Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on April 3, 1902 · Page 5
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 5

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1902
Page 5
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THE DETROIT FREE PRESS; THURSDAY, APR JX 3, X902, , ar.. , j THE WEA THER. 1 1 1 1 Travels Spring Topcoats KE"W PBBLlCATlOliS. A New Confection. For Mei $10 to $30 1 BARK LMOON 0 & 4 & Double-Breasted Sack Two-Button. (ASH ION, HKe a picture, talRs in all languages. Tha stiff, conventional Double-Breasted Coat looRs, lost alongside this new confection. The favored shades of darR greens, darR browns, and in the gray, made by the blacR and white effects. Conspicuous plaids over checRs and subdued vertical one and two-line stripes show to splendid advantage in this style. Essentially a young man's fashion. The coat should be twenty-nine and one-half inches long for a man fi e feet nine. Double-breasted lapel collar waistcoat. $17.50, $16.50 and $15. Extra Trousers $5 and $4. By Mail. There's no store room so convenient to shop in as your own home. Our Mail Order Department acts as your proxy. Send postal for samples. Our Spring Catalog. 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Trunks of all kinds. We oan sell you a square p.-. uted bound trunk fr JpIS.75 and from that up to $20 for eleRant In-ss Trunk.-- with Solid iirass Trimmings and " Isi'Iins. A Comidct-j Stock i:;ts and Telescopes. JOiT TRUNK CO. 2 Entrincu. IS Ufayttt. "' AI IIOILERS IV I'SK IS THE CITY. I. KI1- Says ComneU-llt "iMc ir.N dm Find 'l'liriii. uncU committee on - : Mi nlay afternoon James ' t!i'- iKiilermakcrs' union, ; r-1 ! 1 statements in re-:it:i:i:it.T in whi.-h boiler : 'trrii d on in this city. -; --.!kin(; in belinit ,,f the : ! mtiun that at least two "r i:,i'etors, under the or- Mob considered, should "' 'il-rmttkers, and in sup-"' f such a change was not one of the ''' inspectors who could ;; ' "i'" r to see whether it r-SKt ",,t- 11 was decided ""sMeration of the or-' !.. week, at which time 1" 1 'liiy and' Kellv will "K"ruinity to !e hoard. ; you of one thimt." , ' s)t- ":i", that is, I !;;.;u practical Boilermakers .v'f .?. a lu'- of bad '"I the. city. ' '."INKS nil., " ui 1111- "'iM An a amy ,-vr CQN- iiT.M,'" -u-SKO.N & 'ASSET BANKING." SUBJECT OF EX-COMPTHOLLER DAWES' ADDRESS TO-NIGHT. The question of "Asset Banking," on which Charles G. Dawes, ex-comptroller of the currency, will talk to-night at the Detroit Bankers' club dinner, is one of the most important now before the financiers of the country. At recent national bankers meetings the matter was dismissed by Lyman J. Gage, ex-secretary of the treasury and by ex-Comptroller Eckels, and the question will probably come up in 'congress. Mr. Dawes will arrive in Djjrnlt this evening about G o'clock and 'will be escorted to the Russell house, where there will be a reception followed by the dinner. Lyman J. Reiner, 27. Plymouth; Marion B. Leitli, 21, same. John Kellner, 38; Emma Lauth, 30. Frederick W. Herrmann, 23; Lydia Jf. Uhlig. 2 Frank C. Connor, 23, Grosse Pointe; Mae Durand, 19, Rochester. George Holmes, 36. Delray; Ella Maud Gilbert, 38, same. Louis J. Trombla, 21; M. Ruuy Bro-zo, 21. Paul Schelby, 22; Helena Voss, 21. James T. Noble, 26, Taylorsville, Miss.; Susan Frances Patterson, 28, Detroit. August Dinio, 27; Margaret Fenerty, 34. Robert C. Schneider, 45; Katie R. Waidelich, 37. John Macdonald, 36, Detroit; Cynthia A. Ray, 37, White House, O. Arthur C. Christiansen, 23; Ada B. Ford. 20. George G. Brown, 36, Detroit; Maggie M. Banks, 23, Greenville. Within easv reach of all theaters Gies' Hotel and Restaurant. Stroh's Bohemian and XXX Pale Beers on tap. MEETINGS. ANNUAL, MEETING. The annual meeting of the First Protestant Society of Detroit for the year 1902 will be held at the Clinpel of said. society, corner of Woodward ave. and Edmund Place, on Thursdaiv April 3d next at 7:45 p. m.. Detroit cltv time, in accordance with article H of the articles of association and the constitution of said society, as amended December 17th, 1S91. Dated March 22. 1902. JAMES V. OXTOBY, Seo'y. Zlon LodKC. No. 1, P. & A. M.-Speclal Tl'iirsilav. 1:15 P- ni., Apnl 3. to attend the funeral "of our late brother, Robert S. Mar' tin. 63 Seventeenth st. Special car to Woodmere cemetery. Ashlar Lodge, No. 91 F. & A. M. Special communication Thursday, April 8, at j.0 v m. Work M. M. degree. Banquet will be served at 6:30. FRED J. LAWRENCE, Secretary. DIED. CVRDINRK April 1; 1902, William J. Gardiner aged 19 years. Funeral from Dicli & l'lndlater's chapel. Friday, April 4, at 2:30 p. m. Interment at Elmwood. GltEUSEL-Aprll 2. Mrs- Margaret Greu3el, wife of Joseph Greuscl and mother of svlvester. Edward and Dr. Francis Greu-sel and Mrs. Geo. Hlggins. Mrs. Dr. Me-Mnhon and Mrs. Jos. Merrow. Funeral from residence. 101 Baker St., at 8:30 and at Holy Trinity church at 9 a. m. Saturday. WILD March 30, Henry Hiid, Sr., at Ills residence 466 Winder street, ased 76 vears FHineral Thursday. April 3, from St. Joseph's church at 8:30 a. m. Please onilt flowers, MRTIN April 1. Robert S. Martin, at late ' residence. 653 Seventeenth street. Funeral Thursday' at 2 o'clock. MeEVOY April 1. 1902. at residence, 205 Concord ave.. Edward, beloved husband of Norah McEvoy. Funeral from residence Friday at S:30 a. m.. and to Our Lady of Help church at 9 o'clock. rLMEU April 1, 1902, at her residence, 19 Montcalm st. west, Emma L., beloved wife of Brvln Palmer. Funeral services from house Thursday afternoon at 2 p. m. Burial private. R1FSTER March 31. at 847 Woodward ave., John Ulester. aged 76 years. Funeral Thursday at 8:30 a. in. from residence, anil 9 o'clock at SS. Peter and Paul's cathedral. Adelaide st. WORCESTER April 2,at hie late residence, 3i Peterboro St., Ira Worcester, aged 78 years. Funeral Friday afternoon from the residence at 2 o'clock. FUNERAL DIRECTORS. Sylvester A. V. Wake, Funeral SVrnUlwr. Bwidance. Abbott it Ploa Ott-M. W. L. Potter, Funeral Director and Em-baliner. 1119 Third ave. Tel. North 6k FAIR TO-DAY. . Forecast for Washington, April Thursday and Friday: For Lower and Upper Michigan Fair Thursday and probably Friday; fresh north winds. V. S. Weather Bureau Report. Detroit, Mich., April 2. The following observations were taken at the same moment of time (8 p. m.) at the places named below: Stations. New York 10 Buffalo u T Cleveland 34 T Sault Marie.... 34 .. Murquette T Chicago ;is T Cincinnati 40 T St. Louis 50 Dodge City..,, lis .. OmahH I ; St. Paul 30 .. Bismarck ; 32 Havre 4G Washington lti Detroit i a.m 33 ip. m 36 T Maximum 31 Minimum 32 N. B. CONGER, Cloudy W Cloudy W Snow SW Cloudy NW Clear NM Cloudy NW Clear NW I't cldy N Light Clear N 12 Ft cldy XB S Clear NW Clear SJ-; I't cldy SE Cloudy W 30 24 16 12 8 6 Light IS 12 16 Cloudy 'W I H 13 Cloudy W B 26 W jl Official in Charge. SB THIS- IS ONE OF THEM. There are others just as fashionable coats of medium length and the long loose coats we've every right sort. The style of each is correct, fit is perfect, and the tailoring of .every garment is excellent- in fact couldn't be better. Don't have to take our word for it, though come in any time and see for yourself you'll be money ahead if you do Traver's Clothing is made to meet the wants of men who are particular in' their dress, but who have no money to throw away. We'll duplicate your tailor's topcoat offer for a third less than his price. 6AIIN6S AND DOINGS. Complaints were again made against William Fryer and Major Ulanchc Cox in the Recorder's Court yesterday for violation of the Campus ordinance. Judge J. W. Donovan has resisted from the Michigan club, and the politicians in that organization are discussing the possible effect on the re-nomination oi the judge. Supt. 'Martindale announces that on Monday next the new Falmer school ...111 u ....o.l.r f". ,.,r,il., unceinntt !ind win ue. isiwj iui iv-fou.ti. vw-j'""-, if possible he will open a kindergarten ueparuneru in uie uummiji. That the inheritance tax law is a good thing for the state, so far as Wayne county is concerned, is shown by the fact that since February 1, 1901, the total amount from this source eol- i.n. u.. nn. 'P,..Tc,i'i Rtihrpr Is J186,U5 61, including the interest accru ing. Complaints have been filed in the Recorder's Court asainst Cameron D. Waterman, Edwin S. George, George A. Koteher, F. E. Hughes and John D. Vhay for running their automobiles or motor cycles too fast. Seven complaints against violators of the bicycle ordlnanoe were filed. Corporation Counsel Tarsney has furnished the board of estimates with a second opinion, to the effect that while Police Commissioner Fowle and Public Works Commissioner Moreland are members ex officio of the board, having no right to vote. Park Commissioner Bolger is not even an ex officio member. llaj. Blanwhe Cox, of the Salvation Army, is satisfied with the amendments to the. Campus ordinance passed bv the council Tuesday evening, and states if permission is granted for the holding of open air meetings in front of the barracks which are within tht permit territory, everything will be serene. On Monday evening an operation for appendicitis was performed on James, son of James H. McMillan, and grandson of Senator McMillan, at Colorado Springs, where Mr. James H. McMillan and his family have spent some months. Dispatches received here yes-terdav state that the patient is progressing -most satisfactorily. Irving R. Bacon, the well-known newspaper artist, went to New York a week ago. The expressman who carried his trunk to the depot reported that his horse had run away and the trunk had been lost. Bacon says he needs the $500 worth of clothing and artist materials in the trunk. He has asked chief McDonnell to help him find it. Prosecuting Attorney Hunt, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Merriam, and Experts Dresser and Hayes are busily engaged preparing for the ex- morrow morning. "We shall be ready to proceed, saia Mr. num., wo turned about the probable adjournment, "and shall do all in our power to go on with the case." A Joint meeting of the executive board and the agreement committee of the Street Railway Men's association was held at Steyskal's hall yesterday afternoon, and the new agreements drafted by the committee was unanimously indorsed. The only material changes that will be asked for is the annual increase in wages and a modification of the tripper system. n. Bfl...,, annuel Aired 76 wife J.V1IO. .uaibtu. -o-- .-, .. of Joseph Greusel, the letter carrier, died yesterday morning tti uei uunje, 101 Baker street, where she had lived . tr Tiiesrlav her son. Dr. Francis P. Greusel, and Miss Daisy McLean, were mumeu, ii uis u j mother's wish that her illness should . c-.. ...i.h thu eenr Three not JllUCiteie ii, sons and three daughters survive her. There will be a special meeting of tne school board to-night to take tip in de- rtf tha tmnnnnl whtn.l has been in an unsettled state for over six months, inspector buhtiu uao prepared a number of proposed MM, In hits nninlon wi 1 strengthen the code materially. To SOme Ot U1S ameiluIIieuLo, iiuwcrci, Supt. Martindale is strongly opposed. . i hoc hoon ffitcprl hir thp AllUUiei iiiv lino u-w. j w.- business men who use telephones of the Michigan co., tnut cuiieem iiamif, announced an increase of 60 per cent in the rates for extension 'phones that is, telephones having extension wires to' other rooms or desks. C S. Johnson manager of the Detroit branch of the Michigan Co., said yesterday: "Rates for extensions have been advanced from ?12 a year to $18 a year." Attorney George F. Monaghan made an eloquent plea for Catherine O'Han-lon in his argument to the jury in the murder trial yesterday morning. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Ward N Choate intimated that the prosecuting attorney would not urge conviction on the charge ot murder. After the arguments had been concluded, Judge Phelan adjourned court uatil this morning, when he will charge the jury. Foster Owens, a Cleveland boy, decided that the life of a cash boy in a store was too slow for him. He decided to go west and grow up with the country, but Truant Officer Jordan last night nipped his ambition in the bud when ha found him in the Seaman's home, at the corner of Griswold and Atwater streets. Foster said that he lived at 1273 Lexington avenue, Cleveland, and his father will be notified this mornine. The second permit to be granted under the Campus ordinance, allowing a band to play within the prescribed half-mile circle, was issued yesterday by Acting Mayor Fred W. Smith, permission being granted Detroit commandery, Knights Templar, to pass through tha district with a band during a funeral Friday. Owing to the fact that the amended Campus ordinance will not become a law before next Tuesday evening, the above course was deemed necessary. ink "tffiifi Vlnfav nf-tAtiHrtn to t-he wretched and unsanitary condi tion Oi tne aueya u'ituul ui; tuiii inrinj?. which he declares is a menace B1J "'. i,rtl-V. TTrw-tai nfau&nf nrm- ditiops-there appears to be np relief. no Qenartia-em. w v'y keep them clean. The department of R. H. TRAVER CO. 171-173-175 Woodward Avenue. By S. R Author of CROCKETT "The Rakers," etc. AU who have read the author's recent sucss, "The Haiders," will hnvo special Interest in this new novel. It is a stirring romance of GaUoway, in which the Smugglers and other -well-known characters, from "The Raidera" have an Important part. Illustrated 1.5 O "THE RIGHT OF WAV" is being read more and mare every day. It is one of the few new novels of permanent value. uinncn e. DDaTHCDC Maw Vnrl: FOR KENT Five-atory building M Woodwaird avenue. Passenger and freight elevators. Fine show windows. Excellent for any kind of retail business. HOMER WARRED 30., Chamber of Commerce. msmmm Our Lines of Lincrusta, Plain and Colored Burlaps in all widths, Presssd and Imported i Are recognized to be superior to ail others. Ail first-class decorators have our samples and will give estimates on your Papering, etc., that will be satisfactory, WINDOW SHADES "OUR SPECIALTY." GET OUR FIGURES. msssM ptiblic works removes the ashes from the alleys and places them on unpaved streets, but its authority ends there and the most unhealthful part of the refuse is left. President Smith's ordinance requiring the Detroit united railway to give service to the city limits on Gratiot avenue all day, instead of running a portion of its cars to Mt. Elliott avenue only, and providing for a penalty for violation, will be reported out favorably, while Aid. Haarer's proposed ordinance providing for the Detroit United paying for the repairs to paving between its tracks has been laid over for a week, to allow Corporation Counsel Tarsney and Supt. Stanley to be present. C A Black, who was one of the citizens who began the suit to oust from the board of estimates men holding public salaried positions, said yesterday: "It seems too bad that such things must be taken up by private citizens. Suits of this kind cost money and the men who are public-spirited enough to lend the use of their names must go down into their pockets for the expenses. It would seem that the work ought to be done by the corporation counsel, with his constantly-increasing force, or tpy some other public agency." Mrs. Florence Kelley, of New York, one of the executive committee of the National Consumers' League, will be the guest of the Twentieth Century club this afternoon. She will deliver an address to-morrow evening in the Church of Our Father on the work of the league, under the auspices of the Twentieth Century club. Mrs. Kelley is chairman of the committee in the General Federation, of Women's clubs on the Industrial problem as it affects women and children, and Is on her way to Los Angeles to attend the sixth biennial of that organization. Postmaster Dickcrson, president of the Michigan Fish commission, and the other members of the commission, are in the northwestern part of the state inspecting the sites offered for the new trout hatchery and will probably settle on one before their trip is ended. yd Haarer has filed notice of a reconsideration of the vote by which a plot of "ornamental ground" on Parker avenue was Tuesday evening placed under the control of tha Commissioner of parks and boulevards, his contention, in common with other aldermen, being that only property owners along the street will be benefitted bv the change, which will not warrant the expense. ALD JOY APPOINTED CHAIRMAN OF THE WAYS AMD MEANS COMMITTEE. At yesterday's council session President Smith appointed Aid. Joy chairman of the committee on ways and means, to succeed the late Aid. Barrie. The asphalt plant again came in for a share of attention, a communication being received from Attorneys Clark, Durfee & Allor, representing the manufacturers, statins they would have to sue the city for the contract price of the plant. At the suggestion of Aid. Haarer the Michigan Central road was given ten days in which to commence repairs on the Lafayette avenue bridge Aid Keating had adopted a resolution looking toward the inspection of water tanks by the city boiler inspectors. The Republican aldermanic caucus yesterday agreed upon Frank A. Rasch and Samuel Clark, of A. Harvey & Son, to fill the vacancies caused bv the enforced resignation of Estimators Cox and Freiburger, and they will probably be conflrmrsij at a special meeting of the- council that has been called for 2 o'clock this afternoon by President Smith. William Dupont gets Aid. Burns' place on the board of estimates, WEST SHORE RAILROAD. To New York, Boston and all points east, via Wabash, through service, quick time, 1PW rates, See nearest ticket agent or address. J. W. Cook, Q. W. P. A., Chicago, 111. The fragrant and beautiful blossom of the Eastertide, the Ascension lily, and the stately kentia palm decorated the broad pulpit of the Central Christian church last evening in honor of the marriage of Miss Lillian Reynolds and Rev. James Millard Philputt, D.D., of Buffalo. N. Y. The ceremony took place at 8 o clock and was performed by Rev. Dr. A. B. Philputt, of Indianapolis, Ind., brother of the groom, assisted by Rev. Charles B. Newnan, pastor of the Central Christian church. During the seating of the guests the organist, Mr. John Archer, rendered a special programme of music as a compliment to the musioal abilities of the bride, and Mrs. Charles D. Ten Eyck sang Blumenthal's "My Queen." As a processional Mr. Archer played the Lohengrin Wedding March and as a recessional rendered the Mendelssohn Wedding March. The bride was attended by Miss Kate Lockwood as moid of honor; Miss Helen Werneken and Miss Mabel Dunbar as bridesmaids and twenty of her young' lady pupils, who chanted the Lord's Praytsr as it occurred in the marriage service. The groom s best man Fas Dr. B. G. Long, of Buffalo, N. Y., and the ushers were Mr. Edwin B. Nail, Mr. Allan Wallace, Mr. Roelif Smith and Mr. Horace Reeves. The bride wore a handsome gown or. white French barege over white satin, trimmed with lace; tulle yell and carried a shower bouquet of lines ot the valley. ... The maid of honor wore white silk poplin and oarried a shower bouqiiet of bride roses. The bridesmaids wore gowns alike of white embroidered mull trimmed with lace; white tulle picture hats and carried Ascension lilies. Immediately after the ceremony a reception was held in the church parlors for a large number of guests. The bride was for some Sears soprano In the First Congregational church and later soprano and choir director in the Westminister Presbyterian church. She is a member, of the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and was one of its speakers at Its two last annual banquets. 'The groom was graduated from Indiana university and of Union Theological seminary, qf New York, and in 1896 received the honorary degree of D. D. A cup of coffee will prevent a strong man from sleeping, which proves how unwise it is to give such a stimulant to children. Give the children Wilbur's Chocolate for breakfast and they will grow healthy .and strong. Wilbur's Chocolate or Cocoa cocoa is chocolate without the fatty part is the very best breakfast beverage for adult or child, H. O. WILBUR & SONS, Philadelphia. New York. CMcafro p3E Fvm vim Immsk Use Fm--VsmBMiwi- at the University oi New York. He has just closed a pastorate of sixteen years In New York city and Is now pastor of the Church of Christ, one of the most flourishing churches of that denomination in Buffalo, N. Y. Tuesday evening the groom gave a dinner for the bridal party at the Hotel Ste. Claire. Rev. and Mrs. Philputt left for a two-weeks' visit in Washington, goin,g thence to Buffalo, where a large reception will be given for them by the members of the groom's church. They will be at home after April 16, at No. 118 Anderson Plane. WANT WARREN FOR MANAGER, But the Chairman Will Not Listen to the Stearns People. It is now given out by some of J. S. Stenrps' friends that he will make his announcement as a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor within ten days. That something is on the tapis is evidenced by the fact that renewed efforts are being made to induce Homer Warren to become the Wayne county manager for Stearns. Warren, however, objects on the ground that his teal estate business needs all his time, and that as chairman of the Republican city committee it would not be proper for him to take an active part in the fight. The Stearns people are urging that he resign the chairmanship. Lessens Silver Care ELECTRO JIT SILVER POLISH SILICON i Prevents Silver Wear. ' fvmrer life and creater brilliancy. Grocers. ."SILICON," 30 Cliff street, New York, E YOU can stay at home and take care of your business by purxihasing A ROUND-TRIP TALK to any point within the state. THERE HUD BACK t minute rates. Prompt service. Michigan Tlp toil Co, NOTICE $100 REWARD the village of Highland Park will pay flgn Mwrd for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Urn person at persons setting Sre to the training table. of Prank Colby In the village HijrljlPBd Park. B. MIIvrOiTFOBP, Clerk. $50 REWARD The village of Highland Park will pay $50 reward for InformuUm leading to ;!p arteat and conviction - of tho rerapn whp roWieiJ. aiul MfSulMd Christ Hwtwnd on the evening of March 30, 1903 R. MILTON FORD, Clerk. ERECT FORM in tha nrnrid with Darticular and precise models tor every ymwimc ..iT " . buying the Erect Porm P e SSgT ara over fifty different styles. The Erect Form follows Jr.5. iJi iSILI. j... i nrxa imon the bust or abdo- , Bank ifuur unu imuivui vv - . . 1 men, but gives a graceful effect to the person by keep-1 IWRV ing the shoulders in a straight line. I 1 WKX Erect Form 0T3 na 701 for medium figures............ -fl-VO I 1 UW ESrect Form 8T4, same as abovo but mado of fine L r wJEect Form 'MO improved, for average ftjurea ?i.Od Rt V V WW Kreot Form 978 in batiste. For developed Bgures. IyOW BUBt. long over mpa aim -r- -t-- L. . ASIA . . AmivAA T C IV At V aUAnmAn nt bins V W Erect Form 936 tor full ngurea. long hlps..$ &ltK l W ft1 mr urureT rnM WIS A VE4YUNOUW. At aU dealers. H sows cannot supply, you mention his natoe and forward prte i direct to b Wainrfarten Bros., 377-379 Broadway, New YorK. No other corset can take the, place of the W. B. Ereot Item. Acoept no sub- ( smuts. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. Mils Anita Rfe Joseph Basrnstsln St. Cecilia Society N. J. Corey, Musical Director. LIGHT GUARD ARMORY TUESDAY, APRIL 8, AT S P. M. GOVPOD'S Faust The most popular of operas. In concert form, with the following extraordinary cast: Marguerite, Miss ANITA RIO, New York: Siebel, Mrs. MARSHALL PEASE. Detroit; Faust, ELLISON VAN HOOSE, New York; Mephlsto, JOSEPH BAERNSTEIN. New York; Valentine. PERRY AV-ERILL. New York; Wagner, WITTER J. PEABODY, Detroit; WM. YTJNCK, Concert-Meister. Reserved Seats, 91.50, 91, 75e, BOo. Boxes seating six, $9. On sale at Sohwaakovsky's Friia7 morning. April i. Ellison Van Hep perry Avsrui WONDERLANB AND TEMPLE THEATER. Wonderland Co. MATINEES Mon.. Wed.. Frt, Spa. EVENINGS Tumi.. Thurs.. Sat. CAMILLE DiAR,VlXI.E. ERNEST HO.GAK. Dempsy Mack and Company. Haines, and Vldocq, Four Musioal Cuttyo. Hacker and Lester, The Dancing Howards. fctd.. proprietor ISVENINGS-Mon., Wed.. Prl Sun. MATINBES Tues. , Thuri.. Sat. MOTOR. CYCLE WHIRL MARION MAXOLA. John T. Tnorne and Grace Carloton. Smith and Campbell, Three Westons, Burke, Holier Sc Teller; Joe Myra and Muster Keatos. FACULTY CONCERT ...of SKe... Michigan Conservatory of usic ... tne... CHURCH of OUR Thursday Eve., April 3, at 8:15 o'clock. FATHER Admission 25c. r - a k ASTER ?J Weddings We are unusually well prepared to suit every PURSE and TASTE with the most elaborate SILVERWARE, RICH JEWELRY, WATCHES, FINE DIAMONDS, STERLING NOVELTIES, OPERA GLASSES, CLOCKS. Etc. THE NEWEST of EVERYTHING In the Jeweler's Line. Inspection Invited. ""to Fancy Prices. TRAU6 BROS. mw-wdwatfJ Avj. Branch : IRASJB BROS. S GO, 05 Woodward Ave. HOTELS. HOTEL INK, BROADWAY AND 63d ST. NEW YORK CITY . . ABSOLUTELY FIRBPKUOIr ... RATES SIODEHATE. Excellent Cnislne Mcflern Elffloient Service ExcInsiTO Extensive Library Accessible Orchestral Concerts IBvsry Evening. AU Cars Pass the Empire. pTOul lrHU www . r-r mirksd -Broadway and Sflventh Avs. Saves minutes ta Empire. Oil eroaalnsany of the terries, take the from which it ! one minute'a walk W hotel. Hend tor dcr!ptlv uomPh w. Johnson Quino, Prop. JortlmeT M. Kelly, Mgr- riPTRniF rPfi to.niqhtat8 Klaw S ErlangarCaniady Cs. and G US and MAX ROGERS 'Tha Rogers Brathars imtfasKlngtdiir 90-ESTERTAlNEaS-lK). SUNDAY NIGHT, APRIL 6 S. PiTFSBURQ ORCHESTRA Seat sale now open 50c, 75c. $1.00. NEXT WEEK IK Opens To-day Charles Frobman presents fILlltl FATERSIAH in "A ROYAL RIVAL." Cost and Production from Criterion Theater, New York. Light Guard Armory AU THIS WEEK. GO-AS-YOU-PLEASE RACE For World's Championship. Racing noon, to midnight. Doors open 11 a. m. to 12 p. .o. Music afternoon and evening by ihe Detroit Ugh! Guard Band General admission 25c. H. O. MESSIER, Manager. . AVENUE THEATER. 3 BIG SHOWS DAILY 3 AFTERNOONS, 2:15. EVENINGS, 8:11. MR. AND MRS. MILTON ROYLBL In the Great Farce, "CAPTAIN IMPUDENCE." Laura Rose's Qraeco-Roman Ballet, Bonnie Thornton, Whltelaw 4s Howard, Flak and McDonough, Crawford and Stanley, Taylor-Richards Co.. Tom Brown, and. the Vttagraph. LYCtt "ft. 15-25-50-796 n. 7. laugmog auestss The Girl from maxim's SHE IS SURE TO MAKE YOU UUSH. NEXT WEEK THE PIKE THEATER COMPANY IN "THE PRISONER OF ZENDA" SEATS NOW ON SAtB. 25c Mat. SAT. WEEK j WHITNEY- BIGGER, AND BETTER THAN EVER. McFaddan'a Row of Flats A HEAL BAMAIM (HOW. NEXT WEEK Uncle Tom'a Cabin. GATGHY PRETTY GIRLS New York City, WESTMINSTER HOTEL 1 Ooiiinicted with WsstnUnatsr AparuaenU. IRVING PLiCT A'NDXWNTa ST. iW-H$ S.?r tb borotUUM and oonyejKsal to o)I mtim tnmii .: at HOMIM.IKB, ACOEISSIBLIH. i mlnataa from Oraod Qtmni Satloa,' cTfctoueaoH. rum,. EMPIRE THEATER ALL WEEK, RICH ie BARTON'S Big Gaiety Extravaganza Go. Evening and Sunday Matinee prleej, 16c, 25c, 86s, Mo. Matlneee Monday, Wednesday and- Saturday, tfio and 54c. TH08. S. SPRA6UE PATPMT8, hw mm um mm. CoJ Ik. CIn?lt, 91

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