The Journal News from White Plains, New York on July 24, 2012 · Page A9
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The Journal News from White Plains, New York · Page A9

White Plains, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Page A9
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Cancel TheJournalNews WP Tuesday,July24,2012 9A Inmyheartsoverydeep, me mor ie so fy ou willalwayskeep. ~HappyBirthday~ Mi ss &L ove Yo uA lw ay s, YourRuthie~XOXO ROLAND,SR.,JOHNW. Lo ving yo uf or ev e r, Forgettingyounever. “HappyBirthday,Dad” “H ap py Bi rt hda y, Po p” WeMissYou~XOXO ROLAND,SR.,JOHNW. MarieElizabethTwomey,68,of Bre wster,NY,passedawaySunday mo rn ing ,J ul y2 2, af te rap ro lo ng ed battlewithcancer.Hailingfrom Astoria,NY,Marieisthedaugh- te ro fM ar ia an dJ oh n Greg ,w ho emigratedfromHungaryinthe 1930s.Agiftedstudent,Marieat- te nd ed Th eM ar yL ouisA ca de my inJamaica,NewYorkandearneda de gr ee in ph ysica le du cation fr om HunterCollegeinManhattan. ShemarriedthelateSteven Tw om ey in 19 65 at St .P et er ’s BasilicainVaticanCity.In1966, shegavebirthtotheirdaughter, Jennifer,followedtwoyearslater bytheirson,Scott,whilelivingin Ba yS ho re on Lon gI sl an d. Marie’sworkingcareerbegan shortlyaftermovingtoBrewster in 19 72 ;s he he ld po sit io ns at the DanburyNews-Timesandwas co -o wner of the Bre ws te rL iquor Store.SheretiredfromGuideposts (Carmel,NY)in2009aftersuc- ce ss fu ll yl ea din gal ar ge re mit - tance-processingdepartmentfor manyyears. Ma ri et ook pl ea su re in cook ing forfamilyandfriends.Evenduring he ri lln es s, sh ed el ig ht ed in ha vi ng herlovedonestogetherforfood, livelypoliticaldiscussions,andto pla yc on tr ac tr umm y. Her ke en eye fordesignkeptherbusyimprov- ingherhomeandadvisingfriends whowereinspiredbyherwork. Shekeptabreastofworldevents an dn ati on al ne ws .O no cca si on , sheenjoyedtripstovisitfriends inMichigan,RhodeIsland,and Maine.Mostofall ,shetreasured the serenityofherhomeandthe companyoffamilyandfriends. Ma ri el ea ve sb eh in d af am il y wholovedherdeeply.Sheissur- vi vedbyherbrother,JohnGreg of Qu ee ns ;h er ch il d re n, Je nni fe r JohnsonofBrewster,andScott Twomeyandhiswife,Karen, of Cr an fo rd ,N J; he r gr an dson , StevenJohnson;andhermoth- er ,M ar ia Gr eg ,i nr esi de nc ea t WaterviewHills(Purdys,NY),who celebratedher100thbirthdaythis pa st De ce mbe r. Her fa mi ly an d friendswerebyhersidethrough- outherillnessandgreatlymourn herloss.Marieandherfamilywill foreverremembertheoutpouring of lo ve an ds upp or tg iv en to the m duringherillnessandthroughout herlife.Wethankyouforthekind- ne ss be st owe du pon us . AwakeforMariewillbeheldat Be ec he rF un er al Home ,1P ut na m Avenue,Brewster,NY,onTuesday, July24,from6:00to9:00PM. A Ma ss of Chr is ti an Bu ri al wi ll be cel- ebratedonWednesday,July25,at 10:00AM,atSt.LawrenceO’Toole Ch ur ch in Bre ws te r. Inlieuofflowers,donations to the Le win Gy ne col og yF und c/oColumbiaUniversityMedical Centerwouldbemostappreci- at ed .P le as es pe cif yi nt he me mo line“Dr.SharynLewin–Lewin GynecologyFund.”Formoreinfor- mationondonations,gotohttp:/ / Th an ky ou in adv an ce fo rh el pi ng usrecognizeheramazingcare teamappropriately. TWOMEY,MARIEELIZABETH EileenMcWalters,84,along timeBrooklynresidentdiedJuly 22 ,2012.Eileenwasbornin Ma nhat tan an dl iv ed m os to fh er li fe in Bro ok ly nw ith he rb el ove d husbandWalter“Mac”McWalters (r etiredNYPD)whodiedin2007. Eileenissurvivedbyherthree lovingsonsJoseph,Michael (M ar ia) an dR ob er ta n dt wo ch er - is he dg ra nd ch il dr en J es si ca an d MichaelMcWalters. MassoftheResurrection Tuesday(Today)9:30AMChurchof the SacredHeart,417Broadway, DobbsFerry. Con tr ib ut io ns to the Am er ic an He ar tA ss o cia ti on P. O. Bo x4 17 0 05 Bo ston,MA.02241-7005appreci- ated. Edwards-DowdleFuneralHome 64AshfordAve Do bb sF er ry ,N Y1 05 22 Ed wa rd san dd ow dl e. c om MCWALTERS,EILEEN Ik no wy ou are ou r an gel wa tc h- ing overus.Weloveandmiss you.Youarealwaysinourhearts. Lo ve Ed die Ra y, C hi ldr en an d Grandchildren GROOMS,GIRLEAN Al iceFrancesSullivanPhelps, aR ye re si de nt fo ro v er 85 ye ar s, diedJuly22,attheageof90,one month shortofher91stbirthday. Sh ew as bor nA ug us t2 7, 19 21 in Bo st on ,M assa ch usett s, da ug h- terofCharlesFrancisSullivan an dJohannaSullivan(whodiedin 19 28 )a nd wa sr ai se d in Ry eb yh er fathe r,andhissecondwife,Cecile CoteSullivan.Mrs.Phelpsat- te nde dM ilt on Element ar yS chool , ResurrectionSchoolandgraduat- ed fromRyeH.S.in1940.Shegrad- uat ed fr om Ber ke le y Sc ho ol in Ne w YorkCity,andjoinedtheU.S.Navy intheWAVESunitin1942,during Wo rl dW ar II .S he wa s ho no ra bl y dischargedin1945,andreturned toRye.ShemarriedRyenative CharlesG.PhelpsonOctober22, 19 46 ;M r. Ph el ps ,aR ye fi re fi gh te r, passedawayin1978.Theyhave one daughter,RobinLynnPhelps La time r, an do ne gr a ndda ug ht er , Me aganSullivanLatimer. Mrs.Phelpswasacommuni- ca nt at Ch ur ch of theR es ur re ct io n inRye,andwasactiveinmany localorganizations,includingthe Midla nd PT O ,t he Resur re ct ion FamilyMassFolkGroup,theRye Fi re De pa rt me nt La di es Au xi li ar y, andtheAmericanLegionPost 128,wheresheservedasadju- tan t, the fi rs tf ema le Le gi on of - fi cer fo rt hat Po st.F or 20 ye ar s, sheworkedforDr.JohnFinnegan, DDSasareceptionistinhisoffices in Bl in dB ro ok Lodg e ,a nd wa s wellknownbythemanypatients wh olivedthroughoutthearea. Sh ew as ar eg ula rp resen ce ea ch ye aratthepatrioticservicesheld onMemorialDayeveryMay,and Ve te ra ns Da ye ve ry N ov em ber , ontheVillageGreeninRye,sell- ingpoppiestobenefittheLegion Au xi lia ry pr og ra ms . VisitationwillbeonWednesday, July25atGrahamFuneralHome from4-8PM.TheFuneralMass wi ll be held Th ur sda ya t1 0A M atChurchoftheResurrectionin Rye,withintermenttofollowat Gr ee nwo od Un io nC em et er yi n Ry e. GrahamFuneralHome 10 36 Bo st on Po st Road Rye,NY10580 914-967-0129 gr ah am fun er al ho mery e. com PHELPS,ALICEF. AlphonsePavoneofOssining di edJuly22,2012,hewas82.He wa sb or nJ a n. 3, 19 30 t oG ae tan o &V ir gi nia Tr an quil l aP av on e. Alphonsewasabulldozeroperator fo rWestchesterCo.Heissurvived byhiswifeElsie,sonsAlphonseJr. (Cynthia),Edward(Donna),grand- ch il dr en Sar ah ,E mi l y, Kri st en , Ash le y, Da n ie ll e, Je s si ca ,g re a t- grandsonConnor,brothersAlbert, Ed ward,sistersElizabethDalton, MarieBushey&LauraPousada. He waspre-deceasedbydaughter TheresaandsiblingsRudy,Donald, Ra ym ond &E l od ia .A lp h ons ew ill be re po si n gW ed .9 am – 10 am at Le ach&Thomas,Inc32StateSt. Ossiningwhereserviceswillbe he ldat10am,burialatKensico Cemetery.Inlieuofflowers,do- nat ionstoOssiningKingdom Ha ll of Je ho va h’ sW i tne ss es 72 4 Ki tchewanRd.Ossiningappreci- ated. PAVONE,ALPHONSEW. BarryCurtispassedaway onJuly20,2012.Hehadbeena re si de nt of St .P atr ick ’s Nur si ng HomesinceMay,2010.Mr.Curtis wa sbornonMarch17,1914in Tombstone,Arizona.Hetraveled the wo rl ds tar ti ng at av er yy ou ng age.Hisadventuresinlifeyielded somecolorfulstories.Heeventu- al ly se tt le di nN ew Y or kw he re he workedatvariousbusinessinter- estsuntilhestartedworkingincar sal es in the lat e1 95 0’ s. Wh il el iv in g inYonkers,NY,heworkedatGrant Motorsandeventuallybecamea pa rt ne ri nC en tr al A ve nu eC hr ys le r Pl ymouth.Hewasquiteactivein localpoliticsandtheBenevolent an dP ro te ct iv eO rd e ro fE lk s. In 19 74 he mo ve dt ot he W hit eP la in s, NYarea.Heenjoyedpaintingand readingandwasparticularlyfond of op er a, cla ss ic al mu si ca nd goo d wi ne.Alifelonginterestwasalso heldinthefieldofcreativewriting whi ch he pu rs ue di nhis lat er ye ar s withenthusiasm.Heissurvivedby hisstep-daughtersSharonWeber an dC athe ri ne Lepon e. He ha dt wo grandchildren,RyanCurtisLepone andEmilyLepone.Margaret,his wif ea nd th el ove of h is li fe, pa ss ed aw ay in Ma y, 20 10 .F u ne ra ls er - vicewillbeheldJuly24,2012(to- day)at1:00pmatSt.Matthew’s Lu the ra nC hu rc h, Wh it eP la in s. Anyonewishingtohonorhislife maycontributetoMakingHeadway Fo und ation of Cha pp aq ua ,N Y. CUR TIS, BARR Y Mr s. Jo an “M id ge ”R y er ,7 9o f Kenbridge,VAformerlyofYonkers, enteredeternalrestFriday,June 20 ,2 01 2a tC MH, in So ut hH ill, VA.MidgewasborninYonkers, January25,1933tothelateFinley an dC ha rl ot te Th omp son Bu rt on .I n additiontoherparentsMidgewas precededindeathbyherhusband, Re gi na ld E. Ry er ,s o nA ntho ny BurtonandsisterRuthParker. Sheischerishedbyherdaughter, Cha rl ot te M. Ry er of VA ;6g ra nd - children,10great-grandchildren, on egreat-greatgrandsonanda hos to fo the rr el ative sa nd fr ie nds . Th ef am il yw ill be pr esen tT hu rs , July26from7-9pmandFridayJuly 27at10:00amuntiltimeoffuneral ser vi ce at 11 :0 0am a tF .R ug gier o &S ons,Inc.732YonkersAvenue, Yonkers,NY10704–914-375-1400- www .r ug gier oa ndson sf h. com RY ER,JOAN“MIDGE” El eanorR.McGrathpassed awaysurroundedbyherloving familyontheafternoonofSunday, Ju ly 22 ,2 0 12 af te rab ra ve bat tle with pa ncr ea tic ca nc er .S he wa s bor ninBronx,NewYorkonJune 21,1931tothelatePhilipandNellie (Hef fernan)Smith. Sheissurvivedbyherdevoted hu sb an do f58 ye ar s, P hi lip Sr ., he rd au gh t er sM au ra ( Ho wa rd ) JohannssenandElizabethAnnand son sPhilip(Catherine),Maurice (Bette)andMatthew(Theresa), he rsisterBettyAnn(Donald) Kirchhoferandsister-in-lawAnne (Me nnona) Sm ith .S he wa sp re de - ce as ed by s ons Bre nda n( Ca th y) andPaul(Aileen)aswellasher si sterPeggy(John)Brundageand brothersPhilip(Kitty),Edward (Marilyn),andJohn.Eleanorwas “N an a” to h er lo vi ng g ra nd chi ld re n Ma ur ic e, G ar re tt ,C h ri st op he r , Conn or,Deirdre,Rachel,Brendan, Liam,Fionn,Hugh,Saorlaand Kri stopherandgreat-grandchild Jillian.Shewasanaffectionate anddotingauntandgreat-auntto sc or es of niec es an dn e ph ew s. El ea no rw a sal if el on gr esi- de ntoftheBronx.Sheattended OurLadyofMercyGrammar School,CathedralHighSchool andFordhamUniversity.Sheand Ph ilip se t tle di nR iv er da le af t er the ir ma rri ag ei n1 95 4 ,r ai si ng theirfamilythere.Sheworkedat St.Joseph’sHospitalinYonkers an dfor22yearsatManhattan Col legeintheOfficeofDeanof Students/DirectorofResidence li fe, wh er es he to ok t end er ca re of hu ndr ed so fs tu de nt s an dw as the co -founderoftheCollege’sStaff Co uncil.Shewaselectedtoand ser vedthreetermsonCommunity Sc hoolBoardTenwhereshe wa sl ia is on to the Ce ntr al Board/ Cha nc el lo rs Co unc i la nd ser ve d bothontheConsultativeCouncil an dasChairpersonoftheCouncil of Pa re nt s/ Bo ar dR el ation s. Mo st importantly,shealwaysputtheed- ucational,physicalandemotional ne ed so ft he dis tr ic t’ ss tu de nt s firstandmadesuretoincludethe pa rentsinthedecisionmakingpro- ce ss conce rn ing thei re du ca tion . EleanoralsoservedontheSt. MargaretofCortonaAdvisory Co un ci l, he rh ome pa ri sh an dw as th ec o- fo und er of thes ch ool ’s li - br aryandtheNorthwestBronx Vi cariateCouncilworkingwith Ca rd in al Coo ke on thev is it of Po pe JohnPaulIItoNewYork,receiving communionfromtheHolyFather. Sh es ome ho wf ou nd thet im et ob e Pr esidentoftheDivision7Ladies An cientOrderofHibernians, ser ve as am em ber ,D e le ga te to andAidetotheGrandMarshallof NewYorkSt.Patrick’sDayParade Commi tt ee ,w as am em ber of the Ri verdaleIrishSociety,Riverdale Comm unityActionGroupand servedontheExecutiveBoardof he rC o- Op .S he lo ve d the be ach , anybeach.Fromherchildhood summersinKeansburg,NJtolater ye ar si nR oc ka way , Cit yI sl an d, Ca peCodandherfinalvisitto SaltyBrineBeachinNarragansett, sh ea lw ay sw an te dt ofe el the san d inhertoes,hearthebreakingof thewavesandletthecoolocean br ee ze ca re ss he rc he ek . An yonewhoknewEleanorsoon recognizedherenduringfaith,her unwaveringloveforherextended fa mi ly ,h er lo ya lt y to he rf ri en ds andsteadfastnesstowhatshebe- li evedwasright.Whetherhanding ou tb oxe so fO reo sa nd gla ss es of milktotheneighborhoodkidson LiebigAvenue,makingsurethata st ud en tw as pr ov id e dw ith an ut ri - tiousbreakfastbeforetheystarted theirschooldayinDistrictTenor that he rb el ove dM a nhat tan und er - gradsalltookfulladvantageoftheir mealplansshewasalwayslooking ou tf or som eo ne el se .T he re wa s al way sr oom fo ro ne mor ea th er ta bl ea nd we are sur et hat th er ei s aplacespeciallyreservedforherat God’seternalbanquetinheaven. ReposingWednesday6-9pm andThursday2-4&7-9pmat Ri ve rd al e-o n- Hu dson Fu ne ra l Home,6110RiverdaleAve.,Bronx. MassofChristianBurialFriday 10 :4 5a ma tS t. Ma rg are to fC or to na Church.IntermentGateofHeaven Cem et er y. In li eu of fl owe rs ,p le as e makeadonationtowww.Calvary,www.curepc.orgor St .M ar ga re t’ sS ch oo lF und . MCGRATH,ELEANORR. Itiswithprofoundsadnessthat wemournthelossofMarkL.Lane. MarkpassedawayonJuly22atthe ag eo f6 0. Ma rk is sur vi ve db yh is de ar wif e, Rob yn .H ei sa ls os ur - vivedbyhislovingdaughters,Tina andErika,sons-in-law,Jasonand Michael,grandson,Ethan,mother, Es telle,andsister,Faye-Ellen. Ma rk wa sag ra du at eo f No tt ing ha m Hi gh Sc ho o li n Syracuse,NewYork.Heat- te ndedAlfredUniversity,andhe receivedanM.B.A.andM.P.H. fromColumbiaUniversity.Mark wa scommittedtoservingpeople thr oug hh i sw or ka tF i de li sC are Ne wY or k, theN ew Yo rk S ta te CatholicHealthPlanthatprovides healthcoveragetochildrenand adultsin59countiesthroughout NewYorkState.Asoneofthe fo und er so fFi de li s, Mar kp ro vid ed the le ade r sh ip to adv oca te fo ra he althpolicythataccordstrue dignityandrespectforallhuman persons,especiallythepoorand underserved. Markexemplifiedthefinestqual- itie si nb ot hh is per sona la nd pr o - fe ss io na l en de av or s .H et ou ch e d thelivesofmanyandwillbesorely missed.Thefamilyrequeststhat contributionsbemadetoFidelis He althyKidsFund,careofFidelis Ca re Ne wY o rk ,9 5- 25 Q ue en s Bo ule va rd ,R eg oP ar k,N ew Yo rk 11374. LANE,MARKL. EdmundJamesLonerganof Yonkersdiedpeacefullyathis homeonSundayJuly22,2012at ag e1 9. Bo rn on Oc to b er 14 ,1 99 2 to Ed mon da nd Ma ry an n (S pr ing ) LonerganinYonkerswherehewas raisedandattendedSacredHeart GradeSchoolandGortonH.S. HewasaparishionerofSacred He ar tC hu r ch an dw as a lo ve ro f mu si c; bo t hp la yi ng a nd li st en - ing.Edissurvivedbyhisparents; Ed mondandMaryann(Spring) LonerganandhissisterLauren Elizabeth.Heisalsosurvivedby his pat er na lg ra nd p are nt sE dmon d an dC aro lL on er ga no fSt ua rt FL . andhisAuntsandUncles;Ann Marie(Bob)Rehrmann,Carolyn (Paul)Muller,EileenSpring,Kathy (John)Spencer,Jimmy(Colleen) Sp ri ng, Jo hn (L au ra ) Sp ri ng, Chri s (D an ie ll e )S pr in g, D ia ne (Mi ke ) McDonald,Mary(Peter)Losee, CarolynFazzinga,KevinLonergan andnumerouscousinsandfriends. VisitationwillbeatWhalen&Ball Fu ne ra lH o me on We dne sd ay Ju ly 25 ,2 0 12 fr om 2t o4p m&7 to9pm.MassofChristianBurial willbeonThursdayJuly26,2012 9:30amatSacredHeartChurch withIntermenttofollowatMt.Hope Ceme te ry . Do nat io ns ca nb em ad e to St .J ud e ’s Ch il dr e n’ sH os pit al 100St.JudeWayMemphisTenn. 38148 Whalen&BallFuneralHome 168ParkAvenue YonkersN.Y.10703 91 4- 96 5- 5 48 8 wha le na nd ba ll fh .c o m LONERGAN,EDMUNDJ. Obituaries Shareyourcondolences,signaguestbook, Formoreinformation, submittedtoTheJournalNewsmaybepublisheddistributed,repurposedandotherwiseusedinprint,electronicandothermediaplatforms. INMEMORIAM DEATHS BREWSTER Tw omey ,M a rie Elizabeth, 68, died on July2 2, 2012, arrangements byBeecherFuneralHome, 1PutnamAve.,Brewster,NY 10509,845-279-3615 Wa ltenber g, Elizabeth L. “Libby”, 66, died on July 18, 2012, arrang ements byB eecher FuneralHome,1PutnamAvenue, Brewster,NewYork10509, 845-279-3615. CROTO N-ON- HUDSO N Tu rkel, Dr .H erbert, 89, died on July22,2012,arrangementsby CoffeyFuneralHome,Inc.91 N.BroadwayTarrytown,NY10591 914-631-0983 DOBBS FERR Y McW alter s, Eilee n, 84, died on July22,2012,arrangementsby Edwards-DowdleFuneralHome MAHOPAC Carli n, Murra y, 82, died on July 22, 2012, arrangementsb y CargainFuneralHomesInc.,418 Route6,Mahopac,NY10541, (845)628-5655 NEW ROCHE LLE Cesar io, Carme lla, 90, died on July23,2012,arrangementsby LloydMaxcy&SonsBeauchamp Chapel Inc.(914)632-2700 OSSINING Pavon e, Alpho nse W. , 82, died on July 22, 2012, arrangements by Leach&Thomas,Inc. PEEKSKILL Garnett,Michelle, 55,diedon July21,2012,arrangementsby E.O. Curry Funer al Home, Inc. 313 N.JamesSt.,Peekskill,NY10566 914-737-0083 RIVERDALE McGrath, EleanorR., diedon July 22, 2012, arran gemen ts by Riverdale-on-HudsonFuneral Home,6110RiverdaleAve.,Bronx RY E Phelps,AliceF., 90, diedonJuly 22,2012,arrangementsby Graham Funeral Home WEST HARRISON Lane, Mark L., 60, died on July 22,2012,arrangementsby ParksideMemorialChapels WHITEPLAINS Curtis,Barry, 98,diedonJuly 20, 2012, arrangements by Ballard-DurandFuneral& CremationServices YONKE RS Castiglione,Constantine, 80, diedonJuly22,2012,arrange- ments by Whalen &b all Lonergan,EdmundJ., 19,died on July 22, 2012, arran gemen ts by Whalen&ball Ryer ,J oan “Midge”, 79, died on July20,2012,arrangementsbyF. Ruggiero&Sons,Inc.Funeral Home Steadman,HaroldJ., 80,died onJuly11,2012,arrangementsby Whalen &B all Ca rm el la (Di Io ri o) C es ar io ,al if e- longresidentNewRochelle,died onJuly23,2012atBayberryCare Center,afteralongillness. CarmellawasbornonJuly 12 ,1 92 2i nNe wR och el le ,t ot he lat eJ os ep ha nd Ma ri a Do nat a (Ruccolo)DiIorio.Shewasacom- municantofBlessedSacrament Church. Shewaspredeceasedbyher husbandMichaelwhodiedonJuly 16 ,2 00 5. S he is sur vi ve db yh er thr ee ch il dr en :M ic h ae l, Pa tr icia andChristine;hercherished grandchildrenErica,Kimberly, Jessica,Melissa,DanaandDJ;her greatgrandsonLuca;sister-inlaw Ed ith ;s on -i n- la wM i cha el (P atri ci a) Ol ms te ad ; da ug ht er -in la w, Ra i sa Otero-Cesario,andmanyfamily membersandfriends.Carmellais alsosurvivedbyherdevotedsister andbestfriend-forlife,Antoinette SilvestroofMamaroneck;with wh om sh eh a dt he mos tl ov in g re lat io ns hi pt hat an ys is te rs c ould have. Carmellalovedherchurch, country,familyandfriends.She wasespeciallyfondofthefriends fr om Al la r d; Vi llu sa nd Ru ss el l Av en ue s, k no wn af fe c tionat ely as PSA-PatrioticSonsofAmerica. ShelovedmanythingsinNew Rochelle,especiallygoingto schoolatIsaacE.Youngandfre- qu en to ut i ng sw ith herf ri en ds a nd fa mi ly to G le nI sl an d . Vi si ti ng ho ur sw ill b eW ed ne sd a y 4-8pmpmatLloydMaxcy& So nsBeauchampChapelInc.,16 SheaPl.,NewRochelle.Afuneral MassisscheduledforThursday 10 :3 0a ma tB le ss ed S acr am en t Ch ur ch .I nt er me nt will fo ll ow at BeechwoodsCemetery. www.lloyd- ma xc y. com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osend Flowers, Sympathy Card or Gift tothe Family onlinebygoingto andfollowthe prompts. &"*)' 7<*1/=5) 4#"8.69"1*:64 '$ !6%"5*=%4-;6:*=&9"1*:64 ,0+. (%)0 2#0- ('-* ( "50=58 "2 +,=$ (3 01"$ 1' * /! Theflagsymbolmaybe insertedintoanobitfor adeceasedVeteranatno additionalcharge,asaservice providedbyTheJournalNews. To sub mi ta no bi tu ar y Ca ll : 91 4- 69 4- 51 47 ,o r E-mail: Fa x: 91 4- 69 6- 82 05 Vi ew and sign an OnlineGuestBook orsponsora Guest Book. Go to and follow theprompts.

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