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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 2

Detroit, Michigan
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Tuesday, September 19, 1876
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TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 19. DEH00MTI0 JJATIOEAL TIOEET. For Freeiderit, SAMUEL J. TILDES. Pot VlM-P'H'1'"1'' THOMAS A. HBHDBICKS. ELEOIOBAt TICTSET- ah AytJTJN BLAIR, of Jackson. Iiit DUt.-JAHBS II8INTZEN, of Wsyne. M ALFRED I. SAWYER, of Monroe d -JAMES 8. UPTON, of Calhoon. 2 HAHHH.'.i,!. L. HOW2LL,or Com. 5th " -PHEDE1UCK HAIX,of Ionia. nUQH McCTJRDY. of SMawassee. 7th " -JAME8B. BLDREDGE, of Macomb. 8th " AtBBRT HILLBR, of Bay, Sta ' -HICHABL PINNEOAN, of Honghton. STATE TIOEET. . For Governor . . WJLMAM Z. WEBBER, of Ssgtsair. For LlealcnanKJovernor JULIUS nOUSEMAN, of Kent. For Secretary of State GEORQB H. HOUSE, of lnshart. For Htaie Treasurer- - . . JOHN O: PARKBORST.Of Sranch. For Auditor-General - .. . , .., FREDERICK M. HOLWWAY, cr Hillsdale, For Commissioner of UuStata Und Offlee- CHAUNCEY V. OREBHE, or Oakland. For Attornoy-Qenewt - : MARTIN MOHKIB. of Msnlstw. For HoperinlatxieM otnbUclnitTaaxm- ZELOTES TIWESDSL. of ForHomberor ihetitate Board or Edncatlon- CHAB1E8 L WALKER, of Wayne. 00KSBES8I0HAL TIOKBr. First Jjlrtrict-ALPHEUS 8. WILLIAMS. BcSndDIrtrlct-JOHN J. ROBISON. . TOrd Dlstrlct-FIBUS UVERMOBB. FonrthDUtritt-IIEHRT CHAMBERLAIN. Fifth DllMct-MYBON HARRIS. BUth DUMct-GEOBOE H. BURAND. SovSitli Dlrtrict-ANSON B. CHADWICE. Eurhlh District FRED H POTTER. Stain Dtstllct-JOSBPR H. KILBOURNK. , OOTJHTy TICKET, For Suerirt JARED A. SEXTON. For Connty Clerk . JEREMIAH SHHBHAN. For Register of Deeds CHARLES DUPONT. For County Treasurer GEORGE B. 8TBLLWAQEN. For Judge of Probate EDWARD V. CICOTT. For Prosecuting Attorney HENRY N. BREVOORT. For Circuit Court Commissioners JAMES A. RANDALL. DANIEL B. HIBBARD, Jn. For County Auditor THOMAS O. UMBOCKBR. For Connty Surveyor-is A B. WlLMABTII. Third Senatorial Convention Third Senatorial Convention will meet at the Thayer Honse, In the Village of Hew Boiton, on the 4th day of October, 1876, at 11 a. m. By order of Committee. H. R. NOWLAND, Chairman. Third Slate Representative District. The Democratic Convention for the Third Representative District, composed of the Towns of Oroese Point, Hamtramck, Qioanncld, Hedford, Livonia and Plymouth, for the purpose of norni-nating a candidate for Representative in tho State Legislature, will be held at the Seventh Ward Democratic headiiuartcts, corner of Russell and Mollett streets, In the City of Detroit, on Tuesday, Sept. 19th, at 11 a. m. Each town wilt be entitled to three delegates. By order of tho Representative Committee. HENRY H. GORDON, Chairman. Democratic county convention.. Oceana... i...Hart, Sept. 23. Hares a Kno w-Notlilns. FllOV THE DeGLAKATIO.V OF PulNCiri.Efl OF tub American Alliance : 1. "An smondtusat to the naturalization lnws I.IBI1TINO (IBFFBAOK TO PERSONS HORN JN TIIIS COUK- TllY OB OP AMERICAN PAH1 BNTS " 2. "The ELECTION OF AiTlElil' CAN BORN CITIZENS ONLY TO OF' FICItL POSITIONS IN TIIS8 COUNTRY." Fboji a Lhtteh OF THE UeI'UDMCAN Candi hate fok President to Samuel J. Tyler, Sbcretary of tub American Alliance, July 5, 1876 : I have Jnst received yonr loiter Informing mo or my election oa a member of your AD31IRAB1.E ALLIANCE, Return my thanks to the Alliance, aa I DEEPLY SYiriPA TIIIZB WITH ITS PRINCIPLES, I remain your fellow-citizen, "R. B. HAYES." The Republicans ore still sore over their Inability to get their majority in Maine up to the figures of four years ago. If they do no better in Indiana, that State will give over 8,000 Democratic majority; while even half the relative improvement this year In Ohio over last will also carry that State for the Democracy. Dr. Morse, of Salem, Massachusetts, at tho Woman's Buffrago Convention In Boston, said that he had been acting for eight years past generally with the Republican party, but would this fall cast his ballot for Samuel J. Tllden, as he dared not longer continue In offlca the corruption of the present administration. The Boston Post baa tho following suggestive paragraph: When Collector Slack sent & friend, some time ago, to Gcu. Butler to ask "If he was In danger of removal," Butler's terse reply showed the conscious' ness of bis bold on tho party. "Tell them," said Butler, "my friends are never In danger." The total vote In Vermont at the recent election was aa follows : Fairbanks, liepub llcan, 14,707 ; Blngbam, Democrat, 20,0S(J, Republican majority, 23.721. In September, 1872, the vote was aa follows : Kepubllcan, 41,048 ; Democratic, 10,113 ; Republican ma Jorlty, 25,333. The net Democratic gain at the recent election was 1,812. The counsel of the pure and noble Bab-cock, now under Indictment, wants It under stood that the charge against his client Is not complicity In tho safe burglary, but complicity In the conspiracy to Injure the character of Columbus Alexander. The latter Is the more reprehensible offense of the two, if that Is any consolation to Babcock. Georgo Willam Curtis, editor of Harper's Weekly, asiiead of the Civil Service Com-misslon.sald, after a careful Investigation of the subject, that under the present admlnls tratlon one-fourth of the revenues were lost In the collection. This statement hardly tftllles with that of Senator Morton that the civil service is the best under the sun. At the close ef the administration of Governor Dti, in New York State, Hopkins, the KepubUcsn Comptroller could see no posel-blllty of . a greater reduction of taxation, - - after - the extinction of the bounty debt, In 1877, than $4,000,-000. Governor Tllden, however, looked at the matter with different eyes, and took efficient measures to bring about a' better result. The consequence Is that this year, although the people &ro still taxed for the bounty debt to the amount of (800,000, the actual reduction la State taxation Is more than twice the amount which Kepubllcan officials deemed possible. Carl Schurz's paper, tho St. Louis West-llcho Post, calls the administration "the Washington whisky firm Babcock, Grant & Co." Schurz himself, in his speeches, hss taken no pains to conceal his detestation of GranUsm. In view of this fact It would be well for him to answer tho following pertinent question put to him by a Gorman farmer In Indiana at the close of one of his speeches In behalf of liayea : "Would you, after a hen had been Bitting on the eggs until they had become rotten, effect -a change for the better by putting a new hen on tho rotten eggs." The Boston Journal Is savage over tho nomination of Butler for Congress. It says : "He has kept moro good men from becoming Republicans than he ever received Kepubll. can votes In the course o'f his political career. The opportunity la Inviting to manifest an Independence which will give assuranco that Butlerlsm Is repudiated vhere It Is best known." Butlerlsm hi well known In Massachusetts, yet the announcement In the Stato Convention of Butler's name as a meuber of the State Central Committee was recti ..a with a perfect storm of applause. Butler was also specially Invited to speak In Indiana fur the Republicans. Whatever the Journal may say, Butlerlsm, Uko GranUsm and Chandlcr-l;ra, Is Identified with tbe Republican party. The people of the Seventh District of Mas-sachusetta owe It to themselves to repudiate SuUerlsm,' and the people, of the United states should repudiate the candidate of Chandler, Cameron, Butler & Co. Under Governor TUdcn the State expenditures In New York have been much smaller than were similar expenditures under the preceding Republican administration. ' Under President Tllden It can safely be said that the national expenditures will be nearly ffot quite one hundred million dollars lees o n ah average annnally than they have been undrr the administration of President Grant, fhe nation jl expenditures the current fiscal year, under appropriations over which the Demo-ort(n Unnan exercised a noatal Influ ence, will be Iets th,n ttey were during the la" fiscal year.- when Republicans bted- loudly of their great economy, ani not near as much was accomplished tNB year as might have been effected If Republicans had not obstructed re-trer-dune"11 In every possible way. If the people desire the good work of retrenchment to go on until all expenditures are made on a prudent and economical scale, they must elect a Democratic uouse oi -Democratic President. It Is no wonder that leaders like Chandler and Morton would prefer Carl Bchura to bo silent In the present campaign rather than express himself In the following vigorous fashion, aa he did In one of bis recent speeches : "One great merit General Grant's administration may claim. It has demonstrated the vicious tendencies of our present civil service system so strongly that tho dullest mind must perceive them. 'We have clearly seen how that system will endanger the Integrity of good men by its temptations, and stimulate baa men only to become worse. Wo have been made forcibly aware of the necessity not only of a change, but of a thorough and lasting change, and that such a thorough change cannot be put off much longer without danger." This is the way Tllden men speak, and It la therefore particularly reprehensible In Schurz, aa a Hayes man-, to speak so,' though he only tells the plain truth. The regulation way to deal with the charge of a debauched civil service system is to do as Morton did In a recent speech denounce It unmitigated bosh and demagogucry, and declare that the very opposite la the truth to say, as he says, that there Is more official Integrity, that the revenui s are more f aithr fully collected and that the public service la better performed than at any former period. The frauds of the whisky rlngetcrs by which the government has lost millions upon millions of dollars furnish an excellent Illustration of the scrupulous regard the Indiana Bitting Bull has for truth. 'Spending the People's Money to Carry Election. With one hunlred thousand olllcc-holdcrs eager to do all In their power to perpetuate Grantlem, with the many millions of dollars annually paid to these cilice-holders for salaries to levy upon for campaign purposes, with every postofllce, custom-house, internal revenue ollicc and navy yard a political ar senal for Hayes, with thousands of sinccur- iBts to do political work wherever or dered, with tbe whole power and patronage of the nation at their command, it is no wonder that the Hayes managers can and are making a desperate light to carry the doubt ful States. They have been badly cr;pp!td in their resources this year by the Democratic House, which so cat down the appropriations that, unless the appropriations are diverted from their proper cbaunels, there will not be as much chance da heretofore when appropriations were innde by Jtjpubltcan Con gressesfor directly using tha people's money for political purposes, 'lo wbat ex tent the national exchequer wa used to help along the Republican causo In MT'Z may be Judged from the following ligures, showing the aggregate of the expenditures made for miscellaneous purposes and for Indians in the three fiscal years ending June 30, 1872, June 30. 1873, and June 30, 1874, the first being the year preceding, the second the year of, and the third the year alter the Presidential election of lsra Vmt ntillnp June 30. 1873 1W.046.483 Year cndlns Jane 30,1671 81.279,812 Year tndinc June 30, 1871 .6.331,055 TnFpnap fn Prpdldfintlai vear over Drcced- Insyear $13,233,129 Decrease in subsequent year 4,915,759 These flrures are exceedingly significant. The Republican CongreBa which was last In SPAsloa befora tho Pool(3entlal election or 1672 found that In tboee branches of the eer- vice where the political blowers and strikers were principally employed and in that nest of corruption, the Indian Bureau, upwards of $13,000,000 more would be required for the uubllc service Including care for the Republican party than was needed in the year then drawing to a cl-se. When tho election was over, the same con grcss found that for the next year it conld cut down expenditures In these same branches of the public service to the extent of nearly five million dollars. Theleorrupt party sought by the most glaring corruptions to maintain itself In power, and was successful, It la attempting to do the same thing again this year ; but, as we have said, it has been crippled In its resources to some extent by the action of the Democratic Houbc, which In consequence has had torrents of abuse heaped upon It. Unfortunately for the Republican managers, however, the corruptions of the party have been BO thoroughly exposed that it stands to day on an altogether different footing before the people from what it did In iB7tf. It is m a position where money cannot save it where tho millions contributed by tho ofllce-holders will be of no avail. The people cannot be kept down by power, nor turned from their purpose to drive out Grantlsm. Indiana and tho Republicans. While tho Republican managers are busily engaged In importing aa many negroes from Kentucky Into Indiana as they poBBlbly can, for the purpose of voting them at the ensu lng election In the latter State, they seek by Imputing colonization frauds to the Democra cy to distract attention from their own do ings. In their desperation the Republicans are resorting to every means, fair and foul, In their power. All the resources that a party which has been long years in power In the nation possesses are concentrated upon Indi ana, in the hope that the State will thereby be carried against the Democratic nominees. As day by day their hope grows fainter as it becomes more manifest that the people will triumph in the contest with power and patronage, and that "a campaign with money and tbe bloody-shirt" will not make Indiana safe for the Republicans excuses for a Republican defeat are beginning to be formulated In advance, and among them is the one to which we have referred. Coming from a corrupt party which depends upon corruption and fraud for success, the excuse Is not worthy of notice. Where one dollar will be expended by the Democratic party In Indiana for campaign purposes, at least twenty will be expended by the party which has the purse of tho people at command and does not hesitate to use It ; while the colonization will all bo on the Bide of the party which has the money and the material to do it with that Is, on the aide of the Chandler-Hayes combination. The howl of Democratic colonization has been raised, however, and tho following paragraph shows upon what It is based : In the October election of 1872 tbe Democratic vote In the counties of Indiana bordering on Kentucky was 19.007. In the November election of the same year, when Kentucky votes were needed at borne, the Indiana vote in the same counties was only 17,. 121. This extraordinary discovery was made by the mighty philosopher of the Chicago Tribune, who undoubtedly thinks that by It he Is entitled to wear the Panglosslan degree of A. S. S. If ho had taken the Democratic vote in all tbe 'counties of Indiana he might have discovered that tho Indiana vote was 25,000 less on the Democratic side in November than It was lu October, and that the Democratic vote in the counties bordering on Kentucky was larger In proportion to the total vote In November than It was in the October preceding. Moreover, if he had penetrated further into the realms of discovery, he would have found that the Democratic vote lu the counties of Kentucky which border on Indiana was much below the average In November, 1879. We are not surprised that the philosopher's Hper should find In the falling off in the vote of a certain section in November from what It was In October something of a phenomenal chu-actcr ; but we are a little surprised that a journal of the character of the New York Evening Post should think the remarks of the philosopher in chronicling aaaas5g the discovery worth' of republication without credit and -onla. leek ta deprlra the philosopher W at -tte since It -Poa!ca ,no 011188 ot &tS BM natnity lost a good deal of self-respect, adoes not hesitate to appropriate -things that don't belong to it- Badlr Crippled Department! It makes the blood of the average organ and of the average Republican campaign speaker run cold it even makes chills creep over Grant, Chandler, Cameron and Tyner to contemplate the horrible manner In which the Democratic House crippled the departments when ft insisted upon-a large reduction In the number of employes. Perhaps, Indeed, the contemplation has hail such a bad effect upon Grant as to make him even more than ever ausccpUblo to "periodical neuralgia," and the heart of the great cam-.i ,Ar mmt have been Dirtlcnlarlv ead over the loss of several hundred clerks whose -'voluntary contributions" wouia ni gone to 6weU the fund for use in Indians . ti,. Ktn After the nlan Dronosed have to I by KUpatxICk, if sucn a ining no possiun-. hv loss of the contributions, however, was of course only an incldontal'causo of grief. Nor was the main cause the loss of a largo numbi of men who could be employed at public expense to prepare, fold and mall Republican campaign documents. Tho hearU were bowed down, the frames were filled with anguish, the marrow in tho bones had " almost rnn frtt- fnr tho nuhlic service might be seriously Injured on account of the raid of the House on the orucc-noiaem. m managers of tho combination must feel that a great burden has been taken off their hearts now that they find that tne raiMin nr-lTricB can not only stand without in jury all the reductions that have been made, but that all the clerks in the departments from Ohio and Indiana can take a thirty or forty days' vacation for the purpose of going home until after election, thero to work and to tnr HiipM. moflntlme drawintr Day. The order to go home has been made by the great leader oi me comoiuauuu, tuu ou ii. certain that the clerks can be spareu wunoui, injury. Perhaps, Indeed, there are enough left to do all the work and supply a lew w uo political service at waauiugwu. Botli tlio Army and tne Nary. It ecems that It Is not alone the army wnlch, under the command of United States Marshals, is to ba used by Chandler, Camera on&Co., to assist the cause of their candi dates in the Southern States, the navy, wo, is to be iosde available to some extent. The Philadelphia Tlmea says that Governor Kellogg, of Louisiana, who was recently in Philadelphia, "Informed a well-known officer of the navy that he had obtained from tbe administration a promise of the presence of two men-of-war at New Orleans before and during the Presidential election, which would be so officered and manned as to secure obedience to the behests of the United States Marshal cud such other officials as might require their services. In convejlng this information Governor h.ellogg maue tne supplementary statement that he could procure the assignment to this flnty of ' the officer with whom he was con versing if such were his desire." Revenue cutters have been used before now to help the Republicans in Louisiana alone in their little games, as Brether-in-law Casey could testify. He is the man who Illegally used a United States revenue cutter to run off a number of tbe State Senators of Louisiana, so as to prevent a quorum In the Senate ; but he was never rebuked by the administration for his conduct. An administration which would permit such conduct In a subordinate would not hesitate to use regular men-of-war lor political purposes, and it Is uot surprising, therefore, to hear that tho use of men-of-war at New Orleans is contemplated. Taft could be rcadliy prevailed upon, no doubt, to glvo an opinion to the effect that the naval forces of the United States can be put under the command of the United States Marshals. But how do the people like the idea of hav ing both army and navy prostituted to tho uses of Chandler, Cameron ,c co r A BoomoranK. The organs, In and out of Indiana, have recently attempted to throw discredit upon "Blue Jeana" Williams, the Democratic can- date for Governor of Indiana, by publishing a list of articles of luxury which had boon allowed members of Congress, for wmcn ex travagant prices had been paid, and which it was alleged he, as chairman of the Commit tee on Accounts, had allowed. It turns out, however, that every Item on the list was pur chased- by the Kepubllcan officials of the House before the Democrats came Into power, though the date of their purchase came into the last fiscal year'a accounts, Mr. Williams has not audited a bill for a single useless article since he has been chairman of the Committee on Accounts. B) rig- Idly cutting off petty abuses which the Republicans tolerated he has saved mo-o than the salary of a member of Congress. When Republican journala parade the list of luxurlea allowed Congressmen and dwell sarcastically ppon the various Items, they expose the laxity and extrava gance of Republican officials In Congref b, and Inadvertently confess the truth of the charges that Mr. Williams Is so effectively making against them. They Bbow the neceaBlty there was for a man like James D. Williams In the chairmanship of tho Committee of Accounts to put an end to the abuses. The organs must feel chagrined when they find that their attacks upon extravagances have been at tacks upon Republican extravagance, and that in making them they have been coinpll meutlng Mr. Williams. 7ABI0PS T0PI0S, The Washington Fire Association of Charleston figured up accounts after Its re cent trip to Philadelphia and found it had $2 28 in the treasury, and it was concluded to invest next in a supper. Two young ladles living in Jollet were nearly frightened to death recently by a tramp suddenly and boldly entering the house. Recovering quickly, however, they pretended to call "the man of the house," and the tramp skipped out as suddenly as he came In. The Servians are eald to be a tail, finely pro portioned race of people and often Intellectu al and chlvalrlc. The women are the more muscular, however, and many of them arc able to "set their husbands in order" when they need It, and do not scruple to do so upon occasion. Mrs. Maria West Chapman, who furnishes the conclusion of Miss Martlneau's biography, Is an American lady and lives at Weymouth, Massachusetts. She was one of the leading women In the original anti-slavery movement here, and after MIbs Martlneau's visit to this country, kept up a cloBe Intimacy with her. Julius Chambers, who wrote up the hor rors of the Bloomingdale asylum four years ago for the New York Tribune, is soon to issue a book written on that aubject by him self. After his release he wroto an account of his treatment there which was not credited by many, who reasoned that, having used de-celt once, he would do so again. The subject of lunacy haa a wide scope, and a well- written book on It would be of great value. Flood, O'Brien, Fair and Mackey, the princl- ual owners and trustees of "Consolidated Virginia" and "California" mines, in the "Comstock Lode," near Virginia City, Nova- da, were only a few years ago comparatively poor. These mines have each yielded, In gold and silver, over $3,000,000 for some time past, and are conceded to be the richest mines in the world.' Each of the above named owners is supposed to be worth $100,- 000,000. Large forests of oak flourish in the vicinity of Odessa, Russia, and an American has conceived the idea of pulverizing the acorns, of which there are great quantities, Into a Sour or powder for food for hogs, poultry and horses. He has already started In his new enterprise, and will ship the product to various markets. An exchange advises the propriety of shipping tho hogs to tbe acorns and then Bending them abroad in the form of ealt pork. A prominent clergyman of Milwaukee, when about to hold divine services In a rural town recently, was stttng directly between the eyes by a bnmblo bee. Tho spot Immediately swelled so large that the clergyman was unable to see his notes white preaching, and the result was tha the delivered a more brilliant and able dlscourise than he was ever before known to. He has now abandoned the use of notes entirely and Is much mora Interesting than when he used thom. The main passages In some of the silver mines of Nevada are 1,500 feet below tho earth's surface. Men working there are stripped to the waist, and then tho perspiration Btreams from every pore. Streets or avenues are cut In every direction, and wild engines working end cars runnlug tho scene Is that of a sulterraueau city. At tlio ent rate of operations In sixteen yearn ttify will be working thrro thousand feet brlnw tho eurfaco. Dr. George lUrker lm dlrd contly at notion, aged forty ( yeflio. w graduato from Harvard (.Vital! I" Is-was an oarueat Iwltawr l mutoMlM eWtou as a iwms vt dorrler-tnu ( i Blu, and oftn o!ivtt lo hi vn-inii-l hl ttwxvheA !h tht manner Sinn Itltitliallott f what ovuild be aKaliicd by Ills mifthcsi, vthtelt Iw taught citcmWely. llij ivtiM lilt a thrr-eihiiuaamt pound wdjibt oaally, but hla death at Uio torn-patallwi rlJ as of forty-two hutluatca. that grtt muscular oxorikm ta uot favorable to longevity. Under the old Japanese law no criminal conld be punished without Ural having confessed tho crtnio imputed to him, and modes of torture wore of ton resorted to to induce confession.' Many times lunoccnt persons suffered death by confessing to crimes, while under torture, of which they were uot guilty. This law has recently been abolished, but it seems aa though one : Btep forward there necessitates ono backwaid, for on the heelo of the publication of Ita abolition comes the newa that "any matter calculated to disturb the peace of the nation," published in a native news- parer, will be promptly punished by its suspension, which la left at the discretion of the Home Department. A Royal Commission was appointed in England last year to investigate auS. ascer-' tain a remedy for the frequency of spontane ous combustion in cargoes of coal during long voyagea at sea. The report of the Commission has been presented to the House of Commons, and says that one of the chief causes Is the presence of iron pyrites, the oxidation of which takes place through contact with molatnre in the air and generateB heat. AIbo in the breakage of coal by rough handling in shipment, the small particles absorbing and condensing large quantities of oxygen, which Ignites at a certain temperature. The CommiEBtonora aummarlze their concluBions by submitting, among other things, that certain descriptions of coal are dangerous for shipment for long voyages, also that the temperature of cargoes should be periodically tested. MOKE ABOUT EEV J, W. DTOJEE, A Republican TeatlAes to hlo Honesty and bis Earneetneas, and tbat bo la Persepiitod for Conscience' Sake. To tho Editor of tho Boston Post: The letter of the Rev. J. W. Dunjee. of Richmond, Virginia, published In the Campaign Post, is destined to produce a sensation. The spirit of candor which pervades It, the eood temper fn which It Is conceived. and, above all, the sharp setting forth of tacts wltn ineir irrerragauie logic, win nave an effect. That the letter may exert the utmost Influence, allow mo to say that I am personally acquainted with the wiiu-r. He was settled aa pa3tor over a col ored church In this city, and for several yeara ho was a neighbor of mine. I know him to be a most conscientious man, and tbat he gave up his charge here and went South to do good to bis people. His letter Is erld jncc that this is tne governing principle oi nis action now. When he has come North he has called on me. and the last time we had a conversation on the condition of bis people and the status of their relations to tl;3 white. He deprecated their blind subserviency to party, and regretted they should bethot-.-olsof unscrupulous demagogues. Tbat thi y were, he foresaw, would be a Btuiublluc block In their way. His views were decide.!, so his present action is not a new iniug. 034 louoweu what he perceived to be tbo line of his duty. lie nas exuioiceu an in penuence ior which, as an old Reuubl'can. I honor him: for I was one who was sati lied with four years of GranUsm, and be.irtily n-jolce that it IB so soon to end. There Is uo good reason why the colored people should forever cling to tho Kepooucau pany, ior tuey are under no special obligations to It, even for the extirpation of slavery. I have not apace to elucidate this point, neither can I take spEce to ehow what a bar to tbe success and prosperity of the colored people of the South the Republican policy has been since the close of tne war. rjnouiu an auacK oe maue on mo Rev. 3Ir. Dunjee I perhaps may take up the question and discuss it at length. 1 fully Indorse Mr. Donjee, and am pleased that tbe ecclesiastical whip cracked over his bead does not alarm him ; that be holds It In contempt as he docs the political whip which the party leaders use so efficaciously to hold reiractory mamDers in inetraces. WILLIAM FOSTER, JR. Providence, K. I., Sept. 11. He raabetb Even Hla Enemies Pralsa Even the Flint Globe, partisan as It is, has a good word to say of Hon. Geo. H. Durand. Referring to his nomination it Bays : Tbe Democratic Congressional Convention at OsvosBO, on the 0th instant, did just what t was expected to do, and what was tho right and proper thjng for jt to do under the cir- H. Durand for Congress bv acclamation. Mr. Durand, so far aa we have been able to judge, has remesented the interests of his constituency falfthfully, aa he understands tbero. But under all circumstances he haa been a gentleman, genial, courteous and obliging. We doubt If any man in hlB district can say that Mr. Durand has ever declined to render him any reasonable services in nis power. The Moat Reckless Ever Issued. 8enator liayard Eald, referring to Taft'6 order : No document so partisan in character, so recaless of all constitutional limitations upon power, so regardless of historical truth, so utterly insubordinate to the decisions of tbe Supreme Court of tbe United Slates, naa in tne nistory 01 our country issued from a department, not only acting as all departments should act, under the sanction of law, bpt looked to by all other departments of the Kxccutfve as Itself the fountalp of law by thom. A Friendly Word For Carl. The Washington Republican says: Carl Schurz baa always been noted as an agitator and a theorist a man, lu Bhort, who follows wild vagarlca, and Is never satisfied (vita the surrounding condition of affairs. It Is not to be wondered at, therefore, tbat he Is a disturbing factor Is tbe present campaign. He baa pretendod to carry tho German vote in hla pocket so often fqflpatance, in 1872 tbat neither native nor acjo'ptcd cjtljens bave much faith In blm in these later daya. Tbe DIuerence. From the Hudson Gazette. Four years of Tllden would mean on a national scale the wonderful, economical and administrative reform which he has carried out In New York durlog eighteen months. Four yeara of HayeB, ;xr contra, would mean a new series of the things which have made Grantlsm odious. Campaign Notes. Tbe position of 'Carl Schnrz, 1b unchanged. He is still holding up ono leg. From every section of the country we havo the most cheering news of the condition of the canvass. This 1b the people's battle for true reform, and they are everywhere making favorable progress against the oorrup-tlonlata. Baltimore Gazette. Tllden has no brothers-in-law and cannot saddle them Into foreign missions a la Grant and Cramer. Lansing Journal. The UtJca Observer aaya : "There Is no longer any doubt about a rnsjorlty of 50,000 or more for our tlcketjiere in New York fn November." Early in the campaign the Ohio Republican journala boaated of 50.000 to 75,000 majority. Now they claim from 5,000 to 10,000. The Indlanapolla Journal, Radical, is be- Inning to funk, and aaya : "We confidently elleve we shall win, but not without oyatem-atlc organization. Attorney-General Taft haa gone to Ohio to take part in tho campaign. Zach makea 'em all work this year. f BoBton Globe. "TUdcn is a compound of Pecksniff and Uriah Heep." Hit him again John Forney ; for lf he gets In he will likely mako inquiry with reference to that little matter of $25,-000. Call him a real bad man. Don't let up on hlra. Chicago Times. Mr. Cameron, we thought that you and General Chandler commanded tho army. Did you hear Patterson telling them down in South Carolina that he was going to Bend troops down there ? Who Is running the army, anyhow ? Philadelphia Times. Governor Chamberlain has not applied for any troops to protect the.colored Democrats of. South Carolina. The "Hamburg Horror" ought to be turned inside out by this time. If It la ever going to be, and the guilty parties punlBhed. But the plan la to put the trial over until after election. . The Boston Globe, a Republican paper, says of tho Adams ratification meeting: "It was Indeed a rousing meeting the Democrats bad In and outsid9 of Fencuil Hall." . William Cullen Bryant at Cummington last week, eald that the statement in the Republi can papers that he had gone back on Tllden la untrue. He up lie will support him at Ihe polls, and believes he will be elected. Did not thi- "great Michlgander," who turns thocrer-Hof this political machine In wasntnirtos, otorstep the ooruero 01 ueceucy when hesoutthat notorious roue ana dead-beat, Andrews, loact aahlgh priest ut the dedication of tho Republican wigwam In urat r Hint uemocrat. Tub DnritniT Fubr PitE-aa ravs : "Hayes has been mure fortunate In the dog bualncss than aa a MieepUL" Perhaps that's what vuMatls-nta ebaiM-ea fr pulling tho wool over Hum's c.yea, Northwestern Mining Juuiual. Hut l-liuiliinatt (laiolli- flten.I irlvei'this lllwalmllim u Ibe teSMlt of Uepui-lleau rule : 'IV iriwl nf litmilsmuta have, butm dlniln-W1I11E stilce Will, nll l tailing off con-IbrneKi 1 ItU'rt, hANIi M" ,illwl Numlnv, Bi-bt. mti, at 4: f, ui.HilheitM van-f tier niio. funeral from iini-Vie iMt.u-nfi-, itt Twelltli aii nervlccsnt HI. VWeM'4 Olmretl at Jin. llj.,"uelay, Sept. u, rileiiilKW Hie family are, Invited 10 attend. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. PIPE ORC-AlSa 10UIS M. VAN lilNTEIt & CO. Ard now prepared tofl'lall orders f or tho mann-f.,,-!,,... i.r ltil'RrtHfSANS of ovcrv dcscilntlon In n workmanlike raannor. Satisfaction guaranteed. Best of Ueto.enccB. Toning and rcpalnn" promptly attended - to. Address all orders 10 Mannfac-lory, naa Kaat fort t Detroit. eelD-lm NOTICE. ThrtdTiniiftl moetlnf? of -tha atockholdora of the Wyandotte Ilolllnfi Mill Company wlU be held at iQOir omen iHueiruiL, uu nuiiuAi, uum. iuiii, lffTfl. ut 1(1 o'clock a. m.. for the election of a Board of Directors and transaction of snch other business as may como before the meeting. v. .n- muuiUi. secy. Sept. lGth, I6T6. selfl-lawtd CHA-NCERlr: SAKK. Ln puranance and by virtne of a decree of the Circuit Court of tbo United Statca for the Eastern District of Michi gan, In eqaity, made on the" (seventeenth day of. March, A. D. 187U, In a certain cauee therein pend ing, wueroui vtuurgu r uiseuii, iruum;, is complainant and Henry Weber Caroline "Weber,1 The Weber Furniture Compauy.and Xloyt Poat, admin-iBtrator of tho eatatoof Edward S. Loadbeater, deceased, are defendants: Notice la hetcby given that I shall sell at puolic auction on Saturday, tb.9 9th day of September, A. D. 187G. at 12 o'clock noon of that day, at tho front door of tha United States Poatoffice bnllding on Grlswold street, In tbe City of Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, the fol-lowing described property, to wit: Those certain piocea or parcels of land Bitnatcdln tbo City of Detroit, Connty of Wayne and State of Michigan, and known and described as lots one hundred and nlnety-Beven (197), one hundred and ninety-eight (198), one hundred and niucty-nine (199), two hundred 200) and two hundred and one (201), In Williams' aubdivision ef park lots one, two, three and four (1. a, 3 and 4j of tho Governor and Jadgea plan of paid city. Detroit, July 27, 18.G. ADDISON MANDELL, Miuter In Chancery of Circuit Coart U. 8., Eneteru District of Michigan. HEDDACCill & DmuoB, Solleltorn for Complainant. The above sale Is postponed to Monday, September 13. Idtti, at the 6a me hour and place. ADDISON MANDHLL, Master in Chancery of Circuit Court U. S. Eastern District of Michigan, MKDDAtrun & Dniotii. Solioltois for Complainant. ' The above s.ile la further postponed to Monday, October 2d, ISTtf, at the same time and place ADDISON MANDELL, " MBBtcr In Chancery of Circuit Court of U. S., Eastern District ef Michigan. MEDDAUim & Dbigus, 8el9-lawtn2t Solicitors for Comolalnant, MOKTGAGB FOKKCLOSIIHE,-Whereas, default has been made for more than thirty days In tbe payment of an just illmcnt of interest due under a certain mortra?o executed on the let day of February, 1870, by Ferdinand Specht and Caroline Specht, hid wife, of thu City of Detroit, County of Wayno aud Stato of Michigan, to James Appleyard, or the City of Lansing, in the said SUte, and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds of said County of Wayne on February 5tb, 1876, by reason or which default aud the election of said mortgagee, lbs principal sum secured by said mortgage, with all arrearage of inturust thereon, has become duo aud payable: and whereas there Is claimed to be Uuotn said mortgage at tbe date of this notice the enm of two thousand ono hundred and fourteen dollars and tixtycuntB (2,114 60) principal and interta., and an attorney fee of one hundred dollars (JlOLi), provided In said mortgage to bu paid in caso my proceedings should betaken to foreclose the sane: Notice is therefore hereby given tbat on tho i7th day of November, A. D. J87R. at half-past tvu n'clock in the forenoon, at tbo Woodward avenue entrance of tho City Hall, in said City or Dettclt, or at the front door of any other building in which the Circuit Court of said County of Wayne muy be held at that time, said mortgage wdl be tore-closed by virtue of the power therein contained, by a sale at public auction to the highest bidder of tbo mortgaged premises, which arc described as follows, to wit: Lot three (f of Specat'a subdivision of lqt one "il)f of the subdivision of the Lognon farm (private claim 27), according to the plat of sald "Specht'a subdivision" recorded in the ofilce of the Itogister of Deeds of eald County of Wayno .in bQOk.fortyfonr (44) of deeds, at pages Qve huntred and elghty-slx (530), ttvo hundred and eighty-eight (58S) and Ave hundred and ninety (590), said lot three (8) being on tho north aide of woodbrtdgo street, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, In Bald City of Detroit. Dated August 24, 1873. JAMES APPLEYARD, Mortgagee. C. J. OTltnn, Attorney for Mortgagee. au29-lawtul3t MO UT GAGE SA&E Whereas, default haa been made in the conditions of a certain mortgage made and executed by Elizabeth L. Bogue to Catherine E. Briggs, bearing date tho 11th day or June, A. D., 1875, and recorded in the office of tbe Register ef DeedB for the County of Wayne, State of Michigan, on the 17th day of June, A. D 1875, at 10:20 o'clock a. m. in liber 97 of mortcsges, at page 375, and tho amqunt claimed to bo due thuroon at the date of this notice is Bevon hundred seventy-three and 72-100 dollars, and also the further eum or fifty dollars as an attorney fee, provided for In said mortgage; and no proceeding at law or in equity having been in-itituted to a-ccover tho debt aocured by eald mortgage, or any part thereof. Now therefore by virtue of the power of Bale contained in tald mortgage, and pursuant to the statutes In such cases made and provided, notice Is hereby given that on Wednesday, the 27th day of September, A. D., 1876, at 12 o'clock noon of that day, at the cast front door of tho new City Ilall wherein is held tho Wayne Connty Circuit Court in tho City of Detroit, there will bo sold at public vendue to tho highest bidder, the land and premises described in said mortgage to eatlsfy the amount duo on said mortgage and interests aud costs, and expenses allowed by law for tho advertisement and sale of said premises, and said attorney fee: eald premises, as set forth in said mortgage, being described as follows, to-wit: All that certain piece or parcel of land situate and being in the Township of Livonia, In the County o' Waync,"Statc of Michigan, to-wit: Comraenclujr on the northeast comer of section twenty-one, townBh.p ono, south of range nine east, running thence weet on tho section line to lands owned by William Johnson; thence aouth twenty rods, thence west eighty rods, to eaid Johnson's lands, the fonth on the east Bide of said Johnson's lands to William O. Minckley's land, northwef-t corner, thciico cast on tho north side of Bald Minckley's land to William W. Wright's land: thence, north, on tho west line of the bnrial ground to the north side of the school house; thence, eatt to the center of the highway; thence, north to theplacoof beginning; alwaya reserving a piece of land horetoforo described by William Mlnckley to David P. Helneon, and sftnttcd on tho northeast corner of tho above described piece of land, eaid pleco of land to contain forty .acres of land, moro or less. Also, reicrviog another piece of land, twcnLy-fivo feet wide, on the west Bide and twenty-live feet wide on the south side of the last reserved piece, that waa deeded to D. P. Delnson by W. Mincklcy. CATHARINE Ii. BRIGGS, Ai-pueu E. Hawks, Mortgagee. Attorney fpr Mortgagee. Dated Detroit, July 1, 18?6, JyMawtnlSt MORTGAGE SALE-Default having leea made in the conditions of a certain mortgHgu (whereby tho power therein contained to Bell has become operative), executed by Dowht C. Iiol-brook, of the City of Detroit, Connty of Wayne and State of Michigan, to Catherine Mackintosh, or the city, connty and State aforesaid, dated the ninth day of April, A- D. 1SU1. and recorded on tbo ninth day of April, A. D. J864, In tho olllco of the Register of Deeds for the Connty of Wayne, In the Statu or Michigan, in liber 47 of mortgages, on page 192, which said mortgago waa duly assigned the 15th dav of November, A. D. 1804, by taid Catherine Mackintosh tq Sidney i. Miller, of the City of Detroit aforceald, which said assignment was duly recorded the 13th day of May, A. 1. 1868, in said Register's ofilce, in liber three 3) of assignments of mortgagea. on pago S74, upon which mortgage there Is claimed to be due at the date of this notice the sum of ono thousand four hundred and forty 64-100 dollars, and no suit or proceedings at low having been lustUntcd to recover any part thereof, notico is theroforo hereby given that on Wednesday, the 8th day of November next, at 12 o'clock noon, I shall sell at public auction, to the highest bidder (sale to take place at tho front door of the Wayno County Circuit Court house, in the City or Detroit, Wayno County, Michigan), tho rrcmlscB contained In snch mortgage (or no much thcreor as Bhalt bo necessary to satisfy the amount due on such mortgage, with 10 per cent. Interest, and legal coBte, together with an attorney fee of thirty dollars, covenanted for therein), tbat la to eay, the following piece or paicel of land situate In TownBhip of liamtrimck, Wayno County, Michigan, viz. : Tho westerly twenty (20) acres, being tho wesi half of lot number twelve (12) of the eud-dlviBioq ot quarter cecM0? thlrty;ninp (80) of tho ten thousand acre tract. Dated Detroit, Ang. 12th, A.D. 1876, SIDNEY D. MILLER, Assiguco of Mortgage, Fbedeiuok T. Sibley, Attorney. aulMawtnlSt MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE. Whereas, default has boon made in a condition of a certain mortgage executed on the 3Ht day or May, 1873, by Caroline Cosgrove, of tho City of Detroit, Connty of Wayno and State of Michigan, to Cornelius J. O'FIynn, executor, of the Bamo place, and recorded in tho ofilco of tho Register of Deeds of said County or Wayne on May 31st, 1873. and on the 29th day of August, 1874, assigned by tho said Cornelius J. O'Plynn, executor, to Tbo Peoplc'a Sayings Bank, of said City of Detroit, by deed or asalgnment recorded in tbo office of said Register of Deeds on AugtiBt 29th, 1874; and whereas, there Is claimed to bedue ' on said mortgage at the date of this notice the sum of four hundrei? and eleven dollars and eleven cents (till 11) principal and into rest, and an attorney fee of sevcnty.flve dollars (J75, provided tn said mortgage to bo paid in case any proMedltjgs ahonld be taken to foreclose the same: Notice Is therefore hereby given that on the 27th day of November. A D. 1878, at ten o'clock in tho lore-noon, at the Woodward avenue entrance of tho City Hall, In aatd City of Detroit, or at tho front door of any other building In which the Circuit Court of said Connty cf Wayno la held at that time, eaid mortgage will be fcrecloBcd by vtrtneof the power therein contained, by a sale at public auction to tho highest biddir of tho mortgaged prem'ses, which, are described as follows, to wit: All that certain piece or parcel of land on tho south aide of Catharine street, between Orleans and Dequindrd atreots, in said City of Detroit, do-scribed as the east half of lot thirteen (13., In sec tlon twenty-one (21) of the subdivision of the De-qulndro farm.ap'at of which aubdivision is recorded in the office of tho Reglfltcr of Deeds of Bald Connty of Wayne, in book ten (10) of deeds, at pago Beven hundred and fifteen. (715). Dated AugnBt24, 1876. THE PEOPLE'S SAYINGS BANK, Aflfiigneo. C. J. 0'Flyks, Attorney for Astigneo. an29-lawtul3t W ANTED, FOR SALE and TO RENT CARD printed and ror bio at THE FREE PKSS3 JOB HOMOS. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. NOW OPEHSr ! tiie:oricinal ire Bealin Do not fall to glvo us a call before pnrchR3lng eUcwhcro; and" Batlsfy yourself that there la beyond a doubt groat bargainB both in , MonX jRbya Tonthb' anil Children's Clothing. Woodward Aiviaimo. Yon cannot miss it tho Red 8tbre. COAL. "F. PAGE, Wholesale and retail dealer In all kinds of Hard & Soft Coal At Lowest Possible Prices. Tho choicest grades of Hard Coal always on hand. Also Soft Coal for grate and steam purposes. Yard, corner of Serenili and Wood-bridge. Office 53 G-riswold St. 8cl2-3m Expressly for Malting and Family use, at W. N. STEVENS' Coal Olllco, 35 Congress nt. west. selS-lm A. II. WINCHESTER Agent. PRICES REDUCED. For the present we offer SCR ANTON and LACKAWANNA COAL at tho following prices: Grate and Egg, $6 75 Per Ton. Stove and Nut, $7 00 Per Ton. Tebms Cash when coal is ordered. All my coal for domestic uao is Uept UNDER COVER, and is alwnya well ucrcened before delivery. I have also on hand LEHIGH, all sizes. BLOSS-BURG for Blacksmithlug, BROOK FIELD for grates, and several varieties" of BITUMINOUS Coal for steamboats and stationary engines, YARD Foot of Riopclle street. OFFICE-With Atlantic & . Pacific Telegraph, &-1 Grlswold street. se3-lm JAMES B2. PITTMAN. The under; limed are now nreuared to fill orders from onr yard with Scrantoi! and Lackawanna Coal Of all eizee, fresh mined, well Ecrccned and of tho best qnnlitk-8. Wo have Lehigh t eizea and Blossburg for blactamUbing, nut all varieties c.f Bituminous Coal for stream purposes, which we will sell for cash at the very lowest rites. Yard and Ofilce, foot of Griswold Et. auiXMm J. W. & A. T. KEITH. LAKE & RIVER STEAMERS, CHANGE OF TIMS. On and after Saturday, Sept. 16, the steadier CITY OF NEW BALTIMORE will leave Detroit for New Baltimore, Anchorville, N.C.Club Honse, Algonac, Roberts Landing and Marine City, every Tuesday, ThurEday and Saturday at 9:30 a. m. E. W. BISSKLL & CO.. Agents, se8-lm Foot First street. 1876s Sesou Arrangement, 1876, To fiodorlch, Out., Bay CHy Saclnaw, Tmvafl, Port Austin GrlnaBtone mty, Port Hope, Sand S3 ear. Hand all polntson tlio St. Glair Rftvor Tho stanch and fast Bailing passenger STEJVXJhaK BENTON, W. F. McGREGOR, Master, will sail every Wednesday, 7 p. m. Tho commodious passenger Steamer S3 E3 HTSCHY, G. W. McGREGOR, Master, will sail every Saturday, at 7 p. m. For freight or passage and all other information apply to ASHLEY & MITCHELL, Agents, or C. A. CUAMBERLIN, Manager, maSl-tf OQlcc and wharf foot of GriBwold st. 1876. 1876. SEASON AIIKANOEKIENT. FOK SAGINAW & OODERICH. The new paBsenger steamer IE. HOLLAND, Capt. J. R. JoNHS.Teavcs every Saturday at 7o'c1ock p. m. for Godorlch, Saginaw, Bay City, Tawan. Tort Anatin, CaseviUc, GrindBtouo City and Port Hope. Steamer PORTER CHAITIEJEEHjIN) Capt. McCrba, leaves every Wednesday at 7 o'clock for the above ports, except Godorlch, Tor freight only. Will take kero3ono oil. For freight or piissage apply to R. L. MONTGOMERY, In1.. At Ward's dock, foot of Wayno at. 1876. 1876. STAB LINE OF STEAMERS. Tho Steamers Eveninp: Star & lilton D. Warft Will form a daily line between Detroit and Sand Beach, White Rock, Forestvillo, Forester, Rich-mondvllle, Sanilac, Lexington, Lakcport, Port nn-ron, Sarnia and all intermediate Rivor St. Olalrand Lako 8horo Ports, leaving dock foot of Wayao Btreot at !) a. m. Every Tuesday, Wcdnosday, Thursday and Saturday for Port ilope. ap5- It. L. MONTGOMERY, Agont. FOR LAKEJUPERIOIl. Tho Union Steamboat Co. and Atlantic, Duluth V Vac i lie Line. For eulutli, and all points on Iako Superior. On Tuesday, Sept. 19, 10 o'clock v- m. The Favorito Passencnr Steamer 2rt O "2? X O, CAPT. F. S. MILLER, Will leavo forSanlt Suj. Marie, Marqnotto, L'AnBO, Hongaton and Hancock, counecllnj at Honghtoa with tho steamer Manleteo for Kaglo Harbor, Eafilo River, Ontonagon, Ashland, linyfleld and Duluth and all points on the Lako Superior & MlealHSippI and Northern l'aciflc Railroad. For freight or passage applv at tho offloo foot of Second et. A. CHESSBROVJQU, Agent. J. T. WHITINO, Gen'l Aeent. ecpl?-at ra . TO m,VOKINAwrCHiS UM"M boygan, Duncan City, ltojora City, nESawMfo Alliens, Harrlaville, Oacoda, An Sable, Port Hope, Sand Beach, Forreetvlllc, Lexlnuton and all points on the St. Clair Rivor. Tho stanch fast-sailing paBsongcr steamer ST. JOSEPH, Capt. HKNRY PALL, will leave for above named points, Ever j- Tuesday, at 10 p. m. For freight or passage apply to ASHLEY & MITCHELL, Agents, Ohlco and wharf foot of Gri&wold Bt. maai-tf .ygAlpeiia Transportation Co Steamer WENOKA CAPT. It, R. BOYNTON, Leaves Detroit every Saturday at 8 o'clock p. m., for An Saublo, Harrisville and Alpena, touching at Intermediate lako shore ports. Steamer MARINE CITY, CAPT. A. KEITH, ' Leaves Detroit every Wednesday at 8 o'eleck p m. for Port Hope. Au Saublo, Harrlavillo, Alcona Alpena, Crawford's Qnarry, Rogers City, Cheboy! gan and Mackinaw. For freight or passago apply to R. L. MONTOOMERV, 0r to WM. E. WARRINBa DAVID GALAQHER, P3 Foot Wayno Btrect. OPEN ALL THE YEAR BOUND! nrefTTi? Pricos-Innaln 5c AjOAaU yard: Brns.eln. r.. Vo vet, 7c; Wlllon, 8c Axmtaster, 0c. This macMne will whip all DKRS promptly auendodtoif left at Iho rnct stores or sent direct te 20 Oilman ll. seldom WJa.P.FUUja., ProP-r " B. GRIESHABEB, Hannfacfrurei of verv Qua GOLD Wholesale and retail, 164 Jeflorson ?TSnJlp stal?' Dotrolt, Mich. Liberal discount totio trade. 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A snperior homo school for yonnR ladios, In which lire is made pleasant, bright, ruflncd aud nurca'ralned by too many rUrid rules, at ths same time that order is secured by an easy dlBciplino. Qrovo Hall offers those rare facilities for culture, which only a University town can furnish. Address HISS M. P. MONTFOHT, Principal. Jn&tSin ALBION COLLEGE. Pall Term opens Thursday, Sept. 21, 1876. For Catalogue or other Information address ltEV. GEO. D. JOCELYN, I). D., pc7-2w Alhlon, Michigan. Charlier Iiistitute for Young Ladies 1(57 Madison Ave., New Tovk, Will reopen September 36. A few hoarders will be taken. Pupila prepared for tho Harvard Examinations for Women. Circulars can be had on appli-tlon. Mllo. Sophlo Lenz and Professor M. J. Dronnnn. Priucipaia sc3-2m Pennsylvania Military Acadomy. Cheater, Ta. (For Boarders only.) Opens Sent, 13th. Location clovatcd and health-Tnl; grounds ainp'c; buildings handouie and com-modiouB. Conine of Btudlos extonalye. Thorough instruction in Civil aud Mof hanical Enffinoertug, the CIiujbIcs aud English. Careful overnight of the morula and manners of Cadets For circulars apply to JEROME CHOKL-. a patron, in Detroit, or to Jy9m COL. THEO. HYaTT. President. LUMiSER. The place to buy il la from HENRY STEPHENS, JR., 1201 Michigan Ave. Rough or Dressed Lumber of every description, Flooring, Ceilings and Siding, Shingles' Lath and Fence Posts. A large stock, Remember the place, 1201 Michigan Avenue. B01&.1W COAL. a $7 00 PER TON. Large and Sma! 86 75 PER TON. . All other kinds at loweBt market rates, at Viger's oa! Yard, 50 Atwater St. yl3-thsuitu3m MUSICAL GOODS. BL BISHOP. DEALER IN . Sheet Music, Music Books, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND Mnsical Gooils of all Bencriptions, 41 and 13 .Honroe Avenue, . DUTUOIT, MICH. - Also, General Agency tor Michigan fcr tho world renowned G. STECK PIANOS, Which DISTANCED AT.t, COSIPRTITOItl at the Vienna Bihloition In Kr.,. An inspecUon t m et?r?cana stocK 13 roaiiectfally solicited JyI5-3m XI TlTSTTPT NOTICES. Notice to Contractors. Scaled propoaaa will ho received by the Com-miaslonaof Construction of tho"tato Houbo of Correction" at Ionia, Michigan, until 12 o'clock noon the 12th day of October, 1870, for furnishing materials und doing tho work connected with tho steam heating appatatuB and yontilation, water eupply and distribution, and tho boilers, pnmps, engines, cooking apparatus, etc., required m connection with' tho erection and completion of heating-, ventilating, etc., of(tho "Statollouso of Correction" buildings. Plana and specification s arc prepared and now on We in the ofilco of A. V French, Architect (Nos. 8 and 9, Telegraph block Detroit, Mich.), where they may bo examined by those proposing to bid oa she work. Bidders will bo required to enbratt an itemised Bchedulo of the different kinds of materials and labor to ho used. No estimato will he received which ib not accompanied with a foil echedolo of prices. The Board rosorves tha right to reject any fid or sched-nlc submitted, Each rod must be accompanied by a guarantee in the eum of five thousand dollars, conditioned that If auchbld be accepted tho parly submitting tho eamo will enter into contract aud give euch bond aa prescribed in tho Bpeciflcationa Proposals mnatbo sealtd and directed to "tho Commissioners Jof "State House or Correction " Ionia, Mich , aud indorsed Proposal, for HcatmV Ventilating, etc ht HAMPTON KTClt, CHARLES KIPP WK3TBH00K Dl VINE W Cemmliwinnf'r QTJBARNS' DRUG STOItE.- . TO KS3P CIDER 8WEKT Sulphite of Lime STEARNS1 DRUG BTOBE. CARPETS. 9 TYXsSS AEJD LOWEST PRICES. TCHUM9 PET HALW 1Q7 PHOTOGRAPHS. 220 and 222 SNOW WHITE FRONT Entirely remodeled and refitted for photographic purposes One quick working for children, and the other for bv.: an; length portraits, umce ana snow rooms on ground noor. V high and prices low. Room in the rear fitted up wUh homing apparatus for photographing travelers' samples, et :. Qy figures. C. EANDALL. MANTELS itb B. ComBinea the open fire and close stove with the furnace p iih i;f ih, ;, i 1J II... ..1 V... .l ,..min.,. nvf-.ivr.tonnnn it- ivlr. ...... , . not mr iiiruugiiuuv mu luuui, (training OS & A-geiits Jy30-ly MONUMENTS. H A TTTlTsTT T A m -TIVlTi fN "rT P r. Manufacturers and dealers in 250 Woodward Ave., Detroit. Solo agents for the Bodwell & Haliowell Granite Quarries, Maluc, Hallo well. Spruce Head, Fox Ieland and Westerly White Granite, Red Beach and Jonesboro lied Granite. Marble Work of every description on band or made to order, aultj-ly RAILROADS. DETROIT, LANSIIVU & jLAUK MICHIGAN E. H. On and after Sunday, July 30, trains will arrive and depart from Detroit aa follows: leave. Mail and Express 8:05 a. m. Mackinaw Jixpruss :00 p. m. ARIUVK, Mackinaw aud Howara Mail 12:03 p. m. Detroit Express 10:00 p. m. J.B. MULLIKEN, Gen, Sunt. W. A. CARPENTER, cn'l Freight & Pass. Agt. DBTKOIT &. itrBLVA5.TIi.K ft. R. Depot foot of Druah st. Train, run by Detroit time. Leave. Arrive. Saginaw & Bay City 8:35 a. m, 8:15 a. nu G'd Itnpids, UM Haven & Chicago 11:00 a. m. R:55 p. m. G'd Itipids tfc Milwaukee . 5:40 p. m. lS!:20p. m. G'd Rapids, G'd I3ft7en 11:15 p. m. ii:o p. m, Qrandllaven Mixed, with Bleeping c,r 10:20 p. m. Xtuna Sundays only. S. K. CALLAWAY, Acst. SnpL ALFRED WHITE. Gen'l Fit. APaaa. Agent FLINT & PEREJMBQUETTE Mf. Depot foot of Thlr(fat. Ticket office with Michigan Central Railroad, 151 Jefferson ave., and In Depot. Trains run by Detroit time. This is tho only route to Holly, Flint, the Saci-uawf , Bay City. Reed City, Lndington, Manistee and all oilier points north of Wayne ou this Hue hy which can got through tickets and biiggage checks and will avoid a chaiici ot euro. Dopart. Arrive, Bay City & Saginaw Mail.. 8:00 a.m. 11:40a.m. Boy City & Ludmston Ex.. 13: 00 noon. 4:30 p.m. BuyCity b Saginaw Ex.... 5:20p.m. 6:35p.m. Night Lx. to Ludinton 10:10 p. m. 0:50 ti. m. J. P. NOUK3E, H. C. TOTTER, Gen'l t Agent. Gen'l Manager. ocMf CUAWD TRUNK 5t AIM. WAY. X MAY, 1870. Depot foot of Third street. Trains run hy Chicago time,' and leavo depot as follows: Atlantic Express Leave 2:50 a. m. Builalo Morning Express " 7:30 a. m. Buffalo Night impress " 5:45 p, ta, Moatrdal and Boston Express " 7:30 a. m. Toronto and Montreal Expretja ... . " 5:45 p. m. Port Huron Mixed " 10:50 n. m. Port Huron Aceommoaation " 3:50 p. m. Buffalo trains errlvo at 1:35 a. m., 6:30 and 10:20 P. in. Montreal and Toronto trains arrive at 10:06 a. m,, t:30 and 10:20 p. ra. , Pull - an p;Uace cars on Atlantic nJght express to Buffalo, Duy palaco and night Pullman through to Montreal. EDW. RHIDT. Passenger Agent, Detroit. J. H3CKSON. Gen. Manager, Montreal. W. WA1NW11IGHT, General Pesanjr Agent. L. J. BHAROSANT, Tronic Manager. CANADA SOUTHERN RAILWAY. Depot foot of Third street. Tha ins. ftlMW' Detroit time. Atlantic fcxprcsa ''3:20 8 m. Toledo and Cincinnati Exp roes tS:35 a. m. Buffalo Fast Exprcaa 12:I0 p. m. Cincinnati and Toledo Express t6:55 p. m. Toledo and Fayette Express 4:45p m. New York and Buffalo Express 6:55 p. m. jituuo B.Kvu .iuui ioituu To:au p. m. ana .10:20 a. m. From Fayette and AmheratDQig, a:30 am. From Buffalo, J10:15 a. m., i5:D5 p. m. and t9:50 p. m. Except Sunday.. SOn Sundays only. lExcept Mondays. -tDatly. "Except Saturdays. Tietv0,,llce8 153 Jefforeon ave. and at depot. FRANK E. SNOW, W. K. MUIR, Gen'l Pass. Ant. De ;roit. General Manager. DEPOT, TOOT OF THIRD STREET, Tickot OOlcoj, 154 Jefferson avenne and at Depot. Trains run by Onlcago time. Mailfyia Main & Air lines' 7:00 a. "m. Arrive. Bay City Express 8:00a,m, li:i5a.m; a :1a p. m. Grand Rapids ipress., a:50p. m. lS:0Op. m. JockBon Express 4rtMp. ra. '10:15 a. m. liay City Eiprces 6:03p. m. 6:05p. m. raclac Eiprees t 9:50 p.m. 3-30 a m Grand Kaplda Kspn!J3.4 9:50 p. m. (1)) is-Ona! m. I!ay Cltr&prcss 10:10p. m. tT:00 a. m bnndays oxceplod. IDaUy. (a)Satnrdaya to and MondayB fruru Kalamazoo, (b) Arrives Knri-days and Monday at 3:30 a. m. tS(andays oxeontcd Sleeping Cars on iitaht trains. Jnly2d. 1870j Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Asivl. GREAT WESTERN BAIL WAY. DEPOTS, tfoot of Third st and Foot of Brash st. TICKET OFFICES, 151 Jefferson aye. and nt the Depots. Leaye. Arrive. . .I-,-.,. Dotrolt tlmo. Detroit time Atlantic eipresa 43:50 a.m. tlO-OODm "2 York Eiproes 7:05 p. m. t ra' PrwIS?S1i ? P-V-traJflVoSochdstcr. rarlor car on day trains. WM. EDGAB, Gon'l Pass. Acent, Hamilton. Western Passenger Agent, Detroit. TA5? gHO"K & THO III. SOUTH- iV. , "V epot. loot or urUBli st. Trains ran Tt,, n., , lavo. Arrive. Bnffalo Eipress 3.15 m. , f- JAMS ItDNES, Passenger and Tickot Apnt! comer Woodward and .ini7S,. . "m mt, SdP!- Detroit, at 8 p. m. R. N. RICE Agent, root. SVloy ,t. ' HOTELS. CRAWFORD HOUSE rarosoK.oNT. 3 OO l(5r Day. jylMm , W. a HIROMS. Prop, robt. hopkif & mm, GENERAL DECORATORS, Honso, pSSS1 Scenic Gallery and PftluVshon ih rear or 347 Pirt Serooi. CARPETS. Housekeepers ! feu 9 -KiHO. PHOTOGRAPHS Woodward Ave. 220 Woodward -AVOlHin, AND GRATES. til Jtlearttv uu uu wiiijjciwiun' (;.; i t -! Pi 'ox - tlio Stsite. 131 Jefferson Avoiuic, OCEAN SI EAMfcF Kaat lUver, aa follows: ' Cornwall, Stamper, Saturday, Oct. ; ;. ArraffOu, Symonu, Satnrny yepi. : Cabin pa-'aase. $70; Iniwnit'diaEe, "v . tickets, $113); Steera?e, J30. Part it-.-Bend for their friends can oStam pro; . . -, ". certiflcatcft at Dintw for uiie . .; . and upwards. Apply to V L. M');; . i , , No 70 South t., N. Y.. or .1. F. lKI DH i MIcWau Central Railroad Dvpo'..;.. ; :; street, Detroit. how KorK lo uiaagfcw, r. -rool, p: Un, Belfast unit !,oii-.!.;-i.; ;.n Sailing from Pior Ko. N. li., f 'i street, New York. STATE OF NEVADA T!.:i...' - STATE OF INDIANA . Tl r . STATE OF Q BORGIA ita--.: - i And every alternato Ti.:;: .(iKy if--'.. ::,- i cabin, gt)5 and f?-J, siccu.t: :.-:., eicurslon tickets, ;r.'5. t co!ii!c:, : r tlcketo, iX. aitmRx .: :o-- -- WM. ROBINSON, K.l 1:h:- :. THOMI'SON, comer tf:-, a- 1 .'.: '.- . ,v- THE ONLY L1NB SAIL: AMEIUtV.Ii i PASSAGE TICH-Eii TO AND FROM GREAT BRIT.MS, JIZBJ AMD TI1K (''.lIMi.Mi.NT i LOWBSV RATBS. Apply to G. W. B.nEMSl.& Co.. .,!' PETEH GUKNT11EH. ,; EUGiME FKOIIT. !:''. i:-r..-: JO'XJUS STOLI,, IS.', I!a: . A?outo in 1',: J. IT. MILXE. Gcu. Wckf: n ArM. mvfi-ly 1: EXCURSIONS. Visitors to tlio Oenccas;: NEW YORh. BALTI5I0KK AND ViA,!i ;:;:, H take mmv. Itat the OlovciaiiU .!.ier( NORTHWEST, E, N. Ii Leave M. C. R. It wharf, Iwr .-, p. m., except Sundayu. Tin.' i:;; -. ByBtem of tickets via Clevohmd v, i. v rontea can be made to,lii3jiae)pt:!:i '- York, going and returni!t by anv r . No other line can offer euch a variet -' Tickets for ealo at principal Ki;i:r... board cteameraaudatCompanyVoii'... fit, Detroit. E. OAIlfKi:, A mal4-5m Trir lAJi Puts. Calls and Snrsaos On all tbo active .tarh. nt i-.-.- -- telcgrapU to BAXTER & ('.)., Bankers and Brokers, 17 Wa!! :. .'n V-- np2-tiith.t.t:- kl I in U I.F1HU 11,,--;..,' .I.-- - - wauotroot and Wall ntre.:-i v . , SfiHt FfGB. era Mrol:.-:!;Vi'-r lnsifcto on nsmg only D. T. BABBITT'S BEST SOI J. W. Gilbert, 54 JeftrM.i Maiiafactnrer and Dealer in GHbc:"- ; terial. Pirat-clape work aspecialty. ! -; " Felt, Building PajHrr, Cement and C-.: vc- loweatraten. City and country joh. -' .. er by mill nrnmr-tlv ftttrndt'd to ' '-' ii W.CnPI Mini Office & Factory, 16 Monros Ave Nearly opposite tbo City ! BibiuR carmcliy, 450 hb. Crark.. 1 Knap, etc., per day. Over llfty lliTrfo: My Ctuclcura have beeT before tin' I'"1',1:1. jenr, and na xCt havo foaiul no twc-.r- 1 nave Kept ahead of every couhvImt. "" Clcfdlenre nf qaality and variety of aoic maniiractnfer or tne celebr-uni i . ..... ....,LPI.1 raiacp, ieiroii anu ico.? A liberal deduction ruadcon "lare onlc" -Pile 1 1 furnished on application. - IvW-tAnnliMiiw1 CALLING OAllDtt-Now rtylw, at ni,,yJ Woodward &vemlo iiiiii SOAP. rfV3 t . 1 Mil II

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