tho gablcil second story next claimed :iis attention. Ojiening it, lio discovered a beautifully tilled guests' lavatory. TliMO was even a fully appointed dressing table for women's use, so that none ot her guests hail had the slightest excuse to Invado the privacy ot Mrs. Eclim'3 bedroom and bath, unless specifically invited to do so. Rather a well-planned house, this, Dundee concluded, as he closed tho door upon the shining ercen porcelain 'fixtures, nml walked alowly toward tho wide archway lhat led from tlio ball into a largo living room. He hail a curious reluctance to intrude uiK>n that assembled and guarded company ot Hamilton's "real society." TJUT his first swift, all-seeing glanco about the room rcas- •od him. No hysterics here. Theso people brought race anil breeding oven into Iho prosenco of death. A stout, short woman. of about 30 was lapping a foot nervously, as sbo talked lo the man who was licnding over her chnir. John C. Drake, that was. Dimika hnd met him, knew him to he a vice president of Iho Hamilton National Bank, in chargo ot the trust department. I'enelopo Cram was occupying a "Iqyc seat" with Lois Dniilap, tlio hands of the girl nnd of Hie woman clinging togciher for mutual comfort. And that tall, Ililn, oldish man, with tho waxed ;ray mustache, must bo Judge A T. that polut Penny heslUtcJ, ~r- theii rather sillily Included Iho "Broadway" man, as "Mr. Dcxlcr Spraguc—of New York." "Thank you, Miss Cratn," Dundee said. "Now will you plcaso Icjl me, if you know, whether all lliuso invited to both tho brlilgo parly anil tho cocktail parly are here?" Penny's (ace named. "Ralph Hammond. Cllvo's brother, hasn't como yet. . . . I—I rather imagine 1'vu been 'stood up,'" sho confessed, with a faint attempt at gaycly. Ami Kcilph Hammond was tho man who had once belonged rather exclusively to Penny, anil who, according to her own confession, had succumbed most coni- plclely to Nita Selim's charms! Dumleo noted anil ftled the reflection for future reference. "Please, Mr. Dundee, won't you detain us aa short a tlmo as possible?" Lois Dunlnp asked, as she advanced toward him. "I shall detain all of you no longer than is absolutely necessary," Dundee toltl her gently, "but I ain afraid 1 must warn you Hint I can't let you go home very soon —unless ono or more ol you has something of vital Importance to tell—something which will clear up or materially help to clear up this bad business." He paused, then asked curtly: "I am to conclude that no ono has anything at all to volunteer?" across from tho telephone table and! lingo Marshall, and Ihe pretty girl Thcro was no answer, more than a barely perceptible drawing together in self-defense ot tho minds and heads of those who had been friends for so long. "Very wellj" Dumleo conceded abruptly. "Then I must put all at you through a routine examination, since every one of you is, o! course, a possible suspect." (To IJu £onlliiucil) FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS LOST—Brown leather p'.irse, Sunday nigiit. Reward. Miss Winnie Phillips, Wright Five and Ten Cent Store. CK-22 THE FLOATS! C" By Btosaer FOR SALE—1920 late model Ford ton truck with closed cab and platform body. Gocd tires and motor A-l condition. ONLY S95. Cecil Decn. Phone 811 or 770. 19C-K2J PERSONAL TAXI--P. A. McGREOOR Day or Night • Service, Phone 1C. 1C-K30 WILL PARTY that was seen taking the sign marked "Tourists Home" from in front of 702 Walnut return it to 800 Walnut St. Reward. 20P-K2! FOR SALE-Chevrolot Coach. 1923 model, looks and runs fine, good lire?. 1330 license, fully equipped. Priced RIGHT at $175. R. G. Cash Phone 811. . 10C-K22 Paris Scene of Battle For Wealthy Tourists PARIS. (UP) -The Place de rOp;ra. the liub of Parir, has brcn turned into a battlefield on which Germany and Italy are fielitlni; France for tourists Germany recently advanced lie- front UK; trendies wlicn she secured a valuable corner on tlic famous square and rijencd a fjlitter- ine; "Come to Germany" tourist of- ComforUiblc lounging chairs witli newspapers in many languages in easy rcacli make it a rciAlul haven for the, limd tourist. Right across the street an Italian navigation (rjnpany has csiablishd a prop.iganda oTfice ovor which Is ,1 Winding electric =;;n "Vitit Italy." Both the German.and.Ital- ian tourist offices offer cheap excursion rates. • \JJIVSH MAO I OF THE MOUEV HE GETS FOR HIS I AND HE W!\S MREAW REFUSED $60|OOQiOOO, •iffCWJi NO WONDER Wf\aH 7*UK3 FORCiOTTeN $170,000 BftCK IN IT 15 NV HONOLULU (VNO SMLS W HE AND EiXSV OO NOT t.O ^SHORE ONt6, SO FEW,FUL TAESTHM WE PRACtltSS IrAMENHCW «Nf G£ STOUEN. NCTV ONCE 00 THE HINDOOS I-'WCKtftN EFFOVLT TO

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