The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUlt V' BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEW8 THJB' COURHSn NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor ' H. W. HAlflES, AaycrUalnt Sole National AovcrtLslng Rcpre»nUUv<a: Arkanws i'.fStea, Inc., New York, Chicago Detro.% .'it. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Rock. ?ubHslied Ercrv Afternoon Kxeer* Sunday. ZatettA as wnmd class mailer »l he i-cvt oilier at lilythevlIJo, Ar- ;«nsns. under act of Congress Qc- lober 0. 1917. Served bi the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier in me CHJ 01 iiiyuieville, 15c per week or fO.BO per year In Advance. in mall within a radius of SO mUea, 13.00 per ', year. tl.M for six months, PSe for three months; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, fO.60 ]x-r year. In zones seven und clulit, 110.00 oft yrat. pa>ob!e In ndvance. Now Ld Us Restrain the Drunken I'X'ciy liniemi ;mtoim>l»ilr t^-ls iiiln M siii;ish-U|) Uu'-u clays, (he milieu Infill Ihcir invcsli^'.tion by ;ts!.'inK, "\\':ts the driver dniiik';" And ii!;if i|iit'Klioii, l)iixx:ivr tliriui^M Iho air v.-ilii nuinoloiiniis fn-iiiiiMu-y, points to an a»Kk: of (he ri-jii-al lnisi- iiL'ss iliiit is xoing to nml ;i whcilu lot of thouirlit, . Maybe it isn't really'il -,i-ifh repeal at nil. tt'u hail <!iT.ul;i-n drivers imiliM- |iruhil)iti;n), lluav.-ji knows, and there are plenty of pcu|ile who will tell you that aclmi! n>ii.siimi>tion of stroiiK waters is iiirn.-.t-injr very little, if at all, with passim/ of the dry laws. Hut that part i-url.'y doesn't make much ililiV'micc. The point is that we ncvi'v yet have handled the pi-obli-m of t'n; drunken j driver with jinyfliinjr like ''itelliceiiLvi and, in theory at least, Die prubleni ; has jjccomo more pressing mrv that the •sale of liquor is legal. * • * * Kvcryone over Iho iiien'.al ajfi: of seven years knows |iurfed!y well that a driinken man has no business driving an antiiinnlnly. It i-; equally a jiart of oinimoii knowledge i!ial drunken people do drive aiiliis ev- y day and every nitrhl, and that so far ve haven't found any very efficient \viy of keeping them from doing so. \Vc need tu tackle the ])ivi>lem n " • First, v/c'nwrd to build iiji a public .sentiment thai condemn.-, drunken driving unc([tiivucally !i:.»| sternly. 'We iiR'-d to. rrcjjfni/C! tiic plain fad that a drunk buliind the wheel of a car is as much a menace (o iinblic .safety as a maniac with a me.u ax. * * » The chap who K'«ts stif 'and thtn climbs gaily into his car to drive home isn't a charming Mlow who dors Hnuisintr things; he is a 'iiaential killer, and we need a public opinion (hat will tell him so withnnt hesitation. Second, we need tighter | ;iw .s fo deal with the offonse, and r ar strictci- cnforctment of them than most ol our laws gut. The penalty for drivin,; while intoxicated ought f, 1,,. heavv enough to make even Iho most carefree tippler pause; and it ought („ 1^ applied without any if.<, j.iuls, or huts. As we were reminded by the pro- hibitionists in tin: old day:-, gasoline and alcohol make a dfcaslro :s mixture. It's high lime that we found some way of s(|tiolching the ci-ack-i.rains who persist in hying to use it —liriico Cation. Sign oj Recovery H is worth ivineinliering that not all the vast amount of money spent by the federal government in the. last . year is going tu pru\i. a comiilete loss. Home of it is aiming hack: lately, indeed, it has been coining back at a prelly lively rate. Thus Harvey Coui-h, uf the hoard of directors of Die i;ei-»n-n action Finance Corporation, reveal- that the I!KC now js eolleclinj' fully $1,000,- Hil'i :t day fnini it.s ln.rrowors. Th(! corporation has lni[ smiielhiiiK more "'an lliri'c billions in its <v.-eer; more than a third of Dial already has been paid back. Not only does this intii-.-alc that a >evere strain on the Ireasnry is being lessened; i[ i. s an i-xcrl'c-ii sign of reviving business. And w |ien Jlr. Conch adds that aiiphVaiim:-, for loans totaling ?:i:!:{,()l)l).0()0 r-i-.-r.lly liavc l.'i'i'ii canceled, it );econ!e- a'niarc-nl that ("•"••'piTily, in Irtidi, i< „„ t|. ( , Wily | );l( . k at. a fairly rapid i;a i(. Booing That Is Praise 'I here isn't much ijii-slio.' that Al -^milli has lost a gnml d.-il of (!, 0 Popularity which was his ;• few years ago. If he wants In r,.ga „ ; L> \ }(m ._ ^vr, all h<- has („ d,i i, -.e ! . hi.s name Insscd and boned M few -ore times I'.v Uie henchmen of Tammany Hall. When the Tammany speakers' bureau held its annual diimei the other iiiglH. and bestowed a hearty ra/./.- '"'I'ry on [he name of .Mr. Smith, the alleiidanl warq.lK.^.ei-s uniMtei'.tioit- all.v gave the gonllemrm ipiite a com- nlimenl. 'Hie nature of I lie c'liiiplimeitl lie- i-omes apparent when yon .vllect thai immediately afterward they rose and cheered hcailily a I a men 1 ion of the name of Connor Mayor Jimmy Walker To be hissed by the brave.-- of Turn-' "'••my is to gel an aec«il:id-j, of a sort which is really worth get:ing. The man who displeases Tammany is pretty "ft t<> be a man who has (lone HOIIIC- "li'iff in the interest of I he public at large. We do nut u.m to touch any ;. ( -(i|i!e-s rights nnr lo Mipiiti-s thorn, Lint the wi>n:i must erase Mipr-ressing us. -Chancellor H.'iii-r O f Ciermany. I'miixtimi of capital (.acids, nr.. ii,,,,, cy j n - Hation. is tl:i- key lo iccovery. -Col. Leonard I 1 . Miv.s, economist. * * .= I w:;m to be an u!d maid. —[ivtli i|;,],.. inrm- i-r wife u! Hryuoud Broun. * * * I" c-xpou tradr-. Japan has br-ali-n almost every romitry. - m-i-on Nakajima, Japanese minister of coiiiiut-riv mill iiulu.stry. OUT OUR WAY By Williams WELL-t GOT I' HOSE FULL, NOVA/ — \VWUTU_ I DO - BLOW BACK? SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Hard Boiled Egg, Quickly Mashed, Is Easily Digested ct'irs vitamins in the iiioniliig should ileiwiul on A " CHE Inirl in winter ' usually now you i- .stomacli can tnkc the,,, • has « lielitcr colored yolk Hum A stroiig "casl-lron" stomach, !m-, m - f '«'<' '" summer. 11,1s derxmrs ' ' KU te nb!c to B« '""'" "Id of the lien. If the hen ii raw c B! r, without s I n , Io . > '° llr1 . s - vst<! "i- But if you'r 'l jocl . ls 'o Incliulc miy urce-ii stuffs in "« <"et or if H fails to obtain hn '°- lUlncks of ''"iigcstioii. rer taln grains, like yel!o"v "corn', And the reason most of us eal i .oft-boiled e BB s is because this' kind meets tli u demands of the! nverngc digestive systme. i liribies now have some form of! fee added to their <Uct nl a vcrv ! early stage, unless they .show sonic ', special sensitivity to this food bv ' a reaction of the .skin. Many phyl siciaiis begin with egg yolk after tlu- third month and add the egg wh. c. to which sensitivity is more "my to occur, after the child is n year old. 'Hie Unlied states uses about 3o.COO.000.OOn eggs n year, or '280 a pei-siin. About (io per cent of thi-.-i- nre consumed on the farms o;- nearby. The remaining -10 per cent arc marketed throughout the country, anil this represents a business of about 5l.OM.OTO.COO a vcar * * * ' You can tell a freshly laid cig >y the amount of air space there I* "i It. When the egg j s st j|i warm. It completely fills HID shell W" as it cools and the CBS sub- Elnuce contracts and leaie.s a «t the blunt end. As the c"K older, the space Incomes i The cow transfers; these substances lo the butler fa I of Ihn milk. Ihe lien to the yolk Tlie •ind C °'" r iS ""° '° '"'"""PM ERB yolk is fairly rich ] n vitamin A and Vitamin D. compared with oilier foods, for this reason Hie white of au egg has 88 per euit of water, but the volk only W prr cent. ' The amount of nourishment you rti r! t -,° f "" ° Be rtc l" !l " | s on its fligesiibihiy and the nature of its I'lotein. The amount of energy you get out of H is not Rreat, only about 70 caloiic.s onr'Tr K ,° n \, sei "»"" Vitamin C out of i. either, but there n-ill be phosphorous, iron. n r.d cal- U'A.!* ll " f "<*. P»- ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc-.v; has been authorized lo amiounci- the follo-.'iii" -s candidates for pi.blic ofliee sub.«(. (o the Democratic primary tic-xt August: l-'i'r Member iif Congress CLINTON L. CALOWEM, For County Trr-aMirrr JOli S. D1LLAHUMTV 1'nr Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG »""r County Court Clerk FilED FI.EKMAN" For lie-Election for 2nd Term "• For AssiAsor K L. <BU,LY> GAINF3 «. C. (IKE) HUDSON I'OK CITY OFFICES Election Tuesday, April 3. Tor City berk S- C. CHAtO ». L. MCKNIGHT CHURCH EXCUSES By Gco. W. Barbai and an orynnizer would be invaluable to the church if they could be made to understand Now iny son-in-law and hired man. if they would hack up this statement the three of , u win, t(vo ,, omina board members rc--i my church foi fifteen years and when I ' took charge- the expenses were J-;o high that H was iWsL^r''' 0 " 115 " u-nrt- p 10 "" 1 ' 1 money on n «ort. and when I called the oas- ors attention to this and tol< him u must be stopped, he wanted hf, J ,'-r' lhLs M ' wnsc "f some- S'r?f£ vf 11 " n3 h {3i n ^7r" t{£s «'orld and preach the uosncl" I could nee no rca«,,, wliy we'Siould Paj any attention to fomc fellow we never met. T told this £SSTr II at it was all right lo BO anv Place he has a mind to. but I no reason for it i c coat so much money and that would be one exiwnsc that I would cut otit ami if folk., wanted to bo nrenched to. let them come to church and I ,Ki,,k there are a as 1 clo tlWl 10Cit al thls ^ Casey Jones Loses Teeth Finds Them on Snowdrift u naeiin been cold that day. H. u. Cafey' Jones, railroad r-.iJii-. Jones fnce^ed his mail or<K molars out of |,U cab windv.v on the Bul.c-Salt L,fe run. He rele phoned fnraiu ivh n instituted 1111- sncccssful search with the .,id of section crews. Jones returned and found ti-.r m | he says. boc.m-c of cold wcathr- I 'There lli,-y were ri ? iu m, ton' ii " 1 f ll °i vrir 'f t - chatleritis to ill b ^"f 1 - an<1 'hat's the loot'i. the whole tooth and nothln? but BLYTHEVIJJLE 10 YEARS AGO fnm the flk* at the Friday, J»n. is, 1«4. Ainioiniccment has been made by Tom Lllllc of Dell thnl he has noiiRlit the entire' stock of the Planters Mercantile Co.. Inc., of IJell, and will continue to operate H as the Planters Mercantile Co i:ol Incorporated. The niythevllle High School Boys Basketball club was organized Friday with Robert Orimes, president, Elliott Johns, vice-president, Jack Gossett, secretary, and F.<t llardin, treasuier. A house commlllce consisting of a representative from each class was appointed by the president, as tol- |O«-B:- Clifford Plsher. seniors- John Dean, Juniors; Jesse Ebert "ophomores,; and J. B, Whitworth' fieshmcn. An orchestra was oreanlzcd in lie high school Friday morning iho members arc: violins. Bernlce Womack and Olive Chambers- coriiets. Graham Sudbury, Ed lardin and Jame-s Hally; snxa- Jhoiies Jhnmle Boyd, Archeleas 1 urrentDc, and Velma Lofn,,. °.i(ie trombone, Robert Bogue- d SL. ! !" d ,. t . ra P s - ?• p - Hubbard:' USDAV, JANUAi-v 26( 1M ,j [THIS 'CURIOUS WORLD yjyy. CcnttnarUn Votes NEW ORLEA.VP (UP)-Mi-s W R. Hill, 100, was ; ne oWpst ^ j ver to vote in N<w Orleans whe-i he east her first vdc in the ci'.y Icclion recently, according to rcc- rds of c. S. K,,rno, registrar of IF ALL THE SPORES OP < ^£ GIANT PUFF-BALL PRODUCED • NEW THE EARTH' WOULD NOT 6E ABLE TO. HOLD THEM ALL. ARE SO CONGESTED ON LAKE HANNINGTON, AFRICA THAT THE ROCKS CANNOT TAKE FLIGHT ALL AT ONCE THE OUTER. 6(R DS ^ugf ' FLY FIRST,TO MAKE ROOM FOR. THE TAKE-OFF OF THE OTHERS. O UM 11 m SCKYKLC. a MO ONE KNOWS WHEN CO/li WAS FIRST US60 FOR FUEL ON THIS EARTH^ ic giant pud-ball was found •(o-'conti[n'rouuo ( .n nm oo n ssri-rrt rsr~rv r _«_« 1! ,.« 1 , r »,,,., t . „„ ,,„,„„. »,,:™';:i::!: • ** l«r^ ^& IIKfilJI IlKKF. TOIMT o ue ^Tom could go up i tt tlis morn- He Jiated to dash her dream but lie said slowly. "ii oncst | y r wish we could, darllnir. .but I've, sol to be la so dariicJ-earh-r^" ^ ', •' ' Gypsy said bVijlil#|'' c hicrii,liy It tlocsn-t matter In tlio least." nut he ra g Prt wjthin tec - a( . se he nod to disappoint lii;r. Tlie apartment seemed especially small aud cramped that night wlien "iey not back to it. warm weary d sunburned. However. CJv ni m she baa. ._„ tho • strangely appeal that comes to some won fncng thb great adventure motherhood. Tom thong]," he 1 never seen her so lovelv. 1W r of etched. weary, l Heart , f her features was fine n cr e y C3 wcrfl3 Heartened by the food and by the errant and fitful Iroe^e now stir- rfnff the curtains, she said to him* i , ywe '". 1 ^l. atalltliis. down t the Hollow ' » ox m-rii THE C'lIAI'TKK XIX U was l!io cabin at Wading Hollow, of anyway." Slio was seeing the Ri '. vantaptcs of the apartment, admit- mg that the cauin with .its- windows O pen (0 lhe conrse. het it not tie some drawbacks, as long a?'the? couldn't stay there. But In tire days that followed when the lieat ot early June descended upon the city making pavements and waits and'unshaded wmdo-.vs one while Blare ot sunshine, she thought many and many a time with almost unbearable -.. - .. ."Sins of ""> Peace ami coolness living place. For one thins, "leading Hollow and the little '" ' " "" ''~> set among the dimes. Gypsy's tlimisht for an instant that the voiinc Weaver* had f.jr s o(len tbat "in while it v.-ai for week ends, perfect for .1 brief vacation it was not to be thought of as a fuss rm a »" one little summer. We'll have Tommy Junior and Susy ijello W | th „, «n4 we'll tell them-about the ter- Fjfti lo siege in tlia «ot summer." •mm' l - a •""• I" Tom s hps. Ho wa, rtca.lly serious. "e was infinitely depressed "By this tlma I'd hoped to have a real place for you-a home." ho .-nrrt, throwtns ono ilis|)ara B [ii g glance at tlie four walls. "Tliis is Hie time that counts, really You o'lBht to Jinro cverytliins-yachts and servants and Eomfort." was tho stronger now. She U was miieh too far from the city, - - >..„.,, a -70 miles oi- the railroad. The ' "" nllcr telephoned, askfng hoV°"'to, cl " lffetl "i"' Gently. This was irnnititiiii; would be both difficiil' coule 01 " l " Bhie Hills ,-ind tlicv ' tiltlc - slle ailm "•' '--- - " -- . . . • "'<-> j, et through it and expensive and on those nlj "•lieu Tom w;i s kept late. Gyjisv would ne iniltc nlorto in an inac- "--''•IB anil lonely place. H was a place to ramp, however ir.'i on s?vernl spring- Saturdays a small MI- night t« seen plo,,gl,t, K llirouJh the sandy road, spifli,,,; (iiindles at )t WC nt. *»e Canavan icd Huat fiih;on ramc ilnvvn one brigln. blowy Sunday in May and Sne raved over i U.e p'.ve-the smell of the sea ; r.nd tlie s:in E little cabin with Us bunks aad its oil stove and its blue curtains. They had a merry .-:"•••"' nut of iloors, Tom broiling "ver the coala and tiypsy ladliiiK out potato salad. "If I owned the place." Sire said reflectively, lying luxuriously on an a:•:•>• !i!:inkct. "I'd never leave it. I'd dig myself In and live on roots iii:rl urines." Sue was rcd-hnireil. Hue-eyed, cnlhuriastlc. She was f-Hiie lucliy man's good secretarv down in the city. ^"Vou would not!" Hunt roused Imiis-iir lazily to contradict her. "You're a Fifth Avenue hound and ; ymi kiio-.v it. Yon like this in small doses hut, deep down, you want to lii' a stone's throw from Times Knua;"." "There's son:-'bins; in that." Sue admitted. "Hut honestly. Cyris. I'm mad about this place, \viiy didn't we ever come before?" "V.*ell, Hosiria was here most of last summer." Gypsy told her. -It's went one bright week-end, u Heatrico had moved into Oypy's old room now. The house had sel- . Mcd down to a a routine which did uot include her and, while she. , knew she was always mor itted, but tly-y'd It liilWl rc;]1|y matte.r. And imieetl slie fell at that moment she could fata anything with Tom by her side. welcome, she could not acccpt'her e than j gUT the following day, wakins to bra tlie thought r>( there "Vou'll wilt an-iiy I,, town." Mrs Morcll said in mehinr.holr he summer Mlows opening onto K rceii vistn = possessed her like a madness The brick walls of the courtyard seemed J were o press in on her. The Hery furnaces to try m< Gypsy Interrupted qailv "Mum Li I*"" ^"1 ll " s ~ Eenscl1 "'« ten- my. don't be silly: ^!'know J „* Te .""'''"I""* 'n l..r. apartment Is comfortable as -,a i r , '"'"""S ^y ho Iclt her We have awnings wo have ^ ! -,f II" i , r Wllllc - K a "ant. irailln; ' -1 electric C fa',raud i ?o Thf ar ""' WalkM MmeUmn nearby. YOU talk as rnscration U.e river Ihousli I were desert." This I" the Mojave I Mis was an vci . y KfU b]|l wl|c]) beat settle,, down like a blanket her resolution was shaken. Tom loitml her one nujhi. lyini; O n the ilaylied. white and exhausted. "it's tiothiiiE." she i,ild him. Not Tor worlds would S |ie admit the weakness and nervousness - thai had swept over her thru day like a H'lc. The city had. ;i n M once seemed a giant octopus will, fiery' lingers machine out to destroy her. ' * • • . drew ihe green chair be- licr and sat down, her worried cyca this dam' place," he said lealen voice. "You must •- side IHK at star"It's in a get Toiii's property, renlly. but the fain- • away." lly love It so (bey sort of have It [ She essayed a weary -mile Thr on shares. The children adore It." j mountains? Tho lake" country? Tom caught her eye and she I Ol " ° r "le question. It she could smiled at him. thinking of the EcL someone to stav with her it child who miglit-who moat cer- "'" """-" " ' '' tainly would—be with them he the following summer. Darll Tommy, bow handsome hfl w ui with tho sunburn blotting out his )u t\ .. .. ' • « Ull MCJ tbo Hollow, nut she dhln't w "-• , , * -•••- iiJijii \. WiiUt Ere o eave Tom. He woubi be alone Ing i .! ." ol - stari ns city. »he faltered, layin winter pallor and hia long legs i ?-"° . I1lin - ''and on his. "You're stretched out on the sand! IVhat a ! . out and 1>m fidgety and *ere not aeolng things as they really are. Don't worry.. !t will I'ily they couldn't stay here all summer lonj, forget the job and the apartment and everything else. it,,i' Well, there was no use wlsliing for ,„ ', ' ' the moon. You ]'ust bad to euloy as thr\v came. ,.,,, .-. it,,i'i' ' ' ' J' cr • COIlvin «. d -' "° •"DM, en the other aide of the fire. - felt his heart swell with lovo for the small, gallant girl in the deck chair, (.ypsy's color was enchanting torl.iy—she was all aprt- cot an<i brown toues—and Hie her ^ ^ u=v and all-ins beans (si 10 "had 'ipro^ an"'? " 1l35e carlici ' 1 aud lccd tca Gypsy ale and drank with him. Tho curia lay ,la mp „„ i, er hot forehead. Her doited swisi frock, many tlnica washed and now sulltlcss 'it crispueEs, tell In lluip Iryiii; to find sc.'<ic< Ibe splashliiK founlains. nn» there wns no real release anr where. One particularly hot afternoon [•S-psy was aroused from a litfnl •'me by the ringing „, tllo Is1a Phone. Tom's voire, joyous, ro I newcrl. came lo her. j "Darling, what do you think! Pack up your dinl3--we're moving out lo the Island." | "-Not to the Hollow?" Had lit Rune suddenly mad? lie knew ha could never commute from there "No" Ilf, sounded exultant. "I've nudo a dicker with Mac. He's let- li"B me have his place at Tori Washington liccaiisc he wants to be in town." Mac. was McKinnoii. one ot the men in Tom's office. His wife. Tom explained, bad gone out to her pco- plo in St. Paul for Iho summer, taking tho children. Mac was tired of cortimutins. Ilo fairly leaped at the Idea of the Weavers' trim lit. lie apartment. Clypsy had seen hix bouse ouco anil had fallen in love with it. It was a tiny, blue-roofed collage on a. high hill with a sweep of bay just below it. Apple tree; doltod the half acre bayonrl. Well, it was too good to be tru*. but there It was! , Tom burst in .upon her half an hour, later, charged- with 'electric! energy. H c found her languidly packing and took tho bags, the bottles nud brushes out of her lax hands. "Go anrl lie down, woman," hi commanded her. "I'm rtolns ill ttiis. Wo'ro moving lo tbo cc-:r- Iry." Sho didn't mean lo, but all r.' .1 sui'Jcn tears came. Cooling, tOin'l Ing, healing tears s-ir had mads her lialr one ;IM;E of. folds wound her. Her r-res »-ere I r«li-f .f«»,h.,..,..u,. • L,,„„.,, Ble* P Va aigitoai^^'•'<..(To BaCoBttanedJ.

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