The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BlVrriEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS I?o\ver Crew Hard Pul lo « Tnke Grocers; Lions "-"Conlinue Losing Standings Robinson •Famous -Hughes W. U I'ct. , r> 0 1.000 4 0 1,000 ...... •Kasl Arkansas •Mulls Club — .800 .600 .25C .Ml) .uoo .01)0 0 a 1 (I (I II I) I) ll U 0 (I (y 0 KJ A change in the [Jens club fvotn it.s c l x- In the third with l\vo rims on Reid A' double and Iwo singes. Ark- Kemlla, if-ef ... Mo went ahead again In tlie fifth K. Eiilwnks, cl . when a single preceded by Iwo E. Eubanks, p .. walks accounted (or two runs. I The Grocers routed back In Totals their half of the Dual Iniiinn will)' x—One out wl two runs on Iwo .'Indies lollowed scored, by Gallics' double lo lake tile'Ark-Mo Power lead, 4 to 3. I Brojjdon, If .... Undismayed the champion Rlec- Tiiylnr, 'At tries showed Ilielr form by pull- Puckctt, »;l Ihe name out. ol llii- fire. Mull-, WrUlnort'ii. Ib . •r Taylor .sent Wimpy Hums In Terry, is n pinch hillei 1 and Wimpy Ganske, ef Ijled bin was out trying to Johns, :t)j slrelch Ills hit Into n <louble. Hires, rf Brogdou walked. Taylor hli one Mlt-row, c buck al the pitcher, tw-Uhin lo Kuliba, j> first as Ihe ball dribbled away /Hums and Hiosdon scored on an error' lo lie Ilic score. I'ncketi's loiiuj Totals 2'I :"> .' fly gave Taylor tltne to net In! /-Hutted for fiitlba in 711 from Ihinl with the winning run .Score by timings: alter he had slrcaked around 0:11 MeMnllin DM Oft u wild and unexpected heave lo Ark-Mo Power 1*10 W IhH. .Summary; ICriors- ll:ttu,'V, Piii'kcll, with two lilts, drove iir iinthy, Clalne:;, Kendi : ;, litre.-., four of Hie Electrics' runs In lead'" tlie bailers. The box scores: l-'irsl (lame Kiickev Double-; Wilh Bases Loaded; Joncsboro Filially Win H;;!l Game u Newport defeated l!at:'!;ville. i; to fi, In a iiinl'i ln:i:n;! r.ihy unil kept Us place, at liie head (it Ihi. North- cast Arkansas le:iv,tie parade ycs- lerday. Al llinijham hurled Osceola to n i.liiitout victory OVIT West Plains, •I in 0. O>i:i,u!a scored three of its runs In file first, inning, ftucker ilonbllnj; u-itli l!»e tjit^e.s loaded. An '/.- ij error gave O:;c:wla Us Iliuil run in Abi-r- ; the ninth In u fame [jlayed at West Ins. .SaMbn. linns inllcd i'u (irny lai.j 'llur Jwi-sboro Giants broke Into Galnes (2j, Pcckell MI. K:irn"d, Ilic win column lor llrj llrst lime, run?—McMullln 1; Ark-Mo 't. T«; iiefi'atlii» l'ura;;onl<l 12 to 7. 'f'iic 2 0 : 1 I (j I) I) I II 1. 1 '2-1 losing Mrcak lust nitjlil, 1,ions chili AIIIMtl'OA Jlie team fiilllng before the power-1 )jlshii|i. rf :i t) 0 :i 0 •fill Itoblnron Drue company club Cloar, s} II..O U I '!. 10 to 4. In the other (,'anie of the] mini. 2b I 00 1 2 ol 3?ommerclal sofl ball Icaiiiie dou- ! iinrdln. :fb 3 I 1 1 «blchcailer Ihe Arkansas-Missouri Saiotlierman. Ib .... :i 1 I 1 '•'Power company Ktectrle.s nuseiL U'luh, si :t 1 -.i—2 oni McMulllns Cash Cirocers by Maxwell, If :i 1 I '1 i! a one run margin. r> lo 4. | Whittle, el 'J 0 0 I 0 Verne minor, Robinson south- llaney, e 1 0 0 :) U l«mv, was wild but effective jiist. carmen, p 'J t) 0 0 U tjie" s-iine, tjlvhiu up but live lilts , and slriklnj; out seven while walk- > Tolal.s :>H 4 r> tH •! hit; six. He allowed but Iwo earn- Hoblnson Uriif .. All k lll'OA e'J ? 'runs, Uie same nurnljer that Crowe. s> -1 'i '.". '2 J Hoy Carmen. Lions linrlcr, Have Ulacknrd, si a It I) ^ t) up. Carmen allowed .seven tills Potter, Ib 4 1 H 5 C and issued live bases on balls. i Kotiery, ef •! 0 0 0 0 K. Enbanks. McMullln hurler, Warrlnalon, lib ,1 'J 6 I 't really outpiichrd Eddie Snliba, lirosdon, If 1 00 1 C Eeleetrlcs ace. In a duel Wimberly, ab :i 0 I 1 1 hut bad breaks last Ihe (jame for Hoiisb, rf -. 2 1 U ) 0 fe-*.he. Grocer pilcher. Enbanks al- llrook.s, c I) I u 7 1 nlowcd the Rloctrlcs but Iwu earn- Hlmcr. p II | i (j r fed runs and five hits while Sallba _ _ fallowed (our earned runs and se.v- Totals SO It) 1 21 fi i^n hits. 'Score by Innings: •* Robinson shoved out In front Lions Club ....... OliO 100 0—4 "^ni-aliisl, the Llous with room to Robinson Drug ... 151 102 x—10 w spnre early in the game. The Summary: Errors-Clear. Hunt 2, iiUrnggLsts counted once In the Hardln, Lelii'ii, Maxwell. Hnncy. ;^lrst innhiB and pushed ncrora nvc Warrlnglon, Hrosdon (2). Wlmbcr- Uriius in the second on three hlls ly, Rimer. Runs batted In—Smotli- yind three errors, They made one crman, Irfilgh, Carmen. Crowe win Ihe third, one In the fourth lllackard (2), potter Cl>. Rodeo 1 Iwo In the sixth. •" i (2). Earned runs—Robinson •>• Ll.. The Lioiw counted" three in Ilic on s Club 3. Double play—Cloar to "^third Inning nnd one In Ilic Ifardln. 'i'ivo base hlls—Crowe "fourth. Rimer blanking them in Polter. Three base hiLs—Ulgh pol- Ilic other slanwis. tcr. liase on biills-Cannen ri; Hl"v Potter. 'Robinson manager, led mer Ii. Slrlkeoitts—Carmen 2- lii- lils club with n single, double nnd mer 7. Umpires— Urownliv' and .triple and Leigh led the Lions Whltley. Time of ermic—V09 i with a triple and single, I ] The Electrics-Graccrs game was- Second Came Uncertain until the final Inning McMullln AHH1IPOA i and just as U appeared that Ihe Clrav, ss 3 o 1 'Grocers inighl .break their "one- Barker, cf-rf II o ( 'run loss" jinx the Electrics came llaney, 2b ...... 3 0 ( .through with a victory. illigdon, Hb ,'..'...... n o ( * -The Electrics counted one In Abornnlhy. sf ....... 3 i ' |the first on two nils nnd an error Llltle, If ......... II 1 ',^ut McMullln shot out In front Gallics, Ib ..'.')'.'.'." 3 o huso hits—Ikid, (.laini's, l-irkrtl rm balls- off Knluuks ii; S.i- llliu 1. .Slrlkeoiiis Kulilja '.! Ilin- pires -llrownint' nnd Wlultey 'rum: . ClliuiLs tjnuily c:unf, j arcjund with vrii'.'.i'ancc. blasting oul If) hit.-j oil I'.nuyonld 'nurh'i.s. '.' —5H inimi Baseball Results .Sonlhern I.raKlie Kiioxvlllc 'I. Memij'nl.-i H Chattanooga H. New Orleans Atlanta 111. Little H<x>k ii. Nasliville 4, l)lriiiin";li:im :t. INl(;ht [jtiinc). HV AUT KUl'N'/, NHA Service Coir Writer The ui'eiuge uolfer goes ubouL hillini; I lie chip shot as Iliuvigli CLOSE. To Till BALL WHEN A CHIP SHOT Philadelphia !l. cliiclimall 7. Boslon 4. Pittsburgh :i. Chicago at New York, rain. St. 1,'jnls al Brooklyn, rain. Ann-Mean League New York 4. St. Louis 1. lioston :(. O.itroit 1. Philadelphia at Cleveland, rain Washington at Chicago, cold \ven- ther. Norltieasl Arkansas l.eacue Ii, liiitesvllle r,. Osceola >l, West Plains 0. Jonesboro 12, parat'onld 7. dolns;." says Johnny Revolla. "lie li'lcs to steer the imll. instead of Kaslnrers lo Try Oratory lettill); Ihe club follow through TOLKUO. (UP> — University of'lewurd the line. I .el. tlie club do Toledo chapter of Sigma Rlio Tan, the hitting." national engineering fraternity,' THURSDAY, MAY M, 1930 , intends to turn out orators as well close, to the ball, much same as for tlie pull. A linn as engineers. Tlie chapter vllljuiip with the lefl hand is neees- seiul a deballnj; team lo the Unl-jsary. 't'liis pL-rniits the player to vcrslly of Mlehlgiin this sprint; lo|hil (hrouyh, and prevents danger debate a practical engineering of collnpse before impact with the problem. ; ball. For Ihe first lime in ;\m«>ri«u! oher \vi<!a a military A totally new type of shirt has Leen lioni— ARUOW AUCIIER. , AKC1IER follows the line of your back like « train follows curves, giving you a belter fit than you've ever hail before. AKCHKR pulls in at ihc small of tlie back, flares on! at the scat, then curves in again. ?\o excess baggage. No bloiising oul in front. ISo creeping up in back. Graced with the famous ARROW collar, and Sanforized-Slirnnk for permaucnl fit, ARCHER'S got just about all you could ask for. l of quality every bottle! Other Arrow Shirts §2 R, D. HUGHES & CO. Old Quaker sticks to all Iho rules of fine distilling, though it's sold u! n friendly price Sec rule 28! It's just owe of the rules that OM Quaker always sticks to...just oacnf the many rules that leail to real richness and mellowness in Old Quaker straight whiskey. So nothing will ever tempt OldQuaker to disregard a single rule. How about you and Old Quaker making friends today? • BRAND W. 1,. !>c't. Today's Games Southern League Knoxville at Memphis, liirmlnsliam at' Nashville. New Orleans at Ch:iUanoti|;:!. Atlanta al Mltlo Rock. National I.ea^ae Chicago at New York. .St.. f.otiis ai Brooklyn. Pill.sburfjh at Bo.slon. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. N'ortliLMHl Arkansas l.t'ajj Osceola at liiUfsvilic. Nc"A'[Kj:t at Parayuulil. West Plains at Joncsboro, DR. SALIBA Eye, Ear, Nose, Throtit Clinic GLASSES 1'TITKI) Room 21(3 - Ingi'am Illdf. Oll'lce Phone 418 - Res. 410 Wali-h (or a new name lo (lush IUTOSS Hie sports pa^cs soon. It's lluil of pretty 1'ciSKy Chahani, above, 18-year-old I.os Angeles hi^li school i;irl, who is ]>rcp- piiil! fin- a try at Ihe women's national lillc this fall. ThoiiKh sV.L- hns iilaycd Ihe name only four yrnrs, she recently won the California v.'onien's lournament, :md Iwicc has annexed the •Siaithern California jimior lille. She consistently drives 220 yards, Gulf is the Gas for May NewjiO! I ... West i'lains Oscwila ... Para^ould , Ri>nd cornier News Classifie American League Moslon at Detroit. New York nl St. Louis. Philadelphia at Cleveland. Washington at Chicago. Hi;SWE.SS & POLITICAL I.K'l-fEHS A SPECIALTY Work neat, cheap & quick Veterans Service Work All Kinds Blank Forms Curtis J. Little Hale Bldg. Hulluud has a lax on all Chris-1 tlnn mums after I'ae first one. llefme You Buy Any Oullfuaril - .Sue Ihe IN UPTIME 2 II. P. (J^ir Sintle Cyl. '<?*') COllier Slras to lli II. P.) lil)BI(AIU) TIUI<; & HA'ITKltY CO. Hirds arc nesting. It's Spring :.. and it's the time of year to use Spring gas. The average temperature is several degrees higher than it was in April, nnd unless you're using a gas [ special!)' rcfiimlfurSttriiig t/riiiiiig you're throw| ing climes and dollars away. Get That Good I Gulf Gasoline. HCGIIISC it's "Kept in Step I with the Calendar"— all ofit goes to work, none »///£»« to Pull up at the Sign of the Orange Disc and try a tankful—toiby. N0 OTHER CAR IN THE VVORl HAS AIL THESE FEATURES al no txlrj ail •UK 90PROOF STRAIGHT WHISKEY KW A. Y.K, pr.fer !a BOURBON or RYE II bear. Ihe SCHtNUY MAW ol MEfilr i ,., Stl ,,. i ,, t , Vi ,„„ ( Y OU can'l keep goad news from sprcnding-so the word is out thai the handsome Scries40 liuick Special is not only big, and beautiful, and nimble, and -but amazingly thrifty !o boot! One fellow, for inslance, writes that he is getting three inoremilcs per gallon than the salesman promised - why, asks he, don't we print such important news? The fact is, we don't advertise specific miles-per-gallon figures because you simply can't safely set a figure thai could be right for -all drivers under all conditions. So, instead of following the popular custom o( claiming the world, on such matters we prefer to play safe and "ialk snunT'-lcaving Buick's really surprising frugality to be one of those nice things you discover after you've driven one awhile! It works out fine, too! Owners are constantly coming in (o brag about high mileage averages, low costs on oil, lonj; trips without a penny for service or attention. Call it our ace in the hole, if you like.With all of its style, and comfort, and standout performance —at prices beginning at $765* list —Buick's a winnernnd its thrift is all plus. Come ride in one and see if that's not the everlasting truth I • WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT, BUICK WILL BUILD THEM Jointlic Ruick Safety Lcfcion 300,000 sale drivers already c your IHiick denier for details 1 Ql!«6.TllKOI.n()IIAKr.RCO..T.AWRHNCKBURG.lSt),l OSMIUM MOTOR}

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