The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio on July 31, 1890 · Page 3
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The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio · Page 3

Piqua, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1890
Page 3
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BOOTS AND SHOES. AT T11E- OLD RELIABLE Abley Stand, 218 MAIN SF., PIQUA, OHO. P. J. STOKES & SON. DRUGGIST. Soda Water MILK SHAKES AT PAUL GRABFS THE CONVENTION. Committees of Arrangements Appointed Last Night. riirsusint to notice given in the LKA.- DEK, a meeting ol ! city Democrats WHS held last evening at the city hall to make arrangements lor the proper entertainment of the Democratic Congressional Convention which is to meet hero on the third of September. Mr.ileurv Flesh was president and Mr. J. 11. Thome acted as secretary. After discussion the following named committees were appointed: FINANCE .Lee Flesh. Leopold Kiei'er and Edward Enunert. JIAL/L AX1> QUARTERS. If. II. liassett, E. Johnson and Jesse Pursel 1. I'HIXTING AND liADGKS. A. O. Buchanan und A. J. Cron. DECORATION'S. Charles Wiltheiss and Fred ISchlos- ser. MUSIC. L. C. Cron, James T. Cathcurt and J. C- Smiley. RECEPTION. I! S. Sternberger, E. Johnson, U. H. Bassett, L. C. Cron, Daniel Morrow und J. R. Thome. APPOINTS! KNTS. Henry Dettman. These Committees will meet at City I bill for reports and conference next Tuesday evening., Thursday, July 31. I'OHOIlill. Leo Flesh went i.o Cincinnati this noon. L. C. Cron. wont to Cincinnati on flic; i:oon train. Mr. and Mrs*. Will Leonard went, lo Cincinnati this morning. George A. Brooks Lad ]eg;>l business in Troy this morning. Mr. and Mrs. .Toiin Iluple I: •.•»»!;: ;;> the excursioi! to Dayton t.o-dnv. Dr. Caivin, the coroner came ;;;> this inoinmg on private business. Willis Slai'.son. of l.lie ilo-r.-cr < I;:s & Fuel Co. ha-; business in Jiaylnii today. Miss Estella Young, of Sidney, is the guest of Mr. oud Mrs. August Gable. Mrs. Geo. Schroeder and son lel't tnis inorninjj on u \isit to rola'.iv.--; in !<iw- rence'our^, Ind. Leroy Jordan has been appointed enumerator for the mariui'acturing industries statistics of Piqua. The Misses Nellie, C;irrie :md Kil-ty Genslinjrer. and Mrs. 0. II. of New Orleans, La., went to the Soldiers" Home at Dayton to-day. F. X. llelele, the decoialor. of (.!:n- cinnali was in the city last evening on his way to St. John, Mercer Co. where the contract for decorating a new church will be let to-morrow. Mrs. R. L. Hyde, Mr. ami Mrs. !'• J. Stoker, Ueo. McCabe. his dan^htt-?". Miss Jessie and her jjnestMiss Kodi- ler of Coyin£ton were amongUio<« wi:o went to Dayton to-day on the fxcn--- sion. ^^ If our streets are more <>r less empty You Take no Kisk Jn buying Hood's Sarsaoarilla, for it is everywhere recognized as the standard building-up medicine and blood purifier, it lias won its way to the front by its own intrinsic merit, and has the largest sale of any preparation of its kij-d. Any honest druggist will con- linn this statement. If you decide to take Hood's barsaparilla do not be induced Lo uuy anything else instead, lie si"'e to get Hood's. Lots For Sale. Two lots in Favorite Addition — Nos. 2156 and 2157— for sale on easy terms. For particulars address D. A. White, Coving1:.)ii, Ohio. 8-1-3 w This forenoon tbe Western Union Telegraph Co. was putting up guard J wires beneath their wires along Sycamore .street. The new wires suspend- j fid by laths are to prevent a broken wire to fall tinon the trolley or feed wires ot the Electric Street Railway. Wuiie thus busily engaged at Wayne and Sycamore streets, a wire slipped from the employe's hand, and fell on the trolley wire and the feeding wire. Touching the ground it instantly became a wire heavily charged with electricity, burning, spluttering and twisting in the street. It burned tbe feeding wire of the Street Kai!*vay and caused considerable fright and consternation among pedestrians. Fortunately no one was hurt, and in an hour the damage had been repaired. «Jfc Saul, tlie Mer< chant TUJlorn. Hcott-Slim- son block. yesterday afternoon Miss J ennie Wilson, book keeper for John Leiter & Co., of Wapakoneta, was robbed of $11U in currency. She was on her way during the noon d;iy heal, il is only for to the First National Bank with S113 the time being. The he;:i \vill scsirceiy warrant Indies to do ilieir .shop])ing in the afternoon sun. .In tins me:iiuimi! all work is going on. It may be a dull seiison for our merchants, as it usually is at this time of the year, but for our carpenters, bricklayers, stonemasons, plastarers and painters there is not on<moment; to lose. Then thequnn-yinen and proprietors of brickyards are as busy as beea. The hardware men can notsupply,at times.the necessary mater iiil for our contractors, the demand for the same being so great, it may be dull on Main street, but coming down to facts, there is lots of business goinu on. The work at the South Wayne street cemetery is lagging along, only one or two wagons being employed to haul sand from the pit discovered there. Though Council ordered that the curb, guttering ana sidewalks should be put down at once in accordance with the agreements, there is a likelihood that a winter will pass before that work will be done. in currency. The money was stolen from her by s->me sneak thief- She discovered her IOPS immediately and threw one dollar bills were found, but the remainder of the bills were cone. To prevent your glass jars from cracking when putting in hot liquid stand a tablespoon up in them. There is a prevailing idea that this process has something to do with electricity, but the true solution is that the spoon absorbs some of the heat and also carries the open air. some of it otic into Young men should beware of taking piesents from their best irirls. A Tiffin damsel has brought suit against a recreant lover to recover numey to coyer carriage hire, treats and I he various presents she had given inm tiur- ing their brief and lit ful courtship. There were GG excursion tickets to the Soldiers" Home sold at this station. The train pulled in with seven coaches already well packed with excursionists, and our i/iqua friends had the fact that t'.iey must stand until Dayton was reached, staring them in the face. They however faced the music. The last of July and an awfully dry mouth it was. No rain of any consequence during the entire month. Tonight is also full moon, the second lime this month and it is to be hoped that with the change of the moon we will iu'-ve the much greatly needed rain. sought for and The condition of Charles Schumacher is still improving, vith Ilic chances ot his recovery in his favor. gratifving news not only to .John Fran/ but to his numerous friends. The Board of Medical Examiners yesierday had six applicants before them. Tlicy were from the llth, 69th suulTlstO. V. I. and 8th O. V. C. With one execution the Board could conscientiously recommend the applicants .is being deserving of pension. The remains of John H. Mull, a freight engineer of the Pan Handle Uy., who was run over at Bradford by the, fast train yesterday morning, were taken to Columbus yesterday evening MAIIRIKD, Wednesday July ;'.0, ;:r the residence of the bride/s parents on Boal Avenue, FayoritC 1 Place, by Ko.v. J. W. Beck, Mr. J,. 11-. Cooler "nd | ily h;ld boeil nn engineer for thirty Miss Adeline E. Ward. years. Yesterday morning, at Lima, a carpenter named Daniel Murphy, while at work on a iwo story frame house, slipped and fell, breaking his back in two places and died instantly. IJpst, in the world, oyruo White Pine und Tar, for the cure of Coughs, Colds Pioneer Meeting. ' The Pioneers of Miami County will hold their annual reunion at Wilson's Grove, south of Troy, on Saturday, August 9th. The old settlers are makhrr great preparations for one ot their biggest times, and everybody is invited to corne, whether or not their heads have grown hoary while in this 4rand Miami Valley. Well tilled bas- nets is the only suggestion offered to hose who come. Elders Carney and Warbiugton will make short addresses and the old folks are advertised to tell heir experience of pioneer life- inflow Falls band Jwill be present and inging in ye olden style is promised, i-eorge Anderson is president of the Pioneer Association and II. H. Wiliams, secretary. lie Sprinsrfleld Vacancy Will Be Filled by a Democrat. The vacancy on the Common Pleas iench caused by the death of Judge jharles K. White, of Springfield, will be filled by appointment by the Gover- lor, the appointee scrying the unoccupied term. Judge White was a He- publican, but his successor will be a Democrat, and while no formal application has yet been made to the Governor, already the names of C. E. Moris and James Johnson, jr., of Springfield, have been suggested for the va- ancy. The latter is the law partner )f Ex-Senator Tom Pringle and stands ligh with the Springfield bar. The lew Judge will have but about three months to serve. '•I noticed in coming over the Penn- ylvania road the other day," said a :entleman to the reporter, u that they re coding cuts and embankments. This is especially grateful in coming .own over the mountains where immense cuts have to be made. Insleaa if a great glaring, jagged banK, the ye is pleased in glancing along the rnooth, sod-covered slope. This is omething after the English. There re no rough, glaring cuts anywhere tiere. All this is restful to the eye • of he traveler. With art and care blend- ng with the beauty and grandeur of mountain scenery the journey is made xceedingly Dleasant over that road. :5ut the same care is not taken in Ohio hat was noted in Peiiusylyania. But ittle care is taken by any of our roads ut Irom the city, and over which housands pass to and fro daily. The klest roads, seem to have the most re- uisive sights." A pretty fair hand organ w,:s h^mi on the streets to-day. But the fellow who turned the crank was able bodied and ought to earn his Hying in .some other manner. Friday and Monday are said to ho the dullest, most uneventful days of all tiic week's calendar both in social nnd bus-1 (jump and Wooping cough, 2o and 50 mess circles. The excavation of the new hotel on the Brown corner will be completed by Saturday and the. stonework is going nn rapidly. cents per bottle. For sale by C. G. PIEKCY. The stone for the new hotel foundation ;«r(; being brought from the Stat lor quarries by the boat load. Fine g man *h i p Ihc line work Coil en «fr $:s?ii. Tailor**. Base ball enthusiasts in this city are decidedly sore over the work of the Cincinnati team. Several Piqua people will take advantage of the low rates to make a trip to lioston. But for the stfring air the heat to-day would have been unbearable. The man who keeps still when ne hasn't anything to say is a pubh benefactor. fine at ftt*eit *f Library Concert. Tickets for Friday evening's concert ire now on sale at Todd's ana Mering's Book Stores and at all the Drug Stores. Buy your tickets now. Then ake tlietn to Todd's book store any irne after eight o'clock Friday mom- ng and have them reserved. The en- ire proceeds of the concert go to the ibrarv. COMMITTEE. \ow is lour Chance. To learn the best system of shorthand imple style in two weeks, reporter's tylemS months. Call at the college ooms. A carpenter, by the name of M. . Powers, fell from the roof of a house in East Des Moines, Iowa, and ustained a painful and serious prain of the wrist, which he cured vith one bottle of Chamberlain's 'ain Balm. He says it is worth 85 a bottle. It cost him 50 cents. For ale by Brandriff & Hedges. The Miami County Bar held a meet- ng yesterday afternoon to adopt reso- utions on the death of Judge Chas. R. White, of Springfield, who died at Spo- •cane Falls Tuesday. The following is he committee appointed to draft reso- utions': M. II. Jones, II. H. Williams, V. L. McKmney, W. S. Thomas. Perfect satisfaction guaranteed. Cohen A San I, the 3Ierfliaiit Tailors* White rme and Tar the Stand- ird Cough Syrup—superior to all,equal- d by none for the cure of Coughs.Colds, ;roup Whooping and coughs. 25 and ",o cents per bottle. For sale by C. G. .f IEKCY. Meyer Newhoff and M. Biller each propose to extend their store rooms in lie rear so as to conform with the depth of the proposed addition of K. Breuer. You occasionally uu-ri a rich man who says that the greatest happiness is found in poverty and you occasionally remember that all men are liars, too. Uoadache. neuralgia, dizziness, nervousness, sleeplessness, cured by Dr. Mlle.v Nervine. Samples f.'ee at May's. Wilson's and Brandriff & fledges. Harvest home pi c-nics, camp meetings, reunions and county fairs will now occupy the attention of the mass- is for the next three months. Be sure to attend the Apollo Club concert for the Public .Library on Fri nay evening, 'ihe program promises to be a very interesting one. Cohen «& SanK Ike Merchant Tailors, are here to slav. Scotl-SIausoii block. THE DEATH HOLK Demise of Three Well Known. Ladies. The month of July is ending with a icavy loss by death. 31RS. JULIA 1 IOWA It D Afteran illness of tht*e'j months from cancer of the stomach, expired itt her •esidence on south Wayne street, just below Sycamore street. She was in ier72d year of age, having been born n County Clare, Ireland. Her maiden lame was Miss Julia Malguiny. In 1850 she married Michael Howard here at Piqua, who died twenty years ago. They leave no children. Tne funeral will Uke place to-morrow morning at 8 o'clock from St. Mary's church on 3roadway. MRS. SA31UKL WILEY. Suffered for fourteen years from rupture and for five days from strangulat- d hernia, such is the hi story of Mrs. Susan White Wiley. She died yesterday afternoon at 3 p. rn. at the residence of her husband in Rossville. Even a surgical opperation could not save her life. She had been born in Franklin Co. Ohio, May 13th 1848. Sliss White married Samuel Wiley in August 1873 and three children blessed their union. The funeral takes place to-morrow afternoon at 2 o : clock from the residence in Springcreek township, "Rev.,). W. Kerr officiating. MRS. WJM. CLAHK. Died at the residence of her stepdaughter, Mrs. George Nign. Julia A. Slausson, wife of William Clark. Death came to her at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon from general debili- ,y. The deceased was born April 6* .816 and she had therefore reached four icore and four years. September loth 876 she married Wm. Clark and removed with him to Pi qua. Early in er life she joined the famous Reform- id church, at Fislikill, 2s. Y., famous u history for its membership, ;ss well as for its secular uses, it having been used as a fort during the revolutionary war. The funeral t-aues place to-morrow afternoon at two o'clock from il;e •esidence of George Isigh. on Pnrk Avenue, just west of the hydraulic. :Jev. A. Carson oQiciating. Ten per cent off for the next 30 days on all light and medium weight cloth- mg at the Queen City Clothing House The Stli O. V. C- and the 44th O. V I. will hold their reunion at Troy on the 7th of August. Eaton is to have a musical congres August 14th. Blir.d Tom will -be the chief attraction. Be sure and cut down the around your premises before they go to seed. Political campaigns will scon be ri valing the weather in point of torrid- G. A. K. Twenty-fo-urth Annual Encampment at Boston, August 12th-15th. The Baltimore & Ohio 1? ."R. will sell 'ouna trip excursion I'; >.•!.- from all joints on its western divisions. August Sth, 9th and 10'h at greatly reduced rates, via Washington, jJtiltimorp. Philadelphia and Kew York. nil mil: ind via New York and Sound btenin- ers, or via Philadelphia and 1'oughkee- ie- Tickets are good for return ]i;is- age until August ^; or by special UTangement, return lii;:: i can be ex- end to September oUth. Take the C. H. & JD. to Boston. Tus C. TI. & D. will sell tickets from Piqua to Uoston and return for $14. ood going August Sth, 9th or 10th, md good returning to Sept. 30th. Through sleepers from Toledo without change to Boston, Double Berth. S4.50. J.Cory Winans goes to Toledo Monday, Aug. 4th. and all those who vill leave with C. E. Yager the S4.oO vill be assigned sleeping <-ur acconio- dation. The train leaves Toledo. Saturday evening, Auff. 9th, at 11 i>. in. arriving at Boston Monday morning at 6 a.m. Secure your berths early so that you may be sure of being provided for. Day Coaches and Smoking Jars through \\ithout change of cars. I Don't Want a Doclor. I have tri^d them, and they nave only iwmdlea me 1 have ligured up what hey cost me for the last four years, it ,vas just S524.:J1. If I had it now it would be a fortune for rne. This vear my bill for medicine was only five dol- ars, for which I puvch.ised six bottles of Sulphur Bitters. Tney cured me of Scrofula after suffering four vear.s. — 1'. 1. Curnimugs, Troy, N. .V. Tile I^ and Ntylcw guaranteed. Naiil. the JScrcrha: lors*. a- Cholera infantum has lost i!s terrors since the introduction of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar- rhoea Reiredy. "\Yheu that remedy is used and the treatment as directed with each bottle is followed, a cure is certain. Mr. A. AY. Walter, a prominent merchant at ^Ya]tersbu^g. 111., says: " It cured my baby boy of cholera infantum after several other remedies had failed. Tbc child was so low that he seemed almost beyond the aid of human hands or reach of auy medicine/' '25 and 50 cent bottle's for sale by Brandriff & Hedges. Tiic »\v Discovery. You have heard your friends nml ncislsbois Ulkirg about it. Ymi inny yourself be r.ue of ll'.e many who know from i-ersomil cxi'uriiMic-e just how good :i thins it. is. T f you hnvo over tried it., you :iro one of its ft:iunch friend-. IIC-OIIU.-L- the wonderful thins: about it is that when <>noo given n tri:il. Dr. Kind's New Discovery i-vcr ;•.!"- ver hold? a iibiee iu 'he house. If von hav- nevcr used it, and should lie afflicted with :\ co cold or any Throat, Umc or Chest.tnuiMo. si- cure R. bottle at onei: ami K'IVC it a. fair trial. It is guaranteed everv time, or money refunded. Trial Bottle? Free at ttramlriff t 'c "elites' J.'rus stove STOVS;*. an tee! mm f*j * V = "i^*-^* • f-w > \ ~-" -j \ • ; ' • // - \ X- .'-JO*** A~<S^ \ •V^,\ i f i J f /'i$JW&\<\ \\\ U!: /^l|^%u;^ THE CAMPAIGN OF 1890 m the State of Ohio is not going to be a humdrum affair. It will be every thing that is the reverse of tha* Ohio is never a dull State, and this year she is going to be a particularly lively one in shaping the affair* of ths country. The canvass will be based on issues of unusual width, and more than ever before will the Democratic party resist methods and :neasures calculated to destroy individuality and abridge personal rights CONVENIENT and BEST THE DAILY LEADER WILL LEAVE nothing undone that it can do to promote the public welfare in the contest. It will be delivered by carriers in any part of Piqua for ten cents per week. Every Democrat in this city should be one. of its readers. Sold bv rO I CSjii aR^ Dealers GOV, CAMPBELL LED US TO victory last year and we intend to hold all ve have gained, and win still more. It will not be hard to do tbis. A Eepublicau Congress, in its reckless desperation has alarmed the country by revealing the grave dangers of purely partisan government. The issues it has laid down will be fought out by the Democratic party, and the result is not difficult to anticipate. i'- "'• ' .i r p ~ ", " \ '• -'\ !!">. t V'\ f\"l • S~\ f~\ fa C"i Practical Plumbing 1 and Roofing THE DAILY LEADER WILL LEAVE nothing undone that it can do to promote the public welfare in this csntest. It will be delivered by carriers in any part of Piqua for ten cents per week. Every Democrat in this city should be one of its readers. o a 'D J^W-ill JL . Krtstcrn New Vorl; I'ast Mail (X Accommodation. l'cnnsyiv:viia Siie>:ial Limiteil ll^rr-ss Limited Kx>ri\« S~oecialtv ])e taken, in OLD STAND. Siifcf. Piua. Ohio. ; unav unv l-'nr liiiHM'anis rates an rc^-irdilf-.'tin; ru:ini::i. f .-! Ya^er. 'i'i'.'ki.-t A^cr.i :ir i' i n:n! ocnt per mile f .-t;i;i»I!- SOUtll <•!' :>» : S-:KT ic\.us at,;e F.ire for tin: .f j.-'iiiit.-; will i>d "II s:ili^ Au- ^.ii'i.i n-iuniia^ until Ausu.-l n::er and Ti.'Uet A'.ent. DEMOCRATIC JOURNALS AKE THE effective agencies of the Democratic | party. They are at work every day ; and their usefulness can not be esti- j mated. By no available method can the interests of the people and of good government be so well served i as by the general distribution of ni| Ha n C P ' T i ^ emo '-' ra ^ c newspapers. No form -,.,-, of Campaigning is half so efftsc- Q-f i tivc as the constant, persistent, | and deveted services of the Demo- ; crati:,- press. The chief instrument! ality in winning the victory of 1890 .! was the Democratic press of Ohio. ' It was able, vigilant and aggressive and made its influence felt as it was never felt before. The printing presses will be turning- around again this year in the service of the party of the people. THE DAILY LEADER WILL LEAVE nothing undone that it can do to promote the public welfare in this contest. It will be delivered by carriers in any part of Piqua for ten __ ! cents per week. Every Democrat iu {his city should be one of its readers. SPECIAL NOTICES. The popular Merchant Tailors—Cohen A Saul. Dusty? Jerusalem, but it is Iipnri- ble. N'S AUMC.V SAI.VK The best salve in the world for cuts, .-ores ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corner, and all -skin eruption?. and positively cures riles, or no pay required. It is jcuarantcedtoci. perfect satisfaction, ^or money refunded. Trice /Scents per box. For sale hv Brandriff .v lledi:<^ CHAMBERLAIN'S Eye and Skin Ointment. A certain cure for Chronic Sore Kyo?. Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Old Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Ec/ema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples and'piles. Tt is cooling and soothing. Hundreds of ca^es have been ct^red by it after all other treatment had failed. 25 tnd 30 cent boxes for sale by To Families, Parties, saGfie-mes. Frc-sh Bread, Cak'-s. Conffciion-' 01 : os, oli-. ovoi-y day. Bassett House Corner, IU-A.KS. the Kvt. ciirars ever regular 10 Sole Try om- an Agent n Piqua- ITOTIC E f^ ."•:»Vs:iloii t" \J» XurM'iy -"~ KUiranf-'il tirst f.l-iss. (Jnoil ~.-il:ir or :i )I!KT;I| foiiiinissiori i>-n-.i. n.-<-oss;<ry. Write for r.i-nn-- .^nre v<mr cln>ic,-> of torruory. '(J. L. KM'iHT -v Co., ,iii,y }:>. IS'.)'.). N.OTli'E OF IW.o 1 .1. N- f'towiut. .lusli.-o f.t' the lV:nv, TtTK Piyr* I'Aii.v LKU.KI: wili n-.j .j:*!^.: .;;- • _ . / ^ A D. !*>., s.ii.UnstVe pCV W66R Dy Can MS b ri«M,V a K?«:.S j i ^£--&$^^^ls!fc • a,, city. NOW i <>uhte< all over town and reaca^s the r:iMOir.<>rT , ,-i ...,-»i. >'> ' l " lr , of Piqua buaincs* men. Its a,-5vertiams rate? *r<- j cent-. ( CROZIKR, ct. nl, ! SCHDe. ) ^v^no/linivtv rftts.^nTiarvle. i-«•)•••[. COUNTY IS NO LONGER "A Republican Gibraltar.'" It has come to be one of the doubtfull coun- lies- with a mere handful of majority on the wrong side. Another year or two will bring the figures down ! to an even, balance and the time when Democrats will be chosen to inhabit the Court House. These events are as certain to come about as any thing in the future possibly can be. SUBSC UIPTION RATES-45.00 per y<sar: $2.50, six months; 10 cents ;r week by carriers to any part <rf is the time to §nb- i osccediRKlv reasonable.

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