The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1946
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AI'HIL 3, 10<IG WATIIKVILLE (AUK.) COURIEK NKWS PAGInv« Keitel Testifies In Own Defense Puts Blame On Hitler For Orders Violating International Law • SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON "riend of Jesus FiTiuturc: Mark 10:13-14, 10; I.uke 0:13-10; 8:1-3; !5:l-i; John :\:\-Z By WAl.TKll CltONKI'lK United 1'it'ss SVjft Correspondent NUEUNHKUCi. April !i. 'DPI — Marshal Willielm Keitel told the War Crimes Court today that while lie was chief of the German High Command orders which violated international law often were submitted to him for .signature. Keitel testified In his own defense. A failed Wehrmacht uniform barren of medals, (lappet loosely around the thinning svlt- ness. Keitel pictured himself as a sor of military office boy for Adolf Hitler. He said the fuehrer "unambiguously" assumed all power of Is suiiiR army orders, and as chief o the high command he himself "nev e.r was in position lo Issue orders. The testimony developed into : hodye-podgc of ideological contra dictions in which Keitel professet responsibility for all the deeds done on orders bearing his iilguatnre yet claimed that he was little more than a rubber stamp for recording Hitler's whims. He said most of the orders lo the army were given orally liy Hitler at conferences of commanders, and his own part was to put them into writing and sifin confirmation copies. He went into an involved explanation of the exact extent of the duties, responsibilities and authority he had. He even said his generally accepted designation as "chief of the oberkommantl Wehrmaelit" was incorrect, and should have been chief of stair of the High Command of the army. Orders ^iven to him to be signed. Keitel said, "many times presented deviations from the existing international law. But many of them did not rest on military basis, but 4 the ideological point of view. I am P thinking of those issued before the campaign against Russia." Keitel sat boldly upright before Ihe microphone, his hands folded in his lap. Generally he spoke in a firm, clear voice- He tossed in the observation that of his three sons, the youngest died in Russia, the second was heard from last as a major in Russia, and the eldest was a prisoner. Although not a member of the Na/i party, he said, because of his rank he accompanied Hitler to many paity functions. StifTly he .said he did not take part in mtra-party conferences "because the Fuehrer told me lie did not wish my presence." He expressed gratitude for the IIY VVII.UAM K. GI1.KOV, I). 1). Who were the friends of Jesus? I-'Irsl of all. the children, whom le look up in His arms mid blessed. I'l'.c Disciples, with those false no- lons that many religious people lave had about the young, were Koint! to send away the women who brought their children, re- iniking them for troubling the Master, nut the Master was "much displeased." It was the nisctples who were rebuked; and the world was given that beautiful and revealing picture of Jesus surrounded by the children, with the reminder that childllkcness Is essential for those who would enter the kingdom of heaven. Then, the Disciples themselves already with Him and In Ills company—the men from fishing boats from customs houses, and from other lowlv places anil walks life, to whom Jesus said. "I hnvc not called you servants, for the servant, knoweth not what his lord doelh. but I have called friends." I The great, also—men In authority, like the .Roman centurion whose faith He commended; Niewleimts, the ruler of the Jews, who came to Him by night; Joseph of Ari- innthcn, who claimed His body and pave it burial; the wealthy who invited Him to their homes and made for Him a feast, like Simon, the Pharisee, whose hospitality He accepted, but who He lovingly rebuked. And He accepted the sinners, those publicly recognized as sinners, men and women of ill repute who earnestly longed to become • more worthy, and who were al- I ready worthier than the hypocrites Bunny Bonnet vh 0 despised and condemned them, low friendly Jesus was toward hem! His kinclne.'is brought u|>on Him the reproach of the Pharisaic, tills man receiveth sinners and •atcth with them." Hut how ItXtle the Master cared for reputation, or for worldly popularity, in surrounding tile lost and outcast with friendship and uracc! The mourners and the sorrowful, with who He wept, and upon whom He pronounced the blessing of comfort, were His friends, loo Nor should «e forget the women so many of them, lo whom He brought new hope and life, In tim c and place where women hat an inferior ixxsilion—Mary and Marlha In (he home at llelhany: the "woman who was a sinner" who washed His feel wilh her tears, and dried them with the hair of her head; Ihe "woman of Samaria" whom He met i\t Hie well, and who brought, the people from the nearby city lo meet Him. and to believe you ^ because of what they saw and heard. Tile Syrophoeniclan woman, be- Kcecliini; him u> heal her child, and more than matching Him in her reply to His nue.sllonhii!; the woman who touched the hem of His garment and found healing; [lie woman accused of having been taken in adultery whom He bade to po in peace and sin no more; the poor widow casting her mite iiJTo the temple treasury; the women, besides his mother, who followed Him all tile way to the Cross; and the women who met Him on Ihe Resurrection morning. These were the friends of Jesus, And what a Friend He was to them all! The spring silly season EC'S off to a good slart as Ann Miller, Columbia screen star, shows up with something really lively in Kaster bounds. She's pictured wearing a hinged-lop topper which holds a live Easier bunny. State Treasury Balance Tops $50,000,000 LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. April 3 (UP)—The cash balance in all stale treasury funds has held nbovc the S50.000.000 mark for three months i:i succession for the first lime in history. State Treasure!' J. Vance Clay- Lou announced today. The March figure was S50.fi03.GOl —nearly $4.000,000 less than OIL balance at the end of February Clayton explained the lower fifuirc as due to the payment in March ol interest and principal on state highway bonds. The treasury balance reached $50.000,000 for the first time in all Ar present opportunity "to give an ac- | Kansas' history one month lust year • • of but it fell the following month af ter a quarterly school distribntkn payment. At the end of March, the stsU had cash in the bdnk totaling $38, 420,224, and in trust and snfckccp ing accounts a total of $12,243,46' Receipts and transfers during th month were S8.432.1G3, and wai count to the German people events for which he accepted responsibility, contributing the philosophical observation that "whether it was guilt or fate we will not be able to differentiate at all times." He gave the German soldiers a clean bill anrt placed any blame on the 'shoulders uf their superiors, "I am convinced," he said, "that, the large mass of our brave soldiers! was decent ami where boundaries I Clayton announced were overstepped our soldiers acted monthly distribution of in good faith, belief of military iie- ccssity. and guided by orders they W received." . rants redeemed amounted lo $12 also th Inriu'st slice of disbursements isl month—$i,!i28.(Ki7. The hiRh- •ny fluid was second wilh SI.153.780. designs From faculty Mrs. Lloyd Stickmou lias reigned from Blytlicvillc Higli School faculty, where she \vns u iilrt-tiuie English Instructor. The vacancy lins been filled by Mrs, Wilson Henvy, former band md Glee Club instructor. Counties To Get $415,321 Share Of Gasoline Tax Workshop A'i(ta Ililiiiticuplicd LOUISVILLE, Kv. (UP) -Good- vjll Industries, a training work- top for handicapped persons, paid learly 5900,000 ill wanes to handicapped i>crsons of Hie Louisville irea during 20 years of operation, according to executive secretary Roger Freucli. French says within the last two 'ttrs, the concern lias a.ssi.stcd 42 veterans, \\ of whom now arc earning trades, and that IQti persons are being rehabilitated through medical akl., . U'l-ruc ROCK, Ark, April 3 IUIM—Tlic 1f>•(•utilities in Arkansas will rci'civi- $4ir>.321 as their share of the gasoline lax :nul oil Inspection fees collected by the slate In the Hist <niaiier of 1910. The total Included $<101,-191 from the Biisoline tax and $17.830 from Inspection fees, accoi'dlilB lo Slate Treasurer J. Vance Clayton. The KiiKolinc lax is apportioned lo counties on the basis oi (lie number of vehicles, the population and area Each comity receives \'XS\ Iroiu the inspection fees. Amounts lor counties announced today by Clayton include: Clark $5.f>13, Columbia $0,362. Hompstcad $G.lf>8, Garland $0,0-12, Mississippi $13.liHO. Ouachita S8.2G2, Phillips SI.'MB. Polk $4.6H. Pnlaskl 528,709, Sebastian $13,11-18 and Union $1M59. )ecomrats Argue Party's Policies Those Who Voted For Case Anti-Strike Bill Demanding Apotogy By JAMKS T. DONOVAN United I'ITSS Sl-.itf (Mmsimmlrnt WASHINGTON. April 3. lUl Au ornnul/i'd RI-OIIH of niipy. i Dnnoenits. mostly Soulli moved towiml » homl-on I' wllh (Heir inoiv lll>n:t| cdllcii lortny over control of the imrly'i policies. hi' spiirk which nmused llii-ii wiis u liny item In |li.< vent Issue of ilu> Dconmnlle Dl- |:csl, the oirklnl iniblk-nllan o: the' Nutlmuil Cui«Ulvf.s Women'! Division. 11 mild: Let your rcprtvsi>nli\U\T.s kno\ Ihnt Hie PIISMIKC of the reMrlctivi Cuse 1)111 WHS » vole ngiilnst tin Ameflcuu pro[>le." At an npi'oiulous mucus yestc 1 ! 1 <l«y. more tlinii SO House urmo cnils who voted for Ihe Cus Antl-sirlkc Hill appointed u \'2- imin connnlllee to nlilnhi a public iilioloity from Demon iiltc Chnlr- miin Hobei't K. lliuuieuun, Some mi'mbrr.s snid, however, thtit Ihe commitlcr would discuss other IK- i Mies ns well. "Our first concern, of ts .his statement," said one. "llul AT II|M) intend (o find tint how iVC Miiiitl. Time liuvc IHTU rumors lint there is uoiny to he LI pmue \vitliln Ilio parly against congressmen who don't uhvuys vltp the way some ek-menls In the i)arly want. "We w;nU Hannei;an to assure us these minors have no foundation Ui fact." He conceded that Secretary of Commerce Henry A. Wallace most liberal member o[ the Trn- man cabinet, was mentioned fi'e quently at the caucus, \vnlli\ce re- ecntly Mii^eMcil that, congressional Democrats wlio boll llu; administration on loo many major Issues be rend out of the innty. This committee member j;iil( tile Ki'onp "wl.she.-i to know precisely If we are to continue t< work wlthlu the framework of thi Democratic Party or If an ex- Hc|)Ubllean like Wallace Is. |;olu to lell ns how to vote." The committee was named th Committee on Harmony and Co )|)eiutlon" by caucus chairman Ktl lossett. Texas. Hep. Cirnlinni Uiir- len, NovLU CftVolinu, u lender of he movement, pooli-poohed Idens hat the nroii|> Intended to have i "showdown" with HannefMin ibout tile wldenlnn rift between Northern and Southern IX'mocrats. '•'Ihere ts no flclit in the ix-mn- uUtc 1'arly." Dindeti sukt. ' : "That (Cast 1 111111 statement, was perfeel- ,y stupid. We're uolin; to lay the natter before Mr. llaimci;i\n (mil he'll know what to do." Specifically, Ihe committee will demand tlml Iliume^an print retraction In Ihe Oiliest inul tlml he send a letter <if apology {<: every House Deiuiicrut who voted for the Case Hill 11 will also demand that tin. 1 author of the statement be permanently removed from (he party payroll. Mrs. India Kdwanls. eseeulivo .secretary of the Women's Division of Ihe National Committee, said the statement was written bv Mrs. .lane Heidi, who resinned lust week. Mis. ICdwards said (he Item reflected "only Ihe )>crsonal opinion of Ihe yomiK woman \v)io wrote it, — not the National Committee." Members of the 13-mini committee are Harden, ciossell. Bliiupliler Iitnd Keps. ICihvard 1.'. Heberl. Louisiana: HllKh IVtrram. Clcoi'ula; Thomas Cl. Abernethey, Mississippi; (ieorue W. Andrews, Alabama; Frll/. (i. l.anhimi. Ti-xas; i.vlc If lloren, Ohlnhoma; Harold 11 Kailhman. Tennessee; Alfred J Klliult. California, anil Charles K McKen/.le, Und.sliuia. OKLAHOMA CITY. (UP)—Home iwners on farms and In communl- ies of less than H.500 population n Okltxliomn will spend im fsli- mateci »31,220,000 by the end at 1950 to' Improve present . elWtri*; services and home pluuiblnc according to a survey. reported FOR SALE 2000 BUSHELS RALSOY SOY BEANS Planted fr»m State CcriiBed 50 Tons Alfalfa Hay D.& P. L.I 4 Cotton Seed EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas PfiOM 635 For River-WaUied SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam Larkin Service Station 219 East Main St. K. M. I,;ukln Htltn H*k*M Head Courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News Want, Ads. IRRITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE JM-ZOMIU, time jiiniplo.s, Bimplo ringworm, lei tor, salt rheum, hnmpa (blrirklu'ruls), inn! \\K\y broken-out skin. Millions rc- liflvo iU-hiiii*. litiviiiiiK mid HuretK'SH of llic:-»']nisniii'3wit>illLissiiii|jlohi)nietieal- iiicnt. HLiu-k ami While UintincMit KWX to work at onco. Atils hulling, works tho antiseptic \vriy. 25 year;* aueceHS. lt)o, 2;K\ f>0n fiizea. Purchiise prk-o rdfimiierj if. you're not Hutisfit'd. Uso only ns directed. Vittil in clemiNmi* is £<)<'*' Bfi.ip. Enjoy Black anil Wliilo Hkin ^o:ip dtiily. if RHEUMATIC PAIN HAS YOU DOSINQ AND KOPIHQ Then prtnn'. to ytmrsrlf tvhnt r//«c life remits yint can fjct now tfith this mtulicina Open your own way trmard deliverance others hn\-c enjoyed. Make u|> your mind you're Ron'K *° l]sc something lliat to \vork on rlicuniniic pain. You want help you can feel. So gel C-22!], if yoi suffer from rheumatic pain nr muscular aches, Don't be nnt off \vit1i ifs ot buis. Caution: Use only aa <!ireckil Fhst bottle purchase price refunded i not saliified. fioc and $1.00, £*M C- A NAME YOU CAN ALWAYS TRUST $f_ ,)oscp!i. It- Hicans guaranteed quality and purity in nspirin. l\ 7 ono holler nt liny price. Why pay more? Demand genuine, pur-, fast-noting bt. Joseph Aspirin. 12 tablets lOc. Tho 100 tablet bottle costs only 35c. general and special revenues to s departments nnd agencies. The public school fund received Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Main Phone 3616 Sales - Phillips Robinson Service - FclU Carne) SUPREME COLD WAVE with Kurlium CURLS WWAVES IN 2 to 3 HOURS AT HOME Don't Say Bread Say HART'S Bread It's hcallcss — machinc!c,S5—takci only 2 to 3 hotirs, yet your lovely, easy to manage Cold Wave Permanent will last months and months. Guaranteed to satisfy as well us any S 1 5.00 professional COLD \VAV1- or money back on request. Ideal, loo, for children's soft, fine hair. _ ^M^ .^M. end tissue*, cotton np- plicacor.ncutraliicr PUS 14< IW nnd complete instruction). Get adiarm-KutIWr":"'l<U'o<l»r' Kirby Bros. Drug Store Main and Broadway Phone 470 River Washed Sand -- Gravel illS() (ilKMl Sandy Dirt for Fills IMione /Oil C. R. HESTER North Highway (il Worth Waiting For... The NEW "BUICK" RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make or moHcl Reliable Workmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver r-'rcd Collihan Elcclrical Appliance Co. Authorised Motnrnla Radio Sales and Service 106 So. First St. It's "Big" It's "Beautiful It's "BUICK" Let Our Service Department Make Your Old Car Safe to Drive! • We Have a new machine to Recondition Brake Drums • A Complete Line of Parts to Overhaul Front;End • A Full Service to SUMMERIZE Your Car. Langslon-Wrolen Co. Buick Authorized Sales and Service MOBILGAS U. S. TIRES SSI! 2-1 llmir Service Walnut & Broadway WASTI TURPS Well. Well! BY LESLIE TURNER GOOD DAYS Al?£ Did you ever know a year when there were enough good days for haying? That's why it's a good idea to have your hay machines in smooth running condition before it'i time to cut. Then, when you c,-<n get out in the field, there will be no breakdowns to delay you., ': So order your parts early ... while you're thinking of it. We'll see that you get original !H parts, in ] 'plenty of lime for haying. : DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Blyrheville, Ark. McCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES, PARTS AND SERVICE WHAT ABE VOU ^ IT IS to* W1NFU. DUTY fO WR3BM Wtt » TALKING ABOOT '. ) THAT THE CHtD YAU TOOK 10 WHAT MISfAKE '. WHAT DO T BELIEVE MS, WZ.SASS0,1 PO NOf BRINS VOJ WISH TO I TH€S£ TIDINSS WITH PLEASURE...BUT rE'.U ME W2- / WHEN I SAW PICTURES OF MR.VALK IN THE LOC*L PRESS T0DAV. I- BY FRED HARMAR ,f\i35 RCbVrVSJ WE s,»>v) vcu WERE i T<tO'J B'.E.. RE-D- W KCIOE fiOl TO WM1 roRYO'J TO VETCH OUR HO55E6' CAUGHT ACOimE 0 5LK3HTL1

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