The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1939
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1939 '(ARK.y COURIER NEWS Bargain Priced! A Manufacturer's Close-Out! 2000 Yards OF SHEERS FA'GE"-THREE • f At 'ic"' 'armcrs Learn Rapidly To Intensify Production Un-, cler Restrictions Thai Hie Agricultural Adjuslnicnl Administration programs IIHVC meant more lo Mississippi County farmers lhan Uio mere payment of n sum o( money Is evidenced by the fact that county average yield per acre of colton Ims Increased fitm 209 pounds 111 1930 to '198 pounds In 1938. (he skirt Thut the compulsory progran !ms meant more lo llic county's farmers than llic voluntary cue o! 1931 Is also evidenced by Hie fac lliat llic coin acreage lias Increased, acreage of conservation crops lias Increased and acreage of permanent pastures lias Increased, to bring about a system of diversification which Ims brought more money to llic farmers and at Ihe same time improved their land. During Ihe ycnr 1928 Ihrou 1932, before Uic eotlon program cnl Into elTcct, fanners of this ounly planted an annual average creagc ot 221,144 and produced coltcn at an average annual yield 337 pounds o( lint per acre. n Ihe 1933-38 period, they plant- surhmcr tltno Jor the settling of recounts. II Is followed on the- 15th day of the eight!) month by lluj Harvest Moon festival. Mte Earncs especially recommends the moon cnkcs which lire made ut. this lliiK' mid wlilcli the Chinese I give lo each other. They are a rich pastry filled with mils nntl nt in moon design. Homes of tlic middle class In Ihlnn lire much (he smile type of. uchitccliire as here and hnvc niicli Ihe sivmc lypu of [urnllnio. (oofs, however, arc curved. The loorer houses, constructed In u are much smuller. Ta- jles, chairs and b«ls constitute he- furniture found In these houses. In order to keep warm, flues rom the cooking ovens run unto- the brick beds. 'Hie Western dress has been K R 0 G E R PIGGLY WIGGLY ACCEPT THIS mzilt t»lH«U[ BUY My Ktcj.f [Itni LIKE ll » ».H ct Utt«. ' OK Itluca unlmd pofltoa III 6[[(inil cpnUlotr *n4 »• will Itplm ll FREE wUi.try'iitUr Uw4 « HU cf lh« um« Itnn, ii|iid^tH of piEcr. If you're accustomed to paying around 25c a yard for sheer materials, you will be amazed at the savings we offer you ;t on these lovely llaxons, dimities, lawns and printed batistes. They are full pieces in the newest summer patterns and col- ors See them in our window! In cd an annual average of 215.9C2 and )roduccd an average of 400 pounds f lint per acre. The low yield In 930, of 209 pounds per acre, was inrlially due lo the serious drought mt the difference was not great enough lo affect the five year average lo any extent, it is said. A check of (lie figures by years also reveals that Ihe average ; an r mial yield Is considerably hlghci In the period through 1933 Ihrougl adopted by the business men tit the country allhough tho women still cling to Ihe Eastern dress. A long fabric of silk cut along slender lines with a slit up tho side of worn for the oulei garment. Miss Eiunes expresses the opinion that since Ihey follow the modern trend so closely,'they ma> jc wciiring heclless and tocless litgli heeled sandals by Ihe time she returns. Babies, contrary lo thl.1 custom here, arc dressed In bright colors Instead of pnslels. Miss Eames, who uses n bicycle for Inivellng, says that, mode o transportation Is endorsed by Bin dents and business men unable to buy cars, but she udtls, there m unncrous automobiles in every oil nany of the American aulo mami aclurers hiivlug agencies there. In February, Miss Barnes will re- urn from her year's furlough vhlch she lins every seven years o her work ID China which Is be- 1938, or Hie period during whlcl the farm programs have "«nvNK» AND O)'I:K,\TKI) BY TUB KKOGKK GIIOCKRV &IBAKINO PICNIC HAMS SSSt 15c Swift DCCC Thick Rib Roast Premium DtLr . Ib25c Round Steak .... Ib. 35c Kwick Krisp Mess, lb. - Sliced ' p,und ginning lo be "home" to her. Jonesboro Officers 'Persuade' Effectively , . k JONESBOHO, Ark., June 22 (Ul'l ^tflly police this week established a new record in keeping the city free of undesirable residents. Two officers when they received a report Unit a Memphis negro had arrived In town to start the ln Numbers Racket, Ihe negroes 1 me larm programs nave urai in i Cumbers Racket, Ihe negroes- cITecl. Te yield during Mils iwrlod fnvor i( C gambling same, lost lltllo was also aftecle<l by drought In t(mc ,,, i ocn tliu; Frank Williams, 1935 lo balance that of 1930. thc cUy , s uewcst resident. Under the voluntary program of confroiHcil by Hie olllcer'.s re- 1938, there were 2709 wort: sheets _ ov[j tllill hc wl , s s im ting a inim- in tlie county. The following year, l' bers Knmc ]n jancsuoro, Williams under tlie compulsory program, L (lm | Ueil i hnl i,| S |)inns for'earn- there were 52,000. ,„„ n llvmu cn iieii for such u In 1937, the eotlon acreage was ,, ro j cc t. but' It would be at least 281,010 while the following ycnr , wo ,,' bc . fo ,- c '|, e could si it was. 188,854. Tlie corn acreage al ; cral | ons . | „ , under the .TOlunlany program was Escoilcd lo thc edge of the city 94,000 bushels while it was In- llliuu . Williams at thc urging o creased to 139.000 llic next year. Ulc J m<xrs s , arlc[1 , lls wnlk O u B"armers plantc<l only 55,500 acres Qt o rl ,| g i 1CM i county promising lo conservation crops the year be-| ncvcr |o tc i mH- Upon reluming to irallcc licad rnri pENHEfs; 'SUMMEE' v DUE SSE S They're the tops.'^ ! Ih Style, Quality and Value/ Here's GOOD NEWS for you! Through our buying connections we.have been able to secure two unusual assortments of dresses at way below the normal cost. We are passing these savings on to you! A big assortment of printed rayon .crepe street dresses; So cool and smart looking for summer! Styles for every occasion. They're beautifully ' made—delightfully trimmed. Come see them today! fore the program became compul- NECK BONES Ib. 6c SALT MEAT p. PARA. BOLOGNA Ib. 12' 2 c Lovely sheer frocks for street and sports wear. Keep cool in one of these beautifully tailored dimity or batiste dresses. Striking prints in various combinations'and styles! compulsory , As a. result of the Increase In soil building crops, a yield of 498 pounds of lliit cotton was produced In 1938. It Is believed lliat lliis system of diversification, along with Ihe use of bctler laud-s, beler care in llic I six men wci'e fined on public working of thc crop and less loss drunkenness charges in municipal of staple In the field, lias played court loday for llic first session a large part iii the improvement of Islncn Monday. WESCO TEA '/ 2 Hi. Hox 25' PEAS Eiirly- June No. 2 Cans 2 for FLY SPRAY Trump Idc Pint ICE CREAM SALT 4 £ 10 SCOTT TISSUE M™ 20 Save up tn.lOc n Koil on Our Films GRAHAM 15' EATMOREOLEO 2 ,,».Z5' ADICAA l vnlOvv ;i ib. .......... : - 19c ............ r>2c LIHHY'S SPKCIAT, JJRKA'K' -ICc FAST PKAC11KS, No. 2 Can .' Jtf BEVERAGES '" ..... GRAPE jyiCE^.Sr 15° HUMKO'c, 1 ! lOc ^ 38c S 75c ••COURTS the. live,-at-liome program and also thp substantial Increase In the yield per acre of cotton in Mississippi county, acccrdng to If. B. Richardson, senior Ihe AAA. field assistant ot . Krllll , forfeited a casl bond of $119.25 lo answer charges of driving while under the In flnciiee of li([iior. Jim Andrews was fined $15 on a charge of disturbing Ihe peace. Missionary, Visiting Here, Tells Of China (Continued from Fags Onel are being given vocational training. Although business conditions as a whole are very poor,' and despite the hardships endured, the Chinese morale has not been broken, so missionary friends write Miss Peanut P,&G.SOAP 25 P9MENTOS o/. Cim 5 "Iii llic Garden' null-.-). | It has been estimated that one tenth of the national government leaders are Christians. This group includes both Generalissimo and Madame Chiang Kai Shek. The gen- Mrs. Olarence Kolwyck thought she was "seeing things" when she looked at her snapdragon yesterday in llic garden of her home nt 511 Franklin slreet. The single plant of this kind, which, has been blooming white all spring, now has one deep pink bloom In the midst- of 12 white onesl Tlic'single plant stayed gveen through the winter, the only one of her group to survive the second ANGEL FOOD CAKE 13-Egg Reci Rice And Wheat Puffs '1 (17:. 5c SPOTLIGHT c """ ' 43° ASPARAGUS Hillsclale IQc 2i/, Cim I* Grapefruit Juice No. 303, 3 for 17c BARGAINS! Priced For Quick Sale! REDUCED TO CLEAR! Women's PRINTED SLUB BROAD- g* CLOTH DRESSES . . . Stunning sport models and colors. You • must see these to appreciate their value! • • WOMEN'S NOVELTY DRESS SLIPPERS REDUCED TO CLEAR! Wheal linen, japonica trimmed — Mesh, japonica • trimmed—Gabardines—Japonica Calfskins! MEN'S ALL WOOL SWIMMING TRUNKS REDUCED TO CLEAR! Sizes 32 and up! You men who will want a suit (or one or two trips only can save plenty on these! PENNEY COMPANY, 1 n c o r p o i eral, who Miss Eames Eays has earned the admiration and respect of all China, reserves an hour each day for communion willi God. Another of the leaders among the Christian group Is H. H. Kung, who traces his ancestry directly to Confucius. The Chinese name for Confucius is "Kung futse" which means "Father Rung". Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism are the reigning religions of China, Miss Eames explains, although Ihcre are 2,000,000 Chris- lians in the country. Confucianism, which Miss Eames says has contributed greatly to the formation of the Chinese character cm- bodying brotherly love, loyalty, politeness, love pf peace and remembrance of kindnesses, Is the ethical religion of the country and draws Its followers mainly from the official class while Taoism and Buddhism arc practiced mainly by the masses. "Festivals in China are gay occasions," Miss Eames says as she goes on to discuss the customs of tills foreign country. The biggest celebration Is the New Year festival which begins two weeks before the New Year and continues two weeks after the New Year. Tills is a lime for-families to get together and for old accounts to lie settled. Although the Chinese have officially adopted the same New Year observed here, the old New Year Is still the time for the festival. •' „! The spring festival comes 1GO days after the winter solstice andi is comparable In some ways to our Easter. Idols arc removed from resting places and there is worship at the graves. This Ls the Chinese "Chlng Ming." Then comes the Dragon Boat festival which Is observed the 15th day of Ihe fifth moon. This, as Miss Eames explains, Is Ihe mid You 11 like [DEC 1 MILL ;, Clock Rolls With 2 Lge. Loaves Clock Bread 15c SUGAR Domiino Cloth 10 Lbs. 50c .Domino Factory I'ntkcrt Paper 10 Lbs. 47c Salad Dressing 23cgt36c MILK Country Club 4 Large or 8 Sml. 22c Green Corn ?;r5c TOMATOES UKITKD I.1QU01I, Wholesaler* Jlijlrilnilc,! by T.iltlc lioeV, 1'orl Smith, YTesl Mcm Complete Line of WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP S. Second Phone 3U WATERMELON i . 59 LEMONS Sllllkist AA< Dozen *V ORANGES California Seedless, Doz. PEACHES Ripe, Tasty,, lb. E 3 PINEAPPLE lrah S GREEN ENGLISH "*» 10 CAULIFLOWER 15 C Larje * f* antaloupes r ,X, IbC APPLES Wincsap |C C Dozen "w CARROTS Top 1 Quality Cc Bunch v APPLES Perfect For » ' Apple Sauce, lb FRESH FRUIT, llums Api?0(s I Each lc; 4 For 5c SPINACH Fresh Pound mreU rnton B'ack Eyed Peas LIMES Juicy Dozen 10' BELL PEPPER ^..i 15

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