Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on August 31, 1873 · Page 3
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 3

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 31, 1873
Page 3
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HOUSES OF DETROIT. -tIonand commission. aUjj " . SM Jefferson aye- ''J'; BOOKS AND STATIONERY. B Vj a Oo land tU) 1S9 Wood. ATO "'iijreoy.OattioUo Books, 96 Mleiurt '" SOOTS AND SH0B8. n.w do, 138, ISO, m Jefferson e. ?,,n SHOE MANUFACTURERS, 550 Mitt Woodbridge at w. -j"? w4 Co, 133,130 and 1S2 Jeffereon arc. it ' 'toe ani leather Company, corner s"5 V tter and Bates street. t tD NUT MANUFACTURERS. 8r 'tA Sot Oo, Wight at, ab Marine Hoop. '-irK MOULD MANUFACTURER. .7GllmanaL,near8eooaa. BRUSHES. ,r uouxb A Co 103 Jefferson arenae CiCARS AND LEAF TOBACCO. , (ioUnnltli "163 Jefferson sysnne. En. r. Wood. Jeff. STB. 54 Bates at. ' CLOTHIERS. M.r BntzclA Co., 142 & lit Jefferson aye. .Ssi Arnold 60 and 02 Jefferaon aye. '"Ji-n i ScUloss 122 JcOcrsoaaye. A CRACKER MANUFACTURERS. ntr:ey. No. 8 Grand IllTer ave. CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE. ul'n,' 137 Jefferson avenne. "-tjiQerly 140 Woodward avenue. CARRIACES AND SLEICHS. .s jotr.on ...Cor.Casa&ndLarneaats. nicOISTfc MANUFACTURING CHEMIST Stearns 83 Woodward aye. DRY COODS. krAoreAColOOandlJeffersonaTenne. Zj K.wintyn 4 Oo Ill Jefferson avenne. DOORS, SASH. BLINDS, ETC- ,;:'rr v.n'B. Croatian at, between Blvard and uasunsa. FLOUR, CRAIN AND MILL FEED. .,!cr . Oo 75 Gratiot Bt r-SEICH EXCHANCE AND PASSAGE. f-Ji Kulin, cor. Wood. ave. and Congress at. fJKERAL PRODUCE COMMISSION. iinald 4 Co 33 WooUbridge St. west K'lair 44 Griswold street. Xh Woodbridge at- West St stur. 140 Handolph street " RENTS' FURNISHING COODS. c Chandler 71 and 73 Woodward aye. IraUN AND FLOUR COMMISSION. Vcn.leUCo..MyH6Woodbrldgost rvn H11. corner Woodbndge and Shelby at hr. n.-.t.:'onl 84 Woodbridro st west En. Dlciincon Board of Trade Building Kran K-Ie G5 Woodbridge st r GROCERS. L.. iitw.iniona or Co.. ...200 and 203 Jen, ave. tz ixa. Co " Woodward avenue. FINE CONrcu 1 luwinr iwr its. . ... v tin ..170 Jefferson ave. I-""- "a, - ,, waisoa .167 wooawaraave. . kTVktwn vta mm HARDWARE. k,.jrmM'.etclicrOo,S7S Woodbridge stw. . u v.l flrt SS-Woolwnl &vennn. ?mtfo SWISS CHEESE MUSTARD ,li!Xl-tlJOT. iKOUUion nan Juauiinu uu (rWFLERS AND IMPORTERS. c Co.. cor. Jeff, and Woodward ares. tta: at wVgnt ,...A3S woodward avenue (JTHER AND FINDINGS. - fv-,.no .....118 Jefferson avenue E91 (ilisi Bro.lI IS and li Grand Biver a78. MANTc-Lsf ANO uKA 1 tS, j Eibaes .23 woodcrnwe at. west KATTiiESSES. LOUNGES, ETC. t i; .137 Woodward ave. 'liartf r SOo. (only), 213 Woodward avenne l-ir s.'t: :ltc, Aoa. 20 and 31 Grand iiiver ar. 3WLLIKERY AND FANCY GOODS. . -.Ii5 and 147 Jelferaon are. 1. ';., -fiiilcy 207 JeCerson avenue. CrSTKS AND CANNED GOODS. . 70 Jefferaon avenuo. . KcC'ron 28 Jenersou avenn. -jLt nonroo Beuue. OYSTERS AND FISH. faiins.-'i! 1W Xroodward ave. PAPER WAREHOUSEC. Lxt rati. r u- 36 wd 38 Woodward avenue. Itjm-'-c Pi."er Oo 203 JeiTeraoii avenue. fc- Uro. .6 t'c ..HI Jeffiirnon avenae. t"SU2( 'IOC & C.f CU fCU. ttV. sjMUiujr at. ,SiOS. 1 'ROAMS AND SHEET MUSIC-.-rr , ; Stephens.. ..ITS Jflffcrson avenue. nUR- rRAMES AND KOULDINCS. .:- S2 and ti Atsrtor st, SADDLEttY HARDWARE. a (ilasr i Iiro.., li &nd 15 Grand Blver ave. SCOrCH GRANITE .MONUMENTS. HU:liolJ.....S5 Mictcan iMaa avenue. SEEDSKEN. L Terry t Oo 193, S01 205 and 306 Wood. ave. .t B-ter Opera lloutc Blk, iainiivT 172 wooawaraAve. i.tfj." a Tntirn"Cr1 7 &ffVrfiP Avfi. ' - uia UAiini coy rtoiutVifln a Co., 23 Woodward avenue. SHIRTS. ;.Cnandler, .71 and 73 Woodward ave. SUGARS AND SYRUPS. LB.Misr ASon.73,75 i77 Wood D ridge w TEAS COFFEES, SPICES, fcC. v r-". TjnK 120 Jefferson avaniu. Fo'j. CaipbeU 4 Co., 102 JefforBon ave. TEAS AN SYRUPS. l 99 a&4 Lsrnod at. west. TG5ACCO MANUFACTURERS. iJ.l'-irl.-.y iC'o.. cor. Bates A Woodbiidfi jt. a.-. iraw & uo., j ana so isasi Atwaier it MtUi 195 and JcffcTBon avenue. tiwua Co ,$6 2Ifnroeavonce. WINES AND LIQUORS. iQocrp 100 Jefferson avenue. LLH;;ico... 102 jeaorMm avenue. . lv.):tilc A Co 2( wocdwani ave. vS CL OTH AND WIRE GOODS. 1 1 v.uea 62 Jener&on avenue. WOOD YARDS. &Ln.... 37 iJimed at. west IlLDW VA?E MANUFACTURERS. .....7S yyauos etroct. YANKEE NOTIONS. rik'nn .'182 Jefferson aveaafi. tf-... ........... J-oii aiuuenun avouuc BUSINESS CARDS. ATTORNEYS. l2.1toKtl;. x'p. 6 Bank Mock, Griswold si. ARCHITECTS. i:iiT.-ti!rd ,0 Telejraph mock. iii'r-r.r ..uuui it ivii'i u uuiiuuu4 il;en, usees No. 3 alolfat lsuildiris, and sate uapuol. winainB;. iuUbaiiUiOo.,ofiioc,7-,felcgraph,U'k. amicds:. a Co., ocrnor Third and nroodbrLdjre ata. bSJiTRACTORS AND BUILDERS. Miua i.. rear of 169 Oass at. ai:roe.....,6 A;;ierst-,ioosoi rnvani. inii, . i jMMn L. near Second. f cor. Sixth sr. ana C'and Eiver ave. CAS COMPANIES. Luriit Co...Oor. Griswold and State. (iu Ught Ce. 8 Lar&ed St. csat- LIFE 1NSUPANCF. I'tlual Booml Hodfie21k. PROFESSIONAt. "Tfcroat and Luni; InstitUc, Aspinall k H.-'Iilton IVillianu., if. D., r'roprieter. JEWELRY. I ROLSHOVEN, JEWELER. nnivlDs; daily freall and ele- MliHk or Koud. at ifljr ae wr .tor.f "J JcCeriou .vciiur, wliLtU vm fsi b.iuoiu price.. "PTtclie.i el- IWltin. I,, Gold CbMJUf LocUct", I1"!!, c.iuio, Cora, Onyx, Jet md Uljimond, Ametliyst, X.pOJ unil Chain Bracelets, GsM 'Cotton, uiid Stuil.t PslorV linn hi, old .lore will 1 OfACTilRIKS DEPSRTMEHT. 1 1" tii urea to niB.Ice to order auv I'Ucwfiry from dlftinond iettluff r-" nor I. Inwuur nllcntlon pjUd to work " 'MllufActure cmr Vlrirl of lpeud uinuuiiiitc. Beautiful nat- '"licct from. -, . P. KOLSHOVEN. IRQ Jffrnfl .vnnr. F'diovear r.eflvlug dlly uevr ;r3-Sm-na5t I'MlSSiOH MERCHANTS, Kajoe & 00., pS5l?tE IT. WEST, DETROIT. MICH. I" 1L, ' ".!;'' "t.lloiy and Soa Etoek a .c ujnttet nx an iiuius at iuu !- aa7.thusu.tu3m mm & co., PUOOijojl' AND PSSIOH MERCHANTS, Jtl,lKau ve., DctrC WoU. l! fcMttmcot ot the best BRWDS OF FLOUfi. r:t(AbleMi t , - .wnuol, uxaiJLCk yraom. t6ss. ETC., LWYS OR HMD ' l-STIty COSSIGKMEST3. WANTED, FOR SALE, TOjjtSNT. WAJtTKDFF--13IAXiK X1KLP. Cooka, Route AlaJdi, Etc, WANTED A. girl for general housework in a family of three. AnnlvatSsi Thiwi at.. X7"ANTE D A good cook; waatilnfEaodiron-" insout put cfthe house. Hiphettwngea .. i,ip.y at jf jeiierBon ave. "W I T. sin ior Kenerai ooueeworx T...aIe cooks and second tfrla tor lirst-cLass tflmmefl, and hotel dlnimc reora girls and toard- nTnirin en. u . . -n poa.mfji. at J ugnwflni HVB. WAITED-A jriri to do general L on Be work in a email family. AddIv at H Washinirton avenue. . BOAT CAPTAINS can be furnirted with COOICB immMli!tllv. T hnrfi rnAbo nn titml waiting Bituationa for boats. Ladies can befor- uwueu wiwn pine lor general noufteworfc, alao cooks and second pirls- Hotel cooks can be furnished, also male help for-any kind of work on short notice, also young nirls. All letters expecting to be answered. Please send postage stamp In the letter. At 123 Woodward ave. WANTED Kitchen and dtnlnp-room ptrls, cooks tor hotels and boats; wazca 920 to $50 per month, at MRS. HUSTON'S. 50 Mtchimn ave. aSl-lw TXT ANTED Girl to d. bnnwtr(,rL- ? fanUv T-maUiiirork light. Apply atl7iEaat Ad- ;ANTBD'-A good girl to d$ general housc- nwa. -ai'H'j tt 01 jjoxhcu su east. -. . :. a31i . . ing -washing and ironing for a small lami- iuircat&a Joyst. : . INTELLIGENOK OPFIOE for .Boat and Hotel Xfeok& Dinlnr-room, lAnndry -Girls and Chambermaids, Kitchen and Second Girls for private unfiles.- Mrs. NEWTON, 511 Woodward itvenut. 8.U-JW TTTANTEO A. arirl to do uenQral liousewortc at V 4t5 JtiT.;rson avenue. Her;encelletJuireo. "1X7" ANTED A Urst-ctass meat cook, also nnetrr coot. Wji'm, sw 10 55U per monm. M ra. NEWTON. 214 Woortward avenue. TTTANTED A servant pirl for general house- f i wort in a ninaii larauv; nuerai wagrs. None need sddIv unless well recommended. In- 'luire aH I Madison ave.. bc.wecn John E. aud nanaoipn sts. W ANTED A competent cook and chamVer- maiu, acoy jeuerson ave. W ANTED IMMEDIATELY-An experienced WANTED Two good girls to do housework. Apply at Efsenlord's Hotel, cornor Ca?a and Lewis ata. s3-Butf W ANTED Two first-class Laundresses at 82 jnacomu st. n2!-3. Tlte Trades. TTTANTED A first-class milliner, at No. 1S3 it jiicnigan ave. Apniy at ihe store. n2s-lw Dregfoiakeni, Seamstresses, Etc. TTTANTED Immediately, a fiTst-cIaes drees unu ciurk aiaacr, compeient 10 tato lull charge of dress ranting Na other need apply. No. lut) Grand River ave, near Cass. f ANTED Operators to work on Sinner Pew- TT ing Machines on bbop coats. Highest WANTED MALE HELP. Tlte Trail ra. TXT ANTED Two coat, one vest and two pants W. CULVER. iai Woodward ave. 3Q.3r Sllscellnuroutt. t XT ANTED A man who understands the euro TT of horses. Apply at 40 Woodbndgc street W A STED SITU ATIO SS--PE51ALKS. Hons c keepers. VITANTED By a competent person a situa-TT tion as housekeeper in a private family or WANTK"rSITUATIONS--M A LBS. Clerics and Satcsmcn. XXTANTED Situation as traveling agent or dress Y. 7... Box 21, tbis office. a3l-3i WANTED Situation as traveling agent or salesman in a wholesale or retail dry Roods xiuurptio a. a. u., uox -u, una omce. nrj-JL" WAUTEO Situstion In a store or hotel by a yonn an who ran ppeak Krccub, (Jcr- io an auu iniian. tout -u yearn oi age. A-iaras y.nx jo. a. r run rca iimcc. aja-.n.' WANTED HOUSES ASJi HQOS1S. TTTANTKn TO KENT A hon?e of ai.Ot.t -i tV rooms; rent not to exceed SIO, within fif- un mimitc6T trait ot tno uay 11 an. Auuresd j. box ft, iaiia ofliet TXT ANTED In a etpil Jor.atian, a UrPe rot at cicty in. Addrena U. 1. U., care Carrier Uo, I. ? WANTKDAGliMTS. WANTED AffejUtt La .?! our manufactured urtictcs-stHplc as (four. Olt or address "V aricty Jdanufaclunng Co,, 5 AVoodii-ard avenue, Ii.troit- r AGEST3 WANTED to sell the Excelsior Horse and Cattle Fowl. Approved of uy the principsl stock breeders ana veterinary surgeons throughout Europe. I.ibearl commiesioB. rjajl ;t ji- Urand Klvtr sve. g WANTE(-- An active, steady man to acll on salary and couiiHu.ia;nn the ljent book in the world. Apply to KOhEKT TKAVK, No. 5, oyer Preston Viatii, "Wr-HTKO Female ajreuts to canro8 (he City of lJeitoi other cities to introduce an article that every Juiiy uLif,e; o obtain. A lare Iiercentajtc will bepiven to wice.wij canvaii-,;rs. jN'6 Iminbug tbis. Call Immediately- isx. it3 feaat ycrt st-, up dtnirn. WANTKiJ Aan3 to represent the Lifd Atwwiciation of Amtrua ;n every town and nit? in the State- Coinmbiuon liberal. AtJilreBB F. O. iJ4,VNt'OUT. aianaper, Dctrpit, Mich. fl5r3w W AN'tED-Land bj Uieacro. 1'. UUEKAX, WASTED A borne for an KnlIfcU boy axed It fCtfra. Apply to C. TIlUMl'aON. i03 Abbott et.. l)ctrc:. 3U-at: WAKTEU Two flcconii.tisci ifetalic Bbow-cues AddrcM, wilU jiarticuiaa. t tbi9 0fll;p. . a-i-st. " FOR SAIK--R15aL ESTATE. JjiOV. SALE. ITKK RKENKAX, REAL ESTATE Office, X7 tiriswoM street, opposite Ci'.y Hall, ofl'ers for lalo for bix days, build inp lots : Two lota on les avenue, 80x10' feet. ecch. una lot on Sullivan ayunue. x2I3. &5ty. Oaa lot on JobusN-. ave., 50x200, t to. one lot op llnmbodt are-. tB. luirty lou on IValnut, ifuttcruat. corner Ttilr-tfieoth bt., different prices. Ylm lots on Kino B.rcct, corner Thu-:ccLf i-and One lot on TwlIUU Btrcct, corner Magnolia, 600. One lot cn Grand Elver ave, between Math -..-I Tdndi or.. :i ni'r foot. Two lota on iirneli, corner of Alfred. 51,000 wi'ty lot an Joseph Camnau ave.. at a bargain. Three lou ad t,ftl.loUave..c.r. LslijelteBt., Four lot on Cass larm. Ulffercjtt nricca. One acre on Twentyrfourtii 5ljM Eixht acres on Waterman ave., by tfre acre-Houses and lots on lonjr timo In aft parts of tne IOIt SALE-HOUSES AKD LOTS. X1 $1,000 Sixteenth at., near Michigan ave. Easy 8 uioElghteenth at., bnck cottage, LoU0xl07. 11,100 Lafartte st., rrarac,8 rooms. .Lot -ox 138. b Dfto'iscBntv.nnir. ci.. cottace, 7 rooina. Terms easy. ' 5i,lUU lWCDUCVll m j r-y meat. WrJW Thirteenth-and-a-half St., two neat cottages, boi'u J200. is-sui-unoine fit tour eiyin new houes, 8 rovins cacn, iiyp blocks trora street caw. on easy terms. Will be finlbed Oct. l&t. 83,30) unoico or two eiesans .wiMtwry irawu tice. 9 rooms carh, insiue blinor, gai1, water, Z. l.i fmm .TpffHrann stl' cam. Will CWiiiiiVVC " - i tjiouse3 and lot vajned fro? JS.OQQ to s:o,C0) in different parts of he city. iVa rr nvpniie. Cms farm. ud other desirable locations. . Ul'A -."'asALB-Ifouso amllot on ifenry tu, hc-Ca buiI Grand liiver aTeuiies, i.J two" too' frame uouse and ai oj new two ,-irj). i,rik! Mora on Mcbit un0.Ue.r(--lirrx?haKe iof otu yrope,, raluaLle farm, 0 acres. 4X m.w. '"rjK' Hall: liouse and lot on 1-itcner st. I- P4 ia unmuiu at. TWO Vacant loia on Sit. Uope aycnuc, ljrtw AsuandMlcbiiOTiaTC. M lake . boreo in part payment. Inquiio at 108 Griswold it, . . i. .... i,..,n rtil tjila V Uorse and uairu In part pivment. lOi om wold St.. room 11. t HOTELS, crist rortlf. ssw-ullU, stores, dnuT stores ana good farms ; alsojjotfcar Sipslac. property for sale on rearonaole terms, aU.B-MAIN"'S Ileal Estate and Joan omce, lttiurts.- FOB SALK At a bargain, a Louse, Darn ana two lots, corner Ninetecntb and Howard ts.. l feet on Nineteenth nt- and 120 feet on "oward '., . nnlv nn tlmnremiscs. aS0-3t . . I7oa SALE-Hoiise and lot No. SI Washington FOR SALE OIJEAP-Two eood a'ojintera, t P tb" Cltr Warilrolie. )7 J- person ave. astf 1riOItSALE-BoardinKI!OU-,ceniraiiyiociii.., 1 ong lease, low rent, eacetwnt chanco of uas-lnc Season for soiling;, ill health. Address . i 1 trrpf Press. a-.-t Fmt SALK CHEAt' yew cottage iiouso ouu lo" Harrisonaye-.betwcon Bntternutand Elm Kins Ufl-e. lo-iture of JOU.v h. uaMnzs C7 bi.oes xrom street n "ir. i,ri7o .mi t.i in mon'tHlv tiArea of -u Hash. Inunlre at the lumber yard WEBmk CO.. 0 Gratljtst., bdtweoH B."'1 raiirnt worfor , jfigSSZ&ivA cbmstrir lOOD IMPIWVED KABJt KOK ??"F"j? irVANTED, FOR SALE, TO RENT. FOR BALE UOllSKS ASD VEHICLKS A FINE BAT ROBSE for sale cneap. Also, bntlnesa buemr and harness. Inonire at ne- of Oranil KWer av. anil sixth st- aSl-lnt FOB. BAIiB MISCELLANEOUS. 'OR. SALE On tbe mrMt fAvnr.h)i inn I? boUi as to time and price, the entire secondhand machinery or a Circular Saw Mill and Stare lieadins Mill, -with engine and boiler. i.ia AtaJg.pi.s..-j uriawoia tt- FOIt SALE The furnltarc and lease of a tirlet iiaarrilnir hnn.. wi.ll lncntjui nnH (tlla.l with boarders. Call at room s over So. 5 W ond- wsrd ave. ' FIEST-0LAS8 Cedar Posts for aalo cheap at SHEFFEHLVS Factory. ap27-entf C CHOCOLATE CAUAMEL9, iresh made, may hereafter be found ac AMES, NAY & COa. lUVIt TO REST BVaiNSSS PUIIPOSBS. TO HEST-Tor a term ol years, lot 1 of tho Lafferty farm, being 173 teet front by 470 feet deep, situate south sice oi Woodbridge St., together with the docks lrojitinpr the aamoon the Detroit Blver, and tlte soTcrat building situated thereon. . The premises are now occupied by M- Bars. Jewell & Co. Possession given Nov. 1st, 137.1. Kir particulars and terms apply to CLtS-M EST LAFFERTY. No. 3T2 Tort st west, or to PKLTIEK & liELANOKIt, Seal Estate and Insurance Agents, No. a Rotunda Building. au23-lplU3p6ututh&satf TO BI3XT CHEAP The breweryformerlvoc-cupied by Geo. W. Oarne, situated an the HOtiih side of Woolbrldgo sc. between Kates and Itandolph. with all the accompanying machinery and utensils. Everything in order to begin brewing at once. Inquire of ED. E. KANE, Itoom 10, sccona floor, Moffat Bloclr, city. aS3-aasutuAtbu3w3p TO BENT btoro No. 193 Woodward avenue, for a term of j ears. Apply to JEHEUIAH GODKBEY. al9-tf T'O RENT Water lot fronUng McDougal! lsjnm.bavlugafro&totSOOieet. A.M.OAH-PAu, oalce corner of JetT. ave. and Bates st. ' afJ-tf TO RENT Store No. 110 Woodward avenue, JL formerly occupied by W. W.Smith as New lork Cheaj Store. Inquire or C. H. LOCKE, 122 Woodward ave. jni7-tf TO RENT DWELLING HOUSES. TO RENT Two nice new two-aUry frame X houses, 8 rooms each, gaa, water, etc, juBt llnir'.bed. on Congress sL eut. Also, frame houso on Larned st. west. 8 rooms, gap. water, etc SI. A. PERKINS, Butler's Block. TO RENT Cottage No. 73 Twentieth street, A with furniture and Piano. Apply st No. 71. Bent 825 per month. a31-2t Ta RENT House on tho corner of Jeffsruon ave. and Biopellc sL Apply on the premises. TO RENT A large house In good order, ccn-X trail; located. Apply at 2 p.m. at 440 Jcf-fersoo avfl. . inl-tf TO RUNT ROOMS. FURNI3UED front room to rent at W Lewis ttreet. PERSONS de&iring furnished atiartmei.ta, single or in suites, for tbt coming season, a in Hud them at No. 257 Jefferson ave., near Brusb at. a31Ut IjURNIUEb ROOM to rent, street. Reference lequirod. 128 Abbott &31-2t 1 PLEASANT unfurniabod room to vent to . young tren. Inquire at No. 137 Bates etrot. sill-Qt FURNISHED ROOM TO RUNT-No. u Elia-btth &t. wst. a3I-lw TO RENT Room?, furnished, largo, pleasant and airy, over 61 Randolph st. a31-3i TO RENT To gentlemen, a handsomely iur-X niabed tront room, at W) Madison ave. TO BENT Tar ee-fcl ory bridk fctoro. No. 01 Congress ft. cast, econd store cabt of Randolph Bt. Stare is in first-cliiis repair, and being near the market, is one of tho most desirable lo-catijns for business in the city. PELTIER & I'.KLAlstiER. Insurance and Real Estate Agents, oflhrc No. 2 Rotnntja building. a:il-tf "0 RENT-Two sleeping rooms, at lfi5 Cues - street. a2S-th4Pf O RENT A pleasant room, suitable tr two L gentlemco, with bnanl. Apply at 05 Fort st. a3J-2i F URNlSUED front rooms to let atiCl JctTcraon avenue. jnso-tr OOMS and power to rent T I '.DVVIC 4 9, . . . e SAVES A n.7ie-tf IIL'SINESS CUASCES. IOR SALE The Btove and bite at No. 223 Michigan avenue. Good stand" ror anv k;:i:; of busincfiF. Also tbirtv acrca of laud near the Grand Tiunk Junction. Iniiuiro at the ftnri-. 7OR SALE A letall giocery is offered for halo. - Thz reason isacmise of ncknpss. A gool cbancn fbra btistntssi r.;an. Iocated i) agod information i; quire at No. 1W WoodwAnt.'ivonur, Detroit. a7-thftuStt A RARE CHANCE FOR RCSINESS-Part-mr wanted, nptrcial or active, In a lumber-yaid, planing mill and door, saeb and blind factory, riest location In Detroit. - Address for one week. Box 20, at this ofllcc. a3--lw FOR SALE CHEAP Tho American Hotel at Rrmeo. Nqv ding a pilj table br-E-ncsa. Inquire r-n Ujfl preaiuics or 3ddf-eee J. "D. IL-LIOll. Romeo. ajl.-lt " BOARDING. 13 LEAS ANT room, with bran', for two gcr tie-men, at 22 Woodward avenue. a:iMw OAJIJK with pleanant room, for twr-gcntlc-X men Alfco a jf miLjl n-rsbpr of day uoard-er taken at 162 Lafayecto av'iij' ,: TWO or three Uy lioarders can bo accomms-datwlat:w 31 1 ami avrnuo. W A.rTJvi-A few gRotlunicn lioanlem or geBtfciuai: nd wir.?. at No. 232 First st. (31- o AGENTLKMAK and wlfu or twi fruntlemen can Jjave a handsome fnrnih-d front room, witli fl rut-el ua uocnl, in a rivnto ftmily, only ten rrinutes' walk from Citv Hall, by spplyinir at 13 Third st. ' EOARIH5JG--A fuw srenUeraen can be accoiu-inoda'.ttd af 11 J"OijriJi itreeUcorjer of Ahliotf. one block from Miiibigafj avenun r-ara. Lncitk-u pleasant. WANT R I Two or three boanlcrs in a private family, with pleasant rojms. cowl liiard and no children. AIro an unfurnlfibed front room to rent, with wardrnhe and pas. No. s jor:pr i ,iine ty'ck fiom Michigan ave. UIRST-0LA S BOOHS nod Uo-i ai t, J Auz AENTLEMAN and witeor two:'Uem?a "" J obtain boartl and room 3 in a p- ivaie iaiu.. fa" Kast Qanq rifar U BOARD bv tho week, also tnble Loant, at C8 CongreriS st. wi-hI. a2Mw! A I LtMHiK unfuri lblietl-rooiu, with bnanl, to flilRKK or four jrcuife cn pup beacoomrao. X date'l Willi tin t-claaa day board at 157" Lnrced aircct cant. a26-lw prJAS.lNT rwun a--wan I ctrett. and boird can be had at 83 a2J-2w LOST AX FOTJihU. LOST AupiiBt 2ld. on Belle We, a gold cuff htud, nt-irked with owner's name. 91 reward, at LCU U'EULK'is Boat llotlio. LOST A iiuiall black dn; bad on coIUr marked No. '2111, Atme Ohevillot. The fiuih r will be rewarded on returnlnyhlm to 22 Jones sL iROFKS8IiNAU HENRY Z. POTHER, Atfornoy at law and JusUce of the 1'race. 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ANO 8KB THE GREAT ORCHESTRION. The second largest instrument of Uto kind In Uie world, at GEO. H. GIBS' RlftGNIFICEKT NEW HALL, Cornir Monroe ave nii Farrar at tmvf ' DISTILLERY. Distilling Company, MAItVIir FHESTON, Manager, BedlsUUcrs by Prestisa1 Patent Process of JiQurbon and Rye Whiskies, i.a iHautiftrntiirArit: ot thft s-filfih'rfttod OLD BWAK GUI. . Offlca ana uieuuery, noranr wooauruiifB vji SUNDAY MOBNLNS, AUGUST 31. CUBBENCr. The hack and omnibus business of Chicago is denounced aa a shameful swindle by the Times. Butler Is the "moat newspapered mas" ol the period. The Poeksville, Sew Yorfc, Democrat vranU Ned Huntline sent to an insane asylum. New York will not allow street stands to tell apples which have been exposed to the sun of the previous day. One-half of the R.Chester Union and Advertiser is twenty-one years old and the ether half sixteen years older. The ladles of Albany have bad so many dresses ruined by vitriol throwing that they put on calico when they go out evenings. A Butllo sailor dreamed that he would be drowned in Saginaw Bay, but was lost In Lake Erie. This shows how much dreams can be depended on. Four hundred ol the Vienna Exposition prizes come to this country, and yet Ameri can exhibitors are wrangling savagely. The Governor of Nebraska gave a lady his autliogriph and a man s'.o'.o It and used It to draw 300 from the bank. Walter Gibson, city editor ot the Harlem Local, loses the sight of an eye by the vitriol thrown Into his face on the streets a few nlghta ago. Miss Emily Faithful has come to the conclusion that American women will' never make much of a name as journalists. A woman named Harks exhibited a patent churn of her own manufacture at a Kansas fair and secured a premium. John 1'iper, of Cairo, had use for a strap the other day, and the Piper's son set the house on lire for revenge. The Methodists of Georgia are holding a camp meeting on the banks of Pevll's River. A more appropriate spot could not be found. Bearding the lion in hit den. An Ohio boy who tried U) walk over a creek on a clothes-line, in imitation of the Niagara man, is in bed with a dislocated shoulder and a broken nose. The Indianapolis Sentinel had an analysis made of specimens of milk sold by each dealer in the city, and, wouderful to relate, found them all to be pure and unadulterated milk. A Memphis printer, who gets to bed at three o'clock In the morning, has sued the owner of a crowing rooster which wakes bint at daylight. The United States Hotel at Louisville presents each guest traveling further with a small basket containing a nice luuchcon and fresh fruits. Every paper published in Milwaukee has "the largest circulation of any paper in Wisconsin." Kules to govern persons who are drowning" are published at length In the Milwaukee irisconaiu. One Indiana farmer has a thousaud doves around bla farm', and he declares them a source of profit in more ways than one. Tho ruins of the fire which partially destroyed Ohilllcothe, qnlo, in 1810, are still pointed out to visitors. Tho town woudcrs why capitalists don't invest there. They don't allow the brass band at iiigin to play when any one in the town Is sick, and the boys go out into the country to tool. A man on his way lo the Columbus State Prison passed himself oil" a3 a member of tho Ohio Constitutional Convention and came near making his escape. The statistics of the chewing-gum makers show that Indiana chews live as much gum as Michigan. A smart man at S.mdu-ky put arccnlc In a bottle of wine, hoping that a burjlar woijld, d.-iuk it, and his wile placed it among ik other bottles. The smart man U now wondering which Is the bottle. . rOBHGH fJOTES, 'f here are 10.712 policemen In London, and lnve to patrol 7.111 miles of s-treet!, The Frankiort Ijatette, established In ltjlo, is llie oldest newspaper in thp world. Count von Beust, Austrian Minister lo t!nr land, has gone to Gasteln lor a course of the waters. The Hango-Petersburg Railway in Finland has been completed, and was opened for traf-tia on the 27th Inst. Tho .Sofr newspaper mentions a report that M. Gambelta Is about to marry tho only duuj-rnter of Col. Itochereau Djufert, tho de-fenderorBeliort. A nattiotic Scotchman has cast the liberiill. Ly el'ctaarge fceauuqy lutotu'o unto by 'giving 500,01)0 to be devoted to religious educa: tion In connection with the Church of Scot-land. A ferald special from Mexico says an in-unflatfon of fjuanaguata frfiin r. WitersSpoul. has occurred, and ntiicfi property'destroyed, and a number of lives Io?t. The yellow fever is stH ragjug at ye'raCruj". Extensive" preparations are In progress at the British Embassy to thi IMsslan capital In anticipation of tho IJuke ol rJJinbutg's ar-Tt$- Xt!!ch 13 believed to be liied for JTapua; ry. Ills royal biguncss' rdarrhWsj la i, be sol-cmniifcd w(th great splendor, According to a letter trora lihlva, publlshid In the Moscow Gazette, the Khan has been under the control ol hi unci?. The Divan B;g Mad Murat, the mot n..?"?""'":-all the haters of toe Cztr, has been arrested and the ICussIann have seized the public treasury. Ths liocapirtisU are represented to be extremely angry at the Frohidorl negotiations, feeling that they have been used by the fuslonifts as cat's paws ; and their dissatisfaction has been greatly increased by the orders given to repress imperialist manifestations. The whole of Trans-Cauchasia and the basin of the Oxus are to be'cxplorcd for the Russians by Colonel GliiDhowtki in order ihat full Information may be had In regard to their commercial and other capacities. The colonel will also report upon the present general coa-dlticn ol Russian trade in Central Asia. Sone Intero ling bits of go: b p arc chronicled it the Lontou papers. AVintcrhalter, the painter, who not long siuc; died i.t Frankfort, where he went to finish tl $ portraltota lady, has left a fortune 01 1 ,000.1X0 francs. His eight last paintings aro cow being exhibited In the art gallery or that U wn. King Oscar and the Crown Prince of Uer-maoy attended a ball on the 3th of Aug. 1 1 Ringcrlke.on tbeTjrlljort'. near Christian!?. The new Klne. Oscar 11., unlike his predecet-sor, Charles XV., Is a friend of Germany, snd slncohe ascended the throne the disposition ul the people toward Uermany has alreatfy altered in favor of the latter. J The wives and other female relatives of the transported communists who desire to j.tln them In New Caledonia continue to bo forwarded thither at government expense, and a Havre paper gives the particulars ot the departure of uOO wcfaen who left that port a few days ago on board tho steamer Fenelon, maay of them with families. ' Victor Hugo has nearly fln!shed a novel, which will bo published' in tho month of February, 187i, under tho title of "(Juatre-Vingt Trelze, with the sub-tllleof "Premier r'eclt : la Guerre Civile." The plot carrlea the rcadpr 'for in Instant to aris, and the Imposing figures or Robe-pierre, panton aqu Marst appear upon the stage, but the action takes place almost entirely In the Vendee. The 8wlss Urnes notices that the highor Alp: are attracting a large number of visitors this season, and some uuocesBful acenu aro recorded, among others that or the JunsTrau, which has not been attempted byiheUrtb-thai stnea the catastrophe of last year. Tho dangerous experiment was successfully accomplished in eight hours and a half by Dr. Dubl, of Berne, accompanied by two guides. Tho Independence Beige says that the German Government has instructed Ita agents in Spain to'avoid all interference in the juter-Hattlni of the uoiiutf . . Vq Eiye ijie wo.-, ef-featlve proteptlpn to all flerrnan iul.jMts living there, and, 11 poeElble, to come to tome understanding with the French and Kogllfh fleets there, In order to protect all foreign subjects by every means, even by a bombardment If necessary. TbO will of the late Lord Westbnry has Itejn proved under iSGXuOu perjonuvy. tie iiaves the U( sumo! i'i.OOOper f five vt position is lo be made u( it, Tho will, which waa made about six yoats ago, was drawn by the teBtatot's own hand, and, great lawyer though hewas, he omitted,' it Is stated, to appoint uAccubum, muugu ue nameu trustees. Ready to Smorltte.. selMenylng lecture manaers in America, will gJveifr.' WiIfUe(llnsventy" five per cent of 'the gross receipts or his lecture?,. beside 'paying -all contingent expenses, be will speak on as many platforms u u. vu uuuvcutenuy ruppiy oetween the iDv ui ujwuec ana naxi fc.ourtn 'or CALIPOBNIA. An TJnvarnished Xals of ths Country. H3T SO BBIGUT AS HAS BBBB COL ORED. Sometbinc cf tho Agricnltaral Facilities. Correspondence or the Detroit Free Press. RlCUI,aU, SOUTIIHOS CALiroRKIA, August !. I In a letter written for Tub Free Prkss several months ago I promised to irive, at soma fttiure time, a more minute description of this portion of the State, basing reference to the soil, climate, productions, etc, and ex. pressing my views on its daslrabliity as a country to live in or do business in. The truth is, that stories or this country, like every other for which nature has done some wonderful things, are greatly exaggerated by property-owners and by every one who has any Interest in attracting hither residents ol other States or localities. The newspapers publish the most glowing accounts or the attractions of and natural resources of different localities, but are always silent as to the drawbacks tu an section. Men and women are continually engaged in writing articles fOr the press to induce immigration, and they in. variably present the bright side, and never the dark. 1 do not want to gs to the other extreme anu uecry tne country in every rc. snect. but 10 present the attractions and dts. advaotazes just as they are, without any col- onug wuaiever. AS A KKSORT VOR INVALIDS Southern California baa been hntblv recom. mended for consumptives and those suffering from diseases of tho lungs, a recommendation in which I heartily concur, but wuuiu uuu st rerinuuuu lu certain localities. The natural location of a place here makes every difference in the world. Towns on the same parallel ot latitude vary greatly in their health-restoring powers, according as they arj located whero the sea or land breeze reaches them, or are supplied with pure water or not, and many other attending causes which affect health here as well as elsewhere. LOS AXOKLES, An old Mtxiciti town, now possessing a population 1 1 .ilj.jut 7,000, Is situated in a beau-tirul vail:')' on tne Uiver San Pedro, and in many rcpe ts is a lovely place It is not lar from llie ocean, the salt breeze almost continually blowing, whtl-: up and down the San Pedro hone or too most beautiful and fertile valleys in California, and settlers are coming in very rapidly. The place, however, is not so desirable lor invalids as Richland. CASK Ol" COXSt'MlTIO.V CURED. For instance, a fneud ol mine from Wil-hamsport, Indiana, occupied a room next to mine in the hotel at Los Angeles and was suffering terribly in what .-crmed to be the last stages of cou-uinption. Ho was confined to his bed and made all arrangements with me lor telegraphing to his family and forwarding bin remain, home when lie should die, which be and 1 expected would be In a very few days. However, be linterd along, and, feeling a littlb stronger, one morning as I was coming to Klcbland bo" summoned up energy enough to be propped up Tn the stagecoach and attempt the same jiurney. As we began to ascend from the valley he breathed more easilv, and he finally concluded to remain at Richland. Alter "he had been here six weeks he lound he had gained lourtieu pounds In weight, aud in strength and cheerfulness In proportion. He has continued to gain in this way until h'e now appears to bo restored to complete health. I verily believe there is no healthier p'aco for those sufferiug from lung diseases than Richland. A DELIGHTFUL CLIMATE. The mornings generally appear hazy and calm. About ten o'clock in the forenoon the sun comes out bright and the wind brisks up from the southwest- This invigoratiug sea bretje continues until about scycu o'-clctk In tho evening, when it becomes calm, again for the night This continues day arier day for months with almost no variation- There is plenty of hunting and fishing to break the monotony. We got up a little pa-ly on the Fourth of July, including a gentleman and his iaraiiy from Marshall, Michigan, aud went down to tho sea shore and encamped for a few days. Tho sea was quite calm and we had plenty ol soorl. A l-AKUllr:i CCM.'NTHV. fheuonnlry arouim here i siii rounded by high ranges of mountains; It Is 'Slversiu-d by rolling land, about like ihe rolling land in Michigan, level plains, apd vjllevj ufaiainin" Ug001.11, Miisa and' sinks. Alan'' these canous there are many people making a scanty .ving by cultivating smill gnrdens and keen. Ing bees. The whole country U parched aril to b3 S6tn tor eight or nino mnstha lo the jear.unlesBtherE-ad Laa becTj'artlficlally w?'cd.d water here Is so scarce that It is sold at -high prices in some seasons of the year. Without irrigation nothing can be raisod in this cecUSR of ihe itatc. allQI-rCUKinxG CRKATUltES. Then, as if to mack tho arldness of lha soil, there are myriads ol grasshoppers, ground squiirel., rabmu, jick.rabUts, or prairie hare?, gophers, resembling a rat all numerous, and any of them eapablo of stripping a field as quick as a crop makes Its appearance, especially corn, beans and vines even young orango trees In their first year's growth are cut down by nny of the last named peels. ALKALI. SAUE AMD CACTUS. In many sections in this p3rtor the State the soil abounds In alkali to such an cvtect as to render H mole;. In manparts the land (i ooered with wild sage irom two to lour reet high, such as Is seen in the waste places In Idaho and Nevada. The cactus or prickly pear Is another nuisance, and grows in abundance here. Sometimes, however, both the wild e-pni tfja f.aotiia.e i'ounif growing In gcjod sell. There arc large tracts of land whero water cau be found in from four to six fcet front the surface, but generally so lia-prognated wil", alkali as tfl be almost useless. Alfcsll lands will r.Uc core, s,nd barley to some extent, but vines or trees will not grow. FACTS FO.K F.!tIEItSj. Through the glowiagacaunti'sivon b the necrjpsuepi and the residents, gerc many a farmer in the iiirst Is indu,il lO C.ll nilt rind com. here, bringing from two to too thousand dollars with him, purchases laud, builds a houo and barns, and in five years nine out u isnusiY two completely, ana me unaWs to sell out or return r. tst Shoep raising and money lending am tho profitable enterprise iu this' section. Money brings from two to three per cent, a month ; twi per cent. Is considered cheap Interest in California. CONCLUSION, These arc sonic of the facts In relation to this section ol this Slate, as I have observed Ihcra, and contrary opinions will generally be found to'bo given by those who have some motive Tn attracting settlors here, and whl'e 1 do ncf mean to sav that tu thiU locality as well a In'otber parts 61 the State there Is not some rich and productive land, yet a Urge shsro or tho land in Southern California Is not, aud uever will he, at br i lUlvatiou. THE flEXT BOYAli TOaSUST. Tile Saltan Of Z.nilbnr on III. Way 10 Kuglaud. A Zanzibar correspondent of tho Londou Times wiltcs to that journal of the 11th Inst., that the Sultan or Zanzibar will certainly set out for Europe by the mail steamer which leaves Zanzibar on the .first week In August. 'He rrtjuires rest," says a correspondent, i-and change of sceua after the crisis through which he bas lately passed ; and it can be be-lieved that he is desirous to escape from the odium which his late acceptance or the treaty is sure to call forth rtgardinghim. He has but very lately Imprisoned and severely punished an Arab ol high Influence whom be found guilty tl attempting to break the pro-viflons of the new treaty by smu'glin" a cargo ot slaves; and It is but natural thaUie may wish tS oscapa ffbui the necessity of acting often In a way which must bo repugnant to his leeling, though he may consider it ncceary to prove his bonafida to the English Government. He must always be anxious about the Muscat subsidy, and generally solicitous to appertain how far his acceptance ot the treaty proposed by the English Government will be rnet with reciprocal generosltyand friendship. It is a pity (the wrfter adds) his Highness has so timed bis visit that lje wll not arrive in London until September, when everybody mill hanul nf Inmn 'PhnI i i.' - mav be oreinmMl I hf ... in September some endeavor will be made to give him a courteous welcome In Linden. He will, it is rumored, visit Paris, and probably return to Mecca. Dr. Kirk will probably accompany him, and in that case the consular njency woiiltl fop a tlpte remsln In the hands of Mr. Ejolmtyood; (Japt: Elton,' the' acting assistant, heing aosorit ou leave at JlatsJ," The Recent Drowsing Accident at Quissktt A Sad Stobv. The New Bedfjid Mercury gives some further particulars con-wining the resent '"mte semens rt Urry and Hattie, went in bathing Saturday moriing, on the bay .hore, lut above the renldonoe ol Col. James M. Lewis. The two gentlemen were good uwlmmerfc but the whole party got beyond their depth, and Mr Davis, In attempting to tescue Mist Torrey, got entangled la the eel-grass, and both went flown -CojU HjW tgok Miss Ka.tle titvla a-uoreonlils baek.and returned fo har lister Carrie, whom he lound insensible, but succeeded in getting her ashore in tetsou- to re.tore her to consciousness. lie then went bat k for the others, and tueceedeH 1 TOO 1 a.,,UiH. .UUUSU UJO ISLB I TE WEATHER DI3TBI0T8. Termtaolosr .ot ttk Blcia.I oei-rlco He. poru-. Territorial XJlvtaloa. of th. T7ntt.d StatcBxpUaa. tion of Sptll In th. W.a-tber It cport. The followlcg la a general statement oi the Signal Service partition of the Union, and of the sense in which It employs abbreviations in Its press reports Maine, Xew Hampshire, Vermont, Ma;sa. ehussets, Connecticut and Rhode Island are recorded aa forming the New England States. New Vork. New Jersey. Pennsylvania. Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia 03 the Middle States ; and that part ot tnose states lying east 01 ue Jaiej nies as the Middle Atlantic States. North Carolina, Sooth Carolina, Georgia and Northern and Eastern Florida as the South Atlantic States. Eastern Mississippi, Alabama' and North western r loriaa as trie eastern uuu stale.. Western Mississippi, Louisiana and Eastern Texas as the Western Gull States. Sometimes the South Atlantic States, Eastern Uulf, that portion of Mississippi, not In- ciuaea in me r. astern uuu states, wltn Tennessee and Kentuckv, are grouped together as the Southern States. Lower lakes means Lakes Erie and Onta rio, witn tee aujacent territory. Upper lakes, means Lake Superior, Huron and Michigan, with adjacent territory. The lake region includes the upper and lower lakes. The extreme Jforthwest includes that portion 01 Dakota lying west of the Missouri River and the eastern portion of Wyoming and Montana Territories. The Northwest means the country lying between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivtr. The Soutwestern States means that portlou of the Western Gulf States lying west of the aiississippi ittvcr, tnciuaing Arkansas. Tne Pacific States Include California, Oreiron and Wasbinslon Territory. The Ohio Valley Includes the belt or country about two hundred miles broad, from Pits- uurjtu w iairu. The Upper Mississippi Valley includes a belt of country two hundred miles broad, from Cairo to Vicksbure. Below Vicksburir the character of the country so changes that It is no looser describe.! as a valley. The Missouri Valley Includes a belt of country two nunareu mnes oroau, irom r ort SullvtoSt. Charles. Mn. The bt Lawrence Y allev Includes a belt of country two nunarea miles Droaa, irom LaEe untario to tne mouth or the St. Lawrence river. Besides these distinsulshin? titles of the States and Territories, tbe special terms used by the Signal Office in its various published predictions, bulletins weather chronicles, etc, are mus ueuueu : When, lor instance, It is said in aweathe: report "a storm has extended from Ohio to ew 1 ors." tne meaning Is that the storm has extended Irom Central Ohio to Central Jew xoric; or, 11 it is said, " Westtrlj winds will prevail from Minnesota to In. diana," the idea is that these wimls will prevail from the interior ol one State to that ol the other State named aa wel as over the luicivcuiu couuiry. iy me wrm - coasts '.' is nsuaiir incimtpM the land Ivlnr between the 'seashore snri tim jjirallel range of mountains or hills skirting ... iu ia, Louisiana anu Mortnem Florida this definition would take a belt of iana cxtenuing irom tne uu f or At intin shore. It is worthy, too, of public notice that the probabilities anil accompanying synopsis are so worded that thev can bo distlnfrnj.hpii hr tue order of words. The tjnopsla is a mere summary ui me past weatner, ami begins witn tne sentence employing a verb In the present or past tense. The probabilities are prcuictious 01 luture weatner, anu begin with a sentence emniovin! . v.rh (n th future tense, and are further characterized by beginning with the title ol the section whose weather is Ihe matter of prediction. When it ts'safd'that the winila will ver a certain direction it is (neaut that they will change In the direction of the hands of a waiuu, ny wnicn term scaruen and others who cive the urobahitlti a iiniii 1,.. telligent study will generally bo led to anticipate clearing or cooler weather and westerly winds. If, on the contrarv, a torm Is advancing, and tho winds are nut ,lmr tn tne report as likely to '.back" (1. c, to "hill iu a direction contrary to ijjsj or Ihe watch llMd;, t!;p ;Wi&r will V'hpnilsed by the wnr,1 midit 1 , tlalr. The present manner or combing the hair up from tho neck, and braiding it in a flat cjil on the crown, while very convenient and comfortable tor hot weather, so seriously inttrferes wtth haU aud bonrets Uiat ccol dayilwm probiily modify the stvle. The Recamier, a design just Introduced for iu I dress occasions, will ha much worn In the ayiluinn,, t is uompmed ol a very hieh aaianon surmounted by rolls and puffs In front, and fringed by curls behind. Braids daily grow In lavor, and promise to exclude cqria .nilrcly from all day-time use. They are satisfactorily, because dampness does uot destroy them, besides dispensing with pin, uot irons and slate-pencils; and they look n'cfand tidy, which much of tho crimpy ami fluffy arrange or desrangement does not. .. " S16." young women belli to realize that the injury they are doing their pretty lacks bv burning and treaking and wearing them off on hot Irons and hot pencils oannot be repaired by Years of extremo rar they will cease to use such instruments of uiiiuiuiiLj, ocnonerar September. American Drink.. The great .aerican drink appears to be a cocktail, and mora of them are sold to onlti-yated drinkers than all other drinks together, they are Radis of oyery imaginable liquor, Irom gin to euinipagnu, and so bit everv stomach. A good many drinki are inventeii In club houses. The New York Club has a peouliar cooktail. It Is made or the best brandy and several different kindt of bitters and they always want it shaken in ice, not stirred, Tho Amaranth Club 1M a Co0ktail luade with scltair, and the Manhattan Club has invented another. Har.keepers in the 1 i saloons Invent specialties and keep the It?. gredlenu and proportions secret. The latest ishartkarl, which Is something like an ordinary cocktail, with the juice of a whole lime in It. It was invented by a man who wanted "Onjethlni; tiat would lake hold. "It's enough to cut a man'a stotiaoh into hoe-strings,'' said a fiiend who tried It. '-Then." replied IU Inventor, "we'll call it harlkarl.'' and so It was. ' A Heuo. While attempting to wall a well on the Weldon farm, De Witt County, III., Cyrus Jones had an opportunity to show his prove, lie was operating the windlass, and his ftlend, Elward Ilenfon, was below. In swinging oita tub or liri-t- Cyr-ja di-located r,;; rigt s'uouitieij buVTiialKi'n!? that to let gohls hold WAuld'be to kill Uenson with the suspended tub he grasped the windlass wtth his left hand, called for help, held on u?'i' ,tlil!wouisH PttMO ant th,e bucket was landed, a,nd then tel to ths ground unconscious front the agony bo endured, Vviik Ino.v. Aosoliitcly ptiro Iron Is said to have bten produced by a Itus.-iau chemist by means ol tbe galvanic battery, Il.iriiu the process a large uanlily of hydrogen was disengaged from the ordinary Iron ud, Th-pure Iron is a silver-while imtal, very malleable and ductile, and so soft as to be readily cut with a pair of scissors. 1 1 Is very different from Irotiwhl.-h has hitherto been supposed to be pure, it oxidises very rapidly, and water Is doqomposed by it by the rapid absorption of oxygen. SPECIAL NOTICES. Dnteher'. Idghtntas; Ply Ktll.T Attract, riles to their Immadlate Destruction. Dnlch.r'. ((u)) Shot tor Bg.. A IViv.iP am 11 Powxuful Kilus-Two Important requisite, la order that yon may sleep in peace. Uuy DuTcnEtt'a ontois-ai. and Gemuk PnKp-abatioxs an.1 yon will exclaim with the poet-"lieath to the Llvinr.'' "LongUvcUia, rjiUerli .of iale Uy all Urugguta. aJ-suthasat Mother., ItaUt.nj, Koth.r.. IVin1, rn tn ... ... - ...... . thllil. aire. the nother. " lo"1B .tug win 011 lor "MR. WIal,WS iOOTHISG 3TRUP." for sale by all OrnzgHta. Jy6-moweMatra Bateh.lot' IlAlr Dr. - ' nn, wr ."wwun,, uu uiuppoinanent 5 .,, "I unpleasantotlor. Bemedle. tho ill.effrcu ol bad dyea and waahea. Produces IsmisDUTifLr a superb Black ob Natitbui. - " - . ' j ... iuu udus, sure D,"uyvit Ae genuine aumea V. A. i On th. the breakfast, luncheon, runner and supper table. Lea , 4 Perrins' Vfmxuekhii eanceiatudlauensatile, Jouk BusoAal boas. Now lorfc, Aianta loftho Cru atitM. LADLES :$2Bik-BS Jreaaiog. Mrs.K.W.ALLKii wlf;ln,'."or ir! wM vX? II a("? WUT. 10r tale, nice, M eestt. Send for dea-,PdJ "dreuUr to Mn. E. W. wholesale and retolL a2I-lm VM WRIGHT & CO.. VIWBCH. SOUSE it GEITEBAI, AMUSEMENTS. AT DETROIT, Friiay anfl SaMay, Sift 5 ami 8, A- BRANJEW SHOW. Tlxree Times Larger than Ever. The Great Amusement 3Iiraclc of the 10th Century. ' ' '. Hcna 'nri i I ..n. . iKr- war--rrara---siiii- -t - is. ieF "T.;-' v,i'!.:-:.'- Mi-LafiT;. -5JJE. -J.iS- 1l -tssk 'Tss--ar ill Mil' itWHii ii H l ii -.TrSB P. T. BA Its maroituili. nnmqnn.linli,.iuiinM lite it known on earth, nnrnnm'4 ntimlr noir WTMEEMD enHrtly swallow it up three times orer. ami tin times larjter than any other sliiv :o til" v.'-rli nilwTd lit'mt1 BxpoalUou will exhibit ou iot Corner trant Hirer DETROIT, FRIDAY and SATZTBDAr, SEPT. Sthawl , M7-". tilving Three Grand Full and M,;?lJ,'f "; Evelinas. Doors open at 10 n. 11,.. I an.l 7 ,.. ., (?M s,. 1,. 1 Icket admits to all. ChlMren un.l.r years or age. -25c. Kesttved A ii.ltiili'aiK seat? TV ropTl liS;-Yf!'Mfi"1Tl(,t-VXfc:K' a.oillar:oibei.nLiCiaItOMAN' AMt'IliTllK.VI'RK. Vri:; DHOMK VM nSci'S1' !" ttet " 3.O0t, conlip.ous I,, tie COUMSAL. IIIrf.. $nStii'&'me leen' oi entire a,!icuc,. '. -.,- -u l , Tlxx-oo EloX3ax-a.o Olx With a loint Boat nj?finiri. ........ Bummed lip In the followinKStartlu-aliut bona llile' aimoumwraeut 'rte' who'll, world N-'i'i- -'-n v" .occed to visit tl.S isaw CULtlSSAI. A?IV7SEMtvftT CA.ltMV,il , i Tu liu l.'r " m u illu:.iS' n"hmi!8b.1' "?'" i" V'13 icpartn.ents arc contained luo.uuo Llvl,V tsi.turtCHl and Repre.eiiuitive Carlosltlea, l'.?.?r m. OlrUfc B.ptilea ua Marluc Monsters. 5 XrriKU?Tffn A,,m,?, C--" ?"1 I'"- 3 OorK.ou. Stutuatrj- Chariots. i . S K1''1 t; rtriaired to transport It. 3 "gm 'Pe"'e K;d Ko. receipt, of half a ilojeti otlitr slioav. rormnnr. at the .am. tloia. ' I LIvlnc Glrapbs, positively the only Tho only Exlnbitinn In America Hecocnized wii.a'piitcANSta?!0?'',," pof- VAHBK'a sjao,oou TalkimV' mASuisk. S, i , C?-""I3'.''. Modoc. CaiaaancU. anil Ulever li..tii.i... , r,,,J Uwarr, 10 rear: old, aj inch. hch, av.lgh. 13 FrvcailmiisiontatueBSTIRK 30 GKE1T SHOWS guarantee I to I'll who Imr the in',-, : P- T-.,?ar?UIIl'.WII.t,,on hy himself. SIM pases, illiiatrated. B duced Irom SI So t j 51 So. " Worth a Sleo Greenback to a beginner." Horace Greclev. Excursion Trains on all the railroads at halt' price, on the day 01' the Creat t:i:v.Tiil i:iiosUm-"w The dailv expensed of this establishment hare become so creat that the t'cec LUt n-s U:t-. positively suspended except to members of the Press. oo,kWilE,0S;SitiatI'0e,ndVA"'-'?ooth DeniLMth: Coldwater. .Mich.. i:ih: Adrian. 2ath;-101cdo,lSitn; Jackson. 3wh; Grand Bapids, Sept. 1st; I.ansiui,', at. East Saain.w. ad : Kur.i. an :t'JI.'J.s.:u.t';...l.t.iSw;r STOVES. " SWEET HOME." FOR WOQD OR COAL. "We Invito at:cutiontuthl3 new ami bcantiiut stove, for whkh xa have aepureil the esclualvt ageAtuyor UetrvJt- A careful examination will, wo think, convince all of its superior merits. We confidently offer it to our ctiatomera aa tho Best Cooking Store MMe. EVEEY STOVF. WARRANTED. JAMES MARTIN, JnI3-ood:lm too VTooilwaril ave. TOVES ou Silk bt Jv!V Ul WnodwnrO Ae, SAFES. DETROIT SAFE CO. AtwaterBt., tet. Haatinga and Hivard. IHanufaoturare of FIRE AND BURGLAR PROOF SAFES, VAUIT DOOBS AND TAULTS, IHON DOORS, snOTTKIlS, J All. WORK, ETC. 8EOOND HAND SAFES COR SALE. J. J. BAGLEY. President D. O. PAIGE. Snnt. A. XV. BIOE. Secretary and Treaatue. FUEL. CARGO OP IlKECU ABJJ MAPLE WOOD ! BSfl AMUSEMENTS RNUM'S'' .n .n..,w.l. i ... , . Shnw Jn ,..-',. ,..-".i'. ,. .. L"" I'1. Complete Performances of the cnlire - osa "Porfoi nsasicos. t.. t : ..... 7 . . " a-ircus .s, all 11 Jull one. Iu th. country. and Endoncd by tho Keliai 1:12 Press, and IMUSEfiENT flQVRTiSIN3 RATES. The following sates willlw charpe-I iora'.Tcr-tiriements under the head or" Araik.ucuo,'' a this column: 1 square, 1 time.. ..SI oo:l Apiare, 7 timo?... ? t S-jnaro, 2 titue?... I ?5H .Sipure, h umei... . T--AS.(uare, 3Uoies .. 2, timiw... a .; lbiiHttre, 4timfi3... 3 i5 l S,ju:iro, I'Htmt---.. r, V' I Square, Stirac-i... 4 u:: S-uir.', 1! tmioe.. 1 I Square. G times... 4 7M Mq:re, 11 tir.vjA.. ; ; t Each atlihtional msi-i-.ioi. Q.RASD PICM1C- UIVES IIV St. Joseph's Charity Covenant, liF Sr.JOSEWr l iU'UCIl, Oh Sloiuht;, September 3, It,;:;. AT WEBER'S QA3XSII, Corner Itui.cll and Mullet; stiit:-.. ADMISSION, CESTS. Music oy theOpcralloiT.eiii. la'bini. Tie f,e-r ot relrt';hmentd will bo 6i..rv..ii. nui-.uiia" TrrEATOJa coaitius. O. M. WKioa -IToi tii NlCOLO Hottl'OM ...Stas.J alal;;.i. . Opoo every evemns n-.tu a JUmaota Van - Troujic. Monday. .Sept. 1. Four new Star Artisu. MB. LASOHOS Ituosns, TIieeelelirateitTrastili in, in his uo-:i:ae reciiaN MISS LULL' FltASCli, .ii.a.... LITTLE JOSIE. L'bas A'Mt- . CJililornia'a ravorite Serio-Comic VocrAU JAlIts IS. CAUTO.s', ... . i- Kthiopiau CcotsMan. frauime. th.i whole tj cm m.iti rnh the m-w ntnAtl..Tlll1 lii4i. t ir. tirlet I ,-it., II,.. i of the 1-oj.ili?. " Kir-t: PROFESSIONAL H. K. LITimO?, Jr., Office 153 irooit ira; i armie-, N'ext tloor above 5. Viiwan A. Bros. Resilience 18Q i.fuycltc ,. . AJmlnistp-aKItrous 'Jxi.lcGas. a 4 ICE CREAM. BAJNCIiOJFX TttEl'S TUT, Best of Ice Greaai Constantly on hand. Spccnl rutm mailo lo w. mutees lor cliurcb sociala, l'e&tiv:t., etc Faiml v orders filletl promptly at 3D. lOl Granil Hirer av. invJJi-uAthH.'Jin QHUDLKIUU'S PHIUDELPHIA STESIil. Ice Cream Estahlisliinent, WHOLESALE ASD RETAIL. c',i?f'.rf;;i?3-.E?511Ki'5a''- SocaU School JKired mmifltyoii the shoitest r.o:ico awl a; cheaiie.' rake. p," aiiaortnent of Cakes, liiscai;. Bmm , T,o aliove esuj'.ishment Isaal.ttelr lix'ii Hud m wltn a steam spnaratiM for !naliin li-,-(Jti". anil can n.l onl..ra erieaiicr io.l .iiK. ti:-tnan an v other esta jlislimcn: in I .-; r..:u W. H. UUVDLKIUU, Pr.ii.--. -1 Uraa.1 aiver ave.. corat;!: Xtiltl sc. iOl-BUAtiiliylU GAS FIXTURES. QOAT WAIT VST'l, tV.i.1,. When every one it in a tmrry, but hare vcux Plumbin-? and Gasiitlin: DONE IVOAV. S. W. LOVETT, 40 Mlcli'irln avenue, hai Ihe liest uatcriaU fir. -liloys sooU workman, ana rulSti riisoii.,!,;.. cliarce. A gop.1 asioitiienttf i; Vixturea i- -ic.-s uom. Kcaio new ana neat oatieriisot (',... , , . . S. W. UiVE'VT, ma-Eata(rl3m l Mirk'caii an: MILLINERY. yj couk.v, 145 and 147 Jeffirson Ats., Office, 14G WQOaWVi AVWW1 Kjwnritnent or all kinds of FEED looaiKuments solicitMl.

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