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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 1

Detroit, Michigan
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Tuesday, December 15, 1868
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-It 3 PaaBcrciaa ov Tax Lrsxs HearaaarL 1 cay. pUBt IS H E D BY . i getroit Free Press Company. as5 x ; davs, rta : a aUja, gi is;i azaztusa a qmt. aoe;- zixsva-aawi. a oafavaa aw, a iai,a $10 Weekly ' 3 rjvmi'- 8I chit of clevtn. 30 9iiOaLaxx. Sizti Pan rMn. iaa f- fine J each Exbaaajaest day, Sc. 190; 3 nontha,tS)8Q; Iimmtc ; nch,tBI i i.-K,ffice oiden or Antra when Drnctieable. lTROrr, MIGHTCN,! gDt - DECIEMBl 15, 1S6& ""r.uli'ly name td noetafflee, bIm Lho edition- VOLUME XXXIV. KtJMBERi 78. Vo-Day' Advertisements ,-ccccent 0r Mortgage 8sl& . ' I iW jTotiee Estate of O B. LeTmcncr. ceiaie ox w. siskelr. Bstalo of I T. Humphrey. Floral Gntde. .-,ti Linltnsxit. XftOUCT. -U-axe sale. .laloncra' laVJce Kttale ol W. MnTHv. I Hilda, etc. June Nail, Jr, fc Co. I.: -dim Sale Estate of J. Upr-IT." el al. I.-;!-Hotel A. McLean. ,nj Sde. Itsci: Kolice Oriental Lodge. " Detroit Lodge. Shear BJttroon. SUITS' ...flarnet fin. Um-E. B Smllh at Co t-Wiggina V McMlIlac ne Bronchial Troches. lc Hen' Hall Lecture try FroL Siua. Ij-iittioa ttcrcbant McDonald, Haywood & Co Ur sr Benj'a H. If. dub Skates at Barnum's. C, your Uedteioea at Johoalon'a. Ictrl-Jas. Rail, Jr., acCo. It BudTllS D. i. l0S C UO. a Fc-.isand Plcketa-D. A. Bosa Oo. I.f Werranta, Bonds, Ooln, Gold, Sliver, Ootles scrip, Kevsnue Stamp, c D. Prastor. at Go TO PAY'8 ADVERTI8EWEWTS- pglSHAEOK AND NEW GERMANY." mop. k p. EVAirs, OI Michigan UnlvcTstty, Will lecture on thla enbect AT TO DNS MEN'S HALL, ; W5DXE8DAY SVE.. DKO.loTH HTBT. Ticknta, i0 eenla. de13-3tns nuKD WAKTEDFlrat-elaaa board for air 9 t entlesH-n, with the comfoita of home, at 70 K-idv tirtct, corner of Congress, two mtnnteA'walk 1-3 lite i-oatc-mcc. acio til- ItuTICE. All peraoos are forbid paying anything t to l-n- vYinuejo, oi iai city, on oaroccanni, -er : ny circumataoefca, Vay no person u'etaa lUcMlI-LAN, I'erittmcrs. decH-'Jt act ! WaW Blvard atrect. D. A. liOSS at OO. rovs-ana hian-Attention is invited to J. STALL, JR., aepSAmna I ('cL Agametpln.limondBhBpedcen'er. The liaeruioerewaraearjyieatmglluuriB omca. liVi ( 1 EBD AMD WniTE O ED All POBTB F.".', V X lor ale. D. A. KOB8 CO. mys-trna ,Vr ilftft FKKT U)NO JOIHTBIorul.. Foot v.'a v w oi BiTara at. l. A. bubb & uo. mya-tfna Lul AAC JTT. 12-IHCH BOAHDB, enperior VJww qoaoity, sor.aaia. xr. A. xmjoo cc uu T. BAUNDM.TCS Woodward avenue, Apnt : iur liarpey oc cerrj-s a. I. ;iau xunrDKaiee. ocio-trna Hi fit FKKT KOIIWAT TLOORlNa for UUajVt I Bale. Jes OO. Foot of Elvard atxeet. D. A. mys-tlna TO REM1 - f DBNIBHKD BOOMS TO BUNT To Kentic- rcen oniy, ai xw uranot Btreeu I" foil SALE OE TO EKHT Premiaea No. 40 Beech ctreeu A o R f mall notrae, lot and f ar- i Jenvreoa avanne, FotecaMon Biran lm S diaily. Inqnlreof HBNB.Y B. BBO WET, over mnd fiauocal MXUC no22-3awtr Svitt bEtt T A dealrable honaa. within 5 mln otcB wait of Cltv Hall BeotSSOO. PraHeaaloli l:rc immediately. Inqaire of W. J. OHlTrEN- Bi, kquui tionae. eel i-iw- LOCAL MATTERS. Meteoboloqicai. Obskryatioiib, by Lonla Black & Co , optidaca, No. 134 Jefferson tb- nns: tlomr. TW 1 1 Time. Barometer. Thermometer. Wind. Waathar as. 25 S.W. BOOV. Baa. tU8 1 B. W. rhurer. 4p.m. StM ' - IS' N.W. Otradj. i MARINE WTELiaGfiRCF. Lot) of Life on the Lakes Borlag tbe . tBfI86oV Bsiad fob the PooE. Mr. Joseph . Hatch yesterday Bent to the Director of the Poor a load ol bread, to be distributed qratoltoasly, among those who are in seed of aid. MoDxaATmo. The weather has softened down Its tone within the past twenty-four bonis, contrasting pleasantly with the ex crstlve frigidity of the preceding week. Fras rn Wisdso B- A wooden bniidlng-on Sandwich street, owned by Thomas Johnson, and occupied by. a grocer named Moore, wai destroyed by fire yesterday sunning, 'fas loss Is estimated at (2,000. March irtthCapt Wn Gave rly, an cid lake narlirator. died at Detroit. . ' Oapt if P rhx rrraeallOT,veral -yeara o& tha lake, died at tinaTlll. . : ; , , April 9th Srrenty-two Uvea loat by I tracer Bea b rd horning on Lake Michigan. Bive lives loat irom asbing smacka, off Ooderlch, Capt a r Tm.Kmr. of athcxraer: vimaleBi dfed 1 achocuier Ola Vernon, which Took thb anre. Tho lesses of the City Biilway took tbe hint given by the Common Council at its: last session: and yesterday morn ing commenced running cars the entire length of the Woodward avenue line. DraCHABQBD. Henry Mamtord, who was arrested last week for the alleged larceny ' of seven pairs ol hose from a market woman named Rasa Bppstein, was tried before Justice SloU yesterday and fully exonerated. Close of the Orphans' Fate. The fair for the benefit of St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum, which has been In operation for two weeks at Merrill Hall, closed ; laat night The gross re ceipts are approximately estimated at f 3,500, Nhtv Cur Hall Woas. The stone cnttere In Messrs. Osborn ct Co'c. employ, on the new City Hall, hove been driven within doors by the inclemency 61 the season, and those who yet remain on the work, ply their trade within the sheds skirting the Campus and Michigan avenue. Chbistmas. Onr Christmas advertisers are avalllog themselves of the. widely -circulated and well read .columns oi Tbe .Fbsb Pbess as a means for placing before (he purchasing public their varied assortments oi holiday goods. For some of these see this morning's edition. near Oawwo. New York. 14th Two tailors drowned near Chicago, from acbooner hferldian'a boat. Capt ALMagaaof bfl.Cctn,fall tlinnigh uie . Aipe&a, aoa arownea. uowiea Dmwnmit, aauor, arownea zrom acaoooer aib ia wis &rie, oy mainooom. SchOOOerK M Peek, f onndcml on .LakA aficht. gas ar d all banda loat. uapcdonn Terry, well known for many yeara on the Buffalo & Green Bay rouw.dled at the latter port. ' . .. Patrick eoo(Wch, rarnan, died .at 'BtattBtroK MlfnlgTI, xtm oaepn unom sou xrom narx ruiawono'a fereVard and killed, at Detroit. JOMDh Laarh'lD.Bcanian.c!rowiiedfrornbrk Orirv onta in Lake at Clair. .. Arena Moo. drowned from echooncr Progreas, at HoUand, Michigan. John Hibbard, fireman;. xfned..-acci3oDtaliy. on., board tngCl fford,at Baffa'o. - may tat Twelve uvea loat try explosion 01 uo? Cnahman, atBaflklo. ' bth Qabt BllliaiaridTafiraman.'dnrBrDBilhv tnff c&piizea ai oorei. . f uurureB toDt ny acnooner rre. isemocrai cap. n'.lllK UU UUD SLICUlg&n. John Uonr&n. wtllnr. ArttmtA' , nM.u hi!n 1 Ml'hiaan. auiuK wwa ma veraei. Daniel Bt-vsn. dmvrtM fmm mill at Unrnlt lion. Ohio. loth Joaeph Munch, deck haad, drowned from tug J P Clark, near Point an Peieo. Oapt A Anderson, of acbooner. Yankee, Blade, died while rernmlng from Lake Superior. ' . on nnanown iaa crownaurrom acaoopeT iiunger-fbrd off Port Barw'U. lsut Joaeph c - Quciblfl... Jookont, drowned from achooDer Hnnsefbrd off Port Harwell. 2lBt Ghanea MlJar. .Bailor, drowned from tnff Satellite at Port Edward. 2Zd Henry Masteraon, atevedore drowned from propeiter unionagon at vmcago.. Unknown Bailor drowned from BnluVinfir Thna R ilott In Lake JSrie. John elmitb, mate of achooner Rockoway fell over board whllaintoxifiatadsDd dmwnMlbcaWnnu,. - ranE xtlcnoo, cruBnea to death In Dark Uliyol Jon 2d Peter Flavin, deok'hano. drowned from luopeuer noga in urmaio naroor. Thomas BeamoDd, Btoword, drowned from cteam cr jaeaionan at aaontrtat. uemard WHeUl, aailor.of bark Clayton, died end. dohly at Kingston from aanrco. Philip Warden, drowned from bark C J Wolla off .nana .rum, x,ake rlc. no BSKT- A brick barn, within four mlnutei' ilk or CamprtA at artina. with three etaile. car- c room and hay loft. Inqnlre, betwrcn 2 and 4 ,oi n. uuicnuLu, no.x uunea atreet con. nol4-tt I KKST OB LBiHB Tba atorc room and : tpo npper floora, No. 3 Woodward avenue. ! rant tnree yeara xrom may nos. a. moat location lor .wholc&aio grocery cr other lcta. roflicealoa given Immediately. : Inqn're Me orcmUee of tho anbacriuer. HENET RlSTZ. jl-SS-tf WAC9TED. JAVTSV Men and women, to fill good pltua. lire;. J C. MoLEUD. 61 Qrlawold etrtel. del3-St RVT ANTED Two good Saleamen, accustomed to i i travel and eeli gonae by. aampie, for which I o-l vai:e eai be nfenred. A pply, by atamp or in y--Tu.ii. ij L'Alty t uo., 32 v eat Lsrned aueet. dciaiw t UEHTS WASTED- :6 to 1200 pr mouth-, or , a coaimiBBion irom which twice tlat am"nut I: bti mode, by Belling Ihe latert Improved COK- a'.i J'. i: r AMii. l eaiviou aajautuxtik. IflS. For Circn'ara and To ma addrcaa U. 15UWJCUU er uo.. i-J 3m 230 Booth Third itreet, Philadelphia, Pa. PIANOS. II. WH1TTEMOKB ft. CO PARBPA naca tire WEBttrt PIAM.O dcIS-at rKBEB, PIANO i. ned by GEO. W. COLBY. J. wuillUKuaQ ac cciatti COS BALE. turn E)UU milfBonton Ponti c Plank Boad. Inqnlre i K. O. BAKEEK or CHAS. tiMOLK, 67 and 9 aumer atreet- Ccl310t L-olt BALE-TlieOlcncoe Hotel, 71 Woodbridge rireii wesi, u iron, ido inrnitnre ana nzvrrtee. :ia;e of the above hotel will he eold cheap for caah. flv'y io toe proprietor, w 11.1.111 aaoL,a.uuii' u. acio iw tALOON AND FIXTURES FOR BALK-Ao. FiT to J. B11ADT, No 8 il!c!ilgauavenae,near fui-'awsru avenue. oci-ofc Last Dat or Grace. Ai the County Treao. urtr's office yesterday there was a multitude ol anxious taxpayers waliisg their turn to llqnl date the little or large Indebtedness to the Stale and county by paying their taxes before tbe morrow should add four per cent, to their respective assessments. 8uaBB3rDExtSD. Charles Chapman, who was arrested on the 28th o! November on a charge of having robbed a man named Nesbit oi 131 at a saloon en Beaubien street, and who was subsequently released on bail, wan cur- rendered yesterday by his sureties. His trial will occur during the current term of the Re corder's Court. - Albxahdrihe. The"0. B." store, 51 Oris- wold street. Is assuming Alexandrine propor tions, having nearly half a mile of shelving filled with the collections made la the past two or three years, Irom old libraries, garrets and barreli, as well as the pnrchase of Individual volumes of all styles, sizes, colors and variety of contents. Absoal Festival or the Calbsoeiab Club. The ; committee appointed at the last regular meeting of the Caledonian Club of this city to make arrangements for the second an nual festival of the dab, held a meeting yester day evening, at which It was resolved to give a ball and supper at the Busssll Houce on Janu ary 12th, 1869 old New Year's Diy.aa observed In Scotland. Hotel Thief Abbested. James Brown, negro waller at the Blddle House, was arrested yesterday lor stealing three pairs of boots and one overcoat from guests at the" hotel, and on being arraigned he admitted having stolen one pair of boots, hut protested his innocence ol the remaining counts in the indictment. Ha was committed lor examination on Saturday next. The Catahaoh Assault "with Ihtebt to Kill. Tbe case oi the people against John Cavanagh, who Is accrued of having.commlucd a mnrderous assault' upon Frederick Wood, clerk of the City Hotel, en the morning November 4tb, was called up in the Police Court yesterday afternoon lor examination, when it was announced that the defendant wob unable to be present by reason of illness. Too case was therefore adjourned to next Saturday, with the some bail in force. CW SALE Two cood Newfoundland dogs for me. liiqmro m auchigan uraaa avenee. dcllit ; 0OK OUT FOB" SLEIGHING If you want a ' larjcy (Jailer, go to PATTO&'d Carriage Fae. "J. dc!2 3t SIKHS, BIBD3-A One rueortmfnl oi imported j cineinu- lliros just received. For rale by If. iCFrilAN, 11 Hichhtan Grand avenue. dciOSw L'CU SALE-One of the bert Alo Brewcrlea in f Weal, with mineral Oworeo. In- r-ricntheprernSecB. JODN GUTlt, Owoeao. aea-zw- Nut UALK A good doable Warn of Carriage urw,. firp and all vcara oil. Icooire ol SADY t CO , foot of Wo award a-vanne. cta zw JILUAKD TABLE FOB BALK OHE4P-U UDe of U. Behnlcnbnrv A Co. 'a flnl-claaB BBCODC Mr I mt pocket rosewood billiard tallies, a' moat a- -.j'-r pa-e encap. ILquireoi raoauaiaaaa ItOKKUM, WholMiIe Uqnor Store, 2J0 JelTereon f':'--', FiiemeD'B HelL Dcirolt- dc9-lw RH80ELLAr1ECUt. JAVK TOU TRIED THIS -BED HOT" L v-ire vet i favftrv one who baa nrononncca -- ahtaJ of all ollier.i. Call and ace tha 1100 r n-ef tllria to he distrthntd to our curtomera on rrimMvo VKwrmrtiTH' a- inttvMAar nn. IwEjircll House do aulnAthutf To LOAN- $2,oC0 on 'first mortgage, clly prop-9 rrtv tlnK'7n v,tv r. ..... .1 iw.i acis-iw iRUARDlNG-Agenlemanand hlawlfe can be 7? accomodated n targe nnf Mmiahed room end ur,:nn P'lvaio famili-. In a desirable location. -i.-taiG.L,D, troll P.O. delS-Sl IfiESAT WEsrEBN HOTEL, WIND90R-irvTHU3. CIIATKtt begs to inform bis frienda r-mtpod to have a honee-warmlnr on Thors- 87 ' ,bt-1' in- Grand Ball and Supper. First-yuiirilln Hand, tinsle tlckcla, i, double. ' rn' rcrry Dock, or J. Lauder, Boo'ch IjEmVKD-UOHK MUTUAL LIFE INB. J,1" , irom 9J Grlswold Btrect to 120 JerTerai-n PenioBular Bank Building. noie-4w Internattorial YactttlDC;, -: correspondence or the part of vcht -Hi of New York city with Mr. James Ash-jj I, owner of theyachtCamorIa,iD relation to r "'fiailoDal reeattn, Is published in the 1 u urK papers. The proposition of Jar. "orf is that the race shall be for tha pos-f Krihip , CTp ,n iS51i by ,he laa yacht America, In English waters. Iicrmn...i I ..- n 1. .1 1 . ... r. . u-.i mis tnumpa nas encouragea tne er'.O .hAllAnM (nf ft,A n.-u.l, Ann .C:m in possesf ion of Americana since tbe America won it. Tbe cup is cow held by IS York Ttcht Club, and Is open to be wT. r hy elabe of all nations. It seems . e. Irom the correarjondencfi. that tbe in- ;iial race will be arranged, acd the 8ap- 1 - .-.J nail UB U4IULU, ObU .W -.-. nti the Dauntless (James Gordon Ben-n,'frs- yacht) roay nlsn try conclusions c Cambria. Young Bennett is anxious by aijln race of not less than three thou- i W . ... - Ijjj--" muuE or owiKDLrso. A man Cr1 WadBworth opened an Intelligence of. ... a. Bofhlr,. Annlleanta for work wr r. D TPJ to T)nv ihrM Hr,Tlr rnln vlth wl.l. tint icbuiuou bv a ptvru villi c 11 wont Szy "uno i or iDem. wore Tras mTa-a-rrs lonntl hn .nniiMn.. ..,nt 'tlag it, to deposit from 150 10 100 laorb K 00 tatinancgcoa oeuavior. vtetw ""i-i'tea in copying leners re- ".td, r "u"z aocroi, iiuw iu tuBJto m 'ih bllller from a quart Of milk..- Wads-.Hyesled, but could sot be held as. IVact, ! ,-, opparcntly, fullUlnghls con-pfi?:ly' t0HCT!r b? decamped.' -rut-vjltitO if UAlIaUUWU. Almost a Cobflagbatioh. About three o'clock Sunday morning a fire was discovered in the restaurant of A. Rlccl & Co., No. 64 Randolph street. Patrolman Cook f the outer door, and succeeded in extinguishing the flimos without the aid of tho Fire Depart. ment. The fire cangbt on the counter, from gas jet that had been left burning under water beater, which bad boiled dry, melting the bottom out and burning eff a rubber hose connecting with the main pipe. The loss will cot exceed $75. Alleged Labobst. On tho 24th ot March last, a considerable amount of personal j.rop- crty was stolen from tbe bouse of John Warn- ake, at the corner of Third and Lamed streets. An old mendicant, earned John Frank, was suspected and a warant Issued for his ap prehension. Diligent search was made for blra by the officer in whose hands the warrant had been placed, but without success. Yester day Patrolman Shehan saw Frank at the Michigan Central depot and arrested: Dim. He was jailed for examination. Aeothbb Bbsas Thief Catjobt. George Palmer, one of the men who pawned tho over- coat recently stolen from tbe residence of Hon. W. P. Weils, was arrested yesterday by Officer Sullivan, and impleaded with John Armstrong in a complaint for burglary and larceny. Both Palmer and Armstrong acknowledge having hid tbe stolen property in their possession, and each accuses the other of having commit ted the theft; Palmer la a deserter from the British Navy, and has frequently received aid Irom the Ydune Men's Christian Association ol this- dtv. lArrnstrong has been for several weeks a regular lodger at tbe Station House. The C'tt Hotel Bbbbst. The perrons from whom James KldSHJoseph Martin and JohuDrUcolIrecehUy stOTe-arlot of clothing during the progresVofjtdatice at the City Hotel, appeared in the Police Court yesterday, and withdrew the complaints against the ac cused.' on the ground that the felony was com mitted in a spirit oi fan, and was intended merely as a practical joke. Tbe cases were ac cordingly dismissed. Mr. John G. Brawn, proprietor of the hotel frtwx which the prop erty was taken, strongly protested againot tne discharge of the de'endante, and by direction of the Prosecuting Attorney, a new complaint was made, and another warrant issued for their rearrest. ' Tax Abut Rsosios at .Chicago. The following is the Detroit delegation to the reunion of the Western armies, which takes place at Chicago to-dsy and tomorrow : Gen. G. 8. Wormer. Chairman ; CapLftH. Rlggs, Llents. J. B. Griffith, W. Lowrio, and wTcL Clark, Capts Milton Thomson, G. M. Paine, Frea. 8. Bteela. and C O Lamb, Mj. N. L Boyntdn. Ueut George Williams, Capt. Charles E. Greble, Lieut- Arthur Eastman, Capt. H L. Sellick, Maj. J. V. Arndt, Brig.-Gen. F. W. Bwift, CbL William TiUman. Capt. G. A. Sheley: Col. William Way, Col. William Phelps, CoL .George 8. Acker, Col. Walter Crane, Brig.-Gen. Luther Crane, Llent.-CoL W. h. Buck, Capt. James A. Strong, Irvra Ellis, James M'.Wells. and B. Briscoe, Col. Horace Gray, Surgeon H. H. Smith, Chaplain Scsge, Surgeon C. G. Robinson, Capt. T. J. Noble, Ami. H. M. Dnfflold, Maj. B. PitUnan, Lieut, J. Vernor, Mtj. G. H. Permlman. S7th-3amea Ccdttai, alitor from Detnat, dmarnad. iToaaBisiooaeTtf niinrawniifraaeiaiiTigmwaqiogaa Baegor, kHnawBivar. n '. . Capt. CUmenla, fatally lxjured oa hoard the tus Tcarriado,aaBay OBy. -; ir , : Nov.2lBOuD,aaor1d20wi3edliombiltkJL Klat,ocarBaffJo.. . . ..- .' Woman cook droaraed Irom acbooner Jamas ITa-' vagb, wtacti waa wracked , at Two Bivars Point, Laka Mlchlxai. ....'.., . . : "7 J as Bleaaliigtcm.'aailor, drowned off lort Bcrweil, from brig J. F Gale, while reeflag the raaraaalL Dajton Weaver, crowned from a tjoai near Klng-aton, 1 ake Ontario . -. i. ..u-. 4tri Patrick PoirjeiLdmwnM from us. Hone, ax. Thotoli. so;??;:-.--. ;- -. r King D Anus, colored coot clowned mm ;Oaxraraswr- waiL - - '- -r:rV-i'i i,J, Bailor, nam not given, drowned ,fraaa - acaooo&r Jauette. in Point an Fetoa naaaaffa bv falilrur off jtbboom. . . ' ' v: v m xxjLmoT.areman, laiaiiy Bcaioea on ooara wg Protectltto, at Batlalo. . , . jsth Aoolorad man corjkrdxswsed 'iMm atosmar Jenniabo, in Grand River.::. ' Parry Keyajiireniah, drowned from, bargo llazi-ser.BirerThaaeXOariada. ... . . 18th A -hand turned Bailor , dTCwnecX tzom' propellfir Grace Dormer, at Basalo. , 23d JJamleaondraarnod&rmialeamer Waub io,tn Gaorglaa'&ay, hia own deilocrate. act wttils craaxawunuqoor.. ..- . -j.-womeaajownea.ircma Doafionxuver xmamtw, Canada ; names not given.' , Srah-J.lageraoliandtwo' others, drowned from a amen vessel (name not given), near Fort Ontario. LskoJJnfiNrpBv'"."': Oa9t Q B VTsy, Jaorea Satea and xonr'othara, crew efacheaner BDorarL drowned, m Lake' Ontario bv that rcaaei rbiittderlnK lu a gale. arniun hovib. aauor. xeii -xrom ana nruaa-uaes - on board ichooaer Baltio, aad kl'led laitant.'y, while aaallUng in lcylcg Teasel nTi. iwoucrt uarper, a aauor, arownea xrom ;cicx W. tL Dcwltt, at, the monji of Muaaeson, Lola iiiea ofce&tnt Btrrp thorough master of the language, and one of the best German afSolara in Amtrlca, but miBgliug among the-people and raakiBg him- aelf tbratraghiracqualnteil vrith thmr IqaUtii. tlbri, ntrjratuje, wajior.thmkiDg.and, iitdeed. witoj every tniDg uuieonjd give a. tausiaewij aiidisompltvletmaers pla, j Another visit . Germany last simmer not irolv frrrther taaMUarlked .him : wiihr htsr t ilTaetUhltd: tgtoCs4KtBtwX W11B regain to the recent ebangea Ihere. - He i snqaesiionaMy trntTerstahds his snhject to 'jsr-j fcctlbn, and any one who knows anything of bis brilliant talente and attalnmests . cannot tall Co expect a rich intellect ual treat in his lecture; AOAIK ABBBSIBD. Frederick D. Hart, a. teacief Ih inS B&stow Union School, who was recrotlyeiB "lor too severely puriisiikuc a-youig. dj papU, wa3 again arrested yesaerday for an. allegeid assault and battery upon a lad pa Faroes . temoia, also a pupil in tne 3 school. Mr. Hart intends "to eonteatrtte matter and has engaged eminent counsel. The trial will take place on Saturday afternoon, tbe 19m Inst. Total loss of life from all causes, 131. ucavrrnxanov. - For ten anceeaaive .veara. aa iollowa : Total loss of Hfo lo i8M...... - . .. 123 " 0818; .... 104 " MtW.....;.............. BTS " ; issi 110 u 1801.. ........... 108 " 1663 ............ 123 1881 .. .... .. is: " 1565;..... 110 " 1888 101 " 1B7. 211 " lEos.i . ; Of thoab daceaaod tha laat veer noted, aeven warn from natural causes, two mttrdcred and 832 acci dental. A Good SAJiAsrrAH , On Friday last two sisters named Carnaley, aged respectfully eighteen and twenty years, arrived in this city from TltTiny, county of Longford, Ireland. They landed at Quebec and Intended to go to New York, where they have 'relatives, bnt through some mistake they got aboard ol a 8th cspt wt. Robb,. drexned from tugBobh 1 westward bound train and came hither, sup-' 'Ml flaMna, t Imb Mm T.V-V.- ' i . I ..... . .. tt posing, nowever, mat iney were in new j orar. They wandered about several hours endeavor ing 10 find Broadway, and finally lnqnirta 01 policeman, who, upon learnUg the slate of Ihe ease, Informed them that they were In Detroit .vuueuauuigaciongramx,Aauejx.nev i., 8th Csbt Jaa Bobb. brother of aforeaaid.drownea aame time while attemDtiiw to reBene. 8 th Mania Uoaxrove, mate of. schooorr-Mrlcina, tripped overboard by rhaloaheet on Lake Michigan. - Capt Tborbain aod one Bailor -drowned from Bcnocner AvenlDg Htsr, which capsized on Lake un a uu. uu uoasncn. 2lBt TLlriv tvn Uvea iMt Ik tha atpama, Vmnlnv I anfl nnl in Naav Vnrk n thfv hart InnnoAnllv um wvmu wu anas abiu. 2lSt WrO MnllaV. mtta anl T Innnl Plwn.lla. ,W- aauau, urownea 110m oars; ajoruano, wmca vessel cot- iiaea with Bieamer ilamlrg aiar on Lake Jtrkv Michaet Boland, drowned from a canal boat at Bnflalo. Daniel tfcKllnp, drowned while xecflng ioi iium ubtk Aaranoe on ijaae auemgan 2d Cant Garrett and Henrv Chiabolm. drowned from achooner Little Westero, which capsized while uia uca ww atij, iu miiriano- euppoeed. They bad neither money nor effects which could be mndo available fir procuring food or transportation, and they were cared for during that night at the Police Station. On Saturday a benevolent gentleman; who had learned from the officer of . tho extreme desti tution to which tho friendless girls were re- pJSHrori w i home and provided tucm wiku iuuu bdu uuter wiuiuiioi auu jrto- terday the Bme gentleman raised by subscrip tion a sum of moDby saffident to pure haw twoftrcbs tickets' from Baitilo to New York, dud leaving tbem eix dollars for the tn-cidaatal expenses of the Journey. Mr, Bcidy, psflsengpr Agent ot the Grand Trunk Rail it oy, toxica ltd. Aruiar Youds. a Detroit sailor, m ordered bv DartT of ronefac at Ctdesira. Btereiia. while load nor timber on Lake BL Cialr. uuiy in-ciiior, name noi eitcb, cixowiica xioid propeller Saiplre oa Lake Ontario. 9ui Levi Oibbs, a band, drowsed bom steamer Orion at Uhicaro. wbile aotiut Mbore. - - - Joseph , a deck-baud, drowned from tugU 00 tuaso xiaron, wnne patsiDg wooa,,. I gave them a pses to Buffalo, and they etaited lMt-nl&hthlghlj e ated with the prospect of a speedy reunion with their friends. nnndred at Allecao 22d A fireman, named Waleemliz. was drowned from tue Walter, which unsized oft Clerehuid. a nana, nimea. upcoenoaco, arownea near (Jievelanl by tug T VT Notter sinklOK 23d fsroei Bobloaon. draw&cd at Detroit from Hoore & Koote'a dock re.crunghea, ctUed by falurg into the bold or bark W T Uuvaa at Boffilo. Sfltb Ballor.Tinknown. tdlledatewbUsattcfmnt- ing to get on board the can ; Jntoxiciwd. ixwU Elarriion, sailor, crowned from aeow St. tJOKpn at trorx oannao, wnne uwing on cargo. Aug, iwn dames xvosgi xiiieaon ooara Dorgo noi- Dr.' PiTKin'a Lxotubb this tbrin8. This evening the Rev. Dr. Pitkin will deliver the second lecture o! the course for the benefit of St. John's Uleslnn. Hlo subject la MJapan eae Literature." This will doubtless be .a most interesting lecture, as It will deal not only with IsnooniKw literature, but the Japanese method a ring-bolt- " I 0f printing and the printing material used, how berg, wtdch Bunk in Lake HuTjU by acolllslan with oronelier Emntre State. Bt-mbard Coppers, derk-hand. drowned from pro- peuer utucna, in Aaae ij.aron, 07 nia own aeuner-ataact. . - - vorriscm. a hand drowned from aoow lCDi:n Ion. in tho Well3hd Canal. Daniel Davln, deck nan 1, kil'edby failing into the noia 01 prepciier tacen oi ine iiaaea, at xiandio. lata tiana omiui, a nana, arownea irom uargu HarvCBt, at Cleveland. . 15th John Keddtn?. accidentally rilled on board ecnuonur saoaiBB, alb suuaio, wmie cngogvu in euov-elinir crain. Capt Atoses Fouilicr waa drowned,durlng a aqilall, 110m scow Araviia, on aAse uuroo. xuis was bib first uiD on this veSBel. 23d Capt W A aliddleton, as old lake captain, died at Chicago. 'Hla complalot waa of iongatand-irg. - - 1 Lacv. aailor. drovrnrd from ecbooner C Y Bichmond, on Lahe'Sile, oHFalrpuTt, 9th Archlba'd Campbell. deoE hand, killed on board propeller Atlasgun, at Boxtalo, by falllsg into tha hold. Oepu 8d asemn ajory and wranK ijamerOD, drowned from scow Traverse,: which capalzed on laase aiicnigan. . 4th Chas tjarmas. Bailor, killed on bark J F Jov. on Lake Hotod. He fell from the topsail yard, Btraca. we .ocoor ana antra uwriMMaia. Cantain B JsUiiralre. a laxe manner, dloo at G ova- land. ilaanry ticllecx, sailor, ana Howard, tirowned rrom acnoxmcr auoipain, wmca capBizoa an loe Ufl- land. Oant Jobn Abram drowned from ecoar Ocean Wave, neai Bar Point ; the fore boons . knocked him overboard. J. Jacanea. purser 01 steamer Huron, drowned at Toronto. Hainan Miller, second engineer, fatally scalded on pooru aag uuaiDQW, uaow varauuu, walla, sccur-tngthe man-bole plate. 7th Twentyaix jives loat from Propeller Hippo campus, wmca louuaerea aunng we lemoie atorm tlireato ntBattoiBld aWtV . Thla wis aBtoded with tha moatiBttnai para In all psita $t Uar.bodj. sTaasrg tooulAiarBlitt from -ay I Uie ilicSaoa whom aha atirnkrjiiora Uine to ari she wa , ia-docedto try lho IjtxraTWa ltTxaa, acd to her aazptlae acd Joy thej have reHrred bar, aad atta now lit cood heajaillMiiVu' V 7 .'. ": ' ' '.: . V. JZ ' , . .:.-. ... . ,TAixIatnraaS - -.v.. : . we are reaoested to aay that all who want Boota MdBtoMUUicir.ownpricefnaate at aBanArapt CioaUg Oat Bala, KtopsaailM.tltt Baseell Hesse.' Brryalca,ad thra TOTWlB not laatUafto theaahiruera u up, acd yoa cannot get them. Gooalaaro bdri 'toM at less than the oilg'Bai toot of the aicek.'' ; ' '" " ' 1 '"- A Lamb Aasoazifaxx of Fancy PerioclH&nd kerehli f aid Qlove Boxes . at 8aii.t's Perfamery Haw SaiMMadSlvmaiaiar Plaidat new Alpacas, and a foil line of Dress Good,"iSbeap at Fojtoa 4t EaaniTTB'i. the books are made, &c ThcRevcrcnd Doctor spent soma time among tha Japanese, and by constantly employing an intelligent Interpreter and laboring mast assiduously and pcrsercr- ugly himself, he acquired a vast amount of valuable and reliable Information concerning the Jape, and their books. These books are. perhaps, the strangest specimens to be found among any people,'and poetess' numberless, peculiarities that one who had not seen them would never dream. Dr. Pitkin la the discoverer of the first, and it is thought, the only book ever fonnd in Japan relating In any way to this country. This contains, among other things, what It called tbe atory of George Washington, which gives a most singular ac count of tbe lather of onr country, confound ing Mm with 8L George, and In the most tin" expected and -ludicrous manner Introducing into . it Benjamin Franklin. , Besides being thoroughly sound and eiudite, the lectnre will have enough of tho popular element In It to make It enjoyable by every one. DotmLB ABO Tbbelb Choss Wahbahts. Robert Jackson, of Greenfield, who caused two warrants to be Issued against Philip Knorr, hla neighbor, for assault and battery and ma licious trespass, succeeded In having tbe latter fined (5 before Justice McCarthy yesterday. Knorr, on the other hand, "saw"-Jackson's two warrants, and like a skillful "poker" went one better, causing bis prosecutor to be ar raigned for false imprisonment, tBKult and battery and cruelty 4o animals. Tbe entire AjarufeEivrBrTTa. Thb Paebpa Bosa Cobost Last evening one of the tare est and most fashionable audien ces j of the stasotPfilled Young Hen's Hall to Its utmost capacity, 16 listen to the Parepa Bosa concert;- Taken as a whole, this concert was one of the most enjoyable ever presented here. Every ona knows the reputation Mad ame Parepa Bosa has always enjoyed la thla country, but every time she sings one discovers new beauties in her pure, rich tones. -. It seems aa if nature had stolen the pure ethereal essence of melody from every laughing brook, from every Blnglng bird, from tbe mellow breathings of the Cute, and from the far-oif chiming of the vesper bell ; had given it a true woman's, soul and form, and had called it "Parepa." When Parepa sings the critic's occupation's gone ;" he cm only ssy as did Shelloy to the sky lark "Bound of vernal f bowers i Oa tbe twinkling grass ) j Rain awakened flowers, -All that ever was Joyous, and e'ear, and fresh, -Toy music doth BUipasa." Slgor Fenrrantl is fun personified, and if he could not btlog a smile to the lips of a bronze statue It would bo only because the etiluo did &ot appreciate him. He seemed to be in capital voice last night, and sang with nnnsual spirit. Mr. Brookhonse Bwler has a very good, dear, tenor voice, bnt bis manner on the stage la not the: most agreeable. Mr. Levy' astonished everybody with his comet, and made 0 very brilllrc! exhibition of bis marvelous skill as a comet player. Girl Rosa's skill on the violin long since won him a reputation to which- Iltllo could be added. He full sua- talned himself last nuzht and contributed very materially to the Interest of tho entertainment. Mr. Colby and his piano ought not to be over looked, as they performed "a most important part and proved their excellence In almost every feature oi the entertainment. Rbsbbvbd Sbats fob Haetz Those who Intend to go and see the wonderful wonderworking Hariz, should bear In mtrid that to eecure a seat before time they may make sp- plication at Amsdeu'e, where the sale of re served seat will commence this morning. IBB COTJHTS. Wathb CracrjiT Coubt. Stephen Ames vs. Henry row. Jary trial. Still pending, J. Martin Sbocmaker vs. Amelia Shoemaker. Io chancery. Motion for solicitor's tee and ex pense of suit denied with costs. The cases on call tor Wednesday next are Nos 85, 116, 8. 108, 132 and 26. Tho court atliourned until Wednesday neii. BlSOC,CCKPYK2. , . Cheap Gocsm tor the Holidays at Eacx's.: . Thxiuxndasf jjxrda best Priata,only Js,atPaca;-B. Tooaeanda or yaws ureas uooos, irom sac ap. Cholco shadaaof alegaflt warm Clearing ' par Btoek Is now moat oompieteTc-'Tich -aad .ixts -M things :::; Bars abd FalorGooos, - -:-:'i' Sal the BuSiMjtit- yf , :.'FotaAEaa3IJJria'i;' SiAB Da. Di Los'advertiamila an other s. ana, hooded Private Kstters. 899 Gaosa Toxin Boats, of every deaexiptlfHi, for sale cheap at BttLX'a Perfamery and Extract Works, CoiamiTRnxBmwtwatetakeii at ail tfrics and under alVcirtmrjirtaneea, " Ho ordinary oiposrre wlU tirerentlhalr'aaldtary erects, aad no had result can Eccmo from au ovcrdoio. on tbe night of September 7th ; Teasel waa a total losa. i2thBiehard Trier, drowned - from ateemer St Joseph on Lake Michi gan, the result of his ownim-. prudence Jamca Armstrong, Bailor, died at the M arine Has Ea'ward Evans, second mate, drowned from scm-1 quihtupllcate of eases rested upon the testimo Three Bella, on Laxe Wchlgan: io tima of a tqualil- nf thn turn men thamaelvea. after hearlnn- ha, itnmli Ml whlln rannlnf nvpr lha dfaefr.lnarl. I ' 16th Captain J. H. Bald, George Dorrmti, mate, I which the Judge fined. Knorr for the a?sanll A. Chapman. D. Blear, At Flizpatrlck, ,F. Ligbton, I (md battery as labove stated. acQuilted him of sailoTB, and Catharine tiulilvan, cook, drowned from bark Clonah, which foundered In Lake Erie, cfi' fi.act Biver. Pallor, nam9 not given, drowned from schooner Echo, which waa wracked at Cleveland daring a t . fr-i ... h a.-nX .a, na .mum t,-, UOUU 1 innn,n tit, u rir , i n r r 11 i ru 1 1 - , nesrBaglnaw. ' ' ' ' - George McGraw, cook, drowned from eeow Stonn, near cnieago. the charge of malicious trespass, end bound Jackson over to tbe Circuit Court on the charge of false imprisonment, acquitting him of tho two other charges.1 Tha whole aflalr grew ont of the shutting up by Jackson in his cow house of a heifer belonging to. Knorr, and zeth Luther Pratt, tflrst mate, died anddenlyof I when the letter went to take her away, be wag heart dUeaae on board the achooner JilIU Willard, while naaBiniT tnrouen tne river ct. tjiair. xrom um hm tn Rnffaln. . .. . . Lawrence atagmre ana aucnsei siagaiie, xaiuer and aon, drowned from a boat in Haumee Bay, -whlrji was taa over bv tnff Jennie OrMfih ' ' Jalea Gerard, drowned iromacbooner Atiguata, ott I'olDl A-enincnia, ursrn iy, Barney Iaatzlu, deck-hand, fell off the dock at Toledo- and drowne J. ' . . Ctvpl&ln Andrew Audcrsorj, a popular lake captain of many yeara on tbe lake, died in Galvealon, Texas, vhlla pmr-ornrilv absent from Ohioazo. SO ailcoaei iadcuo- aieam pamp . engineer, also shnt np and the door fastened with a stick npon the outside. He thereupon commenced vigorously kicking the hoards and buttons, which Hew about their owner's head In lively style, the operation threatening tho speedy and utter demolition of tbe cow bouse aforesaid. Thb Hod Fellows' OocctatiohjGobb. A few months ago a patent was Issued for an 0owraed fiomBchcaer1t3ypben,atTolnt auTelee, apparatus or device for hoisting bricks and WASHINGTON. Henry A. 8n wtbe WemlBatcal as in; fflinlster'to , Bafstrla... iLEMMEB cassises ROaiUTEO is cos- Tas Bisa -eocBT: ... or Qqsiu alB. Siimates of the I(w&!r41eaBalfa EUROPEAN. InQraasing Ertterness Betweefl the SepTdxlieaAd WOTriroMata ", I- in Spain, The Jniurroolion at Cadiz PeaotjaWy Thlmr ArresSs XXade at ISair4 . lor IndttBar Revolt Nsw Tozx, Dec H. : - CAX83 .UUaUlalO's HISSIOS. . . A Washington special aaya Caleb Cushlug has probably gone to Bogota tonegotiatti with thn u uhiii MUataiil nf Yla-tlfMratii. ftw lira tntat n rr-- tectlan of the ship canal across, tha Isthmus of"! Aianen. , WiaarsuToa-.Daclt. EEC0B6TEDOTI03. . - . The Coiumltiee on BecoristTnetlon this morn-tog examined the Republican committee from MUsalaaippl relative to the alleged frauds In that, State at the elan Ion; : . . . . COBTBSTBD BLXOTIOKS. " The Comraittee, on Elections will this week take up the conlested.jes from Tennessee msA. tlHiannrl. ' . ' U " ' BOattKATIOBS The President todsv- nominated to the Senate Henry A. Smythe, to be Minister, to Rrjssla; Alexander Ctunmtnga, of Peumvl-vanla. Commlsiloner of Internal Ss'reniW ; Wo. J. CoUIn, Bnpedntendeut of Indian . At-. nun lor kudo ana Montana ; uenjamm at. James, Chief Examiner for the Patent OfBce. MAbaoi,iA WAraaSaTpeiida- to the heat imported I ADJOtrRUVTTNT 07 TUB dteb COCBT or nr- PStXDIBBS OF THE BRITISH HOUSE - COBSOBS. StelTaien, lor Contesting .71 Seats. EUSUflD 8EG0TISTISB S 7BEATT OF COS. ' HERCE WITH THE CHINESE EBtUSSY. Qolila Silver, lead, lrtm. aad Coal Mines liscovered in CMna, German Cologne, and sold at half tha price. Liza Baenuxxos Dasss ;PAiuia-The teeth ahooldalwaya be acrupuloaiiy clean and free from' blemish. Keep them in tbia condition with tbe in- comparablo Sozodont, and when they are veterans Ira the service, thoy will-be as good aa now.1 Ermine's Gluk terttlated boaaebold. '. la Indispensable in every well QOIST. Seerelarv Schotlelo has directed an adianrn- ment of the Dyer Court ot Inquiry until Jan uary uu. POanatABTBB-OEarsBAI. IUDAIX'S BSTDatATSS. Pcatraaster-enexal Bandallhaa sent to. the House ealimates of the monev reauired for tho service of the department, for the. year enuingdune, ibiv. tne sum total ia v,auv, 000. - Of thla tho Inland mail traaaporutioc. Including overland and sea mail to Ualitornla, requires nearly $13,333,000. EXPENSES OP THB WAB DBPABTHBIIT. TheSeoretary of War sent a communication to tbe House today, stating that It Is TmnMallMhln tn a'.l. ntltfa aaonMav A Schema Oil Foot to Raise the Taxi the amount expended during the year ending dune 3Utnriboa, on account oi tne lnaian war, and that the amount expended for river and harbor surveys and improvenisata far the same oenoa was a.wj. THB'hOPBEUB COTJET. Among the cases argued in the Supreme Court to-day were those from New. York, in. voiying tne question wneinereertincaies oi u- aeoteaneas are secunues or tne unitea states, and therefore exempt from taxation by tho elates. NEW YORK. on Whisky to two Dollars. The Legal Tender Act to fee De- ;clarcd Unconalltntional by the Supreme Court. imPORTAHT NEWS DISPATCHES FROM HMAfU SUPPRESSED BY THE CUBAN AUTHORITIES. - . GBE1T DEU5 OP IEBESCY 10 WEST 15B E0TJIH. TBE Hoses E. Gririneil Mentioned as bnc- cessor of Collector Smythe, afxe. .ckOa. - 'ckOa Becobdeb'9 ConUT Id the matter to oocn and extend an alley In the Seventh Ward, between CoBgress.'Ljnird, Orleans andBlopelle streets. Jnry ordered for tho first Monday in January at i o ciock p. m. uoruon campneit, oiMiraciing street, lie fondant pleaded guilty ; sentenco suspended N. B. Clemner, violating ordinance rela tive to porters and runners. Fined 85 and coats. Jobn Bets, violation ordinance relative to porters and runners. Forfeiture of recognizance tet aside. Hiram Walker, violation: atreet ordinance. Forfeiture of .recognizance set aside and com plains amnorawn. n elite rrazier, seeping nouee or ill-lame. Forfeiture of recognisance set aside, on pay ment of S10 costa. The coart adloumed to 9 o'clock a. m. to-day. Police Cdbt. Henry Mumford. rlmnle larceny; discharged. John Dtiscoll, James mua ana joicpn Aianm, compouna larceny; cose dismissed and defendants discharged. P .trick Hays, assault and batterv : rearrest of defendant ordered. . - MaaiBBBW . V Cbrtbal Btatios CouaT.-f-Wllllam Wan ner, drunk; sentence suspended. Thomas Wellherburn, maklne noise bv-whlch the Deaco and good order of the neighborhood were dls- mroea; noea v, or intrty asys in the House oi Correction; paid. Urban Uringer, vagrancy; trial eet aown lor tnis morstng at 7 o clock. Albert Mnvo, vtmncv : sentence susoended. John Sweeney, making noise by which tbe peace and good order of tho neighborhood were dlatutbed; fined S15, or three months In tho Houso of Correction ; sent up. Richard Thompson, drank; sentence suspended. Haw Yoax, Dee. 14. TBE WHIBKT TAX TO BE KA1SED. The Timet save a scheme Is on foot to have the tax on whisky again raised to two dollars, and Congress is being quietly secured tn sap-port of h. - - TUB ALASKA E VI ilULi'. The jPinws denies the reDorted story in re gard tn the Alaska purchase mosey, and says ST 200.000 were sent irom mis city to tsussia laat August. The. 85,000,000 referred to as having been sent out irom London was in pay. ment of the Roeslsn railroad loan. TBE LEGAL T5BDBB ACT TO BB DBCLAHEB QB-COHjTIIDTIOBAL. . The Tribunt says : "We are confidently advised from Washington that the Supreme Conrt is pretty certain to adjudge the Legal- lender act unconstitutional. We are told tbattbere.will probably be but rue dissenter, from tho conn's jndgmonL" ABBJVAM. The eteamthlp City of Parii.rrom Liverpool, has arrived. .- NBTfB DIBPAT0HE8 B0U IU.VAHA BUPPRiaSED. Iinnortont news ' dispatches prepared at Havana for tbe Mew York Associated Press have bean suppressed by the Cuban authorities. From this U is to bo Interred that the insur gents in the island havo won some important success. riSAHCIAL, The drain of gold and currency to the West and South continues. One. bank alone this morning, had ordera fGr $500,000 currency Irom Chicago and ihe remittances to all aecUons must reach 84.000,000 per week. A movement naa en atartea oy tne city banks in favor of abolishing the present system of making quarterly returns to the Comptroller of the Currency. There la rather mora disposition in toe goiu market to make engagements for future delivery. Tennessee bonds were weak to day on afresh rumor that the Legislature had passed a bill loaning tha credit ol the state to new railroads. The Treasurer of North Carolina telegraphs ST. L0UI8. Dsparl nro ot Array Officers tor Chicago. Bt. LorIB. Dec 14- Gen. Sherman and most ot his staff, Gens. A. J. smith and Morgan L. Bmltb, ana a num. ber of other officers lelt here lor Chicago yes terday a;temoon. several other oiccers will leave for tbe same place this evening. Trie Overland Hall Robbed Train West and Scratlk otOmalia Btxaatsar Kearalau- ly, Etc. Br. Lucia. Deo. 14. An Omaha dispatch of yesterday says the weather has moderated considerably since Thursday. The thermometer to night stood fifteen degrees above xsro. The railroads west and sontb are clear of snow and runnlnrr regularly. Most of the freight that accumulated on tbe east bank of tha Missouri River 'has been transferred over the bridge. A dispatch from Bryan Station to day says Intelligence baa been, received here that large Quantities of overland mall matter have been stolen from a coach near Ft. Biidger.lhe robbers having cat open too ooot. a ponton oi tne mall has already been recovered. Strict in quiry will be' instituted as to the manner of carrying inese mails. A Drag Store Damaged slon. by aa Kxplo- eosBi&ciAi un rraijciiL. &Q; CM aftO. ipairxaa ait Ants. - MiT,m Dec. 13. Gen. Boda has tranamU- inai a, mmmnntcation atatlna that oh belne io- fnrmed of evenlB in Cadiz he If ft Lisbon to ofier 'hli : services to tho' 'provisional government. Tha provisional antnoruiss) repnea uat uey respected hia intentions, but ho mast return immediately totattaoouv uen.zauu jtsacru leaned the following tn-ociamatlon to the iu- batnunts 01 Cadiz: 'A revalntlon incited and formed by the secret enemies ol tha country has already del uged with blood the streets ot tnis oeauuiui city. It hsa found no echo In any part of the peninsula. I have come to suppress this rs- OeillOn Willi mo lUn-XB (JUtni aaa, aiaj uujwwa, bv onr government. Lay down your anna and your lives shall be spared. This X guarantee in tne name oiine goeiiiuioua,upuu nuaitciu-ency you may rely. Bach arethe only means by which lnrargenu escape being treated with in- n. rl hi a rigor, -x wui grmaa yws uutu ucuiaaa-rowln order that old. men, women and chfl-drea and clUxena bo peaceably removed and withdraw rrom tne town, inoaoiiania ox oa dlz : li will not be my fault if with the means of attack which the Imperious law of necessity compels me to employ there should come for Cadiz a ilay of mourning and ruin. I shall regret such a result to tho bottom of my heart, but I shall do my duty." The procianwnon prod need a marked lmptes-slon on' the Insurgent, who sent a delegation with the United States Coasul to Gen. Cal-qerro and offered to place their arum-in such bands, Gen. Boda expects to enter Cadiz today. Notwithstanding Bodr.'s proclamation there are various accounts of collisions In different ports or Spain. Bitterness between the Republicans and Monarchists still continues. TUB 1BSUBBECX10K AX CADIZ StTPPSEaSBB. Pakis, Dee. 14. The Maniteur is Jay publishes In an extra I&ue the following Important intelligence from Madrid : -The insurgents in Cadiz, yielding to Iks terms set forth la a proclamation Issued by Gen. Caballore dc Boda, surrendered yesterday, and the people have given np their arms to the government. Tbe troops now hold all quarters ol the dtv. The CarrupauSenda, of Madrid, cays the Duke of Monispensier had previously made an offer of his personal services to the provisional government to assist In snppresslnK tho revolt in Cadiz, and that this action oa the part of the Ddka was prompted by the belief that tbe Insurrection was a movement Instigated and con- ducted by the Carlist party. ' Madbid, Dec H The IBsnrrectlon in Cadiz has terminated with the surrender of the Insurgents. Many ot them desired to deposit their arms at the American' consulate instead of delivering therb op to the government authorities, bnt.Gec. De Boda refuted to allow them to so dispose of their weapons and to hold them to strict compliance with the terms of his proclamation. Cadiz, Dec. 14. ice insurrection neru 11 at ot.imuio, vw-at, ' , . , , , , Ah fmn fjtnV'ln thn r-allnr nf Knn, R.nctm- I an end. Tha insUXftentS haVO given up their aSTCo.'s drag-storeuhaer the Southern Hotel, anna to Ihe military officers, and the people exploded this morning and damaged the store generally are returning tbe arms which they about $3,500. The force of the explosion had secreted at their homes. Perfect quiat passed upward through the healing register in now prevails, and there ere no indlaittioiis of tho floor above, broke twenty-five panes of the recent matnj-oancra, citcya yv,a .violate Klass in the windows of the store, and I diers In tho strtets, and military guards Gahbs. Wo have justxecelvcd alargc and vorlod a took of Games of all sindj, which wo offer at reasonable prices. E. B. BaiTH afc Oo , 116 and 118 Woodward avenue. A aVAvoaABLB AOToaiaiv. The good reputation and extended use ot " Brown's Bronchial Troches ' for Coughs, Colds and Throat' Dlaeaees has caused' the Trochee to beextenaivelyiraltated. Oblaiaonly tbe genuine "Brown's Bronchial Troches," and do not be influenced by thoia who make mors profit by Belling worthleas imltutlonav mortar, used in the construction of buildings, to their places, without tbe tedious and laborL ons process of hod-carrying. Another plan has been put In operation by tbe builders on the comer ol Grlswold and Grand Biver streets, which consists of a rope running through a pally Suspended above the top of the wan one end of tha rope being attached to a tackle which Is readily hooked on to a common tu-I In ,f Ir.c to nlaa that veaaaL Woahtnirtoa Parker.coak. and Charlea Whales. seaman, drowned by schooner ' Hyphen sinking at Point aureiee. - , it. t .lnlm Lontr. with a crew of- nine man fmm schooner Persian, which veaaelannk off Crawford's stone qanrry,' Laxe xicroo, oy coiuaion wtm scooon- TC H Alien : nana aaved. 28th Johu Cavanagh, a hand, drovned from a boatla vnicago. F. Uereniia, fell from aloft on hoard bark J.G Masten, on Lake Hnron,and died afterward at tho Detroit Marine Hospital . .T.rnl, twimtdc Btllor o& board schooner Game Cock, knocked overboavd by tbe foreboora and wheelborrOW, while the other passes ihrongh a d?rSGUlTSlc?aoS1rd acbooneV Wanderer, "nateh-hloek fastened to the ground. The knocked overboard by the main.boom and drowned wheelbarrow with its load of brick or mortar, war Chicago. He realdedla Oswego. . . ,v , h t. ..ti.rl K m.-.r . Sii u.nOaii, a aecx-nana, arownea mm a tug at Pml ColhoraA. October 6th Fourteen Uvea lost, cither burned tor drowned, rrom propeller reraeveranco, vmcn iook tiro on I oka Ontario and waa destroyed. 7ih John JohiieoD, a cook, fell overboard from achooner Catharine at Oswego and drowned. Oapt Jamea Donley, a -once prominent mariner, died at Cleveland-Poor Uvea loat from schooner Forfar, which waa wrecked at Mnakegon, lata Capt-OLtver Miner, ot log Goodoow, mar-rl.rpd at Ualrint bv colored nrarha on the dock vapt d x rarBona, ox ocoovava a jb.- aMutuv, and drow as the- esse may be, is raised by means of a horse hitched to the rope,' driven as are those used In unloading coal from vessels at the docks. . - Novel Bioht A Eodbe Oa Ronbebs. A novel expedient In house-moving might have been seen yesterday in tho transportation ot a one-and-a-holf-Blory house with shed attached, and drawn at a last pace by two span knr-cred overboard by ibrsoooB, on Lake Ontario, I of boraea, only.. The trnlldlng was placed 15tb H Htrmmlegeoa, of echoonar s ii osmpbetl, knocktd overboard by fore boom, on Lake Michigan, ana oroerneo. A eallor, unknown, drowned xrom achooner w u- IBwiu at Mnakeeon. ' 17th Joseph Uaaean, deck-hand on tng Sweep stasee, area at atanne noapiuv. -Thomaa Darov. a hand, hia another and aiater. ihe former'drowned hlmaa.f In fl&omect of deapalr, the two latter penanea on ooareruie oarge raragon, which water-loirzod on Lake Huroa PTonrvaon, tailor, drowned from bark Badger Btate, wane re rung topsail, on iasxe Micnigan. Richard Grear, cook, drowned from achooner Qaeen ot Uw West, at Chicago, wialla stepping from vcrselon to thodock.' - Capt. Bngh Doran, as old lane aauor, xeii olt toe dock . at . Ohlcafo 'while intoxicated, and waa drowned. 2mh Joon Wliion, a boat watchman, fell off the doeK at tjnieago.anawasarowoea. npon timber, which res tod upon a bob-aled under each corner of tha trnlldlng, which was moved from tha corner of First and Congress streets, np the former street to Grand River, and thenco toward 'iis destination on Craw-lord street. A mishap overtook It, however, near Second street,' In the attempt to cross the street railway track, by which one of the for. ward " bobs " was knocked from under, and that comer of the honse fen to the pavement. While this means of house-moving could not probably be applied to (tract urea of extraor. dinary size, yet a great majority of the build, inge moved through the streets of the dtv .T. Hadden. while in a akiiT eroaadns River Bt Clair I could thus bis tnnaliorted at much m v. wSowncTacdwa." V aitt. 6 "ving of time., S2d James Reynolds, fait into1 the hold on board propeller Ron note, at Buffalo, and waa Instantly Paov BrABS' Lbotoss. On Wednesday Joseph OOTcheea drownod while asleep tn th. cabin OTeMngProt Evans wlU deliver ttn thW lec of scow Peter Miller, which aaokaaddanly at Toleao. tore of the Young Men's Christian Association rte waat ioiirss, at Young Man'iBiU, the .abject being drowned on Lake Ontario. - " '' ' of lieifacrnty of tho Michigan Urdverslty, grad- BialitHvMlrKt.thoUryca.of.sha5iwrTrav- natedat that Institution some fifteen veara eler from that vessel, which was wrecked two miles , . 7, " " uiwen years sooth of Calomel, Lalte kteWpn. - since, alter which ho went to Europe and laarlc Johnaon, eallor.tell from tha croBstrees on jrradnaled atone of the (zennan univeriltlHt. board acboouar : Goldeii Bole, nsar Point au Pelee, K. a ui.veasiBes. aaa axuiea msuuiaiy. . . -.. j t s-amrr mnu Olusibs Out Bjlb or Boots Aim Bhobs Sntlro Stock for Bale at Coat. Loao no time in securing ihe beat bargains ever oSered In Detroit, aa the whole stock moat and will he sold. Fixture ror sale and atora to rout. H. P. Gbavbs, 160 Jcfibrson avenne, four doors west of Woodward avonne. KibxWai.tz1I BibeWaltzII By Jamea B. Btiwart. We are happy to announce to the anxious thous ands tliatthU charming WalU is now ready. Be-Bldea tain? r, meat beautiful piece of la adorned with a moat magnificent titf e page, in five colcra,regardedasthe finest piece of lithographic art ever lsaaea in America, frioe so cents. Pnbllaiedby J. Hatar Wnimxoax & Co., 179JeiTeTB0n avenue. Cuba Looi Eblioco use tbe Waasa Piano. J. H. WaimiioaB Oo. Tm But and original tonlo ol Iron, Fhoiphoraa aud Oallsaya, known aa Oaawell, Uaekcr (Jo.'aFeTro Phosphorated Kllxlr of Callsaya Bark. The Iron restores color to tho blood, tha Phosphorus renowa waste of the nerve tissue, and tha OaUsayagivea natural, healthful tone to the digestive organg, thereby making It applicable for Dysrarjpsta in it various forma, Wttkefurnota, Qsocral Debility end Depression of Spirits. Ona pint conUlna the virtue of one ounce of Callsaya, and one tcajpooniul a grain of Iron and Pnosphortta. Manufactured only by Oaa-WSI.L, BAXlsn atCo .Bncoetsors to Caswell. Mack at Ci, Hear York. Bold by all droggiata. Pittisob (the renowned) usea the Wsbix Plans. J. H. Wbittehqxi & Co. PA1SLBT BEAWIS . Anothsr rtoek Itut received at l Fossa ft BsssuiTTX'f. WiUaOrax, On Monday, Tuaaday and Wednoaday, October 38th, 33th and Slat. MAXoarasvsa 4k BararoL, Merchant TaOors, win reptaniah their stock ot Cloths with a Inro lrrroica of late lmportaaona, conalBtlng of heavy London Meltons, For Beavers, Scotch CStjaUaro, late style of Oaaaimarea and Votings, SngllBh and Beoteh aUhlveots, which we offer at reasonable pricer. - 1& Jefferson avenue. Btsr Funm aeo eoieiu uw tha Wana. Why I Bacauae they want the Best Piabo. J. H. Wxtrrsxioaa fc Co. A IIisslt intelligent lady, a naiaent of Byracuas, H.Yt says that she waa afflicted nearly a sear. rriodlcally, with doraiisement of the circulation, -no mooa ruBniag to too longs with such force as to pressed one of the side walla out ot plumb, but did not disturb a bottle on the shelves. The tank was simply used as a receptacle of steam and waste water received from the steam heating apparatus of the Southern Hotel, and aronnd'the Hotel de Vllle, and other public buildings. BSGOTlATlOoS BOH A ajuauaana-aau. aaaa.aaaa BETWEBBI BBSLaUID ASS C2XI9A. Lohsos, Dee. 13. Lord Clarendon Informed known principle. A Uorribla Affair iaa Jasper Couatw, Blls. soartaWv Hloia Sobbed aztd M ordered Eta. St. lttrts. Dec 14. The Kansas City Timti gives an account of thn Binloaion cannot ba aecrmnterl for on inv I the Foielen Minister formally on Saturday that negotiations XOr B UCaiJ ua cummcaw, a au DO OpeUeu lmiUCUUUCiy niaia aa aJaaaaaaJs,aa.v and tha Chinese Embassy. Mad-bid, Dec 14 Foreigners nave icxs Cadiz. It is thought the Insurrection will no Mrararitptuitv anDnressed. Twmnx. Dec 14 The Timet hopes Eng- i iau vl J- aanaa. Katca, au ovuiuju ava , . ' . . . " i a horrible aflalr which recently occurred In Joe- 'and will aaopt we AmeritaDnewapauer panto. percounty, iUisourt, in snnstance as louows : .yoaaaaa. . r rt, ..r . . III - I CaTTTfA. ii I . auaitaa. ua itiov vwuuai. jaaacDwuai. aaaaa- a . . ... . n ..,i, v,i. - aii I MaHSKTLLEs. ucc. u Aavices rrom oau- rCoy andoto D ""J" JL cattle to be paid for at appoint caUed Baxter 2 ","Tn- matTwi'th tbecattle to receive hi. .portion of """2?! lieg0 tpe money, anout niteen nunureo oo isrs, ana i"""'-"---V iJ the otner Darties also sent agents. Alter re-1 "wot-auu. j . . . . , xue ireasurer 01 nortu varoima teiexTapua i mo uum pat.ics oiau ecu. bkcuu. a.a,or iw i ..." , , i... r,nnraa M that the interest on the State bonds will be celving the pay for ths cattle young McCoy, a converts i were numbered by hundreda of promptly met January 1st. THS COLLSCTOBSXn7. The Pott has a rumor that Moses H. Gria- nell Is to be successor ol Mr. Smythe as Col lector 01 new xors. TSBEBIB OA3E3. Tha nrrmment in tho Erie cases continued to-day before Judge Cardoza. CBIC1G0. Arrival ot Gen. Grant and Stair and Other Dlstlngtilih.d SoIOlsrs. CHICASO.DeclC man named Jones and three others ot Ihe party started back to Texas, ana vthiie encamped at duckhare Prairie. Jasper county, were urea I npon by five men and two of the party killed and one mortally wounded. McCoy and the other man escaped ana went to a farm noose near by. soon alter arriving mere toe men who had done the shooting, accompanied oy thousands. ADDRESS OP MS. GLADBIOnB TO TBS SLBCTOBS OP QBXBHWlCn. Tm. Dec 14 Mr. Gladstone has Issued an address to the electors of Greenwich, preliminary to his re-election from that borongb, rft-nderea necessarv oy nia aceepaaucw ui .uu ministerial office. Ha say after the part taken Srea oer.r.ppearedTn by him In the "'"Xe" money, whlch.was given up, .d tr -. .Sft , kept them guarded until the night ot the sec He trusts i tho new rfrntatlon wl deve ond day, after which they were taken out by a the confidence of tha country, "d promises to -".."' .. . -i,o. naa even effort to carry out the measures Gen. Grant and atari. Gens. Sherman. I ,k. r.i,,nm nl HTT,tt? ik I which he uraed while out or oruce. Thnmu Ri-hnflplrl Uollnwsll. T.m, t. . a. -j,5 ai.i-L. -..K, 1 EKrrlSZt HOtTBB OP COAlatOBS. SrZZT :' ' rrjr.TaT'n-V.' P?'"P?"-s 'TJ.tryrri I t- .,; h nf Commmi DeUtiona havo utuuaiaw., " J, I MCVJOV S COUIDiaUlUU ox aixxy-iivo uuiioia auu i . -- , . , .. - , ,, - field and other dlstlngolshed soldiers arrived n, Detan firing at him. He broke away, Been presented eontesUng Ihe eleetions of here this moroiDg and are quartered at the I however, and escaped. They then shot McCoy thirty -lour Liberal and thirty-seven Cojoserva. iitaiuuii. auu . umuiuiau uuuctB. awuiku. I in several PItCCB BDa itllfc mux JOT QCBO. CLB I iuuw"7 T.fpnt. flw. Rrrmn xb olvm n. rvsn,lnn tn 1 .. thTj .k. I aV IaZTKX. " " ' n-' BaavaaaBwij ww i Vaiwllfi Fitii. aitiiii- iiimrgrr. mm If no 1UUUU UIDi . . n (IPtK firnt ThnmM Rhfrmnn uriii nth or ,. I n ai.n i r I T.nrrt tnaXMlden. luff nCWlT BuDuiniCU E3C- 1 - I Hell mUilllUK IjtUklUl IU IUO UUUDQ Us US - - . , ii " v.U . 1.-.. settler and cared for, but there is retaryol State lor c oreigu little hone of his recovery. The parties en-1 oatoraay wnica w nijcaiucu .itj gaged in .UHs atrocious aflalr are said to be erdy jotmsonana aon. """i"1' . i j .. a a I TnX arjSTBlAB BUDGET. WCU axiuwu aooiucuto ua aaaa uaaiawt.a aavaa-a " , . w i,nia,a Itv. Tt in also atated. but the reiiort is doubt-1 Vibtoa, Dec. 14,-The ministerial budget ri irnatthti mordererk. fallimr to dlsuateh the has been made public. The (leacitior me year of lha,!. flmt auaalnatlnn ainuaaiUd i 1869 lS eStlmaUd at 3,500,000. r.r : . .rrr.z -k . .v , m, abbeststb jladhiu. - iiaiciaai.B. Rra. r.r":'., "Sr-r, ,V:.rZ.. Wantrm Dec 14 About thirty persons union to-morrow ana tne cay toiiowing. The maaier a. uilji . aiaaa,s. aa, .aa, 1 .rrrT,.ii,il for .up mntins- to lnciie tha following are among a large number now ed that when a parly went to bury the three have bero arrested rot tiptugio uicueina xcB-mg mo 'ft uow mnrdere(j mBn fhey foand conjiaembie mone, workiagmen ol this dty to rebel against tha 1 nu.t a n.tT t nM oi.. i rtn tiiaif naMtfina nnfl (Tnt mm ta mw nnnnc a i iruvuuiucui lieu, UlaiUt IUU OtUU. AJ. UCUa OUDIU11U UUU I . j 3 I - i . i a. n tmTmv .fan nnwrV Fanillv Ual Raaa. NW Palmn, frnrtt, a division. Of ' the BOOllB. but It WAS finally Set- THB D1S1-UIB a.",.;. '!"'," "TTT: J. Smith, Giles A. Smith, Belknao, Hlcken-Itled by giving the Doctor, who had attended IlUtjrtU, a O.- Xcll JICi CU1UJ, JlltViiUUiiUU, I axawwwjj uw mva h -"-, socUte, wlitcb will draw togetber a larRe I crowa oi oar icaaing ciuzens. Pxom&nent by. UlUtary Han Arrtving KTsry.Trata. Ohioaoo. Dec 14. Onr dty Is already beginning to fill np with VanTtL Den. 14 The Etendard says the imit Turners will continue their efforts to settle the dispute betwesn Turkey and Greeca, and they do not despair of success. riaAnuiAiM Lobdob. Dec 14, evening. Consols, 92i a931 for money . D2Ia02 for account; 5-20 . . . . . , T, ay.aTlttAla r.tntl Dunn, Cox, Becretary Schofield, and a large" ,enTt0ihe ponltenlL o ,aQa quK' " ' ' ' number of lesser military lights. A largo for assisting in the robbery of the United Sist Dec It Bourse closed dull; Benles, number of our citizens called on Gen. Grant I atatl!f, Ernrets ComDanv of 1540.000. web trar. I JiZZr' doned bvthe Governor some six months since I vo.wn'nw-r Dec 14. evenine United on condition that be would conduct himself aa I gtate8 bonds quiet and steady at 78a78J. Bowman, Lo?an,(Goo.;fl. Thomas, Pope, uuckland. Jsste, Biocum, ismott, van Dom. Tillman. Sawtelle. Bamnm. Wll- licb, Gibson, McArthur, Jordan, logalls, Bnt- terneia, Mcuoweu, cogsweu, iiioomiieiri, a Pardoned Con-riet Ratnrned to the I PenltBntiaxy, Kte. Sr. Lnns. Dec. li. Bdtrard Johnson, .who was convicted and ! and Lt. Gen. Sherman at . tbe '1'remont House to-day to pay their respects. To-night they are the guests of Lt. Gov. Brass at his residence on Michigan avenne. A large number of army officers end hundreds of onr citizens with their families era present to pay their respects: mid-Sales A Myatatrloua Harder Falal Aeeldsat. Cstiaiso, Dec 14. nniaricBBaiAL. LrVEBPOOL, Dec 1L Cotton dull llnjr uptanos, 101d: Orloms, iio. 10,000 bales. ...... . . . Breadstnfis Canionua wnite wueat, iaa; red Western firmer bat not higuer at 9s 9d. Western flour, 283. coin mtxecr. an honest man and keeD out of bad company. It baviog recently been ascertained that he has sot strictly complied with ihe conditions oi his pardon, and lt being suspected that he was concerned in the robbery here last August ot the messenger of. the Adams express jom-duiv. he was bronchi here today from Chl- M,vn -1 .on. ti. utr tn thfl TaRnltamtlarv tn I - . m r Dua aat. ea A dlstrateh Irom Carbondale. Ill loots, tan HI.... ,1.. ina.Lir mnn,h. r,t I uauj, oa . aac,,,. a i... 1 o A I.-.' r:a" .L.7i ""' .-s j I KrOVISlOnS rora, o. occa, iuo5. i,uaa ?.Tf...l'htm- ..... . at 88s. Cheese. 67a 6d. Bacon. t33 6d- Tuti J,-1 """ m" auwo, waa louno i Thos. King, second clerk of the steamer His-1 pawnee Common, nxsin,. 6a ; fine. 15s. ucou, a.ja.uK iu acmuru ms uohw wim nis nurek, is charged with emDezzung i,4uu be- aDlritfl of riroIani. 8d: refined. Is 6d. head splU open. How he came to hi. death Is fes to the boat, and S108 reward Is offered SSg, fTSlS, ZuTThe tallow a mystery, flta wifo tosUfied that ha came toW apprehension.- Ha has been missing fr't iTdKJlrJnir home sometltna after -ManUALi' ahorthr in.. I ZZjTr'L'.t,. B I market is aeciinmir. . . j LOHDOBt, Dec It 1 allow. oua oa auu uaj- home sometime after '-tHUnIghtYhortiy ofler Blllco December 8d- cud ucaru a uiuw, auu xuuiuxijr. saw. ova Discs men who threatened to kill the whole iamlly. She screamed and . they fled. David Price fell from tbe Peoria & Warsaw railroad bridge at Peoria last night and was almost Instantly killed. 93. ' Petroleum firm r 8JM FBlICIcCO. A Very Bate atatlied of Dri.llng, Ba Fsabcisoo. Deo. 14 na.M a.umaM .7,nstl.mtnn ..ll.ri ttvH.t trv. Panama with $865 000 In treasure. 1575,000 for I Perm, Irom New York, anlvetiyMterday. dining. Sperm oil, refined. Is HL , . ABZWaTBF, Dec lt reiroieiaaia aaiiaa -"i-- .1,1,1 Lcmeob, Dec 14. Tho eleimshlpWmiara 1 wr a. .loa1 trautnnlaar A Cbeck tar 9,078 Btolatt axad tba itloitex Dfawa by tbe Bobbanr. CnaAao, Dec 13. New York and S196.O0O fop England At the last meeting ol the Board of Super-visors- a misnndeTStaudlag occurred between members J. B. E. Cavallier and P. H. Cono- JZlh 7T H& hJVi1 5' . oIa..w!J vtT-resalting in tSa former challenging Cono-v.f tolS,84 thep' ver. The challenge waa accepted and the time Yards on Saturday. Tna check waa drawn oq 0. raeetlDa? aonolnted for Buudav morning; eavy'rV v a .Z ; I ifnencs or tne parties inienerea. uavauier ox-coveSrSe? T,ri iVtr I cavainer. to tha robber. TJie A, Beaact Rabbar Captnnd. tBpTVjao,Dso. 14. : Ii the steamahln Bamanorn NWYork. arrived this morning. BOSTOI. tfu Dmomtia-nmym B-taotad by XiOOl ueiavniya 9 Boatoa, Dec 14. Ktnma ol the Mavoraltv elecuon from all tha Wftidabtrt theTbird, give Shurtaefi, Democrat and the present menmbant 9,S79, and Wtmlxll tJttohlVtaii: R Bfl9. The complete vote :wm reelect Bhurtlltff by shout 1.0 plurality. .. ,. . . XaOXsT onnrucxi a , maj ui aa j a, .rmit TiiaM am nrobablv elznt Bermoli- ern and four lleanocraUe aldamven elected. W.atbar. Bt. Loot. Dae. 14. . V. Citotou. fto; robbeSioi SSLn Wlof hea SoTthT Common CoandL . , t. -i , ; I . nsn mam nanapil Tallmadae and Blnlev. sr. TSSasDW uwaaa aawui. ... an. tinuauui . I .mV avn . . ... -j a ..! , oi.ui x .a a I wu.a K.m. fnr ataultno. notA valned at Sll.000 mUCOOXaiacu.. A uaaa aauua. aaauiwaiu wuicu i aa a : . , hera yeaterday which bad been twenty-two 1 Irom Bowen, Whitmore & Co. of New rorx. nours tnncK m tne rnow, tne pwtrngers re-1 on u waaa a.. wu.w TaimlPP; ataTmaw a, mnrp- . a aaaiaa. ,,i iinaaaaaj. Tn Wcxt Wiaeonsln Railroad. Thffrat Wisconsin Ballroad la now -ipen iiuua loaun toisiacit tover, Trains , ar irvtoeTOoeeaday,;-;

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